The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 9, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1891
Page 5
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THE DES MOINES: ALGQNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY^ SEPT. 9, 1801. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, Jlitl/WAtJKEE * ST. PAUL. ?estr-Pas8.- « Ea ^ t - pas81 -roi« 1 -....v ...*:02ft mNo. 2 10:24 a m i s 4:37pinNo.4 9:30pm Freight— Freight- No 9 7:15 a mNo. 8 Il:o5pm No. 13 ll:45a mNo. 14 2:30pm No! 5 8:17pmNo. 1O 12:15asa CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North— Elmore pass..4:0o p m St. Paul frt...9:55 a m South— Klmorepassl2:20pm DesMolnes ft 6:20 p m THE CITY. Agent Vesper sold 140 tickets to the state fair from the Algona station. Evening services will be resumed at the Episcopal church next Sunday. I. Frye is not afratd of frost. He has 30 acres of corn,- every ear of which is ripe. Hay is worth $4 a ton loose in town. The price is high for this season of the year. We regret to note the death of the lately arriyed baby in Phin King's family. It is reported that Ed. Fitzsimmons will open a tobacco store in the Gardner Cowles building. D. A. Haggard and M. Ollourke are at Mason City today attending a regimental reunion. Algona markets are: Hogs, $4@4.30; wheat, 80@85c; oats, 22@23c; corn, - - i)85c. 45c; flax, The stove season is about hero and Henry Winkle has something to say this week on stoves. '—Notice the change in Galbraith's advertisement, and visit his double front store when in town. The county fair begins a week from next Wednesday. All premiums will be paid in full in cash. There were 20 land seekers in Algona yesterday morning. The demand for land ie as brisk as ever. Guy Scott is figuring on getting one of the latest Edison phonographs and having it at the county fair. A broken engine delayed the Northwestern trains yesterday. The accident occurred near Ledyard. The Women's Belief corps have arranged to furnish dinner at the fail- grounds during the county fair. It is reported that Jas. Blunt has sold his Fenton farm to Wm. Peck, the consideration being $25 an acre. Two weeks have passed over the head of a sturdy new boy at O. W. McMurray's, whose arrival has not been noted. Harvey Mathers is now engaged in taking orders for apple trees. He says lots of fruit trees will be set out this year. A republican club will be organized in the Fourth ward Friday evening, the meeting being held at .the sheriff's office. S. H. McNutt has bought the Gal. eckart quarter of H. F. Watson pay- Ing ¥20 an acre, The hind is a mile r eet of town. „ S. A. Thompson said last Saturday that we would have no more frost before October. We shall see if he is the son of a prophet. The Thomas horse, John Patterson's trotter, and Tennant's " King David" are up at the Flax palace to take some of the purses there. A leather purse containing two pennies is left here for-the owner. It is probably lucky for the owner that there are but two pennies in it. E. Lagge has the frame up for the fine large house on D. H. Setchell's lots. It will be one of the best additions made to Algona this year. A. L. Seeley presented a fine sample of the Utter apple to Miss Dodd last week for her show case. He says they are a good bearer in this section. Rev. Whitfleld bought a grade Jersey cow of W. H. Clarke last week. He intends to take something good along with him to remember Algona by. The father of H. Scott is reported to have sold his farm in Illinois and to be about to move to Kossuth, Two of Mr, Scott's brothers are here ;at present on a visit. "Uncle Steve" Pettibone to-as sold his farm as reported last week. His in ten-1 tion is to buy a few acres near town for a home and take it» little easier from this on. Our Wesley 'correspondent tells a iretty good story on August Studer, id shows why August would be a good ; eriff. August could serve the papers and no mistake. John Goeders edits a 'conspicuous space this week to tell the public about the big stock he has put in. His goods ,are here and his store is wotfth visiting just to see them. Col. Spencer enjoyed • a visit last week from Maj. Collins and his son. The major was Col. Spencer's .companion in Libby prison, and.slept under the .same blanket. Lafe Young of the Des Moines Capital is responsible for dubbing 1 our fair director''Colonel." He put that in to match Capt. Head, and the newspaper reporters kept it up. Jas, C. Taylor post '.will hold a regular meeting next Wednesday at 1:30 o'clock—camp fire in the evening. Department Commander Davidson is expected to be present. The last quarterly meeting of the Free Methodist church will begin Thursday, lasting