The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 5, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 5, 1892
Page 2
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"T •' ,,-<" >-, ' THE Ul'PEK UE8MOINK8, ALGONA. IOWA.' WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 6.1882._.. ALGONA, IOWA. FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD. It usually requires on emergency to arouse the American people to action and the visitation of cholera has exposed to us the inefficiency of our means of self-preservation. As a result of the conflict of authority between nation and state in New York harbor the pleasing assurance comes from Washington that a national quarantine established by federal legislation will propably be one of the leading recommendations of President Harrison hi Ids message to congress in December. The recent experience of the federal officials with the quarantine system r.s enforced, by (the various states has led to the conclusion that there ought to be a uniform national system of protecting the country from pestilence. This would prevent all conflicts between state and federal authorities, and would make it certain that whatever precautions were taken CONDENSED NEWS. Apaches in Arizona take the warpath. Wyoming democrats and populists fuse. Bank robbers at Roslyn, Wash., do a $10,<X)0 job. A saloon fight in Litchfield, Minn., rc-sulted in murder. Bank attaches are arrested at Kani-as City for embezzlement. I'. S. Gilmore, the famous bund loader, died in St. Ixiuis Saturday. The Colored Men's National Protective association Indorses free trade. The American Type Founders company, a trust, has .$! l,(>00.000 capital. Cholera disappears completely in Xe\v York, but is worse than ever hi Berlin. Three- horses were killed and their jockeys were injured at the Gravesend races. A St. 1'aul peddler committed suicide Miid carries a terrible secret with him to the grave. Three German princesses, all reln- tives of the Duke of York, are in the race for the Land of England's heir apparent, -with the chances in favor of Princess Alixis. The eastpm ecclesiastical province of the Church of England in Canada, has finally adopted the constitution as propose;! by the Winnipeg conference, with a slight amendment. Kesideuts of Spencer. Iowa, have been so much annoyed by the depredations of tramps that they threaten violelice to a number of vagrants who are confined in the jail there. J. 11. Wk-kes. president, of the Wickes Kofrigerat'or company of New York, fell from a second-story window of a resort on Monroe avenue, Detroit, Friday night, and broke his neck. The delegates of the Socialistic Labor party of New York has placed in the Held a full municipal ticket. Alexander Jones, editor of the A'olks Zcit- ung. is their candidate for mayor. Ten thousand dollars was received at Homestead Satmday from the Amalgamated association to be distributed among the locked-out men formerly in A new mid very destructive wheat, the employ of the Carnegie company, pest called the frit fly is discovered j Kyder. formerly American consul at, j Copenhagen, who is under arrest for in Northern Minnesota. Chicago and play a game in men winning by one run. Populists of Connecticut held a convention at New Haven Saturday, and bv the federal authorities to shut out volition at New Haven batu •• . ... ' nominated a full state ticket, pestilence would apply equally hi every , . , .. . .„, , , _ ' f!en. John Pope, one of the Lnlou part of the country. The marine hos- j ( , (1/)im . m(]ci . g , n ^ wu . o£ ^e rebel . pltal service could easily assume the i Uon> djc(1 , lt <$, m ,i us ]jy, Ohio, work of enforcing a national quarantine law, and it would have within easy summons the revenue marine service, , The loss will exceed ?120,000. ,and if necessary the entire m'litary and ! . M* Mnrgarrt BWimB, of Kansas naval force cf the countiy. at home who feared tlie incoming of ;pcstllence would know just what steps were being taken to shut It out with- Miunesota cricketers i frauds connected with the administra- St. Paul, the Cliicago tion of estates eutnisted to him in his official capacity, has been held to await trial. The national camp of .the Patriotic Order Sons of America, in annual ses sion at Lebanon, Fa., has. passed an amendment to its national constitution to eliminate the word "white" from its