The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1892
Page 5
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JTHEJIJPP3BR MB HOMES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, QOTOBiBB 10, 1892. Special Clothing Sale \13Tt OVERCOATS, ODD PANTS AND VESTS, Will be put on the market at once at a discount of TEN We invite all the men and boys in the county and vicinity either to Algona or Burt. Prices the same to all. This is no blow, but we mean business. We have more clothing than we have room for, and it must be sold at once. Yours in earnest, ZBTJIR/3?- RARIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. West—Pass.— No. 1 0:02 am No! 3 4:37pm Freight— No. 9 7:15 a in East-Pass.— O 2 ...... 10:24 a m No.'4 ........ 9:30pra Freight- No. 8.. ...... 11:155 pro o.. No. 5 8:17pm No 2:30pm o ...... No. 10 ...... 12:15 am CHICAGO,* NORTHWESTERN. e.... Pass a:81?« a s,... Mixed....... 0:07pm ™ - io:00 am '.M. J. Kenefick, M. D. Office in Re., publican building.-29t3 : V In the local market wheat brings 'f45@55c: oats, 20@25c: corn, 30c; bai- leyT S0@35c; hogs, $4.25@4.75. '* ' Father Nicholls has adopted the popular fad and purchased a Jeisey tow, which he got from J. B. W inke1 ' Jel seys still bring round figures. ' It is stated POBtltively that Senator Allison will speak in Algona befoi e tne close of the campaign. When he ooes he will have an audience of 2,000 peo of them are located in our own state. Also that pearl buttons, with the exception of some of the smaller sizes, are being sold today cheaper than ever before. And this, too, in the face of the fact that the McKimey bill did raise the tarriff on that article. The costs in the Kidd case from Clay county, tried in the district court here recentlv, amounted to §316.20. The county clerk has make a transcript of the expenses and sent it over to our neighboring county on the west, which will have to foot the bill. A musical entertainmentand woman's congress is announced for Thursday evening, Oct. 27, at the Congregational church. The programme has been furnished us, but the advertisers are on top this week, and nearly everything has to give way for them. We are under special obligation to Hon. Jno. G. Smith for a copy of the official Iowa map, just issued by the secretary of state. It was ordered to be printed by the last general assembly and is a valuable article in any well-regulated business house. The work of excavating for the mains to be laid on Thorington street began Monday, and before many days.the residents oTthat thoroughfare will be supplied with city water. It is understood that nearly all the property owners on that street are to become patrons. The average head of the family puts of this county. man, J. Bowen. .., , Through an oversight we omitted Charley Witham's name fron' tje uw of soldiers who went to Dubuqueiwre week. Charley is one o« the oiaoK shots of Cor yany F, and mad ° a g record at f Jouque, J. St. John will make rgular much as if that, unlike the, flowers that bloomTn the spring, has something to do with the case. There was every prospect of a lively "scrap" at the Milwaukee depot last evening, a drunken hod- as a quieting influence can do wherever he goes. Jas, Taylor takes space this week o tell the people about his cloaKs, ^ which he is having a big trade. J. v^ Robinson sells the Garland stoies, an wants everybody to know it. bee announcement to that etteot. A look through tho now opera house discloses the fact that the roof is v P Bircher last week bought from mm "'There will be a big republican rally at the school house In Ramsay, on Tues uay evening, Oct. 25. ** speakers announced are A-A. 8. S. Sessions, and C. M. P° X *?, Algona, and the Algona glee club also be there. The man, who yelled " l meeting » STKBSSKSlriTaS soured the servid id nothing is now itablishment as g< McCoy's letter ii ng the cholera is ytfSSSSSiato ing the Asiat J ~ being next to; ceding the cno ei ^ ID .-^ their hope will ?« v ° hto ^frilly of contract- guard agaiuBv u"v r B cleanliness welfare. Tt was reported last we a«r^3Sf£"*W try and had not yet returned. We don't approve of betting in any form, but _we know of several people who are willing to bet that that man will never come back. The flambeau club has been out of powder since the LuVerne meeting two weeks ago, where they worked the flambeaus so vigorously that the supply was exhausted. Now, however, they have a new supply and plenty of it, so that when they go to Burt there will be nothing lacking to make the torchlight procession a brilliant success. Lem. Stockwell laid this paper under obligations last Wednesday by placing upon our table a half dozen of large and beautiful apples raised in his own orchard, from trees set out only eight years ago. They are a fair sample of what is now being done all over this part of Iowa in fruit raising. The quality is known to be first-class, for we have tested every last one of them. The county central committee is in receipt of information to the effect that Hon. M. D. O'Connell of Fort Dodge will address the people at Algona on political