The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1892
Page 5
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VSf fj^TSfi BARtURt d* tfiAINS, * S*. PAUL East—Pass.— No. 2 .... — 10:24 a in. o.4 9:30 pm Freight- p :15 a in No. 8.. 11:55 p m •- - No. 14 2:30pm No. 10 12:15am — ttPPERjPES MOINES: ALGONA. TOW A. WEDNESDAY, OOTOBEH 12, 1802, s orde . Northwestern de about the odoriferous NORfHWKSTERft. South— , .. 3:31 pm *jj£;..'.. 10:00 am Pass.. 2:33pm Mixed 6:07pm D in Freight.... id-do am arrives a t Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at • - -" ° -.16 i> in- kv, Des M. 2:30 a m THE CITY, M T Keneflck, M. D. Office in Republican building.-29t8 t f\ Lacy shipped a car load <rf urses td Chicago last Friday. flegular meeting of W. C. T. T. aft .feadfig room Friday, at 3 o'clock. Dolllver speaks at Whittetnore to- M. A big crowd will go from Al- o. .- remove them t Stacy's nursery, nearl creamery. And to thi wnicn must be located somewhere. Ifjjjcw o I, Plumley is able to be out again, nit'is not sufficiently recovered to be ible to resume work. -District court will adjourn today or •morrow, after the disposal of some ^Important equity cases. Chas. Bosewall is out again after a jur weeks'eiege with malarial fever, foie still quite weak. k musical programme and woman's neress will be given in the Congre- O tfonal church, Thursday evening, ct. 27, for the benefit of the reading , There will be a walnut social at the esldence of Geo. Simpkins for the inefitof the Baptist church, Friday wing. A cordial invitation is exuded to all. The Ladies Aid society will serve Jcken pie at the Grange hall, Satur- iy, the 15th, Dinner from 11:30 fall are served. Come out and help e ladies and get a square meal. From Rev. Dorward, who officiated the funeral Monday, it is learned at a child of H. S. Erickson, near atton, about a year and a half old, is kicked to death by a horse Sunday. Chrischilles & Herbst's "Fabian an" prompts them to make an an- Buncement this week concerning their lirje and varied stock of goods. You rake no mistake by trading with men iho advertise. Rev. Dorward will preach next Sunby morningin the Swede M. E. church, [in the afternoon at the Hunt school This will be the last service bere this fall. The pastor still wants i rent the parsonage, in whole or part. City water has been put into the Pe- lerWinkel property, also to the busi- S88 property occupied by Mr. Laden- »rff. The city is also laying a main torn the Hough corner to Dr. McCoy's, »McGregor street. There will be jmral patrons in that vicinity. Dr. Kenefick, who has recently locat- restaurant business. , thirteen or fourteen go. e price at which he has disposed of it is dd ' of years ago. The te118 cheap tlle ice Mr a fl i. e8 U8 ' on tt much l«rger co than heretofore. He will put up 1,000 tons of ice the coming winter. * posted ln the office gives some idea of what sort of an instrument the voters will have to deal with hereafter in the exercise of their royal prerogative as American citizens. The ballot is about ^2 inches square, and is not larger than will have to be used in every county in the state. A suggestion, which is by no means a joke, has been made that a dry goods box be secured in which to deposit the ballots election day, as no ordinary ballot box will begin to hold them, by reason of their enormous size. Two cards of instruction are also posted, which give the voter all necessary in- I in Algena, has office room in the Republican building. He comes well (commended, and as there is always Kim for one more, he will no doubt id practice sufficient to warrant his hoice of Algona as the proper place to We welcome him. Letters remain uncalled for in the itoffice for the week ending i 8,I&2: Mrs. Martha Bailey, Geo. . Baker, Adolph A. Faust, O. L. Gam- wl, D. F. Gage, Mrs. Augusta Har«;, Frank Hasley, John W. Miller, KM Lena Klein, Mrs. Ella Potter, Mrs. torle Ward, H. G. Werminott. E.P. Bircher went to Forest City BtThursday for the purpose of secur- igsome money that was due him there om the racing association, and which M held for some unknown