The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 12, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1891
Page 7
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THE TIPPER 1)E8 M01KES., AmONAjOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST12,1891. "WitATEVEn IS-tS BEST.' I know as my life grows older. And mine eyes have clearer light, That nndef each rank wrong somewhere, There lies the root of right; That each sorrow has its purpose, By the sorrowing oft unsnessed; But as snre as the snn begins morning, Whatever is—is best. I know that each sinfnl action. As sure as night brings shade, IB somewhere, some time punished, Though the nonr Is long delayed ; I know that th* sonl is aided Sometimes by the heart's unrest, And to grow means often to Buffer, Bnt whatever is—is beat. I know there is no error ; In the great enpernal plan, And all things Work together For the final good of man; And I know when my soul speeds onward In its grand eternal quest, I shall cry as I look back earthward, "Whatever is—is best." become ft father. What can we do? ttis manifest that this child is none of mine; yet the law Will give me no relief. What, ;hen, can we do but defy the law? " 'But,' said t, 'Where you came from they will know that your wife had a child and" the law officers mill make inquiries.' High heaven has helped us,' he replied. 'The wife of this gentleman, who is my brother, his wife has recently gave birth to twins, and the birth of only one child was declared. This infant will take the place of the intruder and at the same ' time my brother's wife will be seen with a child. As though to favor our designs, my little nephew is very dark.' " 'You should understand, 1 said one of the brothers, 'that we are Spanish-En glish people, and that we come from the neighborhood of Gibraltar. My lady here was seized by Riff pirates, and re- OSE KISS BttFOHE PARTING. Reqneftt of ft Sinrchto*M« Whlcli Aslon- l»h*d n tonne Salesman, A lady of fashion had been loitering for nearly an hour in a fashionable rnusrc shop recently. She had purchased a copy of nearly every piece of music that had a | sentimental title, and had sent out to her carriage a whole portmanteau full of '•love"—going through every mood of feeling, past, present or future—and was following their" example, when she paused whether THK CLOAVN'S CONFESSION. ThiB ie the tale of a circus clown, as he told it me—aud how he became one: Our troop was not a very taking one; for apart from Tom, our rope daiicer was 40, it a day, and, next to a merriman being merry, in a circus it is necessary to have your rope dancer young, tor who would feel interest in seeing an old woman come down and break her neck? She called herself "M.onehaha," Our tumbler was not good, owing to rheumatics, and oui male vaulter, owing to corpulence and the want of a proper costume, was afraid to exert himself much, fearing to introduce u new scene into the performances, which, personally, would have been inconvenient for him, In the beginning of October Tom Staggi was seized with an attack of English cholera. He quite believed he was going to die 1 was general help to the company, am turned my hand to anything.from nursinc a baby to going on as the young prince nursed him. "Biler," he said—that was my circus name, and I had almost forgotten that had any other—"Biler," says he, "I don t know what confession is and what confession ain't; but 1 know this, that I can't lay here, and eo off into kingdom come and not say a word about it. You listen to me. "I was a mason and about three months out of my time, and was engaged to «s pretty a lass as there was ten miles round Chester, when, one night about 10, a foreign looking chap knocked at the door and said to niy landlady: 'Ain't there a mason livinghere?' only he did not speak such good English as that. "The upshot of it was that I went downstairs and out into the rain with him. Says he, 'My good fellow, would you like to earn twenty pounds?' "1 laughed. " 'Thirty!' he said, and in such a, grave voice that it took all the laugh out of me. " 'What ain 1 to do for it?' I asked; for £30 would have provided furniture and put to rights the cottage I wanted to take my Bessie lo. " 'To brick up a doorway.' " 'Where?' " 'No matter where.' " 'When?' " 'Now. " 'But why not in the daytime? 