The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 7, 1892 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 7, 1892
Page 10
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DBS MOlNE8 t ALGONA* IOWA. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7.1801 ^^-c-^± —._..^.._....... . . .-..- ....... ,. ~ . . _. -...._... _, .. . ., '-.._ . .. . ._, ^..^ .. .• ;.....„.,.. . —r-...^.^*.-.,--- — ......... .^.^..^..^^ „., ^—.--.— ^^^ J ^^_^ Ji ^^ J i^i^^a^t>^«.^Miai Afflicted mo four VMMII blotches nil over mjbudy, swelling in my nock, imd in lees thnn n yetu- Imti loKJfc 40 ll>-i I wn» In- rtnced by H. Jj. Tubbn, out droggllt to try JIUOU'M S A K 8 A P A. It I i.LA, »nd tho blotches and lump "if. 0. W. Dotier. in.. my neck disappeared* lulf won bepm to Kftln '»* «•«*«• In 4 month* I ?V ^ nous of the dlsoade left In my syrtem, tat I'iiM « **" • nd • trtn8 ™ STOr '" °- W> ItMKiit, Booth Dakota. :,ud o are the beat family cnthnrtia, «ideff»o«Te. Try n bo*. Only25cent«. Free, by flail, to ! Ladies a beautifully illustrated book, containing over ninety pages of most important information about the ailments of women. 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(1 n , mi . s . m tiu'.t, not ovpii n -„.,-,,(. lt W]ls Iftil.v n very unlikely plnw in which nnd ;i ghost; nml yol. wo found one. :i most siitisfjiolory. 1 had almost said lifelike, ono; and, ronlly. if "lif ( ,. liko" moans tnic to imturo. why cnnnol a gliost bo lifelike- when it' satisfies our preconceived itk-a of what a luma lull! ghost should IIP? I take groat credit lo myself for making tho discovery under such unfavorable circumstances. It requires no great ability to see and hoar ancestral ghosts under Hie proper uncanny inliueiicos.. but i.) llnd n perfectly new one in a. modern (hroo-story brick house in a city street is ti stroke of genius. I am not a timid person, and. being rattier frail, tho spring that we moved to Morton, was given the one bed room down stairs, which opens off the parlor. I was awakened during the lirst night, that T slept there by hoar- ing some one running down stall's and into the parlor. Thinking it Avas my mother or sister. 1 called out, bur. received no answer. I jumped out of bed, and going into the adjoining room found no one there. 1 was much astonished, but concluded that. \ hail boon dreaming. Fooling only a not miplons- nnt surprise at the vividness of the impression, I snuggled down to sleep again. In the little time of my lying fiwake, {lie stillness of the house and town was perfect. I am little given to dreaming, but my sleep is as light as that of a wild animal, there is no perceptible spaeo between my being sweetly sound nsleep nnd wide a.wnko with all my faculties in perfect order. It was witli no little surprise therefore, that I was awakened a second time by the not-to-be mistaken sound of bare feet and light, fluttering drapery' in hurried flight down the stairs, through the hall and into the middle of the parlor, where it stopped—stopped suddenly, absolutely, and the dead silence of tho house reasserted itself. At the flrst sound I had started up, thinking something had frightened the rnotherkin. When it stopped I tJiought she is listening, and as I cautiously slipped out of bed to go to her I listened so intently that tho silence seemed to roar with sound, although I know there was no sound whatever. When ' stopped into tho parlor T had not the slightest doubt that ray mother would •be standing there, in a frightened attitude. Tho shock to my mind will be iippreciated when it is stated that the moonlight streamed through the as yet uncurtained windows into a perfectly empty room, leaving no possibility' for tiny one to be there and not. be in sight. 