The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 28, 1892
Page 7
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tlPPERDESMQlNES.ALabNA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 28. 189^ * itf OBStlHAM COTJOH OR COLIl lUt*' 8 HONBT Or HOBEHOTJND AND W* TooinAOnB DROPS Cure In one ,. the persons under arrest at Mari- A, on suspicion of having been con- in the murder of Mrs. Looney, are gSTjota Smiths. I'ti/B Is a battle field on which we fight ».f fame." To preserve health In this fight j« Beecham's Pills, 25 cents a hot t white female child born recently In WMhlneton lias "six toes on each 'foot and e jjejl Veil-developed fingers on each hand." M«9 Jtn<tA W. LOVBTT, Greenville, Sa., j." . «jiy physician gave me Brudycro- U«« for a severe headache. It noted like a •L rw I h°P e tnls recommendation will ha tbfl'meiins of relieving other sufferer*." Of *u Drugsl8 ^..f'^ii^ 6 ?* 9 'JUST FULL of Improvements—Dr. Pierce's Plea*-' ant Pellets. To begin-with, they're tho smallest, and the easiest to take. They're tiny, sugar-coated anti- bilious granules, scarcely larger than mustard seeds. Every child is ready for themj Then after they're taken, Instead of dis- hrblmr and shocking the system, they act fe a mild, easy, and natural way. There's no chance for any reaction afterward. Their Mo lasts. Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, Sick or Bilious Headaches, and all Seronirementa of the liver, stomach, and towel* are promptly relieved and pennon- oUy cured. They're put up in glass vials, •which keeps fcan always fresh and reliable, unliko tho ordinary pills in wooden or pasteboard And they're the cheapest pills you can buy, to they're guaranteed to give sattofaction, or your money Is returned " tr — '- tor the good you get. A [Young Woman at Fifty Was there ever a sky as blue? Olouds as fleecy and fleecing? For I know that her heart is tme-- Dear heart In her bosom beating. White are the sails at sea, Wafted by winds that favor; For I know that she loves but me— I, who would die to save her. Robin, my Robin, how strong And clear is yoiu' carol ringing— For my thought of her thrills througu your song, And she is the soul of your singing. Frank Preston Smart NO. 3.OO3. "I hardly think, Ezra, that she would suit thee for a wife." Friend Mary Minton stood at the kitchen table kneading the bread, a snowy cap surrounding her sweet ol<l face like a sort of working clay halo, a white apron tied waist. At sixty around her ample her color Wits as fresh as that of a girl, her eyes blue as the blue heavens above. Ezra, her adopted son—Friend Mlntou aud lus wife had been childless—had just brought a basket of russet apples the very last iu the comer bin of the bam cellar. He leaned against thi kitchen window, playing nervously witi the big, velvety, leaves of tho nious f ej fish geranium that blossomed there. He was a- tall, manly looking young fellow with clear brown eyes, a fresh complex ion and hair that grew in a curly mat all over his head. Friend Mary's glanco softened as she looked at him. It was \ I am alone, Eveline," said the widow, her heart Involuntarily warning toward the pretty, flowerlike young :hing whom Ezra had cared for. "But f thee does not mind, thee may call 'no 'Friend Mary.' It sounds more suit- ible to my ears." "If it isn't too familiar," faltered Eveline. "You see, I wanted to talk lo some one on whom I could depend. I —I have a lottery ticket here," showing tho white gleam of a strip of paper in her hand. "They coaxed me to buy t, and I am so sorry now. Please tell me what to do." "Does thee really want my advice, Eveline?" gently asked the Quakeress. "Oh, yes-5-es!" cried the girl. "Then I would tear tho tiling up and cast it in the fire." Eveline glance at the ticket, then at Friend Mary, and then she tore tl ticket In two and flung it on the floor. "Three thousand aud three," said she. "I dreamed one night that it drew a thousand dollars, but it is gone now." "Thee will feel thy conscience lighter," said Friend Mary consolingly as she put her hand ou that of the girl. "Art theo