The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 14, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 14, 1892
Page 7
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Dfcs MOINES, ALGONA* 1(.)A\ A, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14. 18f)2. . ._ MftttAt. Than A good Way to buy a medicine, but it's a pretty hard condition under Which to stll it. Perbapt you've noticed that Che ordinary, hit or mlsj medicine doesn't attempt It The only remedy of ita kind so re- .v.M« In ita effects that It can be sold on r - to DrTPIerce'* Golden Medical Dis- As * blood -cleanser, strength -i-e- and flesh-builder", thert'i nothing lika It , to medical science. In every disease KJi th* fault is In the liver or the blood, as wutMtlft, Indigestion, Biliousness, and the rtUbborii Bldn, Scalp, and Scrofulous ion*. W k grtMrantetd In erery COM to JjiJflt or curt, or y«u hare year money back. T« trery sufferer from Catarrh, no matter bad thji catt or of how long ttand- proprietors of Dr. Sage's Catarrh W/tbta! "It w. CM* our. It, utA pwmanmtlT, well pay you th." Bold by afl , drogkU. 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And so she had beeii, until, to tell the truth, Mr. Bub Palmer forgetting, or seeming to forget, that he was a married man, had recently taken to flirting with all the young ladles tit all tlie parties in Middleton, leaving his Avifo to take care of herself. Surely it was enough to make any six month's wife cry, especially one as sensitive as Nettie. Not that Mr. Robert Palmer loved Ms little wife a bit less than on the day of his marriage, neither that Nettie suspected him of it, or for a moment doubted his constancy. But Mr. Palmer was a gay yomig man, and loved to amuse himself mid be amused. "Hello! Been crying again, I declare!" exclaimed) Mr. Bob Palmer, suddenly ceasing his little whistle as he entering the room on returning from his ollice, and took a scat beside her in tho cool manner that had so quickly replaced the ardor of tlie lover. "What's the matter now, Nettie? Canary refused to sing, or Mme. Vig- liui not put llowers enough in your bonnet?" "Oh, Bob! how can you?" sobbed Nettie, raising her head and turning her tear-stained face toward him. "If you knew how much a wife thinks of her husband's love"— • Here poor Nettie broke down. Mr. Palmer's eyes opened very wide. "Whew!" whistled he. "If this isn't really absurd. So she's .jealous!" "Indeed, no, dear Bob. But—but—" She could hardly speak for the choking in the throat. "You can't understand the pride a woman takes iu having her husband treat her with affection and respect before everyone, or how it humbles and mortifies her to be neglected by 1dm, and have other AVO- men consider themselves her rivals- like Isabel Baden." Mr. Palmer laughed outright aud then grew angry.: ' "You're an absuid little fool, Nettie," lie said. "As if Isabel Baden wore anything to me beyond a pleasant and agreeable young .woman to amusi: one's self with at a party. Nonsense!" "She doesn't think so," said Nottie, "aud—and the others don't think so. They, all Uiink you are getting tired of your wife, and Isabel flatters- herself that she has cut me out, and is trying to let people see it." "Fiddlesticks!" said Bob, rising- impatiently from his seat. "I'm astonished at you, Nettie, and has really given you credit for more sense as well as temper," he added, severely. "I wish you'd amuse yourself in society as I do, instead of moping about in tins fashion. You can't expect to have me tied to your apron strings; and I'd much rather see yon flirting a little yourself than skulking away in holes and corners like a spidar, watching your butterfly of a husband to see' if you can't detect him in doing wrong. You