The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 21, 1892
Page 2
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THE UPPER DES MOINfiS, ALOONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21. 1892. iLOONA, IOWA. For the first time since 1S7(? ther •will be a republican state .ticket in South Carolina this fall. i For 200 years before the pstnhlisl rnent of a republic, no son of a Frenol monarch had succeeded his father t the throne. A western editor met a Avell-oducalw farmer recently and said to him tha lie Would h'ke to hate something frou his pen. The famier sent him a pig am charged him ?!».75 for it. The Knights of Labor have at last to admit that woman is coming to tin front in labor work. Mrs. Fanny Me Connick, of Great Bend, Kansas, was elected state worthy foreman of (lie order at its last annual meotins. The lawdefyinsr leaders of the Head- Ing coal ring are inviting the experiment of government of such properties they manage, says the Cleveland (O.) Leader, and such is exactly the case. Telegrams from Sydney to England state that the Australian government hns decided to invite tenders for 175.000 tons of steel rails, to be manufactured in the colony from material obtained in the colony. The object in view is to induce British ironmasters to develop the iron mines of New South Wales, and to build up local manufacturing industries. One of the tasks to be undertaken by the now English cabinet is the restoration of Irish tenants to the holdings from which they have been evicted during the last few years. But many of those tenants are probably now in the "United States, enjoying better holdings than they ever had in Ireland, and are not likely to return. The refusal of Canadian banks and merchants to take I'lilted States currency at par is becoming general. Silver is subject to a discount of 25 to SO per cent, and all paper currency, save gold certificates, is either refused altogether or discounted in the same way. The consequence will be that our currency, of which there .are some $5.000.000 in circulation there, will be driven out of Canada. A New Jersey judicial authority lias The warship Chicago has sailed from New York for A'onezuela. Six steamers are released from quarantine- in Now York. M. Danbray, the celebrated Palais Royal comedian, is dead in Paris. Cholera deaths in Russia, increase ar the rate of nearly a thousand a day The Arizona republicans have nominated AV. C. Stewart for delegate to congress. * • The steamer Mary Morton, of (lie Diamond Jo line, is sunk in the .Mississippi. German and Italian immigrants in Canada are prevented from enterkur the United States. The Hamburg-American Guion companies entirely suspend their steerage passenger business. Six business houses at Bloomiugtou. 111.. Avere fired in one day by defective electric light Avires. Three lives Avere lost by fire in tho Chamberly hotel. Montreal, at an early hour Monday morning. Montgomery H. Throop, formerly law partner of Roscoe Conkllng. died i -t Albany, N. Y., aged 05. Alouzo Rolcy died at Indiannpolis of lydrophobia. He Avas tAA-icc bitten b.v i pup on December 20. An insurrection has broken out in Alexico AA-liich seriously threatens (he tosltion of President Diaz. Carl Johnson, cashier of the Adams Express company in St. Paul, is airest- •d, charged AA'ith embezzlement. Swindloi-s have flooded the southern mrt.of Georgia and Florida with sil.vr ihited 1-cent pieces, passing them for limes. Nine deaths resulted from a Satur lay.s railroad accident in Mnssachu- •tt.s and the injured number thirty- Rowland Hewitt, a postal employe ud well known bicyclist, has been nr- ested at Atlantic City, X. J., on a harge of robbing the mails. Senator Girard, who has represent >d lanitoba in the dominion senate since 880, died at his residence in Winuo- >eg, Monday morning, aged 73. There was such a rush to see Chamion Corbett at Atlanta, Ga.. that >ie vns knocked down and narrowly scaped being crushed to death. The National Association of postal lerks opened a session at St. Louis loiulay. The address of welcome was elivered by Postmaster Harlow. Scott Parsons and Dan White, well , ., , , ... V J —•' 41 "° ^<--UI.L ^-arsons and jjau White, veil lately decided in a suit for divorce that nown politicians of Anniston v , ' every married woman is entitled to a during a political