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4 THE TULSA DAILY WORLD. SATURDAY MORNING, AUOUST 4, 1906. HOLY ROLLERS ARE KICKING CLAIM THEY ARE VICTIMS OF THE OKLAHOMA POLICE SAY THEY ARE MARTYRS Strange Sect Preaches On Streets' of The Cities and Ignores Arrest By The Authroities. Special to the World. . Oklahoma City, Okla., August 3. Believing they are persecuted like the Christians of old, and having been interrupted several times by the officers when they attempted to preach on the streets in this city, it is highly prolmblc that a contest for constitutional rights will be begun in the oonrts here by the "Holy Hollers," whose enmp is just south of the city, where they have been holdi'ij; meetings for the past several weeks. Frequently small squads of these jieo- pie come to the city and attempt to hold meetings at the street corners, but no sooner have they begun in their woork then they are whisked down to the police station and after given a severe lecturing and threatened with imprisonment if they make another attempt, are given their liberty and ordered to go back from whence they came, and never appear on the streets again. , The last incident of the kind occurred last night, when three of these people were arrested and taken to the police station. They were questioned and afterwards released with admonishings not' to repeat the offense. No swoner had they departed for their home, than anoolher trio from the same place aappeared in another quarter of the business part of town. They, too, where taken to the police station and given the same advice as their friends who came before. A man accompanies every party, and in the last was one who resented the action of the police with considerable force. He questioned the authority of the police to interfere with their religious, worship so long as it did not interfere with the publie,' He claimed to have been inspired to preach on the street, and there was no law to prevent it. He intimated that they would continue to hold meetings on the streets of ""the city, and if Lhe officers interfered again the case would be taken to the courts. The sect known as the "Holy Rollers" are led by one James Sharp and wife. Sharp is the man who led the procession in this city about a year and a half ago, when he, his wife and boy and another man by the r--- of Aitken, who afterward died in the insane asylum nt Norman, marched through the main streets of the city without enough clothes on to pin a badge to. They were promptly taken up by the police and ordered to leave the city. They did end were gone until this summer, when recruits and camped out south of the city. Considerable excitement was enused here only a few days ago by a story of a horrible, revolting nature, said to have been committed in the camp by these people.' hut when run down was found to be faNe. Just why the people are so determined to run them out of the country they do not understand, hence their intention to see if they are not entitled to be protected by the law. MAIN LINE FLOUR IS THE A BIO BLANKET OIL LEASE It Is Estimated That One Territory Corotiany Operates 1,720 Concerns Special to the World. Muskogee, Okln., August 3. J. George Wright, Indian inspector, has just returned from the Osage Nation where he had been looking after the oil lease business. He has not gathered all the data he wants, but he states that so far as he has been able fo learn, there are now 1.700 oil an 1 gas leases being operated under the big blmket leare of the Indian Territory Illuminating company as sub-leaves. The eompany which hos the blanket lease forces all these sub-lessees to develop their lands as rapidly as they take them. The Illuminating eompany is developing some of the land itself and is withholding other lands for future operations. - Dr. J. W. Deshon, the Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon, has moved . Into the First National Bank Building, room 307, on the. third floor. 