over Sunday. Pre^ siding Elder Summer will be present. All are invited to attend. The bill for work on the well by the Aurora company is $400 and some over. This will probably be reduced $100 for (Jays not put in on account of the pump oot coming. The well is good for 60 gallons a minute. A pleasant marriage occurred at the home of Sid Cotterell last evening, his daughter Ida and Archie D. Bilsborough ~>eink the parties. Mr. Bllsborough is 3urt« barber, and secures an attractive "wife. Rev. Boweu performed the ceremony. The fine Jersey farm of W. H. Clarke, east of the Milwaukee depot, received an important addition last week. Mr. Clarke's father came from Wisconsin on a visit and ad.ded new stock, so that there are now nine full-blood Jerseys and a number of grades. This is the beginning of what will grow into a fine herd, and be ah ornament as well as source of profit to the county. The Clarkes have opened a fine farm and made good improvements. The county cannot get too many of such men. The annual W. C. T. U. meeting will be held in the reading room on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Officers will be chosen for the ensuing' year. Other matters of importance will be considered. All members are urged to be present. Ambrose A. Call did the county a good turn by writing to the Register to correct the report from Mason City that frost has killed nine-tenths of the corn in northern Iowa. The father of all lies must have headquarters at Mason City. Now that John Winkel has n trotter he don't propose to have a driver he can't rely on, and intends to handle the reins himself. If his horse is beaten he will then know that the speed isn't in him. He will show him at the county fair. A new paper in Bancroft is on the boards. Ike Finnell and Will Haggard are the projectors, and they will make a live team. The Register has greatly improved lately, and the two papers will give the north end excellent service. Success to both. Supt. Cosgrave's special car sat on the Milwaukee track one day last week and he discussed with Col. Spencer about a depot a Sexton. We understand that the company will make a full station there next spring, and the town will take a boom accordingly. A temperance address will be given at the Congregational church Thursday evening by Dr. E. Clark, illustrated by stereopticon views. Admittance free. Friday evening, at the same place, he will exhibit " Stanley in Africa.." Admission 25 cents. Children 15 cents. PEBSOflAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Dr. Shore is up from Des Moines Schofield. Co. D. Washington, known distance, 315. skirmish, 230, total, 545; it»oucfciiV-'t;^ »» **-f* orv 11 114 icm^ ***/\-^ *.TJ«™»»^ •-- - —i Capt. Gnrlock, Co. <J, Musctttine, 297, Mike O'Rourko was home the first of the week from his work on the washout lines of the Northwestern, and was in town yesterday. - He goes hack at once as he has 40 teams at work grading. The floods destroyed many miles of Northwestern track and they are heing graded and replaced at big expense. It is likely that D. N. Evans of West Liberty, superintendent of horses at the state fair, will be the horse judge at our county fair. Mr. Lewis is superintendent, and an expert outside judge will be here to pass on the horses by points. Kossuth ought to have the best exhibit in horse flesh in Iowa this year. The following card from Rev. P. M. Smith will be of interest to his many friends: ".Many thanks for your paper. It has given me pleasure to use it, and your favor has been appreciated. Am located at Missouri Valley, 21 miles north of Council Bluffs. The place is an enterprising young city, and claims 4,000 people." John Ray was up lust week making final arrangements to go to Texas with the steam breaking outfit. He says they intend to break in season, and then to use the engine in hauling freight where there are no railroads. The engine they had here will pull a long line of loaded wagons at a rate of seven miles an hour. visiting at home. Misses Mabel and Ruby Smith visited in Minneapolis last week. John G. Smith went to the flax palace at Forest City yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Naudnin went to Minneapolis last week to see the exposition. Mrs. R. F. Hedrlck is home from her health-seeking trip, and is feeling much improved. Miss Jessamine Jones goes to Iowa City Monday to begin her second year at the university. C. D. Creed starts tonight for Warsaw, Wis., where he is talking of trading for a livery barn. Miss Ella Thompson, Squire Thonip- so'ns daughter, will be a collegian this year, going to GrinnelU I. Frye has been enjoying a visit from a son of an old Wisconsin friend. The