cause. He is successful only in finding out that tffould have to wait some months be- ira a proper adjustment can be ached. Jno. Goeders Jr. edits a half page this wk to tell about his Immense stock of fthing, both at Algona and Burt, Mch must go at a big sacrifice to give In more room. Everybody knows ut Goeders' reduction sales mean bar- Main everything he offers. Buyers '111 consult their own interests by giv- Pf heed to what he says. A neighboring paper tells us that hard coal prices have taken a tura- *•" It must have been something #the the editor wag thinking of, or P»he meant the tumble was in an up- N direction. Hard coal is about pO a ton higher than at this time last *f. and for no other reason than the Wd of the coal combination. The walls of all the new buildings are »ut completed. Mr. Conner says Krewill he no better building in Iowa W the new bank structure. The gal- Wzed iron cornice was put on the op- s' house yesterday, in which is set .«U Opera Block" in big letters, to frame for the tower is also up, and u be surmounted by a flag pole 25 *«aigh. The Ferguson-Hoxie build's* almost ready for the masons. .Jbe frame is up for the butter tub W at the Northwestern depot, i? building will be 28x60 feet in size, ,, _- engine and coal room 12x28, all "022-foot posts. The work is being "»ed with all possible speed, and ''fcperbeck hopes to have the busi- ggw operation inside of six or eight i- It is going to be a valuable ad- 1 to Algona's industrial institu- , -*e was a big wedding at the Cath- ^nurch yesterday, at which Father ™)°ls officiated. The contracting Wies were Mr. McLaughlin of Ban- Pi and Miss Kennedy, daughter of ""substantial farmer, J. A. Kennedy, ([room, is a prosperous merchant of '''oft, and he secures a prize in formation, and make it possible" for every man who can read to vote intelligently. The past week has'been one of business changes all around. The most recent one announced is that of the sale by J. H. Queal & Co. of their lumber yard to S. J. O'Neill of this place. Pos. session has already been given, and Mr. O'Neill is in charge of a business well established and in prosperous shape. He was formerly in the lumber business at Burt, but he sold out there some weeks ago and removed to this place. He is thoroughly familiar with the business, and there is every reason to believe that he has made a good investment. Mr. Queal's a rent gives as a reason for selling that their Algona yard was a little out of the way with reference to their numerous others, and a sale was therefore desirable. We could never understand just why it was necessary for a person who had secured a favorable verdict at the hands of a jury to rush up and practically embrace the members of that jury for doing their duty. We see it often done, and while there is nothing in it that can be construed as absolutely wrong, yet many will insist that it is in bad form. It should be relegated in company with the pernicious "card of thanks," which, happily, is becoming to be considered as a sort of gratiutous offering for which there is no warrant in custom or common sense. Carried to a logical conclusion the jury should be banqueted, and we have all heard how a man in this state came out who adopted this method of exhibiting his gratitude. Those of the military boys who go to Dubuque got away either Sunday night or Monday. The list includes Thos. P. Cooke, Mike Walsh, H. J. Edens, Walter Ward, Dr. Morse, and Harvey Ingham. The target shooting at Dubuque continues during this week, after which the team will be organized to attend the world's fair exercises and shoot at Ft. Sheridan. Harvey Ingham goes as official reporter, having been appointed by Adjt.