The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 19, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1891
Page 8
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THE tJPPBM MJS MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY* AtFGtMT 19, 1891, IHmm THESE SPECIALS BY POST WESLEY. WESLEY, Aug. 17.—Quito a destruct- ire hall Btorm passed north of town last Thursday, which cut the corn and flnx up in baa shape for about one mile wide and four miles long. The crops are damaged more or less also. The sumo day there was another, but not so extensive, just south of Wesley, which did considerable damage to crops. A. J. Wright is quite sick at present but. under the skillful treatment of Dr. Hill, we expect to see him around soon. Plenty of work in Wesley for anyone that wants to work. H. C. Hollenbeck has sold his residence property in Call's addition, consideration, $1,000 cash. Mr. Hollenbeck intends to buy and build again in Wesley. Quite an accident happened here last Sunday, Mr, John Keller's family was going home from church, and in crossing tho railroad track the hind seat of the buggy tipped out, which threw Mrs, Keller and her sister-in-law on their heads and shoulders. For some time they were both unconscious. They were picked up and cared for till they were able to bo taken home. Dr. Hill •was called but found there were no bones broken. Both of the ladies are large, heavy women and Mrs. Keller's sister is well along in years, and no doubt they will feel the effects of this fall for some lime. Wo noliued John Pox of Algona on our streets ycwlerday. F. Hume has gone to Guttenburg on business. John G. Smith of Algona was in our town one day last week. Wesley will roll up u good majority for John this fall. H. C. Hollenbeck went down to Algona Monday on business. Mr. und Mrs. W. A. Glllesple are the fhappy parents of a little boy baby. All :are doing well. William thinks that •Gov. Boies will need all the help ho can got this fall and he intends to train ; this boy up in the way ho shall vote, The workmen will soon have the Me- .Phorson store room enclosed ready for tlio masons. Last Saturday evening somebody broke the cover olt' the letter box out•side the postofflcc door. It is not known whether there was any mail in ,it at the time or not. Our postmaster was rather worked up about it, and wo ••will advise whoever it was to look out as'thereis a place for such fellows, and and the parties may have the pleasure of enjoying the beauties of it for a term •of years. Mrs. ChiiH. Barber of Britt was visiting her mother, Mrs. G. W. Flack, Monday. A few of our farmers are threshing some'of their grain out of the shock. It is turning out well and of a good quality. C. K Oleson went over to Forest City Monday on IUIHIU-SS. Mr, and Mrs. S. E. Grove uro at Clear Luke camping. Mrs. Will liecd of Cor with was hero visiting here father and .mother, Saturday. Our Farmers' Allinnoo Store company have purchased u new safe, which arrived on Monday. The alliance store is doing a good business along with the rest of our merchants, Our school board have elected F. H. Single as principal of our school, Mrs. Colby and Jennie Pottibono will teach the other departments. School will begin the first Monday in September. A. D. Clarke of Algona was in our town Tuesday on business. Z. S, Barrett went down to Llio county seat Tuesday. T, H. Greelisol Truer, Iowa, stopped at the Sherman house Monday night. Mr. Groolis is looking after some of our lino farming lands in this part of tlio county. 'F. H. Single of Algona was in our burg Tuesday looking up the school business. Mr. Single seum to be favorably impressed with the situation us principal of our schools. uu VERNE. LuVJSUNK, Aug. 17.