The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 28, 1892
Page 2
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THE Ul'l'fifcDKS MOINJW. ALGONA. tnwA. Wttt)NE8t>AY. SEPTEMBER 28,1892, The lawyers get S«5S.OnO of the $923.788 paid by the city of Xew Orleans to the Myra Clark Galnes estate. Oakley nhinelander. of New York, is •aid to" own the finest collection of genuine antique armor in the United States. Emperor William has 1»eeu compelled to submit to the popular opposition to holding an International exhibition iu Berlin. Captain Francis Moore, who has rj- cently been promoted, has commanded the same troop in the Ninth cavalry, U S. A., for twenty years. The international peace congress, at its recent session in Berne, Switzerland, decided unanimously to hold its next meeting iu Chicago at the time of the world's fair. Some recently discovered manuscripts in the cellars of the Wesleyan conference book-room, in London, contain some hymns and poems of Charles Wesleyan in Ins own handwriting. A volume of poems by Samuel Wesley was also found. The Hamburg-American Packet company might as well retire from business, so far as their dealings with this country is concerned. Any company that will persist in turning its ships into pest houses for the sake of gain ought not to prosper. CONDENSED Cholera abates in Hamburg. The passenger rale wnr is over anc! tup Poo gains its point. Two children wore killed by a panther at Warsaw. Minn. Senator Hill addressed a largo meeting of tloniocrsits in Brooklyn. Tho annual encampment of Odd Fellows was held at Portland. Ore. A fire at llockaway Beach. L. I., d"- stroyod property valued at .«2.(H*MK)0. Two men were fatally injured by a bridge falling with them near Quhi' y. Miim. The president has appointed fiustave A. Schaltz postmaster at Two Harbors Minn. A movement is on foot to combine all the larger safe companies of the coiui- try in a trust. Sales of butter on the Elgin board of trade amounted to 0,000 pounds at 25 cents a pound. to compel railroad monopolies and combines to obey the law against illegal freight discrimination was argued before Judge Gresham in Chicago. As expected a lockout of fnrnitu.v works in Cincinnati has begun. The men it-solved to not work more than niii? hours a day at present ten-hour wages, and the employers, having resolved to not. pay ten hours' wages for nine horn's' work, fully 1.500 Workmen are idle. Mrs. Agatha Zabrinskie, formerly a prominent Detroit, literary woman and sister of Sidney D. Miller, one of the wealthiest men hi the state, committed suicido by hanging herself to the door of her room with the hem of her skirt. She has been confined in tin insane asylum. William Symon/5. Sr., and J. 11. Leavitt were killed in the Carlottn mine Tuesday morning. They were standing upon a temporary platform built in the shaft for the purpose of making repairs, when the platform gave way Lord Hagin, an Irish peer, was sent precipitating them- to the bottom of to the Winnipeg jail for two months shaft, for vagrancy. Drink. | John J. Shotwell, manager of tnu C: F. Campbell, of Canada, is elected, Colorado ^ Hammerbrick company at gi-and sire of the sovereign grand " ~" lodge of Odd Fellows. An Indiana court declares that the gerrymander of 18SG and 1891 in that state unconstitutional. Alexander Berkinan was sentenced at Pittsburg to twenty years in prison for attempting to kill H. C. Frick. An uprising of negroes occurred in Arkansas. A fight followed, hi which Denver, has left for parts unknown, and there is said to be a deficit, of ?10, 000 on tho books of the company. Ilr-. is accused of squandering the money hi gainbliiig. At Dublin dispatches says Father Humphreys, the nationalist priest, was released Tuesday morning from jail, to which he had been committed on the charge of contempt of court, and his examination on the original accusation A Father's Inhuman Act initted While in a Delirium Caused by Fever. midnight with bands of i Lssion to-day was devoted to the con- i sideratlon of proposed amendments to ; posed o£ colored men. ' Brotherhood of'IoTomoll*. CINCINNATI, Ohio, Sept. Brotherhood of Locomotive l-itemen pleted the election of of leers by 33.