constitution. Tlie presbytery of Cincinnati has decided by a large majority to put on trial for heretical teaching one of its members, Prof. Henry P. Smith, of was elected president of the Woman-s tue Laui; theological seminary. The Kclief corps in Washington Friday. I tl . lal wlll Degm Oct. 5. " Tlie Imperial mill and elevator at j p our negroes and one white man Duluth hus contracted for an addition wcre ^-hipped at New Castle, Del., to its buildings that will cost $350,000. j^turday, ' m tuu presence of about AGAINST selves against the harder home life which such tariff taxation produces, the workingnian is- suffering from, the Importation and employment of pauper labor, instigated, by professed friends, and seeking security in organized co- o;ernti>..i. He still, waits for a division of tl,,- advantages- secured to the em- ., ,,, ei- under cover of a generous solici- tuiie for iiia wages,, while the farmer is learning that the prices of his products lli«? letter Of Acceptance are lixed in foreign markets where he HIS L/errei ui /M.VCJ ^^ ^^ competition invited and Cleveland Gives His Views on the Tariff. I t.uilt up by a system he is asked to support." "Kverv governmental concession to clamorous favorites invites corruption in political affaire by iiicouraging tha antl /. r. -n Tiro+ni.inl expenditure of money to debauch suf- In Favor of Free Eaw Material y in rt of a policy dlrectly But Xot ot Trade, free frage in support favorable to private and selfish gain. This must strangle patriotism and weaken popular confidence In the rectitude) of republican institutions. Recognizing these truths, the national democracy is Conviction ill the wUl seek,.by the application of just and sound principles, to equalize to the people the blessings due them from tho government that they support, promote among our countrymen a closer community of interests, cemetned by pat- j.jtisrn and national priilu, uuel point out ,\ TV ••;.,!. ..f i-inid and of Silver a fair Held wlu.a-0 prosperous and dlver- A xxO-iiill 01 UOIU ttiiu ui ou>ti ontot-nHsns tbrivo m Merit of Civil Service Reform. The seaport town of Buctouche, N. , B., was destroyed by tire Thursday. out consulting tlie laws and regulations i The -wrecked whaleback steamer 300 spectators, including a few curious of twenty or thirty states. Citizens > AVetinore, is going to pieces on the . visitors from Philadelphia, abroad returning to this country would Oregon coast with several men on , board, know that the same rigid inspection ( duk(} of SutlKjrland is dend . would await them at the remotest w . ls 1)f>st Chester, New York and Baltimore. C. E. Tilliughast of Cleveland has He been elected president and B. II. Stahl on account of his im- of St. Paul vice-president of the Life part of the Carolinas or tlie gulf as moralities wliich he took no pains to Underwriters' convention which met in aw,,tcd them at New York, Boston or conceal. New York. The next convention will CamdHn points Immigrants and the ! Extra sanitary precautions are being be held m Cleveland, Ohio. Canadian points, jmm^ranu, i ^^ ^ ^ m ^ ^ ordcr tQ 1Jrcvent A blcr u . uued >T H . KcllVi „ steamship companies would know that cholcl . a becomlu£ , epidemic outside of « d hig at Tweiitietli and re- Larimer they had but one authority to deal with Hamburg. streets, Saturday morning shot and iii- at quarantine, and that was the author- ' r rhe dos tmction by fire of tiie Union stantly killed his mistress, and then govern- ' School Manufacturing company's works blew his brains out, Jealousy is sup ity of the nation. Foreign inents would also bo able to rectly with tiie department of state in any negotiations regarding quarantine and could co-opcrato with that do- ., SS!lu it and battery partment hi measures for an iutema- Private lams, tlonal warfare against pestilence. If constitutional warrant can be found for placing the whole matter under the absolute control of federal officials, it will undoubtedly be recommended by President Harrison. There is no Should be of Equal Value, Parental Rights, the World's Fair and Other Matters Considered. sified American enterprises thrive in the wholesome atmosphere of American : hiilustry, ingenuity and intelligence. i Tariff reform is still our purpose. We ! wage no exterminating war against auy i American interest. We believe a road- Penal „« \r n i™,v u New York, Sept 26.