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Kingston, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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ReU Vtetbeas Mkhiraa4 FRONTENAC TO BE SELECTED MR. GEORGE SMITH. ISSSSSSSSSS At the I Women's I at Ottawa. Mia. B.T.

a InHWlai mi mbmilted her report. showing tha Intel at I nxipu to haw tona 8X1414 at prhich $45.78 waa ut $P7J4 for dire Cents Fnrnishings A Underwear departments 4 The Boyal Military Ooilega wOlc an Joan Stk "3 Boy pelf. eMIAeta enlte ai SSlUrday. Ibiniopy King street. Tha Two Hrothaa la nnlnaa" at BitUishi way tabs wail dimed tete buy dothm at SUttak The Broaaoa aad four hargm at left far Kotatrael last night.

A reeh Pat marharal dirart tram tha al ITaniternw'a In mm nn Mr. A. IX Sharps tern rat armed from Ottawa far two weeks meat Ctawfardh far iriiaiaaij ar dairy I jPlaSn jWords ViMrtflMi I I pMfla la EQ Seoteh Marmalade E8S-MoteVMso- Ci Tha Board of day afternoon at Ut teg crereima tha Pwaldant. Mraftterj IX MeOaltes Mazrilla, addremad entire an tha yaarh werN at Bare at in a. She retemd to the triala and difficulties ot tba gagad is tha mark ia China aad Mafe-aaenr: She looked apaa tha wag between China aad Japan aa tha thin and at tha wedge by which Christianity would ba introduced into tha Mongol Kaipimk Geatiaaingy rtw aaid that tha ifforad br tha Chinmd at the ready to Tha Liberal Ognanilka electors tha aanatr at Enaataoaa -mat in tha ONUintbMaa yesterday afternoon.

for tha aalnrttnn at a readjusts lawntnl tha campaign in tha intacoat at tha Govern at. Atari ilsat X. ilogan prcriilnii Defuse antariag on gananl ha toad fauar tram Beer- tar J. JL Walk, saying that ia eon- MSIISSM af beat aimniulimnut Rfa terming Officer, ha aunM nut taka an min part ia the wurk earing tha coming Mr. JL Unban at JClginlmrgy waa wplalct aecreUry VTha following mol a I inn waa amt by Sir.

tt. tL Unham. aaonaiiat by Mr. Spnmlay that tha alastan at the (toy have with to keen if Ilk. potty at fits a Am I Ik pot at fan a dm Eeritaa Danda 4 Ik pot at STf a doa EarittW Daadmy Ik tlas at Sit Ompli Qlaapaw, Ilk patty at Site a 1 vith all tha ettor si In fcmlliss svqalriag kss fay te psoportlsa.

Tba report of Mias Mnckbwton. at that daring the yaar faalaay euktain-ing nmterial ralnad at $L50L7kted bean neat out to tba Horthwaat mire Mta Gilder dear Kingston. ntnrnad tha banka af tha delegatee for tha ear. dial aad friendly greeting them. Hit wore fitting that tha firet general meeting should taka plaee in Ottawa, where tha society originated.1 said ah ao tt te appropriate that on final meeting aa a united body Should ha bold hare alas.

Tha knowledge af the 1 teg fret that This ia ear last moating as united body ia too lag to dwell upon. Thom of no who taking to tha riorum of Ontario Cart aa though wa ware being separated born tha parent staoaad mast laarn to rtaad alone; tha time has coma whan wa no hmgar hare oar beloaed President to lana apaa; wa must loan to del for onrertrea and try to pnt into prentice tha rateable liwcnaa wa bars had before a of fairnam ia dealing with every subject, at tha petieaca which never wearieay and tha teat moot had tha way ta make ell work ia harmony and for Mrs. Lonck Mm. Mnekhoton. Mrs.

Worrell and Mrs. R. Hagers were frrnietiid an the commit tea on reaoln-tiaoa. i i I PBICE8 COHFAKED. CEYLON TEAS macritattea governing tha that tha executive aball craisirt of presides.

vfce-prsridsal. meietary-president from aaeh Haw laadiag Colorab the ieosptina of ear Removal Sale IM tu ni Mk tl and narky darikg vttk te Dry Blaek Dress Goods Is aa Important Depart at with a Wa have tba npatatioa at all time afbariag tha kigtot aad mart Plata stuck of thaaa goods la tha dtp. How ia the opportune tl ta bay at Sale Prim Invit'd. Board for tha IB year and reported favermbte program daring that period, riaad ban baa wan aa ahareh not to hare ton many eh arch it taka the children ant tan Wa ahnwld derelop their hoasa train-teg, and make tha bee mt boan-titul pteea. I think wa should team to gire systematically.