-T116 com ,„ Cuts His Babe's Throat, Telling choosing the following it That it Would be an Angel. Uve committee: Eugene ' Harry Walton, Phiin.l..i T ihia; Washes in the Gore, Saying Jesus Commanded Him to Do So. n ueor'ge Urown, Chicago; Fred Reelcf, Houston, Tex. ; T. P. O'Rourke, Poca-> tello, Jdano. Harrisburg, Pa., was chosen as the place for the next convention, to meet the first Monday in September, 189s. _ - A Chicago physician has proven by, experiments in Kussia, it is said, that the Internal application of common soapsuds is a sure specific for cholera. ] after being shot and wounded by a But then it would take the czar's whole man whose house he was plundering, standing army to enforce the submis-j Five policemen were badly burned in Bion of the Russians in general to the Washington by flying powder from a several men were killed or wounded. [ of riotous conduct was set for heariug at Tipperary. Mrs. Edward L. Potter was shot aril killed instantly by her husband at New Haven, Conn. Potter, who was alone with his wife at the time, says he was cleaning a rifle when the weapon was in some way discharged, its contents entering his wife's back just below the right shoulder. Samuel Raven I The St Paul republicans had a bis demonstration and were addressed by Knute Nelson and W. C. Plunimer. I The pope has approved Cardinal Gib- plan for an exhibition of catholic schools at the Chicago world's fair. A Missouri burglar committed suicido was buried alive thirty-six hours at Jackson, Mich. He Norristown, Pa., Sept 22.—In a iiiium caused by typhoid fever, William Loch today cut the throat of hl3 sixteen-nionths-old baby, telling it as he did so that it would be an angeL He afterwards bathed his face ha the blood of the child. Witnesses were powerless to prevent tho tragedy. Tuesday last, while delirious, Lock sprang from his bed. and going to the room of his aged mother began to beut Sacramento Took Flrtt PrU«. PORTLAND, Oregon, Sept 22.—In the ,-ompctitive drill for cantons of the Patriarchs Militant at the armory last i night Sacramento. Cal., won the tirst ' prize of 8400 for the best drilled canton. I SanU llosa, Cal., received the second of §200, and Baker City, Oregon., §100. Only three the third prize of cantons competed. her over the head and shoulders witn. club. Neighbors attracted by her MR. LOVEJOY ARRESTED. The Secretary of the CnrnSttie Companj Charged with Riot and Assault. PITTSBUKO, Pa., Sept. 22.—Secretaiy Lovejoy, of the Carnegie Steel con. pany, was arrested this afternoon by Constable Walls on a warrant issued. by Alderman King charging him with nyv' • id riot and assault and battery. M a club. Neighbors attracted by her . Tatcd riot ami assault ana oawery. *i screams rushed in and overpowered- the ^ovejov e: tered b ul at the aldernun *,.„„«„ „,„„ office in the sum of 52,000 for cor, frantic man. The old lady was badly cut and bruised and her ami was broken in two places. Physicans fear she will not 11 vo long. A male nurse was then procured to Thomas Mellon, the banker, went his bond. The charges against Lovej( y w re made by Burgess McLuckie of Hoi,. stead. Infoiynations of ths sanu *y*.\JAA. WJ. UJ1-- ,*-»l**J«J»*»*-«rf "-— 13-"— — — 11 Ltt3A4tl^.(; LWU. UJ AJ.A **-*>-) I/W »» VJ.V, 1. J.J. V/AJi <fci , ._ t J.A. a J1!1_J* J- 11 application of soapsuds externally, let' cannon used in firing a salute in Grand ^^^^^^^^'^^ alone internally. So the plague will probably continue to rage in the laud of the tartar. The advocates of a monarchical form of government as the most stable find Ann • nla I wncu Quicksand caused the walls t-> fall upon him. Just at dark on the sec- The event of Tuesday at Washington O nd day Baven was reached, terribly was the parade of the Grand Army, ' crashed, but alive. Tho stones iu the one of the most successful of the kind over given. then- greatest stumbling-block when the | - 101111 shea ' o£ Lima > O., a feeble man ] In digging a sewer in expenditures of such a government are: 75 J' efirs okl > swallowed an ounce of workmen have broken i considered in detail. The czar of Bus- sulphate of zinc in mistake for Epsom f,,. vn t-. !ln d ti, n rniri „-,• Hia, for instance.bas a personal revenue salte ilnd die d U1 agony, which is more than i-50,000,000 in excess The Louisiana lottery company is roof what Bussia expends annually for ported at work iu North Dakota again, common schools. This single exhibit ( attempting to defeat the anti-lottery