sick, Evelhie? Thy hand is very cold." Eveline burst into a, passion of teal's. "Sick!" she gasped. "Yes. No! don't know. He has goue away, Mi 1 .?. Minton. He never came to tell me goodby." "Does thee nioau my son .Ezra cliild?" "Whom else should I mean?" "Did tlieo expect him, Eveline?" "I didn't know. I thought perhaps— oh, I have been trying so hard to be LONG ISLAND GONE. Fire Wipes Out the Main Portion of the Famous Summer Resort, 7,lno on Copper VTlr«'. An infinitely thin coating of zinc is applied electrically to a copper wire by Prof. Silvanus Thomson, when the wire is held in the air until the /.inc gradually disappears by sinking into the copper The operation may be repeated several times, The copper wire will then be heavier than at first, but a much poorer conductor of electricity. " China, is said to have twenty times as much coal as Europe. One Hundred and Sixty Acres in Ruins—Origin of the Fire Unknown. Flames Have it Their Own,. Way — Score of Hotels Destroyed, "Fonnd Renewed Health, Strength Mid Hope." La Fayette Sunday Timet, La Favette, Ind. The Times it » newspaper if it is anything, and never hesitates to say a word in favor of any enterprise that is a benefit to sufferinK humanity, although it may benefit end bring dollars to the institution in the way of an advertisement, and this reason that, the Times expresses its , believe \n the {treat curative properties of I the waters and Magnetic Mineral Mud i Baths as only given in this country at the I Indiana Mineral Springs. Incidentally we might mention that the management can be relied upon to take advantage of any opportunity to augment the fame, of the resort by the most artistic and striking methods of advertising. Not long ago they secured as the Medical Adviser of the Springs the no less "German Syrup William McKeekan, Dtttftglflt *J Bloomingdalc, Mich. "Ihave had the Asthma badly ever since I caitti out of the army and though I. mW* been in the drug business for fifteen years, and have tried nearly- every* thing on the market, nothing hai given me the slightest relief ttflttt a few months ago, when I used B6* schee's German Syrup. I am Rockaway Beacli, Sept. 20.—The largest conflagration, that ever occurred ou the Long island coast destroyed over a _ hundred frame buildings here toddy noted personage than 'the "celebrated Dr. and left about a, hundred and sixty H. S. Tanner, the world's well known acres a mass of ruins. Tho main por-' hero of forty days' fast. Dr. Tanner. who has from time to time in the past Or, as the world expresses it, "a w e 11 • preserved woman." One who, understanding the rules of health, has followed them, and preserved her youthful appearance. Mrs. Pinkham has many correspondents who, through her advice and care, can liok with satisfaction in their mirrors. lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound goes to the root of all female complaints, renews the vitality, and invigoratesjhe system. Intelligent women know well its wonderful powers. It is the successful product of a life's work of a woman among women, and is based upon years of actual practice and expense. All Dnipglili icll It, or lent by null, iu form of IMIlt or UKengci. on receipt of 81 .OO. Liter Pllli, SSc. Corre- ipondence freely aniwcrcii. fddreta in confidence. "!. 11NKIUM MED. Co., LYSN, MABB. _ worthy of him! I _! evident thafhe was'tho" Very'ap'ple of! witk thoso S Ms - 1<vo refused the fore- ? f .™° . muscmn ', her eye. | man's invitation to drive with him. . "Why not, mother?" said he. "I 1>vo boen lading 'Macaulay's History know tho village gossips don't like • of Knglnncl 1 aud 'Gibbon's Home' of the Calverly family; but you're not I evenings, and I loved him, Mrs. Miu- one of the gossiping kind." | ton-oh, I did ludecrt-aud he nevcv tlon of this famous old summer: resort Is completely wiped out. i The fire broke out about 12:25 this afternoon in the Seaside museum. A high wind carried the flames across Seaside avenue. Within five minutes „ _ ... .... iV./r l "nff mln" after the flames broke through the roof great reputation that it has surprised his IL