The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, October 19, 1892
Page 2
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njj*i*BRi)Ks MOINES, ALUOXA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, octoBEti IP. 1892, CONDENSE I IOWA. PERSONAL POINTS. Tlio 6lde'st and probably the richest member of the British housa of coiu- mons is Isaac Holdea. He is also physically one of the smallest members. Mr. Holtlen is a Scotchman of humble origin, with an income nowadays of $1,000,000. The most popular member of the Rothschild family is Baron Adolph <le R&thschlld, who has lived for many years In Paris. His home is a palace, furnished in the most luxurious way, •with ten drawing rooms, each decorated, in the style of a different epoch. In 1870 Senator Perazzl of the Italian parliament, while coining 'down nn Alpine glacier at the height of 14,000 feet, dropped his coat in a crevasse. The guide knowing the annual rate of the glacial movement, told him that it would probably come out from the glacier's mouth in about seventeen years. Last August some tourists saw a coat in Ihe moraine, and on examination it turned out to be the senator's. King Oscar of Sweden and Norway who in 1880 acted as patron of the international congress of orientalists at Stockholm and Christiana, and who was one of the vicc-p residents in tlio recent congress in London, has offered a gold medal for-the best essay on some subject connected with Assyrian scholarship, to be settled by Professor Max Mueller. The medal is to bo awarded at the next congress. Iowa minors strike for a 10 per cent, advance and lii-weckly pay days. William AVilson, a wife murderer; Avas hanged at Anderson. S. ('., Friday. In a AvrostliiK? mutch in St. Paul. Charles .Moth defeats .foe Higglns. ihe Irish champion. .lack Thome, an Afkausiis di-spcrndo. was killed by officers near Blacklist! lake, Ar'xausas. James A. Ilic-e. a prominent, ival estate man of New Orleans, Aveiit suddenly insane Saturday. Tennyson's grave will be next to that of BroAvning in Hie poets' corner of Westminster Abbey. A Chicago business man advises his drunken cashier to drown himself and the latter does as adA-iscd. Anna Tribble, a colored Avoman, AVIIS hanged at Newberry, S. C., Friday, for the murdr-r of her cliihl. David B. Avers, a prominent cotton buyer, committed suicide at Raleigh, N. C., Saturday, while intoxicated. Montana democrats oppose fusion Avltli tlio populists, Avhich tho democratic loaders strive to bring about. Several persons Avore injured, IAVO (trainmen) fatally, by an accident on tho Canadian Pacific near AA'inuipeg. High social circles hi London are shocked by an exposure of the prevalence of drunkenness among aristocratic ladies. I diet! and many others are injured for life. llobert A'an, a sergeant at Fort AVootl on Hi (line's island, was fatally shot by George Miller, a private, and the bullet which passed through Van's ch.^st wounded a private named King in the arm. James Ilogors ami his Avife. an aged couple, were found dead in the bedroom of their residence at Detroit. Mich. (Sas (si-aping from a coal stove is supposed to lie the cause of the calamity. Prhices.* Marie Bllescoe, a girl of four iiiul twenty yoaiy. has just ac- A ENDING. A MILD WINTER. Comfortable Prophesy Hear. for Ono to A Pennsylvanlan has prophesied that the coming Avlnter is to be a mild one. Ho giA-cs his reasons as follows, and they apply as Avell to AVisconsIu ns to the Keystone state: "I have lived ^ eighty-six years aud have never before seen dandelion blossoms iu this region on th3 first of October, except three years ago, AA'hen AA'O had a very Avarm faU and an uncommonly mild winter. Golden-rods all over the upper Lc- high plateau are as fresh and bright as they were three AA'eeks ago. I never saAV the blossoms so yellow and beau- n the first day of October Mountain ash berries are tAVO , weeks later in getting real red than they generally arc, and that is a sure indication of an open winter. There ' 'has'bcen no frost to change the color of the-f forest-leaves, chestnut. burrs still cling.,to the ui^s-^and acorns haven't dropped from, l^e, trees yet-good signs of a AA'arui Ayliitei\ , f take grasshoppers for another