The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 21, 1892
Page 7
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MOINES, ALG_bN A'« ibWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21,1892. Our Baby a beauty; and healthy. Bat two yoors old Sc*ofala Hambr spread itto tor head, neck and forMiMd down Into her tjti, ono i great sore, itching And 1m* nine. Hood'n.,Snr- ' her new life and appetite. Thenth* . the Itching and banting Sh* I* I Dantorth ex- Flax Socd Oil vs . Oll Mon , Considerable controversy, says an change, has been had as to the effects of feeding oil meal to cows in calf mid also sis to the relative value of oil meal and flax seed meal. Bulletin mimbcr 1C, of the Iowa experiment Bhltlon ' the record of an ex- , 1 L and the sows entirely healed np. %f,od» wall-" *• W. FBED«BIOK, D ne or8 " aui That All-Gone or I paint Peeling This is an everyday occurrence; women are taken with that "all- gone " or faint feeling, while working, walking, calling, or I shopping. The E this feeling is some derangement, ISnesS) or irregularity incident to her sex. I itmatters little from what cause it may arise; I want relief may always be found by usmg IS/0 E. Pinkhants Vegetable Ctmpound. I It Is the only Positive xi«*iv I Cure and Legitimate I Remedy for those pe- Iculiw weaknesses and liilraentsofwomen. It I uti In perfect harmony llrlththelaws that gov- |em the female system I underall circumstances. An WNN, MASS. its «ell It, or lent BIO v - r ',,,11. __ form of >V!FT'_S^_SP|C!FIC FOR renovating the entire system, eliminating all Poisons from the Blood, whether of scrofulous of malarial origin, this preparation has 110 equal. > "For eighteen months I had an eating sore en my tongue. I was treated ty best local fliysician.; tut cbtaincd no relief; the sort gradually grew worse. I finally took S. S. ,?., and was entirely cured after using a few tattles," C. B. MCLEMOPE, Henderson, Tex. TREATISE on Blood and Skin. 1 Diseases mailed free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC Co.. Atlanta, Qfe lierlmont carried on at that station to determine if poss'.ble these points. There were two lots of cows, five in each lot. Feeding was begun December 1 by feeding five pounds of oil meal per day to ono lot and live poxuuls of flax seed to the other. These amounts were gradually increased until by the 20th of January one lot was getting 40 pounds of meal per day, or eight pounds per head, and the other the same amount of flax seed. The intention as stated was to still further have increased these amounts, but it seems that the cows receiving flax soctl refused to eat more than eight pounds per day. The experiment vas continued until March 1st. Tho lot fed on flax meal gained 182 pounds from December 1 January 20, aud 241 pounds from January 20 until March ]. Ihe smaller gain of tlie tlrst period was of course due to the small amount of food given, the amount, being iu- crcnsed very gradually from live pounds on December 1 to 40 pounds on January 20. The lot receiving oil meal gained 230 pounds from December 1 to January 20 and from tho later date until March 1 gaiued 230 pounds. The total gain from the oil meal vas 4.09 pounds against 423 pounds for the flax meal, a difference of 70 pounds in favor of the oil meal. It should be mentioned that com meal—12 pounds per cow— and fodder were also fed. In regard to the effect on pregnant rnimals, the report states that three of the cows were well along in .calf, one of them calving before tlie experiment was completed, and that apparently neither the oil meal or the flax seed had any deleterious effect whatever. One of the cows calved while the experiment was in