The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 5, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1891
Page 1
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jHW~ .S'-i *>.• '•• ESTABLISHED 1866. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5, 1891. VOL. XXVI--NO. 19. Clearing Sale Galbraiths! If.: 'S el !' fek£: ChalHes, 3c per yard. Remnants of all kinds of goods regardless of cost. ^Call and look over the Bargains in Dry Goods! GEO. L. GALBRAITH & CO. THE GRANGE STORE. (IF Ur in Swiss, Viennese, white and colored Hamburgs, Flouncings, All-overs, etc. Laces, G-loves, Mitts, Ribbons, Umbrellas. 000 -- REMNANTS -- 1000 of lace and embroidery for one-half their value. Ir' -J\ GO Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable. FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten years' time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial payments before due. Office over Chrischilles' store, Algona. S. S. SESSIONS. GO TO A. M. & G. M: Johnson -FOB Waited A, Wood •apron Binder, Four-foot-6, five-foot, and to* Six-ft, Tubular Steel Mowers. The intensely American style of the machines makes others look clumsy a nd foreign. Walter A, Wood Twine, Wagons, Carriages, Wind Mills, Pumps and Tanks put up pgsliort notice, Only Big Slot Coil io Uf oil THUS WALLACE & CO.'S G-reat World's 50-cage Menagerie, Roman Hippodrome, and In -WILL EXHIBIT AT- Algona, Friday, Aug. 21. Sublime and Superior to Similitude. Acme of Possible Acquisition ! Of magnitude unrivaled, and in every detail perfect. Monster Massed Menagerie! Scenic, gladiatorial, and processional productions to delight the senses. Aviary of birds of bright plumage from the Isles of Balm. Aquarium curiosities from cerulean depths of Indian seas. Three rings with wondrous companies of performers of exalted fame, who dazzle comprehension with miraculous feats of superhuman intrepidity, or more than terrestrial grace. Most stupendous of railroad shows, aggregating incomparable zoological exhibits, circus adventures, and the hurtling exploits of the hippodrome. It is in truth and fact the BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD. Astounding the spectators and confounding all would-be, imitators. Invariably presenting all and everything that it advertises*' and beggaring attempts of other and effete institutions to rise to its majestic plane. It remains a gigantic, unparalleled congregation of the rarities of animated nature; of extraordinary creations contributed by all nations; the Olympian sports which beguiled the classic hosts; the splendors of the pageantry of Aurelian—every feature on the same supremely superb scale. A cosmic centralization of irradiant effulgence. T:b.e Pa^antry of the coliseum. The best reproduction of the entertainment of the Caesars ever given by any show on this continent. Matchless equestrianism, gorgeous in all appointments. Unequaled in thrilling, electrifying features. THE FINEST HORSES of any show on earth. -:r CQa-suxIot -i in furious chase. Daring antique performances of horsemanship by classic riders. Great five-horse tandem hurricane hurdle run. Processional splendor, Vespacian's triumphal exercises with their inimitable scenic grandeur. Most exciting events of any show on earth. Street Pageant On the forenoon of every exhibition day indicates the scope and brilliancy of the whole-majestic show far better than mere diction, however florid or profuse, may picture it. All the people should see the parade, see the show, and so have a royal day's outing. THE NEWS OF THE WEEK, Gen. Fran/. Siegol is expected to nd- dresa tho people of Fort Madison on German day, October 0. Tho Democrat says: '.' Thoro aro n number of the First regiment of Iowa volunteers hero, at Burlington and at Keokuk, who fought under Siegol at Wilson Creek and elsewhere, arid nothing would please thorn bettor than to see their old commander; in fact we know of no one who would reeoivo a heartier welcome from our Gorman follow citizens than tho old hero, Gon. Fran?. Slogel." • A report from Waterloo is that the grasshoppers aro damaging tho oats crop in that section of the state. It is estimated that they will lessen the yield by ton bushels per acre. Tho last of tho famous cattle steal in Emmet county last year has just