The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 26, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1891
Page 8
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THE tfPPJEK DM MOlNBSt ALGONA, IOWA, AUGUST 26, 1891, THESE SPECIALS BY POST, WESI-EY. WESLEY, Aug. 25. — Last Sunday morning John Oovenor's house was consumed by fire. He got up in the morning, built a fire in the store and went out to feed his horne*. When he came back to the house he found the room inside completely on fire. Everything he had was consumed. Mr. Govenor came to this county last spring from Decatur, 111., and located on anew piece of land five miles north of Wesley. It will be rather discouraging to him to meet with such a streak of bad luck. Last week we announced the sickness of A. J. Wright, a farmer living two miles west of town, but this Week we are under the painful duty to announce his death. Mr. Wright took his bed on Thursday. Dr. Hill was called and pronounced his case inflammation of tho bowels. He kept growing worse, when on Tuesday evening, Aug. 18, death came to his relief. Mr. Wright came to this county from the central part of the state about five years ago and opened up a new farm two miles west of town. His honest, straightforward, and genial way soon made him many warm friends who can only speak of him as being an upright man. He leaves a wifo and five children to mourn the loss of a dutiful husband and a loving father. The funeral took place Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 11), in the church l)i-.'-i>, conducted by Rev. Mc- Brlde. Mrn. Wright has the sympathy of all in hoi- mid bereavement. Bender Bros. & Co. have just completed an addition to their warehouse here, and also put in a new set of wagon scales. They are now building a hay barn 40x50, where they intend to store baled hay. The lumber for the Catholic school house is now on tho ground. Jacob Johnson has tho contract for building it. Tho price paid for the carpenters' work and lumber is $4.400. There is considerable grain coming to market lately. Wheat is ,bringing 87c: oats, 23c: barley,, U2(o;40c: timothy see.d. 95c: flax. a r >(ai»0c; hay, loose, $4.251 pressed, $f>.f>0. We noticed a couple of light frosts during the nights of the 23d and 24th, but they wore so light that no damage has been noticed. Rev. McBride and S. W. Emmpns are attending the district cumpineeting at Livermoro this week. Mrs. Z. S. Barrett has a sister from the southern part of tho state visiting here at present. Quite a number of our town people attended the circus at Algonti last week. Miss Sadiu Miller returned Monday from Biirt, where she has been visiting the family of Dr. McCormick. WHITTEMORE. ' WHITTKMOKE. Aug. 25.—The weather is too cold for corn to mature. Drs. Felling and Phelps are harvest- lug now. Both are very busy. Miss FloeHO, Bister of Mrs. Corry Ridgway, returned home on Thursday, after a few weelcn' visit hero. Rev. Thrasher and his brother-in- law spent Friday at Emmotsburg. J. E. Beuttie wan over to .Emmetsburg Friday on business. There was a largo crowd from hero to Algona to see tho elephant on Friday. All reported a good circus and also numerous chances to double your money. .. > R. J. Malono, our popular agent, is to have a helper BOOH. Certainly he needs one. There is to bo a social at tho school house Wednesday evening for the benefit of the pastor. All are invited. There will bo a dance at Schmitt's hall, Friday evening. All are invited. ,T. V. Wickler and wife spent a few days at Clear Lake last week. We have a photo gallery here now. Everybody come and get their photo taken. ' • LU VERNE. LuVKKNK, Aug. 25.—John Preston, ouo of our former blacksmiths hero, but now of Walnut, III., in' horo visiting fan- a short time. ' . . .••• Mr. and Mrs. John Rlloy of Moville, Iowa, are here visiting thoir son. Win. Rlley, oast of .town. D. A. Duitman of Blue Earth City is in town for a few days. Some of our town people went to the circus Friday to soe tho elephant.' Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Gluts. Chapman, a girl. All doing ''well. A. L. Smith and Miss Laura Bone- diet, both of this place, were married at Humboldt today. Success to them. WY A. Patterson has bought of Stafford Godfrey tho two lots frontin on Main street,'No. i) and 10 in block 61 Consideration, $250. •• John Bigger, tho '"devil" in tho News oflloo, has quit and gone to seek his fortune in bettor pastures. Success, Jack. Mrs. Win. Dimlor's mother from west of .Des Moinos is here visiting them for a few days. Some of Reso Darr's relatives from California are here visiting him for v while. BUFFALO FORK. BUFFALO FORK, Aug. 24. Threshing by steam seems to be all tho rage Keibsaman brothers were turning out grain at a groat pace all last week ii tliis neighborhood, and will find work I'nough to keep them busy this week Messrs Giles and Wiltse are about ready to start thoir steamers, Those gentlemen were rather unfortunate ii getting their machines out from Algona, owing to some weak bridges upon tho road, but will soon be making tlu grain lly, Among tho improvements in this viicnity is a good barn, 10x04, which A. Myers has just completed; 'also the Bartlett brothers have raised their shod and put on a good roof, making a noat and comfortable building. Many more improvements of tho kind are needed for tho comfort of our dumb frionds. Messrs. Eddy and Buttorfiold had a lino Holsteiu calf shipped them to last week from the famous Hampton herd of Holste'lus. The gentlemen think that with the present facilities for making butter more attention should bo ptild to the good milkers, as our creamery butter sells at tho very top price iu Now York, making it ono of tho most profitable products of tho farm. 13. B. Eildy is confined to his bocl •with an attack of pleurisy and bronchi- tie. El witi Duvison has not gained as> fast ivs his friends hoped for, the ox- troine hot weather telling upon him considerably. Misa May $ort is spending a wool pare tDM BMQg, C. I*. Woflatid Writes of ItathB and Sunshine on tlic Const —A Chnrfteterlatic Letter, LONG BEACH, Cut., Aug. 9.— That spirit of unrest so common to the American people that Impels them to leave comfortable homes and congenial occupation for a change of decenary and conditions, is just the same in this land ot sunshine as in more inhospitable regions. It is considered quite the thing for Los Angelenos to go out from town to the mountain resorts or to the sea side and spend a week in what is called taking a rest and having a pleasant time. Accordingly, when brother Willet S. and his family arrived we packed up the bathing suits and old lothes and big straw hats and hied us down to the beach, where they could wash off the Texas dust and perspiration in the briny deep. The long stretch of sand, the ebb and low of the unceasing waves, the shells, ;he swings, the swim, and ocean sunsets make one continuous round and source of enjoyment, not to boys arid girls alone, but also to children of an older growth; and when at last you are BO tired that all these fail to please or entertain, you can lie down to rest to ;he soothing, sonorous sounds of the rolling surf; and in your dreams bo 'ocked to and fro, as in the cradle of he deep. Often, of a sultry Sunday norning, a« many as 1,500 people leave Los Angeles to wpend the day at the sea, and when this mob of big and little, old and young, white, black, and brown ias donned a bathing suit, short of icck and shorter of limb, the transformation is most wonderful to behold, for ,he powdered and padded and proud- icartcd have lost all their glory in a lathing suit; and that which was left n the bath house is often more than, that which was brought ontotlie beach* "or the bow-legged, knock-kneed, and disjointed of limb or feature are exposed in all their native simplicity, and one is caused to marvel at the false opinion ho has heretofore held concern- ng the beauty and symmetry of the lumtm form, and IIH to its being a sample of nature's perfect work. in a glowing illustration of the superiority of art over nature as seen 3\' tho eye of the ninteenth century. Now, imagine this crowd immersed in Lhe boiling, foaming surf, some laughing, some jumping 1 , some swimming, spuio screaming, and babies crying until the war of the waves is drowned in u pandemonium of confusion of noises. Some stay near the shore line to wade, Homo go farther out to battle with the surf, or dive through it as it, sweeps on its course, some go still beyond to lloat upon the majestic swells as they roll in riven tonor toward tho shore, and strike out for the distant buoy anchored in tho deep water, there to rest and breathe a while as the waves dash against or wash