progress, and the calf is said to have been nil right in every way. So in this case at least no harmful results followed giving of these foods. the ering the top, and weight the! bdarcls with a row of stones around the whole pit and also across the center crosswise with boards, weighting heavily, enough to hold the boards'to their places,' H'.IV- ing no room for rats to liud entrance. Tins will keep uiuiu out from tlie top. Our second silo has the six iiicii ledge, but that did not keep them out, as we were so foolish as to build it \\1lli an earth (clay) floor. After Using oil',; year we grouted it with a -i Inch Hour iiiul as It is on a stone wall there has been no 'i»W~«[feandenrlch^g'the sWo^d.^lt^overcomes trouble from rats. _ in tho bam aud \va* grouted only one jTo the nervous.iCaffofdV unspeakable relief., "A innh thirfr nn „ nin^fln^ Wo thvi . Vlneglaseful three.tlme« dufy, wllj, It per.lrteJ A Diabolical Trio. If thfreli one more fietidUh than the hateful irinll} 1 , dyspep In, IMoiipiiere mid irregularity of the biiwels usually existent together, we ftre tm»•«•«•<• of it. Those co-operative organs, the • omorh, the bowels and the liver are nsnally ihrowu outof gear together, and the restoration At ifgnlarlty to one la usually the signal for thtr ii.there to fall Into line. Hosteller's Stomacb Hitters controls all three beneficently and com- p'etely, not only regulating bnt Invigorating .'hem. It also exerts a most happy Influence np- ,on the kidneys and the blood, giving a healthful .L v,!w..; ^..0 ^^ ~~ Impulse and enriching the second. It overcomes .. ,. i ti • i in. t*na nfla and a tendency to chronic rheumatism Out- lirst silo is built W neuralgia, and Improves appetite and sleep. Who are for the first time tc.' undergo woman's severest trial wo offer "Mothers Friend' 1 A remedy which, if used as directed a fev seeks before confinement, robs it of iti PAIN, HORROR. AND RISK TO LIFL of both mother and child, as thousands who have used it testify. "Il'«rd two bottles of MOTHRRS FRlEND'wif I marve.ous results, and wish tveiy worn; * »ho IBIJ to pass through t!ie ordeal of child-birth t. * know if they will use MOTHERS FRIEND for a few raksitwill robconfinement of fain and suffering, isAinsure safety to life of mother amtenila." MRS. SAM HAMILTON, Montgomery Uty.Mo. Sent by express, charges pre-aid, on receipt of price. 1 1.50 per bottle Sold by all druggists: Lool I'o Mothers mailed free. „ BRADFIELD REGULATOR Co., Atlanta, t*a. _ Unlike the Dutch Process Nd Alkalies — OR — Other Chemicals are used in the preparation of w. BAKEn & co.'s reafctCecoa which i» (t'j pure and toluble. \ltba.amorethnnthreetlmet 1 the ttrenytli of Cocoa mixed | with Starch, Arrowroot or 'Sugar, and is far more eco- j— jawing leas than one cent a cup. 1 u delicious, nourishing, and EASILT SoM by Grocers ererprher*. . BATUw^CO.. Dorchester, Mail CREAM BALM O0BE -ATARRH Price SO Cento. lrBiln into ««oh noitril. l *«»08, 66 Warren St., N.Y Ws Hair Dye i Of/lutlr or whiskers changed toaglossy ifm k by * » ln « le application of this Dye. 11 g»P»rt» • natural color, acts tasfemtanooiia ""•—•- • - -- ' - -oustothelmir. sent on receipt rkJ'ln'" 1 RnparU • natural color, acts la K,??" contains nothing Injarlou PJlrt by drag-guts, or will bo sci f" —'•••-. wi.ii,). Office, Hit I'urli '»»•»•••»•••••••••»•••••*••••'•**» --• DIDAMC TARIILES rcBUlate« ^••••••••••••W wvwv."^ RI^M^y^fwSpft .fc^^Ja^^fuWi: nesB, coiutlixillou, dyBuoiwla, foui» breatto.boiulMClio.montat depression,* painful dlifiistlou, bjul coiiipluiluu.J * * i _ ii -ii ™ „.! ,.l !»