The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 5, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 5, 1892
Page 5
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AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS, MILWAUKEE * St. PAUL. East—Pass.— No.2 10:24am .«>„** Puss — We«- FftSB 6 :02 ft in 8? i:::. ...*'«p m ^eight„ 7:15ftmNo. 8 ll:56pm H*fy ;ii:45a tnNo. 14 2:30pm Jjfl. 13 •«'•<»«.«*;/> in .»..-» NO- fy — 8:17pmNo. 10 Mlied, CHICAGO & NORtHWESTERN. 8:18 a m 3:31pm Pass. 2:33pm Mlxed v 6:07pm _ . . , ,vi 10:00 a in Freight.... lOiOOa^, rht.,.....i ^^,.._ oat7am . arrlves 5t Lv. DesM. 2:30 am THE CITY. R, J, Hunt is building a big addition to his home.. Two fresh pine buildings mark the city of Reynolds. LevlN. Anderson and Hanna Hegstrom are licensed to wed. Mr. Birch of Ohio is visiting atO. E. palmer's and will stay some time. Rev. McEtVoy of Waverly will preach in the Episcopalian church next Sunday. A number of Britt people are already planning on attending the opera house opening. Archie Hutchinson is opening up a land office of his own in the old Bartlett office. The meeting at LuVerne will be a good one tonight. A big crowd should go from Algona. Hogs are worth in Algona $4@4.40; oats, 20@24c; corn, 30@35c; flax, 80@- 90c; barley, 25@28c. Galbraith's fall announcement will attract attention. He has a big stock and a fine place to show it. The big Stone-Willard joint debate comes Saturday at the court house. It will pay everybody to turn out. The Y. L. P. M. society will meet with Mrs. Cowles Saturday at3p.m. There is business of importance. Secretary Cotton found 69 males and 43 females of school age in Whittemore, according to the Champion. Langdon & Hudson are going to move to the Perguson-Hoxie block and are selling cheap. Read their announcement. Senator Allison and Congressman Dolliver speak at Emmetsburg tomorrow, and a big meeting is being arranged. There will be a Christian endeavor dime social at the residence of David King, Tuesday evening, Oct. 6. All are invited. E. P. Keith is back from his Dakota visit. He says crops are good this year, and the people are feeling very hopeful. Gib Dutton is in town again after several months' absence. Gib has been north for Bradley & Nicoulin selling buggies. Some one suggests that hereafter we hohhle our prisoners and turn them out in the court yard where everybody can watch them. The Wesley Republican club are planning a vigorous campaign. They have several meetings in neighboring townships already arranged for. Spencer was well represented in town this week on the Kidd case. Mr. Madden came up from Port Madison, where he is warden of the penitentiary. .£• Engineer Brown of the new railroad up north says there are 225 teams at work and that the road will go through this fall. He was in town last week. Everybody who comes to town looks at the opera house, the new buildings on State street, and the New England clothing store. All are on city style. Next Sunday morning the Congregational Sunday school holds its second annual rally. Some fine music and addresses are arranged for the pro- gramme. A special train was secured for the Gov. Boies rally at Webster City Saturday and exactly five tickets were sold from Algona, It had been talked that 80 would go. Goeders' store will be the place for bargains for awhile, as he is putting his stock of carpets and remnants at very low prices. Goeders' is the reliable place to trade. Henry Durant is out in Wyoming on his bear hunt. He has not been u " 01 " 1 MS MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5,1892, * - •—^^..«^.s»-tT--s---^-----v-< ! ii-rh-inrniiifflrrTiaiTM^iaMMafa secretary to Melzar in the nfl good , place. Geo. W. Argo, the noted Sioux City lawyer, and Dr kathaway arrived yesterday, and their case against thn Re- Ge °- E - Clarke n r ,> and W - B - Quarton and Judge Cook appear for the fcaper. T 'C. J. Brown ^of Reddick, 111.. Peter Jenkins and Mr. Corll bought land of Dingley & Moffatt in January, and were out last week on the excursion to Se u, ,' The y could not flnd w ° r <ls with which to express their satisfaction with Kossuth, John Moore, oldestsonof Wra. Moore, the pioneer settler of the Black Cat, is out from Osage for a visit. John left Kossuth 19 years ago, and sees great changes since then. He came out to look over the ground with a view to locating a cooper shop. All who will go to Lu Verne for the Dolliver meeting this evening meet m front of John G. Smith's store at 5:30 o'clock sharp and march with the band to the depot. Round fair to LuVerne So cents, returning at 11 o'clock. The flambeau club will be on hand. The jail birds walked calmly down to State street from the court house and passed Hay &Rice'sclerk, who thought oft, and