1 asked. " 'Because you are not to see the place you are to go to, and because you will be taken there blindfold.' " What do you mean?' I asked. " 'No harm,' he said; addincr, disdainfully, 'Why, how could we be interested in doing 1 you harm?' "He spoke aristocratic enough, then, assure you '•I hesitated, whereupon lie said in a very sweet and candid _voice, 'Why nor upon the step as if meditating she would take it or some other step that was evidently turning itself over in her mind. The" shopman, who had been somewnnt moved by the tender tone of voice in which she had asked him, "Wilt thou tovo -„-..,. me then as now?" watched her with an mained for some months a slave among anx i e tY that betrayed itself too plainly in the Moors. But of all this misery they t jj e adjustment of his shirt collar and the know nothing whence we came. arrangement of his hair, says the Shct- "1 nodded my head," continued Tom, g e |,j t^na i Telegraph. Suddenly the "and went to the brickwork and finish- - - - • • ed it." "One of the terrible men preached with two or three brushes, and began to paint Woe to The Romam cried " Vat TlcUtT *Wo to th« conquered!" *t their trlnmphs. To-d»y mtny ot us are bemf conquered—our peace, onr rest and dally «pp*Ut« wrested from ns by that inv«der of the itomach, dyspepsia. Succor we sne for from a hundred source*. Temporary relief we iome- ttmet obUIn. But » hearty me»l, the ilmplest Indiscretion In diet, and the Protean Imp returns with redoubled Titor to torment n«. A percUtant nte of the great tonic, Hosteller'! Biomncu mueri, IB urn caicu- , lated to drive Into permanent banishment every I now ap- cans and the fresh bricks. "In a few minutes the newly-formed wall had the exact appearance of a brick wall that had stood through twenty yenrs' changes of the seasons. "I was so engrossed watching these proceedings, that I did not hear anyone approach me. said: 'Look before lady seemed' resolved, as with one bound she cleared the pavomenl, and breathless, pale, her auburn ringlets fluttering in the • ' • more before the aJmir- "Suddenly a voice you in the glass I' "A something to frighten me almost giay, and a something to make me fed 3'et among the living. "The first was a glittering knife, held over my breast from behind; tho second was the smiling face of him that had spoken, "I turned. " 'Did you think we were going to kill you also? he asked, almostcheerfully. "'It looked like it,'I said, "'[.wanted to prove to you,'said he, 'that wo do not, and did not wish you any harm. I could have killed you, but 1 have no desire to do so. 1 would rather take you by the hand.' "He shook me by the hand heartily. " 'You have earned your £50 well,' said' another; 'and ws will not count the money very carefully—witl we?' addressing the orothers. "They shook their heads. " 'Is all done?' aaked tho lady. '"All." "And then she broke down. "A sudden cry; a stretching of the arms; and then she fell senseless to the ground. 'The carriage is ready,' whispered ono who hud not previously spoken. The poor lady was raised, a heavy black shawl put about her, and very tenderly three of them carried her away. 'Then the fourth, as though his gentleness had been borne away with the lady, turning to me, said, 'I will pny you,' "He opened a large puree, shook a handful of gold out, put it on a table, added a second, aud said: 'All this is yours.' "Then he added: 'Fifty pounds will be sent you yearly as long aa any of us are alive. But the least attempt at confession on your part and you are a dead man. We are kind to those who are cood; we are implacable to those who do evil. Shake tnti-dytpeptic and regulating Htomach Bitters, It best calcn- j permanent banishment every form of Indigestion, temporary or chronic No less efficacious Is It for malaria, biliousness, constipation, rheumatlem, kidney and olailder ailments. ThJs remedy of tpecmc utility and many uses overcomes them all. 