«• fnillll'P OI • l!!»T- POU8H IN THE WORLD-! UlltM 111 till- Slid. Your inquiry as to "preventing d:im- ige by rats in the silo" is before mo, ind i will t(;ll what I know. [ have loticed considerable complaint in tlie liiiiy papers of damage done by these pests in tlie silo, and as to tho total liumige done, not one case in one hundred gets into print. The rats cuter in one of three ways; from the bottom by .mi-rowing under the wall, from the sides by gnawing through, usually just ibove the sills, or from the top when iltJier the silage is left uncovered or, being covered, the boards are not properly weighted at the ends, and so, warp- ng from the heat and steam, give access to the rats. One of your correspondents recommends cats. Another says, fill the wall of the silo for 18 Inches above the wall with mortar or lime or ashes. Anothei let the foundation wall on which the silo wall is built project as a ledge 0 01 8 inches, forming a shelf, so that the rat digging down, strikes it, he will either give it up as a bad job or, tunneling along in the angle, go entirely round the building, bringing up just where he started. Some two years ago I discussed this question in the Dairymnn, being, think, the first to call attention to the fact that rats were a very important factor, and not to be ignored in the plans for tlie preservation of silage. In our own vicinity there seemed to be an unusual increase, one neighbor trapping and shooting over 90 In one month, and another counting 27 at one time on his manure pile eating the undigested kernels of corn. Fortunately wei were ready for them and suffered but little though the years before we lost a good deal, 15 or 20 tons T think in all, principally through following the teachlngr of tiiose who with little or no practical experience themselves undertook to instruct others. I wonder if these men know or care how many curses wore poured out, on their heads by. their victimized follow ers, or how much loss they have causer these followers by their false teachings Txiolc at tlie silos in Wisconsin witl sills placed on the ground or a lirvlr mortar, now rotting down; nt tho ton? of silngo lost through improper packing and from earth floors letting the ratr lu at the bottom. It Is my firm belie that counting the deterioration of silos the loss of silage on the pits and of en sila"e com by frosts in the field, the deterioration of land on which silagr has been grown and of the expensivr machinery used to make it, tho increas ed cost of protein foods largely induce! liv the necessity of providing them to balance the silage in feeding, the in creased labor invested, and interest 01 the whole investment, the silo owners ot Wisconsin are, as a whole, today poorei for the introduction of the silo. Does this imply that the silo in Wisconsin ir n financial failure? By no moans bu it does imply that the plainest teaching of .philosophy and science have l.eei thrown aside by these blind leaders o the blind, with no regard for conse quencos, in order to follow some fad of their own. I think I hear some one, of these teachers, say, "" inch thick on a clay floor. This the rats undermined and nearly destroyed in two years, and when we grouted it. four inches they gunwed through tlie sides Under the sills (barn sills are 18 inches from ground) on the sides where there was no barn wall, - and the only permanent lemedy will be to wall up under the sills, solid all around. I saw that we could, not keep them out of this silo and that the cats could not get them under the floor, so I concluded to try feeding them. Every night for a week we put. a dish of corn meal under the stable floor near the entrance to one of the runs, until it took about a quart for a square meal. Then we mixed In a box of "Hough on