-MT. Cleveland b letter of acceptance was made public (his evening. It is addressed to A\m. the disaster of demolition. We the advantages of free raw material should be accorded our uianufac'tui-.-rs ana contemplate a careful distribution i of the necessary tariff burdens ratUi-r than a reception of free trade. Wean^ ^ ai c . llmuoss tho iulsropl . esoll . Q£ oui , motiyog nnd purposcs . ami ^ mtelligeuco of our follow JI. Wilson, and other members of the CQ ^ to rejcct thc cliuse . notification committee. Ihe following ^ ^ compriBlng a mn j 0 rity of our is a Ubcral synopsis: ,.« people is planning tlie destruction or kv- -ln mspdhse to the formal notmca- , eof ^ noricau iutereste) aml Wl} tion of the nomination to the presidency by the national' democracy I hope I may be permitted to say at the outset that continued reflection and observation have convinced me in my adherence to the opinion winch 1 ^"^^^ ^will-not !,„,.,. 1inw>4wf/ima Tilnilllv flllfl IMlhllPlV fll>. i «ii»ij.u. \, have heretofore aud pubhcly do iutereste) b(? MBntcnod by Uie spectre of impossible free trade. "The administration and management of our government depends upon the popular will. The federal power is its of master. Therefore the --- --------- •* , ... , i i masier. Muereiore mu in/iuiiiiii^, vi dared, touching the questions involved , onente of demo ciucy to inter°P in this canvass. This is a time above f all others wh f these questions should, Cyclopes a 1^^ n/^icirlovorl ni Inp lifrnt. nfrovrifHl ^ _ _ ^ ... be considered light afforded De consiuereu HI UHS UBHL «^« -- : desigu whlch no explanation can raitl- by some apprehension of the principles * , n , telnnt „„,„„,* fail to upon which our government is based, and a clear uuJerstandhig of the relation it bears to the people for whose benefit it was created. We shall thus gate. Such an attempt cannot fail to be regarded by thoughtful men as a proof of the bold determination to secure the ascendency of a discredited party hi a reckless disregard of the ^ gtreator and otuer ]ulllt , uy O f- caused such terrible dcviistation to ra-o- Ilcers are indicted hi Pittsburgh for peity aud the loss of thousands upon | in the case of Oen. A. G. Weissert of Milwaukee, is elected conmiander-in-chief and Col. thousands of lives, has again overflow- eel its banks. Twelve towns have been inundated and many lives lost. Accoreling to Poultney Bigclow, the; 11. H. Warfield senior commander of German emperor's yacht Meteor will Mrs. Elizabeth Stantoii has Just died not be entered American cup. in the race for the Mr. Bigelow state' value of any prope>sition relating to the maintenance and administration of our government can be ascertained, and by which justly and honestly To resist such a sceme is an impulse of the democracy. The people are a sound and honest money, onu oy wii cu ju*u, o^u wm«uj , abuudantl suiicient m yolume to sup . every political question can be Judged. hlia , * nwl . Wni . whntwvM . ,„„„ If the doctruies or theories are presented which do not satisfy this loyal Americanism, it must pronounce them false and inischevious. 'The protection of the people ha the 7-™ 10 • c< ^ v i"i -itrtheTec^ that the emperor assm-ed him that he exclusive use and enjoyment of their ljUlll.1 COUlllJ , J. tl., .It LUC UfeC U* „„,..,.!„„ +!,„ -M-^t™,. K-i.nnni.fir on/I noi^linrro nnncHfiltnc! +l,n 117. She was l/om in Lancaster coun- speciflc reference in the consttation ty, Pa., m It ia. ! bu t Judge William Sherwood of the common pleas court at Cleveland, elied morning from tlie effects of a to any such authority in congress, power may be found under the clause authorizing congress "to regulate com- siu .jr| c "al operation, merce with foreign nations and with , T]lo American Land and Irrigating the several states." If authority could i Canal company is. incorporated in Den. i vcr. it will operate in Montana anel ! other far Western states. An agreement has boon reached bo twi-eni tho granite cutters and their employers in Vermont after a strike that has lasted live months. Kd Kmmerson, aged 1.7, stabbed and had no idea of entering the Meteor, property and earnings constitutes the Labouchere radicals and Scotch liber- .especial purpose and mission of our free als are now in tlie mood to demand government. This design is so iuter- that Gladstone shelve home rule with woven with the