The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 19, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPER DBS MOINES, AL(K)NA< IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19,1891 "foot \et-y nnnecessary qnestlon to Wk » instt «lin-c skin and eyeballs are taffron-ttnt*d. Of course his tongue, too, is furred, bowela eonstl- pjsteil, head bothered with aches, right rib region pl/gned with constant uneasy sensation*. Thwe frift in ay take for granted, althonfrh he may not partlcnlarlK> them, because they are among the invariable accompaniments ot liver trouble. Are If »o,yon may be sure h« does A DKEAM. There tire times when a dream delicious Steals Into a musing hour, i Like g face frith love capricious, i -That peepf from* >voodl*tid lmw»r, i And one rtearscenS comes thnngHess, A wooded hill and n river, A deep cool bend Where the lilies end Anil the elm tree shadow? qnivcr. 1 And I lie on the brink there dreaming Bluer?, "the"leading regulator. oMivers.tbit tee ont of order. Commend yon pleaee, yon can't sdj behalf. Sick headaches, .constipation,, naneea, ont of order. Commend It to him a« highly as yon pleaee, yon can't any a word too ranch In Ra dyspepsia, and the yellow hue of the skin speedily depart when this reliable corrective is resorted to. Malaria, rheumatism and la grippe are also among MftGHtteVwhich it remedies and prevents. A •wineglassful three times a day confers appetite and digestion. ». *, Agricultural ICdisohtloii In 'Prniice, We might well lake a lesson from France in the matter and melhod3 | of Agricultural education. In that country there are ^8,01)0 primary and ole* mehtary schools, and in each of them gardening is pr;it:tic!iliy taught. A imall garden is attached to each, and under tho care of a <:a ablo master Hie pupils, are instructed in the lirat principles of horticulture. Mexico Has the Record. Within 62 years Mexico has had 64 Presidents, one Regency, and one Empire, and nearly every change of government has been effected by violence. • - ....-,tie Wanted a ftendjr-IMfUlo < Family. In Lake county, Tenn.. a short tirna llnce a young 1 man of 27 married a widow of 41,', who has 17 living ottil- irea. . :oBtetter's Stomach ' That the life 1 live is a dream, That the real is but tho teaming. And the tine is tli* snii-flectet stream. Beneath me Ihe perch nnd the beaver sail by, In the dim cool depths of the river: The struggling fly break? the mirrored sky, And the elm tree shadows quiver. Ttiere are voices of children away on Ihe hill; Thete are bees thro" 1 tlie flair llowers humming The lighterman culls to tho clock, ftml the mill ^ On the farther fide Is drumming, X And I sink to sleep in my drean of n dream, In the grass by the brink of the river, Where the voices blend and tlie lilies end, And the elm tree shnrlowe quiver. Like a gilt from the past is the kindly dream, For the sorrow and passion and pain • Are adrift like the leaves on the breast of (he stream, And the child life comes again. ') the sweet, sweet pnm of a Joy that died 1 ; Of a pnln that Is joy forever 1- O the life that died In the stormy tide That was once my sun-flecked river. . . —John Boyle O'Hel'. ; his individual destiny"—and >miled kindly nnd complacently. Dorothy looked hysterical desire at him curiously. An to laugh orcry seemed Henrvithat he r?nched the 1"mse in oiio bri? second. He saw his mother upon the north ve- rnncln. to have tnkpft jhossession 6f .her, | ! He ascended the step ' '• '--•• «... .1 . . .. » « _ _^ nnd wont nvound cmiirollerl h*?R<!lf. " ' • thoVoniTroHhe house. There, comforta- \Vell." she ? : v.rl. finally, "if you are <=o ; \^ y ensenced in n sht-ltered nook sat—not calm and collcctftl no\v as a lover, what I j^ mother, but D.irothy! would you be if I were so too—if 1 were to : marry you?" Ah!': replied this nineteenth When the girl saw wretched looking figure