The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1954 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1954
Page 13
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FRIDAY, MAY 14, 1954 BLYTKEYILLB '(KltK.)' COURIER !ffiWS P&0B IHLKlfiftM HJR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hooplt WASJ IT I WAS READING ABOUT , MARTHAS AiAKS MASTS AMD A "DOCTOJ?/*-! V^S TOM 1(46 UP MY LUMBAR MUSCLES FOR GOLF /MATCHe5 WKEM LOCKED/ I <TAlOT 6Tf?AI6HT£M L/P— IT MUST S£ A 6LIPPSO 6PIMAL FIKATIOM — ME ine MTU A BROOM MY HAND/ OCCASION 6EEMS giPEFOgA3-6A6& OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams .„ COME V THE BUtL OP TM 1 DOWN A.ND I WOOPS STAYS SHOW ME / AWAV FROM THE COME ON UP ANPI'LL SHOW YOU WHAT I MEAN ROOM LIKE A PLA<2>ue.' HE UKES MIS MOUNTAIN CLIMSW OJ A »AAP AND THEY SHOW HIM UP. WHAT VOU MEAM ON THESE PCAWIN'S- I'M NO COCONUT OM, MARY, WHAT HAPPENED TO 1?4AT OU> HAT I WEAK WHEN I WORK 0 AROUNP THEYARP? FRECKLES JUST BORROWED MY SCISSORS TO CUT OFF THIS &RIM--- — SAID SOMETHING ABOUT MAK1NQ HIMSELF A "TMlNKr-BENNYl' ALL HIS FRIENDS APE WEARING THEM NOW EXAM T/ME IS APPROACHING / Television — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 9:30 10:30 Friday night. May 14 11:00 6:00 Wild Bill Hlckok 11:30 6:30 Life of Riley 12:00 7:00 Big Story 2:30 7:30 Matt Clark 3:00 8:00 Cavalcade of Sp«. 3:~ 8:45 Greatest Fights 4:30 9:00 Loretta Young Show 5:00 9:30 News 5:30 9:45 Clete Roberts 6:00 10:00 My Little Margit 6:30 10:30 News 7:00 10:40 Weather 8:30 10:45 Hollywood Movie 9:00 12:00 Sign Off 10:00 Saturday, May 15 11:00 8:45 News & Meditation 11:10 9:00 Hill-Cummings Bd. 12:05 Whip Wilson, West. Pride of the South Mr. Wizard Quiz 'em on the Air Wash, at Cleveland Cowboy G-Men Matinee Varities Super Circus Siena Collete To be announced Lone Ranger To be announced Amateur Hour Show of Shows Hit Parade Wrestling VitapiK Theatre News Amateur Night Sign Off WHBQ Channel 13 Friday Night, May 14 6:00 Mama 6:30 Tooner 700 Ozzie & Harriet 7:30 Our Miss Brooks 8:00 My Friend Irma 8:30 Suspense 9:00 The Goldbergs 9:30 TBA 10:00 Weather 10:05 News 1.0:15 Do You Know Why 10:20 Late Show Saturday, May 15 6:45 T6ps 9:00 Winkle Dink 9:30 Rocket Banger 10:00 Big Top 11:00 Flash Gordon , 11:30 Western Theater 12:00 Western Theater 1:00 Western Theater 2:00 Western Theater 3:00 Western Theater 3:45 Rotomagiclan 4:00 Johnny Jupiter 4:30 Early Show 5:30 Beat the Clock 6:00 Jackie Gleason 7:00 Two for the Money 7:30 Favorite Husband 8:00 That's My Boy 8:30 Name's the Same 9:00 Wrestling 10:00 Weather 10:05 News 10:15 Late Show Political Announcement The Courier News is authorized to announce the following candidate for the Preferential Primary July 27. H. • (Buddy; Howard WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, GHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Sterling Gordon, Plaintiff, vs. • No. 12670 Mildred Gordon, Defendant. The defendant, Mildred Gordon, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the All Sizes Budor Porch Shades 3 FT. to 12 FT. Hubbard & Son FURNITURE WE: BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Cp. Complete Photo Supplies • FILM • MOVIE FILM • FLASH BULBS • COLOR FILM • POLAROID FILM BARNEY'S DRUG STORE complaint of the plaintiff, Sterling Gordon. Dated this 22 day of April, 1954. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By OPAL DOYLE, D. C. Claude F.' Cooper, atty. for pltff. Ed B. Cook, atty ad litem. 