structure of our plan resolutions until other reform measures of rule that failure to protect citizens are passed, and tlie Grand Old Man in such use and enjoyment of their be found for an absolute'embargo upon commerce! for a merely political purpose 85 years ago, when tho bonds of tho federal union wore much weaker than now, it Is argued that the detention of vessels in quarantine to save .the country from pestilence is easily within the powers of the federal government. Tlioro is no question that congress has the; power to regulate immigration, whether the power is derived from .the authority to regulate commerce or .from the famous slavery clause which provides that tho "migration or Importation of such persons as any of (lie states now existing shall think proper to admit shall not be prohibited by congress prior to the year one. thousand eight hundred and eight." The absolute prohibition of Immigration in times of danger will probably lie; placed in the; hands of the president if any law is enacted, and this will be strictly within tlie constitutional authority of congress. If doubt arises as to llto power of congress to exclude the states from the exercise of quarantine powers, it may still bo found proper to establish some; federal regulations and to provide; Unit they shall have; •full force;, subject to the laws of tho states. Any action that Uie federal gem v rn- niunt may tako will undoubtedly meet with tho hearty approval of the American people; who repe>se: tho greatest trust in the; wisdom and power of tlio central authority. A national quarantine system would not elo away with . state; boards of health. Tho latter would still line! an abunelanco to elo within slate- boundarks and in supplementing the labors of the national organization. in inclined to have home rule or nothing. Thc liverymen of Chicago have formed a trust, and have put the price of carriages during the world's fair dedicatory parade at !?22 per day. Pli-j directors have been compelled to accept the price, and the outlay for Oct. I 21 will bo $10,000. rights in these matters by the government itself is a betrayal of the people's trust. We undertake to build a great nation upou a plan of our own. To furnish the means for the accomplishment of national objects the American people are willing through federal tax- Kan., Friday. The murder was tho sequel to a light about a girl. C. II. llogne, an American merchant | ation to surrender a part of their earnings' and income. Tariff legislation presents the familiar form of federal Thp_ application for bail^prosentcel , taxation and results as surely in a tax of our people as Charles I-Iogenlhall at Fulton, , )y Hngh O'Doimell, the Homestead ! upon tne daily striker, who is in jail on a charge of a tribute paid directly into tho hands murder in connection with the recent riots, was refused Saturday morning, of Monterey, Mex., has been expelled anel O'Doimell will have to remain in from the republic for criticising tiie; ' administration of President Diaz. Oliicials sent by tho Kussiaii government to Investigate n cholera outbreak in a Polish province arc attacked by the; deluded people, causing a riot. Tho balance 'wheel of a corn sheller lie; was feeding burst anel a piece; of tho metal struck anel killed a son of Antonio Baumgurlucr, of Freoport, 111. Jail until his trial begins. Albert, Lnvat was scalded to death by a Jet of steam escaping from tho boiler of tho steamboat Lou Cuni- mings, lying near Charlevoix, Mich. Ho was found under tho forward of the tax gatherers. We feel the burden of these tariff taxes too palpably to be persuaded by any sophistry that they do not exist, or are paid by foreigners. "Such taxes are only Justifiable for the purpose of maintaining tho government and fmulshing tho means for the accomplishment of legitimate pur- literally cookf-d, and when re- j ,, O ses. This is taxation under the op- moved tho flesh and bones fell to pieces. Thc crew of tho British baric Bayard refused to sail in her for Hamburg because of tho cholera epidemic eration of a tariff for revenue. It manifestly enjoins strict economy in public expenditures and their limitation to legitimate public usss, inasmuch as it exhibits absolute extortion any Owing to radical discontent and tho hostil.