El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on July 1, 1899 · Page 3
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 3

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 1, 1899
Page 3
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EL PASO DAILY HERALD, SATURDAY, JULY 1, 1899. ooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0OXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXCOXCO ZEL PASO Mine, Mill, and Smelter Sif (y House, STORE AND WAREHOUSE: EL PASO, TEXAS 102 ST. LCUI8 8T 8HELDON BlOCK Branch Compania Industrial Mexlcana. Gen. Office a Work.; Chihuahua, Mex. Temperature atCloudcroft, N. M., 107 miles northeast of El Paso, at II O'clock this We carry the largest stock of Mining and Milling machinery and Supplies in theouthwest. We have exceptional facilities for fitting u complete plants. Our connections with the largest manufacturers in the United btates oi mining macHinery11"1 " : orders in the United Statespromptly and efficiently at the lowest prices. Aeent fo AEIJIAL FINLAV?OX TRAMWAY SYSTEM. CRUCIBLE STEEL WIRF KOi'F AMES IKON WORKS CORLISS HIGHEST GRADE ENGINES. HolsflXU RN'GINEs. STAMP MILLS, CYANIDE MILLS, CHLOKIN ATION MILLS. l'AN AMALGAMATION MILLS. Write fr estimates and prices before purchasing elsewhere. We employ a large force of engineers at our El I'aso warehouse under the management f H. R. Ayres, Gen. Mgr. B. L. Berkey, Asst. Mgr. The Great Registered Trotting.... Stallion ELLIST0N. eon of Electioneer, one of the highest bred and handsomest horses in America, will eerve at Ballinger & Long-well's stables (San Francisco St.) during1 present season on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week: and at A. Courchesne's ranch on Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays of each week. This horse has no superior in breeding in this country. He was purchased sometime since by a Missouri syndicate for 910,000. He has a record of 2:17. The Star Liyery, Feed & Sale Stables, unrser waai urunttuasou re Hireeu. CALLS AN8WERED DAY OR NIGHT J. E. NAG LEY. Manager. TOR ONli MORGUE IN THE CITY. Link Restaurant, SIB IE1 Paso ?t.-r A First-Class Short Order House. Oren Day To Consumers -OF- Fine Teas and W. F. McLaughlin & Co's celebrated good a are what we handle, exclusively. Try Netherlands Java, the choicest rown on that far away island, is the very best that money can buy. Put up in 1 lb. cartons. Ring up Phone 260 or call at our store for Fine Teas of any blenl, and variety. Riviere & Detering, Phone 2tX). 512 South El Paso St PHIL. SMITH'S RANCH SALOON The BEST and FRESHEST BEER Always on Tap. The oldest lunch counter In the city and the finest 15c lunches served every day from 11 a. m. to 8:00 p. m. . WASHINGTON YY DINING HALU- TMr ITnva TtlwlV T Htln T Little Plaza Finest restaurant In be city; all the delicacies of the se-vson; short order all day In any atv'e; regular dinner, 12 to 8 p m. 25c. .... WING SING & CO., GUEY MACK, Proprietors. Manager. R. G.f S. M.& P. Ry. Sierra Madre Line I -TO- GUAYNOPA Yaqui Gold Fields. Coffees Smith-Vaile Duplex Pumps, Tank Pumps, Compound Pumps, Sinking Pumps, Deep Well Pumps, Triple Power Pumps Air Drills and Air Compressors. Large Stock Always on hand. Phone B2. J. CALDWELL, Prop Caldwell UndertaMDg Co. 806 S. El Paso Street, The Leading undertakers Phones 197 ana 02. and. TSTigrit. R. R. Tickets AT CUT RATES Ticket Brokers, Jewelers and Money Loaners. Mexican Money Bought and Sold Brock and O'Connor, 125 EL PASO STREET. Grand Central Dink Hall NO. EL PASO ST. MEAL8 . 25C. Best meals In the city. Open 6:30 a. m. to 8:30 p.m. Regular dinner la to 8p. m. Short J. McMAKLING. Prop. Geo. M. Gaither & CO., DEALERS IN LIVE STOCK. Buy and Sell on Commmission. MEXICAN CATTLE A SPECIALTY. BRON90N BLOCK. EL PASO. TEXAS J. A. ROGERS, HOUSE BROKER Attends to all business pertaining- to the renting' of houses, paying of taxes, etc. Houses listed with us will recieve prompt attention. Seven years experience in El Paso. Also proprietor of Chopin Hall: office in rear where Chae. Parker is in charge. THE CITY KITCHEN Meals 25 cts. Best meals in the city. Open 5:30 a. m. to 12:30 p. m. Regular dinner 12 to 8 o. m. Short orders served. Mar Been Lee, Prop., 223 San Antonio street, El Paso, Tex. 'T. CHARLES HOTEL... ' Oor. El Paso & W. Overland Bts. Strictly first-class. Special monthly . rates during summer months. Mrs. J. H. Lomax, Prop. A. M. At El Now Is the Time to purge the system of all Impurities and prepare it for the coming- heated term by the use of our Sarsaparilla. It will tone up the body, make the eye sparkle with pood health, make your onmnlATtnn Hire a r.hild'a. and crive your step the spring of virility. FRED. SCHAEFER, The Druggist. 