The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 5, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 5, 1892
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOINES, ALGONAaOWA, WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER j . tad hollow cheeks and dull, Bunken •fres, dott't alway( toean that a womwrt old. Bait the time, thejr only show that sbe's overworked or Suffering. To »uoh women, to every woman who U tired or afflicted, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription safely and certainly brings back health and strength. It's a legitimate medicine tat eftrwt* and cures; a tonic that invigo- JitBs and builds up; a nervine that soothes ngthena. For all the derangements/ i9e8 and weaknesses peculiar to wo- It is the only guaranteed remedy, If ' H doesn't benefit or cure, you have your back. It Won't do to experiment with Cn- Urrh. There's the constant danger of drrHng it to the lungs. You can have n perfect and permanent cure with Dr. Btge'i Catarrh Remedy. The Change of Life. The sole aim of women Hearing this critical period should be to keep well, strong, and cheer- i f ul. Lydia E. Pinkhanft I Vegetable Compound is ' peculiarly adapted to this condition. Girls about to enter woman' ' fr^,8&&H»> b° od , fin? its assis ' a nce / invaluable. It cures the worst forms of Female Complaints, Bearing-down Feeling, Weak Back, Leucorrhoea, Falling and Displacement of the Womb, Inflammation, Ovarian Troubles, and all Organic diseases of the Uterus or Womb, Bloating, etc. Subdues Faintness, Excitability, Nervous Prostration, Exhaustion, Kidney Complaints, and tones the Stomach. AH DniEKliti "ill ". °r •«"• t>7 ma ">'" form cf W« •* - 1i«i, on receipt of SI .OO. Liver Pill., «5c. reBDOndeiife freely answered. Addreli In confldcnei. iSfDIA K. 1'INKILAM MED. CO., LYNN, UAsL *' MOTHERS* FRIEND" ••IKES CHILD BIRTH EflSY. Colvln, La., Dec. 2, 1886.—My wife used BOTHER'S FttlEND boforo her third confinement, and Bays eho would not bf rithout It (or hundreds of dollars. DOCK MILLS. Sent by express on receipt of price, $1,60 per bob tie. Book " To Mothers " mailed free. BRADFIELO REGULATOR CO., ton ML* •» »LtBBUaai»T«. ATLANTA* OH WttLHOWtifi HONEST Train Robber Cummings is Released From the Penitentiary. Serves a Six-Years'Term for an $80,000 Express Robbery. Remarkable Criminal Event Recalled by His Discharge. KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 28.—Fred Whitrock, known to the world as "Jim Curamings," the most famous of all receiit train robbers, who six years ago bound and gagged Express Messenger Fothoringham on the Iron Mountain road near St. Louis and robbed the ca«. of $80,000, has been released from tho Jefferson City penitentiary. He was In the city yesterday. He looks little the worsts for his long confinement and is big, strong and full of the same good nature that made him an amusing as well as a uhique character in the days of the chase, when he was writing letters back to the authorities from all parts Of the country. Whitrock told a correspondent yesterday that he got from Fotheringham's car 854,000 in cash aud $30,000 worth oi papers. lie says he will now go to work honestly, TROOPS FOR DEDICATION TAY BR This Trado Mark is on the best WATERPROOF COAT £g?£± d in the World I Jrtee - A. J. TOWER, BOSTON, MASS. , Guaranteed to cure Bilious Attacks, Sick- Eeadacho aud CoiiNttpulioit. 40 la each bottle. Pi-lea Boo. For sulo by druggists. Picture "7,17, 70" nnd snmplo doao free. i/. F. SMITH & CO., Proprietors, NEW YORK. Mr.J.p. Jonos,of Fulton, Ark.,saysol teg^raa "About ten years ago I con- ieaSJa'.M tractod a severe case of blood poison. Loading physicians prescribed medicine after medicine, which I toob without any relief. I also tried mercurial and potash remedies, with unsuc- SeTorul Cities Wiint Soldlem to T»ke Part In Their Columbian Celebrations. WASHINGTON, D. C., Sept. 38.