—Nod Robertson lias gone to Rolfo, where ho bus accopt- od a position in u harness shop. S. C. Platt's brother of Topoka, Kan., is hero upending a few days. Mrs. S. C. 1'latt wont to Algona Saturday. Ed. Van Voiwt, who wont to Kansas to work, roturned homo on Saturday. Ed. says that they have so much rain there that the grain is growing in the shock. Look out for n foot race soon. .E. F. Quick and family wont to Mason City last week to visit relatives for a few days. Fred, Southwick and family of Luiii Sundnyod at C. E, Simmons. jynink Hill of Liver-more spent Wednesday in town with the boys. C. H. Llchty's now residence la about completed. Mrs. Rev. Eiglnny has gono for a visit with friends at Clarnnco, Iowa. Mrs. Austin Willoy has gono on a visit with friends at Independence. Wm. Riley's little- baby boy died Saturday morning and was buriod Sundaj at the cemetery here. Nathon Hudson is hero looking ovoi the country. There will bo a foot race next Saturday. Frank Chapman and tho Livermore champion uro tho lads. It will come off at Livormoro. The ico cream social last Friday oven- ing at tho hall wus well attended. Dance at Soward's bowery last Friday evening. There was a good crowd in attendance, and a good time was had, Chas. Ford and brother, who have boon to tho Black Hills for tho pasl l month, roturnod tho 13th. Charles nays it is just out of civilization oul there and so came back. WH1TTEMORE. WHITTKMOKK, Aug. 17.—Wo are having good weather for corn. H. S. Dailoy is training two of hLs colts, both of* which will muko good roadsters. Mr. Tollier is spending u few days hero. Charley Thompson is getting along linoly. He is out on tho streets now overy day. Our harnessmuker, who loft hero Home time «go, has not returned. Bj all reports wo have a vacancy for u .shoemaker und harnossmakcr, and n good opening for both enterprises. Two or three new business nouses are to be erected soon. There was a large gang of men put ting in ties west of town Sunday, It is too bad thut tho railroad company can'' get their work done in six days of the week and let the poor man rest one day out of seven. There is a wheel of fortune ruft Sundays and every night in the week in a certain young man's barn. He had ought to be ashamed of himself to tolerate such a thing. Stop and think awhile and consider your situation. Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Engler came over from Emmetsburg Friday evening, returning home Sunday evening. Mrs, Engler left for hep home in Cassville, Wis., Monday evening. Miss Zora Newman and Miss Lizzie Chrischilles are attending the institute at Emmetsburg. Ed. Engler, who has been visiting the family of H. Munch for the past few days, returned to his home in Cassville, Wis,, Monday evening. Mr, and Mrs. Decker and son from Mich., are visiting the Rev, O. M. Thrasher, Mrs. D. is a sister of Mr. Thrasher. LEDYARD. LEDYARD. Aug. 18.—Ledyard is still booming. There are now seven new business buildings going up. Mr. Shipley, our hardware man, has his building nearly completed. Messrs. Shadle and Herman of Algo- are doing the carpenter work on the large store building being erected by Beckman Bros, of Lake City. Mr. Wright of Eagle Grove has his store opened to the public, and appeal's to bo having a good trade. J. F. Randall has the foundation laid 'or his large double store which he expects to erect in the near future. The largest yield of oats yet reported s by Mr. Ogren. His crop averaged 78 bushels to the acre. WILL NEW TfiAINS BE PUT ON? Xenv Time Card Will Ho Issued on Sunday for the Northwestern— No One Knows What - Changes Will lie Made. Some weeks ago we noted the proposed changes in the Northwestern icrvice, but nothing has come of the •umors as yet, and at present there is no assurance that anything will come of them. But some change is on foot, and next Sunday a new time card will >e issued. What it will be no one seems to know. Agent Vesper says he ms had no intimation 'further than ,hat it will be issued. The presump- ,ion is that ne,w passenger trains will be put on as at first proposed. That resumption is increased by the follow- ng item in the DCS Moines Capital, which said last week: "The Chicago & Northwestern ofll- ials are figuring on a now time card, which was 'designed to go into efl'ect next Sunday, but owing to unavoidable delays will not bo ready until Sunday, Aug. 2!J. By this change Des Moines and this vicinity will get another out- lot to St. Paul and Minneapolis, the train which now leaves here at 9:30 a. in. being changed to 7 a. m. and going through on fust time by way of Amos and tho northern Iowa division. Returning, the train will reach Des Moines about 8:80 p. in. The train on tho main line, or Iowa division, will also be changed to make closer connections with tho Union Pacific at Omaha." ' Whaf source of information the Capital had is unknown, but everyone along