Charlie Mitchell, the pugilist, is sentenced in London to three mouths at hard labor for Avautonly assaulting an old man. B. S. Stark, a carpet salesman of St. Louis, has been arrested at St. Joseph on a charge of adultery brought by his wife. . . ' In the bicycle tournament at Evans- ^tcen Aillo, Hid., Lumsdon broke the world's f'HiipIished the feat of swimming acTusH the Hellespont from the European to the Asiatic shore, as Lord Byron did. Kuginei'i- Schafler and Fireman Johnston of a switching engine at the mines of the New York and Cleveland Gas Coal company, near Plttsbm-g, Pa., were smothered by the foul air in a tunnel Thui-sday. Prof. Pickering, of the Harvard observatory at Areqnipa, Chile, says that he has discovered forty small lakes in Mars. He also confirms Prof. Holdeii'.s observations on the limits and measured altitude of the planet. At Coatsvlllo, Ind., tho insane Avife of WilUam Sharp poured coal Oil on his bed clothing Avhile he Avas sleeping and then applied a'match to It, burning him to death. She Avas badly burned Avliile holding him in bed. The matrimonial intentions of Prince George of England are still furnishing unlimited food for gossip for the sor.ic- .ty papers. The ladies in question aro Princess A'ictoria, Mary of Tqck and Princess Alctoria of SchlcsAvig I-Iolstelu. It is reported that a decisive battle has been fought in Dahomey, iu Avhich tho rebellious natives Avere defeated and 2,000 of their Avarriors killed. The loss to the French troops is giA'on as i Spirited Banquet Closes the New York Columbus Celebration. Several Hundred of the Nation's Best Men Partake of the .Feast, a large rose tree covered Avith pink blossoms. The bride's costume was of Avhite silk and embroidered chiffon, and a tulle veil fastened with a star of diamonds, the groom's gift. The parlors Avere beautifully decorated. The dining-room floor AVOS embellished with foliage and Avhite flbAvers. A reception for a limited number of friends, principally young people, Avas held this evening from G to 8 o'clock, at the residence. Mrs. Kcnnan was DAMAGE IN Sleet and Wind Lay Mountain City Low. Mrs. .Paul Mausolff, of New York- Ini- meiliatr-ly after the reception Mr. and Mis. --.Lloyd left on an extended trip through the west. Upon their arrival __ _ at Gothenburg, a large reception will Vie : ,j o . i ~ ~ gi\ en the young couple, at the residence I- 1 101'SeS ollOCuetl to Death— So* Conimtmication Cut Off for Jfa Hours-All Wires Severed Toasts Responded to \)y the Vice- of the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. (.!. Lloyd. They will make their homo in Gothenburg, and will occupy a beautiful residence Avhich has been erected President, Secretary Foster and Uov. Flower. XCAV York, Oct. .13—The Columbian celebration in this city was brought to a lilting close tonight by a grand banquet at the Lenox lyceuui. Several hundred of the best known men in the country were seated at the table. Mayor. Grant presided, vice-President for them, a wedding gift from the father of the bride. „ Another Kvt-nt. A beautiful wedding took place this evening at 8:30 o'clock, at Immauuel church. Miss .Virginia Walko Douglass was united to Henry Seymour Weller, hi the presence of a largo assemblage of friends, by Kev. William Feet of Snow and Trains Blocked. Morton rcpresentoff Presdent Hor Sg ° ° l ' ems ' y ° V ' am rison slkng it his^de Nca Wm were Cllcster ' The brldo ls a <ta«6 ut « of iibon,. sitting. it hs side. ]\eai him ^cie , r , ,, • Opm . cn nmi-inss. nun tim Denver, Col., Oct. 13.-Tke rah, & and wind storm that began IW. night ended this morning, icartoTt city in a tom-up condition. TUG stiJ are littered with limbs and trunta trees and nil sorts of debris watch 1 lore the storm formed portions of El Mr. and Mrs. George Douglass, aud the groom is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Wcllel ad ™ ca ex-President Cleveland, ex-President Hayes, Governor Flower, Secretary of State Foster, Baron Fava, General Horace Porter, and Bishop Potter. The first toast was responded to by vlce-Presideut Morton. , T . _, . « .^ ,, The vice president lamented the ne- ^^^.