Rats" and fed that, giving our barns a very bad reputation for hospitality, among all the rat tribes. Since then we tiiid that half a box of this poison along in the fall when the rats come in from the field practically frees us for the winter. Now a word as to silos. The first: silos, wholly of masonry, wore too expensive, but the reaction to silos wholly of wood was carried loo far, and they will in tho end prove more expensive than the masonry ones. The silo of today should be 'composite, sub-structure of masonry, superstnict.ure of wood. Such a ono will be rat proof, and If the masonry be high enough, nearly rot proof. 1 would excavate nearly three feet below the surface and build outer walls and cross walls at least six feet high (eight feet would be bettor). On these place SxS sills and a wooden building 10 feet to the plates; floor grouted, and doorways loft under he sill, so as not to have to pitch the ilage up over four feet while standing in tlie bottom. Earth to be banked on wtside 18 inches high and eave troughs o carry off the rain. Sheath inside the nasomy with a single -wall, which is •asily replaced when rotten. As It. is lie lower six or eight feet of a silo hat rots, if the sills be put up high >nough to be kept fairly dry and so intact, and ilic lower lining renewable, the life of the silo may bo indefinitely engthoned. • • '' Such a silo will cost more in the beginning, but be cheaper in the end than the majority of the present all wood silos of Wisconsin, which arc destined to rot down in the next few years. M. H. Gardner, in Hoard's Dairyman. In, achieve results to be expected from no othet health median. Ajm Viuuid be jtistlfled In recommend- Ins Hei'i'linm'? Pills for nil affection* of the Uv-M 1 and other vital organs. Xu xvoinnn lins been Innigod for murder in M.issncliusetU within memory. I had been troubled five taootJW M. L. THOML'SON <fc (JO., Dru , Coiulcrsport, Pa., sfty Hull's Catarrh Cure U the best and only sure cure for catarrh they ever sold. Druggists sell it, 76c. | A Pennsylvania woman hw » TMledcol- .?,""" ~ .' T 1,o^ a fn11fip«fl lection of leeth of her relatives. ! with Dyspepsia. I had & fUlLneSS „_„._„ = nfler eating, and a heavy load m uie 'pii of my stomach. Sometimes a. ' 'leathly sickness would overtake v . . 4 • -1 f— *. /T^i. «-'* n.A Yti*' '* * tin 01 the plants i rn in At Glasgow, Friday* the trades congress adopted a resolution calling on parlhnent to establish a compulsory eight-hour law with local option, but . „ refused to demand the stoppage of i mous mosquitoes foreign labor importation during strikes. y u e ,,. remedy, Syrun of I'ij,-*, lui» u pui mununlly liotiflllrinl eltei-t on the liutnau 'system, while the c'lienp regetnbiu extrncUi and mineral solutions, usnnlly sold as medicines, arc rturinnncnMy injurious. Being; '•well-lnl'onnud, you will use the true remedy only. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. , Fleet street. London, has been ttaited by mo. I was working for Thomas McHenry.Druggist.Allegheny CityY Pa., in whose employ I Wu been fof seven years. I used August Flowftf • for two weeks. I was relieved of all trouble. I can now eat things I dared not touch before. I have, X' icon DI/I cou, jtjv»i«uu, unn MVUM ? MIVUU wj tlclit.U UvJL LUIIV.JUL UClwlc* .A. AASMT** *«o P u a s g m e osLuo y e. bUt ^'^ "* WM| 'gained twenty pounds since my re- S$Bf!iw3n «&&£i?j»"}X mm. Ifebtb and Paints which » in J«™ tho iron, and burn lish i A JUflML8Al£ Of 3,000 TOKS. , "O Hats!" my subject is rats and how to keep luem out of these same teachers; silos which by the way is practically i stble, but perhaps I can help a Cats are good. We keep four to six a