over the uncertain resting place. In time the water begins to 3hill, and then there comes a continual line of bathers seeking the hot sand on tho high beach. Somo buxom, dashing beauty with bangs u-danglo, comes Iripping with water at every point and takes herself to tho hot sand, in which she rolls and tumbles until she more resembles a Yumti Indian in war paint than a beloved daughter of civilization; but she is only one among a thousand of like appearance. The ring-streaked, striped, speckled,' and spotted heads of the patriarch of old was not more mottled than is this same company from tho city of the Angles. An hour's clip in salt water calls for an hour's nap afterward, and then these two call for a dinner sixty minutes long, then a two hours' rest, and you are ready for a repetition of the morning's experience, including the refresh- montH. After suuh a day's employment is ended you take a stroll down onto the long pier that stretches beyond the surf line, and from your height above look down into the waters beaten white by 'the two opposing currents that have mot and devoured each other, leaving a foaming, boiling, plunging surf impelled shoreward by the incoming swell from the sea. Hero goes swimming by, with a succession of lunges, a school of porpoise, those scavengers of tho sea; there comes a crowding, surging, fighting school of deep-sea fish, seeking food along tho shore. The breeze that has been blowing landward all day has ceased, and there is a quietness and serenity broken only by the sound ol the surf, that is made doubly impressive by the beauty of the setting sun. It takes an artist to paint the picture of a sunset in tho Pacific,. so 1 shall not attempt it. Tho balminess of the air, the fragrance of tho flowers, the evergreen of tho orange grove togethei with tho golden sky and the seven fold colors of the rainbow aro only the coarser elements that make up tho glories ol a sunset with mountains for shading, a sky for canvas, and a quivering ocean for a background. Aflor the suu has gone the lighthouse suddenly gleams forth, the vessels in the harbor hang out their lanterns, and tho myriad insect life of the water caps each crested wave with its phosphorescent light until tho sea appears a rolling sheet, of lire, and then over all the rising moon adds its soft luster, stretching out across the boundless waste, a groat highway, a silvery sheen of quivering, waving lig-ht. Mid such scenes and conditions life is full of life, and the human heart atunes itself to tho soft touches of nature, and all the work Booms moved with a kindly feeling o. sympathy and harmony to make foi men a paradise hero below. C. P. DOKLAND. •Consumption Cured. An old iihysieiim, retirqil from practice, luiv UIK had placed in his hands by an Kast Indli missionary tho formula of a simple vegetable remedy for tho speedy tiud permanent cure o consumption, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma and all throat and lung affections, also a post live and radical cure for nervous debility and. all nervous complaints, after having tested Its wonderful curative powers In thousands o cases, lias felt It His duty to make It known to his suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive and iv desire to relieve human suffering, i wli send free of charge, to all who desire It, this recipe, in German, French, or English, with full directions for preparing and using. Seni by mail by addressing with stamp, naming this paper. \f. A. Nqyes, »'M Powers' Block Uochester, N, Y. Huglish Spavin Liniment Removes all hard, soft, or calloused lumps 01 blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs splints, sweoney, ring bone, stifles, sprains, al swollen throats, etc. Save S5Q by use of one bottle ; wamiuted. The most wonderful blom sh cure ever known. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. rml 0 T c l l , red tn a 3 ?- I ? lu Sl te » twy Lotloja. Sola by Pr, Sheetz. McOormick Harvesting Machine Co,, J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co., A. A. Cooper, wagons, - - P. P. Mast & Co., cultivators, etc., James Seltay & Co., planters, etc., A rri rri-pa »^C^Ata ij^, mAit- iJLlm avata And don't forget it f keep your eye continually upon this space* and tfemember that JONES HE PAYS THE FREIGHT! 1831. 