the bedraggled, standing before A MO.DKHN WOOING. "Halrdid you carry tho rackets in be- I'oro we came down here?" Dorothy closed her book with a snap and threw it clown upon the rock beside her. "Because, if jqu didn't, we ought : lo go home. It looks like a shover." • The young man thus appealed to made no reply. Clothed in that fantastic garb which the liberal college education of today render necessary to the moral standing of gilded youth, he was reclining in a studiously speaker. graceful attitude beside the At the head of all blood-purifiers is Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. But it's different from all of them. Whatever is claimed for this, it's guaranteed- to do. Tho money is refunded in every case where it fails to benefit or cure. It's because it ts different that it can bo sold so. All diseases originating from a torpid liver or impure blood yield to it. It clt-jinsca and purifies the system, freeing it from all manner of blood- poisons, no matter from what cause they I T,VO arisen. For Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Scrofula, Salt -rheum, Tetter, Erysipelas, or any blood- taint or disorder ; it is an unequaled remedy. Nothing else can take ita ,ce. " Golden Medical Discovery " "contains no alcohol to inebriate, and no syrup or sugar to derange digestion. It's a concentrated vegetable extract; put up in large bottles; pleasant to the taste, and equally good for adults or children ; works equally well dU the year round. His cyos wore Oxod upon a. fishing fleet fast disappearing beyond tho horizon. A meditative look adorned his sun : burned face. "Hal, I spoke to you. Still the recumbent figure moved not. "Henry Richardson!" This proved effectual. The young man quickly raised himself upon one elbow. "Oh, 1 beg your pardon, Dorothy, ho t-aid. "What was it that you asked me? i Why yes, I think that you are quite 'right. 1 ' "It is very evident that, you are not quite right in your mind," the young girl retorted,'gazing compassionately at him. "What is"the matter, Hal?" "Nothing." "Yes, there is, too. You can't deceive What new scrape into?" None at all. , me, you know, so there is no use in trying. have you been getting „ „ That is, you wouldn't call ita 'scrape 1 exactly." - Hal grinned. "In fact, I've been unusually good of lite, as you might have observed had uct your thoughts been upon other scenes intent." "Oh, indeed! Well, the fact that you have been good is guffieiectly cause for-a revulsion of feeling of some kind. Now I want to know what is troubling you? "You oven design to be interested in my mental condition?" "'" "Certainly'. Have I not the family good at heart? Speak at once." _: Thus brought before the tribunal of. an avenging little goddess clothed in a scarlet gown, and in righteous anxiety for ;hcr family's welfare, Hal was silent again. Seizing a little stone, he .crushed to atoms a shell that lay beside him. Then he raised himself suddenly to a sitting posture and gave his companion the benefit, of his cognitations. "I say, Dorothy, let's get married!" Dorothy Hall came of a gallant race, and sne had the repose of • a princess. For a second there was silence, while the pretty color left her cheeks. When she spoite it was in a voice that rivalled Hal's own for coolness. "And why, pray, shpuld we do thaW "You know I am going over to London in about two months," the young man continued unheeding, "and I don't see any reason why we can't, bo married and go together."' , . Dorothy's dignity nearly forsook h^r; nevertheless she managed to put considerable surprise evenraproaeh, into her ejeculation: "Why, cousin Henry!' "For heaven's sake, child,' cried Hal, 'don't, air that 'cousin' illusion any longur. lover, eagerly, "there is where the beauty of the whole thing comes in. If you should marry me. yoj would find that instead of retrogarding, as