u fc" m » i „ ,, the fire was roaring ou most sanguine expectations. Ihis state- bien u valuable contributor to this paper. diBCUbsing the merits of the waters or Indiana Mineral Springs a short time ngo asserted that in point of medicinal efficacy and certainty of result in the treatment of diseases for which it has attained a "She's very young. Ezra," meditative- Cllme to tel1 me S° otUl J' ! J suppose I answered Friend Mary, "and verv! oughtn't to tell you this, but I cannot , • •• * l»/-il t-v 14- " iy pretty." "Oh, if you call these crimes"— "Wait a minute, Ezra; thee has not heard me out. I regret deeply that instead of going to live with Friend Warburtou, the minister's wife, she has preferred to cuter the factory, whoro there are so many giddy girls and careless young men." "But tho pay was so much better, mother." " 'Man doth not live by bread alone,'" oracularly answered Friend Mary. "Thee has been carefully brought up, Ezra. Tlieo must consider what is right and seemly in the way j of matrimony. Thy father and I would break our hearts if thee wont wrong after all our hopes aud prayers.' 1 "I trust I shall never do that, mother." "But thee must remember, Ex.ra, how powerful nil influence the wife exerts over the husband." "Mother, you are very much set against Eveline Calverly?" Friend Mary hesitated for a moment. "I think it would break my heart, Ezra," she answered, "if thee were to wed with a daughter of Tlcth, like Eveline." "Then that settles the question," i said Ezra quickly. "You have don.; | everything for me, mother. I was houseless, homeless, friendless when ! you took me, and I should be an Ingrato j indeed to turn against your wishes now. But, mother, let mo go away for ~ - _. . . . . i i awhile. Let me go to Uncle Aaron, Byrup of Figs la taken; it is pleasant I out in Montana) im til-mitil I get over u»d refreehing to the taute, and acts ! this." gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, I Friend Mary lifted her tender blue T i , „ , ,..._.__ .1 cycg ^ 1th jv pitymg U ght to his face. "Is it so hard with thee as that, my son?" snid she. "Oh, I am sorry! I—C could almost find it in my heart"— "Although ho interrupted^ Avith a forced laugh, "I'm not by any means so certain Unit Eveline would have me, oven if I asked her. Gerard AViuthrop is going there a good deal of late." "Yes," quietly spoke Friend Mary, who had by this time had patted her white, firm loaves into shape hi their shining oblong pans, all ready for tho oven, "and that is one thing I do not like. Ho is interested, they toll mo, in Both the method and results •when yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, head- lobes and fevers and cures habitual eonstipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the otomach, prompt in Iti action and truly beneficial In its Wects, preparad only from the most Wealthy and agreeable substances, i4» many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Byiup of Figs is for Bale in 50o «nd $1 bottles by all leading drug- girts. Any reliable druggist who fi»y not have it on hand will pro"ire it promptly for any one who wishes to try It Do Dot accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 8AN FRANOI800, OAt, tomviue, KI. HEwroaK. N.r. §••••••••* ^ A torpid llvor Is the source of dyspop- • sin, elck headache, constipation, plica, M . bllloua fover, chills and Jaundice. ^ specific effect on the storing: It to healthy action. SSctg. fy tho blood, uro uafo and—---— . the bust medicine known for bllloua- UBBS, constipation, dyspepsia, foul brcatli, headache.montul depression, pulnfiil digestion, bad complexion, and nil diseases caused by failure of . —- tho stomach, liver or bowels to per-» Won tuoir proper functions. Persons given to ovei-j gjjnjg aro benefited by taking one after each »<">{•• "rice, »3 i sample, 16c. At Druggists, or sent by urn I. j lilPANS OI1EMIOAI. CO., ID Spruce St., New \ork. f a great lottery scheme; ho is tho agent for a company down south, T.U-2 factory people havo bought tickets Eveline among tho rest," "Mother, I can hardly behove that." "The