4/23-30-5/-14 Read Courier News Classified Ads. 2006 W. Main Phone 3-3647 TV - RADIO SERVICE More Than 20 Years Training and Experience. Factory Service Guarantee on All Makes. Blytheville Sales Co. Felix Carney, Mgr. 109 E. Main Ph. 3-3616 H ouse £ noK^WAs •^i, **" Copyngh* 1954 br NEA S«~*«. inc By Gudren Olson.;; xvm ^FHE riot in Elaine's blood stream answered the lively rhythm of Marion Erickson's nimble fingers, pounding out "Turkey in the Straw." Yet all energy had ebbed out of her, leaving her muscles shriveled up iand powerless. "Hey. get going," someone (whispered. • Elaine felt her nostrils distend >at the impatient, unmistakable ..command in the youthful voice. '(Irritation impelled a little vitality to her limbs and she moved out into the center of the stage. Marion winked and bobbed her head, the signal for Elaine to .start dancing. Instantaneously, •'as though a magician had thrown I a giant cape over it, the maze of !laces disappeared. An inspired vitality shot into her. She was 'alone. She was happy. She had (Started to dance. She began to ijig, faster and faster, until she ifeared the music couldn't keep up with her feet Her short red skirt whipped t around her knees like a scarf in ithe breeze and she laughed as, Ifor no reason at all, ihe sud- Idenly leaped to one end of the ; stage and let her fluttering feet [carry her across its full length. ;At last, in complete exhaustion, ,'shc stopped abruptly and col- (lapsed on the piano bench beside jMarion. "That was wonderful! Wonderful!" Marion whispered. Reality came back for its revenge with her words. The ap- fplause hammered against her .temples like a pneumatic drill. ;There was Elaine's ther-in- |]aw in the front seat, .n« edges lot her lips forced upwards, her thin hands banging together in a semblance of clapping, her black eyes Dlack with shock. ;F,laine expected the shock would ;change to reproach. She looked i»way. Misery snaked through >lif>r '^nving its leaden weight t i £>£« ieii inept and clumsy. Only the delight and wonderment and friendliness on Marion's flushed face kept her from running away. But she couldn't desjsrt her friend in her moment of triumph. Strange, how many people she must know 'in 4he audience. Old classmates and townspeople she had known all { her life. Yet Marion, whom she j had met only a few weeks ago, and a few others, were the only ones she counted as real friends. Many old acquaintances hadn't even come to her new home to wish her well. Perhaps they | sensed as intuitively as she did '. that it really wasn't her home. Perhaps fear of a cool reception ; from Mrs. Dahlstrom kept them I away. j Vll the rhythm had gone from her body. But she willed her; feet to skip through the motions , of a short encore. Not even j Marion seemed to notice that, rhythm eluded her. At last they let her go. Backstage again, she tried to respond graciously to the breathless congratulations of the students clustered around her. • * * TN the cheap mirror someone. •* had donated to the high school; theatrical enterprise, her blacked face seemed to increase the depth of her eye sockets and her gray eyes stared back at her. pale and haunted. Even when she cleansed her face, the haunted look remained, increasing her own deep-rooted fear. The vermillion on her lips seemed to emphasize the paleness that had transferred itself j to her cheeks. She closed- her, eyes against her spooky reflection and silently prayed for the strength to change from her scanty costume and go out to face Tom and her mother-in- law. Only a few stragglers remained in the auditorium when she edged around the corner of the stage Tom broke ;>\v;iv fin- i a small group ol people lingering I near the door and came to her, his firm steps echoing boldly in the nearly empty room. Grasping her hand, he grinned at her, "You were quite a hit, sweetheart!" The surprise