tl 6 barns'and think tliat they pay o - - ^ of milk per day that tnej The Co-Operative System Prof. Henry says: The co-operative system must continue to grow hi magnitude until a large proportion of all the milk produced is worked up at: central points. Centralization is the order of the day, and nowhere is it more evident thau i?i dairying. There will be some incroune hi tho system where private dairymon supply individual customers with butter, but there is a limit in this direction, while for the factory system I see.none The bringing together of milk from off a hundred farm to one central point means that a hundred farmers' are relieved from, irksome labor, and iu place of a hundred kinds of butter ii: as many styles of packages, each paging heavy 'express charges, there is one lot of uniform quality, shipped'at low prices in the refrigerator cars. 3n the creamery I see a saving of ar enormous amount of energy on tl'p farm which will be set free and ed hi the direction of better rtalrj farms, pleasanter homes and iuiprovot social conditions. Who shall control • the creameries Upon this important question I have ar rived at no definite conclusions. Ther* is a natural desire among farmers ii these days to control then- own bus! ness, and who can blame them for it The farmer's occupation in a measure prevents him from being a careful shrewd business man in the usual sense of that term. His work is to produce rather than to barter. In consequunc of the desire among farmers to manag> their own business we have see! scores and hundreds of cb-operiulvi creameries spring up hi the west. T!t cause of enmity, jealousy and lack o business capacity we have seen a larg per cent, of these factories beoom bankrupt' and pass into other hands. If our fanners would have 'more p:i tleiice with each other, and wouk put tlie same energy to work aloni business lines that is now givsn t neighborhood quarrels, co-operutlv factories will rule the day. Here an. there we find co-operative factpiie successfully managed, which stand monuments of neighborhood good fe..-l ing and brotherly confidence. their number rapidly increase. Maj Tlie Only On* liver I'rluUil— Ci»n Ton Tin ••'10 Wiiril? I H. Pn-ir^AllporllBtlV. AT MudTlmt Is Moro Vuluiililo Ttuui ttoltl. U/ihttyo 'J'ribtitte. \ "There is no Ko'd i" the hills around' our place, but there is raud that is ni'TB valuable thnn gold," said Mr. H. L.Kramer, who regintired yesterday i\t the Auditorium, of tho Indiana Mineral Springs, Wnrren couuty, Ind. "It is a .magnetic mineral mud and it is more valuable than gold, for it cures rheumatism in. every form, no mutter how long the victim has been a sufferer. "Oh, no," laughingly replied Mr. Kramer to the reporter's question, "we do not give our patients mud to eat; it is made up in poultices and placed on the joints •where the pain is most severe." / "It is only within the past few years that this wonderful Mngnotio Mud deposit has been known. Large quantities of it has been carried away, and people arc traveling from far and near to our new itKital aud bath house, costing over $150,WOO, whica has juet been completed, iu order that they may drink the Magnelk Imeral Water and bathe in the mud. 