—Gen. Ecliofleld is finding it difficult to. sprearf the United States ti-oops around the cities where Columbian exercises will be held next month. New York wants a large military display as an adjunct to the naval demonstration. Cincinnati also wants to make a good military showing at its Columbian ceremony, The greatest number of troops will, o: course, be centered at Chicago. "Gen. Howard and troops from east ern posts will take part in the New York ceremonies," said Gen. Seofleld yesterday. "Cincinnati will have the troops stationed at Fort Thomas and forts adjacent to that city. None of the eastern troops will be sent to Chicago as had been contemplated. They will be needed for the New York celebration and also to keep the posts with a garrison for emergencies. I expect Gen. Merritt, Gen. Brooke and probably Gen. Can- to take part in the Chicago exercises. Gen. Howard will also be there if the New York celebration is over in time. The troops will leave their various posts so as to reach Chicago Oct.l9,and will leave on the 23d." CATHOLICS AND THE SCHOOLS. A CATHOLIC MAYOR hi London Despite Great Opposition. LONDON, Sept. 20. — The livery of the ity of London met to-day in the, Guild all to elect a successor to Lord Mayor iivans. The Guild hall was crowded, and unusual interest was taken in the iroceeclings, Oiving 1 to the fact that trenuous opposition had developed •gainst Stxiart Knill, alderman for the Jriclge-Within ward, who stood next n:i-otation for the lord miv.vorn.lity, be- lause of his religious faith, he being i Roman Catholic. Six candidates were proposed to the livery. When £nill's name was mentioned it was received with loud cheering. There was a scene in the chambers when Councilor Moore protested against the selec- ion of Mr. Kuill because he was a Catholic. Thu protest was received with mingled hisses and cheering. It had little, if any, effect upou the liverymen, and Mi 1 . Knill was elected. Slav* Ti-mlo Flourishing. MARSEILLES, Sept. ,39. — According 1 to advices from Aden, the slave trade continues on a large scale. Owing to the demand for slaves and the high prices offered for them slave caravans are arriving on the east coast daily. The caravans find no difficulty In traveling through Vitu. The slaves are embarked at points in the vicinity of Zeilah, Massowah, Ojibon- til and Suakim. In exchange for the slaves the traders accept nothing but modern firearms and ammunition. The mortality among the slaves while en route to the coast from the interior is 70 per cent. Raids on a still larger scale are expected during the winter in the region of tl\e Congo state and German ard English East Africa. A Wholesnln Miirdernr. VIENNA, Sept. 30. — A man named Szcmoidyt who, while under arrest in Pressburg, committed suicide in his prison cell, has proved to be the perpetrator of another series of murders and robberies in this city. The crimes were committed by daylight, the vie- )ims including a jeweler qamcd Schutz, who was murdered in February last; an inn keeper at Funfauss, the porter of the Episcopal palace at Stephens- platz and a watchmaker's assistant, who was murdered last week. The murderer was a lunatic. He had also committed several murders in Buenos Ayres. THE KING OF PACERS Mascot Smashes the Record in a Great Race at Terro Haute. "Ausrust " I am happy to state td yott ftfijl Whir, in 2:04-Second 'Quarter in 80 Seconds—Uncqualcd Contest. Flying Jib and Gny Come in Their Share ot Honors. to thftt Dear Old Word, Oood-bTi Is a mighty «»d one when It Is the pMtlng ttln- <atlon between friends whom thoniandt Ol mll«l ot <mlt water are abont to separnt*. Mariner*, bnyera In foreign lands tor heavy housei, commercial travelers who hate made many trips acrow the Stormy Atlantic, think little of an I octBu voyage, but to the