1 could see into the hall and the black lir.le of the basement stairs. How long f stood there gazing at emptiness I cannot, say. The stupidity of utter 'amazement was upon me. When I rallied, I took a light and explored tho big closet opening off the parlor, the library and basement. Yes, I did. Par be from to boast myself, tint I proxidly maintain that, with no other means of defense than a carefully regulated female sceam in my throat ready to go off at the slightest excuse, I investigated the basement. T said nothing o.f my experience when in the morning, I ivns accused of looking a little pale and tired. Puring tho day, however, I told the''little, 'mother, and before many hours her quick wit hail found a solut ion of the mystery, .she remembered-that the night before, the weekly washhig not being dry, she had had the c.lothes hung on the'buck piazza running'past my room and tho parlor. These. ,110 doubt, had fluttered in some sudden gust of wind, and had subsided again after that had passed. We had a little quiet fun, and considered tho matter ended, but, dreading the leasing of the family, T coaxed her not to tell. When, however, to my grout surprise T had the same experience the next, night and again the next, I concluded, to quote our family joker, that "enough is sufficient." Jt is the proof of a'noblo mind to be convinced by evidence. I now believed most firmly that, those noises were made by a ghost, i nd a ghost all our own. • But mother was sceptical and resolved to try her luck. She is a. very sound sleeper, and, low be it said, she does Indulge in vocal performances during her slumlior that would lift the hair of a flesh-and-blood human being, not ! being acquainted with their nature and By common consent the room fell in- lo disuse. Even the sceptical members of the family coiild find no explanation for tho sounds; and those of Us- who had heard them felt no desire to hear them again. Our impressions Avere too uvid to be reasoned aAvay, although, of course AVO had nothing to say in defense of a ghost in this nineteenth ceu- tury. Home little time after this, a cousin came to spend a few days with us. It was convenient to give him the haunted room. He is.a person of tho strongest possible nerves, AVI; did not. hesitate to send him to this room AVith no Avord about; its ghostly visitant. But oven liuth's indignation was a trifle compared with Tom's. Twice he had boon awakened from a sound sleep by what he was sure Avas one of ns coming down stairs and running swiftly into tho parlor. When for tho third lime ho had gone into the next room to find it perfectly empty and not a. sound in flu- house, he concluded to sit up the remainder of tho night and start for home the next morning. Although wo all tried to look surprised and innocent while he told the story, he could not. be convinced that AVO did not know all about, tho spirit. So persistent, and vigorous a. ghost as that one Avas eerfaiidy not making her debut. Nothing 'could bo found to solve the mystery. In. the common-sense age, none of us Avanted to confess that wo believed in ghosts; and yet, -\vhat was it? There was not tho slightest shadow o 1 .' a crime or of. a great misfortune in the history of the house to fomid a ghost story on. Wo might have thought it wns a spirit come to Avarn ns of pond- ing disaster, but nothing at all unusual occurred to us after its appearances. One afternoon my mother and I sat sewing iu tho parlor. My sister, the only other person in tho house, was fn the room above. Suddenly tho sound of swift footsteps tKown the stairs roused us, but AVC could still hoar liuth's voice as she sang in tho upper r.ooin. Tho sound stopped suddenly. Mother, went to see AV!IO it vras, but found no one. A trifle puzxlod, she settled back to her work. A second time, the steps and the soft rustling of drapery! Surely my ghost, for by right of discovery she was specially mine, wns growing bold and making daylight visits. That AA-as a ghost with all tho modern improvements. At some sudden sound in liuth's room, I looked up. The ceiling \vas positively' shuddering. It took only a flash of time (if any one's clock marks time in that vray, ' he Avill understand just how long) to see that the ceiling had at; some time been repaired by plastering cloth over p. great hole iu tho plaster and kalso- iniuiug over it. Certain combinations of open windows and doors drew a I current of air between the floor and celling and moved this cloth in a very curious way, giving the sound of llut- | tcrlng garments and bare feet that AVO bad so long and A'ainly sought to explain. The rest of the phenomenon was to be attributed to certain peculiar acoustic properties of the house which. AVO ihad -already discovered. Sound ,Avas gathered up there and >its direction changed in quite a puzzling manner. Tho mystery Avas solved. Our lady spectre, Avith her sAAdl't bare feet and softly rustling skirts, could no longer haunt u.s. Tho modern ghost 'was explained most prosaically. It