-Gen. Greene to that position. Chas. Cohenour has been selected as an honorary member of Gov. Boies' staff. He reports at Fort Dodge next Monday, and goes from there with the other officers to Chicago. Verily Algona in on top in the world's fair exercises, as she has been in many other enterprises this year. If the ruling of Judge Thomas in the libel case stands, it is safe to say that two-thirds of the newspapers in Iowa are liable to prosecution for publishing the advertisements of specialist doctors. Not a city in Iowa but what has located within its sacred precincts from one to half a dozen -physicians who advertise as specialists, and the newspapers of those places are filled with advertisements of like character with that of Dr. Hathaway. It is not likely that any one of the publishers ever take account of what the advertisement contains, nor are they aware of the provisions of the statute on that subject. Jud Thomas said, in a private talk, that did not suppose one of them ever saw the section referred to or knew of its existence. Of course this fact would be no excuse for its violation yet it will prove a matter of general interest to all Iowa publishers to know just what the supreme court will hold with reference to this point. Dr Sheetz doubtless gets as much amusement out of life as the ordinary saft. S±.«ST^& a week he became weary, and for tne ferswrsr.s 2Sfi&J2*«2W»?! aayasisflr-4-rS tt^rAr£..rria «y * •"—»v» .uw owuv4fc vw ** f" Kennedy well worthy of UPPER DES MOINES extends 1 congratulations, and hopes g*£ journey through life may be a pHwa M one. of base occurred at the barber shop last week, -, trading his Burt shop for glade's half interest Slade has already taken his Burt property, where and is awre to do accident or uw«jm»ow --7—- S"i»ri»p.»«°r« -i . r ^•AffissarpStss: their passengers by weight. To j tbedoctor replied: "If that ttly wouldn't take you at all. "If that were so j^^ffSS^Ksa-s mtlhe way of f^pQ. But we yass^^^- ta8te - %m wt »wtf 8 y 8tew * are better than others. What Alffon wants, when she gets a plant at all, i the best that can be had for the money paper believes th'at, general! speaking, all interests are best sub served by the city owning the plant especially as against giving a franchis for a term of years to an outside corpo ration. However, it might not be r oad plan to form n home company composed wholly or chiefly of horn capital. There are less objections tc this plan than to letting outsiders hav( complete control, and yet this is no wholly free from criticism. A stran ger was here not long ago who wanted to put in a plant for us, but some '"side history concerning his methods is suffl ciently convincing to show that w have no use for him. The schem which he proposed to at least one o our prominent men was a fraud. THE UPPER DBS MOINES feels Hl« congratulating its neighbor, the Re publican, on its successful outcome in the suit against it for alleged libel. In a sense it is a vindication of the press and of the right of free speech which is popularly supposed to be guaranteed under our form of government. Years ago THE UPPER DES MOINES went through a similar ordenl—was sued foi libel for publishing what it belived to be true. The paper was harassed bu' not embarrassed, and experienced the delight of at least a temporary boom in consequence. Later the Republican was placed on the gridiron, but wheth- r or not with similar results wo never cnew. Perhaps the difference lay in she fact that Mr. Starr was defeated while this paper was not. Now our neighbor comes in for a second installment, this time, temporarily, at least, with better success. As a matter oi 'act we think the Courier should have jeen the victim this time, in order thai the honors, may be passed around and a proper division of the spoils made. Thus far Bro. Hinchon has been permitted to say what he pleased and has rone scot free, but all will agree that it s his turn next. It may be said that ihese things come high but we must nivethem. Sold Out. We have sold our lumber yard to Mr. 3. J. O'Neill, who will continue the )usiness. We ask that all accounts due us be settled at once. . J. H. QUEAL & Co. C. B. SARCHETT and J. N. Wheeler vill have an auction of stock and farm nachinery, Oct. 20, at the farm of C. 3. Sarchett, five miles north of Algona. For Sale. The young full blooded Holstein bull .nd cow that took premiums at our ounty fair. I am going away for the vinter. Will sell them very cheap, lere is a chance to improve your stock. 