Ho littte wa earn wa Mould i tote amount to gire to tba Lord. The ammint aontributed towards mis-dazing tha past tea years te Mens soft Oxford shirts, worth 7Sc.for Mens Regatta shirts, 6oc, 75c. Mens Flannelette soc. Fast black shirts, 65c. White Dressed Shirts, 75a, $1.00.

Balbriggan Shirts and Pants, 90c. -x Merino Underwear, 19 75c. Natural wool Shirts and Pants, $1.00, $i-i5- J- Mens Socks', Braces, Ties, Sweaters, jX Bicycle Hose and Umbrellas in great variety, Special line of Boys Sweaters and Top :0 In Half Chatty Ia MpeaadGedtfle In IS pooad Caddis Wa will sail thorn 8aa-T trams rhsMs low pries aad kmUksshoold take advare ttgoof gatttag now and ftagmat Thai at Toy low sort. Gall la aad ms. McRae Bros.

Golden lion Grocer. to her hearers of mhatena both to help tha giant STEACY STEACY at tha towaahipo in tha alaolontay and that an oxaeuUn Im lor marl af tba presidents ot tba toweships and repre-aenUUvas traa sack pulling uub-divir iuu in tba famraabip all tbaaa officers to Im slant ad at tba annual convention to bo tau in AUrok af aodh year, aad to lia uy ballot. Mr. Unbam fc.igi.8. i tba ahaago an tba eonatb-Ihm would gioaUy auoogtban aad yiiliifjr tha Conservative worker Uy baring a praaUsnt ia aaeh township, be could rally.

Um wurkar and gyre tematin tha work ta bettor advantage. Tba raaulutiuu was iy car-risd Tha at officer tor tha en- iing year fallowed, with thaaa multa: President, Mr. T. Hogan. Walls island; nominated by W.

Murray, aoeondad by Major Bpooutr. Major Bpaonar was mmimtaL but ha witbdnw Jus name in laror of Mr. Hogan. Vim-prerideal. Alajur Spooner.

Glen-bur nia; nouinatad by. Mr. W. Gib- wmeeeeei isssgsgss The Bsu Ididl Bkytld lump. THE HITCHCOCK Ham TtowM ia thia I teas ideal, IthutlwUlowinfadnntasa.

ItbaraeKenissa it ban 10 boon. ltsere ot jar out, aad it throws Unlit bat Altar Mr. Henry Q. Hcpkiifc, pmt-effim te-tector at Stretford, ia te tto city. Lota of atimwlaerrew at HENDERSONS tamnrrew.

fkaadiaa JubUm Stegm Ctty HalL I June 8Srd aad SUh. fast forget tt. HuRb Engiiah giagar baar extract. bottle reakas gallnua Madlmb I drag Mere Ito Uuaaa atreat choir will gire an entertainment at Boehwood Asylum thia 1 "'eniag. US te SjB8 panto Saturday.

Dunlop, King atreat; Ito Charley Farrfa with two light barge arrived tom teat night from (Xwvgoi $SA0 far nn $840 auit Saturday. Dua-op, King atreat: Tto Aaate Minnas arrived bum Qa-wnga teat Bight tN tone of ami far Anglia A On Hcriaiy and glove cheap; Btaacyfa ml Mam George Fattarem aad W. Mo-Donald, whaalad out to Odama loot night. NalaouS root baar, mahm gallon lfa, Madfayb drag ator -The Qnma of tto Lotos on tor way down front Vert William with wheat for Ju. Hfctordaim A Son te tha people 8 tto peoples prims; Steacyb removal ml Con.

MUlea traded off eoit of nldan Priam te L. Guem1 chestnut am sMe weak. teal lamooada Ubtet tablete In tnb Ufa. Medieyli drag at or Tto Bar. J.

Starr, paator of tto Sydenham Street Method la Chnreh. ia At fitAMtAAdp Qnt 't SEA SALMON Any quantity 'you want; 15 eanto pound at Handereon Mr Wilcox, of Omega, fa visiting tor brother, Mr. Henry Wafa, ot thia city. King. ax-poatoffim Inspector.

Montreal intends taking a trip to tto Old Country on tto air. Mongolia. Parasols and sunshades, bargain price at Steacyb removal aal ALL THE WUttLD of ooa mlnd. Cbn-mdad fay avarybody ttotOrkuUl ltix-k grand TEA. and there knona finer.

i Tto afamnea of wind for tto past few days has made marina rircka wry quiet. I Tto tortmr practically empty of any aglkh amp 5 itoria T. H. Fltxgibbana and if Watertown, N.Y, are tha gueata of Mr. P.