issues on Thursday, Oct. 27, He will also speak with Dolliver at Burt on Wednesday, Oct. 26. These will be great meetings. Mr. O'Connell is well known as an able and entertaining speaker, and all will want to hear him. "It is a good sign," said a man to us the other day, "to see subscribers to a county paper coming to the office and making complaint that they had failed to get a copy of that week's issue," He thought it looked as though those patrons know a good thing when they see it, and want to see it as often as possible. There is something complimentary about it which we had not before thought of. The reporter noticed on the streets last Saturday a man afflicted with what the doctors call "Locomotor ataxia," in aggravated form. The man was a most pitiful sight, and was making an effort to get a living by the sale of some small articles. Dr. Gat-field says it the second case in this county that has come to his knowledge. The other was Philip Grose, a pioneer of Kossuth, who passed away a few year ago. The glass blowers have a tent pitched on State street. The best part of their entertainment appears to be on the outside, where once a day, or oftener if necessary, their trained donkey ia brought out and exhibited and the proverbial small boy exhibits his lack of early training in horsemanship by trving to ride the beast, in each instance being pitched off, to the infinite amusement of .the crowd on the street. It's a great show. Uncle Jimmy West died last Friday nieht. He was a familiar figure on our streets until about three years ago, when he became afflicted with paralysis of the brain, and since that time has been practically helpless. He came to this county some years ago and engaged in farming, being the owner of a splended farm four miles west of Algona. Jn later years, however, he has lived in Algona, where with his wife he moved. Mrs. West died about two years ago. She was a sister of Win. Galbraith. NO children born to them, Pecewed was t Ware of age, at the home of Hiram Wright. The funeral services took place on Friday last, Rev. Dorward officiating, and were largely attended. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. This has been political week in Kossuth county. Congressman Dolliver spoke at Whittemore last Wednesday night, at Bancroft, Ledyard, and Wesley the nights following in order. At each of these places he had large audiences, and there was more interest manifest in political issues than for years before. Largo delegations from Algona attended all of these meetings, and Burt turned out 125 strong at the Bancroft meeting. Mr. Dolliver said he had spoken in no county in the district where there was greater enthusiasm manifest than in Kossuth. Paste it in your hat that this is a republican year up this way. There is no mistaking the signs of the times. What came near proving a fatal accident happened at the residence of J. St. John last Thursday. His little boy, two years of age, while playing about the cistern, fell in. There was water to the depth of six feet in the cistern at the time. A playmate who saw what had happened ran for help and found O. E. Minkler, who let himself down into the cistern and grabbed the little fellow, apparently as ho was going down for the last time. The boy was unconscious for some time after being taken out, but Dr. Pride succeeded in restoring him, and now he is all right again. It was a pretty close call, and the family feared for a time that death had claimed its own. Landlord Rutherford has begun the work, which has been in contemplation for some time, and which, when completed, will result in the moving of his new building to the lot adjoining his hotel on the west. We understand it was his intention to put it there in the first place, but the frozen condition of the ground last fall prevented his carrying out his plans. The new building is used for a sample room below, and the upper part is done off into sleeping rooms. In order to put this building where it will eventually stand it was necessary to cut away one of the old landmarks of the town, a box elder tree which, according to the best calculation that can be made, has stood there for 38 years. It seemed like parting with an old friend, but it had to go. Notice. I expect to go to California in a few weeks for the winter. I want every one owing me accounts and notes to come in and settle same before Nov. 15. They will be left with an attorney for collection after that date. 30t4 J. J. WILSON. C. L. Lund returned Monday from a business trip to Chicago. He says the city is in gay attire. Frank Hedrick has been visiting here for a few^days past. Ho returned to his mail run yesterday. Mike Winkel has returned to his station at Galva, after helping Agent Vesper here for some weeks. S. S. Sessions went to Des Moines Monday, and from there will go to Chicago today to the world's fair exercises. A. W. Moffatt has been at Minneapolis tho past week in attendance upon the meeting of the Congregationalists. Guy Scott is home again after an absence of several months. He has been in New York state during a