make me quite ashamed of you, I declare." Mr. Palmer took off his hat and walked out of the room with an air of mingled dignity and injured innocence. His wife sat up and wiped away her tears and mused a while, with- eyes flashing and checks flushed with wounded and indignant-feeling. "Yes," she said to herself, "since he has requested it I will amuse myself 'as he does' and see how he likes it. Ashamed of me, is he? And he did not. used to bo so when I was gay and happy. Oh, Bob, if you only knew how I loved you!" And once more, despite her resolutely closing her eyes and pressing her fingers upon them, the tears would come. There was within a few days a party at Col. Johnson's, and Nettie took particular pains hi dressing herself for it. She had been of late rather careless on .this point, and was now rewarded I for her extra care by her husband's 1 glance of approval and his remark that . pink silk was becoming to her. In con- I sequence her eyes and cheeks were brighter and her spirits more buoyant as she entered Mrs. Joluison's crowd' ed drawing rooms. Scarcely had they • paid their respects to -the host when Mr. Palmer accosted, or rather was accosted 'by,' Miss Baden, a brilliant contideut girl, who Wed to ensnare him before his marriage, and at the same moment a gentleman addressed Mrs. Palmer. She answered mechanically, unable to withdraw her attention from her husband and his companion, until, seeing something in Miss Baden's glance it herself that she did not like, her pride again awoke, and she turned, as with a sudden determination, to the gentleman at her side. He was a recent comer to the town, very pleasant and handsome, and Nettie Palmer forthwith began to try and make herself agreeable to him. He looked so pleased and was himself so agreeable that it soon cost her no effort to converse; and then her old lively spirits returned and, to her surprise, she found that she was enjoying herself. Her husband didn't much notice tins, but Miss Baden did, and her flirtation with Mr. Palmer lost much of its charms now'that his wife did not tip- near mortified and jealous, and that !eo,le couldn't see that she was so. Wherefore Miss Baden grew to disguise it under tlie pretense of being ill. Dare say I shall find her crying or fainting away in the conservatory with fans and smelting bottles around her, ol' perhaps she's gone home.", At that instant a little laugh at his elbow startled Jiim aud turning he saw Nettie, bright and flushed, talking to a very handsome man, who appeared quite absorbed in her. Mr. Palmer stared a moment at the unconscious couple. "Why, the deuce!" was his thought, "what on earth have they been talking about all this while?" Then suddenly meeting his wife's eye he smiled and whispered: "Enjoying yourself?" "Oh, yes. dear, delightfully! Don't trouble yourself about me, pray." He passed on, but didn't go far, and as he stood, whispering soft nothings to sentimental Kate Marshall, his eyes occasionally wandered to his wife. How pretty she was looking and how gay she was. and how eoquott.ishly she was exchanging light, repartee with that flirting fellow, Tom Hanison, and all the time the handsome stranger never left her side. It, was perfectly evident that, he admired her. "If s'.he were not a married woman he would certainly fall in love with her, she, my Avife," and he felt a little resentful of the admiration. Netlie Palmer had never sung more sweetly or danced more gracefully than oa this evening. "Don't you think, Nettie, you have danced enough for tonight?" said her husband toward the close of the evening, "for a married woman," he added. "Perhaps so," she answered, cheerfully, "but; IVe enjoyed myself so much! KAtlly, 1 almost forgot I was a married woman and felt like a girl again." "And behaved like one," he said, rather cooly. "Who is that fellow that has been in attendance upon you all tho evening? 