superintendent himself told mo, Ezra," said Friend Mary, closing the oven door with a gentle click. "Ho regretted exceedingly that Wiuthrop had gained such a footing there. Yes, my son, perhaps thee had better go to Brother Aaron for a few mouths. Thee needs change." So Ezra Mlntou decided to take the step that seemed like wrenching soul aud body apart. Friend Mary counted I MKN TO TBAVBI.. We pay f SO *100 a month and expenses. . at homo or elee- J where. Light, ,, - .,--_„— „„,„, „. UU ODPAY. Noyouua . ' *»i}ted. Don't jnlns tula opportunity. Ad>«>. with stamp, took Box 70. it^livillo. MloU. sani worS, at QOO ' out his socks, saw to the buttons on his shirts, relined the little leather trunk with pretty paper and shed a few tears Into the neat box of hauderchiefs as she packed them away. "If Montana were not a distance off" sho sighed to herself. "Or if Ko . could go any other way except by those dreadful flying trains! Thank goodness, I never was ou one, and, please heaven, I never will be! To me it seems little short of a tempting of Providence." She sat sorrowfully in the chimney corner on tho evening of Ezra's departure paring the russet apples to make "dish of apple sauce. How loud he kitchen clock ticked! How lonely tfi% great silent room seemed! I think I did right," sh There was a knock at the door The minister's wife perhaps, or Janet Golbe, the carpet weaver who lived under the mountain, come to ber- row the dye kettle. •iome hi, friend, whoever thee may be " said Friend Marry. And Eveline Calverly help it. Friend Mary moved uneasily In her sent. Her heart warmed toward tho impulsive young girl. She began to thiuk that perhaps she had boon too precipitate hi her decision. Suddenly Eveline started. So did Friend Mary. "There is some oue coming up tho steps," said she; "several people. Dry [ thy eyes, my child!" j It was two of tho factory K'irls, eager and breathless. They could .scarcely snatch time to salute Friend Mary Miu- tou before they addressed Eveliuo ' Calverly: | "Evy! Evy! your ticket has won a 1 priy,o. No. 8,003! A hundred dollars! They read out the list tonight. Oh, aren't you a lucky girl, though! AYe ' only wish it was us." I . Eveline' glance involuntarily sought | the floor, where lay the two torn pieces j 1 of the ticket. Jane Chertsoy made n I I grasp at them. ! "Why, what has happened?" exclaimed she. "But the number is all right. AVo can paste it together again." Eveline looked at Friend Mary Minton. "Give me tho pieces, Jane," said sho, were blav nothing to do with the lottery, good or bad," she added. "I'm sorry I ever bought the ticket." "But Evy, you've burned up a hundred dollars!" screamed Lucy Lane. "I've burned up a temptation!" cried the girl. "Do you think I would sell my soul for a hundred dollars?" Aud once more she burst out crying. Friend Mary sat late that night by the kitchen fire. She was thinking. Early the next morning she rose aud dressed herself and trotted down to tho railway station in tune for the 7 o'clock train. "I was never on the cars before," sho murmured, "aud it's just like riding behind a flying dragon; but for Ezra's sake I must risk it. He won't leave Edgcfleld before night. I must see hint first!" Great was JSzm Minion's amazement that afternoon when tho quiet Quak- eress, iu her dove colored gown aivl •and poke bonnet, came into of her sister, Friend Ruliamah Simmons, where ho was stopping Avliile ho made sundry preparations for his journey. "Mother, what has happened?" lie cried. "Nothing has happened, Ezra," said Friend Mary, her cheeks very pink, her blue eyes sparkling. "I have traveled ou the railway train. Tlia Lord has been very good to me, and I have not been dashed to destruction, aud I tliiuk, Ezra, that thee had better change thy plans." "Change iny plans, mother!" "Eveliuo has been with me, Ezra. She loves thee, I thiuk, aud I am far on the way to loving her. There is good metal iu tho child. Thee must coiue both sides of the avenue, and, fanned by the wind, began to eat its way hi all directions. In quick succession the flames attacked the hotels along the