'TIS a safeguard, too, •gainst the effect* of temperature apt to revive an attack of "L» Grippe.^ An Incident In Housekeeping. The Young Husband (thoutrhtfullj)— "If t nm goinc to keep this garden in any sort of condition I must get sotnn hos(>." Tho Young Wife '.brightly with a view to economy)—''Oh, don't go to that ex- pnnsc Honry. I have an old pair upstairs thnt you can Imvo." Ite AVithoiit Brend. XI BuaoV'i REMOKVCB, M»rqnett«, Mich., I Hov.?.Uft>. f Until tnl to thn H«-«t. All are entitled to tho beat, thnt their money will buy, so ovury iiunily should have, ul onuo, a bottlu- of tho bent tiunlly rvinuily, Syrup of Figs, to ck'iinso tho SJ-B- loiu wliou costive or bilious. For snlu In M)c. nud $1.00 bo.'.les by nil lending ilrtig- irbts. wind, stood oncn ing shopman. . . "I had nearly forgotten,' she said in u voice that seemed to veil her blushing words; "dear, dear! I cannot tell where my head is to-day! I oomn back to ask you if by chance"—here slie paused as if to take new courage, while the trembling shopman posted hu two thumbs elegantly on the uiahogony counter and leaned his body inquiringly forward—"to ask yon to be kind enough to give me one kiss before "M-n'-a-a-d-a-m!" exclaimed the astonished shopman. "I want you," repeated the marchioness, "to let. me havn one kiss before parting—one will do if you please." She raised her beautiful bltw eye" upon his, and met them boldly and unblushingly. She then, without betraying any emotion, repeated her adding as calmly us poHsiblp. " »»»| «i. he really your rival T" "Yes." "Oreat annot give it to me now, 1 will call some 8cott| lf l ^^ riyul Ulat looked llku tlla t ithertime." „ . . j do you know what I'd dof" "No." "I'd He could doubt no longer. Springing i gi TO up the girl." iver the counter, he siozed hold of tho I n r i,,' a fn.,. form nnd then and thoro The happiness ot mother and child de- ady s tail torm and "ion ana "«-™ | d Hpo1I11tlle hc(lUh O f both, a ludy writer: rave the kiss she so earnestly Deggeil for ft ^v ftml l ^ Bploud , d hiauks to Mr». previous to departure, lo his great aston-, ln , lkllar i ttud tUo Vcirutablo Coinoound." shment, tho only return the lady gave was a box on the ears. This was folio-rod by a volley of blows dealt by her parasol hands once more. you Now let me blindfold And he took me awny. as I had come. ******** "But I was a changed man from that night. All my feelings of freedom and liberty were over forever. "Two days after, the man I had first spoken to met me in the open day; he was dressed for one of those garden par- not I? No one will be any the wiser, and you will be forty pounds the richer than you otherwise would be.' " 'I'll get my tools.' 1 said. "Where was I taken? 1 don't know. The cab rolled on and on for an hour, with several stoppages, at each of which my companion got out, and made calls; but it is possible he went round and round. At last be told me to come out of the cab. But the shade was not taken off my eyes until I had been led through several passages and rooms, and had come to what I knew was a conservatory, by the close smell of hot-house roses. "Theniny mask was taken_oflE. Yes; I was in a conservatory leading from a drawing-room. A beautiful woman was sitting in a chair, and three men, all foreign looking, were standing near a door tbat had two panes of glass in the upper part, and which appeared to me to be a tool-house for implements used in the conservatory. " 'You must brick UJ, this door and put cement over it,' said he, who was apparently the leader of the party. "There, near the door, was brick, cement, mortnr, tools, etc.