^(^ l ^^> cessity of the president's absence, suy- with large palms, which formed the only decoration at the church. There Avere eight ushers—Messrs. Richard churches. es evea steeples Blyu * bimth ' ing that h is standing in a great shad- Spencer Ilsley, David Edgar oiid John OAV, awaiting the issues of life or death, f 1 ?™"- 11 -, • iho ™ hora "Preceded tho The 12th of October, said the vice-, b »^ v smads, also eight m number, who president, will hereafter be marked ™ l;cl ' ed h ] "\° Allowing order: Miss Avith white jsve have instituted a , ®^P__ ancl . .^.^H?*' Miss 1 V ull ^ u Columbian festival to ba repeated at the 'Bellows and Miss The electric light, telephone te graph and electric car trolley wires i mixed hi the greatest confusion ami the AVlud SAVung them to and fro th emitted deadly flashes which pass? by had difficulty in escaping. F 0 iti natcly no human beluga were touch by the swinging Ayires, but three hors were- shocked to death. The driver < one of the horses also received sever shocks. Cellars are filled Avltli water an great damage is done to goods, ul competitive record live-mile handicap Time 12:303-5. The Avar in A'enezuela cuds hi the overthroAV of the government by Crespo. A -UJiitod States consul is shot at, but not injured. At Carbbudalc, 111., Friday, Constable Terrell Avas sentenced to prison for fourteen years 'for killing AVilliam Sanders. Myriads of grasshoppers have appeared in Buchanan and adjoining counties iu Kansas, and are rapidly destroying Ihe-Avhitor Avheat. Tho 209th anniversary of the first settlement of Germans hi America under Pastorius was celebrated Thursday at Philadelphia. The Decrhorn mine in the Cripple Creek district of Colorado has been sold for $400,000 to T. F. AValsh and associates of Denver. Roscoo Maraplo was hanged at La Fayette, Ga,, Friday, for the murder of Nehemiah Evitto. He protested his innocence on the scaffold. In the Illinois college oratorical coii- seventccn Avounded AVhile it is generally conceded, that Swinburne is the greatest of living English poofs it is-thought in London that LeAvis Morris is likely to succeed Tennyson as poet laureate. He belongs iu the eminently respectable 1 cate- sure sign of a late fuA. They are as ! test at Champaign, Friday, the highest lively as'-they'were in August. I caught i honors wore won by H. H. Hopkins three today-ami they yielded molasses oi -' Lake Forest universitv. as. freely as they did in midsummer. AAHien there is going to be a cold fall aud a hard Avinter you can't coax a '".grasshopper, to spit out molasses after ; the first of . September. .Crickets are thicker than they AVCI-C six Ayeeks -atro, and that's- another unfailing sign "of an open Avinter. Tree toads have sung after nightfall IAVO Aveeks longer thaii they aid iin 1S91. They aro; good weather prophets and they toll me that heaA'y overcoats Avill be a drug in tho market next Avinter. Bullfrogs croak hi'tho ponds at night Avith a good do;il university. Miss Anna Steritt, of Bowden, 111., has been awarded $3,500 damages in her broach of promise suit against Philip Judy, of Carthage. D. C. Church, a traveling fakir from Chicago, Avas arrested at St. Joseph, Midi., Saturday by the federal authorities for passiug counterfeit coin. Henry Judge, Avho Avas in tho packing business in Buffalo, died suddenly Avhilo visiting at tho homo of his nephew in that city Friday evening. Burglai-s • entered the notion 'and more energy than they generally do at : 1 ewol| T store • of It. H. .Teruselem at tin's time in the fall, and that means I Indianapolis Friday night nnd carried a long pleasant autumn nnd a AV!liter without- snow. All tho indications go to shoAV that people Avill h.-vvo to pay about 3000 per cent, more for their ic'o noxt summer than (hey did this year." There are thousands upon thousands AA'ho AA'ill join in the hope that tho old settler's •prediction may prove true. It Is--quite possible for nature to got up a big strike against tho coal combine. To escape cholera, drink no milk or water that has not boon thoroughly boiled, and eat no food that has not been thoroughly and freshly cooked. Do not oat butter or cheese. If you follow these directions, it is claimed by the New York authorities that you will iiqt have tho cholera. Bacillus Asiallcus is quite Indlgmin. at the treatment ho has received by the reporters and tho newspapers of this country. Well, lot it bo so. Wo onl.