The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1892 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 21, 1892
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ESTABLISHED 1866. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBEK 21, 1892. VOL. XXVII-NO. 'Auction Sale All This Week and Next The Entire Stock Will be Sold. © © © © © Now is the Time to Save Money, L. .L. Sheeting, 5c per yard. Lonsdale Sheeting, 8c per yard. Stocls: FOR FALL AND WINTER IS NOW ON SALE— One door east from the Courier office, and will be looked after by Miss Hattie Stephens, who will be pleased to meet all her old friends. THE WEEK'S IOWA NEWS. A New York sporting writer claims a peculiar reason for the extraordinary .speed that has been attained at the famous Rush park, Independence. He flays: " Adjoining the property known as Rush park, where Mr. Williams has his stock farm, is the state insane asylum, and when the kite track was laid out the projector remembered his afflicted neighbors by building a stand close to the outer fence for their special use. This is near the first quarter and no class of spectators can outdo those who come from the wards of the big asylum ia enthnsiasm as the fleet-footed steeds battle for money and renown on the balloon-like course. Under the watchful care of a strong corps of keepers there is seldom any undue excitement or violence, but every horse that passes the really crazy crowd receives a tremendous ovation. That these yells and cries are productive of speed is admitted by every trainer who has occasioned them, and it is not improbable that Williams himself saw a benefit of this sort when he extended the hospitality of the track to the inmates of the asylum. C, J. Hamlin, the successful breeder, was impressed with the advantage of having such an indefatigable claque when ho drove Belle Hamlin and Justina to skeleton wagon in 2:23i during the meeting of October, 1890, and in speaking of the champion performance said: ' When I was passing those lunatics near the turn, they were yelling like demons and I felt the mares bound away as if they had been struck With the whip. From there they flew at a rate that was astonishing "even to me, and I am sure those crazy people made Belle and Juslina go faster than they would otherwise have trotted,'" their control; together with such other views of picturesque and characteristic scenery, ancient landmarks, natural curiosities, public monuments, industrial plants and similar objects in their vicinity as will suggest themselves for that purpose. The number of views should not exceed ten for each of the state institutions, counties, cities, seats of learning, etc. It is desirable that they be made of ample size, the best possible artistic finish and well mounted but not framed. And Mr. Guelich requests that all such contributions be forwarded to his address, carefully packed, at an early day, to the end that their exhibition to best advantage may be arranged for in good season. Their safe arrival will be promptly acknowledged. Mr. Geo. M. Trundy was until recently an employee of the Iowa City post- office. He lost his job by getting married. Some two weeks ago he asked leave of absence for a certain length of time, explaining that it was necessary in order to visit a sick friend. He went to Columbus junction and married Miss Lou Goodrell, which was all right only he failed to return at the appointed time. The matter was reported to the department at Washington under the rules and he was discharged. The local papers have now taken up the matter and are making a fight for his rein statement. iculars of the accident are meagre, but t is now definitely known that Engi- eers Tom Howes of the accommoda- ion, and John Ashton of the freight, oth of Clinton, were killed. The fireman on the freight, whose name could ot be learned, was also killed. Fireman Con Tusinp of Clinton was serious- y injured. ' _______ There is a loaf of bread in Dubuque hat is old enough to go it alone. The Herald of that city says: " Undoubted- y the oldest loaf of bread in the city, t not in the state, is in the possession if Mrs. Fred Ruh, wife of the grocer. The loaf was made 32 years ago by her mother, Mrs. Prick, and has been in he family these many years." J. J. Richardson, member of the dem- icratic national committee for Iowa, ms received a letter from B. B. Smalley of the committee on speakers in which he says: " Owing to the condi- ion of his health and the engagements made for him by this committee, Hon. W. Bourke Cockran cannot speak at Sioux City or at any other point in Iowa during the present campaign, Independence had two weeks of racing and according to the Bulletin-Journal an invasion of the worst lot of toughs that ever invested a town. They picked pockets, stole diamonds, robbed travelers, burgalized residences and stores and cracked safes. Theodore Guelich of Burlington has been placed in charge of the pictorial representation of Iowa at the world's lair and has issued a circular in which be invites all state officers, county officers, city mayors, principals of eduoa- WonaUnstitutions and others to furnish him vrttb, photographs of the exter- ol the «» der A, L. Swalm's Indian-like appearance has occasioned another good