'here are upwards of two hundred people here to-day, and many have recovered HO apidly as to make it a wonder to thein- elves and their friends. We look for- vard to the time w_hen people will bi' ourneying to the Indiana Mineral Springs rom every State and Territory in tho Jnion to be cured of chronic, rheumatic nd kidney diseases that baffled the be^ti ruedical skill, 'The mud ia found immediately at the >a°e of the center of a horsechoe shaped )luff, where the Springs are also located, and it seems that the waters ot tho springs louring fourth there for countless ag-'s, ias thoroughly impregnated this deposit with: mineral properties, and magnetized t BO ihat when a steel blade is left hi it, ater a few hours it becomes thoroughly magnetized so that you cautake up a largo dirning needle." Mr. 0. L Stone,,-, general passensrPi- igent.qf the 0. & E. I. railway, of Chie»go, has issued a beautiful little painpli- et which tells all about this wenderfu. ciealth resort, and gives the experience o.! many prominent people who have been urea there within the last ypar. It wi) will be sent by mail free, upon request. Mi,il.. i., t.o»l< 1,1 u« New, l)rcBBes, Guilt's Olullniig, Fuatliers, Glovus, etc., J)yuil' or C'lisituuil, I'luuli GitriiiuuU Steamed, ill. Olio Viuli li'n I>} e \VorUs, 21(5 W Water St.., Milwaukee. Send for dmilnr. There IB n 8 Inch display ndvertinement In tills pnper Uils week which hns no two words alike except, one word. The sumo Is true of cnrli new *>ni! ii|i|ieiirlnu;eiicli week from Thu ( Dr. lliirlur Medicine Co. Thla house plates n "Cresronl." on everything they make and ' pnlillnh. Look fur II, send them Uiu nalnal of thu word, nnd they will return you HOOK, HKAUTIMJI. I.ITHOaUAI'IlH Ol' BAMIM.KS PIIBB. In spite of Its Ice mid severe cold, Lab- ' nulor possesses SKK) upecies of llowerlnr plants, M ferns anil over 1350 speelos of, mosses and lichens. DON'T TUIFI.H WITH AFFUOTIONS ot tho; throat and lungs. Take llAi.ii'a HONEY or 'IIOUEUOUNI) ANll TAIL PtKn'a TOOTHAOIIB Uiiors Cure In one minute. THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT AIM NEW AND WiV COMPLEXION IS BETTER. Mr. Klclianl King, of Corpus Christl, lly doctor «ay« It nets ireiiMv on tho stomach, UTW (Texiis, owns 700,000 acres ot laud and 103, COO lienil of caUlo and horses. TAKJB BBART, It yon'ru ft mifforrng woman. The chronic weaknessos.puiuf ul disorders, and delicate dorango- merits that come to woman only have a positive remedy in Dr. Pierco's Favorite Freficrip- tton. If you'll faithfully use ft, every disturbance and irrojru- Zarftycan bo permanontlycunxL It's a legitimate medicine tor •woman, carefully adapted to her deJlcato organisation. It builds up and invigorates the entire system. regulates and otes all the proper funo- .and restores health and r\^ T vorite Prescription" la , •ma kidneys, and IsnplonsarI lni:ntlvo. Tills drlnV • mada from licrbn. ujid IB pivnnn^l PorUBO aj Mtoa. It Is called LANE'S t If you CAD net (4 yunt itilrlrL-it fornlii't- a.uupln, l.nuw'i Fiiiitllv XBilleu4 OTM tfio ImwcU rnrh 'I fir. In unlor t» tu> hitnllhy, ifili U a " "ell H nt Ml itilrlrL-it nd $1 |>er |n\i-k!iKH. upln, l.nuw'i Fiiiitllv . , Ail«lre»« ORATOR p. WOO1>\VARI>. LiRor, N. Y. I MBS. LOGAN'S UNIVERSITY. Mrs, General Lo^an is trying to raise a million dollars to endow nn American university that shall ru-otf- nize men and on precisely the isame footing cither as students or teachers or .professors, the sole test being competency. To this purpose proposes to organize a national tho only remedy for -woman's [society that shall be under the cim- ^^'beS^r^fuTe^you tool of a national president and vie* have your money back. [presidents. This is a noble project. ^Nothing can be greater than a plan TSTiich la too .test to try. if^ 7™ have Co- , th t enables pcop]e to orjt ain a higher tanto—ajnodicuw.ftatqlalmatohavecuied , ... -A,,/ nvon ohmm t.Viln .• An ornnge flirt i« among thu possibilities ot the diiy. Kr,cts consumption of thu fruil .3 said to be good for Uio complexion, and many Indies uro testing tho,claim. FITS All Fits Stopped tree by Or. HJliie'b Or«-Ht W.TV" It."Hiu.