Lyon Colbarns atreat. T. Whitney, of tto American House, and F. ifozent, want to Yorker to-day, and will remain there until to-morrow. Tto atom has bean brewing all weak, to-day it break Come and am ll re-to-morrow: flkfJiing at cyclone irioec Saturday Dunlop, tto Domin- King atmattr Strewberrie pineapple faanui orange 11 bait Cheapest at Hamiar- PI IT P.

J. WALSH oood6d J3t- OUmoa- yuatiBtiaa.aad bdl dataibl bow sola aent for R. A DOBBS. Tbc Bicycle Built For Two ar Ihc dotting: wc Sell is Good Gotblng. It's reedy to pot right on and wear and it has thia advantage You can aee what it looks like made op.

You see how its trimmed how its made, and you fetl and see how it fit and the prices an less than half what yon pay a tailor for the pleasure of haring one built to order, and then all you see is the doth, all the other things are taken come eqen the misfit part How do prices like this suit your pocket? Blue Serge suits, $3-5. $3 Tweeds, at $4. $4-5-Come OAK HALL-. market square Wbleh the famous DAISY BELL tads was a CLKYELAND. Hu atbar wheel could kave rtaad tha wear aad fear af tha loag Jooraayc DAISY oefcjr-ThaOUCTELAHDka prettv wheel, tt rtraag cad irm aa I Ha pyraiaidi It light aad Ik maMoa ac aaay a fifte Thbacmkte- Open Houas-Wklta Cook, at aa.

IX a. HcsUTIRE 178.1 1 tea paifaet whsci LadkP CLEYKLAMD, cmaU 1 daetd lima $100., JOHN HENDERSON 86 Priacaaa Street. H. H. BR1TTUH Velas of Ita Haty-Nllltau Haihet to tha Te tba Editor of Tha Daily Hewas Stef Tha Whig aaks a vary wfanpte queatiou, and ona that aonld be aaawar-ad by on of their own office buys if ba consulted tha eolumna of tha Glob of yesterday.

But 1 fanny the boya are kept busy explaining tha daily car-tn at the door, aad a hare not tha Hue to apere to do tha duty which I hare undertaken; aad I ana war tha above qnaathms from tha columns of tba Globs of to-day. In making Um entreats I hue taken tha greatest core and bare given tha American quotation at their boot. Tba result ia as follows: Wheat. Chicago: Highest dosing. 50 Toronto: loweat.

7to. 1 Oeta-Chicegw 178-4 to 181-4; Toronto, Kingston. fB Barley. Chicago, highest prim. fOfOOtOb SfiOe I Buttery-New York, 8 to to lfi; Toronto, creemary, nil and tub, to IB CbaeasJ New York.

4 to Toronto, 81-4 to 71-8 and 8 -Hog- Lircy-Baffal fUBto fL9X L7B to eommon to good Toronto, choice fm. store fUM, thick and fat m. llnmad Hogk-Toront SA0 to fSAS; no American quotation Oorm New York. SI 1-4 to Ml-4; Toronto, to 1-8 Chttfa, Llvey-Buffelo, ft80 to fSjB; Toronto, fSJS. Kgg About tha eama In both eoun-trSM.

i I think tha above quotations ought to fGofy tha Whig and tha farmers of tba eounty that their own home market ia far ahead of that aorore the line and tha home markat means the Kng-ligb market. I will later on abuw that tba former can purchase whet to dam not produce at a lower prim in Canada than in the United State Youre truly; FRONT KNAG. 1 i While There Is Life There is Soap. Hornier Irneeumr, H. Graham, Klginlturg m.5"-11 by Major Hpoon-sr, aacomtad by I.

tforaute. Township praaiibinia- Mr. I. tfoniuJo. brought forward by Major tjpounar and 1L Ham-kin; Sturringum, Air.

W. Uibaon. Buar bury, brought forward by J. Thorne and H. Moreland; Pittsburgh, Mr.

Hi ihmiiy, uitifftim. aupparled by tL i mi t. Max wall; Welle Island. J. McCwaay.

supported by J. MaUlynn and J. MuAliafor; Howe lalaiid, Mr. Lari supported by J. Goa and IX HrleeulL Garden island and tevtmnouth ware not repraanfed pf rnngiy enongh make aeiaotinn ao they ware laid over until neat Tuesday.

The eleetlnoa ware nil unanimous and bo Tba ITwiriant. in '-j command tor another yaar, srpmaead nia foalinga ot gralit uda for befog honored with re-election to the presidency. It waa an be" to ba proud lit. it had been hia to retire trom tba jurmoil at pditieel welfare, but under thopro-aanl eiroumatonea ba fait that the alfort ot the Aaoriation waa needed to carry tba aleotiunq to suo-eaeatul iaue, end that ovary man balling nunaelA a patriot abould work with run. lie urged that every man ot tha convention would work, with the old-time (liuun, vrhioh had carried the Conservatives to victory before.