dispute, exchang, d home where she shall be in sup.vmo shots. Neither is expected to recov^ control. A boarding house or hotel, it T».. mc i, TT 0 \ was held, did not constitute such a ,. S 1 , 1 * 1 / 1 * Home Secretary Asquith has " l *" 1le otI " On ln behlll control. A boarding house or hotel, it AA-as held, did not constitute such a home, as another woman regulated tin affaire of the household. It is apparent that this profound authority should give another decision as soon as possible to restore anything like the balance Maybrick, dech'ng to interfere Avith the prisoner's *sei:t- George Howard, a youth of 19, is of rights. A vague idea has existed , umlf>r !lrres t at Duluth, Minn., for hors,? that husbands are entitled to some- stwllm tf. He sold an animal for $190 thing, but what it is must, after this! " ml ll!1(1 tlle money all spent Avheu indecision, remain in doubt. rested. Tlie Chinese Six Companies af Srm Francisco issue an address advisiui; Chinamen not to comply AA r ith the r> The total cotton crop of the year ending Sept 1, Avas !),(.«537S bales, an increase over the previous year of H88,-' strlction law, which is to be tested 7S2 bales. Tho NOAV Orleans ricayunr. says that the industry has passed through the worst year it. lias experienced in forty years. A good portion of the crop sold for less than the cost of production, nnd prices touched the IOAV- est figures experienced since 18-Ki. The south should real! e that cotton is no longer king, and that diversified products bring the best results from the farm. When they can raise corn, oats, potatoes and the .same crops that, arc raised in the north, it is short -sighted for southern farmers to continue, raising noihing but cotton, Avhile they have to buy all their broad, stnfl's and food products. I , Mr. Gladstone may be old; his healtl may not be at, all times what, ho Avoult like it; he may have much upon his .mind, but ho is gallant still. lie ha." Wide public the statement thut it Avai- through his OAVII volition that Labou chore did not have a place in the ne\\ British cabinet, thus relieving the queei of all onus in the matter, and breaking the force of the report that it Avas 1>.\ her absolute command that Laboucher't was neglected. People, may believe in their hearts Avliat they wlfl; they maj assume that the queen really had something to say in tins matter and'that hoi Wishes Avere regarded, but there is nr appeal from (he old man's Avords. And. Avhntovor the real state of the case, Hie world AA'ill liko Gladstone the belter for his announcement. It was the proper course. Late advices from Honduras, says an exchange, give the. cheering news that the revolution in that country is at an end, and tlm government has triumphed General Nluln, the insurgent leader, has been captured. Ho Avill bo court mar- tiallod and in all probability shut. There does not appear to havi 1 any reasonable excuse for the outbreak. The elect ions for president AA'"ro regularly carried out. Senor Leiva, the administration candidate, received a majority of the popular vote, so! large as to afford no opportunity for his op- pononnts to claim that lie had secured the office through fraud. This view Avas taken even by'Senor Bonilla. the defeated candidate, but some of his hotheaded adherents insisted upon gelling up a light. Bonilla Avas thereupon invited by the government to leave Honduras, the idea being that his absence from the country Avould restore it ;to perfect peace. His banishment had th>\ contrary effect and the revolution quickly followed. It Avas never roallv serious, hoAvever, and the capture (if General iNiula lias deprived it of Its only formidable leader. the courts. Many men employed on the ^ovevn- ment fortifications at Sandy Hook, have given up Avork and returned home on account of the proximity of tlu> cholera to their barracks. Green McCurtain, treasurer of. the Choctmv nation, is the latest victim of the political riots among the Indians. He Avas taken from homo Tuesday night and killed. The Brotherhood of Locomotive F'.vo- men began their biennial session at Cincinnati, O., Monday, AA'ith 8,000 delegates present. Grand Master Sargent presiding, The sessions are secret. .Tamos AVice Avas killed Saturday V>y Mrs. A bra m Ballon Avhilo he AAMS Dying to effect an entrance into her house He was shot in