The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 28, 1892
Page 5
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JHE ttPPER DEB MOINEBt ALGONA, IOWA, WM)NE!SBAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1892. ••••••••HM^IJ^^ .-- •i.-.-.-.i.... 7 * ............. _•.., -. - • . - .— ..--.. g. <;-.-.- ••••.--!--•-. .-..^^^j^-^ai-a—ijM«aJiiaai<MMaMMB«rtMliil ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. **W*%- S 02 a m No^. P . a8 fo 2 4 am S2-l-::.-...*'.37pmNa4 e . g ... 1 .. 9; 3 0pm . 7:i6fthiNo.8 ll:65pjn .ll:45fthiNo. 14 !2:30pm ,. 8:17pmNo. 10 12:l5am CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South— 8:18 a m . 3:31pm :00 am Pass 2:33pm Mixed 8:07pm Freight.... 10:00 am o at 7 a m; arrives at Lv. Des Mi 2:30 a tn •ioiirlit .... If :uu n m * reigni — JLU :uu a. m oils arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at ofsMolnesat8:15pm. Lv. Des M, 2:30 a tn THE CITY, Supper tomorrow night at Congrega- ; tlonai church. The Milwaukee road is building its station at Sexton. Dingley's drug store is indulging in a phonograph these days. • Bead the millinery announcement of Misses Matson & McCall. j. E. Stacy has an essay on flour that will pay persual in this issue. Stone is being hauled for Hermann's house, south of T. H. Lantry's. J. C. Raymond is up from LuVerne to attend court and will be in town all the week. In addition to other metropolitan airs Algona now has a Chinaman. He will "washee." W. C. T. U will meet in regular session in the reading room Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. C. M. Doxsee and family drove down toBolfe Saturday and spent Sunday with his relatives. Peter Purvis has boon putting four new bolting cloths and a new scalper into Jones & Stacy's mill. Shttdle & Son's meat market and Charley Hoy's Chinene laundry are both advertised this week. There is the largest court calendar for this term the county has had in years. There are 50 new cases. Fred. Paine is to build a house this fall. E. N. Weaver has the contract, and it will be in the Walkley block on Elm street. Geo. Johnson has been down from Minneapolis a few days. His father and mother are well, and the lumber business is good. Everybody visited Durdall & Co.'s new store fair week and admired the fine stock displayed. Read their announcement this week. Dr. Pride owns a pacing three-year- ^ al °P er 5 tion Thursday on Blancha ra near Burt. It hrf rn r em °™l of a cancer of the breast. The operation resulted success mJW S ho ^ ed the cancer w not return.. Dr. Morse says he saw patient who had a like cancer cut away 12 timesi and finally recovered and was not troubled afterwards. _. TA number of AlgonSans went over to Wesley Friday night to hear McConlogue and Ryan. They had a good crowd and Bro. Ryan entertained them with some good stories. He spoke at kmmetsburg Saturday with Gov. itoies, and at Livermore Monday. Kossuth is getting to be quitea sheep county. Messrs Wallace, Barr, Belton, Paxson, King, and Walker all had exhibits at the fair. They all say that sheep raising pays, and their sheep showed it. D. A. Wallace had his fine buck that he got at the state fair on exhibition. S. S. Sessions went to Des Moines Saturday evening, and while there State Chairman Blythe told him that Senator Allison would visit Algona during the campaign. Mr. Dollivef will also speak here, insuring- us two of the best speeches that will be made in the state. _Germania starts out with the right kind of water works. They have a flowing well in the new city from which the water shoots up 18 feet, and it is the finest of drinking water. It was struck between two layers of rock. We are glad to see a good water supply up along the state line. Geo. Hackman has turned naturalist and w_as in Saturday with a box of very peculiar flies. They had long stingers with which they bored into trees, and killed the wood. They were not locusts and no one had ever seen them before. Their stingers were over an inch long and brittle as glass. D. W. Sample of Irvington had another severe attack of hemorhntres last week and was quite low. D. A. Haggard was down and spent Sunday with him. Mr. Sample has been troubled for years, and has the sympathy of all his old time friends. Dr. Armstrong attends him. The normal school now has an attendance of 85 not counting the music class nor the 25 high school students who are taking book keeping. Prof. Chaffee says the winter term will see 150 enrolled. The building is in fine shape to accommodate the scholars, and the teachers are doing good work. The school is an assured financial success already. Sheriff Graham came in this morning from out west somewhere, bringing Mr. Hays, who was caught after much searching. This is the gentleman who jumped off the train at Emmetsburg forceps from opposite side from the entrance, while another fragment passed through the fleshy part of the chin. Mr. Call last week let his contract for the frescoeing of the new opera house and this is to be in keeping with the elegant plans already adopted. The exact cost of the work is not known, but is in the neighborhood of $1,200, and Algona will see a job of inside decorating not outdone in the state. Architect Carter was here with the decorator and expressed himself as highly pleased with the progress thus far. The decorator has twice fitted Foster's opera house in Des Moines and is one of the best in the west. No expense will be spared to make the walls as beautiful as pnint can make them, and only^ electric lights are needed to give us the finest theatre in Iowa. The third of last April the Andrews Opera company gave a concert at Emmetsburg. They invited Whittemore to attend. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Farley, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. DeGraw, Mr. and Mrs. A. Yale, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Sampson, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. McGovern and Geo. E. Boyle attended, having first arranged for a permit to return on the night freight. They got tickets good to return that day only, enjoyed the play, and about midnight were waiting for the freight. When that came it refused to carry them and they_ had to go back to town, where they failed to get beds, and were compelled to sit up all night. Then to cap the climax the conductor refused their tickets and they had to pay their way back. The company refused to do anything and a suit is in this term for damages, S. S. Sessions and W. B. Quarton for the plaintiffs. Geo. E. Clarke is the attorney for the road and will tell their side of the story in court. Honesty Bound to Win. OUR LOW PRICES. ___ II II.II.JMIII I'lflfll 1 ^"^"" The past week has demonstrated that the purchasing public appreciates our extremely low prices for stylish and well-made Clothing. All our goods are fresh and^riew; we have no old or shelf- worn goods to, offer you; come and see for yourself; it is the That are delighting, the masses and stirring up would-be competitors. A clean stock and everything new and fresh ; THAT'S WHAT TALKS. all old that gives promise of speed, has been on the Mason City track summer being trained. Licenses to marry are issued to Leonard Kressin and Anna Meyer, Charles Sifolt and Minnie Strebel, Fred. Hackharth and Bertha Tietz. E. Tellier is the first of the grand army men to get back from Washington. Others are expected today. J. W. Robinson and bride come tomorrow. The Methodist church in Algona has raised in money the past year §2,700 for churbh work. The society is out of debt on the church and parsonage both. W. S. Borland has sent some handsome photographs of his bank in Llano. He has a fine building. The interior is finished in stone quarried in the county- Work began Monday on the front of the Ferguson-Hoxie block, and it will soon be done. It promises to be very handsome, a great many fancy bricks being used in it. Old friends of Thos. Early and M. L. Clarke enjoyed C. P. Borland's letter last week describing their mountain climb. Mr. Dorland writes a breezy and charming letter. Frank Nicoulin has gono north with a lot of buggies. His tent IBi now on the Northern Pacific road and he will stay and help the boys a while. Mr. Bradley is also out with a tent. Passenger trains began stopping at Hobart Friday, and mail is thrown on regularly. Ed. Cooke is Nasby and has his office open this week. Hobart hereafter will be a sure enough city. The joint debate between the candidates for attorney general, Stone ana Willard, will be held at Algona a week from next Saturday. Both are able talkers and it will be an interesting meeting. Judge Thomas arrived last evening and court opens today. .The first case is that between J. J. Wilson and A. D. Clarke, which has been tried once a new trial boing granted. The Republican libel case is'set for tomorrow. We hoist the name of J. C. Raymond on the flag staff this week, which was omitted last week by mistake, and offer the guess that his initials stand for Jim Corbett. This has been an unlucky year for the Sulhvans so fat. Rev. Dorward desires us to announce that all the old subscriptions to the Baptist church are due Oct. 1 and that he will soon be around to collect, iie also announces covenant services at the Sweedish Methodist church batui- day, The Congregational ehurchSunday chose Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Moffatt dele gates to the meeting of the Mitchell as and escaped a few weeks ago, after burglarizing Frank Potter's place at Hobart. He and his partner are now in jail and we hope will not be allowed to get hold of any broomsticks. And now a brench-of-promise case is added to the list of sensational suits in this term of court. Anna Rode from the north end of the county asks for $2,500 damages of Emil Rau because he failed to marry her according to agreement. The peculiar injury in this case was his going off and marrying another girl in the same neighborhood. Quarton and Sessions represent the plaintiff. Horace Mann writes from Washington: " Have just returned from a call upon Drs. Sheetz and McCoy, G. W. Eddy and Mr. Brewster, who are quartered together on Tenth street N. W. Called on J. W. Robinson and wife last evening. Am enjoying tho visit of the Algonians, but havn't seen half of them and some leave tomorrow." He promises our readers an account of the opening of congress. Some trouble was had last week by the sheriff of Winona in getting the buggy and harness belonging to the . 