—anything that would be wanted. " 'To your work,' he said. "I set to work with my job. The threshold and sides of the door were solid, ce mented brick work; and I saw that when I had finished my job only a builder would be able to discover by close examination of the building that there was a covered up space at that point, "Tho lady never said a word — the four men behind me uttered not a sound, but watched me closely. I was a quick worker and iu about half an hour 1 had readied the lower edge of the two little panes of glass in the door. "1 suppose I was agitited. Atall events, I happened to strike the glass, and tho pane shivered. "There was a stranae combined 'Ha!' from the four men as this incident happened. "The next moment, as I was running the soft mortar along the last laid course of brickB, 1 heard a child's sob. "I flung down my trowol with a frightened cry and turned upon the five men. "Each had a long poniard in his hand. "The one who had brought me said, •You came voluntarily' with me; you have learnt my secret, and either you are with us, or you must die. It is right you should know what has happened. I am this woman's husband, and tha child past that door is not mine. Of that I have satisfied myself by the evidence of four medical men. I am the he'r to a great estate in Spain, and these gentlemen are my brothers. To save the honor of this woman—who, I believe, was more sinned against than binning—to save her honor, to save that of these gentlemen, we destroy this child. It suffers no pain, and if you listen again you will hear that it is singing.' ' "It was true; for I could hear that the child was singing, or rather crooning. " 'My good man,' he continued, 'we rail know that we are doing wrong 1 but what can we do? This child, if scknowledged, would be heir to 7ast estates, to the injury of my brother's children or my own, if I as he said, 'You are an accomplice of oui number now, for you have not informed the police on becoming free. Good-bye, dear friend. You will have your money forwarded to \ou once a quarter.' "Whether it ever came or not, I never knew. What I wanted was to be free ot them, and I f-ilt I could only do that by hiding my iace; and then it was I tliougi of becoming a Mr. Merriman, for I hac been fond oE that kind of thing as a boy And as I was a good carpenter, also t good hand at a needle, why I soon got F circus, and I never show in public except with my face got up as a clown; and mark you, I have always spoke in a voicr not my own. "There, I've wound up, for I know I'm on my death-bed; and I feel that I can di easy."—New York Journal. Thu man \vlio talks in his sleep Is not ns much of n nnlsaiico as Iho mnii \vliu sleeps In hi* Ulk, i ITS.—All Fit"Bimi|i«a7r</j15 uu.Ki.imt'8(hm»T .N riiVK ItlwroltKii . »t I'll* ul.lef ur»t tliy's unt». Mnr- U'llmm cures, 'i'rrui4»* »ud W.'Xt ti-ittl bottle fnu to ] ,1 i-iiK-H. Keiul tf ,')l tthnn. Ml An-li t<l., I'llllii., I'll. Thu liow-lefjijuil man id liiuulk'ttpuud In lilVti juurmty; it is ililiinilt. for him Iu wulk ::i the wiiy hi.', tlioukl go. The demands of society often Induce ladles to use quack sllmiilanU when fouling badly. They are dangerous! Lydlu K. Vlukham's Vegetable Compound In adapted question ! to lucb casei. will cal/some! - "I».ue,reall y ,your rival r — j „ »„.. „...- "---_.. • nn _, rnr i f nr ' peiuls upon tue ucniui oi uotii. a lady writes: gave the kiss she so earnestly oegged for ft v ftml l ^ Bploud , d hiauks to r lo his great aston-, lnn t, la ^ au d tlio Vegotable Compound. A simple-minded colored janitor roleued two prisoners at \VllllamsburK, Vft., tho over his'h'ead which wn* accompanied with , other day, because,Uiey wUhod So rUlt their The B«T. J. Koiiblel, of »bote plaoe, writci: t bars (offered a great deal, and whenerer I Bo* feel» aervoa* Attack coining I take ft dole of Pftitor Kaenlf'e Nerve Tonie and feel relieved. I think ft peat deft] of it, ftnd would father to without bread than witbont the Tonla. Tired ot tiring. POUND, Wli^ 18BO. Two ytftr* ago iatt ftbmtar I commenced baring epllsjitlo attacke, and oonld not mt ft mlnnte without having my llmbi jerk, t wfti almost tired of Hying, when I beard of Pftitor Konnl^'n Norvn Tonlo, and thank the Lord I got well Mlor n»lnR only one bottle; aud I will never Forget In my prareri what thin medicine did for mo. MISS MAY WKTIOK. -A Vritwbl* ljoo* «n Herrotu DlMnee* tent fre« to any »ddreM, and noor patient* can also obtain this medicine fr«e of clmi-go. 