joke. At Sioux City last week he says; "I was sitting in my tent with a number of friends, some of them ladies, when a man came in, introduced himself as Mr. Dunn, and said in addressing me: 'My wife is also a full-blooded Indian. May bring her in? 1 It was too much for ray friends and they bolted in all directions I remained calm and after receiving the lady told her that I am a f ullblood ed Pennsylvania Dutchman, without a drop of Indian blood in ray veins. I think the joke my friends supposed they had on me was turned before the Dunns left, judging from their action and the apologies they extended, ' A head end collision, resulting in the loss of three lives; occurred on the Chicago & Northwestern thro miles west of Marshalltown just betor noon iwt Wednesday. The collis on was between numbers 13 and 14, th latter an accommodation coming east the former t west. Par- IT SHOULD BE A WINNER, The County Ticket Nominated by the Republicans Last Friday is Satisfactory All Around. Another Algonn Man In I.uck. John Albright, who has been in the employ of J. B. Jones of the Wigwam or the past four or five years, started yesterday on the 2:39 train for Omaha, /vhere he takes an important position with an extensive manufacturing estab- .ishment. We congratulate John on ills promotion. He is a good man and deserves his good luck. Jones says he lias quite an army of men who have worked for him at different times now filling responsible positions, here and there, all over the west, It ought to be the ambition of all young men to keep within the grip of Jones. He not only pays the freight but puts lots of young men on the way to fortune. There are hundreds of farmers in this and other counties who have grown rich through dealing with Jones, who alone seems to remain poor; but, like Greeley, his ambition seems to be to build a reputation rather than to acquire riches. John Albright will be missed at the Wigwam, but his place will soon be filled by some other bright young man who will be equally successful in dealing with the farmers. In the meantime Jones will continue to pay the freight. Vance at the Old Rink. Everybody is invited to come and en joy the dance to be given at the old skating rjnk in Algona, on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 22. Good music will be furnished, and a good time can safely be guaranteed. By order of th committee. FOUR fine residence lots fop sale very cheap. John G., Smitb,.-23t5 'he Convention Was Harmonious and Strong Men Were Named—Personnel of the Ticket. iecorder..., M. F. RANDALL Auditor '. C. M. DOXSEE Clerk of Courts B. F. CKOSE Supervisor (full term) W. J. BURTON Supervisor (to ail vacancy) 0. 0. CHUBB Whatever the outcome of the contest n November may be in Kossuth county he convention Friday made it as sure is anything is sure in politics that republican defeat will not result from any nternal quarrels. All sides agreed hat a ticket must be named that all would support, and the result was •eached without friction. After the ionvention was over all united in en- lorsing what had been done and once again the republicans are in for a quare fight at the polls. A large part of the credit for this is due to the action of A, A. Brunson and S, S, Sessions. Mr. Brunson has been clerk but one term, and it is but expressing a common opinion to say that he ,has been a competent official. Many friends wanted to nominate him again but alter two candidates had been chosen from Algona ho refused to allow his name to je used, making a strong speech in favor of harmony and a well distributed iicket. Mr. Sessions followed, also declining to be a candidate before the convention, though he had a big list of delegates for him, because it was but fair that two candidates should be chosen out side of town. This action b, both inspired the convention, and a that was done was with a view to uniting all republican support. The ticket named contains some of the best men in the county and will commend itself to all republicans. The convention in its workings and results was one of the best ever held in the county. THE CONVENTION, AH but three townships were represented and the court room was fillec with enthusiastic delegates. Henry Curran was chairman in the prelimin ary organization. E. B. Butler was chairman, and S. C. Platt and Norman Cotton secretaries in the permanent After the credentials were reported balloting began for a candidate for re corder, and M. F. Randall was nominat ed unanimously. The first ballot for t candidate for auditor showed C. M Doxsee ahead and he was nominated b\ acclamation. As the roll for clerk began the First ward voted for A, A Brunaon and he arose in the hjll am declined to be a candidate. The ballo hen went on between B. F. Croso and M, Barslou of Bancroft, the former vinnihg and being unanimously named. As the ballot for county attorney was seginning S. S. Sessions followed Mr. Jrunson's example and withdrew his name, and J. C. Raymond of LuVerne was named by unanimous vote. Ballots vere cast for several candidates for the acancy on the board of supervisors made by J. Holtz 1 term ending. The ontest finally fell between W. J. Burion of Ledyard and J. B. Carr of Sene. the former winning. It was then earned that L. D. Lovell had moved