and elation in his voice drowred some of her iear. Elaine, somewhat relaxed, let him lead her down the aisle to the only other person in the place she was aware of—Mrs. Dahlstrom. As Elaine approached her rnpther-in-law, the same terror that had clutched her the day Tom brought her home, rushed back. * * • A STRID, gorgeous in a maroon boucle that caressed her slender curves, was standing beside Mrs. Dahlstrom and in the confusion, Elaine had not seen her. For a moment, Elaine was actually glad Astrid was there. "Jerry Schmidt and Astrid have invited you and Tom to have a snack with them," Mrs. Dahlstrom said to Elaine. "Hello, Jerry. Hello. Astrid. And thank you," Elaine managed to say, although she realized now she had nothing to thank Astrid for. Her presence had merely postponed the showdown between Tom's mother and hersell. The longer Mrs. Dahlstrom had to brood and ponder over Elaine's unseemly behavior, the worse her anger would be. Elaine's stomach began to chum. Squelching a sigh, Elaine asked, with as much eagerness as she could muster, "Where are we going?" "Pete's Place," Astrid answered coolly. "Pete's Place?" Elaine repeated. "Is that new?" The corners of Astrid's carefully outlined lips curled, "Not exactly. It used to be Peterson'i restaurant. Since they remodeled, it's not such a greasy spoon." She smiled again and added, "I hope you don't mind." "Why should I mind?" Elaine asked evenly. "And Peterson's restaurant was never a greasy spoon. I worked there once, you know." Astrid'? eyebrows raised con- lemp. • * FARMERS: See the Latest Thing In King Cotton Choppers 2-Rrow Chopper to Fit Most Any Tractor $100 Shop Where You Can Save Money At 705 Clear Lake Ave. Fh. 3-6978 "That's what I call real advancement—he't got tht control of a big league pitcher!** 'Not bad! Should we leave it for potterity or. tcrtac* bloody murder to her parents?* CCME,BIU.Y,TWI$ £NT LKE <OL. i^£E SOU ILL? C TUW WUV VQU DOJT WAKTT TO 50 B^CK TO SCHOOL? «-.ri£> -Jrfi & NONSENSE PRISCILL A! •^ WHAT'S NONSENSE DON'T YOU REALIZE THAT 'DADDY WOULDN'T HAVE TIME TO RIDE A at*r 707 W. Chlckasawba HEADQUARTERS FOR PLAY EQUIPMENT Swings, Slides, Sand Boxe* and Monkey Climbs Hubbard Hardware Golden Hamsters Rare Albino Hamsters (Solid White with Pink Eyes- Live Baby Turtles • Salamanders (Water Newts) • White Face Capuchin Monkeys • Beautiful Tropical Fish and Young Parakeets. The PET SHOP 133 S. Division Ph. 3-3101 Paint Closeout Many Types and Colon \ Price Hubbard Hardware We can Save You Money Pittsburg St-ndard Outside White 3.49 Sunbrite Outside White 1.95 Abo In Paatel Shades ROSE SALE SCO 50) S. 21 St. HE'S A 0U6V <5U* NOW SfiT THIS. HE'LL f E IN THE LO*PY OF THE Hi5roRVAMj&fi AT THREE. PE THERE/X>AL BSCO6NIZE HIM. LIKE 15*10 Sfiwuir.' , VJC CCMPLSTES Hffi TOOCT_i-OO, (5RTOWL. 1'to OPF TOTfLL JO-, HEP »OVP«IBNC7 WILL K RBLEAfiEt?, PtXKRT A CHtCK IT RACK TO AN OFWC1 VMTH CLCNTf ' M THAT BURN* ME UP, JO-.VEX^CTLV! I TERRORIZING A WDL /»WJ5T 5ENP FOR MK.PRAVNElI'M CONVIMCEP PORI- UMBALANCEP AMD THAT 5H& ^/-TYrX"*. 1 !! •VHATE5 B068V! HEW JO TELL6 EASY OF THE fiUILTV OWE T ILL 6NE VOU IQPMf TO WUJ&T 8E CAU6HT \ FIND S<¥AE COMFlMATlOII KEPHAUPEPl 6IUB . ."... PORI5TOMAKEA OW5 HERE TD TRY- WAIT! ILL MMT IT LOOK* APRMP FRAVME BE SO FURIOU5 HE AM6HT G»VE HER NO CHW4CE TO CLEAR H6RSELF...EVEM IF6H& COULD! All OF HER HU5BANb'S ATTEMTIOM- NOTHINGTO CITED ABOUT .THOUGHTlAN EXPERIMENT BACK-FIRED IS ALL... NOW GO AWAY. ALL OF WEHEARP A BIS OU GOT BANG/ HWENED? I SWEAR, SOMETIMES I THINK. /" NOW THATCRPCZYOSCARU./ BETTER GO BETH'DEATH OF 1 SEE WHERE ^3 r""'"*^-Ji!?*" "~*i m j S

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