AA'as a very .simple matter to have the ceiling repaired and to lay the spirit. And so nided my only intercourse Avith ghosts. topics outside of rhymed limitations; and by preserving an even balance of mind, and avoiding aggressive" partisanship'. AVO may sail gracefully over 1ho waters of conversation without touching any of its dangerous reefs or getting stranded in uninteresting shallows. Kxprrlonn- nnd Testimony. If you have never felt the groat necessities of life, you have never turned them into language; If yours has been a HoAvery path. If the velvet lawn has swelled up to your library AviudoAV, and you have lounged there reading tho lightest literature of the day, then you know nothing about life's agonies; you Avill not, bo consulted upon any great subject. Ff yon have been plowed through and through, and torn to pieces, and rent, asunder: if you liavo been devil-ridden, and hunted i'y temptation from sunrise to sundown that would, not let you alone even in jour dreams; if you have dug many a grave, and suffered many a loss, and l:nown life on its tragic and terrible sides, AVO shall be glad to hear what you have to say. You have a right to speak and to guide the lives of oilier men.—Joseph Parker. An unknown, Avell-dressed man fell off tho pier at'the toot of West Thirteenth street, Xew York. Monday morning, and was drowned. Inside his hat AVIIS the name, "Hall Smith, Z\\ Superior street, Cleveland. Ohio." His body Avas not recovered. A Broken Koeil, Indeed. Thin, and no mistake, Is the Individual whon stamina has waned to Biich a low ebb, for want ot an efficient tonic, that he would certainly topple over and Iracture Bomething if a balky eabjecl each as a fat wife, for Inetance. were to lean upon nlm. 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Hundreds of cases of skin diseases of nil kinds have been cured and those benefited are only loo glad to testify to tbe inaivelous properties of the water. No belter water txists in the United States and many bave made it a last resort to be cured of these afflictions and hnve been wholly successful when they have failed in every other place and means. A beautiful illustrated book that tells 'all about these wonderful springs will be jsent bv mail, free to all, who will address 'H. L. Kramer, Gen. Mgr., Box 3, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. 7lie Only On » Krer Prliitod—OHII Ton Pin tho AVonlT "* Tlicre U a 8.Inch dlnpliiy ndvortUuinoiit hi Oils pnper llils week which hns no two word* alike except one word. Tlio snino IB truo^of encli now ono appearing cuch wuek from Tlio Dr. Hiirlcr Medicine, Co. This liousu plfteos ft "Crescent" on ovoryllilng they innUo and publish. 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On the whole, it i tended to show that the creature had ' preferences not so removed from the 1 huinan as one might have expected, Piul rather raised it in my estimation. , Mother was now more sure than bo- ! fore that the ghost was a creature of 1 my fancy. I rather resented this idea, but had'no desire to return to what I ' now considered a haunted chamber. Iu a short time, my sister for some reason slept in tlio parlor bed room. In the morning she greeted me with '•] like your pleasant little ways-so thoughtful, you know, and !(>!• your only sister go that frightful room." I asked rather feebly "'siicfiooked at me out of her big eyes with solemn and exaggerated and as she firmly broke cinctly remarked. "It's uu knew U." ' i wilted. She hart had m No sooner-would she fall asleep than that fearful, barefooted with her swift, rustling v,ould come down the parlor and stop, oh, nil that, to 'to her doom in "Was anything reproof; her egg, suc- liiiunted, and awful woman, movements, stairs into the so suddenly! lUUh wis determined that she would nevei •J a second night in that room No she would "tie a Ipow around hoi and stand in the corner induce her to head first, otiiof r<!