\ Wish ho would return to his native laud, and not sot foot on American soil again. What a high old time such fellows as the Spanish sailors of the liftoeuth century would have in a modern Chicago ! It has been a long time since a death occurred in the while house,' but it is a sorrowful reflection to know that ono is now imminent. MRS. OAKLEY ELECTED. MiuUson I.iuly Honored by a I'rcsbytei-luu Siwloly--Oth«i- Ollli-ern, Bau Claire, Oct. 13.—Tho Presby- .terltvn Woman's Syuodical Missionary society of AAlscoiisln elected oJUcers today as folloAVs: President, Mrs. A r ed- der, of Milwaukee; vice-presidents, Mrs. Douglass and Mrs. Plaukiiiton, of Mil- Avaukoe; Mrs. Oakley, of Madison; Mrs. Baker, of Hudson; Mrs. Gage, of Galesville; Mrs. Partrie, of Neenah, and Mrs. Torranco, of La Crosse; secretaries, Mrs. Allen and Miss Candee, of Mil- Avaukee. Elder George McMillan, af La Crosse, was elected moderator, the first elder ever chosen to that position. aAvay plunder aggregating $1,000 .„ value. Two children belonging to Henry AValls, of Ulpley, Ohio, wore abducted .Saturday while on their Avay to school by Watts' divorced wife, Avho is remarried. Tho Columbus celebration in New York began Saturday with services in the Jewish synagogues. An elaborate programme cqvcring six days was arranged. Simon Johnson, colored, Avas found guilty of murder at Qniney, 111., Saturday and sentenced to 11 fo imprisonment. Johnson Avont homo d runic and shot his wife. Henry A. Schulto, of Cincinnati, Avas droAvnod in two feet of Avator-at Rons lake Saturday. He was attacked Avith heart di&easo Avhile standing in the Avator fishing, Sanitary inspectors in tho cholera infected district of Buda-Pesth Avero treated to a liberal dose of boiling Avutor by infuriated women and beat an inglorious retreat. Milbry Brown, aged 15, and John AA'illlams, both colored, Avere hanged at Sparl-ansburg, S. C., Friday. Tho girl killed an infant and tho man murdered' the mayor of the town. A collision occurred on the Panhandle, eight miles east of Dayton, Ohio, between a passenger and a freight train. Joseph Nichols, engineer of the passenger train, was killed. Tho funeral of Kenan, tho French philosopher, occurred in Paris Friday. Col. Higgms of tho' Twenty-eighth Ohio A'olimteers Friday presented to the North Carolina Grays at Raleigh, N. C., their Hag captured in battle by his regiment. The flag Avas then presented to the state and accepted by the governor. , : . Rev.: Dr. John Joseph Nouri, AV!IO claims to h.iA-e discovered the remains of Noah's ark on Mount Ararat, has been decorated by the emperor of Russia and the shah of Persia, and "bears upon his breast tho rare Order of the Star of'Bethlehem. An attempt AA'as made at Homestead by an unknown person to WOAV up a non-union boarding-house with dynamite. A cartridge \vas thrown through a AvhifloAV and exploded Avith terrilie force, Avrecking the room in Avhich it fell, but no ono was hurt. The Southern Pacific railroad x.>om- pany:aud the AA r clIs-Fargo express company have sent $0,000 to Coffcyviilc,' Kan., to be distributed among those Avho took part in tlio extermination of the Daltou gang and among the ^relatives of those AA'iio Avere killed. In a desperate fight Avith moonshin- ers in Lincoln county, Tcnn., Friday D. Mahler, deputy internal revenue collector, AA'as shot and instantly killed. .Too Spurrier, special deputy collector and C. S. Carwell, general deputy collector, were mortally Avounclod. At Crawfordsvillo, Ind., Saturday evening Lee Benson, aged 14 years, started to Avater a team of horses. He rode one and vory foolishly tied tho halter of tho other around his Avrist. Tho horse being led jerked suddenly, expiration of each hundred years to the furthermost limit of time by Mfe s and i_iv/.., A.-^O I^.L.^JH yix-ui. uauiagc is uono to goo 3 Margaret SaAvyer, suburbs many houses aro Miss Tckla Hilbert, Avrecked and fences and trees Margery Allis, all blown about indiscriminately. - —w *.t»fc*«v*.*~»<.v.^v *J****V Vi HUIV U\ * , * ..