first voyaget the Initial ! trip In a mora«nton« affair. Sea itcknees i* to be | expected as a matter of eonrsi. How to prevent , ^ -tii "«rjrv —* * Itf The anest remedy and preTentlte of the j to gufferitlgliumaliity, that ttijT Wife " nausea provoked by the toiling of •nisei, the ^ uge j y 0ur Won r3erflli ttfltedyi August Flower, for sick headache and palpitation of the heart, With satisfactory results. Fofsevefalyeart she has been a great sufferer, haf been under the treatment of eminettt physicians in this city and Boston* and found little relief. She was in* duced to try August Flower, which oessf ul rwralts, but which brought on an attack of morcurM rheumatism that fjaade my life ouo of agony. After suf- ering four years I gave up all remedies, and commenced using S. S. S. After taking several bottles, I was entirely cured and able to resume work. RaregKSg ia tho greatest medicine for EKHEEJJI blood poisoning to-day on the market." .Treatise on Blood anTskln Diseases mailed free, BWUT Bi'JsoDfio Co., Atlanta, ua. Tbo African IJola I'lant. discovered in C'miao, \Vusl I Africa, Is Nature's bur« AHthuii. «Jur« Cluorantwd or Wo .xport Olllcu. 1181 Hroudway, New ic:K» t?t, npi*i M i f i»L« M--KK13by ffiz&ll* flddres^ E *- aM ^^»vta.«.;5tactaSaM,ofcl*j Curo ti jf win BOlllVtl. fc'VOO, lll-OSOl'lp- til) II lllUt imiilo ii man of inn, aim cmior*. o'ohorul DobUHr, &u. Address, with • •ii'^P« BEST POLISH IN THE Interesting Letter Given Out by Archbishop Tttcho of Winnipeg. WINXIPEO, JIanitoba, Sept. 28. — An important letter has just been issued by Archbishop Tache on the school question, for the purpose of defining the practice and teaching of the church of Rome in regard to allowing comment in the public schools on scripture readings. The letter is designed to settle the controversy g'oing on here. It .says that the Catholic church desires that the faithful should be excited to reading of the holy scriptures. "Despite all that is said to the contrary," says the letter, "the church loses no opportunity of bringing the word of God to the knowledge of the people. Its liturgy is nothing but an inspired selection of texts admirably harmonised for the instruction and edification of all. Its ascetic books have tho same character. A more glance over the encyclicals of the popes and pastorals of the bishops, etc., reveals the same desire." _ __ THE ACT INVALID. Decision of the Wisconsin Supreme Court In the Gerrymander Uiise. MADISON, Wis., Sept. 27.— The Supreme court this morning rendered a decision declaring the apportionment made by the extra session of the Legislature invalid. Justice Winslow dissents. ..;,Another session wh, doubtless be called and the Legislature will make another attempt to conform to the rulings of the court. An opinion will be filed and prepared at an early date. If the defendant desires leave to interpose au answer to the complainant the court will hear a motion for such leave on the next motion day. The general view of the situation is that the court generally decides that the Legislature has no discretion in making apportionments so far as population is concerned, and the law is practically declared Invalid. Senator Vilas refused to talk upon tho matter, stating that until the opinion of the court could be had it would be useless to speculate as to its enact upon the merits of the case. He could not say whether an answer to the complaint would be made as mU- Ltod in the order. The general .mpres- slon is that the court is disposed to set the act aside, and that further ar. e An- Attitt:l< on .Tows, CONSTANTINOPLK, Sept. 39. — Ruthcn- ians in the village of Kerecke on the [slant! of Marmora, made an attack today upon the house of a Jew residing ,n the village. They sacked the build- ng and* then destroyed it. The gendarmes were summoned, but they did not arrive until the