8-3-4t. DR. HARRISON. Dentist. .Room 211 First National Bank Building. D. 0. ROSE Jl CO." Say that the best time yo will have in twelve months fo buy property in Tul-a, and if you are looking for "snspe" you will save a whole lot of valuable ' lime as well as nwner by falling on tbem. REAL ESTATE is onr busi- r. A New Story of Admiral Togo. Lust Autumn Admiral Togo's humility led him into what he con-siilen I a L'nible plse of extravagance, wntes Mrs. Hugh Fraser in the World's work. The court photographer, Maruki, had once taken his portrait, and everybody was buying it naturally enough. Togo saw himself in all of the shop windows, and was very much troubled. He wulked into Maruki 's one morning and called for the head of the tirm, who arrived with smiles anil bows to welcome his illustrious client, but the admiral's face was stern. "I am shocked to find," he said, "that leo-plo are buying my photographs. It is very wrong that they should spend money on the (Hirtrait of such a stupid person. I wish to have the negutive so that you may print no more copies." Maruki (who told me the story himself) was making a fine harvest off the picture, and had no desire to part with it. "Your excellency will have to pay for the negative," he explained. "I know," the admiral replied sadly. "What do you ask for itt" Maruki considered for a moment, and then named what he thought would he a prohibitive price twenty yen. Togo sighed. "That is a great sum for a poor man like me to pay, but I must have the negative." So he counted r"t the money and carried off the picture. "You ought to have presented it to him," I cried indignantly, when I heard the story. "Business is business," was Mr. Maruki 's curt reply. MAIN LINE FLOUR IS THE TO CELEBRATE OPENING Anadarko Making Preparations for a Large Celebration. Special to the World. Anadarko, August 3. The commercial club has prepared to give Anadarko the biggest and best celebration on the fith and 7th inst., the occasion of her fifth anniversary, thnt heer citizens and visitors have ever enjoyed. $1,200 was raised an dthe best shows to be had have been obtained. . A balloon ascension will be made each day. The Newton Comedy company with seven different shows have been engaged. The Chiekasha and Riverside Indian bands will furnish music. Lawton, Hoburt and Anadarko will play ball. Governor Frantz, ex-Governor Fer guson, Senators Gore and Geissler and Jesse Dunn, o fAlva will make addresses. MAIN LINE FLOUR IS THE RICE FROM PHILIPPINES One of the Possibilities In Sight Under American Rule. Manila, 1. I., August 2. Governor Ide has received reports stating that dprin the fiscal year ending June 30, the importations of rice to the Philippines decreased C1,072.4U pounds, valued nt if:i,nS4,lS3 in (fold. Com menting on the reports Governor Ide srid : " Fr m ri'sp reports is appears that the number of pounds of rice imported into the Philippines dur ing the fiscal year of lfMMi was some thinr less than three-sevenths of the importations in 1001, and the cash sent out from the islands for rice was less than four-elevenths of the sum sent in 1S94. If the same ratio of decrease con tinues for a yeor or even a semester, no more rice will be imported, and in two vears the islands, besides sup. ply'nv the home demand ought to be ex'" rtimr rice. The publication of the report has cn'-sed a controversy. The local shippers contend that the decrease of importations is a result of the poverty of the people, who, it is al leged, are not buying rice, but ere livintr on yarns and other food. The shippers declare thnt the Philippines will never export nee. MAIN LINE FLOUR IS THE Got the President'! Dollsr. Special to the World. New York. August 3. Pre-i 'cut ifoovpvelt his confronted one dollar 'o ( republican natioml -onere sioinl fund. The rontribu'ion was ent in response to a general appeal for one dollar contributions. Chairman Shermsn of the congressional committee made public the Prsi-dent's letter enclosing his contribution to the fund. The lettnr follow: Deer Mr. Shermsn: I have your letter of the 24th inst. and enclosures. 1 send my dollar. I think it an admirable plan, and I congratulate you upon the success that bids fair to attend the movement. Sincerely vour. THEODORE ROOSEVELT. MAIN LINE FLOUR IS THE Young Republican. The repnb''ean yount men of VinilH organised a club last week at the court hnnse. O. N. Behniit, O. l Connor and E. IL Smith will prepare constitution n bylaws. Talks wee msde by the following, youni republicans! Pimm. " t?r"crs. R. V. MeClintoek. O. N. rnlv,iit. V.. II. Rm;th. Rev. Williams. 