Lot such In tercet ba mmiilosiwd all through tha election and there waa bo doubt but that Um Ubnaurvotiraa of Jfamlona with their can (folate, wuuld carry tha day In gallant The actocifon ol tba representatives trout tha piling aub-uivuiuu wea latt to the president of each township- -Tha President then opened tna niaef' bag far nuuln(bm ot a oan'Uulata to oouleat tha against tha Patron ter. fbuA -Volfs island, waa itionad dr 'pit candblata, and by Jar. Jtekkia, ueouaued by The Summer Girl by prayer and-by systematic giving. Mio Haadiy rend nn nddrem af ol- mme to tto viokore. Mia Omen, of Moatreai, replied in a few well-ctoa Bto aaid that, only being tto gmid Wtod te Montreal wa am surrounded by French nantwa and Patron Saint waa told ttoqt ymj haw a uni vanity hare which waa tto firet ia Chaada to open ita doom to women, and I tore heard tto principal of theft eollege de-lirer ailiiiwca I also heard you tore a penintentiary, wham you taka ears of all tto bad peopto.

Tto Mtedoaair Society should taka asm of tto hmth- Mi Sparks welcomed tto dalajpdm on behalf af tto Methodist ladle She mid: Ho matter what denomination wa claim, we are all ona in Christ winking for tto asms and." She oka af tto mjaskniarim working in tto Methodist Church ia Chin Mr Cochrane welcomed tto delegates on behalf of tto Presbyterian Society, and delivered a y( addrom on tba work dona by tto Presbyterian branch of tto Miaaifsm i Soclatv. 'Mr (Rev.) D. Laing delivered tha i drew of wlaoama on behalf of tto tiat Tha secretary. Mi NeamLh, Tc pwacntad tha 10th annual report, which aha mid than am 41 She auggariad that tto President vi euma at tto outlying anrirtia wtoih are. not Joined to tto Mlccinn Board.

Tto treasurer, Mr Sander Montreal, presented tor financial statement for tha yaar, which waa aa fallows: Balance from tact year, fBBBAB; receipts from all other sou roe 88JU6AB; disbursement 88FU8; total. 8X514J5. Iqtareating papera ware read ou Syc-tamatie Giving. IGm McArthur read paper on te it Boriptnral I Mr Geo, MUla followed on la Practicable!" and Mtaa Annie Bobertaon on What Would ba Ita Effect if Generally adopted Tto three paper at ter they ware read, were freely dia-cumsd. I My Coni mother of tto Rev.

Walter Curri of tto filmmha mlwbm of West Central Africa gave an address on A Yaar of Miaoion Work; in breoght tto aaataon to solos tt, the avaning aa abte laetnra waa fay tto Rev. Edward Muaaaa Hill, of Calvary Church, Montreal, on Some Mi iwiaiy Harms in Afrim. A. W. Biotoxdaon, paator of tha church, followed with a few warm words of vreloom Ha epoka of Calvary, hia old home church, and of tto importaam to tto denomination all over tto country, of tto work being dona them by Mr.

HilL Mr. Ifill opoks of tto tremendoua power of the mlminnary work of tha Churph. It waa not simply tto work aeeomp linked among hee(en nation tot tto reflex influence of thia work in nnit-Iting tto homo chnrchea throughout the length and breadth of tto land in closer bonds of mutual sympathy and help. Tto views exhibited by tto kotnrar wore beautifully executed, and gave a clear illustration of tto various mission in tto Dark Continent. Mr.

Hill la an eloquent speaker, and kept fate hearers interested throughout tto lecture. Her. A. W. Bietordaon brought tto evenings proceedings to eloaa by few well-chosen words in to moke In tto highest terms of tto importance of tto work dona by the Womans Board of Ml cal ona, and urged hia bearers to eon tribute liberally to for-, aigq mission iV FRONTENAC B1U, OB VABH-1S toS m.

Cold Boat Chkkcn BlUofBaif -Os Tonga Homwcnicd Hem 5 Hi Strawbtrry Hltort Ckke Stmwbanbs cad Ctcam la Crram Tea Cola The 14th w-tr-ii Band. This splendid band will play) at Ontario Park on Saturday; trap) pjn. until 10 pjut jlami I IteaM IUmt If you want Urn final sugar cured ham, freah and juicy, tba lowest prim, or piece ot breakfast bacon, Crawford'a ia tba plam. WIUlamiTllle Urudi To-morrow tha electric cars will begin running on tba Williamarilla branch, and will also run to Abe Ontario Prk, where tba 14th band will piy. i i HERE" QHErWtadour stare isatarday and drank a iriare of oordaiieioaa Ire (beam Soda.