<i|>i«'H i Tho faults and the failings of others Mistakes, all in vain to regret; ['lie obstacles (better not; mentioned) That duty or pleasure beset; The unfortunate things on life's way; The weather, that contrary elf; Llousekeeping and servants; thy path- feel- troubles—t hyself." These quaint lines are furnished as [he embodiment of subjects to be • avoided iu conversation, and really; hold much wisdom in a very small compass. If we take them apart, and onsider each line separately, we shall find that thore is very little left to be avoided—some may think very little left to be talked of, so fruitful and so popular aro the themes 'excluded. i Tho faults and tho.failings of others are always a prolific topic, and whether it be the feeling of superiority which comes from discussion of the frailities of our neighbors whose ways of sinning uiaueutty arc; not our ways, or a sentiment akin to tho pleasures which the French cynic declares we all iiiid in the misfortunes of our best friends, certainly it is a favorite theme even among those who try to love their neighbors as them-1 selves. i Then the mistakes! How wearisome to hoar continual regrets and vain re-' petitions of sorrow! Yet with what 1 , complacency we sometimes dwell on our own errors of mission or commission, never dreaming that anything concerns our own prec-ipus solves ciin be really indifferent to others. And so with the obstacles to duty or pleasure, and all the other tilings to be avoided, culminating in that important key-word, "Thyself." Yes, that is the paramount thing, and all the conversation classes iu existence strenuously insist on the necessity of relegating that highly interesting and absorbing ])(rsouality to a peaceful and obscure rr tirementi If politeness really be, as has been said, the "art of listening with interest to something you know all about told by some one who knows nothing of it,'' then our little distich holds the essence of politeness in its plain phraseology, which bids us shun all that is uninteresting to others, and which would too heavily tax their power of endurance. It does open a wide field of conjecture ns to what subject can be chosei^ by two individuals equally bent ou being agreeable according to these lines, it requires only a little tJiought to perceive ttoe viclmess aw} vwlefy .9* W ^i- Umd That Ii More Valuable Than Gold. Chicago TriJuna. "There ii no gold in the hills uroui onr place, but there is mud that more valuable than gold," said Mr. H. L. Kramer, who registered yesterday at the Auditorium, of the Indiana Mineral Springs, Warren county, Ind. "It IB a magnetic mineral mud and it is more valuable than gold, for it cures rheumatism in every form, no matter how long the victim has been a sufferer. "Oh, no," laughingly replied Mr.-Kramer to the reporter's question, "we do not give our patients mud to eat; it is made up in poultices aud placed on the joints where the pain is most severe." "It is only within the past few year.' that this wonderful Magnetic Mud deposit has been known. Large quantities ;i it has been carried away, and people art- traveling from far and near to cur new Hv>tel and bath house, costing over $150, • 000, whiea has jupt been completed, in order that they may drink the Magnetic Mineral Water and bathe in the mud. There are uowards of two hundred people. Ihere to-day, and many have recovered so rapidly as to make it a wonder to them- r,elves and their friends. We look forward to the time when people will be journeying to the Indiana Mineral Springs from every Stata and Territory in the Union to be cured of chronic, rheumatic and kidney diseases that baffled the bed inpflical skill. "The mud is found immediately at the tm-oof the center of a horses hoe shaped b 1 nfE, where the Springs are also located, aid it seems that the waters ot the spring* M mring fourth there for countless ag-s 4>ie thoroughly impregnated this deposit • •>ith mineral properties, and magnetize it so that when a steel blade is left in it. , fter a few hours it becomes thoroughly magnetized so that you cai» take up a darning needle." Mr. C.' L. Stone, general pass agent of the C. & E. I. railway, of Chi- cigo, has issued a beautiful little pamphlet which tells all about this wonderful health resort, and gives the experience of many prominent people who nave been cured there within the last year. It will will be sent by mail free, upon request. While slicing lintn, a Pottstown. Pa., wo. woman found a silver thimble Imbedded therein. < icll It at Mo nnd (I per dilrmi for n fret) r '«!• rnrh liny. In ft, itad Tour addrmi Tor n Irco ruuplti. MOTM tlw bonett pnfh liny. In urdi't •rr. AdilnH ORATrm V. wnnrm'Aiin un.>r. N. Y. cknire. If Ton tannel l,nm". r.mllv llfdf irdi'r to IM lii'Althy, tmi ll nM«4 w FITS.