occupants of the louse were nearly dead from the maltreatment to which they were subject^. A number of the mob committing the outrage have been arrested. _ Happy Angury for Irolnnd. » LONDON, Sept. 30. — The News, referring to Mr. Kedmond's article, says: This is a happy augury for the future of Ireland. It shows how ridculous the alarms over the Parnellites' intentions are. Mr. Redmond writes in a spirit that will command the full respect of every sympathizer with Irish national aspirations." Twenty-three now magistrates have been appointed for Ireland. They are all followers of Mr. McCarthy. Indianapolis, Sept. 20.—A Sentinel special from TeiTo Haute says: The world's pacing record was smashed today by Mascot. It wns in the great free-for-all match, iu which Inlying Jib, with StuiTiip, Guy, with McHeury, and Mascott, with Billy Andrews, participated. In the first heat Mascot drew ahead at the lirst eighth and Guy foil back at the half. Flying Jib pressed hard, but In vain. At the three-quarters Mascot led by a length and with a teiTilic rush came into the home stretch. Starr, in desperate earnest, plied Hie whip, and the two Hew under the wire a throat latch apart. Hal Pointer's record was smashed by one and a quarter seconds, and tin- pacing record by three seconds, Mascot winning iu 2:04. The quarters were: 321-4; 1:031-2; 1:33. The last quarter was in the furious time of 291-2. In the second heat there was a beaut 1 - ful start. Guy broke in the lirst eighth, Mascot drew ahead at the quarter. Flying Jib then reached up and drew ahead at the half iu a minute aud throe quarters of a second. This time for the lirst half was remarkable. At the three quarters Flying Jib led by two lengthy, Mascot coming hard and making an effort to redeem herself. It was impossible, however, and Flying Jib lin- ished in 2:05 3-4, the quarters being 30 3-4 1:00 3-4; 1:311-4, The second quarter in thirty seconds is the world's record. In the third heat Guy went whirling off at the turn in a wonderful manner Mascot second, Flying Jib tliinl At live eights they were in a bunch but Mascot lost his advantage in <i break and Guy came in 2:00 3-4. Quarters: 32 1-2; 1:04 1-2; 1:34 1-2. In the fourth heat they went around the turn abreast. Mascot -broke, at the eighth and Guy forged ahead. Flying Jib clung close to him until the stretch when Guy got about fifty feet advantage. Time, 2:081-2. Quarter*, 32, 1:03 1-2, 1:34. Guy won the . fifth heat and Hie race, Mascot second, Jib third in 2:08 3-4, closing the, most exciting race in the annals of Hie turf. Ja-r'ng motion of the pcrew of a steamship, ot t-f u locomotive train, Is HostPlter's Stomach Bllterc, pronounced by sea captains, »hlp doctors, lour- t«tc, travelers and emigrants the flnest Btomuchtc and beat defense against nilment.« of the bowelB, diRestlve organs and liver In existence. Malaria, rheumatism, kidney trouble aud debility ar« remedied by it. CORBETT HAD A SNAP. Surli ul' l.ivist I" I!»• Oplnliin (if I 1 n.ivii-s. | "Parson" Davics, well known to Mnd-' Isou sports, has returned to Chlcngj, after a. throe mouths' tour ot Europe. I Davies says that .Tnckson's challonvi'J to fight Corbet t' is still open, but the colored man will not stand in the way ot a. inatdi between Corbolt and Mitch ell. Davles says lie expects Clioynskl lo whip Godfrey in their coming battk'. as he considers the former 11110 ol' tl-o best heavy-weights in the country. In speaking of the recent bailie between Sullivan and Corbctt, the 'Tarson" said: "Why, Corbett ran up against tho softest snap in his life when he iiv-it Sullivan. "What would Peter Jackson have done to Sullivan that night; or oven liMlKshnnions or Hall? I tell you that Sullivan was not halC the pugilist ( ho was cracked up to be. Had Slavlu j met him ho woidd surely have defeated the ex-ch.'iinnlou." gave iinmedaite relief. say to much for it" Springfield, Mass. We cannot C. Frdst, THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT AIM NEW AND Vl^ COMPLEXION IS BETTER. My doctor B»y» It nofa Rr-nt.'y on thn Btotnach, UTM Ind klrtnoyn. itinl isarli'ii'.aia la.iiitlvo. Tills drtnM • mndfl from liprbn, tjul Is pioivin-d loruno oa aullr Mtoa, It Is culled 9f FITS—All Flti Stopped free by I>r. llestoi-or. No Fits after flnt •Iny's UBB. Marreloai onrei bottle free to Fit Oaiei. Arab St., Phlla., .Vo, Treatise and (12.00 trial Bend to Dr. Kline. 