young man returned home Friday. Miss Nettie Durant goes the coming year to Cedar Falls, where she will finish her studies at the stale .normal school. Miss Edith Wheelock started last Friday for Lebanon, Kan., where she has a seven months' school to teach at $40 a month. Bert Barr and Fred. Ingham start to college Monday. Bert goes to Cornell college at Mt. Vernon, and Fred, to the state university. A. H. Philips has gone to Whatoom, Wash., to visit his son and see the country. Mrs. Philips is also off on a visit with her relatives. Mrs. Dr. Clark of Humboldt Algona visitor Friday evening, completing a medical course n on her way to Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Langdon and Cheever Hudson came up from Marion for a Sunday visit. They returned to to their work Monday. Mrs. Mayo and daughter of Salmon Falls, N. H., were visitors at Geo. E. Clarke's last week, having come west to renew old acquaintance. The Rev. Dr. Hoyt of Waverly, the general missionary of the Episcopal church in the diocese of Iowa visited Algona on Saturday last. Mr. and Mrs. S. Benjamin, Mrs. A. A. Brunson, and Mrs. E. P. Bircher went to Minneapolis Monday to visit friends and see the sights. Mrs. Bovee, wife of Mrs. J. J. Wilson's brother, is here from her Texas home on a visit. Mrs. Wilson is in Chicago visiting her sister. Geo. E. Clarke and Mrs. Clarke's brother, Mr. Straw, go to northern Michigan this week, the latter looking for a location. Ho decided not to go to Blue Earth. J. W. Wadsworth and M. Stephens closed their fair work last week, coming home Friday. S. S. Sessions attended the directors' meeting, not getting in till Monday evening. Prof, and Mrs. Skiff were over from their Wisconsin home last week for a visit. Mrs. Skiff is well known as Miss 247, 635; Sergt. McGibbon, Co. H. Sioux Cilv, 29o, 235, 530; Sergt Kemblo, Co. C, Muscatino, 25)1, 223, 514. Lieut. Col. West, Villisca, 814, 224,588; Lieut. Fisher, Co. B. Waterloo, 809, 184, 493; Capt. Cooke, Co. F, Algona 293, 199, 492; Sergt. Davis. Co. K, Red Oak, 817, 180, s87. This score is said to be very good. was an She is "and was SEASONABLE ADVIOE. People Often Snffor Much When a Simple IJrmedy Would Cure. Them. There is little doubt that man.V persons suffer for years with ailments that could cnstly be cured by the use of sonic simple remedy. Tho following Incident will illustrate : " Mv wife was troubled with a pnln in her side the greater part of tho time for three years, until cured by Chamberlain's I'aln Balm. It has, I think, permanently cured her. We have also used Clumibcr- lain's Cough Remedy whenever needed anil believe it to bo tho best In tho world. P. M. Boston, Penuvillo, Sullivan county, Missouri." Sold by F. W. Dlugloy. Alt They Claim to 1!e. The HoutVlale (Pa.) Observer remarks: " We advertise nt present for n linn whoso preparations have proved, in our own family, nil that they claim to bo. We refer to Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarr- hcoa Remedy. We stand up for this medicine because we have tested It, This is not au. advertisement for tho medicine, but is simply our testimony regarding it after a fair trial." Sold by P. W. Dlngloy. It Will Prevent Croup. " Wo Itnow from experience in the uso of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy that It will prevent croup," says Messrs. Gadborry & Worley, Percy, Iowa. They also add that tho Remedy has given great satisfaction in that vicinity, and they boliovo it tho best in the market for throat and lung diseases. St. Patrick's PillH Are carefully prepared from tho best materials and according to tho most approved formula, and aro tho most perfect cathartic and liver pill made. Sold by Diugloy. JAS. A. ORR, painter; will do painting, paper hanging, knlsoinining, etc., in tho latest and best styles, and guarantee satisfaction. See him and get prices before lotting your work. A I.ittlc Girl's Experience In a Lighthouse. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Trescott uro keepers of tho government lighthouse at Sand Beach Mich., and aro blessed with n daughter four years old. Last April she was taken down with measles, followed by a fearful cough and turning into a fever. Doctors at homo and at Detroit treated her, but in vain; she grew worse rapidly until she was a mere "handful of bones." Then she tried Dr. King's Now Discovery, and after tho uso of two and a half bottles was completely cured. They say Dr. King's Now Discovery is worth its weight in gold, yet you can got a trial bottle free at L. A. Shectz.' 