it were—becoming indifferent—and . everybody does in time, you know, Dorothy—no One can keep sifting up to concert pitch fbteter— I should grow more and more fond and tender of you and careful of your Welfare. You would see my character unfold and ripen, disclosing new beauties each day, as the rose opens to the sun. I should be- cdmd a bright and Shining Orb to light y&ur pathway ." i ''To the grave," finished Dorothy, as Hal's eloquence came to a sudden stop. "A {dunning prospect, certainly. It seems as 'though I had heard something like that last before, but I will certainly give you credit for great originality in other re specls." "Oh, you can laugh." said Hal, a trifle discomfited, "but I assure you this is n serious matter for both of us." "Yes, you are right. It. is a serious question,'" replied Dorothy, the laughter in her eyes contradicting somewhat the gravity of the rest of her face; "4' tito ser ' ious; but before I consider your somewhat unique proposal, Henry, it might be well for mo to teply to a letter 1 had from Mr. Hazeltori this morning. It isn't well to have too many offers under consideration at once, you know, and ho certainly has the prior claim, for he did not hesitate to tell me that lie loved me, even though 1 am sure he does not." The laughter had died out of tho girl's eyes, and it was with something of a pained expression that she regiirded Hal. He did not notice thif, however; he only heard her words, and ho rose suddenly by her side—his six feet of strong, young humanity towering above; her. "Yes, 1 "' ho cried, wrathfully, "and you would rather rnisrry a man who says ho loves you, when you know he is no more capable of that feeling tlnm this stone (nincing it for out to sea) than to marry me, when you know without my saying it that 1 worship the ground you walkoii! ' "Hal, don't gush!" "That is tho way with yoi? girls, he went on, his anger rising and his face irrowinflr white, "you will marry for century neri n || O f } lor dignity fell from her like a garment. "Why, Hal, dear," sho gasped.' what is> the matter. Why don't you spsnk? Tlvn, suddenly comprehending, she cried. "H;il, tlfar, your mother toM me you luvl gone for me. Did you think— "what did you think?" Speechless, Hal pointed to the hat. "I sat down there a few minutes, tho girl explained, "and took it off. It began to rain so sudc only that I forgot it and came home without it.' 1 The pleading voice seemed to restore uifi young man to nis snnans ngnin, With n wan Fuitlc ho held out his arms. All his fine tlu'oriiv, formulated a few hours previous, new from Hill's mind like tUw.l leaves from rt tree. ', "Dorothy, my darling, do you love me t. Two soft amis tightened nrouml hut neck. , , "And we will bo married and go over the sea together?" "Tea, to please grandmother and Aunt Jane and your mother. tiHUTIlUUK MOHTON. A OeorRin editor giv.'s tl>r> fol .id iidvic": "Thump year hi'.ul sounds liko a rip" lowng nnd if c od." it your BwL rnslcpt to n«e »nd ehetpeat Remedy for Catarrh. By druggist*, fiflc. RepresentnUvc Route!]*, of Maine, h:i» asked Secretary Foster to tend » rerenue cutter to New England to protect American fishermen from Dominion TMSftl*. "August Flower' Mrs. Sarah M. Black of Seneca, ».toi>ppiifre«t.rt)n.KMKi > »aiij*t Mo., dtirine the past two years ha* *^K^L*&*&"nffi&»ffi£$ been affected with Neuralgia of the Fit e»**«. Bond to Dr. Kline, 931 ArohSL, Phil*., P». Chines* theatricals In New York hating proved a failure, a hall hM been rented by a number of wealthy celestials where protes- ilonal itorj-tellcrs will be heard. I8BB. Dresses, Gents's Clnlliliiir, 1'citlliers. Qlouu, etc., Dvcd or Cleancil. Husli (lunnenU etc., Dvcd or Stcnmcd nt Olio e Works, am end for Clri-u I'lulch's Dye \V. Water St., Milwaukee. Se Inr. ____ roslinnstor-Ocnernl Wanainnlior lia» np- poiittcd ft commission to vlMI. Iliw prlnrlpi! postodlccs of the country mid report upon ilielr needs. The colobrMcd Dr. Powell, formerly of LnCroase, has perivmnuutly located lu St. 1'ixul, Minn. _ Tlie Central bunk, of Kanstui City, Run., nnd the Mcrchnnta' Nntlonnl bank, of Vort Worth, Tex., fiiitod on Monday. Heavy withdrawals of deposit* caused tho disaster*. Ibis worn threadbare.' It you ol'ftct to me for a cousin 1 Both the method and result* when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasaiu and refreshing to the taste, and act:.