Is enough for an American. exhibit ( attempting -. constitutional amendment. Mayor Washburn, of Chicago, has sworn out a warrant for the arrest of M. C. McDonald for attempting to bribe Berlin has a' "gold club" made up of rascals who operate somewhat after the manner of "gold brick" swindlers in justice Woodman, a city official, tills country, the difference, being that the Berlin rogues sell protended ore in the rough instead of bricks. It is said that the combination has made millions. It has been supposed that our own criminals were the shrewest in tho world, but the trlckest class of them i Mrs. Harrison arrived in Washington Wednesday morning and was removed at once to the white house. She suffered no ill effects from her journey. The grand army encampment held its first business meeting Wednesday. Tins have been apparently outdone by those address, of the commander-in-chiel' ami .novel operators in Berlin. The New York Herald has started .-(in intrepi'd correspondent to disease ^stricken Hamburg to prove the vnlue j • of vaccination against cholera. He was inoculated with cholera before sailing i from New York. He is acting in tho Interest of humanity; will make the fullest tests possible of the dreaded dte- j ease, and of the oflicacy of inoculation,! and tho report of the result of his iu-j vestigatioas. It is probable that the Austro-I-Iun- garian government will adopt pure nickel for its currency. The alloyed •coin generally used, containing only '25 per cent of nickel combined with '75 per cent, of copper, possesses, it is •considered, numerous disadvantages, while the favorable points of the pure nickel-piece aro that notwithstanding Its hardness, it can easily bo coined, that it has th-2 quality of extraordinary durability, loss by Avc-ar and'-teav bo- ing reduced, to a minimum, it is preserved clean in circulation, and that no oxidization worth mentioning sots In. various annual reports were read. Natural gas has been struck by parties boring a well six miles south of Ullddcii, Iowa. It gushes to a height of thirty-live feet aud makes a brilliant spectacle. The Gorman-Catholic convention at Dubuquo criticises Senator Davis for his auti-cahonsly speech iu the senate, and threatens to work to prevent his re-election. | Pursuant to orders from the Tele- gruphers' imlon all the operators 011 the Burlington, Cedar Bapids & Northern wont out on a strike at noon AVoduosday. i li'ire destroyed'100 houses in Olkus^, near Crackow, Austrian Poland. Four- loon persons woro burned to death and eight others probably will die of their injuries. ' A singular disease is prevailing among horses in the southern part of, Jo Davios" cuoiity, 111. It resembles! distemper, but is more fatal, and causes ' more sudden death. , Carpenter Beck, a long-term prisoner! in tho Central prison of Berlin, Ger-1 many, stripped himself and squeezed through a window about eight iuchori. Ho has not. boon caught. Dennis Sullivan, superintendent of an electric street; railroad In Brooklyn was exhibition:, wfl u i ia d fallen upon him, forming an arch and giving him room to breathe. in Phoenix, Ail, into an ancient crypt and the laud will settle many questions heretofore disputed by tho scientists. The fact that the extinct people who formerly inhabited that country cremated their dead is proved ' by the finding of several urns, contaiu- 1 ing ashes, together with teeth and pieces of skull. Prince Anton BaiMwell has become suddenly insane at Lodz, in Bussi-iu Poland, wliile en route to join the czar's hunting party at Spala. He appeared at a window of the Grand hotel in Lody. armed with a rifle and two revolvers Avith which ho fired at tho people in the court-yard, wounding two servants. He was overpowered bv soldiers after a desperate struggle. i A passenger train on the Atchisou, Topeka and Santa Fe road was wrecked near Osage City, Kas., because of the defective condition of the track, which had been thrown out of place by train-robbers. Tho train went over an ' enbaukment, and the cars wore piled together hi the greatest confusion. Four employes on tho train were killed, and many passengers wore injured. | A deputation from Ivinsale complains of tho shabby treatment accorded l-y the Liverpool board of trade to tho uieu rescuing passengers from the steamship City of Chicago early in July. Tho board of trade awarded the men uvo shillings each. The coast guard men received eleven shillings each. Fisherman Dennis, who in a dense fog piolted ashore four boats containing ISO persons, claimed £70 and received forty- two shillings. Ho has sued for tho balance. ,£*. JJ-lllil^ J-IL4-IUW 11 l*»J LU^U |/i v/k>w.