29t4 J. J. WILSON. WANTED—A girl for general house!old work. Apply to J. W. Robinson. For Sale. Farm two miles north of Algona. In- uire of W. W. Johnson, Minneapolis, linn., 24th Ave. and Wash. North.- 9m2 Miss REEVE returned Friday from )es Moines with a complete stock of all and winter millinery goods. SEE our fine assortment of rugs, eo. L. Galbraith & Co. PEESONAL MOVEMENTS. R. A. Palmer and wife are home from an xtended visit in the east. Mrs. H. S. Langdon has gone to Elgin nd Chicago for a short visit. D. A. Buell was down from Minneapolis ast week. He likes his new home. Dr. L. A. Sheetz returned last Wednes- ay evening from his Washington trip. Mrs. Fred. Fuller went to Fort Dodge esterday for a two weeks' visit with rela- ves. Miss Jessamine Jones was home over unday from Iowa City, where she is a tudent. Mrs. Fred. Hurlbut of Mason City has een a guest of Mrs. E. S. Salisbury for ome days past. Mrs. B. H. Winkie started Sunday even- g for Sandwich, 111., where she expects to isit for a few weeks. Mrs. L. Witham returned Thursday even- ng last from a visit of three weeks with sister at Princeton, 111. Mrs. C. L. Lund has as guests for some •eeks her mother and sister, Mrs. and Miss hiakla Sottrup of Chicago. Mrs. H. J. Edens accompanied her hus- and to Dubuque, where Capt. Edens will 0 some good shooting this week. Archbishop McElroy of Waverly officiated n Sunday at the Episcopal church. It is aid he delivered an excellect discourse. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tennant are home rom Washington. They visited in New 'ork and Chicago during their absence. Mrs Pitt Cravath and Mrs. L. D. Bovee eturned to Whitewater, Wis., last Thursay, after a week's visit with friends here. Mrs. E. Williams, who has been visiting ere several weeks, went to Minneapolis [onday on her return home to Ipswich, .D. A brother of J. R. Jones from Hamilton, nt., stopped off to visit him last Saturday. ;e was on his way home from an extended rip to the coast. Rev. Davidson, Mrs. Dr. McCoy, and rs Putsch go to Minneapolis today, to at- end the national Congregational council, in ession in that city thia week. Rev. Sanderson of Emmetsburg was In iwn between trains Monday, on his way Des Moines on matters connected with mrch work. He is always an agreeable caller here. Pat Cady went yesterday to Marshall- uwn where he Joins the orchestra with which he was engaged last winter. Their mte will be much the same as before, and ley expect to play here during the season. County Chairman S. S. Sessions goes to 'ort Dodge tomorrow to attend a meeting ' the county chairmen of the Tenth dis- ict, together with State Chairman Blythe nd M. K. Whelan, district member of the ;ate central committee. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Vickroy, who came ere from California a few weeks ago and lavebeen viaiting old-time frienda, atart omorrow for points east. They go first to linois, and later to Virginia, and expect to eturn here next summer before returning 1 their western home. Thoa. Henderson returned last Saturday from a trip to the Black Hilla country. He ent in company with Mrs. Jits. Henderson, -ho will spend the winter out there with. er son James, and her daughter, Mrs, Al. ohnston. Tom aays there are portions of le Hills country that took all right but be -t prepared to give up old Iowa for gay- ling he 8*w ow M«. tfiB- BONE IN DISTRICT COURT The Republican Comes Out a Wlnne in its Suit for Libel Brought by Dr. Hathaway. A Verdict of Not Guilty irt the Kidd Cas for Alleged Bribery—Other Court Notes. The case of chief interest in the dis trict court last week was that of Dr Hathaway of Sioux City against th Republican for alleged libel, and in which the paper scored a victory. The case was called on Thursday, H jury ee cured, and the trial begun. A motion to dismiss us against Mr. Starr, for th reason that ho is not connected will the paper, and hence not responsible for its utterances, was sustained by the court. The prosecution then intro duced its evidence, which consisted o; the alleged libelous article published in the Republican, with