0 MICHIGAN PEACHES Are likely to be at their best within the next few weeks. We expect to have a good supply. They willl be arriving nearly every day. We will be glad to furnish fruit for those who expect to do canning. Get the CASH STORE prices before you buy. We are selling everything cheap. Fruits of all kinds will be cheaper this year than last. Flour has taken a very sharp advance, and will likely continue high till another crop grows. Call and see us. TOWNSEND & LANGDON, FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten years' time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial payments before due. Office over Chrischillcs' store, Algona. S. S. SESSIONS. DO YOU WANT TO SEE -:- the largest and '' best" line of ever offered in Kossuth county? -^^•^^if so, call on Henry Winkle. He has a complete line of those "Wonderful" Riverside Oak Cooks and Ranges. A written guarantee with each and every stove. The Jewel and Radiant Home for hard coal base heaters. I have Jodie Carlon, in Kossuth, while her The fall opening of the public schools husband i s a state university graduate. occurred Monday with an enrollment of 383, or 38 more than on the first day last year. Yesterday the total enrollment was 420, or 61 more than on the second day last year. This rapid increase in the number of students speaks for itself. The teachers are all here, and the schools open with better prospects than ever before. A new industry is promised Algona this fall, Mr. Platt putting in a windmill factory. He has a patent which commends itself and which attracted attention on the state fair grounds, bringing him a number of orders. He came lately from Kansas to visit his brother, the LuVerne editor, and has decided to locate here. We welcome Mr. Platt and his business to. Algona. Capt. Dodge was up yesterday attending to his duties as president of the agricultural society. He predicts the biggest fair in two weeks ever held in the county and is actively preparing for it. Advertising matter will be out this week although the premium lists give a full idea of the attractions. The races promise to be interesting and a number of county horses are already in training. Tallman's tent show was at the state fair and visitors say that J. H. Grover's eight-legged horse divided the honors with the double headed woman. Our Bancroft curiosity man now has a large menagerie, and had large crowds at the fair. We have not learned whether he brings Ws aggregation to our county exMblt or not, but suppose of course he will. No one will miss the second largest lair in the state. Col. Chas. A. Clarke will address the people at the court house Saturday evening on the political issues. It is needless to invite all to attend, as Col. Clarke's ability as a speaker is too well known to leave any doubts as to attendance, Still there is no harm in suggesting that irrespective of party we give all speakers big audiences. It pleases them, helps advertise us favorably and leads to intelligent discussion Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Paul will make their home at Iowa City for a few years now, he taking a full medical course at the state university. THE UPPER DES MOINES accompanies them to their new home. The Methodist preachers go to Fort Dodge next Tuesday for their annual conference, and next week we will know who is to come to Algona. Rev. Whitfield preaches his last sermon this year Sunday. Jas. Taylor has been over at Whittemore a few days helping invoice the Henry Munch stock for Alex. Dorvveiler and Henry Thompson. Mrs. Taylor visited in Janosville until Monday, when she arrived home. , Lewis H. Smith started Friday evening on a four weeks trip to the western coast. He will visit his daughter in Washington, and note the growth of that section. Mrs. Smith intended to accompany him, but decided not to take the trip. G. R. Woodworth was in town Saturday on his way to Bancroft after a four weeks absence. He spent part of his time in Texas and thinks he found a town that has sure prospects. But he has not decided to leave Bancroft, which he also thinks is a booming city. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Clarke are home from their extended visit in Wisconsin. Mr, Clarke says the country is very dry there and that the hay and corn crops are failures. Cattle are being shipped out of the country, and hay is already being contracted out in this section to be shipped there. . Go TO Galbraith's for good shoos at low prices. ___ __ HOUSE to rent; 7 rooms, pantry and cellar. Inquire of E. H. Clarke. OUR new stock of clothing is selling very fast and giving good satisfaction. We have some good bargains. Geo. L. The First Step. Perhaps you aro run down, can't eat, can't sleep, can't think, can't do anything to your satisfaction, and you wonder what alls you. You should heed the warning—you aro taking the first step in nervous prostration. You need a nerve tonic, and Electric Bitters you will find the exact remedy for restoring your nervous system to its normal, healthy condition; surprising results follow the uso of this great nerve tonic and alterative. Your appetite returns, good digestion is restored, and the liver and kidneys resume healthy action.. Try a bottle, only 50c, at L. A. Sheetz.' 