The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 29, 1891 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 29, 1891
Page 11
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JDES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JtTLY 29, 189 L THESE SPECIALS BY POST, Oflr Wesley News tfni-nislica Additional P&tttonlats Concerning: the Stoftn Last Week. Also an Interesting Account of the Late Sunday School Convention- Other County News. WESLEY. .Tuly 28.—Mr. Gallagher has concluded not to robulld his hay barn, which wns struck by lightning liist week Tuesday night. Ho has sola the northeast quarter of the block to Mr. Ward, and has rented him the balance of tho ground for stocking purposes. Mr. Wnrd is putting up a hay barn now 24x48, 14-foot posts, with a press ahd bale-shod, 14x48. It was a father hard blow on Mr. Ward, but he has energy and push and Is taking In hay.every day, and it will not be long till ho will bo running his press again in his new barn. During tho same storm Mr. Holfi-ich In Prolrto township had several head of cattle struck by lightning. John Longbottom had five head of hogs killed; a barn formerly owned by Sain. Wilford, five miles oawt of Wesley, in Hancock, was struck and burned to tho ground. Wo are informed by pnrUos living clone by Unit there wen. 1 six head of horses burnt up in it, too. Harvest IH on hand. Farmers have commenced cutting barley and oats. C. Ward claims that his crop of barley will go 76 bushel to tho acre. Mr. Platt of LuVerne was in our town Monday of this week. Attorney Quarton of Algona, was hero on business Monday. The political pot is beginning to bubble in this part of tho county, and about Thursday wo will begin to count noses, as that is tho dav sot for tho republicans "• at Wesley" to hol'd their caucus to chose' '-delegates to attend tho county convention. Some of us would like to be representative, county supervisor, in fact anything, gontlomen, you inny choose to give us, we are not particular, just so wo pot there. C. Ei Oleson wont to Clear Lake Monday on business. Or. S. McPhorson has boon soiling some very flno samples of apples'lately. Fruit of all kinds is a good crop In this llai't of tho county this year. Tho Sunday school convention hold hero Saturday evening and Sunday certainly was a great success. Rev. Whitlleld, Dr, Burr, and Mr. Doxsoo of . Algona were present. The programme was carried out in full. Rev. Whitfiold .gave a lecture Saturday evening, his •subject boing: "Why A re Wo HereV" The older seemed to bo at his best, and Ills remarks put an enthusiasm lnto)tho mooting that continued with it all the next day. Ho had to take tho early 'morning train Tor home tho next day and could not be present with us during the Sunday exorcises. Sunday morning at 10 a. in. tho morning services began, composed mostly of a song service. Then devotional exorcises were conducted by O. Robinson. Mr. DOXBOO then told lire object of the Sunday school convention and its organisa- tion, and why it was held at Wesley, Rev. McBride then read a paper, "'Qualification and Preparation for Teaching." The paper was well gotten up and drew out considerable discussion from several present. "Object of Or- ganisation," a paper by C. E. Oleson, was next road, which showed very plainly that no church or Sunday school .could be prosperous without an organi- sation to buck It up. To illustrate he called the attention to tho many institutions in this county, such as telegraph and railroad Systems, all of which are well organized. The next topic was, " Boneilt of Teachers' Meetings." Mr. Colby made a few remarks on tho subject and was followed by Dr. Barr. Ho told a very interesting story of the first teachers' mooting hojd In Algona, which was held in Mr. Ward's house, which was part • of his blacksmith shop, giving in detail the growth and outcome of those teaches' meetings in Algona. Tho next was a paper by Mrs. C. D. Daggott, subject, '' Am I My Brother's Keeper;"' which was scholarly and edifying, indeed. Mr. Doxseo then gave us a paper, "A Business Man's Relation to the Sunday School," which was certainly