•--••i^-'i-n-v-^-v »*+*-»"*+VV* ***+*JJ.ll LV/l V f actors who will not have been AA-ituesses ' oi T, Y? 1 * slmplc gOWMS of whito '^W all the main roads -ire of the preceding celebration. Af-' mu , slil1 ' f nshlonod hi Empire style, with less blocked, and this inorni, tor briefly reviewing' the impressive f^ 8 ,,.?!,^, «^;. ^ ™ Mod was not a wire in operation "nMn trams are moving except on the Sou fashioned hi Empire style, Avitli _ „„ , lt of white ribbon. They carried events of the past live days and'spealv> lills ° blmclles ot maiden hair fern and lug of the lesson they convey, the vice- , wlute C!lmations - r ^he ushers wore president said oil behalf of the presi- uoutoillli crcs dent that he was here especially to the bl ' iclos >tuaids _ _ tliank the ministers of Spain Italy' Mlsses Annie Douglass and Marion and France for then- fraternal assis- ' 9? bo1 '^'-' botl1 m lllcliil white silk, tauce and the representatives of other t ' i ' lmmed - with lace, and carrying Avhito pOM-ers for their kindly appreciation. | cam!l tions; then tho bride with her sis- At the " ' """ "" ""' ' " *" carnations. The ushers wore Park branch of lie Union Pacm c T, .micros of white caraelias. After Union Pacific and Fort Worth trak ndesmaids came two flower girls, wcro blockaded/and as uos of't s Annie • Doiiirlnss m«i Ar;ivir.n ...> . . ". .. . iu - (J ° l or tu wires aro. up tonight, it is found that al are still prostrated and it is dillleult t< locate them. Tho Santa Fo and ink night Midland trains due here la 1 speedy Secretary of "state Foster responded '' OJ: ' wl ' iitc aud tri ' ocu silk ^ ls to the toast The United States, making - Ulc maid ot uonor » who carried a bou- a graceful speech. He said, among <mct to correspond. The gi-ooni and other things: "in no other nation of the Uis best mau > Al ' tll tir Youug, met the Avorld is religeous faith Avhich so effl- bliclal P iirt y llt tllu chancel, cieutly contributed to the success of 1 At ' tor tlie marriage a small recption the m-st voyage of the great discoverer AVils llold at tlle home of the bride's so potent in controlling 'society, enrich- I )ai ' t>n ts. 1^0 Prospect 'avenue, for tho ng its charities and elcvatiug the race, -members of the bridal party and rela- It'Avas in the United States that civil tives only. The latter were represented md religious liberty experienced its new by Ml< - aud lMrs - George Douglass, Mr. birth. Here it has its most perfect up- i nud-Mrs. Alfred AVeller, parents of tho Jllcatiou aud its reflect influences have ! ljl ' idc ' iuld groom; Mr. and Mi-s. AVilliam boon 'prominent factors for the last 100 'ears iu the reconstructing of society and) 'government in Europe* In no AVeller, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. A r aii Dyke, Mr. and Mrs: J. II. A r aai Dyke, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. AVilliarn D. A-an Dyke, Mr. Jthor nation is education so mimilicient- aud Ml ' s - George D. A'au Dj-ke, of this ly fostered and intelligence so general- [ cit 7> and ail> - all d. Mrs. F. M. Douglass, ly diffused throughout all classes. Ml> - !lud Ml 'S- AA'illlum Douglass, Mr. aud AVheu AVO tui-u from the social condition Ml ' s - G - H. Douglass, and Col. and Mrs. the midst of however, it is plain t , throwing tho buy oil'. The animal then deli bora ffly beat, tho boy's head to jolly Avlth its fore feet, killing him almost, instantly. It Avas learned Saturday from tho prison olliciuls that Martin Burke, tho CYpniu convict at the penitentiary in .Toilet, 111., Avas fast passing away. His feet are swollen and a largo cavity is on his lungs. It will only be a question of a few months until ha Avill pass away. Burke has grown vory thin, as ho cares for but little to oat and suffers intense pain. He remains in the prison hospital under the care of tho prison olllcials. A bitter contest OA'or part of the estate of tho late duke of Southerland has begun between the present duke and his stepmother, formerly Mrs. Blair. Tho son resented from the first his father's union Avith tho widow, and ho refused to rccognsde her. His father ejected him at her request from Tittensor house. She took possession at ouco, deposed all the old servants, and maintained the reorganized establishment until tho old duke's death. Tho stepson then seized Tit tensor house hi her absence, replaced her HOAV servants with the old ones, and gave a caretaker charge of the estate. to the physical accomplishments of th country, the contrast is eciuall marked in " glorification, any Intelligent; citizen that AV have not reached perfection in eithe society or government." 