Mia rear looted more handarana or more laieltulilna She waa ueefa plaaiMd with bar drink andpnii a it a.Tary blab oonuiUmant. TU wa think, anu id dwarrod for wa ten taten tha ntnoat gains to have oar Bode ar food salt poaaibla Wa teve an tha naw aad mart papular drlate grtdmamttefoUowiaf LOCAL hPOmiKG i ICED CRUSHED FRUITS Pina Apriia, Apriook Btiaotefif aad Trait I laacai To oar nanlar Savon wo have added aadQnren Stertei XOTE8. Out Soar Dir f. And while there are several kinds of soap, some cheap and poor, others dear'and poor, but we know that you will say if you use Wide Awake Soap, 5x a bar. that it is CHEAP Straubeaxie, Nealou and Muakoka, from I i rnin Bault St Mari a re Umber I and uUUl.

at CoUina' Now, Ladies, you are wearing white clothing made up dktrbto teSifamTsnlfomto! with fine embroidery, insertion and lace, so you should be very waa in tto eUy yesterday. left today for Montreal. Mr aad Mks Dirhaoh, 'of Johnston street, Bov Go Bell, LXJX. aad Mr BanuayDntt, with tto Mtecrn Duff and Helen Ereear, all went ta Tomato yw- terday. by the tmuiirn train.

Joet what yon want oar dtora full ot new, bach sooda nd we are acre wo can please tto foamy of tto moat fast Iriiou Grand Union. Mr. T. P. Walter formerly of Crasu A Bownha aatahikhment, Toronto, has been engaged aa cutter fay Isaac Boyd clothier.

King Mr. Walters a first -class mactoai 1 Boys only bom tto teat mannfaatar-m in tto country, iterates yon may ba cure of getting perfect afafrt nt IktaMe A big lot of boya clotbka will be clear-1 ad nt lorn Oak eak) an next Saturday at SUmkbv Tto alectrk atreat care oarried im-menm crowds of people last night, frrbo to aampa tto oppraariva atmosphere' of is full value in every ounce of the -Majestic bicycle and the makers are so sut'e of this fact that they guar- antee it You will probably appreciate that they could not af- lMITCHEL Obciqlst hud Oaiicino. (114 Maoam Btrea-; Remar. Laying tha alone of Um haw Vroa? will bo laid on The 12th at U0 In tha afiarnoon. The speakers will bo Mayor Klibitt, Mr.

H. Mask, Preaidant of tha Pubilio School Hoard, and Mr. John Melntyr U.C. Tba arerciam will ba rarlail with binging by auwe of thepubliq. school ehil-dren.

4T V-- A Flower Mhfew in Meptemher. There ware present nt a moating of I Um Horticultural Society yaatsrday at-temoun, Mcmre. T. Brigs T. Wl cm, J.

B. Walkaa CX illooL JB. W. Bobertaon a J. P.

(ham. It waa dagUBd7 to bold a big flower Mww early in September, and tba scheme to hold a show in Mldsnmmer. Thia decision wag unani- monaiy adopted. 1. I tera joat Frcaued tba aanrloa of Hr.1 P.

WaUa. a ftratdare cottar, Il ls arid than am only three lady bfaqroliaU la Belleville. Dr. C. K.

Clarke has disposed' of his King Af Scorcher and will ride Warwick in future. Tto Kmwaydin Cycle dub have added to tklv name "teriving Cljub, ao tto name aow-atandwKBeWay din Cycle ifoi Tto mambere of tto Kingston Bicycle dub will hold their dub run through tto principal streets of tto city this awning. A Am bicycle was teat night ridfan by lady aad gentleman. Tto lady wore tto full bloomer coatnm blue bloomers aad pink waist. -Messrs.

W. Crowley, George McKay, Leslie Hughs Stanley Pattareon, W. and W. Kayes Ware all In (raining in tto City Park teat night for tto bicycle new at Qgdanabnrg on July 4th. Mr.