931 Trained Nurse (vigorously)—Come now, Bor-i-l wnke up and swallow yer slaplu' dost —It's tolino. A conn lor nearly all tho common Ills— •wliat, doctors? I'sliaw! Take Beeelium'a Pills. For sale by all druggists. 25 couts. The prize for the most appropriate badge for ll.e Inily managers 'oi thu World's Fair, was awarded to Miss Bessley, of New VTork. J. C. SIMPSON, Marquess. W. Va., says: "Hull's Catarrh (Jure cured uie ol a very bad case ol! catarrh." Druggists sell it, 7Qc. Among; the countless millions who havu dwelt aud still dwell upon this earth, uo two individuals were ever precisely iilika. When Nuture Needs assistance it may be best to render it pnimpUy, bill, one should-remenbei 1 to usu evon the mosl perfeet remedies only when iiveik-d. The best und most simple and ivc-nUe remedy is the Syrup of Figs, niuiiu. ftidurud by the California iflg Syrup Co. Landlady—I iitn Illlud with regret tit your K-avinij; us', Mr. Slimdict. Air.'bliimKi-t—You arc the only one under Uiio roof Unit has ever bei;n lillud with any. Miing limn, mu'tmi. iUl drunlXii mil I', nt nV «n.l .>! ycr im-l-i L inid vonr ml(irt>is lorn lift- rumple, l.nn >M« Ilinlinvrl. piirli ,lny. In l..,t.l.- KT, Aililrni OllATllll I'. WOOIIWAHK -. If VIM- rnnitot | '-. ln'mllr ] - "'lln, •'.:il< n<M> l.nliov. N. V. t l'ri:icess Sent to Prl&on. BFKI.IN, Sept. 29.— Tho Princess Eveline Jackson do Wsevolowsky, who claims descent from an illustrious family and is reported to be married to an American, has been sentenced to thirteen months in prison for obtaining, under false pretenses, a situation as singer in the ' Steruecker Garden, Berlin. ___ Excursion Katen South. Tho Chicago and Eastern Illinois Rail- liunilnK Out tho Cattle niuu, GuTiiniK, O. T., Sept. .—Thousands j upon thousands of seething llamos are | to be seen upon the Cherokee strip today. The bcomers became cnruged at the slowness with which cattle were oad \vill sell ezcursioii tickets Sept. 27 and Oct. 25, 1893, at the low ruto o£ ouo furo lor the round trip, to numerous points to the southeast, south and southwest. For full particulars, maps, time tallies or any oilier iuformutioii, apply to C. W. Humphrey, Northwestern Passenger Agent, 170 K. Third street, St. Paul, Minn.; to City Ticket Olliee, 204 Clnrk street, Chicago; to any agent C. & E. I. H. H., or to Cluirles L. Stoue. General Passenger Agent, Room 415 First National Bauk Building, Chicago. JOHN L. SULLIYAN. John L. Sullivan has written hi» autobiography. In it he acknowledges that within the past ten years he has earned $700,000, most of which is spent. John's days for earning such large suras of money are about over. Still he may prolong his life for years it he will avoid pulmonary disease which is the bane of most athletes. To do this he should take Reid's German Cough & Kidney Cure the best remedy for pulmonary trouble that was ever offered to the public. It contains nothing deleterious but it is unrivalled for any malady that arises from cold. It will cure pneumonia in its most desperate stage, pleurisy, bronchitis, and catarrh, because this must be treated constitutionally to produce a permanent cure. It is infallible for a sudden and severe cold, and maladies that arise from it. As it contains no poison and there is up danger in its USD and it is impossible to take an over dose. Get it of any dealer. Small bottles 25c., large ones 60c. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. ELY'S CREAM WILL C,'OKK gument would be a loss of time other secial session appears An mevit* of ttio ^ rn, 0 in'wvers get $658,000 Deaths lit St. J'c ST. PETEHSMJUO, Sept. 2!). — There were seven deaths from cholera yesterday and thirty- live new .cases, an increase of seventeen new cases over Tuesday. HAVHK, Sept. 29. — Two deaths and four new eases is the cholera record of yesterday. __ 1'nrneH'B Willow la Very Sick. LONDON, Sept. 29.— Mrs. Parnell, wife of the late Charles Stewart I'arnell, is reported to be seriously ill at Worthing 1 . Peek Didn't Appear. ALBANY, N. Y.., Sept. 29.— In police court this morning' the examination into the matter of the alleged burning of public records by Labor Commissioner Peck and his stenographer was to have proceeded. At 10 o'clock,- the hour set for the case to go on, the court was informed that Mr. Meegun, counsel for defendants, was out of town, aud the case was adjourned until Out. 7. Ultimatum to Granltu Cutters. MII.FOKD, Mass., Sept. 29. — The locked-out granite cutters of Norcross Brothers' yards having voted not to return to work if the non-union men are allowed to remain, wore notified by the firm yesterday that no settlement can be made except on the lines of the Quincy settlement as regards non-dis- The recent census of Spulu shows a popu- . . ... ,, i i j lation of seventeen, and one-half milllous, being removed Irom the covered land | and twe i vo m mi onB o f these can neither and fired the grass and as it is dry it , read nor write; burns with great rapidity. There is no <hance to check the fire and it is thought many cattle will perish. Kiotw In nicxlnu. CITY OF MKXICO, Sept. 29.—Want of corn has caused riots among the people of Moreli»,a town in the State ol'Mich- east-an. The disorders were only checked by the Governor personally promising to supply the needed grain. The Governor fulfilled his hromise by bringing from neighboring places enough corn to last until the American corn arrives. I'robubly In Aqua Graven. PARISBOUO, N. S., Sent. 29.—The schooner J. W. Donn, from I'arisboro for Higby with coal, having on board a crew of fourteen, is no\y eleven days out, and, as the run usually occupied half a day, it is supposed she has foundered and all on board perished. Juwa Tuxvn liui-ned Up. Dus MOINES, Iowa, Sept. 29.—The town of Eunnells, on the Wabash railroad, is reported wiped out by fire. It is said twenty houses were burned. It is impossible to get more information. Oscar Olson, a Kucino boy who stole a bicycle, has been sent to the industrial school. MlHlo to Look Like New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or donned, Tliish Garments Slemnuci, at Otto Tleteli's Dye Works, 24fl W. Wilier St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. CATARRH Price DO Cento. Apply Balm Into oaoh nostril. ELY BROS, H Warren St., N.Y crimination, apprentices tion. and arbitra- Heathen in New Vo rk. BUFFALO, N. Y., Sept. S9.—James Scroby, the agent for Genessee county for the American Bible society, has just completed a tour of the county. He found 155 families who had never Been a bible. A PROMPT AKD EAST WA~ 01 EASING Asthmatic Wheezing.. Use HA.IH'B HOMEY OF HOREIIOUND AND TAB. PJKB'S TOOTHACUB DROPS ^/ure In one minute. " '' California has a lillle girl who has nlnt fingers on one hand and eight toes o» the opposite foot. MB. JKHB 14. TKAVLOU, traveling salesman for !•'. 