*%*w *•" . _ • 1_ \ f watch Lock, but his murderous instinct charges have been made against Messr . seemed to have left him. Last night, Prick. Leishman, Curry Potter and however, during the absence of tho'ChdrK It is expectK! that they wil' nurse, he went out on the porch and sun en 'or themselves this afternoon, entered the room occupied by his wife and two small children. Seizing his babe and taking a razor from the mantle, he walked out again on the porch roof. Holding the child up in the air, he cried: "If I cut your throat you'll be an angel; Jesus has commanded me to wash niy face in your blood." The shrieks of the agonized mother aroused the household and neighbors but they could not get to the porch in time to save the child. Lock cut its throat from ear to ear, then layin'g the bleeding form on the porch he plunged his hands into the warm blood and washed his face in the crimson fluid. Lock was taken to jail, where he will bo held to await the action of the authorities. Tho Ghuuluuqua assembly has now Bomo local scientific and legal questions to engage its attention. About two week ago there was a violent storm' shot by Frank Gately, a discharged onion and about tho lake, and when it ployo of tho company. The physicians had subsided it: was discovered that say Sulivan can not livo. several persons had lost, portions of j D. A. McKinley, brother of Gov. Me their farms, while a number of islands Kiniey, of Ohio, anil Hawaiian consul woro soon where there was an mi- , |fc 8 , U1 I,Y. IJK ,J SCO) died Monday of par- broken water surface before. The people who hud had the land carried away claim those islands wore a part, of tho laud they hail long owned, while ilu; owners of property in front of which they lodged claim thorn as nature's accretions. Squatters have moved on some of these islands and propose to hold thorn against, both those sots (if claimants. The assembly has some living questions, some real lossous now to take the atu-utiou away from dross reform and metaphysical subjects. Professor Forbes of Glasgow, who Is superintending the construction of works for generating electricity at Niagara Fulls, says tho Chicago Journal, states that the garbage crematories iu Great Britain—there called "ash-bin refuse destroyers"—aro utilized to produce a current of electricity for lighting stroi-ts, parks, public buildings, and sometimes private dwellings. In some towns electric lights are furnished at little more than a nominal cost by means of utilizing the heat of the "destroyers" for running engines. In most towns it has been demonstrated that ten pounds of "refuse," including ashes, is equal to ten pounds of the best coal for producing heat. These facts will have the effect of encouraging the building of crematories In our large American cities. alysis. Ho was sixty-three years old aud wont to California in 1S52. It; is report oil that "Judgo" Shorr, loader of tho notorious band of cattle thieves, with headquarters in tlio Bad Laud, has boon captured and lynched by ranchmen, and several of his baud killed. ACCIDENT INSURANCE. StiitistiiM Show that a .Mini Is I^-ss Liable to Accidents After He is Insured. The collection of largo groups of facts about accidents which has been made necessary by tho development of accident insurance, has made a contribution to one department of social science that is by no means uninteresting. For instance, says a writer hi the Forum, it is a curious fact that a man is much more likely to lose his left hand than his light hand, or his left eye than his right eye. Statistics show, too, that when a man insures himself against accidents he thereby greatly diminishes the risk of accident—and this is probably explained in this way: When a man's attention is called to danger ho lixcs his mind on it, and thereby consciously or unconsciously n.akcs unusual effort to avert it. It therefore often happens that a man is more likely to be a victim to an ac- ROCK ISLAND WRECK. Passenger and Freight Truing Collide at