W. BoMnann has nearly finished tto work on Mr. H. Cnnninghamc now yacht The boat la being built after (in if wMidei aa tto Hostler, but five feet shorter. Tollgate-Keeper Gallangar ton' bean dted before tto Ooonty JfagiatraU for barring tto poblie highway, and will tore hie preliminary bearing at Short hotel, Portanumth.

thia afternoon; Mewr Kirkpatrick and Rogers are acting In tto Interests of tto Canadian Wheelmens Association in conducting tto mm for tto local bicyclist AGENCT. 'parfootitln My foil Has of tba tatreT pattarna aad ta matarlala Is oaa of tha wort select i la tba oity, and oar wade to ordar aolta are -1 praised ararywhara aa tba oorreet thing te 'dew Bock bottom prlcre prayjJ teMcEAULS 'kinjlttn Curpwt Wurcijoun. OHIHA MATTIHGB, at 15, 10, IB and SO' per ycid, i COCOA HATTTHGS, 15, aad 40e. per 1 1 OILCLOTHS, 5, 10, 12, 15, and IB pre yard. TLOOB OILCLOTHS la tan dUteaat qualities, from ana to alght yards wide LIHOUUM, yd.

i. qpoto of Dr. Span Ho aa a wbo had token an active Interest in lb work ol Cauauvaiism, and as one Iqr awry elector in lie county. McWr Spooner supported tto nomina-tfcmr aa under tna. present Banco Dr.

Spankia waa the Hng niHrinto In plme in the HrUd. In hia position aa Sohuol liiqar, ha had mans hnd waa mtaamad RewHn moved that deputation to appointad to wait on Dr. flpankl and after him tto p1, giving him until Saturday to aiaawer. Mr. Gibaun was of die qpiuioa that tto candidate abould be aaleoied attiiia meeting.

Dr. Hpankle waa present in the building, aad why not wait upon him there. Hia had no doubt that llr. Spank la would to elected, should to am tto way ulcer to aouept tto nnmina-tion. -ti Tto majority of tto mem bare present opposed putting tto aaleoliun off, and delegation of Mr.

T. Hogan, H. nankin nod IX Walker want down ataira to cm Dr. Spaniel but finni Im. bid IM to tho 4 o'clock boat far tto Island.

Mr. flankin' suggested chat depute-. tbm go down to tto boat and mam him there. Merer W. Gibaun, IX J.

Walker, H. Rankin and the Preaidant departed on that mission. White, they ware away, general diamiarion took plam on tto outlook far tto election This outbdrsaeniiidtB-bjery bright, and tto elentov re' iiliiifiiBMjif fnit-tfog JJwir'SaiuUdate in When the daputallon relurned, they1 reported that ter. Hpanaia would not aouept tha naminaUanat tto preaent Mr. Georgs faith, of Kingston 'waa than nominated, and after a ill tie no.

iderationn and mutual HinMieAi, he i tad tto reaponaibtlily. In a IKhUjUtAto-tetthmstif tto hoar, to oliered to enter the oon-teat, with aa arenranm that thefalmt-ora would aland by him, and ha would Wpart tto Oanaervetivc party in awry ImiUiU With brief apeeebre frah tha President and soma of tto member the convention dosed to meet In the Windsor total nn Tuesday next at oclock. tteettyT toak'Tridatote to! I ford to make this staflement if they could not back it up. tbs Saturday we mil men! $X50 aad $8.75 tiff and fedora tote nt $1.50 and wa tova Included in thk mao' of tto vary latest shape which arrived an Tuesday. Grand Union.

Yesterday morning nn old Drier Eton aged your waa picked up on tto atreat ter tto polka and placed ia tto General Hospital. Tto old man waa discharged from thq Hbtel Dku in the morning; and totem to got te ha fainted and wa tatari in by the bohhira, Bm our 5 Engiiah aad American smpkadare every on Medley's drag Mim Christian Bktenkou of tto editorial staff, Montreal Witnaa ia the city attandteg, tto vantkn of tto Womens Hoard of MiarinnS of tha Oongragatknal chnreh. Mim Biehard- a aktar of tto paator of tto First Congregational church. -Manll tot wmthar clothing, coats aad nta and vesta. Dunlop, tto Dbm in-ion Clothing King atreett Oapt.

P. J. FMaar, wife aad family, arrived to-day on visit to ChpL T. Donnelly. Them man warn brought up on Gardpn Island, and have not man aaeh other in many yaar Oapt.

Fraser now master of tha BA Trinidad, which trades between New York and Wot lodkiv Weak plants witter in tto 8ummar hmt, but strong ones grow and flourish. Weak man and woman droop aad faU akk, hot quite a different story iatoid if nourished with Fcmartiaa California TOKAY. A pure, rich win high-jnadiml faculty. jrrMtl being made to part of our itemises next month' we are compelled to reduce our stock of furniture, and for.the next 30 days will give ao Ptrir C. MARSHALL, Obliged ta Beerier.

Having had qoeh a run on ear first lot of Sooteh tweed, we here 1 obliged to re-order. This lot is a ehoim I Mlflotlon oC pwtttrM, tad thou ia nstd of auitinga may dapaad an getting enmething nim end good. Ttoy nags in prim from 81X50 to lllil suu. We guarantee a fint-alam fit Z. Pre-oat, Maw York clothing atom, Bred: street, Hepadlate Him.