the line will hope that it is correct. ROMANCE AND REALITY. Tho Custom ol Bxiiggerntlon ' that linn Hocome a Grcnt Nulnancu. Tho custom of exaggeration and persistent misrepresentation has become an unpardonable nuisance. ' Of late years the fault with amusement managers has been to dwell upon the borders of romance, and so far forgot their obligations to a confiding public as to utter the most fabulous statements con- corning tlioir establishment. To such an extent has this error been carried that wo often wonder that any confi clenco is maintained. The day of myth ology is past and myths should be looked upon with suspicion. Therefore wo have resolved to root out the evil and by making plain, unvarnished statements as to our attractions and wholesome shows, at least command tho rospoot and consideration of every intelligent reader. Things will be called by tlioir proper name, and only Hucb features as we positively possess will receive mention. And with such an array of novelties as are numbered in our extensive collection, it would soom almost impossible to deviate from this rule. Then, too, our illustrations and pictorial printing will present in substance what wo shall exhibit in reality. No designer's or adapter's skill shall predominate. We shall strip ovary proposition of its romance and bombastic brngadocio, and present it clad in tho garb of reason, reality and truth. If this fails to place us in other than a pleasant and friendly position with our millions of patrons, than the fault lies not with us. Having spent years of incessant labor and thousands upon thousands of dollars in producing and presenting what all tho world acknowledges as tho greatest, grandest imcl most thoroughly interesting exhibition in existence, we feel eminently assured that our efforts arc and will be appreciated. Tho Wallace & Ander son show will positively appoar in Al gona on Friday, Aug. 21. AV. C. T. U. Tho state W. C. T. U. of Iowa will have a ball in readiness on tho stnt fair grounds at tho time of tho coming fair. It is proposed to build a hall that will scat from throe to five hundred. Some exorcises will bo planned which will be of interest each day during tho fair, which commences Aug. 28. Mrs. Marion II. Dunham of Burlington and Mrs. M. E. Hinman of Iowa City, state W. C. T. U. officials, kindly invite all friends of temperance to visit the W, C. T. U. hall on the state fair grounds. An Old Kesldont Doing Well Lu Verne News: While in Dos Moinos tho other day we mot C. N. Oliver, late of Kossuth county, but now in tho real estate business at the cai- l tal oity. Mr, Oliver is permanently outed, has a good run of business intends to grow up with the city, suys that land is proportionately hignei up here than in the central and south ern parts.of the state. o- and He ^^^^^^^^^B ^^^^^^^g^^ ^^^^^^^j^r ^^^^^^J^^^ MHHM •^••M j^^^^^ IMM^^B And don't forget it; keep your eye continually upon this space, and remember that JONES HE PAYS THE FREIGHT I McOormick Harvesting Machine Co., J. L Case Threshing Machine Co., A. A. Cooper, wagons, P. P. Mast & Oo M cultivators, etc., James Selby & Co., planters, etc., 1831 1842 1840 1843 1850 D. S* Morgan & Co., mowers, Hearst, Dunn & Co., planters, John Deere, plows, etc., Moline Wagon Co., wagons, etc., 1834 - 1860 1854 - 1865 fc^fe Of the New Wigwam at Algona, Iowa, is agent for the above well-known and reliable in-/ stitutions. Compare this list with anything you have seen,, and then decide where to bujr* your fe,rm implements for the season of 1891. TOPICS OF THE TIME. This Uncertain Weather Calls for Uemcdie.s that Will Act Quickly. For diarrhoee' or summer complaint in tiny form there is nothing better than Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarr- hoea remedy. Mm Nancy Berry of Adams in Lawrence county, Ky., says one- dose of it cured her of an. attack of diarrhoea;. two or three doses will cure any ordinary case. When reduced wiith water it is pleasant to take. Sold iu 25, and 50 cent bottles by. F. W. Dingley. The Jlnhwtny in Hi.s Family. AUR. Hovnuug, a well-known manufacturer of boots and shoos at S20 Nolan street, San Antonio, Texas, will not soon forget his experience with an att.ick of cramps, which ho relates as follows: "I was taken with a violent cramp in the stomach, which I believe would have caused my death had it not been for the prompt use of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Dnuvhcea Remedy. The first dose did mo so much good that I followed it up in 10 minutes with the second dose, and before the doctor could get to whore I was I did not need him. This remedy shall always be one of the mainstays in my family. Sold by F. W. Dingley, druggist. Speaks from Experience. CADOO MII.L.H, Texas, June 5, 1801.