«r. No J»*m'uffcer first i»T 1 B n»e. Marvelous cul-OH. Trent! w; and $2.00 trial •joltle to Fit (Junes. Send to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch St., Plain., Pa, The pioneer vineyard of northern Ohio, now famous for its American wines, was planted by IILnini 1. Dewey in 1857 one mile from tlie city of SanausUy. The True Laxative Principle Of the plants used in manufacturing tl.c pleasant remedy, Syrup of Figs, lias u permanently beneficial effect on the human eystem, while the cheap vegetable extract?, and mineral solutions, usually sold as medicines, are permanently Injurious. Being well-informed, you will use tho true remedy only. Manufactured by the California Fi»Syrup Co, . • Fleet street, London, has been visited by i plague ot 'tiny but persistent and venomous mosquitoes. of •, or a medicine that ia lacked by w_vw t.o cure v°» ? Tho proprietors of Dr. KIV,'O'J Catarrh' Ilomody agree to cure your (Xiiar.-:i. perfectly mid permanently, or 1i'.'".-'!\ pay you $COO in cosh, Small. education. But even above this It •that which enables them to preserve at all times vigorous health. Most 'people break clown with pulmonary^ 'troubles while pursuing their studies. It Is this which gives point to th« craze for athletic pursuits that la no* the bane of many of our colleges. A better way Is to take that excellent •remedy, SKID'S GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CUKE. This Is especially [calculated for people who pursue sedentary callings, as well as .those wh«; are exposed to the open air, and thereby take cold. Get It of any dmgglrt. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peorla, 111, Guaranteed to cure" Bilious Attacks, Stok. Headache aud OoiiHttpulloii. 40 In eaott bottle. Price 85o, For sole by druggists. Picture "7,17, 70" and enmple doso free; J. F. SMITH & CO.. Prnnrlptnr.. Nf\V YORK. $4U,000,000 Burned hj the Bell Teluphonn Patent in 189). Your Invention mny he vnluuble You nliould protect it by patent. Addrefm for full und intelligent ndvlne, fre* of charge, W. W. IHJ«»I,r,Y M t O., Solicllora of Fateuti. Padflo Bld'g, 622 F St., N W., \VaMlilii K tuu, J>;c. Mention this paper. f fSH BR l<'ort>l)oclii)KS. S. S. Times: Forebodings of evil nr a nion; potent cause of trouble tlitiu evils that are present. If the element of dread of Hint which seems likoly to coiue, or sorrow for an anticipated lack, were eliminated from our personal troubles of mind, we should Had it comparatively an easy matter to bear up under the burdens of the present. Yet the future can safely left with God,— as he alone knows what it will bring us, and has power to make it, not only endurable, but joyous. "Mj Hneband Baa Quit Tobacco Splttliig His Life Away" Writes Mrs. J. B. Waldruth, 170 'Mark St., Winona, Minn. She says " 'Notobac' is a errand, good remedy. Two boxes noi only cured my husband, but his brother as well, and 1 sold two boxes to our neigh- bora, Mr. Joa. Taylor and Mi-. Keolock aud cured them both. I have orders for several boxes. Please send me your terms to agents. 1 enclose you letter from my brother, Mr. Rouse." Here it is: WINONA, Minn., April 10, 1892. "After chewing and emokiucr tobaccc for more than thirty yearn, I was prevailed upon, to try a box of NOTOBAC, To my surprise I was entirely cured of the filth/ habit, Money would not induce me to commence its use. You can use this in way you see fit. P. P. ROUSE." Notolae acts directly upon the tobacco Diseased nerves restoring them to a ncr- mal condition and exterminating the poisonous Nicotine from the system. It is guaranteed when used according to simple directions to cure any case, so you run no financial or physical risk when