'Too often, in my residence abroad ' been made to blush at the recita —usually, it is true, iu' cxaggeratec terms—of riots, lyiichings and laAvles. execution of punishment upon supposec culprits not infrequent in this conn try. Usually it is an imperfect admin Istrulioii of justice by the constituted authorities which occasions, but novel justifies these lawless acts, and TD of clerilict authorities may generally bo found perverted public sentiment;. AVhat Avcll grounded source of exultation it Avould be if to the list of achievements already enumerated AVO could make tho claim that iu this land justice was always impartially administered to the high and tho IOAV; to the rich and the poor; Avithout fear or fa- Governor Flower also spoke, and referring to New York's fight for the fail- location throe years ago, said: "This week's demonstrations have given magnificent proof of tho broad, unselfish patriotism of NOAV York's citizens in concealing all resentment and unithiK heartily." BOOK OF PRAYER. Slili-Hoil Dismission lii-oii^ht l''ortli by tlio lU-jiurt «C (In) CuiuuiUtuu, Baltimore, Oct. 11.—Iu tho house of deputies today, Dr. Huntiiigtou, chair — -,-..^ -. *.»v,,i tl . _ v r , ——•--*» HUfg LVyj-lj \jO.Jtlil™ iho ivmams Avero taken to tho come- | m! 'U ot tho joint committee on a stuiid- tory of Monlmartro, but Avill ultimate- »«1 prayer book, presented the report of ly bo placed in the "Pantheon. ^Tho Aveekly statement of tho NOAV York banks shows a reserve decrease of $2,455,&i5. Tho bunks hold !jil,- 9o(>,07u In excess of tho amount re- pulred by the ^5 per c-ent rule. John It. Reding, tho only contemporary of Robert C. AA'hithrop as a member of the T\venly-sovt>nih congress, died Friday at Portsmouth, N. 1-1., Avhero ho Avas born iu October, loUO. / Tho German aud Austrian military officers who raced between Berlin and Vienna were guilty of great cruelty to then; horses, several of Avhich havo his committee. It is an immense volume corrected and revised up to dato Dr. Ilimtlugtoii said it Avas livo pages' shorter than the old one. Ho offered resolutions to the effect .that the text submitted bo accepted as u book of common prayer if the house of bishops concur, aud that 1,000 copies bo printed. Then Mr. Burwin offered a resolution Intended to rearrange the articles and oflices of the prayer book. This throAv tho houso into a debate lasting until noon. Finally the first of the scries of resolutions AA'as taken up and lost by a large A'pte. .OFFICERS ELECTED. Men Who Will .See to the Allah- of the Union Veteran Indianapolis, lud., Oct. 13.—National oihcers of tho Union Veteran Legion Avere elected at today's session as follows: National commander, AA'rn. H*. Tucker, of Indianapolis. Senior vice commander, James of Cincinnati. Junior vice commander, H. K. Sloan of Indiana, Pa. Surgeon general, Dr. AAliifleld Norcross, Lewis tou, Me. Chaplaiu-in-chicf, John A. Dunks, of Plttsburg. i Ilucker, all of Chicago. A Aveddiiif, dinner Avas served at a table decorated Avith Avhitc floAvers aud foliage and caii- delabra and white caudles. Mr. and Mrs. AA^eller left tonight for the east. Y a:h,ey will, bo at home Tucs- days,'-.N6vombc'r 22'aud 20, at 202 Lyon street. " • - -• IN A BAD WAY. The rress News Aniioflatlon 1'robably Gone AA r askh)gfon, Oct. ' 11;— It; is reported that the Tress News, association has failed and is. in a bad financial strait r l he AVestem Union company today took the leased AAares aAvay from it OAving to its failure to pay its bills! The AA'ashhigton managers of the concern think it Avill be on its feet again soon. It looks as if H. P. Hall would bedeposed as manager even if the company is able to resume business. Mi- Hall assumed a big contract when he undertook to ran the association. It is heavily involved and appears to be losing money. The general impression is that It P. Hall's Press NOAVS association will