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For children a mfidl* cine should be abso* lately reliable. A mother must be r I !c to' pin her faith lo u as to her )]ible. It must contain nothing violent, uncertain, or dangerous. It must be standard in material and manufacture. It must be plain and simple to adtnirt- i.-lcr; easy and pleasant to take. The child must like it. It must be prompt in action, giving immediate relief, as childrens' troubles come quick, grow fast, and end fatally or otherwise in a very short time. It must not only relieve quick but bring them around quick, as children chafe and fret and spoil their constitutions under long con- fincinent. It must do its work in moderate doses. A large quantity of medicine in a child is not desirable. It must not interfere with th« child's spirits, appetite or general icnlth. These things suit old M veil as young folks, and make Boschee's German Syrup the favorite Tainily medicine. • iJri'HKUft, (Junta's C'hillilnjr, Fiwtliura. Olovus, <.ii'., Ujuil or IMr.uni'ii. I'liuili uiirmonls yiuiiiniil ul Olio 1'iolfli'a 1>}U Worlia. a-10 \Y. \Viitor SI., MlUvitnUuu. Bond for Olrcu- John Voli, an inimiU; of tin; Uuiullng uluis- liouso, 1'iislutl tor 2-i days, being uuublo U) tnUo food on luvonnl oi' sickness. AKJZONANATTJHAL KH1DG15. Benenth the Bridge arc Numeroun Cnven Mirny nf Tliemi Never HiiTlnif Ueeu JSx- l>lored Natural bridge of Pine Creek, in the northern part of Gulia county, is one of the geatest curiosities in the United States equaling if not surpassing, the Natural bridge of Virginia. It spans the creek at the height of 200 feet, and the walls'of the canyon rise above it on either side 700 or 800 feet and on one side from a perpendicular precipice. The bridge is of lime formation, and the inside of the great arcfy which is some 250 feet across is worn by the water as smooth as though chiseled by the skilful hand of a stone mason. The arch on top, is nearly, if not quite, 400 feet in width, 1,000 feet in length across the canyon, and at the thinest part only six feet through, about the center of the arch is a hole largo enough to admit the body of a man, and through which one can look down into the crystal pool of water 200 feet below. . The dike which forms the bridge extends in sweeping curve up the right side of the stream, and, together with the bridge proper, affords a surface area of about 100 acres of fertile land which has been eon- verted into a fine farm. A spring issues from the right side of the canyon at a height to admit the water being easily conducted to any portion of the farm, and the volume is great enough to fill a ditch four feet wide and two feet deepj and to irrigate much more land than is available for cultivation. The climate at the bridge is exceedingly equable, being warm in the summer and much milder in the winter than that of the surrounding country, and tp this fact it ascribed the wonderful variety of vegetable growth, numbering Borne 250 pecies of trees, shrubs, vines and plants. The vicinity abounds iu numerous fossils and shells, and where moisture percolates through the calcareous rock beautiful staloctites are formed. Underneath the bridge are numerous caves, aome of which huv(!°never been explored and which are lined witl. these o'ltiqueconeH resembling huge ieicles.HBostou Traaeript. WILT> MBAdTS JX f> Many Adults and Children Fall a Proy to them, It is well known that about twenty-five thousand people a year fall a prey to the wild beasts of India. The larger part oh ,bese victims are killed by tigers and venomous snakes which are met in ihe jungle. As a rule the victiins of these tragedies wre guilty of great carelessness. With euro tho danger of wild beasls mi"ht, in the majority of cases be averted." An animal which has for some months been written about a great deal in Indian newspapers has at last succumbed having met his well deserved fate June 7. He pioved to be a full grown leopard, probably about 4 years old. Ho had lurked around the village in the edges of the jungle for