you tike NOTOBAC. Send for our book called "DON'T TOBACCO SPIT YOUR LIFE AWAY." Address the Sterling Remedy Co., Box 244, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind, French florists are cultivating a plant which bears a. flower that is white hi the morning, red at noon and blue at night. I HAVK seen one IHISU of -iJnulyeniUuo. relievo sick and nervous headache \vhtm everything else had fulled, aud can cheerfully recommend It. M. O. Zoll, 1'hila- MpnU, P». Of all Druggists. Fifty cento. Th» ttrongttt and pvrtti made, Omllk* oth«* Ly«. tt a in* powder and paekM U acu with reraoTabl* lid. th* eoatMte are alwajt ready Mr •**. WUi make th*»M( perfumed Hard Sou IB 20 mlnnt«i u&Aout Mlinf- M U tha be«t for t'«ami*| WHtt nlpea, diilnfectlng etokn, cleeeU, wiuhlnc bottlei, painti, tree*, Me. PENNA. SALT KF«. O«a. This Trndo Mark is on the hot WATERPROOF COAT tlie World! *' ree - A. J. TOWER, BOSTON, MASS. I YON <fc HEALY, M 03 Monroa Bt,, Chleaera Will Dill Free their Mirlr enUrgid — CataloifUA of B&ad InstruulenU, Unl. fonDi ftnd Equipraente, 400 Fine II- luitntioiu, describing every article required by Buvli or Drum CoT[it, Contain! Instruction* for Amateur Baudn t KxereUM and Drum Uajor'i Taeticb, By •Lun uA » Mooted Lul of Band Mmlc Patents! Pensions! Send for InTontor 1 ! Oulde or How to Obtain a Patent Bend for Digest of Pension and lionnty I.awi. Pati-lcb. O'Jfurrell, WueliliiKlou, I>. €. iOO LITTLE LIVER PILLS IOT «mira «oa Hicra •«« ym Mr ilOK HBAW* AOIIK, tmftlnt UMNO*, mull lUooH n ordvnu ml Aonoii oomplezlun Ity Beautify . blo&d. PDEILI VK4RABLB. m __ INDICO BLUE * ' U B ' Tb.e Cttrupana, the largest steamship in the world, was launched-on the Clyde. The Campana was built for the Ounraa Steamship company's New and I4vei"pool service. 'The Family WMh Blu«, for ial« by Oroce'ri. >«<rb.tooii>ucli.EMkTl>lu>nUln Ilk. iDi tn tU f - nt home, HHIat LIGHTNING PLATER . AU gtouiu* B*nd iHMDt itamp. T«» (tt •IU HARTU MjEOICWE CO., St. LovU. IU. »Hb {old, lilrer or nlckil. J No ezporlanot. K9 etpluU Brerj boon h«j roodi met. _ ln| fldUnf . WIuUiili I* J ii.ntiW. Wrlw toe elro* ]lu<. rf. O. DKU(0 * " ARFIELDTEA ___ __ __ resulto -__7)f'b 1 a4~c&Hn6;c«re» Sick Ileadache) r?HtoreiiCoinulexIon|Cure><Con«tlpaUoii., S«rk On, DON'T KAIL TO ATTEND THE Great Auction Sale of Lots in the new town of CVItAllY, two mile» nouih of Milwaukee. Jixcel^eni ouportunlty for proflt- ttble investment. For [urlliBr iiarlit'iiliire upplj |o CUDAIIV liltOS., . No. Ifi'-J Second St., Mllwaiikoo, Win. FAT FOLKS REDUCED Mm AUo« M»pl£uO»gO| I win •paUd, the pretorly U o n t h » I mail* * maq , anil Our« A Month & Expenses IO AOBNTH TO SELL CIGARS TO DEALERS. j*«H= SAMPLES FREE ALL THE SAME, ALWAYS. SPRAINS. MT, PLEASANT, TEXAS, June20,ia§8. Suffered 8 months with strain of back; could not •walk fctraigM i weij two bottlea of Pil, owed,. $9 BRUISES. PtTr8,8UBa, PA,, 802Wylie Ave., Jan. 20,'87 One of niy workmen fell from 9 ladder, he sprained and bruised his arm very badly, ]Ja used TrUAIiANTKE Jt to Our* auy BUd'urer from Vu>lou» c«.l«, J-ciBt , Vitality, rder«, t Npnous 1)1 »•• rul 'ije);UUy, \vitli tu"ip« U.'il.KlS. ' A CLEAR COMPLEXION, JOr. O. I*. Urowu'B beuutlfles tlie okln ttnd .....i>l»*l tinHuoi*, proveutiug the J .....^ »*•..« elirinkutjo which pro- Rl II HPR UUUUH wriukUw. Nut u _._ , , couiuuUo, but uSfiuur- a 1 Skin Tonic, which mudt ukiua, hungry for nourishment, nliaorb It like u Buouue Druyglsts or by mail «1. Bond lOu. for HAMl'i.E with Luily'* imuer illub. Seven Agon ot Womuu'u Ulu aud uo- 5-otua to the oare ol Fuco uud Body. J. Gibsou ,t)roWj, 47 Groud St.^Jjraey City, N._J.__

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