1842 1840 1843 1850 D. S. Morgan & Co,, mowers^ Hearst, Dunn & Co., planters^ John Deere, plows, etc., Moline Wagon Co,, wagons, etc. 1834 - 1860 1854 - 1865 Of the New Wigwam at Algona, Iowa, is agent for the above well-known and reliable institutions. Compare this list with anything you have seen, and then decide where to buy' your farm implements for the season of 1891, 1 4 V HBHEY MTJ1TOE IS DEAD. lie I'assed A way Monday After n Ijliisjerliifj Illness — The Funeral Yesterday. One of the sad deaths of the week was ;hat of Henry Munch, which occurod at his :iomo in Whittcmore on- Monday morning of this week at 1 o'clock. His death was the result of a stomach trouble, from which he has been u sufferer for several mouths past, and for which all medical assistance seemed unavailing. The funeral rites took place at 2 o'clock p. m. yesterday, and were attended by a large number of friends who went to pay their last respects to the memory of an honorable and highly esteemed citizen. Assisted by Rev. Weasel tho services were conducted jointly by the West Bond post, G. A. R., and Medium lodge of Odd Fellows, in both of which societies he was a respected member. Tho services were held at the school house. The Rev. Wessel paid a pleasing tribute to the memory of deceased, recounting the many virtues of a man who has been active in business and social circles for many years. Perhaps the largest funeral procession ever seen in Whittemoro then wended its way to the cemetery, where all that was mortal of Henry Munch was laid to rest. Besides the post members from West Bend and the Odd Fellows from Emmetsburg, delegations of post members nud Odd Fellows from Algona were in attendance. Deceased was a German by birth, For some years he was a resident of Cassville, Wis. He enlisted in the Ninth Wisconsin infantry,.and made a splendid record as a soldier in the war of tho rebellion. He came to Iowa some 15 or 18 years ago, locating on a fuvm in Ellington township, Palo Alto county.. Later he engaged in business at Emmotsburg, where, however, ho suffered n reverse of fortune. About the time that Whittemoro sprung up he moved there and opened a general merchandise store, which he has since successfully conducted. He was about 51 yours of aye. He leaves a wife and six children to mourn his loss. Whittemore loses a good man and a valued citizen in the death of Henry Munch. Guaranteed Cure for La Grippe. We authorise our advertised druggist to> soil Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs, and colds upon this condition: If you aro afflicted with la grippe and will use this remedy according t9 directions, giving it a fair trial, and experience no benefit, you may return the bottle and have your money refunded. Wo make this offer because of the wonderful success of Dr. King's New Discovery during the last season's epidemic. Have heard of no case where it failed. Try it. Trial bottles free at L. A. Sheetz.' Large size, 50o and 81. 4 Good Looks. Good looks are more than skin deep, depending upon a healthy condition of all the vital organs, If the liver bo inactive you have a bilious look, if your stomach be disordered you have a dyspeptic look, and if your kidneys be affected you have a pinched look. Secure good health and you will have good looks. Electric Bitters is the groat alterative and tonic, acts directly on those vital organs. Cures pimples, blotches, boils, and gives a good complexion. Is sold by L. A. Shoetz; 50c bottles. 4 Kucklen's Arnica Salvo. The best salvo in tho world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay is required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25c a box; sold by Dr. Sheetz. School Seats for Sale. D, A. Haggard is a committee to sell 80 Andrews & Sherwood school desks, as good us new. They can bo had cheap. The Greatest Strike. Among the great strikes that of Dr. Miles In discovering Ilia New Heart Cure has proved Itself to be one of the most Important. The demand for It has become astonishing. Already the treatment of heart disease i« being revolutionized, and many unexpected cures effected. It soon relieves short breath, llutterlng,'palna Iu side, arm, shoulder, weak and hungry spells, oppression, swelling of ankles, smothering and heart dropsy. Dr. Miles' book on Heart ana. Nervous diseases free.