1 ' 'h-j inquired, as they wnlkod doAvnstalrs. "That remarkably handsome man Avilh tho expressive dark eyes, do you mean?' 1 "I never noticed his eyes, nor that he Ava.s at all handsome," he replied stimy. "Oh, I thought yon meant Capt. Lovell of the artillery. Ah, here he i g _j us t one moment, dear, I quite forgot"— And Nettie spoke a feAV words to the captain in passing, of whitth her hus- baud could distinguish only something about "that book." "Upon my word," he said, sarcastically, "you appear very intimate already." "Because, love, we've discovered that we're congenial spirits. Wo like the same tilings, books, music, scenery; indeed, everything, aud have the same opinions on most subjects. You know licAv ploasnnt it is to meet Avith one Avho can comprehend you; not your outer self merely, but AA'ith a sort of soul sympathy." "Soul fiddlesticks!" "You never did have much sentiment. Bob," sighed Nettie, in an injured tone. "Sentiment be hanged! Come, Nettie, l)!> quick Avilh your wrappings. It has been a stupid evening, and I shall be glad to get; home and to bed." When Robert Palmer came home next; morning lie found'his Avifo not crying as before in her bedroom, but in Hi3 parlor practicing a UC.AV song. "Capt. Lovell called Hiis morning," she said, "and I have promised to sing this for him at Mir,. Campbell's. "Ah!" he answered, Avirh an expres 1 sion of indifference; and as Ills wife again struck up with the first feAV notes ho muttered to himself: "Confound Capt. Lovell." At Mrs. Campbell's, Capt. Lowll Avas again hi attendance upon pretty Mrs. Palmer, and then other gentlemen discovered her attractions, piquancy, eoqnettlshness and flirtableuuss, and so in a very feAV weeks. Mrs. Palmer AV.-W a belle. She did uo.t seem in the least to care who her husband Avas attending upon, and, indeed, ho could rarely get a word with her at all when at the gay assemblies Avuicli they constantly frequented. He sometimes gave her a hint that, she AA r as "no longer a girl,"'and that he Avas her husbnnd; but sho 'only laughed.and said.there Avas no harm clone, and' that she AV.OS enjoying herself so delightfully, and felt herself more a belle than even AVhen a girl— which AVIIS true, because she had not flirted then, being absorbed heart and soul in Bob Palmer. But, nc.AV-it was Capt. Lovell Avho appeared chiefly to occupy her thoughts, as well'us a good part of her. time. Sho sang ami danced with him; she read the books ho sent, and so frequent were his visits, so constant his attentions, that at last Mr. Kcbert Palmer's wrath burst forth, "Nettie," ho snid, as ho one day closed the door on the departing captain, "I really cannot permit this to go on any longer. Your conduct to me is most unexpected—most Astounding. You are by far too intimate with that fclloAV, Lovell. HP is. constantly in my, house, and last evening he scarcely' left your side, while you stood for tAVO hours tho center of a group of chattering, grinning popinjays like himself.' "Why, Bob, you yourself blamed me for playing • wallflower and :'spider,' and said you were ashamed of me. "I am more ashamed of you IIOAV, he retorted, severely. "Now, dear, that is quite unreasonable of you. Didn't yon tell me that I would please you by enjoying myself and flirting a little? >'ou IUIOAV you did," added Nettle, reproachfully, "and now I ani obeying you, you get Jealous." "Joitlous? Not i: But I am offended and insulted—yes, and disgusted well. If only you could hear tho remarks nbout yourself and that Lovell it ''Similar to those I heard in regarc to you and Miss Baden, I presume?' ^ "wile. \ '•What is Miss Baden to mo?" he demanded angrily. "And-what is Capt. Ixm-ll to me?" "You encourage him, madam. You flirt with him." Nettie sank on her knees before hint and looked tip whimsically nnd at the same timo somewhat satirically iivto his singly eyes. "Forgive me, Bob, I did only what you advised me to do, and what you set tho example in. Do not be angry. 