grand, and wo wish every business man in Wesley had been present and heard it; it was one of tho most • entertaining of anything on tho pro- gramme. At 2 p. m. tho afternoon session began. Dr. Barr gave us a paper, " The Bible; its Use in the Homo and Sunday School." The doctor had surely given it considerable thought, as it was very pointed and brought out tho beauties of that sacred book. The next jwas a couple of papers, "Shall Tom/'" jferanco Be Taught in tho Sunday School?" One of them, by Mrs. C. A. lugham, was road by Mr. Doxsoe, and brought out considerable discussion by Mr. Colby taking tho stand that the moral part by all means should be taught in tho Sunday school, and tho scientific part in tho public school, Rev. MoBrido spoke at some length on .the subject, also Mr. Doxsoo and Dr. Barr, all agreeing that it should bo taught in tho Sunday school. Mr. At- Jkinson then spoke of tho progress of Sunday school at Wesley. Mr. Lloyd closed tho afternoon session with parting words by lirst going back and toll- iug us of the first Sunday school hold in Wesley, some It years ago, and Jinally closed his remarks with very sympathetic words, and wishing all Uod-speod in tho grand work. Benediction was then pronounced by Rev, Thompson of Corwith. Tho timo was all occupied; not a minute was lost; everyone present will join in saying it was one Of the pleasant gatherings ever held in Wesley, and we have many things to remember Rev. Whitfield, Dr. Barr, and Mr. Doxsoo of Algona for, and wish to say here that if thoy should over come to our town again on any other occasion they will moot with a hearty welcome. Tho convention was wrtll attended and well spoken of by all those present. The Bancroft nine came over hero oue day last week to play tho Wesley nine a match game of ball. It rather took the boys by surprise on account of not getting tho notice of their coining in. time. It seems the Bancroft boys sent a message tho night before, but it did not reach hero till morning. By that time some of the players were out in the country, while one or two others WQi'e laid up for repairs from tho effects of a game previous to this. The Bancroft boys felt 11 little disappointed when they found they came over for nothing. Some of thorn remarked that our boys had no sand which is not the case. The message did not get here in timo, was the trouble. Since this has happened we have gotten ub a nine that will play those Bancroftites and let them know that they have not only sand, but gravel, and la composed of the heavy men of Wesley, such as P. Ash, Ed Kunz, M. Cory, M. Taylor, J. H. Pord, Ous. Studer. A. Studer, Jr., Jake Huber, and Mike Fox. They will find that M. Taylor and J. H. Pord are good fielders, while Gus Studer 8fl,ys he is not so good on the run but will make as good a back stop as anything on the ground. Now, wo want to say to Bah' croft, if you want anything, say where and we will sot tho timo. Don't send any more messages, as they are liable to bo delayed; but send your challenge through the columns of the U. D. M., and we will be sure to get it, as wo have boon taking that paper for the last ten years and have never missed a copy* This is known as the reserve nine, and Is ready to befriend our boys when they are not In shape to got together. Some of them have been on the turf for close to 70 years, and have never been beaten in a match game of base base ball in all that time. J. B. Winkle of Algona was in town looking after tho sowing machine business. W. C. Danson and L. M. B. Smith of Algona wore in town Tuesday on business. Mrs. J. V. Hill has sold her farm in Hancock county, two miles oast of Wesley, to M. Hofer for $80 an acre. Miss Clara Oloson of Ionia arrived last evening. She Intends stopping with her brother Carl for a short time. Mrs. P. Phlffnor of Grundy Center Is hero visiting her sister, Mrs. Lawson. L.U VERNE. LuVERNE, July 27.