-j attitude of Scotch liberals, Gladstone's government is reported likely there' and prevented tho employment exaction by way of taxation, from tho to fall at tho opening of parliament. t of substitutes who were to be paid j substance of tho people, beyond the. The United States circuit court of j ""to' tho wagesduo them. The mat- necessities of a Careful and proper ad- appeals in St. Paul decides a case in- . I ter was taken into the courts, tlie mas- Miss Mary Urownold Hamakcr, a native of Staimton, Va., who has gono to Berlin to prosecute her studios on tlio violin, has been admitted to tlie conservatory where the great master, Joachim, presides, although but 1 years oi' ago. Herbert Barbee, the sculptor, of Luray, Va., has raised $3,500 of the $5,000 needed for tho erection of a bronze statue to the confederate sol dlcrs at that place. Mr. Barbee has. completed the model of a statue, and It Is ready to be put in bronze. •olvlng ,f20,(!00,000 concerning )maha and Denver water works .ems. the ter having the men arraigned for mutiny. Tho cholera scare lias stopped the Woman suffragists nominate Mrs. ; importation of rags for paper manu- Victoria \Voodhull Martin for president ^dories, wliich draw about i5 per if the. United States and Mrs. Mary I;. Stow of California, for vice-presl- lent. cent, of their supply from abroad. 'Hie consequence will be a material advance in nearly all kinds of paper. „ the main exception being tlie grade 'It 18 reported that two member of j us(i(1 fop 11( , wsi) ., 1)a , s whit . h ls fol . tho e Bismarck family have, re-signed m ,. ,„,., ,„., f ,, iiiri Wnnl1 ,.„,.,. hi. Jieir army posts because of the 10m- pe-ror's language toward (ho ex-chancellor. Berlin people are; taking special ins to purify the water of the Spree be'foret using it, as tlu> spread of cholera is attributed to tho filthy cemditioii of the river. Harold Bec-kwiUi, son of a millionaire of Cass City, Mich., committed suicide by elrowning himself in a bathtub owing to despeuidency brought on by drink. lOmp-.'ror William's new army bill is meeting with vigorous opposition in preliminary conferences with tlie German states, especially as to tho financial scheme. Tho last weekly statement of tho New York banks shows a reserve increase of $171,500. Tho banks now holel $5,051,075 in excess of tho 25 per cent. rule. The transportation of the Nornian- nia's passengers from Camp Low to JN'ew York began Saturday morning. Passengers from the Itugia will now occupy the canai most part made from wood pulp. camn.y FREE METHODIoTS. :itl<> <>:; ! h<> iio.Vn <>1 O.sliknMll ill Tlicdt Oshko-sh, Sept. 2!).— Tho state conference of tlie Free Methodist denomination me>t in this city yesterday, with Bishop JO. 1'. Hart in the chair. Only routine business was transacted. A &latlou committee was appointed consisting of Bishop 10. 1'. Hart, Rev. W. (i.' Hammer, Itev. L. B. Webb, O. V. Davis and A. Turner. The duties of the station committee are to name tlie pa.stors of the state for the ensuing year. Last evening Bishop Hart delivered 'an address at the 101m street church and Rev. A. L. Whitcomb at the First church. This morning tho reports of tho. pastors of the various churches wore rendered and presiding elders were elected. This afternoon the first report of the station committee was road. John Haudula shot and wounded a man named Anderson at Brule Sunday night. Bpjth are Mulanders. -.',',>,- /A ,-• •• •..'.', ' ' -.^•yVfrfe ministration of tiie government. "Opposed to tills theory tho dogma s now boldly presented that tariff taxation is Justifiable for tlie express pur- )ose and intent of promoting special ntorests and enterprises. Such a supposition is so clearly contrary to tho spirit of our coiistitutiem, and so direct- iy encourages disturbance, by selfishness and greed, of patriotic sentiment, that this statement would rudely shock our people If they had not already been insidiously allured from the safe landmarks of principle. Never has the honest desire for national growth, a patriotic devotion to country, and a sincere.regard for those who toil, boon so betrayed to support pernicious doctrines, Tho plea that our Infant industries should be fostered did service until discredited by our stalwar growth. Then 'followed the exigencies of a terrible war, and now, after a lonj, period of peace, when our overburdonec countrymen ask for relief and restora tion to tlie fuller enjoyment of their hi comes anel