been hoard. A decree entered by Judge Collins of Chicago provides for tho distribution of $8,000 among 80 farmers in Greene and Kinmot counties. Four commission firms at tho.Union Stock yards received a shipment of 028 cattlo from Henry Boswoll, who claimed to bo tho owner. It turned out that Boswoll stole tho cattle, but before ho could so- iuro the proceeds tho farmers hoard of tho affair und filed a bill to enjoin tho tho coinmiEiion firms from paying over :iny money to Boswell. For every horse that could beat 2:40 M 1851, wo now breed one that can beat 2:20. Tho gross earnings of tho C., M. & St. P. road for tho third week in Juno .unountod to $4!)0/>0!1.05 compared with •5470,80.1.4Q In tho same period a your igo, an increase of $20,112.-l(i. During tho first three weeks in Juno, 180], tho syroHB earnings of tho C., M. & St. Paul amounted to $1,580,854.75, an increase of $!)2,61(i.55 over tho corresponding 1 period of 1800. A reunion of tho Fourteenth Iowa infantry will bo held at Anaiiiosa, Sept. 10-17. It is certain that Gov. Boies has revoked tho suspension of .sentence granted Stormy Jordan by Gov. Larrabee. Tho lines against him were $15,000 ivnd. wore suspended under condition tJ ho stop Helling. Jordan HHW Gov. Boles Friday, but got no satisfaction from him, He will have to pay if tho Ottumwa authorities got after him. Grove is discussing electric Eagle lights. Tho racing meeting at Ilumboldt last week was a success. The Dos Moines valley circuit closes at Rolfe today. Tho races have been successful and tho circuit will remain. Tho Des Molnos Capital says it was General ,1. B. Weaver who named Stormy Jordan's saloon " Tho Road to Holl." The general was a republican and was prosecuting attorney. Jordan was on tho witness stand. Weaver asked him his occupation. He said ho sold "nose paint." General Weaver in his argument to tho jury referred to this answer of Jordan's and said his his place ought to bo labeled, "Tho Road to Hell." Soon afterward Jordan put out his infamous sign. A Lo Mars man wrote to Secretary Rusk for " some seed to raise electric light plants." Tho Cedar Rapids Republican says the five-year-old race for a purse of $6,000, to bo trotted at tho great meeting at Independence in August, will bo one of tho grandest speed contests ever witnessed on any track. Tho Kontuok- ians to a man believe that Nancy Hanks can't be beaten, tho Californians will back Margaret S., and hero in Iowa wo don't see how any horse is going to boat Allorton in a race. Congressman Dollivor will make a political speech at Lake View on or about August 20. Emmetsburg has a boys' brass band of which it is justly proud, and which would be a credit to any city in the state. Tho band consists of 26 members, their jiges ranging from seven to 18 years. They have played in public for tho last six months, at entertainments and large gatherings, races, celebrations, etc. The leader, Prof. W. S. Floyd, predicts for them a great future and notoriety. They expect to play at the state fair at Des Moines this season. But four trotters have done as well as 2:18 this season. Their names are Allerton, 2:13; Mary Marshall, 2:15; Miss Alice, 2:17i; Rosalind Wilkes, 2:17. Three of them are by sons of George Wilkes, the other is by a grandson. The Centerville Journal says that Noah Nash of that county planted less than* a quarter of an acre of potatoes on the 2§th day of April, from which, on the 6th day of July, he gathered 40 busfcels of-large potatoes, which he sold* being tho first crop in the market, at $1 per bushel. Thus in 72 days ho matured a crop that paid at the rate of $160 per acre. _____ Col. EUxXick of Dos Mnines declares he will leave tho state permanently if tho next legislative docs not pass ntem- j>cranco law to suit him. The Sioux City corn palace this year will bo illuminated both day and night by thousands of incandescent and arc electric lights. A Des Moines Chinaman recently had a sorrowful experience at cards. He says: "I get flo acee, bet five dolla, nobody cluin In; I get tlce kings, bet ton dolla, nobody olum In; I got flo llusheo, bet fifteen dolla, ovlysonofgun I'lumin." ______ It is unlawful for a husband to get his wife's mail from tho postofflco and open the same. For this offense a man was fined $25 and costs in