- jrently yet promptly on the Kidneyn, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys 1 torn effectually, dwpela colds, head aches and fevers and cures habitual eonstipation. Syrup of Figw in th. only remedy of it* kind ever prc duced, pleasing to the t^te and ao eepUble to the itomach, prompt iu Ita action and truly beneficial m Ita effects, prepared only• from, the most healthy and agreeable substances, ito many excellent qualities commend 't to ail and have made it the most popular remedy known, Syrup of Figs fa %r sale in 50c and €1 bottles or all leading druggists. Any; reliable druggist -w^o may not have it on hand will pro- cuje ii-promptly ft«r §.074. ope who wishes to try it Pp not accept wiy substitute ' CAUFQRNM HG SWUP CO. 8AH FHAttQISOO, 041, in. *t# m*. *** shouldn't think you would want me for a nearer relative.'"' There was mischief in the girl's brown eyes. ,,',.-, "L bhould think you might see," replied Hal. "You know, my dear, that it is the proper thing for a man to be engaged as soon as In leaves college, and as long a^ we've no need to consider the question of bread and butter, I don't see why wo should TM O 1 he boap ,•,::,_;•-,.•.".•/: -.'. :J«^l thatr,-:,-., ,.„. do, Dorothy," lot be married. You know ns well as I 10 went on, warming up to the 'you know perfectly well that this. . . been planned ever since we came into existence. Imagine the worthy grand- mother's'ire did we cross her in,this res-' :iect, Mother wants it, Aunt Jane wants It—every man alive ot them expects it.— And I witnt it, too, Dorothy," ho added, by'way of afterthought, apparently, as he pau-ied for a reply. Dorothy's mind moved swiftly, and the stapes through which it traveled during Hal's Ijttle speech were many. Anger was its last faulting place. Very'evenly, but in tones unmistakably suggestive of icebergs and glaciers, she said: . • "I don't suppose it makes any difference whether I want it —'"'•' *" growing white, "yon money every time, though what, you want, of more I can't well sec. Cousin Dorothy. I wish you joy in your choice of that old monkey." Dorothy stood up and confronted him. Her wrath had risen, too, during the last tirado, but her voice was oven and cool. The huge mastiff, who had come down to search for his little mistress, looked rebellious also, as he stood by her sidu and gaxed from one to the other of the angry pair. ! "Henry, I fail to see what reason or what right you have to speak so disrespectfully to me. Since a longer discussion cannot fail to be painful to us-both I will bid you good afternoon. Come, Max," and the little red figure turned and walked proudly away over the rocks. Hal gazeil after her and his senses suddenly returned. "Dorothy, come back." His voice made no more impression than the roaring sea. "Dorothy, dear Dorothy, stop!" She did not answer. She was far out upon the seaweed covered rocks with Max by her side. ".She is going straight for that dangerous, slippery place that she knows 1 hate," he muttered and started to follow her; then he paused abruptly, anger again coming to the surface. "She has Max; sht- doesn't need me." He turned upon his heel and walked swiftly toward the house, a few -rods distant. 