earnings, they are met b 1 tho for claim tho that sake tariff Of' taxatloi protectloi is the American system, a contiuu anco of which is necessary hi orelo that high wages may bo paid our work ing men and a homo market provide for our farm products. These pretense should no longer deceive. Tho truth is guch system is directly antagonistic t every sentiment of justice and falmes of which the Americans are pre-eni: nently proud. It is also a truth, tha while om- worliiuginen and f anners can least of all,oiu* People, defend them ply business needs. But whatever may be the form of national or state money —gold, silver or paper—it should be so regulated and guarded by governmental action or wise and careful laws that no one can be deluded as to the certainty and stability of its value. Every dollar put Into the hands of the people should be of the same intrinsic value of purchasing power. With this condition absolutely guaranteeel both golel and silver can be safely utilized upon equal terms in the adjustment of our currency. In dealing with this subject no selfish scheme should be allowed to Intervene or doubtful experiment made. The wants of our people arizing from the deficinecy of an imperfect distribution of money circulation ought to be fully and honestly recognized and eln- ieutiy remedied. It should, however, e constantly remembered that the in- oiivenicuce that might arise from such i situation can be much easier borne han the universal distress which must ollow a discredited currency. "Public oilicials are the agents of thc icople. It is their duty to secure for hose they represent thc best and most indent performance of public work. Tliis is best accomplished by regarding scertalned fitness in tho selection of government employes. This considera- ion atone is a sufficient justification 'or an honest adherence to the letter md spirit of civil service reform. Fur- liermore, through its operation worthy nerit is recognized, while its applica- iou tends to raise the standard of po- itical activity from spoils hunting and mthiuking party affiliation to tho advocacy of party principles by reason and argument "The American people are generous md grateful, and have Impressed these characteristics upon their government. Chereforo, all patriotic and just decisions must commend liberal consideration for worthy veteran se>lelicrs and the families of tlioso who died. No complaint should be made of the amount issued which is paid to those ictually disabled or made dependent by reason of army .services. But the pension roll should be a roll of honor, nnd uncoiltamiuated anel uuvltiated by demagogic use.'. This is duo to those whoso worthy names adorn tho roll and to all our people who delight to honor the brave and true. It is also due to these who, in years to come, should bo allowed to hear, reverently anel lovingly, thc story of American patriotism and fortitude illustrated by our pension roll. The prefeivncos accorded veteran soldiers in public employ ment should bo secured to tho honest, and without evasion, and when capable and worthy, their claim to tho helpful regard and deemed' the proper cttifcenshtp, should not'bvoire ment of wholesome parental iK>p do violence to household e Paternalism in government provril In .creed of democraCT^'l symptom of misrule, whether it ed in unauthorized gifts or by ranted control of personal ana affairs. "A, generous hospitality to welcome tlie worthy and of all lands to homes and among us. This is not vlolntedT! ever, by a careful and reasonable?^ ulatlon for tlie protection of the health, nor does it justify the of immigrants who have no tion of our institutions and whose ence among us are a menace to ent amoug us are a menace to and good order. The importance of the construction iJ the Nicaragua canal as a means •31 promoting commerce between ml states and with foreign countries M also as a contribution by Americans! enterprises which advance the '-• of tiie world of civilization commend the project to governmental approval and endorsement "Our countrymen not only eiMc t| from those who represent them m «^\ lie places sedulous care for things dl-l rectly and palpably related to (four material Interests, but also fully app^L elate the value of inculcating our naj ttonal pride and maintaining our njl tional honor. Both their material in. terests and national pride and honor