Tha following telegram was received Thursday night by tha Chief of Bdim from Cedar Rapid low; Our show does not visit Canada thia yaar. Faxtiaa representing themselves aa our i are swindler Farepnugh A Bells Cirous Company." Thia would Indies ta that Hillary Leigh, who gav himaelf out aa tha agent uf thimn-pany, ia not aaeh. Toronto Glpb Beta reed foam Enf Btraubenxia and toittily returned recently from a vfadt ahir Thqy ware absent Winter. The Colonel aaid tba weather in the Old Country waa wry mild. He prefers tha weather in Canada in the Summer months.

Ha spent some time visiting on the west ooest of England, it many old friend and if ha ware rich man to might select England a plam of raddenm. Tha trip over tto ocean waa very R. McFAUL, (Opporite Oty Hotel Kenreydina at tto Hcpiiw. Ito members of tto Keevraydin Cycle Club tod a most delightful outing at Ckrtwright'a Point yesterday after-Shortly before HO Mbs Macnm Mjr. B.

E. Kant, tto captains of ran. called tha club together, and a delightful gin through tba main of tto city tto party creased ui bridge aad want down tto bonjraad to tto Maple A nnm-of tto club came down to tto groundc In mho and privets ooorey-ance Through tha kiiuinaac of CapL Hudon. Battery, the. steamyacht VJU was placed at tto disposal of tto Keewaydin Club and conveyed tbs party down to the Joint.

After pending a pleasant hour In tto baanti-ful wah at Cartwright's Point, tto ledim prepared a totetontkl repeat for tto hungry bicyclist Sixty mambere of tto club gathered around the tativo board and did full justice to tto excellent bill of fan provided fay tto ladb How mentors nr Joining tto club at ovary meeting. Next Wednesday tto club will told their ran to Mr. Baxter Pittsburgh and taka too with tto mambere of St. Marks ebureh, Dar-rkfield, who will bo holding a garden party at that plam. Mk.

G. Sl Donthntt, repreaentlng H. J. Prints A Cot, manufacturers of pickled aad preserved good wtoi tod been ia tto city faff few dnjajook-lag around with riewi of starting aa agency tore te tto distributing of tto goods ten has gone to Ekookvilte. Before avpresaing an ion, aa to tto Kingnton for ageaoy, Mir.

Douthett wished to sul-sik tto resnlte of bin observations to tto firm. Ba naverttokm spate vs highly of Kingston, and intimated ao muck that to woui4f like to tto agency ham, aa them wad emelh water and railway eonnertion with oil point Ha to bean in Toronto; before returning to report will Montreal and Tbs ehoim to among tto four Kingaton, Ottawa -An Entertainment at Bockweod. Last avaning Mr Oolite and soma of tor pupils gvo eoneert of high order ot tto Boehwood Asylum, for tto benefit of tto patient Tto programm which waa vary interesting, mwriatad ot tto following Piano dost. Mk Singleton and Ba mak qnintett Walter, F. Bpenm, E.

Ely, H. F. Ball; reading, Chpb Crai Mim Slight aolo, Mka Kli by IT Meaar Bootlay, Tyner, dark and Callaghan Thro1 tto By with Mr' Shirk; ml Mim gat Dr. dark elul CUlfoa; sol Mka Ethel lag, C. Walker aalaotioa by tto Mandolin and Guitar dub accompanist, Mka Singleton.

Tto Boehwood officials were very thankful to tbs perfarm-snd appreetated tto entertainment THI WHITE CROOK. TWai rira above day wa will kana to all thorn HNI WOBSTHD TBOUUBIHSBat $4 per pair Ofdond Tailoring t7OPERA NDU5B BLOCK. TrtdHw Henderson' agent, "at Tile Asdlsum -Anltere WeU aaateeterer PtIqcms 81ml- 1 kitidj 1. have girid of Wa no Tha 1 263 111. 265 girl ao pert, Ito golf girl and tto honey firl, tor brottera shirt Who girl, MARTINS OPERA HOUSE, Wa tova tto giddy I Tto Winter girl i 0ME HEEEY KIBET.

saturday7june HD. F. SUSHI 6th. for Sale af tto Weal ter Kata, Yesterday waa tto firet really1 tot day vre tore bad for game tim J. tto shade the mAxfaman tombereture waa minimum at night 58, and At U0 ua.

to-day 88 degrem agiunkt 80 aad 61 on asms data last yaar. -Noon Temperature ia tto 78; barometer, SOSA steady wind, easterly, vary light; atmosphere, vary dry, (11) dew-point, 5A Probabilities Continued fine ther slightly eooler. Railway irraagementa at Balter, Tto Toronto Nevra myi: Bence- forth tto C.P.R. will take charge of tto Kingston A tealiroto local Un aad the officials will transact all tto business nonnested with it. Tha treina tore already oommenced to nn bom tto O.P.R.

station at Renfrew, tbt old A P. aaparnto atafion haring tepn sold to Stawart Bra, who will um it for the tonga of grain." Mr. B. W. Folgar waa aaan thb morning, and aaid that thk only affeota tto Renfrew 101100.