which the pub lie generally is familiar, and the test!' mony of Dr. Hathaway and another Sioux City physician, also that of 'Gar. Bolster of this county, who said thai he had been deterred from employing Dr. Hathaway by reason of the publication. Matters then tooka sudden turn when Judge Cook for the defense moved the sourt to take the case from the jury and instruct a verdict for the defendant, Tor the reason that no malice was shown, that the publication of Dr. Hatbaway's advertisement was contrary to the provisions of the statute, and for other reasons. The entire case hinged on ,his point, which was argued by counsel for both sides during the remainder of Thursday and nearly all of Friday, when Judge Thomas sustained the motion, and thus the case ended for the iresent. The court hold that the doc- .or's advertisement was contrary to the statute in that he advertised to treat lis patients with medicines; that ho also advertised to give homo treatment, >resumably by mail, and that, if his Conclusions were correct, an' advertisement of this character was in conflict vith the statute, and hence the Repub- ican's article was only a fair criticism nd not libelous. Mr. Argo, for the prosecution, had his exceptions noted ind gave notice that he would appeal 'he case to the supreme court. In con- 'ersation with Dr. Hathaway on this joint he told the reporter that he ihould certainly take the case to the upremo court for final adjustment, for f left in its present condition it would lave the tendency to prejudice him and his business before people who might otherwise become patrons. ige Thomas said that he hoped the jase would be appealed. While he >elieved his ruling was correct, yet he laid it was undoubtedly a close question, and he would like to have the ligher court pass upon it, and either establish the correctness of his view or ihow him wherein he is wrong. The court costs in this case will reach about $60. Clerk Brunson tells us that Dr. Hathaway instructed him to send a )ill of the costs, which he would pay upon presentation. Other Oases Tried. The jury in the case of The State of owa against A. E. Kidd for alleged >ribery, deliberated briefly and brought n a verdict of not guilty. This is the ase which was on trial when this iaper went to press last week, and in which Kidd was charged with having -ttempted to bribe Sheriff Madden of /'lay county to select a jury which would be favorable to his side of the ase. The defendant shook hands with .11 the jurymen, and if his facial ex- iression was an indication of his true nwardness, then he felt very thankful or being exonerated'from a charge so erious as that of bribery. The last jury case was that of Devine gainst Brass, and was a controversy ver a steer. The jury found for the ilaintiff for the value of the steer. Public School Report. Following is a report of the city chools for the month ending Sept. 30, 892: Total enrollment 522 Honthly enrollment 522 Average belonging 402.45 \verage attendance 472.15 Days lost 406 •uplls' tardiness 35 "islts by patrons 108 'er cent, attendance 95.8 'ercent. punctuality 99.8 'eachera' tardiness 2 Cumber neither absent nor tardy 251 )ays taught 20 Mrs, Horton, room No. 9, reports the lighest per cent, of attendance, 97.44. Mrs. Horton's and Miss Wise's rooms ad no tardiness. During nine of the 20 days taught none of the pupils in room No. 9 were .bsent. Baptist Association. Last week the Northern Baptist as- ociation was held at Renwick. Fifteen hurches were represented and the work of the association was successfully ransacted. Algona was represented >y 16 of the flock, and great religious nthusiasm prevailed through the en- ire session. To the Public. I have moved to the Riley restaurant jn State street with my baking, and will furnish fresh bread, pies, cakes, .oughnuts, etc., every day, 28t3 MRS. B. HODGSON. W A NTF D SALESMEN to rep- f^.j.