Fitriium, Iowa—Fifteen Injured. DAVICNPOUT, Iowa, Sept. 22. —As the Kock Island passenger aud inait train No. 4 from the west was approaching the side track at Farnurn, seven miles west of here, a little before 1 o'clock this morning, it crashed into a heavily loaded freight pulling from the main line onto aside track. The engine struck the freight squarely in the center splintering eight freight cars. Engineer Thompson of the passenger escaped by jumping, but Fireman Maroney was caught and badly in- jurod. Tho engine was completely sldnned, while tho postal car, the only one saved in the Jilue Island wreck, was demolished. The postal clerks miraculously escaped Injury. The baggage and smoking cars were ditched. No passengers were injured. The wreck will cost the Rock Island road in the neighborhood of 5J50,.000. SEAL POACHERS CAPTURED. lagsia Claims Extensive Jurisdiction Over tlio tiering Sea. VANCOUVKK, B. C., Sept. 23.—Capt. lopp, master of the sealing schooner Vancouver Belle, which was seixed by lussians, arrived in the schooner J rize, formerly the Rosie Olson, of Victoria, which had been seized by [lussians. The Vancouver Belle was aptured by the Russian man-of-war Zabiaka, twenty-two miles off Copper Island, July 12. She had nearly 700 skins aboard, and after that day's seal- ,ng Capt. Cobb intended starting homo, tie expostulated, but the commander told him the Russians claimed a jurisdiction of 190 miles around the islands, lobb and his men were conveyed to Petropoloski, a prize crew being placed on the Vancouver Belle, where they were coulined some time. Lovi Noble, 1!) years old, employed cident of a kind that lie never thought in tho electric light power house ufDi-s, oi than of the kind against which ho Moiucs, In., was killed by a belt thiu | run the largo dynamo. His arm wa>> , nearly torn from his body, and his sido was crushed. | 10. A. Bridger, pastor of the Congi-o-1 gational church at Jennings, La., was insures himself. A man, for instance, who handles sharp tools will insure himself against an accident from the use of them, and the first tiling ho knows ho will bo drawing pay from an Insurance company for an injury chastised in his pulpit by D. 10. M. i dene by getting a cinder in his eye. Buroh, .because tho pastor had made remarks reflecting on tho shop-women of tho town. Hon. Thomas W. Ilalliilay, late mayor of Cairo, 111., was buried at Beech Grove Tuesday. The funeral was attended by 5,000 people. Business was entirely suspended In the city during the afternoon. In a letter to the editor of tho St. Paul Globe C. A. Pillsbury agrees to contribute $10,000 to tho democratic campaign fund if tho charges uiado against him in the story of tho» alleged whVat riug can be proved. The question as to whether, tho lutev- stato\ommerce conni-' • *••' 13 power Not only aro such odd and curious facts brought to light by the development of accident insurance, but a groat many important groups of facts which bear upon the habits of men and the development of civilization. For instance, accidents aro much more common in sparsely settled portions of the country than in densely settled portions, aud they happen more frequently in the middle of the whiter and in the middle of summer than iu the other seasons of the year. A chicken with a hawkshaped head and beak Is oup of Missouri's curiosities. Il'-iV <;iofo American mission School*. Cox"-TAKTlxopr,K, Sept. 22-— The porte has revived the question of closing the American mission schools in the Turkish dominion unless they are controlled by Tuirksh officials. Gen. Brialmont of the French army, who has been inspecting the Turkish fortifications on the Dardanelles, h: made n report to the sultan. The gt oral declares that the fort works nix xitterly valueless, and that the reconstruction will inuolve an expenditure of £2, 000,000, including the cost of 250 heavy guns. Holding Immigrants nt Quo':co. QUKHKC, Sept. 2'.'.