9 13 * 7 , _ i.._j_,l 4-« Kffnf "RinVinwlcnn UUHUY uiiu. lien «^MM ""- • — " stolen horse traded to Mat. There was a despute as to the identity and Mat. did not like to lose it unless it was a clear case. The owner came from Winona and Geo. E. Clarke was engaged to replevin the property when it was turned over and the parties went Off rejoicing. The social club will hold its regular meeting at tho Congregational church parlors Friday evening. The pro- gramme includes a piano solo by _Bobt. * oloby Mi s a duet by Fannie duet This sociation which is held at day. Mr, and Mrs, B. J. ".-;-- •„ a t chosen alternates. Rev. Davidson is at the meeting. Letters remain uncalled for in the postofflce for J. C. Turner, R. O. iay lor, Chas. Perkins, Mrs. Emma uei- stadt, Jake'Englet, H. H. ^aW „ K. Liean, Nellie Hayris, L. M. Aaston, Morris Moore, Lee Golden, Jas. M. Whitehill. It is reported that P. L. Slagle has a chestnut tree that is full of nutsi this year. WhenW. H. Ingham'B pecan trees bear Kossuth will begin to have a SOiO UV IVLiDD J.VM*i««"l " v Moffatt and Frank Tellier, and a bv Misses Maud and Kate Smith, is one of the best programmes yet offered by the club. All are invited to attend. . Algona is in need of more activity on the part of the peace officers. Last week more drunken men were about than we have seen in years, and two burglaries were committed in safety. Besides it is commonly reported that professional gamblers have a room, Cved now we g believe to the oldOleary building, and fleecing games of one kind awl another are notorious. No one is arrested or molested that can be heard of. The annual Methodist held at Cherokee today. —.-,•,--ran will not return to Algona if he can 8 g ecure a change, as he desires to- get a new appointment and finish up hra studies; which he is still behind on. Bv using his old sermons In a new b?e y th P at P his wi S hes b will not control and that he will be returned. The meeting of those interested in a «nrk naming house Friday evening re- fflinthe^doptonofaplanofa. PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. E. P. Keith is off to Lake Preston, S. D., for a week's visit. Lawyer Irwin is up from Storm Lake on the Kidd bribery case from Spencer. Lawyer Birdsall is up from Clarion on the big Ellsworth attorney fee case brought by Col. Clarke. Ralph Miller, Dingley's drug clerk, attended the Peterson-Norton wedding at Livermoro last week. G. L. Minkler was over from Cylinder last week. He is running the creamery there and has a good job. Mrs. Emma Dorland came home from Minneapolis last week for a sliort visit before returning to Llano. A brother from Waldo, Kan., visited Rod. and J. B. Jainlastweek. He took in the county fair with them. Miss McCall returned from Chicago last Tuesday. Miss Matson is s.till in Chicago trimming and buying goods. Thos. P. Cooke went to Dubuque Friday to arrange for the coming Iowa state team shooting. The boys gather about Oct. 12. Bert Edmonds was up last week for several days. He says that next season he will be able to give more time to training and will see what he can do in the way of speed on the bicycle. His firm in Des Moines are working up a big trade in bicycles. WE ABE IS IT TOO. Yes, we are selling Minnesota flour too, and expect to continue to as long as we run a flouring mill in Algona, and sell it in connection with our own manufacture at fair prices. But we shall not join the combine of other dealers and help keep prices up to $1.40 a sack regardless of the price of wheat. Still we mean to have a hand in fixing the prices of Minnesota flour from now on; and in order to be in position to do so, we have stocked up with Minnesota flour. We have not hunted for the cheapest Minnesota flour, but meant to have the best and knew where to go for it, Our flour comes from the great WASHBURN MILLS, MINNKAPOLIS. The largest mill in the world—daily capacity 10,000 barrels—requiring 50,000 bushels wheat to produce it and 100 cars daily to take out its vast out-put. By the way, did you ever wonder, when noticing the displays of sacks and barrels of flour from the Washburn and Pillsbury mills in the other smart towns, why none of the Algona dealers handle the flour of these popular mills i It is because they can buy flour from obscure mills a trifle cheaper. THE WASHBURN FLOUR has a world-wide popularity and has Imitators who boast of doing business on '' job lots" can't expect to keep up with our procession, for the people can't be fooled always with accumulations or old styles and fabrics that are many years old, and which are too dear at any price. We have no room for that "trash." We sell first-class goods at