beach and on both sides of Seaside avenue. Among the principal buildings burned were the Coluis hotel, Grand Ocean hotel, New York hotel, Patterson and Barris hotel, Meyer's hotel, pavilion and pier, Burchell's grocery store, II. Simpson hotel, Columbus hotel, Itoach's annex, Kruss house, Dr. Pull's drug store, Peterson's pool room aud the Globo hotel, the fire tower, electric light station aud Garrison's hotel aud On th* Beach hotel, Stuttgart Ocean house, Columbia Schubert's hotel, Morrison's hotel, Grand Republic hotel, Meissuer's hotel, shooting gallery and carousal Seaman's hotel, Hotel Albeniarle aud St. James-oii-Boulevard. Besides these buildings, all of largo size, a host of smaller buildings, occupied by drug stores, cigar stores, ico i cream aud candy stores, shooting galleries and stores of such classes, were destroyed. AVith them went the merry- go-rounds, carousals, tobuggau slides and the many similar devices always found at seaside resorts. In vain the residents of the beach, aided by boatuieu, battled with the flames. Their efforts were thrown away. Aid was summoned, but its arrival made little dift'ereuce. About 0:80 p. m. the flames, after having practically biuiied themselves out for want of j immediate material upon which to feed. ' wore brought under control, but the lire was still burning brightly at midnight. How the flames started is unknown. Mrs. Phillips, employed lu the museum, is the only person known to have lost their lives hi the conflagration. A number of persons received burns and other injuries while fighting the flames. It is impossible tonight even to approximately estimate the amount of the losses. By some it is estimated at over $2,000,000, while others do not believe the total will amount to one quarter that amount. It is said that the insurance policies will not more than half cover the losses. glad to acknowledge the great good it has done me. I am greatly relieved during the day and at night go to sleep without the least trouble. • ment corning as it does from BO noted a physician as Dr. Tanner is heartily and honestly indorsed by the Times, as the writer of this ha* met and talked with many enthusiastic people who found renewed Btrength, health and hope in the life giving waters of these celebrated ' Springs. A beautiful illustrated book, telling all about the wonderful Indiana Mineral Springs, will bo mailed free, if you will send your address to Mr. H L. Kramer, box 3, general manager, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. An orange fad is among tho possibilities of the duy. Fruu consumption of the fruit IB said to be good for the complexion, and many ludius arc tusling the claim. II Onn« ColdB,Coughi,8oro Throat,Croup,Infln M.Whooplng Coujh, Bronohttli and Asthtu*. A certain ours for Consumption in flrit «t« je», an! a ion relief In advanced itageB, Vie at onot, Ten will lee the excellent effect after taking the •rit dose, Bold by dealori OTerynliere. Iar(t kottbl 60 oenta and $1.00. m_ Sample Piiolcago Mailed Free. Address Small Bile Beans, New York. But 1% per cent, of Bulgaria's population tan read or write. OPERATORS MAY STRIKE. she said to her- entered the back home with me, Ezra." "Do you mean it, mother— that sho loves me?" "Come and put the question to her thyself, Ezra," cooed Friend Mary. "1 feel that I have done her some injustice. Thee must set that right. Oh, my boy! my boy! I always i'elt that I should be jealous of thy wife, be she whom sho might. But, Ezra, I don't 1'eel so any more." She stooped and kissed his forehead. "Tlieo must make haste, Ezra. The flying dragon goes back at 7. I do not know that Eveline expects thee, but"— Ezra Mlntoii went back with Friend Mary. And though she had lost her hundred dollars, poor, lonely little Evoline had gained a double recompense— loving husband and a mother-in-law Matters on UK; ltnrlinf,'lon, Ceilnr Uiiphls & Northern Look Thr<!!llfiun)j. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sept. 20.