— ieveral hundrcc i'«i ijTants, lately arrived by the ste imcr Sardinian and other steamers Having through tickets for the Unit States, are held here awaiting the d - cision of the United States government as to whether they will be allowed to enter the United States after having been duly disinfected at Grosse Isle and by the railway companies. The condition of these people is deplorable, many of them not having a cent wherewith to obtain either shelter or food. and Spamnger, charged with the Vul , ftw of Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Arsten, Z e missed in the Louisville city cow? want of proof. The State auditor of public : las issued a permit for the ion of the State bank of Bement'" The capital stock is $25,000. ' A temporary in junction was gra n yl against the American Protect League at Boston. The complain, assert that the liabilities arc S-Jnnn 1 000, and the assets SI00,000. ''I William DalHn says that the air l[»i'J railroad from New York to San *' Cisco is to be built at a cost of! 000,000. Four men were seriously injured ul a falling scaffold In the agriculttol'l building at world's fair ground. A GIRL SNAKE KILLER. Wltli u Stick mid Stone sfio Destroyed Fl« Coppcrhouls. -""in Clara Greth, a fifteen-year-old gwl living with her parents on the outskirts 1 of Reading Pa., who had some thrilling experiences with rattlesnakes copperheads last summer, was on the front steps the oilier morniig when sho spied a big copperhead sunning lilmsclf on the sloping bank opposite the house. She was plucky and self-reliant, L without telling anybody she determined to kill it. Taking up a shovel from the coal shed, she ran over to the bank, where she found three copperheads Instead of one, and they all shwoed fight. She quickly dispatched two of than, but the third and largest one repeatedly leaped at her. After a short i gle, however, she succeeded in stretch- lug it out dead with its companion!, says the Cincinnati Commercial-Gazette. As soon as she could recover hot breath sho examined the ground carefully and came to the conslusion that the snakes must have come out of a large hole beside an old fence post So she kept an eye on the place during tho rest of the morning, and late In the afternoon was delighted to see a big copperhead come up and coll himself in the sunshine near the post hole, She crept up behind it noiselessly and contrived to place herself between it and tho post hole before the repfflo was aware of her presence. She then struck it with a heavy stone, but missed her mark, whereupon the snnie sprang wickedly at her bare feet. Sho jumped back lightly, just in time to escape the blow. Then, before tlie eu- raged reptile could strike again, slie hurled another stone at it, tins time with truer aim, and broke its back. But no sooner had she made sure ol that snake than a fifth one, than any of the others, made its appearance. It fought hard, but she i tacked it fearlessly. No more stones of effective size were near at band, i the brave girl picked up a .stout stick, and with this she tackled her adversary at close quarters. In a short time sho came out best with it, too. Then she proceeded to lay the snakes out in a row, with their heads down the bank. When her father, David Greth, returned from work that evening and saw the live reptiles Ijtog there, he was thunderstruck, and could scarcely believe that his'little daughter had effected the slaughter alont. Plun of Federation. CINCINNATI, Ohio, Sept. 23.—One o f . the last acts of the convention of Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers before adjournment was adoption of a plan of federation of all the railway brotherhoods. The meat of this plan is the establishment of an executive board consisting of three members from each brotherhood. This executive board will be a high court of appeals with final jurisdiction in all cases of grievances. Students Spirited Away. CONSTANTINOPLE, .Sept. 22.—Saturday and Sunday last 3,000 students were arrested in this city and placed aboa. d two steamers in the Golden Horn and these vessels sailed away on Sunday night with secret orders. An official announcement has been made to the effect that this action on the part of the authorities is due to a desire to relieve the ipressure of lub.ic schools. students in the NEWS IN BRIEF. Paul Kobash, a workman in the Pioneer hat factory at Wabash, Ind., fell into a vat of boiling dye stuff and was cooked to death. Senator Cullom addressed two large meetings atMt. Carroll, 111. Harrisburg, Pa., is the next meeting- place of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. Gov. Hogg of Texas issued a proclamation quarantining against New York and other places where cholera prevails. .' At the business meeting of the Yoans Kentucky Girl Murdered by a ^ Grand Army of the Republic Indian- Disappointed toyer. , apolis was selected as the place of CINCINNATI, Ohio, Sept. 23.