iut of the county and that a vacancy txisted on the board. C. C. Chubb was nominated to fill the unexpired erm. The remaining business;of the convention was the selection of a chairman, and S. S. Sessions was unanimous- y chosen for the ensuing year. THE CANDIDATES. M. F. Randall, the candidate for re- jorder, became so well known in the contest two years ago that but little jan be said now by way of introduction, Ie was beaten by 26 votes because everybody thought he was sure to win and no work was done for him. He ivas strongly urged to run this year by ,hose who neglected his canvas before, and his well-known qualifications for office make him a strong candidate. Mr. Raudall is a clean, honorable man, whose standing is not excelled by any citizen of the county, and if he is elected he will be a model officer, C. M. Doxsee has made a wide acquaintance in the county in his work as an abstractor, and through that work nearly all are able to judge of his qualifications for the auditor's work. THE UPPER DBS MOINES. not in a position to speak at length on his candidacy, can only express the opinion that if elected he will give the work close and faithful attention. Frank Crose is one of the most popular young men in the county and has had both the education and business experience needed to quickly become a very excellent clerk of courts. At Bancroft he has the confidence and esteem of everybody and also at LuVerne where he was first located, We believe that all who meet him as the canvas progresses will be impressed with his special qualifications for an excellent official. J, C, Raymond's name has appeared in the papers so often in connection with important law cases that his qualifications for county attorney are known to all. Soon after locating at LuVerne he carried a now famous hog case to the United States courts and won it and his practice in Humboldt, Wright and Kossuth counties has been exten sive, 'Squire Raymond is a man of ex cellent character, and one with whomen forcement of the laws will be vigorous For supervisors the nomination of O C. Chubb secures one of the county's shrewdest business men in the neigh borhood of the county seat while Mr Burton is said by all to be one of th best young farmers in the county, The; will both bring first class business ity to the service of the county. * , LU YEBNE NOTES. Squire Raymond's Famous Cow—Al- gonn's! Luminaries, Ktc., us Seen by tlio llevlow. Geo. W. Hanna has bought an entire >lock of ground up in Zoelle's addition ihd will build a line house thereon next pring. Geo. E. Clarke and W. B. Quarton, wo calicurn lights of Kossuth's legal raternity, were in town Monday on heir way to Humboldt to attend court, ,nd Schuyler Seneca Sessions, another ight of no less magnitude, was down on he same day to seo the boys and feel- ihe political pulse in the south end. 'Squire Raymond has invested In. a new milch cow of the Jersey variety, "he is a beautiful cream in color and _ives such rich milk that all that is necessary in order to get butter is to illow the milk to stand for a few hours n a cool place when it turns into pound •oils with a sheaf of wheat and a bunch • of grapes stamped upon each roll. The Demand IncrciiHCH, The demand for Chamberlain's Colic,Cholera and Diarrhoea Kemedy is steadily growing, from tho fact that all who give it a trial are pleased with the results and recommend it to their neighbors. We feel sure that tho remedy cannot be recommended too highly. Wagley & Sinoad, druggists, STewton, Iowa. For sale by all druggists, Harvest 35xcursloii Tickets, On Tuesday, Aug. 30, and Sept. 27, 1892, special harvest excursion tickets will be sold at one lowest first class fare for the round trip, as follows: To Wadena, Minn., and points west thereof to points in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Tennessee Mississippi, etc. Five Very Good TlitugH. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, famous for its cures of bad colds and as a preventive and cnre for Croup, 50 cents a bottle. Chamberlain's Pain Balm, a general family liniment and especially valuable for rheumatism, sprains, bruises, burn and frost bites, 50 cents a bottle. We sell Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy, the most successful medicine in use for dysentery, diarrhoea colic and cholera morbus, 25 and 50 cent bottles, St. Patrick's Pills. They are the best physio. They also regulate the liver and bowels. Try them. 25 cents a box. Chamberlain's Bye and Skin Ointment for tetter, salt rhoum, soaldhead, eczema, piles and chronic sore eyes, 25 cents a box. For sale by all druggists. A Siife Investment. Is one which is guaranteed to bring you satisfactory results, or in case of failure a return of your purchase price. On this plan you can buy from our advertised druggist a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. It is guaranteed to brink relief in every case when used for any affection of the throat, lungs, or cheat, such as consumption, inflammation of the lungs, bronchitis, wthma, whoopiug cough, croup, etc., etc. It is pleasant and agreeable to take, perfectly safe, and can always be depended upon. Trial bottles free ot I* A, Sheet?' drug stove. I

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