—I. P. Harrison's father from Wisconsin is hero visiting him for a timo. TliO 9°Wfclovutol 1 that wn,fo Jo go Uj) right awfty line fallen through. Tho railroad officials through some scheme of theirs failed to let Mr. Kiver have the land to erect it on. Goo. Stoddard's house at Renwick wab struck by lightning on Tuesday night. S. C. Platt, Rov. Elghmy, and Ned. Robertson took tho train Friday morning for Spirit Lake to hear tho groat Rov. Talmage spoak. » Henry Schlisehting of Cedar Rapids was in town Friday on business. Mrs. B. F. Croso of Bancroft is visiting at E. A. Lovells at present. G. W. Simmons went to Ren wick Saturday on business. J. Knaublauch of Clear Lake Sundiiy- od here. John Grove of Algona was in town last week between trains. E. A. Lovoll, Dr. Lacy, John Robertson, and Rose Dave drove down to Eagle Grove to attend the ruces. E. Pearson of Cedar Rapids was in town last week. H. L. and P. P. Simmons went to tho hub last week on business. Grant Paul's father and mother of Lohigh came up and spent a few days with Grant and his family. Mr. Williams, of tho firm of Pope & Williams of Renwick, was in town last week on business. Dave Haggard of the hub was in town last wook. B. F. Burtia and D. W. Ramm went to Eagle Grove to the races. • TOPICS OF THE TIME. for Hot Weather. The following tologrum from Whltowrlght Toxns, Indicates that tho people In that vicinity do not intend to bo caught napping: WUITEWUIOHT, Texas, Juno 2,1891.—To Chaniborlniu & Co., Des Moinos, la.: Ship us at once ono gross Chumbcrluin's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy, 25 cent size, and two dozen 50 cent size. We are entirely out and have hnd nearly forty culls for it this week. O. Y. UATIIIIUN & Co. This is just such a medicine as every family should be provided with during tho hot woathor. It noeor fails and is pleasant to take. Sold by F. W.. Dingloy. Tho Miilimtny in Hto Family. Aug. Harming, a well-known manufacturer of boots and shoes at 820 Nolan street, Sun Antonio, Toxus, will not soon forgot his experience with an attack of cramps, which ho relates us follows: " I was taken with a violent cramp in the stomach, which I boliovo would have caused my death had it not boon for tho prompt use of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy. Tho llrst dose did mo so much good that I followod it up in 20 minutes with tho second doso, and before the doctor could got to where I was I did not need him. This roinody shall always bo ono of tho mainstays in my family. Sold by F. W. Ding- loy, druggist. Speaks from Experience. CAODO MILLS, Texas, Juno 5, 1891.—To tho public: From my own personal knowledge I can recommend Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and DiiuThooa Remopy for crumps in the stomach, also for diarrhoea and flux. It is tho best uiodichio I have over soon used, and is tho best selling. A, K. Shor- rill.' 1 Sold by F. W. DIngloy. I^nst AVook for the Tonchors, The institute is progressing finely, a number of new teachers being in attendance, as follows: Algona—Lutio Wallace, Arthur King, Oma Covoll, Mnry Johnson, Emma Loh- mnn, Mnbol Altwogg, Jennie Whitman. Em- uw Gilbert, A. E. Williamson, Nellie Taylor, Susio Gilbert, Maud Smith, Jeumo Thompson, Maggie Winkol, Hnttio Schry- vor, Chester Dutton, Will. Covoll, Edith Whitman, Lillian Docker, Anna Altwegg, Bert Havr, J. E. Paul. Whittoinoro—A. J. Ctirllslo, Arthur Rawson, Stanley Mooro, Lucy Rawson, Mary Bates, Louiso Falrburn, Anna Hayes. Hurt—Edith Wagner, Wesley—Anna Longbottom, Liona Hopkins, Rose Colby, Edith Chupin, M. J. G. Colby. Sonooa—Muiulo Scully, Huttio Ormiston. Bancroft—Ida Swanson, Alice Furvouv, T. Gannon, Lu Verne—Adolla Grubb, Emma Patterson. Lodyard—HatUe Chosloy. A Jtystery The papers contain frequent notices ot rich, pretty, adil educated girls eloping with negroes, trumps, nutl couolimen. The well-known specialist, Or. Krunklln MlleB, says all suoh glrU are more or leas hysterical, nervous, Impulsive, unbalanced; usually subject to headache, neuralgia, sleeplessness, Immoderate crying or laughing. These show a weak nervous system for which there is no remedy equal to Restorative Nervine. Tclul bottles and u flue book, containing iiiuuy marvelous cures, free at V. W. Dlagley's, who also selts and guarantees Dr. Miles' celebrated New Heart Cure, the tlnest of heart