lower prices than any other dealer on this continent. WE ARE THE LEADERS. . -n And we show our superiority by opening with the largest stock of Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods ever brought to Algona. We will be pleased to have all attending our Fair call on us, as we are anxious to show you our goods and prices, and make you our friends. The Bargain Givers of the Northwest.. latson & Have just received a fine line of all kinds of Millinery Goods. • Something very nice In the way or Feathers, Fancy Trimmings Velvet, We Are Pushed ® jnOI JTVL/Ui i 1» iimiffiiB.HIiMIIBHlk Our room is small and our stock is getting larger every day; so we've got to push our stock as fast as possible to make Room for New Arrivals Plani- Hub II YVVL A.W.- n *v»u _j«j.»».»- j taken gold medals often enough when placed in competition with other mills to justify the proprietors in adopting "GOLD MEDAL" as the brand for the best grade of flour they can produce. "Imperial" is the brand of the next best grade they make. Notwithstanding "Gold Medal" costs 25c a barrel more than the best flour any other dealer in 'Algona handles, we can afford to and will sell and deliver in 48 pound sacks Washburn's "Gold Medal" flour. .$1.25 Washburn's " Imperial" at 1.20 Our best flour $1,10, and in round lots sacks make a round lot) at $ 1 per JONES & STAGY. Ribbons, Baby Caps, in fact anything that can be found in a first-class millinery store. A New Firm. It was organize with Coal, Coal. I handle only the best grade of hard Illinois and Iowa coals, always at bottom prices.-26t8 J. J. WILSON. JUST received, a new invoice of our celebrated $2.25 shoes for ladies. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. reputation as a nut country are also some thrifty shell bark vies in town. J. C. Sarchett of Palo, a brother ;oi the Sarchett boys, bought a for» * n Greenwood township last week of O. '&. Matsou and will locate there, we bought the first place where he saw i n amply Sufficient for a big «i»nt Thereto -no doubt of the bene- ALL the new styles in fall and winter millinery goods at E. Reeve & Co.'s.-26 FOR SALE—Body oak or maple wood. Inquire of M. B. Dalton. SEE our fine assortment of rugs. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. The undersigned having bought out the meat marltet formerly owned by H. J. Edens wish to say that they will be Klad to meet all old customers, as well as the new ones that may favor them with their patronage, hoping by kind treatment and fair dealing to receive a part of the public patronage. CASH PAID , . . FOR EVERYTHING needed to properly operate a first-class meat market. SHADLE & SON. of goods, and in order to reduce our stock we will sell goods at 25 per cent, less than our regular low-selling prices. The Boston Store. The originator of low prices on Shoes in Algona, CORN—26 cents delivered on my farm. C. L. Lund.-51tf moters of ceived. A bad accident is Verne b the News. e jack rabbit, which is a new way o ing out good land. , 1 Dr. Moree, assisted by Drs. Walters of Barwrpf \ 9$$ Bean ol Bur 1I11UB V"l'" i _ two fingers and pa reported at Lu- A seven-year-old got at some dyna- Bting and is minus of a thumb. Dr. members. The LATEST styles stiff and soft bats for men and boys. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co, . FOR real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, make inquiry at the Koe euth County bank. Sale. 160 acres well im- The Wernet farm, proved, three miles southwest of Algo I. WERNET, CHARLEY HOY, NDRY Has located la basement of Qaldralth's block and is prepared to take laundry work of all kinds. L W A MTT7TI SALESMEN to rep- AJN 1 liU resent us in the sale of our well-known, hardy, and choice Nursery Stock for the north and west. Local and traveling; work every day in the year; special inducements to beginners; stock guaranteed. Apply quick, statingage, and obtain good territory. ST.T?AUL NURSERY CO., St. Paul, Minn. TV/TONEY TO LOAN— •LY-L ON RAILROAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow money ^on railroad lands will do well to call at the Kossuth County Bank and bring their contracts. Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable, n L LUND 1 J - J< RYAN [Successors to 0. L. Lund— Established 1880.] REAL ESTATE DEALERS TT<QR $25 YOU CAN BUY •P A Sewing Machine that vetolU for »io. Get full infonaatloo »t tUe TT. B. We wish to announce to the readers of THE UPPER DES MOINES that we have extraordln- aw faclUtles for the selling of farms and unimproved lands in northern Iowa, and we invite HwSSrSSS to dtspose of t^lr property to cafl on us at pur office in Algona, or to corwppod with us. ET'As soon as spring opens we have a large number of customers fi'pia the eastern states whoar^ fFeadT to c6me out and 'secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable rates. We believe In fair dealing, and if you want to sell youv property don't waste any time iivUsUug It Trttttus. Yours respectfully, &VNP & $Y4W. •

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