0 litioklen's Arnica Salve. The best salve in tho world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rhoum, fever sores, tetter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay is required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25c a box; sold by Dr. Shoetz, An Opportunity Will be afforded your eastern friends to visit you by tho series of excursions arranged by the Chicago & Northwestern railway, for which tickets will be sold at very low rates. If you will foir ward to W. A. Thrall, general passenger and ticket agent Chicago & Northwestern railway, Chicago, the names and addresses of your eastern friends to whom the information may prove interesting, a circular giving full details of these excursions will be promptly mailed.—20t4 Bargains to offer in all Hardware! Wood and iron pumps, prepared paints, lead and oil, milk cans, churns, etc. Let me figure on your nail bills, iron, steel, and tin roofing, eave spouting, etc. Call and get p r i ces . HENRY WINKIE, Algona, Iowa. THE GRANGE STORE. GENERAL: MERCHANDISE. Good Quality. Low Prices. FREE OITY DELIVERY. SPECIAL Ribbon Sale Successor to J, J. Wilson, Office and Yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGrONA, - IOWA. -FOtt- ALEX. WHITE, Agent. Handles the lest of all descriptions of of public issues. Superintendent Carey is sending out printed blank petitions to the school directors of the county asking them to sign and thereby secure a vote next spring on county uniformity. The directors have to petition the board_ of supervisors, who order the election. C. F. Buker interested himself in the matter and secured every director in Swea, and other teachers have done work towards this end. The people should have a vote on uniformity. MRS. KATE MAYNE wishes to inform her friends and the public in general that she is prepared to do sewing for them in her own home or at the homes of those wishing her services. Can be found at her home, two blocks south of G. A. R. hall. FOB bargains in boys' odd pants call on Jno. Goeders J r. Galbraith & Co. D. A. HAGGARD will sell a choice lot of school seats on Saturday, Sept. 29, on the street in Algona.—24t2 ITWOweeks Only BUILDING MATERIAL Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of anything from a picket fence to the very finest residence. DRESS braith's. goods—new styles at Gal- To BENT—House, Stacy. five rooms. J. E. FOR bargains Jno. Goeders Jr. in remnants call on Dip you see those nice new calicos, gatine finish, at Galbraith's? OOMFANY F WAS IN IT, . Cooke Gets On the State Rifle Team and Slioota at Springfield, The report from Muscatine, where the preliminary contest between Iowa riflemen was held last week for the purpose of selecting the state team for the inter state contest, is that Capt. Thos F. Cooke of Algona is one of the ten. The team with alternates accompanied by Gen. Greene, Ool. Foster, Capt's. Miller and Davidson loft for Springfield, 111., Saturday afternoon. The Inter-state contest occurs tomorrow and Friday. Mike Walbh, who went with Capt. Cooke, did not make a good score and is not on the team, but goes to Springfield in some capacity. Tn'e following is the total score made by each contestant at the known distance and skirmishing, with the grand totals in their order of standing: Sergt. of all-silk Ribbons in the best shades, just received direct from the importer, which we will sell you cheaper than ever. All the ladies and little girls are invited to call and see the largest stock of Ribbons ever on sale in the northwest. Yours truly, Jno. Goeders Jr. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove that this is not merely idle talk. M. z. GROVE. JOHN GUOVE. Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. West of Thorlngton House. M. Z. GKQVE, Manager. I can now make loans ou improved lands, from one to ten years time, and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof In even f 100 at any date when interest falls due. This IB Iowa money, and no second mortgage or coupons taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the interest on the amount paid. Money Farm Loans. furnished »t once on perfect title. Call on or address H. HOXIE, AlgOBft, Iowa.

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