so on. It won't work this time, Bro. Hinchon. You might just as well come out for a square fight. You can't beg your men into office this year. The news of the appointment of Prof. O. H. Baker as consul to Copenhagen came in last week's dailies and proved a pleasant surprise to old supporters of Algona college. The appointment was secured by Capt. Hull and Senator Allison, and will result in having a pretty shrewd and vigorous representative at this important station. Prof. Baker came to Algo-ia in 1869 and for four years was , anager of the college started here ^ the time by the Methodist conference on the strength of local donations. The school flourished until the grasshopper raids which were too much for it. Mrs. Baker is dead since then, the oldest daughter, Jodie, is professor of Greek at Indianola, and the second daughter, Myra, is teaching successfully in California. PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. Honesty Bound to Win, OUR LOW PRICES.. The past week has demonstrated that the purchasing public appreciates our extremely low prices for stylish and well-made Clothing. All our goods are fresh and^new} we have no old or shelf-worn goods to offer you; come and see for yourself; it is the city heard the hunting he is having from since reaching grounds, but we venture some exciting sport. W, H. Reed was over from Corwith Monday and says that a big excursion of Illinois farmers came last week. Over 4,000 acres of land were sold, ana farms will be opened at once. • Letters remain uncalled for in the postofflce for E. White, P. C, Taeple- man, John L. McColloch, Eva Green, Blanche Jenks, Jacob Knudsen, George Keeling, Moses Caster, Dr. Calvin B. Lake, Rev. Planigan's household goods were J..LUUUU J-J-'lJ 1 «*J-WH,G OVilUl IY, VY I1U ULlUUgllU they were people who had business up around the court house. They then went west, the exact direction not known at the present writing, Charlie Grimm came over from Clear Lake Monday for a little shooting match. He and S. S. Sessions shot at live pigeons against John G. Smith and Dr. West, getting 40 out of 50, against 42. Grimm got24, Sessions 22, Smith and West 21 apiece. They had a pleasant meeting and shot well. The opera house company perfected its organization Friday hy chosing C. H. Blossom manager. He is a first- class business man and popular with all, and we believe the public will be suited with what is done the coming year. A committee is now engaged in arranging for an opening performance. John Lindblom in Swea has a field of corn within a mile of the state line, which was planted June 10 and which will yield from 60 to 80 bushels an acre. Swea township has some of the finest fields of corn we ever saw in the county, and it is reported that all over northern Kossuth corn is the best crop over raised. Thos. Cooke arranged at Dubuque last week for the state shooting match to be held at that city. The 60 selected from Iowa's four regiments meet there, and after a week's meeting those who go to Chicago A-e selected. Mike Walsh, Capt. Edens, and Chas. Witham will probably go from Algona, leaving next Monday. They stand a good chance of getting on the state team if they hold up to their present records. Work will begin as soon as men can be had on the new cigar factory building, which 6. E. Palmer will build for Brunson & Waterhouse. It will be a brick veneered building with' pressed brick front, and be a handsome addition to Thorington. With this and the opera house there we shall have to begin urging the owners of broken battlements on that street to begin repairs and painting. The social club had an exceptionally interesting programme Friday evening. E. B. Butler gave a select reading, Prof. Chaffee discussed opening the world's fair on Sunday, and Supt. Reed had a paper on amusements and their importance. The music was fine, and the papers were interesting and instructive. The club is a success and its meetings should come once in two weeks during the winter. Charlie Cohenour and Bert Mathews saw some strangers talking to the escaped jail birds at the window Sunday night about 10 o'clock. They remarked then it looked strange, but thought no more about it. Sheriff Graham is sure that they had outside help, and those who have looked at the walls say they had a sharp drill of some kind. It seems likely that instruments were furnished them, as they had been carefully searched, No clue can be got of their whereabouts, i Miss Laura Clarke, daughter of Col. Clarke of Cedar Rapids and niece of Geo. E. and E. H. Clarke, was married at her home last Thursday to Robt. Safely, who is said to be a prominent business man of the city. The wedding was attended by friends from Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Iowa