- The uneqnnled New Heart Ciire Is sold ana guaranteed by F. W. Dlngley; al*» ills Restorative Nervine for headHohe. tits, sprees, hot flashes, nervous chills, opium habit, etc. • 4 * Will «o Given Away. Our enterprising druggist, F. W. Dlneley, who carries u Hue stock of drugs, perfumeries, toilet articles, bnislios, sponges, etc., la giving away a large numUir ot trial bottles of Dr. illles' celebrated R^torutlve Nervine. He guarantees It to cure luviduohe, dizziness, nervous prostration, sleeplessness, the 111 effects of spirits, tobacco, coitee, etc. Druggists say it Is the greatest seller they ever knew, and Is universally satisfactory. He also guarantees Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure In all cases of nervous or organic heart disease, pal pltatton, pain in side, smothering; etc. Fine book on Nervous and Heart diseases free. 4 * AH Opportunity Will be afforded your eastern friends to visit you by the series, oi excursions arranged by the Chicago & Northwestern railway, for which tickets will be sold at very low rates. If you will forward to W. A. Thrall', general passenger and ticket agent Chicago & Northwestern railway,. Chicago, the names and addresses of your eastern Mends to whom the information may prove interesting, a circular giving full details of these excursions will be promptly mailed.—20t4 TOPICS OF THE TIME. This Uncertain Weather Calls for Remedies that Will Act Quickly. For diarrhoee or summer complaint in any form there is nothing better than, Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarr- hoea remedy. Mrs. Nancy Berry of Adams; in Lawrence county, Ky., says one dose of it cured her of an attack of diarrhoea; two* or three doses will euro any ordinary case. When reduced with water it is pleasant to take. Sold in 25 and 50 cent bottles by Fl. W. Dingley. The Mainstay in His Family. Aug. Hoimung, a well-known manufacturer of boots and shoes at 820 Nolan street?, San Antonio, Texas, will not soon forget his experience with an attack of cramps, which he relates as follows: "I was taken with a violent cramp in the stomach, which I believe would have caused my death had it not been for the prompt use of Chamberlain's Colie, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy. The first dose did me so much good that I followed it up in 20 minutes with tho second dose, and before the doctor could get to where I was I did not need him. This remedy shall always be one of the mainstays in my family. Sold by F. W. Dingley, druggist. Speaks from Kxpcriencc. CABDO Miu.s, Texas, June 5, 1891.—To the public: From my own personal knowledge I can recommend Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera,'aud Diarrhoea Remepy for cramps in the stomach, also for diarrhoea and flux. It is the best medicine I have ever seen used, and is the best selling. A. K. Sherrill." Sold by F. W. Dingley. AVatertown Boots and Slices. I have just received an invoice of the above make, consisting of Kangaroo, Calf, and Dongola Kid, both for ladies' and gentlemen's wear. Having had 25 years' experience in the manufacture of boots and shoes I can with confidence assure my patrons that for quality of material and style of finish these goods have no superior in our market. Prices to suit the times. JNO. .SHARP. South Dodge-sk, Algona. 18 JHles" Nerve and Liver Pills Act on a new principle-regulating the liver, stomach, and bowelii through the nerves. A new dls covery. Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure biliousness- bad tuste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Unequaled for men, women, and children. Smallest, mildest, surest! Fifty doses 25 cents. Samples free at F. W. Dlngley's drug store. CLOTHING, new stock at Galbraith's. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice Is hereby given, that by virtue of special execution, to me directed by the clerk of district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements, etc., ot Joseph Heinzel and Victora Helnzel, defendants. In favor of E. S. Ormsby and American Investment company, plaintiffs, I will otter at public sale, to the highest bidder, tor cash, at the door ot the court house in the town of Algonn, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on the 10th day of September, 1891, between the hours of 0 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. in. on said day, all of said Joseph and Victora Heinzel's right, title, and interest in and to the following described real estate, situated in Kossuth county, to-wlt: Tho south half of the northwest quarter of section No. 81, In township No. 07, north of range No. 20, west of the 5th P. M. in Kossuth county, Iowa. Sale to commence at the hour of 1 o'clock p. in, of said day. Witness my hand this 20th dav of August, 181)1. M. STEPHENS, 22t2 Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. ^^ well satisfied rt?