1:30 ORIENTCHAINLESS AT THE VI P15H PVni? Cft Met. Avenue. Vendome Hotel, El Paso, Tex. GUNS AND BICYCLES FOR RENT. We do Repairing. If You want to find a man and don't see him on the streets, go to the . . . Gem Billiard Rooms The . . Gentlemen's Resort. . . .R. B. BIAS. DEALER IN Groceries, Tinware, Queens-ware. Glassware. Confectionery, Stationery, Cigars and lobacco. Everything That Is Kept In a Flrst- class Establishment. ..ALL GOODS SOLD fHSAP FOR CASH., No. 203 North Stanton St.. El Paso, Texas Mattresses and Furniture Overhauled and Carpets Fitted and . .Laid at Qity Jpholstering JJouse.... Carpet Cleaning Establishment 305 K. Overland St. - Ernst Ilesselmann SELLING OUT BELOW COST. El Paso Marble Works. J. M0RETTI, 410 S. El Paso 8c La Union Cigar Factory. The best crade of Mmloan ;... The Victoria Colon a specialty. We do a Btrictlv wholesale hnai naaa T at! orders promptly filled. A. ALVAREZ, Prop. 204 Mesa Ave., El Paso, Texas. 5f A full line of V h II i g A A S 5 M M6 1 MJV1 I 0 I C C . S K K I S S n All colors and sizes. H A Prices to suit all. J i M. H. WEBB'S i was - - - Paso, same oxoooo '" itq- e vm tm WW i Neighbor- hood notes Texas Bon ham is enforcing the Sunday law. usouroe aeraia. Sabine Pass quarantine station is to De repired at a cost oi asduuu. A rt.h ii r lri n a w&a lrillari Viv 1 1 rr Vt t. - - " j - - ring at Lexington, Texas. Cleburne TT 1 . izieraia. Howard Bland was badlv hurt in a runaway at Taylor, Texas. State Journal. Mrs. Lou Connerton is on trial at Gainesville charged with murder and arson. State Journal. The Baptists at Morgan, Tex., dedi cated their handsome church there on Sunday. -Denison Herald. The ex-confederates of Brewster and neighboring counties will hold a re union at Alpine on the 4th. Ex. "W. T. "Wroe, of Austin, Tex., has been appointed on the Confederate home board. Sherman Register. A carload of beef 6teers was shipped to St. Louis from Morcan. Tex., that averaged 1350 pounds each. Ex. A numhcr of old nnldinra n.t Con tot- are proving up their claims under the new state pension law. Houtton Post Sheriff Bell, of Hillsboro, Texas, has been offered a reward of 82000 to go to a northern state and work up a murder case. W. W. McElroy of Sweetwater fired two loads of bird shot into Tom Wat- kins during the settlement of a livery Din. Jiix. Rev. M. C. Hayes has resigned the pastorate of the Cumberland Presbyterian church at Greenville to take up evangelical work. Ki, The camp of Sons of Veterans just organized at Greenville has been nam- ea id noDoroiueneran, jn. waul, a citizen of this county. Ex. Frank Fossett was given 20 years in ine penitentiary at 'ort Worth, Tex.. for killing Green Durrett, alias Doc Carver. Cleburm Herald. Citizens of Denton, Texas, have organized a railroad company to build a road from that placa to Krum on the Saota Fe, eight miles away. Ex. Houston bovs who served in tha Cu ban campaign were given a patriot- is reception on their return home from service. Fort Worth Register. A street duel in Galveston results in the killing of two Innocent bystanders, the death of one of the principals and in cripuling the other. Dsniaon Her-, aid. The summer normal at Comanche has opened with about forty scholars from abroad already in the city. They expect the echool will number a hundred. At Rockwell Bud Crawley while hauling wood fell from his wagon and was badly hurt. The wagon was partially loaded. Both wheels ran over him. Ex. A negro was arrested near Austin yesterday that is supposed to have attempted to ravish a Bohemian girl but he has not yet been identified. San Antonio Light. Frederick Oppikofer, of the United States engineer corps, has left for Dallas to organize a party and survey the Trinity river. The work will require several months. Denieon Herald. Deep drilling is in nrocrrpos in anm ui "ie isorsicana on wells. In a well nine miles north of the city the drill is down 1165 feet and will go down until white rock is struck. Fort Worth Register. Will HardisoD, ayed about 22 years, is in jail at McKinney charged with criminally assaulting a 10-year-old girl and will have his examining trial tomorrow. Both parties are negroes. Houston Post, .1 r s Pardons' brigade reunion will be held in Waxahachie on Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 2 and 4. The members in this vicinity