'He went directly upstairs to his own little den and shut the door with a bang; then lie threw himself down in his furorito chair to think. This act was performed for about two hours to the accompnnimeiit of many cigarettes. With the 18 Ih one the last remnant of Hat's anger burned away; he arose and yawned, and emerged from the blue smoke a "sadder and a wiser man." He would go down and see if Dorothy had returned, but he would be very dignified and non-committal until ho was sure that, she had repented. He descended thp stairs leisurely, whistling an air from "Fra Diavolo" with mar- vellous skill, for he thought ho described a scarlet spot in the dusky hall. He sauntered indifferently along, 'hen came to a OSfM TOUCIt Of NATU11K. It Occurred lit tlio CHKO of n Young Col itred Girl. A touch of nature which made prisoner and magistrate kin, crept into the wicked routine'of the armory police court Una morniiig. Among tho inmutos of a disorderly house which was raided recently WHS Minnie Berry, a couiuly colored girl who Mime into the dock crying bitterly. "This is something unuuiul, HIUU .) us- ticeLyonto the girl. "You have been arrested frequently, but have alway.s honm it with calmness. Why do you break down today?" . , . _. "1 got a letter from my sister in lorou- to this morning, judge," said tho girl, her voice breaking frequently in sobs, tolling mo that my mother is dying. I hiwn t seen her in three years, am 1 1 want to go there to see her before she dies. At this niiiiomicomcut the girl s fellow- prisoners, these women, drew away from her with strange looks on their faces. "Is tliut true-?" askeil tho magistrate, suspecting that the prisoner Avas fabricating a touching story to procure her discharge. . ' By way of reply Minnie Berry tossed a letter across the justice's dusk. A Toronto postmark was on the envelope. Ihe letter Is not gold that glitters," hut the brlglitucspi which Illumines any IIOUBC or kllcucn cleaned with HAVOMO la worlli more than gold. Try a enUc. Edward Tusdiureau, of Quebec, nephew of Cardinal TnseUcreau, died In New lork recently. K. B. WALTHALL A CO., Druggists, llorse Cave, Ky., say: "Hull's Catarrh Cure cures every one that takes It." Sold by Druggists, 76c. President Harrison has commuted the death penalty In the cnse of Kdwtird Balden, of Kansas, to Imprisonment for lift. The Lydla K. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynu, Mass., are giving awny a beautiful llluiitrat. ed book. "Guldo to Health and Etiquette." Ladles should send their address and itauip for copy. On Monday Secretary Garrard, of the Illinois Board of Agriculture, seiu warrants of J100 each to eighty-three counties, on ac. ..... cldlu ..... - been affected with Neuralgi Head, Stomach and Womb, and writes: "My food did not seem to strengthen me at all and my appetite was very variable. My face was yellow, my head dull, and I had such pains in my left side. In thfc morning when I got up I would have a flow of mucus in the mouth, and a bad, bitter tnste. Sometimes my breath became short, and I had such queer, tumbling, palpitating sensations around the heart. I ached all day under the shoulder blades, iu the left side, and down the back of my limbs. It seemed to be worse in the wet, cold weather of Winter and Spring; and whenever the spells came on, my feet and hands would turn cold, and I could get no sleep at all. I tried everywhere, and got no relief before using August Flower Then the change came. It has done me a wonderful deal of good during the time I have taken it and is working a complete cure." ® G. G. GRUEN. Sole Mnii'fr.Woodbury.N.J. I LIKE MY WIFE TO USE tl MEDICA' £D COMPLEXION looouso it Improves Hpr Lookb and la as Frofatrantna Vlolots- - count of fairs licli i 18UO. magis- eorroboratod the girl's fatory. "I'll discharge you," said the l,rat". "I myself failed to roach the b<m- wide of my mother before she died. Yon can go." The girl left the courtroom wueping as though her heart, would break. Tlie justice fined the