—To the public: From my own. personal knowledge I can recommend Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Rcmopy for crarmps In tho stomach, also for diaiTheeu and flux. It is the best medicine I have ever seen used, and is the best selling, A. K. Sherrill." Sold by F. W. Dingley. Water-town Hoots nnd Shoos. I have just received an invoice of tlto above make, consisting of Kangaroo, Calf, and Dongola Kid, both for ladies' and gentlemen's wear. Having had 25 years' experience in the manufacture of boots and shoos I can with confidence assure my patrons that for quality of material and style of finish these goods have no superior in ourmarket. Prices to suit the times. JNO. SHARP. South Dodge-st., Algona. 18. Now Try This. It will cost you nothing and will surely do you good if you have a cough, cold', or any trouble with throat, chest, or lungs. Dr. King's Now Discovery for consumption, coughs, and colds is guaranteed to give re lief, or money will be paid back. Sufferers from la grippe found it just the thing, and, under its use had a speedy and perfect recovery. Try a sample bottle at our expense and learn for yourself just how good a thing it is. Trial bottles free at L. A. Shcetz.' Large size, 50c and $1, 3 Specimen Cases. S. H. Clifford of Now Castle, Wis., was troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism, his stomach was disordered, his liver was affected to au alarming degree, appetite fell away, and he was terribly reduced in flesh and strength. Three bottles of Electric Bitters cured him, Edward Shepherd of Havrisburg, 111., had a running sore on bis log of eight years' standing; used three bottles Electric Bitters and seven boxes Buck- Ion's Arnica Salve and his log is sound and well. Jno. Speaker of Catawba, O., had flvo large fever sores on his leer; doctors said ho was incurable; one bottle Electric Bittors and one box Arnica Salve entirely cured him. Sold by L. A. Sheete, 8 Bucklen's Arnica Salve. The best salvo in tho world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, totter, chilblains, chapped bauds, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay is required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price :2oo a box; 'sold by Dr. Sheete. School Scats for Sale. D. A. Haggard is u committee to sell 80 Andrews & Sherwood school desks, as good as now. They can be bad cheap. Startling Facts. The American people are rapidly becoming a race of nervous wrecks' and the followingsuggests the best remedy: Alnlnmzo Ueiupnlng of Cutler, PH., swears thut when Ills sou wus speechless from St. Vltus dunce lit Miles' great Restorative Nervine cured him. Mrs. J. H. Miller of Yalparal- so, und J, D. Tuylor of Logtmsport, Ind., eucii gained twenty pounds from taking it. Mrs, H. A. uardner of Vistula, Ind.. wus cured of 40 to 50 convulsions a day, und uuioU headache, dizziness, backache, and nervous prostration by one bottle. Trial bottles, und line book of marvelous cures, free at F. W. Dlngley's, who recommends and guarantees this unequaled remedy. U * Tho Other Man Will bo Hypnotized. An evening issue of the Chicago Daily Times says: A farmer at Fort Dodge, Iowa, claims to luvvo been hypnotized by two bunko men, who robbed him of $2,000 in cash. And yet the scientists say it is impossible to hypnotized a person against his will! The next stranger who happens to look intently at that farmer will be "hypnotized," and his will power will not save him, either, unless he is stronger, bigger, and a better fighter than the farmer wlio operates upon him. Sudden Deaths. Heart disease Is by far tlio most frequent cause off sudden death, which In three out of four cases Is unexpected. The symptoms are not generally understood. These are: A habit of lying on the right side, short breath, pain or distress In side, back, or shoulder, Irregular pulse, asthma, weak und hungry spells, wind in stomach, swelling of ankles or dropsy, oppression, dry cough und smothering. Dr. Miles' Illustrated book on heart disease, free at F. W. Dlngiey's. who sells and guarantees Dr. Miles' unequuled New Heart Cire, and hit* Restorative Nervine, which cures nervousness, headache, sleeplessness, effects of drinking, etc. It contains no opiates. 3' * Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills Act on u new principle—regulating the liver, stomach, and bowels through the nerves. A new dls covery. Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure billousness- batl Caste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Un- equuled for men. women, und children. Smallest, mildest, surest! Fifty doses 25 cents. Samples free at F. W. Dlngler's drug store. English Spavin Liniment Removes all hard, soft, or calloused lumps or blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs, splints, sweenwy, ring bone, stifles, sprains, all swollen throats, etc. Save 850 by use of one bottle; warranted. The most wonderful blern- sh cure ever known. Sold 1 by Dr. Sheetz. Itch cured In ISO minutes by Wolford's Saul tary Lotion-. Sold by Dr. Sheotz. Consumption Cared. An old physician, retired from practice, having had placed In his hands by an East India missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy for the speedy and permanent cure of consumption, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma, and all throat and lung affections, also a positive and radical cure for nervous- debility and all nervous complaints, after having tested its wonderful curative powers in thousands of cases, has felt It his duty to make it known to his suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive and a desire to relieve human suffering, I will send free of charge, to all who desire it, this recipe, in German, French, or English, with full directions for preparing a-nd using. Sent by mail by addressing with stamp, naming this paper. W. A. Noyes, 820 Powers' Block, Rochester. N. Y. ALGONA, IOWA. The year 189J1-92 will open Sept. 1 with an entirely new corps of teachers, with the former course ol study thoroughly revised into Normal, College Preparatory, and Commercial courses, and with important changes in the plans of the school. Under its new management the Non'fHBRN IOWA NOHMAIi SCHOOL will aim to give the greatest possible benefit to each individual of the following classes of students: 1. To those who wish to take a three years' course of study with a view to fitting them selves for the best positions as teachers. 2. To those whose time and means are limited but who need a drill in the in the common branches and an insight into the elementary studies of the profession to enable them to do good work In our district schools, 3. To those who wish to make thorough preparation for college: Our three years' College Preparatory Course offers special advantages and fits its graduates for entrance into the Collegiate Department of any college in the state. 4. To the young men and young women who desire an education equal to that afforded by our seminaries; The Academic, or College Preparatory Course, gives to such the choice of elective studies irom either of the other courses, in place of the languages, if desired. 5. To those who wish to maice preparation for business: The instructor chosen for this department is a graduate of one of our best business colleges—has been a successful teacher in the same college, and has had practical business experience as well. 0. To those who wish to take up studies without entering upon a regular course there is a wide range each term from which to select, and other classes will be founded in any study desired. Much care has been used in selecting instructors in ELOCUTION, Music, PAINTING, and STENOGRAPHY. The principal will send to any wishing it the 1801-1)3 announcement, and will answer fully all letters of inquiry. P. M. CHAFFEE, Principal. State : University OIF The Several Departments will Begin the Year 1891-92 on Sept. 16. Each department is thoroughly equipped for efficient work, and no pains will be spared to afford students the best possible opportunity to pursue their chosen lines of study. For particular information as to the respective departments, address as follows: Collegiate—Charles