months watching for his prey, and at least fifteen people were killed by him, including several adults as well as children. It was hard work to kill r iiu, and he Hurt three people badly before ho was incapacitated for further harm 1 This is the way he met his fate. He had been hovering around a camp of Busahiri during the night of June- 5, but was kept off by five large sheep dogs. On the 7th in the morning a woman saw him in some long grass near the bungalow, and taking him for large jungle cat after the fowls ran after him. Ho charger] her, striking her on the chest, and sei/ed her by the arm. She struck him over the head : with a heary stick, and, other people j coming up, the leopard let go and ran in-' to a garden near bungalow. The woman was found to have two claw wounds on her chest aud six deep bites on her arm. By this time some twenty persons had assembled and went into the garden in scorch of the beast. A syce in the services of the assistant commissioner declared ho believed it was only a jackal, but the words were hardly out of his mouth when the leopard, which had been hiding under a stone, charged straight at tha syce with a roar knocking him down and wounding him badly. He is badly clawed on both arms, behind the right ear, and bitten on the scalp, and would certainly hove been killed had not a man named Nuziua run in and 3 riven a long spear cloan through the leopard's body. The brute loft the syce and tried to work itself up the shaft of the spear to get at his new assailant, but it only succeeded in tearing his cloths, Nazina escaped unhurt, A mistri ran in to club, but got clawed on the chin for his pains, Nuzina holding on his spear all the time. By this time the others, who had bolted when the leopard charged, returned, and the leopard was clubbed to death. Chicago Herald. They Never Go Backward. Tho School Journal. If reforms do not move on in the exact direction in which they are started, this does not prove that they are failures. A ship sailing for England lays out its course, but the sailing master knows that he must meet with adverse winds, and be obliged to correct his course many times; but he gets into port sooner or later. Eeforms never go backward. Those who oppose them should remember thv fact. A good idea is the most difficult to kill in all the world. 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All gciinlnu poods hem 1 Hcnil iia'JcoiitHtniiiii for UU-pngu Tutt's enable tho dynpoptlc to cnt -whatever ho ' wishes. They OIIIIHO tho food toiumlmlluto and nourixli tho body, give appetite, and DEVELOP FLESH. Office, 39 & 41 Park Place, New York. ••WOMAN. Blflllt IMMKANUM ANI> TllftiSt TllK.V'IMilSHW." A ruluable lllun- t nil in] book of Buvonly-lwo imfjos uontfrne, OB rooolpl oT 10 contH, to covor coat of niiiillilH, oto. A.hlniHH, 1'. O. Hoi 10GI), Phlllk, I'IL A TARIFF AND FREE TRADELESSOM FORTHE AMERICAN PEOPLE . . PUBLIC OPINION . . It would bo well If every citizen of the United State could rend Mr. tiuaulau'H book.— AlbatM JKv«. Journal. It In an admlrnMo document and nhoiild haiv the liirKCTt circulation.— Uoche.itfr J>emocral, His n now revolution.— National TrtbuM, It IB a nlronu iilcu. -Jlotton Pilot. It Nhnuld bo In tho linnds of every worklnr; niiin.— Western Man'/'r, A utarlllnt; nrray of facts.— Burlington ffawt- tyt. A niont convlncliiK demunutmtlon of the trutbi of lil» propoBltlon.— JJinntuiiolli Journal. It In an tntercRtlnt; nurrMvo.—JruHanafOlU Joitrnal, The author argues from tho Boundewlprinciple*. -N. Y 1'reis, An iniftiiHworablo argumeut— JUUwaiike* KvS^ H'(jt'on«irt. Here nrc undeniable reprints of facti.— fall River News No ono can read It without being thoroughly convliieed.