cities and is described as one of the most brilliant ever celebrated in Cedar Rapids. The bride has visited in Algona and her many friends here join in congratulations. In talking of the Homestead trials Geo. W. Argo said yesterday that they probably would not come on till after election. He said farther that in his opinion the indictments for treason are simply for the purpose of Bothering the union men and weakening them. The ,any is not trying t° se . c - Ul '^i™?n; n any of the cases, but is delaying Mrs. H. A. Clock visited in this last week. Will. Sterzbach came over from Rodman for a day's visit last week. Mrs. W. S. Dorland and three children left for their Llano home yesterday. Mrs. H. H. McMnster, wife of our old-time Milwaukee agent, is visiting in town. Geo. E. Boyle is home from a lengthy visit to Wisconsin, where his invalid wife needed his attention. Fred Miller and daughter Minnie of Plum Creek went to Cedar Palls Friday to spend two weeks in visiting. A brother of Samuel Mayne of Bancroft visited him last week, and spent a day in Algona. He is in the railway mail service out of Chicago. Mrs Pitt Cravath and Mrs. Boveo came from Whitewater last Wednesday for a week's visit with Mrs. R. B. Warren. They return tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mason were up to Swan Lake Thursday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Mason's sister's husband. He died suddenly of heart disease. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Robinson were over from Britt to spend Sunday. Andy now tips the beam at 206 pounds and is as jovial as he is fioshy. He is having a good trade and is doing well at Britt, all of which he deserves. Mrs. Daniel Burgan and daughter Abbie from Chicago are visiting in the city the guests of Dr. M. H. Hudson and B. P. Reed. Mrs, Burgan is a cousin to Mrs. Hudson. Her daughter is a prominent real estate broker. That are delighting the masses and stirring up would-be competitors, and everything new and fresh; THAT'S WHAT TALKS. A clean stock Imitators who boast of doing business on "job lots" can't expect to keep up with our procession, for the people can't be fooled always with accumulations or old styles and fabrics that are many years old, and which are too dear at any price. We have no room for that "trash." We sell first-class goods at lower prices than any other dealer on this continent. WE ARE THE TO OPEN ATLU VERNE. A Special Train will Carry tlio Crowds to LuVerno for Dolllvor's Meeting TonlKlit. Congressman Dolliver's opening meeting in the county will be held at Lu- Verne tonight, and Chairman Sessions has arranged with the Northwestern for a train to bring back all who attend from the north. The expectation is to make this a big gathering and all who can attend can take the 6 o'clock train south returning after the meeting is over. Let everybody turn out and give our south end town a visit. And we show our superiority by opening with the largest stock of Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods ever brought to Algona. We will be pleased to have all attending our Fair call on us, as we are anxious to show you our goods and prices, and make you our friends. The Bargain Givers of the Northwest.. &> OO. shipped to Eagle Grove yesterday, is one of the most scholarly men in He the Meth'odist"Yh'iirchV and "Alg.ona. will hope to have him back sometime mine future. P. R. Grose, brother of our candidate for county clerk, has been Pitting bath rooms into Livermore, ana tne Gazette urges everyone to clean up. Livermore is getting pretty aristocratic with bath rooms, . While lifting some heavy material in the opera house building last week s am, Plumley strained his back and has been quite seriously sick since. He is confined to his room and is nav- wg a bad time of it. Judge Thomas is in excellent health at present and looking better than on his previous visits to Algona. He wm jwtbe able to stay long enough, to nn- ish all the business, as he has to go to another county next week. Col. Chas. A. Clarke came up from 'Cedar Rapids yesterday to argue a mo- N°n made by Mr. Ellsworth's lawyers to take his attorney fee case to Hardm county. Mr. Ellsworth Is also in town « connection with the case. Another military honor has been se,«~.a • i, r "., •»«•_!