others S3 each. Tlieir companion's misfortune made thorn thoughtful and they made no attempt to escape paying their Gnes. A FIN JS11 1! I) V KU Well preserved women, vrlion consulting ^.hclr mirror, see bcsldu their antUUcil ro- llcclton the cnlm and ennu-st, fnco of Lydlii E. IMnkham. They can tell you why. Indian Cotmiiisslonor Morgan has ordered that opuratlons against llui iulriulurs In the Chlckasiiw natloti botllsconlliiucd. Th« Only One Itvnr Prlnleil -Own Xou Kind tlio WorUT Kuch woek ft dllrorent thrmi-lucli display )o pnbllchod In this papor. There are no two word* alike In cither ad., except On* word. Thli word will be found lu thn ucl. for Dr. Hortor'i Iron Tonic, LlttU I/Ivor T'llli and Wild Cherry Itlt.teri, I^ook for *Qr«soent" trad*~mark. Read tli* ad. cxrofnlly, and wh»n you llnd the word sond It to thorn and they will roturn 700 a book, beautiful lithographs and NII tuple free. in>ni>ii«!ttt<-, liKllKt-Hlliin, VlntulniMM', Slcli- lli'iidrulic, "all run »Iown" or liwliiy; Hiwh, von will llnd tvltntymu ..... <l. They toil" up tlinwpnk ' - ANAKi:.SlSKlv«siilHt»nl rollol, ..nd III an LNFAU.,1- HI.K TJ1IE fnr TUA'M. Price. *1 i »t drtmxlMtH or iiv tn»ll M» "Pin" 'Ti ' "ANAKKSrs." NKW VOUA . This evidently inspired an entirely new train of thought in theyoujb^man's mind. He raised his hea'd insuurpr.ise. Was it possible that any one else had been making love to, his little playmate? "W)iy, Dorothy?" he asked, soberly, as his honest blue eyes met hers; ^. : The girl dropped her lids quickly, He should not read her thoughts. He shpuld not see that she was waiting for him to say the very thing it had not oo.;urred to him thus far to say. '•Dorothy, look at me—is there any one else?" * The » mount of incredulity that Hal nr.majfert to put into that single sentence touched her girlish pride. ."It dues not seem to liaye suggo-tc-ij it^elt to you, Henry, that when a man asks a woman to marry him it is sometimes for another reason than because everybody expect* it. If yon desire success I should advice yon to take that into consideration in any proposals you may make here- atitr." So that was the matter. "Oh, is that all!" cried Hal, inSuite relief that affairs were no worse showing itself in evtry line of his face. "Why, blepa youi little heart, Dorothy. Of course I love you, but it isn't the thing nowadays to say much about that. One shouldn't gush. It isn't according to our philosoyhy. OLO should discuss eyen love calmly and dispassionately, and accept the result, whatever it may be, calmly, as a part of sudden stop. It was his mothei Slie heard him coining and wiiitea for him •'Where is Dorothy?" I left her on the rocks a couple of hours ago—with Max," he finished, seeing the reproach upon his mother's face. 'Max has been heie more than hour, but I can't find Dorothy any an .... . ... where. There is a shower coming up, go at once—" Hal had vaultered the veranda railing, and minus bat and umbrella, rushed for the rocks. Already loud rumblings of thunder were heard, and big drops of rain came faster and faster. "Dorothy!" he called, as he ran along, "Dorothy ! ;> No answer, save the rush of waves and the roar of thunJer. Thoroughly alrirmed, Hal sped over the rocks, calling frantically from time to time; but no-answering voice greeted his ears. Madly ho ran on, shouting until he was hoarse. At last he stopped to take breath. He had reached the spot toward which Dorothy luid started when she left him a few hours ago. Suddenly Hal saw something which sent Tlio MornltiR Camo at L»8t to tlie DyliiR Itoy. Detroit Free Prose. . The siuk room was very still; the night- lamp burned low, and the watchers made- fan t as tic shadows on tho wall, but no one moved or spoko. , The doctor said this was the turning point of the disease, and there was nothing to do but to wait— waib. Tho boy slept and hib father kept