1. t Connor. Dr. M. F-aree and Mhrr. TV flub will n.ake it its Hosiness to nrganii republican flubs st other places about Vinita. 5 REYNOLDS II Have you been to the Mountains vet? . 1 There is really no need to po. H You can keep cool at home as well as not. See Reynolds & Tucker and have them put you in an electric fan. Call us up at 'phone 610 and we will come and see you. REYNOLDS - - & - - TUCKER ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES SEAMAN BUILDING "SiS" THE EAGLE HOTEL r A convenient and desirable place cuisine and service. Hates reasonble .1 nil R St. Louis Markets. ' Wheat: No. 2, on track, red 70 1; 2 hard (i'J 71 1-2. September 70 asked range 69 3-4 7-8 (a) 70 5-8 3-4. December 73 1-2 asked, range 73 3-8 to 74 1-8. May 77 7-8 asked range 77 3-4 78 3-8. Corn on track, No.etaointaoinaoin Corn: No. 2 on track, 5 1-2 (n) 51. No. 2 white 52 1-2 53. September 48 1-2, range 48 1-4 3-8 48 5-8. December 45 bid, range 45 45 1-4. May 46 bid, range 46 46 1-2. Oats: No. 2 on track, 30 31 1-2. No. 2 white 34 1-2. September 30 5-8 3-4, b. range 30 5-8 (a) 30 3-4. December 32 bid. MAIN LINE FLOUR IS THE Restrictions Not Removed. The removal of restrictions on the sale of Indian lands have been denied as follows: Cherokees Jessie Henson, Lomita. Sarah Sequoyah, Melvin. James Raper, Melvin. Coleston Baldridge, Melvin. William P. Raper, Chouteau. Frederick Danghorty, Vinjta.. " Martha J. Raper," Melvin George Bushyhead, Oolagah. Betsey Galcatcher, Prvor Creek. . Willie Dick, White Oak. Richard Downing, Coffeyville, Kas. Frederick L. Choteau, Lenapah. Nanny Murray, Muskogee. George F. Bailey, Peggs. Vinnie Boyd, Copan. James Doherty, Ramona. Meary Hearford, Warner. Jennie Hampton, Tahlequah. Ioonie IIu!rhes, Checotah. . Linnie F. Younger, Hubert. Ruth Keteher, Westville. l.enora Heape, A II n wee. Charles Reese, Muskogee. John W. Johnson, Claremnre. Looney Rattlingourd, Taiwah. MAIN LINE FLOUR IS THE Stansbery Implement Co. has the Marietta Oil wagons. Mexican Veohanica Strike. Monterey, Mex., August 3. In all Mie principal shops of the Mexican Central railroad th" Mexican Me-"hanics' union has gone on a strike. Following walkouts reported in Agna Cn'icntes and Chihuahua, the men in the shops here and at Ciudad Victoria have gone out. There Ijas been no sign of violence. Their sole grievance, the strikers claim, is that they are not receiving as high wages as Americans who work in the same shops. About 700 men are affected. A strike went into effect in the yards of the National Railroad of Mexico Tuesday nieht. Three freight trains were sent out. but it is not probible that any more can be moved. MAIN LINE FLOUR IS THE PUBLIC PAYS THE COST. Oklahoma Ice Tits Obeys Law at Customers' Expense. Oklahoma City, Okla.. Aug. 3. A very unfavorable outlook presents it ef to the ice cnstoT-ers in Oklahoma ity council last night paed on ordin- ntiee requiring the Ice dealers to have re sedd to customers weighed in the iter's presence. The ice men sat 'hev will rhey the ordinance, but that n doine so an additional force of "en will have to be employed, and tie additional expense thus incurred will have to b nsi-' bv the consumers hv the price of ice. Every person who buys a piece of ice must now, accord ing to the ordinance, pn to the waron snd see it weighed. The icemen de clare they will enforce thia provision, or the customers get no ice. Drink .Tersfy Cream the best of rammer beveraxei The . Southwestern Bottliaf Co. PIANO e Lodwtf h Company'a Make. rOX SALE CHEAP L. D. Ladi, fcoMaaoi CoUl. & TUCKER to stop. High class rooms, Allison Prone VPPoaiie osite Dopot r rriscoL PALACE MARKET All kinds of fresh and cured meats, fish, oysters and game in season. Also all kinds of sausage. All orders delivered promptly. - BEti BAEft, Prop. Phone 107, North Main street. 