the left eye, and died instantly. Mrs. Dalton is now in Jail. A court decision in Kansas is to the efect that marriage licenses issued bv county clerks are invalid, that they should be signed b.v the probate .1udgo. This Avill invalidate many marriages. David McLaughlin, son of a TMUs- burg banker, Avas thrown from his l\prec Avhile riding in the park Sun:lay. Tho horse' fell on him and he rocfuve-l injuries from Avhicli ho died shortly after. The sealing schooner W. r. Haywaid has been arrested at A'ictoria, B. C., from Bering sea and reports that the lUissian cutters IWA'O seized 1'itva schooner's hunting boats containing ninety men. A prize tight between Arthur Davidson, of Ali-den, and Billy Harris, of Litohliold, for ij!200, took place at McDonald's mine, 111,, and resulted In Harris being knocked out in (lie seventh round. AVilllnm Paragon, making his first run as a broakman on the Chicago nirl Smith western railway, fell from his train Saturday and Avas fatally injured. He was 21 years old and the only support of his Avidowed mother. Mrs. McCourt, daughter of John Du- Jfinoy, ono of tho Avealthiest farmeis near Atchlson, Kansas, was struck and killed by lightning while on tho porch of her residence. AVheu •J ered her clothing was on lire. Chief Justice Sir AVilliam Rithie. of the supreme court of Canada, is lying it the point of death at his homo iii Ottawa. The chief justice is nearly Si years old and for some.' time has con templated retiring to private life. Fire at Albany, N. Y., destroyed iho nting establishment of Janu.-s B. who has the state printing 0011- uud several stores. A nunibir artnienl reports Avere consumed The loss is estimated at between 000 and £300,000. Dr. Gardiner, of Washington, has been summoned to attend Mrs. President Harrison at Loon Lake. While her condition is not immediately precarious there has been an unfavorable development, of her malady that calls for watchful attention. Aumiral Walker, who has been senv to Venezuela AAith three cruisers, :s empowered to prevent, if possible, tho acquisition of that country by Givar Britain and to effect the submission of the differences between the t>vo countries to arbitration. A Belgian, name not yet learned, who arrived in Jeanette, Pa., last Saturday from Europe, was taken ill Monday, and died in a few hours. Tno physicians in attendance pronounced the case one of Asiatic choleva. A ftdl investigation is being made. K. .T. Johnson, a cable car gripmau, shot Mrs. J. J. Nunaii at San Francisco, and then killed himself. He Avas in love AVith Mrs. Nunan, Avho told hi n that he must discontinue paying her attentions, Avhereupon the tragedy resulted. Mrs. Nunan is seriously wounded. luchard A r ert.s, a wealthy fanner Hying a feAV miles east of Cmwfordsviil.-\ Ind.. AVHS kicked and bitten by n vicious horse Sunday morning. His Jawbone Avas broken in tAA'o pieces, i-ls shoulder badly lacerated, and he was kicked in the throat. He is unconscious and there is little hope of his recover.,-. 'A prize light near Northampton, England, betAveeii a soldier named Clayson and n bootmaker named Langleyj resulted in the latter being so hoirioly battered that he died in an hour. Cisiy- sou Avas also seriously injured, but succeeded in escaping. Six abettors Avere arrested. AVhilc! driving COAVS four miles of Black Creek, Mich., a boy discovered a dead man lying face doAvuward in a shallow brook. The remains were identified as those of Eugene TOSA it- send, a farm laborer, Avho worked I'eai- by. The cause of death is a mystery. The coroner will investigate. Dispatches state that the French forces in Dahomey are advancing into the interior of the country and ! iv meeting Avitli little opposition. Dispatches also state that a revolution lias broken out at Abomey, the oanlial of Dahomey, and King Behansin ' has returned from the field in order to restore order. An S-month-old child belonging to parents Avho are members of a Avortli- less gang of nomads Avho have been camping a I'OAV miles north of TifHn. Ohio, Avas burned horribly Sunday morning. Straw on Avhicli it'was sleeping caught fire from the coals of a 10- bacco pipe. One of the little on- > hands dropper off and its entire bodv Avas almost' cooked. It died a f"Av hours later in terrible agony. The Lick observatory announces tin- discovery of a fifth satellite of JupIt.T. Four satellites to this nl.