—CUAB. M. Du Pur. Paper, KOc., - Cloth, $1,00. Sent to any addreaa on receipt of the price. For Sale by Railway News Co., on Trains and all Depots. If not send price to the author, JOHN F. SCANLAN, WESTERN NEWS CO., OKlfllOO, HA.0.fl.A. rt»n«.r»l Aornls. LS "• m & GO. m th« oldoit, moBt offloleut SOLICITORS gerlouijfy"TlFatTIB home in Brie, Pa. M. Use of the Alugnet. Mascart, one of the "Hang it ASi. everywhere, AitKuat fi, IHll. --•• ' noo.oooi - •• reached • I Funalent pur.zle out. Rranu now. I'laced ou uulo , Ailvalico order* Solid ItflOlf.. I'lUUBCB I'llpll, M,-,.limn liuiu'hs. Tommy trlua It, Kltllo can do It; 15.00 worth of pure fun for l/5o. AffonUwuntcdinall Loss of Appetite, Sick Headache, and That Tired Feeling, are cured by S Sarsaparilla PILES ANAHESIS KiviH IniUnl relief, nnd it am IKFA.LU1- 11LB < UUB (or PlUCfl. Price, $1; ut druKgUu or by null.. _B»Ji]Ele« .free, Idlire MBW yOHM. Om, 'line or deHcrlfoo V"itf i'lift 1'^t'C I'l'ttHVrlpllOH.. it. T. Nor.AN CiiuwLi-Y, 'llwoaso mill 1 will 'I'lllHH Il'lhlMlful Tiirre llaulu. IK! FAT FOLKS REDUCES Mm. Alice Maple. Oregon, Mo., writes "MsweUhtwiiaa'20pfiuiiil8,nowlti8lll5, O reilaotlon of l'& ibs." For i.|r»uluid uildroiw. with to, |»™O.W.F.SNVUEU. MoVtoker'sTlieutro. Ohlouiiu.IlL most eminent French eiectricians of the time, says that the use of the magnetic needle in tracing the undprground geology, or, in other words, the past geography of a country, is one of those triumphs of science which are almost tentamounf to divination. First Safe Place. crook — ' 'Step into this door- nnd I'll tell you about that going to crack tomorrow way, Bill, crib we're night." Second crook—"But Bt,mebodj fl ll come along an4 get onto us." First crook (looking at the sign .over fee door)—"No, we're safe here. Ti"S firm don't advertise. Tu» ynited States patent office ,.„,„_,.„ 25,307 patents for the year ending Juno 80. The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. .- .« •__._ ji - _,, Win, PUB. \JN1ON 16—62. juadruda daily. Mailed rAKKIiH-WIINDHIl, ., mr» Uhui- ;ioHtpiud on recolplrjf prlco. Tin OUUsl MtilMm in itu World ii DR. ISAAC THOMPSON'S OE1,E»H,ATE1> EYE-WATEB. Thll krtlol* U it «»r*rnll7 prapat«4 |>h)><l«Un'i »n urlutUn, and Iuu> bovu In oouiUnt n«« for »«»rl7 • Maturr. Tben an f«w UMIUIW U utilob maukitu) ot nor* ^ 'jt»Ml>>K Ui>n ran rr. abj« ufcn», p«rhapi, for which mor« r«iu»(llM h«r« b«o» irtfd without iuco*m. For all olUrnul IiiBEmmatiai, •f Ik* area it ii u U<Mlllblc mutdj. It tb< dir*<i. kio« lui follcwoJ Ik will udT.r full. W. jmrticnl.rl, loylU tlm att.«Dtlon «f nh/ilolani to lt< ineriti. Fai »1. br nil druKgl.t.. JoHN L. THOMPSON, BON8 ° P«iit!v»l)i Cured with Vegetable neniadlo o'ued oitny thoue»nd caueu. Core jutic;>.u nroDonnoed lioiiulnui by Uio ti'wt uhyBlciauu Frnu arat done iyraiitnmai rauldly dl«m<(ieitr, and in lor aijrs at ienHt two-third* of nil us raiitomn ire remoiuu fur fren liuok of tflHtlmomuls of mlruculoni onrei, Ton d»y» treatment turalHlied trflnbrnull u foa order trill, noli d 111 conUi in «t»mpn to p» b«. n. n.aitEKN & BONB. Atumv rl WAMTFR f MEN TO THAVKr,. w» p»v «M> 11 Mlv I CiU i to HH10O ii mouth and axvenfou. B'J'ONJ.; & WISJLUNOCION, MuUlHoii, Witt. I EWIS' 98;4 I POWDEEED AND PBBFUME3,, •• (I'ATKMTKD.) The strongest and purest Lyo made. Will make the best pep famed Hard Soap in 20 minutes •without boiling. It its -fclio l>owt for softening water, cleansing waste pipes, disinfect ing sinks, closets, washing hot ties, paints, trees, etc. PENNA. SALT M'F'G 00, don. Agte., I'Mla., Fa. LIFE. You can hero get mor lif« inHnranco, of a bettor quu.ity, on easioi tornui, at less cxwfc than elsowhore. , AddresH 9!il--8-5 CLostnut St., Philud'o. jy-ACENTS WANTED-®* ^BICYCLE KiUlilhbiaeut lo tlit IVorld, Kfl STYLES, V-H vlU SOLID, CUSHION on . Pintail, Hull UiMrlull (ml Workmiuiililp. VtanoHtl f^amtftr amll. l>rtf Crania/or Indict or ( (jauloguti frw. Ftr A|«aliTerai, 4o.i«eu4 lOoin. lu«u cuiuuu artLCO. "When slovens gel* Hdy they polish the bottoms of thepe^nsV-wnen given never tired of cleaning'up Two servants in two neighboring houses dwelt, But differently their daily labor felt; Jaded and weary of her life was one, Always at work, and yet 'twas never done. The other walked out nightly with her beau, th^n film cleaned house with c A POLIO. /I Cough Medicine Cur«fl whore all el«e fails. Recommended by Physicians. Pleasant and agreeable tip tli»

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