—A disap- meeting of the encampment next year, pointed lovei- murdered his sweetheart • 1'he saloon license of the City of at 5 o'clock last evening on a farm near , Sullivan, 111., has been raised from Independence, Ky., fourteen miles $ 750 to $1,000 per annum by the city crMitti r\f (~\f\v\ji rrf.nn enntii-:'. * KILLED HIS SWEETHEART. council. south of Covington. The victim was Amanda Cain, a farmer's daughter, 15 years of age. The : Ind., liquor cases to be "tried" were un- murderer was Arthur Watson, a young able to agree and were diseh-inred farmer 82 years old. Lie wanted to ' after twenty-one hours' deliberation marry "' 0 u-.. .- . -., . jected. found Miss Cain working in the garden ' ratify a Democratic fusion and spoke to her. She would not j tho manipulators recognize him. Ho jumped over iu to j their scheme. the garden and stabbed her to death. lie may bo lynched. The jury in the first of the Madison, Miss Cain. Her parents ob- Wyoming's People's party conven- Watson yeserday afternoon ; tion at Douglass was not disposed £> SSCilin WOrltmL' 111 the £rarcl«ii ' rn.t.if,r ,, TW ...L!. , . " 1D 1 JUSIAI *0 deal, but Churning by Machinery. Where the churning of the cream ii done by hand it entails a most arduous task upon some member of the faffl household, and in many cases it falls to tho lot of the housewife. During tin summer, when from two to five com arc kept, there is half an hour of this heavy work every clay. There is oftet a large dog watching the operation o churning that ho may obtain his usual lill of buttermilk. A treadmill can W obtained for a few dollars, aud tne do! made to do the work, aud you mar watch tho operation or devote your timo to other household duties. tho improved, or even the common, powers, a dog, weighing fifty po can do the churning of the crcnin ft». five cows, and not injure himself. b« work in hot weather should be do« early in the morning while coft The butter churned then will If the dog is treated kindly, and pettft he will gladly do the work and ue reaw at tho call, or appear as soon ns prept| atioiis aro observed for tho operunw. Calves, sheep and goats are often i in treadmills, but tho dog is the i cleanly and is best adapted to thoww, Human life is too short to spend mug of it manipulating the churn da&ber,1 pecially when other power is so piw, ful. An attachment can be p«ic»M» the windmill, but calms lntei«» American Agriculturist. *„ , , —• -"-i "viu uuruwn from a buggy by a runaway horse and —„.„.„ .-., ~. r .. -,. ^.... State * auu 'y. injured. The women were Council Junior Order United American i Xound m the r °id at the foot of 'Gaff- .1 . .... rionf'ci 11.11 l._ii_ . v*w** Hitter O. U- A. M. Con IBS I. EASTON, Pa., Sept. 22.—The Mrs. S. 0. Stillman and Mrs. Jesse Crooks of Galena, 111., wero thrown mechanics had a session last night. A j second ballot for tho remaining' two ' national representatives resulted iu ' n the s Uill > b °th unconscious. the choice of Z. T. Wobonsinith of Philadelphia and U. N, Mills of Reading. The contest, was a bitter one between the eajst and w_o_sji end? of the disease is prevailing among horses « southern part of Jo Daviess county, it resem bi es died last week- and oth« . as we and other cases ha. ve been reported, To Comfort uu Inviiltd. Good Housekeeping: Look he never despairing. When requested to read the omit tho death list. , t] .^ Tell only the pleasant tidings, w is no fear of forgetting the evil. Sigh, if you must, after leaving sick-room, not hi tho presence 01 sufferer. Bcfraln from telling about a case in which Iho invalid died a ing death. Let every article of food pe ly dished, taking only, small, quantities. , Make the most of the ! hand without expatiating charms of the unattainable. upon .flu Aiiiim"'""' • ^ John Moorlln, the Chicinuatt aire brewer, has had presents a rare cpeclmeii of a bird, albino robin, and perfectly wi was shot last week by A- r ' the photographer, of Cheviot^ great curiosity, and no ptur Is known to exist In any collections of the country. A$y al History society aud^ have uo s,uob t>|rd

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