1 only did as you did with Isabel Baden."' "A man may do what is not permissible in a woman." Nettie rose abruptly from 1he floor and drew hot- form up to Its full height. Her eyes flashed the scorn she felt. "Ah, that is it," she said. "You men may neglect a wife—may wear out her heart, and life with anguish—may expose her to tho pity 'or ridicule of all her acquaintances by allowing devotion to another; and she, poor slave, must not presume to turn, as may even the trampled worm, but must bear all in meek silence, never oven imploring mercy, less she should offend her lord. But I have enough of this. What 1 have done I am ready to answer for. I did it after writing to my mother and taking her advice. I took into my confidence a lady* friend who was always present with me when I met; Capt. Lovell. Besides, he is an old Iriend of our family and was properly posted as to my intentions. I have Iv-en scrupulous ' and I hav.J been forgiving for your transgressions, but 1 warn you i will not allow it to go further. You see how it looks in a wife to flirt. I toll you that it, is just as bad in a husband, and that I will no longi-r bo neglected and humblod In 4ho sight of Ihe v\*iolo Avorld. I am not <i shu-c but a wife, and demand ihc> honor due tt/ me." Her mood was a new one to her husband. She stood erect and proud, looking him steadily in the face with bright, clear eyes, in whose depths he could read great tenderness, and lie at one-: comprehended the whole matter. jticarilon K*t«* Sotttfc. . ito Clilrngo and Eastern Illlnoi R*i1ro»d will sell excursion tickets Sept. 27, and Oct. 25, 1892, at the low rate of one fnre for thai round trip to numerous poiuU to tbe Southeast-, Sou Hi and Soutliweat. Fur full particulars, maps, time tables, or any other information, »f>ply to ageuti C. & K. L It U., Chicago city ticket oflice, 204 Chirk street, or to Clmrlet L. Stone, (k'licrul Passenger and Ticket Agent, 415 First JS'ulloiial bunk Building, Chicago. Artesian wells were known at Thebes as long ngo w the time of Tlmerloti 2,000 yeari beluru LliB beginning of the Christian era. MKDIOAL science lias achieved k great triumph in the production of Beecuaut'a I'll Is which at 25 ceuU a box replace • medicine cheat. 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Dr. Tanner, who has from time to time in the pan 1 been a valuable contributor to thia paperj in discussing the' merits of the waleiy of Indiana Mineral Springs a ihort time »g<) asserted that in point ot medicinal t ilicc.i; t ,nd certainty of result in the treatmeu ( if diseases for which it has attained a reat reputation that it has fcurprised hia, aost sanguine *IJK(stations. Thit statement coming ai it does from so noted u >hysicitn as Dr. Tanner is heartily und lonesily the Times, as the! writer of .thii ha<i met and talked with' many enthusiastic people who found renewed itrengtk, health and hope in he life giving waters of these celebrated ipringB. • A beautiful illustrated book, telling all about the wonderful . Indiana Mineral ipringi, will be mailed free, if you will tend your addreii to Mr. U L. Kramer. 1 >oz 8, general manager. Indiana Mineral ipringi, Ind. 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IMIKM'R HIIOWN. !