00OOC0OOOO0O0 MARTINIS The Druggist East Third St. 300OCOO0C000C If you want a loan to build or complete your building, I am in a position to furnish the , money on short notice. S. J. RICHARDSON, 1, 2 and 3, Friend-Jones Bldg. SPECIAL. Entire Block in Bellriew ad- dition for Bale RIGHT. TULSA TITLE TRUST CO, Suite 3, Egan Bldg. Phon 2OT. Notary Public Ranrmln. In Raalty J. P. Johnson Qeneral Auctioneer Country Rata, a RnwIaltT. AaWEverr fUturtt.j Arte moon tn Tuua. commlutnii Sawnnan. v Tulsa 1 T. WILLIAMS-CAMPBELL REALTY COMPANY. Suites 203-204 First National Bank Building. Rents, Loans, Fire Insurance Tulsa Oklahoma CAD ALLARD SOLD PAPER. Removei to New Meexico From Chiek asha for Benefit of Health. Special to the World. f Shawnee, Okla., An?. 3. Cad Al lard former owner i f the Chirkahsa I. T., Star, who has b"cn in the city visiting his brother, I.oti S. Allard liiililislx-r of The News, left today for f-ns Vegas, N. M.. for the benefit of his health. Mr. Allard, while on a statehood trip to Washington last winter, be. II '.II m m came hi wnn lung rever, and has :jice thnt time worfrrd Into such a ennditji-n that the mly remedy is re- novil to New Meri"n, For eicht months he has now been unliable to "mile bis pener personally hence this week he sidd o . Fonallv, a Den- 'er capitalist, an-1 H. V. Smith of the Kansas City Star staff. CATTLE APE HOH. vv.fc j o Nation i n-Tprwllnr TT'r) les, ifhrie. O'-'s.. An- 1 The eatl tnA tn tr sll or of livwtnrk in the 0r Vstion rp nt rrent com-rsrsria thm bet price in n(. rtjto-V of tb trrilw. CH- T-pn ity th marko'i f V Citv J S. .Tolnb "in bi money for carload lots of h product of nst'on'. t.n" "P-a homnrh "Ir of fh !fV r-w'r hs don ih towsr hnootin? price in th" 0aee eounry. MAIN LINE FLOUR 18 THE Most nervous diseases are of spinal orign. The reason the Osteopath baa sueb splendid success in such disorder is that be is a specialist in treating the spine. Talk with Drs. Pleak about your esse. Consultation is free. Office 315 S. Elwood avenue. Yra cai get the Marietta OH Back VTtr?i t Ctaaabery Iatmeat Co. TULSA PROFESSIONAL ATTORNEYS AT LAW. MARTIN, MOORE & RICE, Attorneys-at-Law. First National Bank Buildiii. Tulsa Ind. Ter. W. D. Abbott J. W. Woodford ABBOTT ft WOODFORD Lawyers Blakburn Building Tulsa . . . Ind. Ter. ADRIAN HOUCE, Lawyer. TULSA, IND. TER. H. W. Randolph Jno. A. Haver RANDOLPH & HAVER Lawyers Steele Building, Opposite Postofllee Tulsa, Ind Ter. D. L. SLEEPER Attorney-at Law Real Estate and Oil Leases Bought and Sold Tulsa Ind. Ter. D ELBERT W. MEIER Lawyer. Room 202, First National Bank Bldg Tulsa .... . Ind. Ter. ABY ft TUCKER Lawyers Suite 2, Alexander Building Tulsa Ind. Ter. W. J. GREGG Attorney-at-Law Suite 5, Alexander Building Tulsa Ind. Ter, . H. J. COLLINS Lawyer. Office in Kelman Building ' Notary in Office. Tulsa . . . . . Ind.' Ter. O. P. JONES Attorney and Counselor at Law Rosenfield Building Tulsa Ind. Ter. T ALLEY It HARNAGE Attorneys Land and Corporation Law a Specialty Rosenfield Building Tulsa Ind. Ter, EDWARD E. HARVEY Attorney-at Law Steele Building, Opposite P. O. Tulsa . . . . . lad. Ter, P. L. THURMAN, Lawyer. Suite in Kelman Building, Tulsa, Oklahoma. JOHN B. MESERVE, Attorney-at-Law. Office in Alexander Building, Tulsa. Oklahoma. MAGEE & HAMMETT, . Lawyers. First National Bank Building, Tulsa, Oklahoma. McCANN & BOOTH, Attorneys-at-Law. Room 11, Alexander Building. Tulsa. Oklahoma. FRANK B. CROSTHWAITE. Attorney-at-Law, 1320 F Street, Washington, D. C. Careful attention given to contests on allotments or leases before the Interior Department. LEEDS ft MARTINDALE Attorneys-at-Law. Tulsa, ' Oklahoma. JOHN H. BERRY ft CO, Real Estate Investment Buy a lot in Berry addition; close! in addition. Now on sale. Room 5, Over illiamson Bros. 202V, 8. Main. Dr. tveel Deatfet CZet ! i rim lCa&a&l tack it"-! PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS c. w. Mccarty, Physician and Surgeon, Rooms 'JIH-210 First National Bank building. Phone 200. Residence, 506 S. F.lgin. Phone Dim. TULSA. OKLA. DOCTOIJ GREEN AND FIBRE Dr. Mary E. Green 25 years experience in obstetrics and diseases of women and children. Dr. Mary Green-FiBke Graduate University of Illinois. Women and children. Office at residence, 616 Cheyenne are. Day and night phones 200. DR. GEO. R. BLICKENSDERFER Steele Building, Main Street. Office Upstairs. Tulsa Ind. Ter. DR. T. F. DALY