are involved in the success of the ( umbian exposition and they -\\-Ul be inclined to condone any neglect or effort on the part of tho government to insure In grandeur this event a fitting exhibit of American growth nnd greatness and splendid demonstration of American patriotism. "In an imperfect manner I have endeavored to state some tilings which ao cord with the creed anel intentions < the party to which I have given a 1 long allegiance. My attempt has been to instruct my countrymen not the party, but to remind both thai democratic doctrine lies near tiie-pito ciplcs of our government and tends to promote the people's good. I am willing to be accused of addressing my countrymen upon trite topics and In a homely fashion, for I believe Important truths are found on the surface of thought and should 1 be stated In direct and simple terms. Though much is left unwritten, my record' as a ] he sen-ant leaves no excuse for: understanding my belief and position on the questions now presented to thi voters for decision. Galled for tie third time to represent the party bj choice in the contest for supremacy o democratic principles, my grateful ap preciation of its confidence less ever effaces the solemn sense of myr sponsibility. If the action of the i ventiou is endorsed by the suffragi of my countrymen, I will assume 1 duties of tiie great office, knowing i well its labors and perplexities with a humble reliance upon Divine Being, Infinite in power, to i and be constant in watchful care over our favored nation." Ki'sponsiMlity. S. S. Times: Railroad life is a 1 life, and it is a life of fearful respi bill ties. The engine-driver must be al ways on the alert, to note the and to hoed them along his coins and to have his engine in hand speeding ov for staying. On his ml fulness and skill and courage the lives of his passengers, gratitude of their countrymen should bo ungrudgingly acknowledged. The assurance to tlie people of tho ut most liberty coiisisteuc with peaco uud goou order is a cardinal principal of our government. This gives no sano- tion to sumptuary laws unnecessarily interfering with the habits and customs of the people-au offence to just niorot souse and not Inconsistent with good citizenship and public welfare. TUa same principle requires that tho lino between subjects properly within government control uud those fittingly left «al regulation be carefuUy k'pi education, wisely and lives of others; and the strain upon! nerve forces and sympathies is stant and severe. The s\vitchmani| place seems humbler, and his work less complex; but he also must keen-eyed, cool-headed, prompt, resolute, or he will fail of to a signal or of meeting an emergency! anel a disaster will be sure to folW| In tiie signal-tower of the toiin-stai however, stands a man who nas 'j sponsibilities for switchman, and IMI engine-driver, and above them W| Not one train but all trains, p "" track but all tracks, must he in eye and on his mind; and a mofflW'l misthought of failure on his parti bring nun in a dozen directions. V a. strain is 011 him hour by hour f day by day! And on his fidelity W many must depend for their per"' safety! Are only railroad men I sitions of fearful responsibility' railroad men alone be vigilant faithful at their posts of duty? of the parent, tho teacher, tiie I tho friend? A wrong turn of switch, tho showing of the light, the failure to give a mil or to heed cue, and disaster co to young lives that are dependent" the; wisdom and fidelity of those w they trust implicity ns promptew guides. Character-roads are Q' Important as railroads. .uiiel CHINESE OBJECT. Spnukcrg »t u MHHK lUootliiB 1 J' Now Yorki Sept. 22.-A ic?uce gathered tonight in ft ing held under the auspices « « Chinese civil rights league of JNe» ,„ city to protest against tho of tho Geary registration law. Wong Chin Foo colled the to ordcr and introduced a cUU slclan, Dr. Thorn, who spoke W »J on tho violations of tho treaty <» „< Intious; the injustice- of tlie Tho Chinese, said ho, are • both great political parties. no vote. Does this bill coi declaration of independence/ Itev. Wm. B. Tervill, and others also spoke Itosolutions wore adopted tue bill as "monstrous, iuhu constitutional" and P«>tes.P»S the enforcement of the wefts""* Miss In a, New York insane estate of $3,000,000.

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