come to life again. It is said it owes the AVestern Unon $15,000 and that ho leased wires Avere taken from it pass that way but those run iiing over the Union Pacific. Snow plows operated iu the cuts 01 the divide fifty miles south of Donvei today and it is learned from the ma working there that from three fo seven feet of snow was in tho outs. Cripple creek reports three feet ol snow and the miners in the A'icluitj unprepared for the storm aud much suffering Avill ensue. ^ The storm was very violent in easten Colorado, telegraph Aviros being pros tratcd and commuuicatiion between Deirver and eastern cities is conipletelj cut off. . Wyoming also receh'ed part of tlio storm, and as the wires between Chey onue and this city are prostrated, 'it is impossible to got but meagre reports from there. It is learned, how ever, that telegraph Hues are broken in every direction from Cheyenne, but are slowly being restored. MINERS ENTOMBED. 11 othm- Slinuklnsr A.-t-ldent in llio ]>cim Hylviiulii Coul Jtegion. Shamrockiu, p ai) Oct i a . plosion of gas which occurred at the sterling colliery this morning Is supposed to haA'o been caused by a fall of ooal breaking a miner's lamp. One man AA r as killed, four injured nnd .seven others entombed. It is believed that the latter aro all dead. Up to tonight tho searching party was unable to roach the missing ones owing to so much "black damp." Tlied following is a list of the dead and injured: Dead—Thomas O'Gara, Probably dead, Benjamin Thomas. .Samuel Collins, Patrick McDavltt, payaieilt - report is 4-1->r.i. FT 11 1 ***W A^pVJll, 1H that Hall loses about $10,000 hi trying to float the association, and that the old men ibei , s are ti-ying to freeze him ent. Hie AVashingtxm bureau is not T^»* t . a " i«W»r has inti mation that business AYill be esumed without Hall. ;ret. DANIEL DECLINES. ' Uo Virginia Senator AVIll Not Tako «re«l t . Isaac Gooney, Joseph Kiser, Michael AVeicheck, Charles Bellcangor and Joseph Mclustock. Injured, Horace Price, leader, terribly cut and mangled; Samuel Rogers, loader, cut and bruised; William Mack, driver, cut and mangled; Daniel Reed, driver, skull fractured, burned and cut, and Avill probably die. News of the awful disaster was soon carried to the homes of the miners and the frantic wives and mothers of tho unfortunate men soon gathered ahout the mouth of the pit, Avceplug and uioan- ing. «iirlagc'» J'laco at -the J MILWAUKEE GIRLS MARRY. Two NotuWc 1Ve<hJlji ff B i« (/,„ ij lu( go Metropolis. MilAvaukee, Oct. la.—Tho marriage of Miss Charlotte Kennan, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Kennau, to Converse Walter Lloyd, a prominent young banker of Gotheii- ^iu'g, Neb., was solemnized this afternoon ut the residence of the bruit's parents, 179 Prospect avenue. The' ceremony Avas performed'by l{ov. AVilllam Chester, pastor of Jnimanual Presbyterian church, and AVUS wiliiesssd by r&atlves only. The bride fm4 groom miattencled. Chicago, Oct. 13.-Tho world's fair peon e made an effort today to BcourS Senator Daniel of Virginia, to deliver the oration at tho dedication iu 'ossman a «*lm M to to jU ° tcd an visitor: to V America and Americans I j wvo tho respect, i Fred Puler, COUNTY JUDGES MEET, They Got Together hi Mllwnukeo and Talk Milwaukee, Oct. 18.—The county judges did not put hi an appearance in vory large numbers this morning. Nine, of them took possession of a corner In tho common council chamber aud in a social sort of Avay tallied shop. Judgo Mann, the president, Avas the most venerable looking dispenser of justice in the lot. Judge Beldon, of Racine, AVUO is the secretary, looks like a freshman at the college. He has the distinction of being tho youngest judge in the state. Judge Baeuseli, the republican candidate for congress In the sixth district, Avas on deck. , The others present AVere Judge Sawyer, of AVashlngton; Judge Moeskcs, of Outagamle; Judge Cleveland, of AViuuobago; Judge Martin, ot AVaukesha, and R. J. AVUcox, of La Fay, ettb. The name of the organization Is tlie association of county judges of AVlscoa- sin. There are sixty-eight meuihera. Probate court business Avas the principal topic discussed.

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