-uint worn riia. CHOLERA IS ON LAND Four Victims of the Dreaded Scourge Found in New York. No Doubt About Their Genuineness —Gotham on Guard, . Pest Houses Under Strict Watch —General News of the Disease. There was great excitement In the station tonight upon hearing the teport of the five cases of cholera which had appeared in New York. t)r. Jenkins expressed himself as confident it had SIGNAL Kxcl>angc<ll>y.>i 0(lnfw '-1 and tarttiiKd, JMghty-ttvc Sli,*" *»• experiments, in signalta,'"" said the the big eectric light on no best authorities in the world held that . ingfcon show - conclusively tuat a stringent nnd complete quarantine graphic! communication between aiTl could only claim to prevent seventy per . points by means of these iights f* J • ...... - . .-^-j — 'our satellites to this planet were discovered by Galileo January 7, 1010. The fifth Avas discovered by Professor Barnard September 0. Its period is about twelve houre and thirty-six minutes. Its distance from the planet center is about 112,400 miles. It was observed by him at its last-elongation September 10, twenty hours, fifty-thnv minutes and twenty-one seconds Greeu Mich moan time. Its magnitude is tin; thirteenth. A big raft of hogs from Fort Bragg reached San Francisco Sunday, towwl by the steamer Noyo. The raft, which is the first that has made the trip successfully on the Pacific coast, is 321xi2 feet, beam and 18 feet deep. It holds 1,500,000 feet of lumber. The pilothouse and steering gear were in tljo center. The raft is cigar shape -mil the logs were kept in place by wire. Sixiy thousand dollars have been spent iii preparing ways and other apparatus New York, Sept. 14.—Now that Asiatic cholera has developed among the dwellers in this city, each man may ask his neighbor: "Well, what of it?" This expression implies no over-couli- dence. It lies within each individual's power to assure his own personal safety, almost beyond pel-adventure. He has to drink no water or inilk except such as has been thoroughly boiled, and to eat no food that has not boon thoroughly and freshly cooked; he will abstain from butter and cheese, and may then possess his soul in serenity. Cholera will pass him by. Ever since the Moravia arrived in port as a harbinger of the dreaded plague, state officers and local officials have been straining every nerve to prevent its gaining a foot hold in this city, and bebig spread by various channels to the country at large; but while all were looking seaward cholera quietly made its presence felt in our midst and corpses today mark its advent. How did it get in? is the question on every one's lips. The health officers are puzzled, but the utmost precautions are being taken to prevent its spread. At each of the houses where me patients lived, two doctors have been stationed to remain constantly on duty, enforcing the most rigid rules of cleanliness,, seeing to diseufectiou, etc. * Charles McAvoy was seized witn cramps last Monday evening and next morning took to his bed.dyiiig Tuesday evening. Two doctors diagnosed the case as -Asiatic cholera, and the bouse was disinfected as a measure of precaution. Doctor Biggs declared that its result was "not at all suggestive "of Asiatic cholera, while shewing the familiar signs of cholera inorbus." In spite of this statement, however, some of the intestinal fluid taken to the sanitary headquarters and cultivated in jelliiine produced a crop of cholera bacili, and the nature of the disease is 110 longer open to question. Eight days have elapseu since McAvoy's death, and what is the cause of the long delay in ascertaining the facts is not stated. The four other victims are Win. Wigman and wife, of 7<il Eleventh avenue; Charlotte Beck, 01 1,704 Second avuue, and Minnie Levinger, of 411 East Forty-sixth street. There have been for launching these rafts Brat at Fort ALL WAS HARMONIOU ^. Old Onit'crs of tho Stittu Agricultural Society lic-el<;ctecl. Milwaukee, Sept. 15.