«»«• The noted Herbulint and EPIIJU' >Y Sl'KOIALl-'l ^iHcoveied' tliut Kiillopsy ariHos from a iiocullnr da- rftncement of (ho Htomuoh, and iiropured hit* Colu- braled Hurbal Kemedlos which ru'iuove the aliove cnndltlonH und thua cure the diseuho. Thoy have cured thouaanda of caues Send for TcstimonlnU and his "TreutlhO on the Causa and Cure of Epilepsy," 41 Grand St., Jeriey City, N J. Auction Sale. DON'T FAIL TO ATTEND THE Groat Auction Sale of Lots In the now town of O VltA. 11 Y, two mll,-B comh of Milwanki'A. Ksc-ll' nt opportunity for profitable investment. Kor furiher partlcnlara apply CUDA1IV ISKOS., No. 159 SIM-OIK! St., Milwaukee, AVID. 10 lion, UMlUr •ulninl > «ra4io»t*4» TOM bloom MI > bonw, ... . clo», r~5«l'« »«w ftortM. | <mUy utb<i!ir«« J « > .*B«>»<U.ffl M. RMTU BBWOHIB M., M. WE WANTI 1,200 ACRES. i In th ItlrBNSUH. •«t COM. r>r »r lii iirt - * I'll rnif »(o.k ,,r \O..T|(IRN **** rtKli HllrRb.. M». Ktiirrlfn WIE«I,T. *„„!, »T 'UNCK r.,, V»:l,' JJSWJ5M, NUKSi;n, to.. I.»k« Clly, iUinn. Namo tbU pipi-r nvoiy tirno you writo. Tutt'g Tiny FHlH act ns kindly on the e child, the dfilicate female or Infirm A old age at upon the vigorous man. W •Tutt'sTinv Pills? A give tone and strenKtlVto the weak V Mtomach, bowels, kidneys and bladder ••» (uvutM; 1M,WI el w Tour laul 4«»Ur wul or4*r fur y9«. <4o>Uuidt. §•»*htUl * tUALY. 03 Mouro* Aii onuijju fuel is uinoiij; thu possibilitius of thu day. Fruu tonsuiiiptioii of tliu fruit is .said to hi; good' for thu complexion, und iiitiny liulics aru tustiiiy tlie lOului. Tlie pioneer vineyard of northurn Ohio, now famous for its Ainurlua'n wines, wus planted by Hiram T. Duwi-y in 1857 one milu from the city of SundusUy. llir Only Ou i Kv«r l'i-lnl«il— t)uii YouKlu the Woi-il ? There is a 8 Inrh illspluy udverUsement in this piiperthis week wliicli him no two words ulilu: exi'epl. one word. The isiimu Is truiMif ouch new one uiipi'iiriiigeiu-li week from Tliu ])i-. lliirler Metlli'inet'o. Thltt house pluees u "OrcHcutil" on overyl.hinK I hoy, imiUu mill jmlilisli. J.uok foi U, send Ilium tlie name of Ihe word, und they will return you HOOK, i.miocutAi'iia or »,\Hri,iw IMIISIS. Jn spite of Jts ice and severe cold, Lab species of flowering rador WO plants, 59 fwrns uud over 950 epwvi«8 ui .__ utonmch, llTer fr the blood, are wfo and •ICecCnal; the best medicine known for bilious- 6 uoss, constipation, dyspepsia, fuulii breath, headuche.menlal depression, e pHlnful digestion, bud comploxlou, 0 and all diseases caused by failure of • BARLOW'S INDIGO BLUE, The family WQ»II Blue, for uula by Orocem. . 'Cuojjessfully Prosecutes Claima, I I.otf Prmolpa.1 Exitniner U.S. Fenalon Bure»u. I 3 yvu i u last w»r, 15 uOjudicdtlu J claiint, »Uy eluee. Wb«at rsuiou. AH crops apiendid. _.,. .^ F" r foiclBr ulvino' Rentral iufurmutlcin •irenuuie «nd P, O.) E. B.aiUHUI, Graham, lex. FIT FOLKS REDUCED Tin Otdt»t MttlMnt »n the World tt probably OB. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE.WATER. Tutu artUU U • carefully prepared pbr iloiaa'l P (Oripiiou, »ud n»» been In uomtaa* B»« for nearly MBturj. Th»r» an (*w dUwuw* V* wuiok m*ukln4 Wt Dubject ioer» 4i«tremluf Utw aw* MM, an« SODS perhap*. l«* whleh mor* r»»»41»a h»Tt **••» trlea wlthoulTaoo.-. For all »iUir;a4 tafla«i»uk'«« of th. eye. it b a» Infallible rarntdy. It *b* d(K«) tloni are foUoH«4«» will nfli.r tat' We fuUnlnU iuTtt* theatt»»U»m tt BbnleUuiU-lUaawiU. WA .ale by «U druagUU. JOH.N U TBOHftO*, tQ»i « OO., TBOT.B. I. KaUbllahe* BU. FRFE! m«df) • MM ff nttft Alni T KB U to Ouwi •uy «uffer»j; from Viuelay c»ia, Luut VJt»lJtr, >V»akne«», Nervoue onlers, o«ti«rul iJ Jtq. AiUliei-.. \vltli WI PISO'S CURE FOR who bare vn*4 )«MI«* m>. »kQ«M bi Co*l*»(>U«« th« ed O I HI* . OP*. It Ii not b»« I* Ue b»tt oop»» Miff It ha» apt l»J«r- •Temrher*. M* CONSUMPTION.

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