IIIK eyes fixed on r.hnthin, wasted features, and watched for what ho hoped would prove a new lease of life. The mother had o-one 10 lie down and rest. The nurse sat near and dozed. At last the sick child suddenly opened his large bright eyes and said in a clear voice: "Papa." "What, dear boy?" answered tho father, softly. "|H it near morning?" "Yes, dear bny!" "And will 1 be well in the morning?" "I — i hope so," sobbed the poor father, faintly. . . There was a long silence, then tho wick child moved restlessly on his pillows. "1 want to say my prayers," he murmured. Tlie father beckoned to the nurse and she brought tho mother, who stole softly in and knelt on tho other side of the bt-d.' "Lift me up," said the child in a full, clear voice; "hold me papa, while I say my prayers." He si as pod his little hands together and repeated like one who WAS dreaming: "Our — father— which art in heaven hallowed — bo — thy— name— thy kingdom -— couifi thy kingdom — come -- " "Papa, 'I can't remember! I can't remember!" "No matler, dear boy, you can *inish it in the morning." Again he lay among the pillows like a pale lily and his eyes wide. open. "I can't see you, papii,"he murmured. "Will it soon be morning?" "Yes, dear boy." "\nd will 1 bo well then?" The poor father could not answer. No one spoke, and a faint light soon stolo into the room that drowded the flickering rays of the night-lamp and shone rosy on the wall. Then suddenly a little voice filled the room. It was so sweet and clear that it sounded like a strain of music from celestial spheres. It was the dying boy finishing his prayer. When he came to the last clause he seemed groping in doubt. "Forever and ever— forever and ever -- ," and with the words on his lips he drifted on to sleep again. The rising sun shone into the room and lighted up its dim obscurity; it lay in golden bars 011 tlie white pillows, and My Liver Hu for • jre« o»OMd me a grout danl of trouble. Had tonnau In the buck, Httlu appntHo, • blttur, tuite In the mouth and a gimernl hnd feeling »ll over, that I oould not loouto. IIuvo bueii taking Hood's B«r»ipnrlU» for tho punt thrne monthi with grest beuoflt. I feel better, the Bad Taste In the Mouth li gone and mj general health la Again qultn good. Mo longer fael thoie tired spoil" onai» over mo an I formerly did. Hood's Sarsaparilla 1» oertnlnly u most oic.ollotit moilloluo." Mm. I. U- OlIABK, Full llivor, Mima. N. 13. Be lure to got llaod'H BlirsiipurllliL. ta.nk.knii- £io Witliout Itr«ad. XI BiaHOP'i HKBIOENOB, Murquette, Mlnh., I Nov. 7. 188J. f The Bar, J. Eoiiblol, of above place, writes; I hayo suffered a great deal, »nd whouovor I Dow foel *, uervoua altiu-.k coinlnu 1 tak« a donn nf Tautor ICoaulu'ii Norv» Tonla txnd foal r»- Uevod. I think a ereat deal of it, and would rathor ba without bread than without the Tonic. Tired nt Living. POUND, Wl«., 1880. Two yean nco lnot Febrimry I commnnood having eiilleptlu attu«kg, aud could not rust rv minuU without Imvlny m; lluibo jork. I waH uluiont tired of living, when I huixrd ot Ptmlut [vooniij'a Norvo Tonic, and thank the Lord I v.ol noil after uiiinj; onlyouebiiltlu ; and I will nuvnr Torgnt in my pinyum wbnt 111 In ntcdlciiic did for ui-J. .Ml!-iS MAV WiVi'lCK. EiUbllib nrt- UAiir ACTION. complexion by pnrlfyin* blood. i'uuiLT VKOETAULI. •Dimdote ll nlMly id)iutrilloiulte»M. M °n«I>Ul tin rotor helm much. Koch vial contain! <1 eirrled In T«4 nockfl. llk« Itoil pencil. ltunlnc»« mnn'i ireU eonnnlcnco. Taken fuller thini lunar, SoUmiy wluire. All goimlne Koodn lieur "Or«c«nt." Send S-cent lUmp. You Ret 31 |>ugo book w*fc nmplK. H*. -AGENTS VyANTED-^ " 8t B!CYCL»L r.sUlilisbmfut In tti« H«fl4X ICfl STYLES, W.TK «IU SOLID, CUSHION or.. 