—It is thought that the operators of the Bur- j lingtoii, Cedar lUipids & Northern railway will go out in a day or so. Chief Ramsay's conference with Superintendent Williams was fruitless, and a meeting of the grievance committee is called for tomorrow, after which the members will be sent along the road to notify agents and operators to be in readiness to go out at a mouiont's notice. Constipation cured by Small Bile Beans. English books were first printed by Ciix •,on lu the year 1474. Cure for Colds, Fevers and General Debil ly. Small Bile Beans. 25e. per bottle. According to the census just complete.! India has a population of 280,000,000. TYliy continue Hie use ot remedies that only relieve, when Ely's Cream Balm, pleas- out oi application and a sure cure for Ca tarrh and cold iu tho head, can bo had? I had a severe attack of catarrh and be caine so deal I could not hear common conversation. I suffered terribly from roaring in my head. I procured a bottle of Ely's Cream Balm, and in three weeks could hear as well as ever, and now I can say to all who are afllictprt with the worst of diseases, catarrh, toke Ely's Cream Balm and be i-ured. It Is worth $1,000 to any man, wo- [ man or cliild stitlerinK from catarrh.—A. E. Newman, Grayling, Mich. Apply Balm into each nostril. It is Quickly Absorbed. Gives llolicl'at once. Price 50 cents at Druggists or by mail. ELY BROTHERS, 50 Warren St., New York. The fathers of Now Guinea sell their daughters for an ax apiece. Down in New Guinea when a blushing maiden favors a young man's suit she shyly murmurs: "Ax papa." HALL'S CATARKH CURE is a liquid and is taken internally, and aets directly on Hie blood and inucoua surfaces o£ the sys lem. Write for testimonials, free. Manufactured b> F. J. CHENEY & CO., Proprs., Toledo, O. Of the 20,000,000 lauc'-«rs in the United .States less than 1,000,000 bc)«ng to labor organizations. If afflicted with Sore Eyes uao Dr. Isaac Thompson's Eye Water. Druggists sell it!i.' e Why is it that while everybody is inclinea to give a kindly look to a fat man a woman given to flesh ia apt to be made an object ol derision? The Pension Ilolls and Death. From ttie St. Paul Pioneer Prtu. They rest' from their labors and their works do follow them. Last year, according to Commissioner Rauin, 25,000 uames wero remored from the pension rolls by death} next year it will be 40,000 and the year following 50,000. The great pension roll will be a thing of tho past almost before the public ire aware of it. Many of these old pon- eioners die of pneumonia. This terrible malady takes off thousands overy year, especially to those who have l)e«n subject to great privations or exposure in youth or^arly manhood. Pneumonia is a disease primarily of the kidneys. _It is when the uric acid remains in the blood that it attacks the lungs and produces pneumonia. REID'S GBB« MAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CURB relieves the worst case of pcjumonia, even in aged people. It costs 25 and 50 cents a bottle and can bb obtained of any dealer. SYLVAN HEIIKDY Co., Peoria, 111. JUG Best Waterpof Coat In the WORLD I Tho FISH UKAND SLICKER la warranted waterproof, and will Uecp you dry In tho hardest utorm. Thi iicw I'OMMKL SUL'KEll la a perfect riding coat, am covers tho entire saddle. BowaroonmltatlonB. Don't buy a coat If tho "Flub. Brand" .not on t Illurtva- buy eJ Catalog in Iron. A. J. TOWER. Boston WEAVER ATTACKED. Tho General HUH to Answer Cliargos of an AUiintii I'npor. Wnycross, Gn., Sept. 20.—General Weaver made Ms first speech in Georgia at this place today. A large number of copies of the Alanta Journal, containing a full page article ou. Weaver's career in Pulaskl, Tennessee, with affidavits to his brutality and outrages while commander of the post there were distributed during the morning. General Weaver addressed the chief! portion of Ills speech replying to the charges. He denounced them all as uu- equaliliedly false. who helped her in all weak places fully appreciated her strong points. "For," softly spoke .Friend Mary, "I am always wiling to confess when I have been altogether in the wrong," bottomless Me. bog been built upon it, has sunk from exists in Matta- brWges have but each in turn HE WAS EXCUSABLE. Twitter—"What's this I hear about your falling in love with a girl at your boarding house." Jack Birdsall—"I had to do something; and I heard that love took away one's appetite."