Physician and Surgeon Suite 4 and 5, Egan Building Tulsa Ind. Ter. DR. 0. T. HENDERSHOT, Physician and Surgeon. . ALEXANDER BUILDING. . Residence, 516 South Cincinnati St. Telephone 162. Calls answered promptly day or night MISCELLANEOUS HOMER F. WHARTON, Attorney-at-Law, Room 213, First National TULSA, OKLA. Bank Bldg. . WU. QUERRY Notary Public Collection Agency Desk in A. R, Querrys Law Office Tulsa, Ind. Ter. J. GUS PATTON Civil Engineer and Surveyor Suite 0, Kelman Building CITY MAPS AND ELS Phones 120 and 246 Tulsa ' . ... . . Ind. Ter. J. J. GLANFTELD Architect Room 3, Reneau Building Tulsa Ind. Ter. EXPERT ACCOUNTANT. Books Opened and Audited. Corporation Accounts a Specialty. F. J. SHORT. Office with Leeds A Martindale. PERCTVAL E. MAGEE, Notary Public. With Magce & Hammett, 200 First National Bank Building., DR. T. S. HICKMAN. Registered Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist Main Street Livery or Stone Livery Barn. Office Phones 336 and 23. DR. N. B. GILLIES. Dr. N. B. Gillies has just opened an office in the First National Bank building for the practice of bis profession. He comes well recommended as a physician and surgeon from the city of Pueblo, Colorado. He has diplomas from the Royal College of Physicians, London, England, from the Kinr's and Queen's College of Physicians, Dublin, Ireland, and from the University of Queen's College, Kingston, Canada. Ho hopes by strict attention to his profession to merit a share of public patronage. Telerbone 602. Residence, corner of Sixth street and Detroit avenue, Tul sa, Okla. 7-28-61 W. ALBERT COOK, M. D. Office House 9 to 12: 1 :30 to 5. Practice limited to diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Glasses fl ted, Phone 8. 309 First National Bldg. DR. J. W. DESHON, Phvicjui and Surgeon. Ii'oom .'to First Natio.i d Hunk Build ing. Telephone, Office 344, Residence 37S. MRS. GEO.F. JONES. Professional Nurse. .Graduate of Battle Creek Ssui-. tarium. ' Telephone Tulsa Hospital. Brinson-PattcrsonLbr.Co. General I in BUILDING MATERIAL Frisco Right of Way. Hoe Av U F H'irrall. cr. Tulsa Transfer ft Storaga Ca. Office with Movhrsy Realty Co. tent House. Pkese 279. fro-apt Serrieo. Household Ooode Paebad aad Cinwd. DIRECTORY MISCELLANEOUS CITY SCAVENOHR J. W. Maupin, residence Third and Guthrie. Leave ordra at police Headquarters. Phone 439 J. W. YOUNG, Out Stone and Mason Contractor, TULSA, I. T. W. A LOMBARD Surveyor Oil Location Solicited. Have plats of government survey. Work guaranteed. Tulsa Ind. Tae. cent. Loan anywhere. No delay. No commissions. . BUEL-RODOLF INV. CO., T at mm ah TJ-.k aft etaUVi JeUl&e Alcorn Hotel Excellent Cuisine, Modern Heating and Lighting. Rates $2.00 per day. COe)OeXO0O0KCO0tO A GOOD SIGN FOR ANY BANNER is the $ sign. It stands for thrift, building up of reputation, independence of "strikes" and the best friend in time of need. That's why a FARMERS' NATIONAL BANK account should be owned by every mortal in this growing country. Banks pay salaries to employes to keep track of a working capital. So jump in and put your $$$ in the winning pile. Because this bank stands for MUTUAL BENEFIT. See the chance f Open with us today. High-Class Dentistry. Satisfaction Guaranteed. DR. P. E. KREYER, Phone 71, Malcolm Big, 2nd & Boston. Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty EXAMINATION FREE. Treatment of Diseases of DomestJ Animals Examination Free at Hoapiul Drnitbtry a Specialty, located bars four jraai a and a luparar. DR. WARD GREEN, D. V. & Grmduala nt UNIVERSITY VETERINARY CGLLttUE of KaiuH City. Miuotut Sfflea and Hospital on Boa ton Avmna, Two Blocks north of 'Prueo R'r. Tula. L T. 000OO000 MATHEWS &RUGGLE5 J o ARCHITECTS 2 g 217,, First Nat'l Bank bldg. O TULSA, I. T. Money Loaned on City Property, 0OOOOOO0 Eureka Plumbing COMPANY First-class Work Guaranteed H. Third St. Pfcoaee ror Farm Lands, Leasee an 0117 Pre-perty, caQ at the WESTERN REALTY LAND OOI ifflee in Rooms 6 and 7, Haiti Building, corner First and Main sites. Phone 198. P. 0. Bel 133&V Nichols Transfer Co. Trtxsfsr tzi Frtrdta A Home laatitatiea which want r Ltusiaeee-Phone No Ha.

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