—All Fits stopped Tree by Dr. Kliru't Gnat A r erve Jicstm-cr. No Fits after first diiy's HBO. Marvellous euros. Treatise and $2.00 trial boUlu free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 081 Arch St., Phlla., Pa. A scheme IB now worked in Scotland by which n high grade of brick is being made from chipped granite and clay. Env. K. M. PERKINS, Augusta. 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It belongs to the Wellington estate. DYSPEPSIA, impaired digestion, weak stomach, and constipation will be instantly re. lieved by Beechain's Pills. 25 cents a box, The flret training school for teachers wui organized in Prussia in the year 1735. > enable the dyspeptic to cat whatever ( ho wlshoH. They cause tlio food to an- tSimilatoand nourish the body, Bive.. J appetite and develop flcHh. 1'rlcM, M6 5 cents. Kxaut nlze sliowii In border. |EWIS'98PERCEJ}TLYJ k Poivderad and I>*jrnuM» <FATINT»D.) Th» ttromgut and jnw«*< I>7\ madfr, Dallk* othw Ly*. It belaj a an* powder and packo« IB » e&i wiili remoT»bl» lid. the coatMtt ire Uwayi ready for MW. Will make the tat perfumed H»rd BOM IB 20 mlnntti without »*>(inf. 1( U tho be»t for el««Bla| WMt* pipe*, dlilnfecUng elnke, eloMta, wanblnf bottle*, pain U, trees, «tt, PENNA. SALT KFO. 6«a. AfU., riKU., Tih A remedy which, if used by WIvc* aboutto experience tbe painful ordeal attendant upon Child-birth, prorei ttn Infallible Bpacl- llc f or,andobriates the tortures of con- Uuement, lessening the dangers thereof to both mother and child. Bold by all druggists. 8«ntby express on receipt of price, 81.60 per bottle, charges pre< ^^ ~S*' paid, BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., ATLANTA. OA, BuciueM Bittii'i fTM* ..nreilencfc Tak ""L«JJ l « rb .5i*,%^S r at^ 0 ***** *(to4 H»rta2£r- »••««* « P«*» b « ok w* «•»!•* BB. bAlTM MgQICIIIS CO.. StJ-oilto. lUj^ -'^i egnntBtoel EngraTlnjr Mr Oltrelnud or Harrlnon, Biro 14x18. linoli purcbMar !• entitled to ouo gueub of the number of voteu either will poll. Throe nnndred and five donation*. On* eatih of $5,000, tMW, $300, f 200, f 100; throe hundred of j>10 each. Olevelund and irivrriuun each polled orer live million votes In 1888. NclifiK-oi ' CfliuimlKll »'<>., box CIS Sclionoe.Udy, N. Y. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS.*„... I Bend one dollar for Elegant Btoel En graying iron T»I J TIIK <>Ni;V MHIItR <;HHJ ; :. Prlco 01.00 by , malty 1!0., 110 l''ukuu Hi., Nuw y , mal York am. NATDRK'H HU.11 UK It It K M K W I IT (, "Tfia Lurd Created r/ttdiduts unt of Ui.t t<trt\ And he that in wise will not abhor thtm." Or. O. l». itrowii'i BT..OOU- IMIKUflKK ATJ» MVBR 1NVKJGHATOK. Old Reliable RemedlM rtandard u flour in all marlteta. 1 Goiupoied of bent blood herb*. $1. 9 of herbi which aot on tbe liver and bowels. CariM bilioutmeui, Llvur Gomplaint, Jftan- dice. (1. Druggist*, er 17 Grand Ut., J«nej City, N. J. , BR ThlsTrado Mark la on the test WATERPROOF COAT in the World! A. J. TOWER, BOSTON, MASS. \\j Cj/|t/ homo, celling LIGHTNING PLATER nnd plating jewelry,watcbcv • tabkirate, 4c. I'lum tuo fiucit of Jewelry good a0. new, on all kind* gf tueta) wild gold, «llrer or nickel. No mperlenue. No capital. Erery house tiu good) needing plating. Waolvialo tv S ageuti |5. Write for'drew ** ALL THE SAME, ALWAYS. •)»•••«••••«»»••••»<>••••••••*• lue stomach, liver »ua uowt in, purl- ] (y Iho blood. »re Bare and effectual i tuo best medicine known f or Wllou»- uiiiw, couBllpatiou, (lyiij)0|)»l», foul breath, licaUuciio.uionud deproiidou, painful digestion, bad compleiion. and all dtuoastu caused by fullurt ot the Btouiacli, llror or bowels to nir- ,.«.,or functions. Pcr«ons given to oT«r-, leuoUtea by taking one after eacn nwtJ. iplu.lGo. At Dnigfflsts, or gout by maU. tallOAL CO., 10 Si'rue* EC., New Yorkv SPRAINS, MT, PLEASANT, TEXAS, Juno 20,1888. Suffered 8 months with ptrain of back; could not •walk straight; used two bottles of St. Jacobs Oil, was cured. No pain in 18 months. M, J. BRUISES. PlTTSBURG, PA., 802Wylie Ave., Jan. 20,'87 One of my workmen fell from a ladder, he sprained and bruised his arm very badly. He used St. Jacobs pit and was cured i,u four days. FRANZ X, GOBI* , Fr*«i FREE! I wlU (•tiled Ibe pr tlou intul* » n>M of mo, mild TiUATf ATSTJOE " to Cur* nuy Bull'erer from Vuvloy I. out tot Beet, Biwlert to Pw, »n<» Ohj CAT/KR'R H PROMPT AN

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