portion of the time. John McCutchin of Nevada was a visitor here Monday. He has lands in this county, and was looking after his interests here. Chas. McCormick was over from Emmetsburg last Saturday, shaking hands with his old-time friends here. He is a pioneer of Palo Alto. Mrs. F. H. Vesper goes today to Chicago, where she will divide time between visiting friends and attending world's fair exercises. Rufus Walston was over from Rolfe last week. He tells us he has sold his farm, possession to be given next spring, and has purchased a quarter section near Yankton, S. D., to which he will remove next season. and holdstill the 28th. There is reduced fare on all railroads. Wo hope there will be a good delegation to go from Algona. Services at tho Swedo M. E. church next Sunday. W. H. D. Comrades, Attention! The post will assemble at 0 a. m., Friday, the 21st at tho hall. March to tho school house, raise the flag upon its main bulwark, and show the coming generation how to hail its elevation. Turn out. EUGKNK TKLLIER, Post Com. Vor Sale. The young full blooded Holstein bull and cow that took premiums at our county fair. I am going away for the winter. Will soil them very cheap. Here is a chance to improve your stock. 29t4 J. J. WILSON. For Sale. Farm two miles north of Algona. Inquire of W. W. Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn., 24th Ave. and Wash. North.- 29m2 WE have a lot of new and nobby patterns in Brussels and Ingrain carpets, Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. SEE our fine assortment of rugs. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. Notice. The delinquent tax list will be published the first week in November. Those who have not paid should pay before that time; also those who re-* ceiyed notice by card of delinquent taxes should pay now and save additional expense. T, H, LANTBY, Treasurer. FOB the latest styles and lowest prices in hats, call on E. Reeve & Co. JUST received. a new invoice of wr ,, , ,'.„ g£j' g jjqe| fop ladies, Geo, Fred. Miller of Portland returned Wednesday last from his visit to Cedar Falls, where he used to live. He says he wouldn't trade places with any of his old neighbors inBlackhawk county. Kossuth suits him well enough. Frank Nicoulin returned from his Minnesota trip on Wednesday. He is now arranging for a trip through Kansas, where he proposes to put in a lot of buggies. His men will work in that section during the coming winter. Among those who start for Chicago this evening to attend the world's fail- dedicatory exercises are Wm. H. Ingham and wife, A. D. Clarke and wife, Jas. Taylor and wife, Wm. K. Ferguson and wife, M. Starr and wife, Geo. C. Call, W. L. Joslyn, and Cheever Hudson. Henry Durant is back from his bear hunt. He went to Rapid City and Hill City, both in the Black Hills, and from there over into Wyoming. The lack of dogs and snow with which to track the bear prevented an interview with old bruin, but they killed plenty of deer, which Henry says are plenty in that section. Dr. Morse arrived home Friday morning f row Dubuque, where he bandaged i s and mended the soldier ally up to that time. The isiness at home called him r earlier than he had ext he enjoyed the trip and s had a fine time of it at ile he was there. To the IMibllc. I have moved to tho Riloy restaurant on State street with my baking, and will furnish fresh bread, pies, cakes, doughnuts, etc., every day. 28t3 MBS. B. HODGSON. LATEST styles stiff and soft hats for men and boys. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. CORN—26 cents delivered on my farm. C. L. Lund.-61tf GO to IUst'8 ItuClCOt For bargains in Underwear, Hosiery, Gloves, Mittens, Caps, Dutchess Pants, Jamestown Dress Goods, Tinware, Notions, etc,—27t4 Coal, Coal. I handle only the best grade of hard Illinois and Iowa coals, always at bottom prices.-26t8 J. J. WILSON. the boys ge doetor'q back ri pected, eays thd Dubuquf -..-.. , State Convention, The, Baptist state convention meets Mooday, lf?e ?4tb, ' r Too Much of ft ., It Is not unusual for coins contracted in the fall to hang on all winter. In such, cases catarrh or chronio bronchitis are almost sure to result. A fifty cent bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy will cure any cold. Can you afford to risk so much for so small an amount? This remedy Is intended especially for bad colds and croup, and can always bo depended on. Sold by all druggists. ^ Electric BWera. This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular as to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praise. A purer medicine does not exist, and it is guaranteed to do all tliat is claimed. Electee Bitters will cure all diseases of the liver and Kidneys, will remove pimples, bolls, salt rheum, ana other affections caused by impure blopa; will drive malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure malarial fevers. For euro of headache, constipation, and indigestion try Electric Bitters; entire sa"-^"- tion guaranteed or money refwded. cent W *1 bottles at L. A. Sheete,'

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