— Haggard proceedings. He thinks the labor men wmnave no trouble in proving their i V nnoc,?nce, and that they will be acquitted. He will go east again as soon as his services are needed. The Courier has a complimentary and deserved mention of Patrick Kain, whn has had the declaration of inae- lendence made a study in the school in .is district. Mr. Kain ^ajru^ blue ?here,aM H he Is not willing to ' then favor as she on has Irelanc scare straight. Hinchon s is a mystery. are trying to into voting don't need it, Bro repu They All w'e are doing is to make METHODIST APPOINTMENTS. Algona Gets Rev. Bagnell—Rev. Flau- Igaii to Kagle Groyo—Some Otlxer Changes. The annual conference of northwestern Iowa closed at Cherokee yesterday, and the new appointments are made. Rev. Flanigan, who proved' so very popular here, goes to Eagle Grove, and Algona gets Rev. Bagnell, who is one of the brightest young men in the con- ferance and very popular in Webster City. Bancroft has Rev. Luce returned and Burt has Rev. Forsythe. Ledyard gets Rev. Casver, LuVerne Rev. Kilbourne, Wesley Rev. Eastman, and Whittemore Rev. Cooper. The list for the Algona district is as follows: W. A. Black, presiding elder, postofBce, Eagle Grove. Iowa. Alden—W. H. Montgomery. Algona—Robt. Bagnell. Bancroftn-A. W. Luce. Belmond—L. C. Woodford. Britt-S. J. R. Faus. Burchinall—S. W. Hoskiss. Burt—J. Forsyth. Clarion—W. A. Pottle. Clear Lake—Wm. Whitfleld. Corwith—P. H. Eighmy. Dakota—S. H. A. Green. Daros—O. A. Luce. Eagle Grove—A. S. Flanigan. Emmetsburg—F. H. Sanderson. Forest City—A. A. Maroy. Garner—C. B, Shannon. Goodell—S. H. Y. MoBrido. Gllmore—A. S. Black. Goldfleld—S. R. Hardwood. Humboldt—A. E. Slesser. Lake Mills—D. A. MoBurney. Ledyard-J. W. Casver Livermore—Samuel Gallon. LuVerne—J. B. Kilbourne. Renwick—W. G. Baker. Rook—S. J. B. Stout. Rowen—G. P. Hathaway. Rutland—J. B. Bateman. Swaledale—E. E. L. Stevens. Webster City—H. K. Hastings. Wesley—S. L. Eastman. West Bend—Alf. James. Whitemore—S. A. Cooper. Williams—Ephriam Robins. Woodstock—S. Irwin Green. Go to Rlst's Racket For bargains in Underwear, Hosiery, Gloves, Mittens, Caps, Dutchess Pants, Jamestown Dress Goods, Tinware, Nov tions, etc.—27t4 FOH real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, make inquiry at the Kossuth County bank. JUST received, a new invoice of our celebrated $2.25 shoes for ladies. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. Coal, Coal. I handle only the best grade of hard Illinois and Iowa coals, always at bot- latson & Have Just received a fine line of all kinds of Millinery. Goods. •• Something very nice in tlie way of Feathers, Fancy Trimmings Velvet, Ribbons, Baby Caps, in fact anything that can be found in a first-class millinery store. We Are Pushed ® For Room —. ® Our room is small and our stock is getting larger every day; so we've got to push . our stock as fast as possible to make Room for New Arrivals A New Firm. The undersigned having bought out the meat market formerly owned by H. J. Edens wish to say that they will be glad to meet all old customers, as well as the new ones that may favor them with their patronage, hoping by kind treatment and fair dealing to receive a part of the public patronage, CASH PAID . , . FOR EVERYTHING needed to properly operate a first-class meat market. SHADLE & SON. the known vour plan to elect democraUo ticket by begging straif repul °wed for Algona and Melzar Haggar will attend the opening exercises of the World's |aip ft8 clerical orderly for «ty.-Gen, Green, Ttw place was given SSWJS'.V? «fe*j- tom prices.-26t8 J. J. WILSON. ALL the new styles in fall and winter millinery goods at E. Reeve & Co.'8.-26 FOB SALE—Body oak or maple wood. Inquire of M. B. Dalton. COBN—26 cents delivered on my farm. CHARLEY HOY, LffiJNDRY Has located In basement of Galdraith's block and Is prepared to take laundry work of all kinds. THE ALCONA SUPPLY HOUSE Will furnish you anything In the line of CREAMERY:: SUPPLIES, Prices guaranteed. Send your orders when In need of anything, and they will be attended to promptly. ONEY TO LOAN— ON RAILROAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow money on rail road lands will do well to call at the Kossuth County Bank ana bring their contracts. of goods, and in order to reduce our stock we will sell goods at 25 per cent, less than our regular low-selling prices. The Boston Store. The originator of low prices on Shoes in Algona, CT3 00 Undertaking, and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable, o. L. LUND. J. J. RYAN [Successors to 0. L. Lund—Established 1880.] REAL ESTATE DEALERS We wish to announce to the readers of THB UPPER DBS MOINBS that we have extraordinary facilities for the selling of farms and unimproved lands in northern Iowa, and we invite all who wish to dispose of their property to can on us at our office in Algoaa, or to corresppn<i p^As soon as spring opens we have a large number of customers from the eastern. states who are ready to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable yates. Wo be- lleve in fair dealing, and if you want to sell your property don't waste a»y time in listing it with UB. Yours respectfully, LUND & RYAN,

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