—The state agricultural society's annual meeting mil smoothly. The old officers were all re-elected unanimously, A. C. Parkinson, president; Cyrus Miner, treasurer; J. M. True, secretary. The additional members of the ev- ecutlve board elected are as follows: H. D. McKiuney, of Jauesville, C. M. Clark, of Whitewater, H. 0. Adams, of Madison, C. A. Youuaus, of Neils- ville, C. M. Cottril, of Milwaukee, J. M. Blackstock, of Sheboygan, E. C. Smith, of Markesau, S. D. Hubbard, of Mondovi, George Wylic, of Leeds, C. T. Fisher, of Wauwatosa. A resolution presented at the annual meeting last year to increase the life membership fee from $20 to $40 was brought up for action and indef- inately postponed. other cases of which the board has not yet made official report. It was said at the police headquarters this evening that the disease had been brought into the city by butchers taking meat to the quarantined Hamburg steamships, br.'. this could 'not be supported. It Is hard for tho department to tr.ui the cases so far reported because a' of the victims are de.ui. The situation is mdcntical with tlta of 1866, when cholera suddedly an peared hi three or four widely sep arated places ha the city after it hai been successfully quarantined out tin previous fall. The only possible clue to McAvoy'i case was that he had been working about the wharves. Yet, none of tli pest ships had come into the wharf. No family must move out of a house without a written permit. The idea Is to overwhelm and stamp out the disease in each house, as was done Avith typhus upon its first appearance. Thai this could be done was successfully demonstrated in the cholera outbreak of 1800. The doctors on duty in each infected house Avill remain there until al danger of outbreak is finally passed. Health officers fully believe that this will be before long. Other cases nre expected to,develop from the scattered centres of coiitagatioii, but none in the same buildings. In this way the city health officers propose to drive cholera out of the city, now that it has got in, and if the citizens "will use reason and not get into foolish ond needless panic, they are sure they will succeed, though they by no means undervalue the danger. Every possibility, every feature of the cholera epidemic has been dis- Springiield, Mass., Sept. 15.—Over i counted nnd provided against. 7,000 people gathered in Hampden ! Mayor Grant had a conference to- cent. of the possibilities of an introduction of cholera into the place. Chicago Officials Sponh. Chicago, Sept. 14-Dr. B. M. Griffiths, chairman of the Illinois state board of health and D1-. Beilly, its sec-, retnry, were furnished tonight with cepies of the Associated press dispatches about cholera, After reading them, they prepared a statement saying that while the intelligence of five deaths from Asiatic cholera among residents —not immigrants—of New York .city, one of these eight days ago, was a most unpleasant surprise to the western health officials, still there is nothing hi the situation to cause panic or even excitement. No cleanly city, town or village need apprehend a visitation of cholera. In all human probability there remains from now until next spring in which to perfect work of sanitation already under way ha Illinois. Quarantine, Sept. 15.—The Trave arrived with 815 cabin passengers. No immigrants. She reported all well, cleared, and about 0 o'clock she was permitted to go up. Mary Conucrty, a ninetecn-ycai-Told girl who came from Ireland six months ago, was removed to Reception hospital today from a tenement at 002 Second avenue, suffering from what was announced as genuine cholera. It is not known how she got the plague. Orders Avere issued to have the girl removed to Heceptiou hospital. 002 Second avenue is a tenement in which eight families live. The house was thoroughly disinfected tcday and.the bedding on which the sick girl laid was taken away and bm-ned. All her clothing was also burned. Employes of the health department went to Mrs. Feun's boarding house where tho girl had recently washed, and took away the bed in which she slept, and whatever clothing she had. Everything was burned to destroy infection. The boarding house was also disinfected. Mrs. Feim" boarders, eight in number, are professional people. They are badly scared. A physician was detailed to watch the house from which the girl was removed. The health inspectors are trying to trace the origin of the disease. There was much excitement in the neighborhood when the girl was removed. A large crowd gathered and it took several policeman to keep the crowd back. It is believed the girl will die. Physicians have possession of some of the girl's vomit