'PNEUMATIC TiHE8.iii R hciii . , ItciiMftlerUUiiid WorkinunHtilp. PrlrMDnimrnllflrd,. JHnmond frame/or Owtti. llrop frdmn/or Lililttt or (,'enli. Catalogue frea* fOT AcuutlTernirt, &a.. NOuil lOotn. In Hlatnpx. lOiivuu uru.ea i'ji,«2ii*ii-jr, N.HCUHI. i'iiiii,iv ROOT, BEER "HangIt All. • I Fanoliol pawlt out. Bnuid now- IMuoed ou mU •Toryivlicro, "AiuniHt 6, 1HU1. Advance order* rr»uliud r.O<l,(V«O! BullH Ikwlf. I'luiuea I'uim.. M.-.Jiiim litiuiliH, '1'iiiiiiiiy lrln« It, Klltlo ottii do It,. 1,'i.iU worth (if pnru fun for !."»<•. A(ri'nl»wiu»Uia:BBn huiiilruilHilully. ^titilcil :iu»l|i:ild on ruvutpt ol <• M H«EH.nw»m n Yfljjj 0« I, - ni«,,»s«iii»i ""»•• ISsss" 6 W118 B#W E 9 ft the blood from his heart. Ho leaned against the rock to steady himself, as a denthly faintness came over him, There, half hidden by thp seaweed, lay Dorothy's little white sailor but. Two hours ago the outgoing tide had been crashing and breaking at the foot of that very rock. l&o wonder that Hal's strength forsook him. No wonder that sea and sky and rocks became a confused blurr. She must have made a misstep, and— Hal couldn't tinish. He fat down and covered his face with his hands. Presently the cooling rain upon his head aroused him. He looked at his watch. He had gone from the house just 20 minutes. He reached out and reverently took up tho little hat; then he rose, and like one bereft of his senses; he paced the desolate rocks, back and forth—back and forth. At last he turned bis face toward home. Slowly though he walked, it seemed to him touched the little with ulow of health and strength. l 1 1 • _ !_.-!. I— 1U_ a mocking Perhaps it wakened him, but in the valley or tho shadow of death lie could not discern, and with wide open tsyas that saw not, he murmured plaintively: "Is it nearly morning, papa?" "It is morning now, dear boy." A smile trembled on the closed lips— there was a flutter of breath that came and wont as the child clasped his thin hand togi-ther; • ''Forever uncl-evur—unien!" UOTII 1>KA1>. Suicide of a Man and Wifu at Denver, Colorado. DiiNVEit, Aug. 14.—Eugene H. llonnick and wile suicided this morning. It is th old story of domestic trouble, magnified b, the interference of relatives and neighbors Bonnick wax a good, sober, business won The couple left a note asking that they be buried side by side. FREE1 «'«)HA>. Ml'. II IMMKAMKH AND Koofc «n Nervou* i TIIKIH TKC.VIMI i: VI'." A vuli ublo illat- rreo to any ad(lniB»° t"»'o<) ''™k "f M'v..iily.iwo [-a K <=» *out fro.j, on r»o«lp» _n"d poor pntionU c»n alKU obtalu I «' 10 cenU, to oovur cu»l of tills medicine freo of vliuruo. ] Address, I 1 , i Tills remody has IIOBD nroimrod by tlio Kevorenil | FaBtor KooniK. at Fort Warno, Ind.. elnca 1870, »nd ) IfluowproparodundorhUdlructtou uyUi« ; KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. j Bold by Druggists at 91 per Bottle, , 9)1,75. 6 Rottlos for SO. BADGER & CO. ST.. I th old«.t, Dolaai • i FAT FOLKS REDUCED ' \ ^~\ / /> Mrs. Alice M«i>l». Oregon, Mo., wrltwj . \ \» I / ) "My weUhl wan Had jKiund;, now It i» 1» i rud notion of 126 llw." for circulars uddr»»ii. wltn be- L)r.O W.V.aNVUEU, MoVlokor-.Tlmatr., Ohlcuifo.llL HI H T f* bl T n V fl I V N I S • ,1 H I Lll I U lllunlruteil lluiiil Hook, fr«o... •>• U- UUA I.I.I:: i CO., \V,,Hl,i,n(ton, D. a : Flout menllon (hli p«per every lima yea wrlUiy ' P it'. IV Sri, JO TV H - I»ur nil -. disabled. t2 luu for Increiuie. VK yearn rx' prrlciiof. Write lor Law«. A.W. Jn^CVjlmic« tt Hi.s». WASIIINOTON. U. C. A CIVCIHMATI, O. WIS I'N'ION 15 -.13 re like Se^polib.-They >N hhem-selves to make the vorld S A POLIO is Hie ^if THE OLD RUT and old methods are not the easiest by far. Many peoplo travel theix because they have not tried the better way. It is a relief from a sort of slavery to break away from old-fashioned methods and t'opt the labor-saving and strength-sparing inventions of modern times. Get out of old ruts and into new ways by using a caka of SArOIJO in your

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