14. P-.!iin & i;u., says: I liuvu boon a Bull'c-i-ei' iroiii sluk and nor\'OUH hoadaol.o all inv ill'o, but found pi-rfoct rulinl! from uslns HraUycrotlno. Of all DrujrKists. COc. Over 1,500 newspaper men have applied for desk room to report the opening proceedings of the World's Fair. No doubt but that oho alfair will bo thoroughly ventilated. Mrs. Brown—"! thought you said it was the llttk' boy next door, who was making all tho noiseV" Little .ionnle— "So it was, ma. I was beating him with the slick," IJuvo You AfttliuiK? Dn. K, Soiiii'ruANN, St. 1'aul, Minn., will mall a trial paclcigo of fichilTnuuin's Asthma Cure free to any sufferer. Gives Instant ro- llef In worst cases, and cures where others (all. Name this paper and send address. Unlike the Dutch Process CDRBS PROMPTLY A:S-D PEBMANENTLY 3R H E XT SMK A. T I S Bffi » Hnadnolie. Toot.lmclie, Sure Throat, Swellings, Frost-bites, Sprains, J5ru!He8,_Ruriis, Scillds. THE CHARLES A/VO^ELER'CO., Baltimore, Hd, Patents! Pensions! BendforlnTeutor'BQuldeorllow to Ohtuln u Ptttetit. Bond {or Digest of I'ciixlou iiud Itoiiuly I.a\v». I'alrlck O'Kiirrcll, tViiMliIiigtuu, l>. C, BARLOW'S INDIGO BLUE. The Family Wash Blue, for *ale by Grocers. NEW INSURANCE COMPANIES. Commissioner Hoot Grants Mocnse to Tu-ti to Do Uusiness lu Wisconsin. Insurance Commissioner Hoot lias granted a license to the following companies to do business in Wisconsin: Improved Order Jleptosopus of Jialti more, Md- Swellings In.the u«oh, or Ool ti-e, onuseil me terribl- •uBering, nud I »i>eut uu •iiormoaB amount ol inou- •7 for meJloiuen, In vuln. I began taking Hood'« Bar lapurilU utd In a ix» weeks I found the awelllug rery maob reduced, aud I could Jireatlie with li»d not done for jean. I coutinued with HOOO'S tad sm I'emiaui'iilly llus. JlltiNIc BIQELOW, Fremont, Mlol', Hood'* X>HI«'«9r« llier ill», wutijation, bii- ton«a«*f, )»»iidt9», |l»k hMdwht, Wf. Mrs Illustrated Publications, WITH MAPS, describing Mluntiota, North Dakota, MiuiUna, ld»ho, Waehinetoa aad Ongo'u, tht FREE OOVERNIWENT AND LOW PHICE" NORTHERN PACIFIC R, H, «3-The belt Agricultural, Grazing end Timber J.on<l« now opt-a to aottlers. Mailed I-'BKK. AdSress UUtt. U. LiJDIUUN.I^nd t'om.,11. 1*. It. U., HI. l'»ul, tiian. No Alkalies — OK — Other Chemicals are unnl in tlio preparation of W. BAKER & CO.'S siOosoa jtui'e ami soluble, Ithwrnoretlittntlircetlmea the slrewjUi of lluuna mixed with Btnrcli, Arrowriiot or --^Mw»«i^s — Sugar, and 13 far more economical, costiny less than one cent a cup, It is delicious, nourishing, and Sold bjOrooora ererjnhore. W. BAKER &CO., Dorchester, Mass, „.. i'owdeirod en Tilt itronyttt and pwut Ln made, Unlike uttier L;«, U bclxl •t Una powdvr and p»ck«4 In » CM \vitU retnovtthlK lid. th* conUnlB ir» (Iwaju lead? tot m* W1U till belt porfuinrd UardBoM iu 'XI minnt«o without b»t!lnf. I) 1* tin. bunt; for c'ttttlnj w»«M pipej, ditlufeuting gliikn, ctoMU, wan hint buUli-o, puInU, Ueao,*U, FKNNA. HALT KFtt. Ct, 0«u. Agfa ., A CLEAU COMPLEXION. J>r. t>. 1*. I5ro\vu*B beuutifles the ekin aad C Pill I OCP ducju \vrliiklud. Not a i. DUiLUCIl cortmutic, butuNMtui-- ttt Mkln Tiniir, wliluU iii'wt ukiun, huugi-y tor iiourluhiuant, absorb it like u uiioufo Drugfc'iBta ot by mull $1. beuil IDo. lor BAMl'i-E with Lady'» i/upui- illux. Bevua AUOB ol Wuuiuu'u Life and de- votud to the euro ol Fuuu aud Itodjr. J. Qibaoa trowM, « Grand Bt.^Jeney City. N. J. $40,000,000 Earned by the Bell Telephone Patent in 1891. Your Invention may he valuable Yon ehould protect It by patent. Address for full and Intelligent advloe fr»« of chnrge, >V. W. |>i;i>l<K>r A <;«., - _. . nuriH, uoudtlpution, dyupepslu, foulf bruulh. headHChe,uiuutal depression, • puIuCm dlytatiou, bud complexion, • end till diaeiiaya caused by foliuro oi* tho utoiuach, liver or bowels to pev-f • fona their proper f auatloiu. Persons given to over- J eating are bc-uental by taklnsoue after eacli uicul.T ' sample, 15e. At Ui-uittrlBti, or sent by mail, j B crifoiiCAr, co..ioffprm)oSt..NewYoi-k.X * S eating Piice^S'J Best, Easleet ZOAQXNTfTOMU. CIGARS TO DEALERS, SAMPUS FREE ChUrrh I* tbo , and Ohetpeet •CATA'R R M

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