^ j. x_<.i_/ resent us In the sale of our well-known, hardy, and choice Nursery Stock for the north and west. Local and traveling; work every day In the year; special Inducements to beginners; stock guaranteed. Apply aulck, tatlng age, and obtain good territory. ST. PAUL NURSERY CO., St. Paul, Minn. M ONEY TO LOAN- ON RAILROAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow money on ran oad lands will do well to call at the K County Bank and bring their- contracts. We Are Pushed • For Room.—- • Our room is small and our stock is getting larger every day; so we've got to push our stock as fast as possible to make Room for New Arrivals of goods, and in order to reduce our stock we will sell goods at 25 per cent, less than our regular low-selling prices. The Boston Store. The originator of low prices on Shoes in Algona. 063 GO Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable. 3. //. J. J. UYAN [SnccessorH to C. I... Lamrt— Established 1880.] REAL ESTATE DEALERS XO-W.A.. y^J? h * oan '? oun «f totfere^wsofTiiEUppKiiDBBMoiNssthat we have extraordinary facilities for the selling of farms and unimproved lands in northern Iowa, and we invlto all who wishto dispose of their property to cafl on us at our office in Ali'onn; or to rorresnond with us. £^-Afl soon as spring opens wo have a large number of customers from the eastern tates who are ready to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable rates We be- AVft 1T1 ffllr naaiiriff o«/l \ftrf\-n want t/i dull *rj-,it« «*m« r *.-. ,t IL i. _ _ "*•"•-' inuvo. F» o wo reasonae raes We b ieveinfalr dealing, and if you want to Sell your property don't waste any time in listing ft Yours respectfully, tUND & RYAN wlth ""• Best Grade made C ri 4-J C/3 0) 6JO • rH ,S <u TJ C rt H Minneapolis. JONES & STACY will hereafter keep lis popular brand of flour for sale at their sore between Algona State Bank and the Republican office. We are selling jold Medal, per sack, at $1.25 )ur best flour, WABKANTBD, per sack.. 1.10 JONES & STACY. State: University The Several Departments Will Begin the Year 1892-93 on Sept. 20. Each department Is thoroughly equipped for mclent work, and no pains will be spared to fford students the best possible opportunity o pursue their chosen lines of study. For articular Information as to the respective de- artments addretts as follows: Collegiate—Charles A. Schaeffer, president, owa City. Law—Emlln McClaln, chancellor, Iowa City. Medical—A. C. Peters, M. D., secretary of acuity, Iowa City. Homoeopathic Medical—Dean of faculty, lo•a City. Dental—A. O. Hunt, D. D. S., dean of faculty, owa City. Pharmaceutical—E. I>. Boerner, Ph. G-., dean f faculty, Iowa City. Expenses In all departments are reasonable, lost of board in private families, $3 to 15 per reek; In clubs, 11.50 to $2.50 per week. For catalogues, or for general information, ddress CHARLES A. SCHAEPFEB 22m3 President. Money Saved is Money Made. Save 25c to 50c on every dollar you spend. Write for our mammoth catalogue, a 600-page ook, containing Illustration and giving low- st manufacturers' prices, with manufactur- rs' discounts pj every kind of goods and sup- illes manufactured and Imported into the rnlted States. Groceries, Household Goods, Furniture, Clothing, I^adies' and Gents' cioth- Ishlng Goods, Dress Goods, Wbtte uu » mmouiug liuouB, uresBuooas, wolte ls< ffiryJ* 0 » d Sj.*t»tB, Gaps, Boots, Shoes, esjNotiQw, Glassware, r Btat}oiWyr tew- Watche* Cloclts, Silverware, guggles. Gloves 4ft Have Just received a fine line of all kinds of Millinery Goods. • Something very nice in the way of Feathers, Fancy Trimmings Velvet, Ribbons, Baby Caps, in fact anything that can be found in a first-class millinery store. A New Firm. The undersigned having bought out the meat market formerly owned by H J Edens wish to say that they will be glad to meet all old customers, as well as the new ones that may favor them with their patronage, hoping by kind treatment and fair dealing to receive a part of the public patronage. CASH PAID . . . FOR EVERYTHING needed to properly operate a first-class meat market. SHADLE & SON, CHARLEY HOY, LSUNDRY Has located in basement of Galdraith's block and Is prepared to take laundry work of all kinds. AUSONA auppg fPMiWJ^ CREAMERY •^;i^ &kjfcilj

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