are arranging to take an active part in the proceedings of the occasion. Dallas News- Those who have applied for pensions under the new state law at Dallas are-Jack Duhig, D. B. Cox, Mrs Settle Ferguson. C. R. Matney. A. H. Williams, Robert Bean, T. D. W. Anderson, A. J. Busby, Mrs. S. J. Smith. James Cum-mlngs, Chap. Cagle, J. W. Gass, Henry oeiiotc, josepn urenowptb. James H Burt, J. H. Thurman, T. C. Durrett. Nothing better can fYKl i i , . , , vmi duuuj ui j tuwu aim our prices. right. Anything you want in Rubber Tires. - . J WE MAKE A LEADINCTSPECIALTY OF FINE HARNESS. J Mclver-Patterson Vehicle Co., Under EL PAwfEX. HOte'' A - - - - 65 hour - - 88 T - Ignacio Gregorio Prdzmodiskl. C. T Park, J. B. Bennett, Mrs. Sarah M. Darby, Thomas Loftis. M. I. Turren- ne ana jk. n. Odom. Houston Post C. E. Green, a wealthy farmer and tnree nired hands were arraigned in the country court at Paris for plowing corn on Sunday. The landlord was hned on a plea of guilty and the others Z i J . 1 . . uismiseeu, mey oeing merely employes Ex. A young man aged 18, named Leslie Huling, at Temple, Texas, took the contents of a twenty-five cent box of strychnine and died within three houre. He said he took it to show that tne deadly drug would not kill him. aan Antonio .Light. All the drummers in the state have been invited through local nosts Unit ed Commercial Travelers and Travel ers' Protective Association to partici pate in tne ceremonies incident to the laying of the corner stone of the audi torium at Waco. Houston Post. Walter, the 12-year-old son of Mr Henry Keller, was drowned in the Aransas Pass gravel pit on the 28tb (several boys of his age had made a practice ot bathing in the oool, but the recent heavy rains have' made it dangerously deep, hence the sad affair. Dallas News. It is said that Huntington has bought two large tract of land between Vir ginia point and Texas City, just across the bay from Galveston. This being the Case Wa will not hn inrmlwil r hear of an order any day for the extension of the Alamo route toStockdaleon w W toward tne iaiand City. StockdaleEn ierprise. A BDeclal SeS9ion of thn TTnitat Sfoto. court ior tne eastern district of Texas . r: win os convenea at pans on July 7, Judcre David Rri.nt nmf , n t la called for the purpose of passing 'upon the accounts of -court officials and - J V. WDAUAUV. bankruDtcv matters. Jnriirn ni-ant uoe uui widk tnese matters should be DOBtnoned until t.hn V0 Oil lot -.Aam In September. Dallas News. Archie Frem.n. tha 1aA .-v. n accused of stabbing -Paul, the young, soa oi congressman John L. Sheppard in Texarkana last March, and who has been awav from hern ainn.a tha renoe, came to down today and sur rendered. He stood a preliminary ex amination before .Tnatl afternoon and wn al in wort Koii i. v, sum of $1000. Dallas News. Parties are In tha fiaTA at rv.a.... u. ww vt Dik.au tM bavins- UD nrcdualnir WA.llann tha nniot. a number of purchases havine- been made during the past few days. Among the purchases made are iktomI wail a from what is known as the railroad syndicate, an interest ly of railroad men of Texas. The prices paid for wells mno-n fmm ftnn for a two-barrel well nntn larger producers. Ex. The citi?enR of Finer In Pua . Daring for a biir eelehrat ion t.ha Pmi.th of July, and had raised 500 for that purpose, but when the awful flood wrought such havoc in Brackett the Eagle Pass DSOdIr nrnmntln aant tha $500 to the needv and hnmalaaa f Brackett. Although it. wa & nti early, this was the beet Fourth of July celebration ever held in Texas. Cuero Star. Arizona. Last week 'a rain at. Wilnnv . - ""-"-1 n Ui iuut;- ed to 1- inches. Tucson Star. Seventeen mamhara rt nn,.i. Riders have been issued certificates of merit by the war department. Ex. ouiunei rroaie nas aesn elected president of the Rough Riders' regimental society for the ensuing year. Tucson Citizen. Another building is soon to be erected at the Indian school grounds near Phoenix. The cost is estimated at $15.