tonics. Cures fluttering, short brouth, etc. 0 JAS. A. O«K, painter; will do painting, paper hanging, kalsominlng, etc., in the latest and best styles, and guarantee satisfaction. See him and get prices before letting your work. >v rp -V^V - • - And don't forget it ; keep your eye continually upon this space, and remember that JONES HE PAYS THE FREIGHT! MoOormick Harvesting Machine Co., J. L Case Threshing Machine Co., A. A. Cooper, wagons, P. P. Mast & Co,, cultivators, etc,, James Selby & Co., planters, etc., 1831 1842 1840 1843 1850 D. S< Morgan & Co., niowers, Hearst, Dunn & Co., planters, John Deere, plows, etc., Moline Wagon Co., wagons, etc., 1834 - 1860 1854 - 1865 Of the New Wigwam at Algona, Iowa, is agent for the above well-known and reliable institutions. Compare this list with anything you have seen, and then decide where to buy your farm implements for the (season of 1§91. ' > DAVID'S DILEMMA. llo wns "In It" mid No Mistake, Hut In Simple Attire. The best story of the season is one D. A. Haggard tells on himself. For reasons not mentioned he was in n hurry to get to Cresco yesterday, and took the now road east of the fair ground. Now this road boasts tho premium mud hole in Kossuth county, as a number of victims this spring can testify, and his team got into it. Before it got out he found it necessary to remove most of his clothing and haul out tho buggy by hand. This operation resulted in a condition which did not warrant an immediate re-donning of his apparrel and he concluded to walk on and let the mud dry, thinking there were no houses along the road. But below the . fail- ground fence are several houses, and as luck would have it all tho people were out. Our successful auctioneer is not easily abashed, but he was n,bout to take to the brush, when his companion explained that he had an insane man in charge and that no attention need be paid him, and they passed on to the obscurity of the woods. We judge from tho general tone of D. A.'s remarks that he does no recommend the road by tho fair ground to tho traveling public. A Ijittle (Jirl's Experience in a Lighthouse. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Troscott are keepers of the government lighthouse at Sand Beach Mich., and arc blessed with a daughter four years old. Last April she was taken down with measles, followed by a fearful cough and turning into a fovor. Doctors at home and at Detroit treated her, but in vain; she grew worse rapidly until she was a mere "handful of bones." Then she tried Dr. King's New Discovery, and after the use of two and a half bottles was completely cured. They say Dr. King's New Discovei'y is worth its weight in gold, yet you can get a trial bottle free at L, A. Shoetz. 1 0 The First Step. Perhaps you are run down, can't eat, can't sleep, can't think, can't do anything to your satisfaction, and you wonder what ails you. You should heed tho warning—you are taking the first stop in nervous prostration. You need a nerve tonic, and Electric Bitters you will find tho exact remedy for restoring your nervous system to its normal, healthy condition; surprising results follow the use of this great nerve tonic and alterative. Your appetite returns, good digestion is restored, and tho liver and kidneys resume healthy action. Try a bottle, only BOc, at L. A. Shoot?,.' 0 Ruoklcn'H Arnica Salve, Tho best salvo in the world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay is required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25c a box; sold by Dr. Sheetz. A Close Knee for the Cup. Webster City Tribune: Company D of Hampton won tho golden cup offered by Sioux City, boating the next highest team from Company F of Algona, by 9 1-5 per cent. It was contested for by a ritle squad of five from each company, and tho practice afforded the boys great amusement. Height of Cruelty. Nervous women seldom receive the sympathy they deserve. While often the pictures of health, they are constantly lining. To withhold sympathy from these uulortunutea Is the height of cruelty. They have u weak heart, causing shortness of breath, fluttering, imln In the aide, weak ami hungry spells, and Iliuuly swelling of ankles, oppression, choking, smothering, and dropsy. Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure Is Just the thing for them, For their nervousness, lieaduche, weakness, etc., his Restorative Nervine Is unequaletl. Fine treatise on Heart and Nervous Diseases ami marvelous testimonials free. Sold and guaranteed by F. W. Dlngley. tt * Miles' Nerve and Liver 1'ills Act on a new principle—regulating the liver, stomach, iuul bowels through the nerves. A new dls oovery. Dr. Miles' Pills xpeedtly cure blllousness- bail taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Unequaled for men, women, and children. Smallest, mildest, surest) Fifty doses '25 cents, Sum- pies free at V, W. Dlngley's drug store. THE Twin City Jockey club races will bo hold at Mainline, July 22 to August 8, Excursion tickets to St. Paul will bo sold by the C., M. & St. P. railway for a fare and a third for the round trip. "KoBButU" at Eagle Grove. Eagle Grove Times: There were three starters for the mile race, best two in three—" Duke of Ardeno," W. Norris; "The Moor," M. D. Markham; and "Kossuth,"P. Sayle. '• Kossuth" won in two heats, "The Moor" second. Time, l:50i, 1.68. "Duke of Ardeno" distanced in first heat, and "The Moor" might have been in the second if Sayle had pushed " Kossuth" in the last quarter. He evidently did not see the owner and several friends of this splended son of Longfellow, half way down the stretch, eagerly motioning for him to let the colt come on. MACHINE OILS at J. W. Robinson's. Arc You Allvo To the importance of keeping up with the times? If so, subscribe for that newsiest and best of metropolitan weeklies^ Tltoe Sioux City Journal. In order to gJTO this paper the widest possible circulation the publishers have made the following unprecedentedly low prices, from this date, for the campaign: Single copies to Nov. 16,1891, 25 cents; clubs of five or more to Nov. .16, 1801, 20 cents each. Sample copies free. ,A,ddress Perkins Bros. Co., Sioux City, Iowa. Consumption Cured. An old physician, retired from practice, having had placed in his hands by an East India missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy for the speedy and permanent cure of consumption, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma, and all throat and lung affections, also a positive and radical cure for nervous debility and all nervous complaints, after having tested Its wonderful curative powers In thousands of cases, has felt It his duty to make It known to his suffering follows, Actuated by this motive and a deMiro to relieve human suffering, I will send free of charge, to all who desire It, this recipe, lu German, French, or English, with full directions for preparing and using. Sent by iniitl by addressing with sta7iip, naming this paper. W. A. Noyes, 820 Powers' Block, Rochester, N. Y. NEW stock of clothing at Galbi-aith's. Reduction In flour. I will sell my Choice Patent flour for the next 30 days in lots of 200 pounds and over at $2.50 per hundred, cash. (gJTEvery sack warranted. I7t4 J. J. WILSON. DP. Hathaway. D. H. HADLEY, M. D., Assistant. (Regular Graduates. Registered.) The Leading Specialist of tho West* Frlvato, Blood, Skin and Nervous Dlsoasea. \ yOTTNG MEW ^ who by thel r own acts of Imprudence or fol- ler from Nervous Debility, Exhausting drains upon the fountains of life, affecting the mind, body and manhood, should consult tha celebrated Dr. Bathaway at once. Remember nervous dl» enaes (with or without dreams) or debility and loss of nerve power, treated scientifically, by new methods, with great auccesa. It makes no difference what you hava taken or who lias failed to cure you. LOST MANHOOD and all weakness ot tha lezual organs absolutely cured. PBM AX.E DISEASES cured at borne without Instruments; a wonderful remedy. OATARBH and Diseases of the Skin, Blood, Heart, Liver and Kidneys. S YPmL.18. The moat rapid, Bufo and effective remedy. A complete cure sruiiruuteed. BKI9T DISEASES of all Wuds cured where Others have failed. VNNATVRAI. DISCHARGES promptly cured Inn few days. Quick, aura and safe. IWfl la- cludes Gleet and Gonorrlirea. MY METHODS, 1. Free consultation at the office or by mall. S. Thorough examination and careful diagnosis. 