&t Is tye BEST LAUNDRY S CAP lr, trje World and luser. in. <v!l m \VksJiii N.KfAiRBArlK&Co. Chic&go DOU YOU WANT THE Best Legal Blmb? Most surely you do If you have need for any at all. Then remember that you can find them at the Upper Des Moines Office. WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best In use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Grass Leases, Notes, etc,, For sale Iu any quantity desired. Blanks not In stock will be made to order at short notice and correct prices. A pamphlet of Information and ab« str»ot of tbe laws, showing How 0btatn Patents, Cayeats. Marks, Copyrights, imt «UNN A C 36.1 Broadway, $3000 A,' TT.AK '. I uiirtfrtake to briefly teni'li any fairly Intelligent [IITSUII of either M», Him «in rend otid wrlto, ond who, Hflur Inslnu-tton, \\111 work ludUBtrloualy ,r*~ ;— "»• ^ "^ l>"w to earn Tlirt« 'I'liouinnd Dalian • Yearlnthelrown lo™ll.l«»,>vl,,Tov e rthe)-Iiv«.l will.liofuralih th, ultuation or ein|>li.ym<.nl,iil wlilrh you fan c,rn hat amount. 1.0 money fur me uiih-n buiwutul» «l)ove. Euilly and qulckl* enrncd. 1 duilro bnt one worker from each dlilrlct °r county. 1 have already taught and |irovided with employment • number,who are nuking over »SI)00a year each."rtW i« n aFi I l*Ww" (|J" Icul !™y«EB. Addre.iVt IS, C. AI.CEN, Moat 4»O, Au|[U»tu, Snug little fortuneaha?ebeenmadott work fur u>, by Anna 1'ngo, Austin, U>wi, unJ Jnu. lloim, Toledo, Ohio. 'Inn cut. Qlhen are lloluga< well. Wlijr tot you? Some furn over 9(00.00 « :iioutli. You cuu do thv work And Hva it tiiiiiio, \vlivrovcr you aro. Kven bei lunerii are eailly eanilng tVom tf fi to IV a dny. All age>. >Ve ihou- you how and Hart you. Can work In ipire time or all tlie time. III? money for vrork* en. Failure unknown among them. «••'•"« o.iu wmuieriul. I'arlfcuUn free. IVTONEY TO LOAN— •"!•*• ON RAILROAD LANDS. Persons •wanting to borrow money on rail • roud lands will do well to call at the Kossuth County Bank and bring their contracts. Dr. Hathawayi D. H. HADLEY, M. D., Assistant. (Regular Graduates, Registered.) The Leading Specialist of the Wast. Private, Blood, Skin ana Nervous Diseases. - - • i fl» YOUN0 MEN \whobythelrownactr of Imprudence or folly gutter from Nervous Debility, Ex- hauttlng drains upon the fountains of life, affecting the mind, body and manhood, should consult tha celebrated Dr. Hatbr away at once. Remember nervous diseases (with or wltu- Sut dreams) or do- Illty and loss of nerve power, treated . scientifically, by new methods, with great success. . It make) no differ- 'ence what you Imva taken or who baa _ failed to cure you. . t I.OST MANHOOD ond all weakness of tho lexual organs absolutely cured. 4 FEMAXX: DISEASES oared at home without Instruments; a wonderful remedy. | CATABBH and Diseases of the Skin, Blood, Heart, Liver and Kidneys. ' t SYPHILIS. The moat rapid, laf e and effective remedy, 'A complete cure guaranteed. , SKIN DISEASES Of all kinds cured where Others have failed. . , i tJNBfATlTHAr, DISCHARGES promptly cured In a few days. Quick, sure and safe. TUa to" eludes elect and Gonorrhosa. .< • MY METIIODS. * 1. Free consultation at the ontce or by mad. 2. Thorough examination and careful diagnosis. . 8. That each patient treated gets the advantage of tpeclal study and experience, and a specialty Is made < Of his or her disease. 4. Moderate charges and easy terms of payment. . A home treatment can be given la a majority of Cases. Send for Symptom Blank No. 1 for Men. lend for Symptom Blank No. 2 for Women. Bend for Symptom Bla 'or Skin Diseases. Address or call on J. N. HATHAWAY, M. D,. Cor. &tb and ATebrtultu *H*. ( Sioux City; la. JEWEL 1ASOLENE STOVES ARE THE BEST. Made in 45 Styles. PRICES FROM *4,QO TO $33.00. SOLD EVERYWHERE, INQUIRE OF YQX7B DEALBB. MABE BY GEORGE M. CLARK & CO Chicago, ., » _ _ For EVERY DUVV, als>.i SVEU. A«lc T^r Dealer tor T Henien $"< F Gonl Western AjjU. €#;...

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