Wtare formerly each of tto roads bad) a otetion, tto two being close together, the old cam have, been sold, aad ona large union depot Vetted. O. P. B. effbiak will transact tto breiamc te both road which will do away with on staff of official il Mt Tajin, Nmr eaoaaaaoaea 1 1 BorijjeaUl PBOCLABATIOV.

The production of Tto White Crook at Martin's Opera House last avaning attracted vary largo crowd, including quite law of Kingston's upper fleas Tha show throughout waa very interesting and phasing, being of a higher nature than tto andianm exported. Tha chorus singing and soling uf the girls received hearty applau Dewitt, in tha form of a marvellous anti The audience kept in roam of laughter aa ha aaAihp-ered. from amt to seat teat fog strength of tto man's hair ar trylAg their patience fay tantalising them wi monkeyish action lie also did son a wonderful feats on top of A'frita he in nn upright position by one of other acton. The audience waa kept great anapana re to ran up tto pc a with much ease, hung upon with' hh foot, and hlmielf i almost every eOncalvahla position whil suspended in tto Such feats toveN not teen men 'in -Kingston aa for memory can Mbs Annette Oor- i lag Pig 5. following not of tto 'ben of messenger pigeons liters ted Kingston last Saturday to fly to onto: Northern Homing Club Eastern Homing Club York Club Oman City Club Ontario Branch Dominion gar Pig Total Ia tto Dominion Association mem on Saturday, bird flown from Hamilton took first pine Tto wind being strong from BL8.W.

no remarkable record wa is A lllOcsaia BeUa New 1 IK. I. fadStoi Sfu (j i it. MtoxH tti -c, PahUs to to WHITE CM IvanrteW' asw. aad, anto dato.rAenad ssiar of si 1 daeasrt aad jalir jutarisla v.

1 i'-r Pliasa-lc (OS, Fxcclslor lant Food Bat wtor ah wtoroli tto girky-girL toU HtilAH gregnto to Canada Tyk The fam-ona Tyks Barg an article of faith with all who dram walL fiemom tto finish, tto wear, tto appearance are all eappwantobte, Hama stampadavary 1-f yard How that tto hot weather toe arrived yon will want aometblng in the way of suit to keep yon cooL We tova them ia flannel, he spun eta, et very low prim Grand Union. Baron Macdonald arrived la tto city to-day from Ottawa. She will spend Saturday, tto anniversary of Mr John's death. Bto than $om to Toronto, and then to Winnipeg, wham aha will stay for soma Urns with Hugh Afterward aha will go to Banff flbriDMe 1 early te firet shako of tto' of rirawterrk anenmter to now carrot now teaa water as fernk shank Imhri fleM Watch. February Mim Emma Dutton lowered a punk which, appeared in Daily Haw laasrted by tto Fox fanufarturlug Company, of Toronto, offering prim te ita aolntku.

Dutton waa winner, and thk morning received gold atom-winding watch. atfcB '-dneafcisanafto Ita 1 otod aa Boairioaliw, aad this rsavtans 1 lanes if Mtaarlag Gear, sew. Photo Pile aspUeaMm. RadWi JUld Sr Selby, Pregnm 14lh Butt. Bead, Lake Ita tark Park, Jut Stfi, -Herak-Atlaata Coasti ratine TJt.

Li (C ease sa sen (Mrf Kesseioe ekes see Lew hath telling about ceeentylhk etyke maene stock af el frefa, atylkh good Tbm wkA you want. Wlo tova them. Truth tolling wifi play here to-morrow night. wa give tfamr nt Batarb eb fnrnkhing fatef Opera Bourn kteriX 1.1,-f ttl(i imiXJktiii Evaivrfia'i fm 5 iiie tl Tlother Hendys All Healing Ointment 'T'' Cm Woondc and OU PRICE, 25c. MEDLEY, Draggkt, 4kd.

Vi, i prspd aad wad to 0. G. kh Florist In packet lfa; eold at hEVSDUUG STOftE I aka at Jchacma Fiawor Star 10 Plchke aad Catmp, 'V'' Bottled pkkk mixed, IB, bottle; tomato mtoa fa. oUk ms eppte 5 PtowtorVr rt' -to fafWriyfc fcrim' xWsfr Mfcim'8 V. -ft tv' rtii-: gmnouaJto aaln sen are era.

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