tho United States court at Dos Moinos by Judge Shiran, although It was proved that tho letter was writton by another man to tho defendant's wife. Hon. John McIIugh, national bank examiner for Iowa, is authority for tho statement that 05 per cent of all tho certificates of deposit in tho national banks of tho state aro held by farmers. Ignatius Donnelly Is advertised to speak In Dos Molnos on Monday, August 24, under tho auspices of tho third party. Tho Breeder and Sportsman recalls tho names of 25 trotting horses that within tho past !)0 yearn have boon sold for tho enormous total of $898,000. A lady visitor at the agricultural college not long ugo asked Prof. Stalker whether Prof. .Tamos Wilson wore a relative of tho politician she had heard called "Tamil Jim Wilson?" U OU1" said tho quick wilted veterinarian, " lie's tho very man himself! Tama Jim was his maiden name!" Tho groat sextuple printing press recently set up for tho New York Heruld produces 1)0,000 four-page papoi'g per. hour. This is 25 copies pc\' ().eeon,d. Tlio. press consumes tf(j lYiHuti of dq^lq-width paper por llQUl' Itlifl ffpjtfhB W klllli Tomorrow is tho big democratic day at tho Johnson county fair. An Immense free public meeting will bo hold at 10 o'clock a. in. Roger Q. Mills, tho member of congress from Texas, author of tho Mills bill, will bo the principal speaker. Gov. Horace Boies is expected to be present with the nix Iowa democratic members of congress: John I. Seorloy of Burlington, Walter I. Hayes of Clinton, Walt. H. Butler of West Union, JohnT. Ham [Ron of Cedar Rapids, Fred E. White of Hodrick, and Thos. Bowman of Council Bluffs, short addresses being expected from each. Tho democratic stale committee will also bo in attendance. Reduced rates on all railroads. This will bo tho first democratic meeting of 1801 in Iowa, and probably the only one at which Mr. Mills and tho Iowa democratic congressmen will bo present. 0 A Safe InvcHtincnt. IH 0110 which is guaranteed to bring you satisfactory results, or In cnso of failure u return of your puruluiHO priea. On this plait you can buy from our advertised druggist a bottle of Dr. King's Now Discovery for Consumption. It IH guaranteed to bring roller in ovory on»o when unod for any affection of the tin-out, lungs, or chest, such as consumption, inflammation of the lungs, bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough, croup, etc., etc. It Is pleasant and agreeable to take, perfectly safe, and can always bo do- penuod upon. Trial bottles free at Jl/. A, Shoot/.' drug store. 1 Merit Wlnn. Wo dosiro to suy ,)^ our citizens that for years wo have bor'i selling Dr. King's Now Discovery for Consumption, Dr. King's Now Life Pills, Buoklon's Arnica Salvo, and Elootrlo Bitters, and have novor handled remedies that sell as well or that give such universal satisfaction. Wo do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, und we stand ready to refund tho purchase price if satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity on their merits. Sold at Dr. Sheete' drug store. 1 Arnica Salve. Tho best salve in tho world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, totter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns ana all skin eruptions, ana positively cures piles or no pay is required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25o a box; sold by Dr. Sheotz. Are You Alive To the importance of keeping up with tho timesV If so, subscribe for that newsiest and best of metropolitan weeklies, The Sioux City Journal. In order to give this paper tho widest possible circulation the publishers have made tho following unprecedentedly low prices, from this date, for the campaign: Single copies to Nov. 10,1891, 25 cents; clubs of five or more to Nov. 16, 1891, 20 cents each. Sample copies free. Address Perkins Bros. Co., Sioux City, Iowa. Half Ruteb to Stou* City, On account of the annual meeting of the Knights of Pythias at Sioux City, the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will sell excursion tickets to that point and return at one fare f<jr the round trip. Tickets on sale Aue. 10, 11, and 12, good to return-Augv, 18. For further information' apply tojieent Chicago & Northwestern road.n-19t2. >

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