A. Schaeffer, president, Iowa City. Law—Emlin McClain, chancellor, Iowa City. Medlcal-L. W. Littig, M. D., secretary of faculty, Iowa City. Homceepathlo Medical—A. C. Cowperthwaite M. D., dean of faculty, Iowa City. Dental—A. O. Hunt, M. D., dean of faculty, Iowa City. Pharmaceutical—E. L, Boerner, Ph. G., dean of faculty, Iowa City. Expenses in all departments are reasonable. Cost of board in private families, »3 to }5 pel- week ; in clubs, J1.50 to $8.50 per week. For catalogues, or lor general information, address CHAS. A. SOHAEFFER, President. lows State Normal School CEDAR FALLS, IOWA. A Technical School for Teachers, Established, supported, and supervised by the State of Iowa. Sixteen Specialists in the Faculty. More than one-hundred candidates for graduation the coming school year. Students are graduated any time during the year when the course is completed. State certificates granted by law to graduates of the school, write for catalogue to HOMER H. SEERLEY, Prest, LOTTIS Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, Picture Frames, looking glasses, chronics, and all kinds of ready-made coffins. Hearse for public use. Headquarters for the best SEWING MACHINES AND ORGANS. CA90, R UNION $QUARE..N.Y 8*» J.T.Vun »9»TPN,MASt ATLANTA, M, FOR SALE BY LQUIS LESSING, Agent. K IDD'S GERM EKAmOATOU" Positively cp.res nil diseases—because it kills all germs, IwcterUt, parasites, -mlc::obes, and anlmalculus In the bystem, which tlie promt nent physicians in convention ag-eed was the cause of all disease. The aii 1 , water, vegetables and fruit are full of those little worms, oausing catarrh, consumption, diabetes, and Bright's disease, cancel's, tumors, and all so- called incurable diseases. (Never known to fail to cure consumption, catarrh, kidney troubles and syphilis.) Retailed Ja *2, »3, and J5 sizes, Keui anywhere on receipt of price. This is the only genuine art'cle; all others are dangerous counterfeits. Dr. Sheotz issues guarantees to cure all ailments for Kldd's Germ Eradicator for the manufacturers. TVTONEY TO LOAN— -LV- 1 - ON RAILROAD LANDS. Persons wanting tq borrow money on rail road lands will do well to call at the Kossuth County Bank and bring their contracts. DP. Hathaway; D. H. HADLEY, M. D., Assistant. (Regular Graduates. Registered.) The Leading Specialist of the West. Private, Blood, Skin and Nervous Diseases. i * YOTTNO ME» \ who by thelrown acts of Imprudence or folly suffer from Nervous Debility, Exhausting drains upon tho fountains of life, affecting the mind, body and manhood, should consult tha celebrated Dr. Hathoway at once. Remember nervous diseases (with or wlth- 8ut dreams) or de- Illty and loss ot nerve power, treated scientifically, by new methods, with great success. ' • < , It makes no differ* 'ence what you liava taken or who ha» failed to cure yon. i X.OST MANHOOD and all weakness of tU9 Bexual organs absolutely cured. i < FEMALE DISEASES cured at home without Instruments; a wonderful remedy. . j CATARRH and Diseases of the Skin, Blood; Heart, Liver and Kidneys. ( SYPHILIS. The most rapid, safe and effectlra remedy. A complete cure guaranteed. | SKIN DISEASES of all kinds cared where) Others have failed. • , IWNATUKAL DISCHARGES promptly cured In a few days. Quick, sure and safe. 2&10 la* eludes Gleet and Gonorrluud. MY METHODS. 1. Free consultation at the office or by malt. 8, Thorough examination and careful diagnosis. & That each patient treated gets the advantage of Special study and experience, and a specialty is madej of hla or her disease. 4. Moderate charges and easy terms of payment. A home treatment can bo given IB a majority of cases. ^^ f end for Symptom Blank No. 1 for Men. end for Symptom Blank No. 2 for women. Send for Symptom Blank No. 8 for Skin Diseases, . All correspondence answered promptly. Business strictly confident !ul. Medicine sent free from obsep vat I on. Refer to banks In Sioux City. Address or call on J. N. HATHAWAY, M. D.. Cor. 4th and Nebruaku 8t»., Sioux City, la. JEWEL ASOLENE STOVES ARE THE BEST. Mac/e in 45 Styles. -HICES FROM $4,00 TO $33.00, SOLD EVERYWHERE. INQUIRE OF YOTJB DEALER. MAI>E BY GEORGE M. CLARK & CO., Chicago, The Deminfif Co.'s PUMPS For EViRY DUTY, also WELL SUPPLIES. Afk Your l>enl«r f»r TUcm. Henion Con) WoiUrn

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