8. That each patient treated gets the advantage of tpeclal study and experience, aad a specialty la made Of his or her disease. 4. Moderate charges and easy terms of payment. A home treatment cau bo given la a majority of Cases. • Bend for Symptom Blnnk No. 1 for Men. Scud for Symptom lllank No. 3 for 'Women. Bend for Symptom lllank No. 3 for Skill Diseases. All correspondence antwered promptly. Business Btrlctiy conflili'iuliil. Medicine sent, free from observation. Kef or to banks lu Sioux City. Address or call on J. N. HATHAWAY, M. D., dor. 4U» uud Atobriultu at*., Sioux City, It*. K IOD'S GBU1I EUADICATOR" Positively cures all diseases—because it kills all genus, bacteria, parasites, microbes, and auiinalculiB In the system, which the promi nent physicians iu convention agreed was the cause of all disease. The air, water, vegetables and fruit are full of these little worms, oausiiiK catarrh, consumption, diabetes, and Uright's disease, cancers, tumors, and all so called incurable diseases. (Never known to fail to cure consumption, catarrh, kidney troubles and syphilis.) Retailed in »3, J3, and •5 sizes, sent anywhere on receipt of price. This is the only genuine article; all others are dangerous counterfeits. Dr. Sheetz issues guarantees to cure all ailments for Kidd's Germ Eradlcator for the manufacturers. The Doming Co.'s PUMPS For EVERY DUTY, ei»o WELL SUPPLIES. A«k Yeur Pc«l«r for Then. Henion & Hubbell, Wttttrn Agll. CHICAGO, ILL. A/TONEY FURNISHED— • LVJ - AT SEVEN PEB CENT. INTEREST. At Kossuth. County Bank. Apply at once. Successor to J. J. Wilson. Office and Yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALG-ONA, - IOWA. ALEX. WHITE, Agent. Handles the best of all descriptions of BUILDING MATERIAL . ...... Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of anything from a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove that this is not merely idle tallc. The NAT]ONALHYMN ft / s ?oBTHE WORLD'S TAIR. ASRF-^ SANTA GLAUS SOAP My Country: 'tis of thee. Sweet land of liberty, Of thee I sing; Land where our fathers died; Land where our Mothers cried, Over the wash-tub tied Let freedom ring. My natjve country thee— Land of' the noble, free— Thy name I love; ! love thy tucks and frills Biitnh: what laundry bills; My si.-> I with horror thrills; Wh-'ii i think of thee. Ler .I'v-'ic swell Ihe breeze, Ai;..l How tiii'oi%!i all tha frews H.-JJI .SANTA GLAUS.- Let tired mortal* wake And '.?J.-K'|V fry a sake, Let .'ill KM"'cleanness snk«, Join tiie ...:[/iause, eicA.0. &jw. LOUIS LESSING, Agent. NOTICE TO OCCUPYING CLAIMANT. STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS.— To Paul Harck, John Nyman, Casper Bernhard, and all whom it may concern: The commissioner appointed to view a highway petitioned for by Paul Harck, Jens Nelson, and others has reported in favor of its location as follows: Commencing at the south east corner of section 10-98, 39, and running thence north on section line one-half mile, ana terminating at or near the east quarter post of said, section 19, and all objections thereto OF claims for damages must be tiled in the county auditor's office on or before' noon of the 85th day ot September, A. D. 1881, pr such highway will be established without reference thereto. Witness my hand and seal, this 17th day of July. 1881. * ' 17M J. B. HOFIUS, County Auditor. JEWEL ASOLENE STOVES ARE THE BEST. Made in 45 Styles. J RICE8 FROM $4,00 TO $33.00. SOLD EVERYWHERE. INQOTBE OF TOUR MADE BY GEORGE M. CLARK * CO,, Chicago, f f 000.001 ye»r u betaf mide by John R. ,Goodwln,Troy,N.y.,»t work for ui. Header, you may not mike ai much, but w« can itiub you quickly how loeiru from »S to »ll> > day it the itiurt, ouil more «• you go OB. Both «oni, »1! tgei. In « B y iurt V [America, /ou can commence at home, jriT- '«ig til your time,or ipire momenta only to lue work. All U new. Oreat p«y (HJKKfor "W.WJ^'i^ltfWJtfVi.'XnbUvr * CO., 'A. .....4

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