—New York Herald. Phantoms.. The hope, of cure held out in th« adv«rtU e mente ot nui^ rleu remedies are mere punn- tome, wlthon,' (lightest ilmdow of realty f bout them. c v , Bother baud, DO itatement :ias ever been ffiadT ID behalf ot Ilostetter'a Momacu. Bittern that is not eutcepllble to ainplu »>:b«tantlaton, Care hag been taken In laying Its •claim? before the public to circumscribe thpq { olalmi with the bouudi of truth. Allegations' outilde of these form up blot on the record ol thia sterling, time-honored remedy, proven by the most reepectable evidence to be a remedy foi »nu preventive of niilarJul dlfeaee, rueuwMum, kidney trouble, c.hroulc ladigeotlon aud WUous —- It « »», taeffftWy t&e fomotPigiWHii ??* "Don't Tobacco Spit Sour Life Awi»y" JB the startling, truthful title of a little book just received, telling all about Notobac, the wonderful, harmless, economical, guaranteed cure for the tobacco habit in every form. Tobacco users who want to. juit and can't, by mentioning tbia paper, can get the book mailed free. Addreai THE STEELING REMEDY CO., Box £44, Indiana Mineral Springs^ Ind. The pioneer vineyard of northern Ohio, now famous for its American wines, was planted by Hiram T. Dewey in 1857 one mile from the city of Saudusky. *TTH.—All Fits Stopped free by »r, Kline'* Hr<*at Nfrv«- JlfHtcxor. No Fits after first ilny'a use. Marvelous cures. Treutiuouud $2.00 trlul bottle free to Fit Cuseb. Betid to l>r. lUiue, Dill Arch St., Pliilu., Fu. Tho United States is reported to have 73,031 paupers in ulmsliouses. Made to J.ooU Take NeW. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Uluuiiud, Plush Garments Steamed, at Otto PluUh's Dye Works,310 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. The London Geographical Society and the Zoological society both admit women as fellows. EPILEPSY OR FITS. J8CO. 1)11. O. ri-IJSLPS JJBOWN. 1893. The noted 1] ertmlint and KPILEPSV SPKOIAU81 discovered tUut Epilepsy Brians from a peculiar d». rungement of the stomach, mid prepared his Cela- Imilud Horbol Knmodies whluli romovo the obow conditions und thus cure tho disease. Ihejr haw cured thouiundi of oases. Send for a'asUinonlnU and his "Treatise on the Cause and Oui« of Kpi. lepsy," 47 Grand St., Jersey Olty, M. J. All you have guessed about lil'o insurance nuiy lie wrong. if you Avish to know the truth, send for "How and nnnv POST- VVliv,' issued by the PENN MUTUAL LIFB, 921-3-5 Chest. HPT AuL nut Street, Philadelphia. s JOHN w. „ , . | WUHhlllgtOIl, M. S. ' Successful I v Prosecutes Claims. I Lat"p1-Bioipal Examiner U.S. Penalou Bureau, i 3 yra 1 u ln»t win-. IS ailjudlcatuieclaims, atty aiuce. ^ BARLOW'S INDIGO BLUB.! Tlio Family WiiBh Blue, for eala by Grocers. Wty guffcrer cvle, jLo* Weakness, Jbo. Atldt'edM, wltU *! *WX1AM MUTI 'MJIR. MttrillilUl, Mid* WE WART $100,000,00 LCan Walk a Mile Kunlljr, althouq^lgr a long time before tamog Hood's Burnupurlllii I could uot tvulk tl «t«cji. I had « terrible running sore on resulting from Nothing did mo ._,.„, jod until I begun tult- , IIOOWB MA.H8A.- k. 3*e pain oouied wholly, the dark color disappeared, the .on, jJiSToiiSrASelL has healed, aud thp limb * V '**' •** oeu< it perfectly jkealthy." MBS. 0. 4- AWH*, ATP* Mots ' }|ooa>* *>1H« ihould b« 1* rrerj ftmii, m,di. 1,200 ACRES. In tfa« "^ flESpj [UKS VBOTnTrtUwJTormS l K"!r"'." ->» l •"'•!»«! "T High est in. i SAUIICI.I rtrwlM»«oilMk>INOHTlUK!f •MUI Trt.i, Shrub., XI.. Kiii.rlrur. not »ir»urr. W«mf. ippl, AT iftvi i,,, "rains, «!.., ST«W<> AOt NUBSEnV CO., J.ak» City. Woo,, Name this p»per every tltno you writs. » emT FOLKS REDUCED iPISO'S CUBE FOR and people who bar* weak lungs or A»th-1 mo, should OH Ptso'« Onre for I CoosampUoo. It bM ««r«4 I 1 tbou*»ad«. (t lias not iBjur-1 ed one. It U not cad to tk - ll Is the pest cou^h syrup, gold everywhere. 8S«, CONSUMPTION.

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