for biological examination. This is the first case of cholera reported in the city in which the patient is alive. «ible. Tho distance betAVeen mit of Mount Washington and land, Me., is about eighty-five a bee linej yet eA'en at'that the Boston Transcript says, a nlr i ; A\as flashed through .; the graphic communication- had tabllshed between the tower on summit and the Western Union bi far ing in Portland, and the electric bnftj.1 11* was turned on and the beam _ toAvnrds Portland. The operator atTI summit telegraphed over the - j • "Can you sec the beam of Hunt air?" and the answer came back:"TVI I can see it directly overhead." ' • ;'| Then the Mount AVashlngton tor wired: "I am going to tclcgnl j by flash light; send back instantly T' wire the word as you Avill g c t J, Then the key which operates the find, light was used, and by the code SYS tern of dots and dashes the "Mount AVashlngton," AVBS across the sky. Insinnly after the pletion of the' last word the little ticker repeated the Avoids Avhich Avere nnrne cum- back by wire, by the Portland sent operator. Then the flash light shot the WOB i "congratulations" into .space and It Avas read without hesitation. "G OO ,I night" Avas Uio fluid aerial message' and it was repeated as the others Lad' been. The operator in Portland could not see the direct rays of the light, He read the signals as tlioy W ero flashed through the air over his head The light directed at an angle of forty! fiA-c degrees from the air line between the summit of Mount Washington and Portland in order to avoid low-lying clouds. ',. Taking the latter as a base line, tliey figured that the beam of light seen by the Portland operator was at-'.least eighty miles above him, aiid Avas in if., self 110 miles long at the point AVlierc it; reached his vision. ""If telegraphic communication betAveeii distant points by flash lights can be established in-. dependent of weather conditions then many of the obstacles Avhicli attend- such communication under ordinary circumstances are at once removed. SWIFT CLCL1NG. ami Ku<uu-<l lii-caking Itaces ut park today to AVitntss the bicycle tournament. In the half mile open,' Zimmerman Avon from Tyler Avlth apparently little trouble, Lumsden, of Chicago, also finishing before Tyler. AVindle captured the half-mile handicap from scratch in lino styvle, mowing down fifteen men on marks. lu the mile handicap George V. Taylor, who started from scratch with Zimmerman, finished fourth in 2:152-5, which, Avith the time for three- quarters, 1411-5, breaks the competition record. Taylor uo\v holds both the mile against time and the competition record. The tAvo Murphy brothers, Avith A. T. Barker, rode an exhibition mile on a triplet safety and made a UCAV record for all distance, the ndle being run tu 2:14. night Avith President Wilson, of the health department and others. They took the view that the best service they could render the public Avas to keep it fully informed of all developments. The mayor found the department of charities and corrections fidly prepared to care for the patients. One of the doctors formally.attached t6 the board of health said tonight that present indications point to an epidemic which Avill require the most stringent measures to prevent it from assuming large proportions. 4' Is'cu' Case ut Quarantine, Sept. 14.—The steamers Rhinelund and Amain were released from; Quarantine this afternoon. Dr.) Walser reports a new case via boar* the Scandia. ^ A .,-^^w. -.,., ...t Millionaire Hearst cabled from Paris, placing at the disposal of the physicians composing the medical conference appointed by the chamber of commerce the use of his famous yacht "Vamoost." Dr. Walters, deputy health officer, issued the following bulletin: Moravia, all AA'ell on board. Scandia, all Avell today, 'iih a feAV execeptions of m.ia-les. Wyoming, one i:if:.ut dLJ this morning. Normaunla, all Avell on l-oard. .It is claimed that the ueath of the child of Minnie Levinger, at 411 east 40th street last Sunday is directly traceable to four immigrant girls who i-aiiie from AntAA'erp on the Friesland. Dr. Jenkins evidently does not put faith in this theory and explains that his deputy reported no Illness on the 1'Yiesland when she arrived. He admitted hoAvever, that it might be possible. The report from Dr. Byron at Swinburne tonight reports one death from pneumonia, folloAA'lng an attack of cholera. Sanitary Superintendent Edsou had a conference with Police Superintendent Byrnes, and over 200,000 cholera circulars are being distributed through the city. They are printed in English German, Hebrew, Italian and mian. The work of fitting a floating hospital at the foot of 10th street for the reception of cholera patients has been hurried along. Among the nurses offering are many young women of refinement and education, and the attire of several Indicate a life of ease and wealth. There has been many male applicants also. Hotter In Hamburg-. Hamburg, Sept. 15.