-000. Tuason Citizen. Sixty school teachers from eastern points will arrive in Flagstaff on Thursday for a trip and three days' stay at the Grard canyon. Ex. Mies Van Etten, the nurse girl who was burned so badly at the Indian school near Phoenix recently, died last week Pataluma, Cal. Tucson Star, Feeling ran high in Jerome when Murphy's blaakllstlng proclamation reached that camp and there was strong talk of hanging him in effigy. Courier. Advertisement will be made this week for bids for the erection of the new school house at Globe for which bonds were recently voted. Tucson Citizen. The Santa Fe company, the Winelow Mail says, is putting up a six hundred ton ice house at this place. We are informed they also propose to build a new freight depot on the north side of mt jru(. i ma win oe much more i iiiin v r& i 1 1 n I iiiu w rQ wt a a i in . . r.OQ BUYS A G00D- f PHAFTON & HAPNFQC ! mama a M. ay ainitlla W be sold for thp. mnnpv." finr Deg Degrees i - . ,- Convenient for Our business men, as there will be no tra?k to cross in getting to or from the depot with freight. Blsbee Orb. The contractors who are building the state house in Phoenix have purchased a granite sawing plant to be used in cutting the stone for the building. Tucson Citizen. A hold-up is reported to have ocenr-ed in the Granite street section on Thursday night, the victims being two drummers and the amount of cash which exchanged hands being $7. Ex. Phoenix is eettlnc into nnslt.inn n enjoy cheaper electric light and power. vviin tne new electric plant that Is to be put in at the falls of the Arizona the auestion will h Herald. The members of the M. E. church at Benson have been much napt.ni.harl n the discovery that the deeds to the lotB on which their house of worship stands had never been recorded. Tucson Star. The city of Phoenix has recovered judgment against the bondsmen of the defaulting ex-city assessor and tsx col lector A. A. Long, for $4,647.09 with interest at 7 per cent from July 1. 1898.--Bisbee Orb. Libardo Pacheco. a nanker. nf winlr. enburg, was murdered in Mexican town. Tem De. Tuepdav nicrht. Turn bullets of 44 caliber were fired Into him. His murderer, nra nnVnnvn Journal-Miner. Policeman Gil on Thuredav evening for fast. rfHna- beingjcompelled to shoot one of them through the leg before he would be taken. Judge Bauder vph tarring as sessed their sport at $25. Journal Miner. The construction cane on tha riila Vallev telephone, lina. a nut iri. miles from Clifton and making rapid progress towards Clifton. Aa soon n.9 the line is completed to Clifton & "hello girl" will abide at. tha nti offioe. Bulletin. The construction canv on tha. nil a Vallev telephone linn la nut. fiftaan miles from Clifton and progress towards that place. As soon as tne line is completed to Clifton a "hello" irirl will nhiAa at. tha .n. tral office. Bulletin. Census of 1900 Rhnuld ahnnr. PhnanU to be the largest citv in Arizona TTn less sneedv action is taken It. will ha third or fourth in the list. The ad- ' ditions should be taken In so far as Is practicable. It is of vital necesaltv tn show the Droner irrnwfh linrlnv tha past decade. Enterprise. some oi tne most respectable young gentlemen in Bisbee (choir singers, Sabbath school teachers, etc.,) have been subpoenaed to attend the district court at Tombstone next Monday, to testify to the good moral charaoter of Dora Garnett, who will be tried for her life, for killing a fellow cyprlan at Blsbee some weeks ago. Oasis. An unconfirmed report has reached here that some serious brigaud business has been transacted, on the line near Naco. It is said that an American (name unknown) was set upon by several Mexican desperadoes, robbed and frightfully beaten. A portion cf the gang were surrounded and captured but the 1 trger part escaped. Pros- , pec tor. A number of gentlemen residing in Kingman are agitating the building of a road into the Wallapai mountains and the erection of a summer hotel. The road is to go up through the big wash and over the saddle east of Kingman. On the mountain is a level, well timbered and watered spot where grounds for a beautiful summer resort can be laid out. Mohave Miner. A Good Game Promised. The Albuquerque and Alamogordo base hail team a will m.naa hate a. - " - voo U M Cloudcroft next Tuesday afternoon and n i . i . ... . an vyuu goon ine excursion win Dave the pleasure of seeing the game. Beer will be 60ld on the grounds. The publishers of the El Paso City Directory request all persons who have made or who rAntemnlate makins changes in business or residence to notify them of aup.h chnno of persons who may have been overlooked in the canvass, or any change up to July 31st will he properly placed in the directory. Mall all communications to John F. Worley & Co., . Publishers, El Paso. 3 cans Armour's Sausage, 25 cent s celebrated Vienna 10 lb pail pure Leaf Label, 75 cents. 20 lb pail pure Leaf Label. $1.45. Lard, White Lard, White 5 lb pail pure Leaf Lard, White La bel. 40 cents. JbL Paso Grocery Co

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