-There were ''(H Jiew cases of cholera ofiicially reported hero yesterday; 81 deaths; an increase flftocn lc88 The obvious limitation to the usefulness of the system is the fact that it-. can be employed only by night. Furthermore, rain and fog Avould interfere Avith it at long distances, although It is quite possible that the limit of intensity in the search light itself has not yet been reached. For these reasons ordinal-)' modes of telegraphing for common purposes cannot be super sedcd by this new method. But under co i lain conditions the ability to dispense Avith poles and Avires Avould be' a most important consideration. In the utmost consequence. The search light, Avith its superior poAver of penetration Avould be an immense gain CAer the old Avay of signaling, and Avould enable military leaders to direct large bodies of men, spread over a Avide stretch of territory, Avith a very desirable degree of accuracy and precision. Then, too, news of great public moment In times of peace could bo communicated by this method, to more satisfactorily than in any other way. And in certain remote regions, a telegraph line only with much difficulty and at great expense, a search light might Avell answer every practical purpose. TEXAS SIFTINGS. The roughest roads are those we have not traveled over. The more a man becomes wrapped up in himself the chillier he gets. . He who expects gratitude from innn might as Avell look for a tear in the oyo of a corpse. , Our insane punster speaks of the man Avith the screaking boots as the. coming walk loud. It is not the false teeth AUiich should, lie objectionable, but the false tongue behind them. A woman doesn't AVOIT.V as much over IIOAV she is to gain a crown of glory as she does how to gain a now bonnet. Constant Header—There are several l.'irgo coin collectors in the United States. Jay Gould is probably the largest. WOMENS' HATS. , authorities state that the sit- nation shows riient. U.S. A'osscls IStirred, Havana, Sept. 15.-The board of T 1 ^,^.^ —ived to declare HI vessels arriving from New York smco the 11 tli instant unclean , u - * Driving from other United States since that date suspicious. They will observe a strict •gainst tho United States, to port any vessels on which sus . .cous deaths have occurred unless t is fuuy t in, and all ports quarantine 1 1 t not due to cholera. deaths Avere Hie AVorkman: Blessed is the n; woimm who has the happy r , >i . torgettiug disagreeable thhm-s Hustles may come unbidden in fe garden, but Avhy should you c lomV Hawowlng acoiies will iw hen obtrudo themselves - upo 'ision, but why BuouM T- V Some of the Styles Displayed for tlio U«eof | tlm l>'itlr Sex. To speak of all the beautiful luits Avould bo nearly impossible, but to show AVlmt the milliners can do, AVC Avill say, That velvet is to bo used a great deal, That Alsatian bows are on every Imt. That no hat is complete without at least one buckle. < That soft velvet crowns are exceedingly popular. That hats are no longer trimmed at the back. That bonnets are longer ovw tlw ears. That changeable ribbons are superceded by changeable velvet. That jet is little used. That quills are In high favor. That no satin-crown felts arc slimvl1 ' That lace, and passementerie are used on stylish hats. That navy blue is combined wood-colored satin. That IJOAVS cannot be too large, " u(l That you can buy as charming u « lU of your milliner as any one ueocl no Tlm Arc Light uu Anicwthetlo. A Itussiau physician declares the electric light is a very effect"* anaesthetic, relieving pain J» cases almost instantaneously. gift and other local pahw usually to a, beajo reflected. ; bright arc J j

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