The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 29, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 29, 1891
Page 7
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s to unwelcome power survives fpnt < dity in 801ue of ^ fcd£ £ ~~Jeiit Journalism of to-d»v Streams : pf, force and tendencv can! »°t .easily change, their direction That sort of independence on the one hand and party ser.vilitv on the ? as equally (to be avoided Jo" «annot and should not refuse ' -to party and: politics and candidates —•service is the law of the world—but it shoulddo that,service as a free ne r sonahtyiandaiot as a dependent > - The .true principle of newspaper independence will be found in a due con«demtion .of the .joint obligations of Personality and. Service. * arlollh tnV,»«f'1 U ° ? uis "ivings about the future of American journalism. It win be as^reat.and good as the American people. New.aud better forces and impulses will come with thj broadening of civilization and bv the coming into it of women. It feil to me to.sav a few words not, Jong a ,*o to some European educators ia a for eign capital who wei* discussing how «irls should be-educated.. The v had 'iSW 0 ? «-tOie girls ,can ke with the boys but whether the «an keep up with the girls " ' Js coming into a tremendous the making of American eivi not by grace of her coquetrv or man's gallantry or any,Consideration of sex- out because she is ouehalf of -Because equally with man ^ent, teacher, worker. — ~o „, ueiegram from such »"'<— ^'thout indication A 4- 4-1-, x" . In our s Jose th e j. e are _ t< iiany. But a citv "*"- M,000 i 14 and such a place inallv dull as those ' - oftheterm,f like a so-called news, eral - of " in Italy. Ai ~~ •" quarto, and the cost of W,,i advertismg is 30 cents per line Tr S "1 t" j ^ a ]ar ^ - P n of 1 " 16 ; J manner in which they have disch ; ' fluty, and especially to our honored Miss Edith Train, to whose efforts as au association is largely due. last about four inches froi/thl bStoii^of the »a<»«': nn/l . u, "wiiom OI . . -~»^,.» rjiM.4. f f» ti,L15IIf*H Uf\ fn 1_ £ssr;>=*?, "Vrj",™ ui Sunny „„„„. id r his able address ou Buio- pe,tn Journalism; and to all those who have d-ledsomnch to the pleasures of this closing ;<et,ng with their excel.ent music; anf we ^return thanks in advance for the antid? at«d pleasures of the banquet to which we re invited by the Business Men's Association o follow this our closing meeting. J.W. Hrxciioxi PoBT'J'BlRRo* ( C ° m ' At the banquet tendered the Upper DesMoines Editorial Association by the Business Men's Association at the £s~?s.3«E.' all A ne agriculture "of ner make a thriving place; tne Jewell Record :-From the onera house, the association, with abont one hundred and fifty' Fort DodS £teten^?.r«"«'F« committee to ,.„„ . ,,„„ HAH. lauar^ui tne upward sravitatuig iumulse of iT^T I fSSsaiKsba^sl if^V? data . that ««» unusual al in the papers. The After a vocal Wo by the ^ Misses Tram, Mr. Eugene Schafftei- of the Eagle <*rove Gazette was introduced b journalist recently returned from a tr,p abroad who would give an address upon KORKieX KKWSJ'APKRS Americans are so used to new* pers at home that -wherever thev t he J', ai ; e Kood patrons of the ur, If able to read the lan.-ua-efi«f coiiriTViMu *l>.»v visit **o l " «» there te '"'««."f»°.y, silLrK, 1 3J S • uss.srs*'-: is ^s- s™ sri«£r eermairgoyernment gets a revenue H3€S-^.=i lo^v^yj-^j-r™ are qijite « Hat has l)een said about tli H - - - - an the capacity of toastmaster for the business men and Mr. . • MI«AV*. -nil. JEltirvCy am represented the editors; these i»zi-r»^-l ^1*1. „ „ u . * " ^"»- cvinurs; tnese two gentlemen alternately called up- 'ill Trmi»* rtrtll^, i " ,, . v^-.j v^mcu upon their collegues to respond to the fiAllTl**! ,\n -t-,. -. ' sentiments proposed. niStr^B fc ijJss- "~ i * ACA *-* i "x n*re cxiArp ~wftni-inr* -t~i^ •» of affln v **^ic wttncin^ tne marks » Se^^^^^rSt w»«T^ ""'"«! weir editorial visit- ...^^pscn^rt's' S3JW2±ffij*Jas3S^ Lake Mills Star:-First there was an excursion by the M. & St. L R R to the great gypsum beds and stucco and I taoie of the bank or the steps of the 4 r opera house and swagger, and spit /-tobacco juice, and lie, and canvass the probabilities of the last scandal being true, or puff cigar smoke into the preacher's face, when boning him. for an item. She can't discuss polities in a hole-in-the-wall, get full of bad liquor and go out into her sanctum and write a scorcher on whiskey drinking and insist that there is not a drop qf liquor sold in her town. She can't do lots of things that many men are.noted for, but she gets there just the same. •:'•:.You would not think that journalistic women are as tender hearted: as I they are. Some men say that it uh- sexes women to do men's work. How long, good lord of creation, have you owned work? It is not true however. A true woman will never lose her womanly instincts, whatever her labor may be. There are women and women—as there are men and men. r c , V 1 "™ CK and stone, more stahl* sastfTsf-fts-tSJSj Sa-^-a^w-S when lo, and behold! there and you have ce^stuccof etc°: Algoua Republican :-A very inter S^^fcJff?™^ s meant ca^s^i4f|=- k ' 2SS£-SS?iS fel ^ .>?o?ss^'£™' u '~" A GENERAL REVIEW. Storm Lake most ph able as well. a better Pilot:— received whtia - " this report As so , , I 1 eparln - Editorial £nS fn'lllHL^ iiffi men and ques- that we -ge. —-- — ' ~ i/iincipie or resnonaiiiiiSV, iswa^fSrfr 5 ^ ,«a,upa % . „„„„,.' e?»« n '. ?q .nd ,r—r>—""• vyv/iiuer:—\W \v**i-rt ^ii*;<r-,,, all about the city a,,d L" t, tranS raidence. and cfiurches • ~. ThetuS KS ^5^ lt r fe ?™ ^^ssRtH^'Si — ~-» «»• ?• ^"-Jtcxzi iCl of her local artists. Ogden Reporter:-It was an eniov Humboldt Kosmos:— ° f reached th P e c «ch reacneo, the door was open and organist was at his post. W. C. Freeman: wsn creditabfe to that getie citv. * class shape * 8 and ener the sessions of dies of the citv * he la -LT. Ji.lme. Who mi'r>» 4.u_ _, "f«.K. J} e « er ettorts in the great work f~ *u— iT C1 i-«ens ot i'or for the attention shown them membered as among ay the /e bri2-htP«t spots along the editors usuallv g unev en journey through life. ' of the A.a CONCLUSIOS'. Of the many ladies who. worked untiringly to make the editorial meeting a success all steadily refuse to be thanked. It is but fair to say, however, Mrs. C. L. Granger,' wife of ex- mayor Granger, Mrs. H. M. Griffin and Miss Rosa Train put aside all other matters and devoted then- entire time to the preparations. There are many ; points of interest about the city which the editors did not have time to visit: The Sherman Steam Laiuadry, on Walnut street, the foundry and machine shops, and the brass foundry are of the list. . Webster county's poet-official sings of the Mineral City as follows : BYJ J.RYAN. Fort Dodge to the city of business and life,' Our people are all social, no discord no strife, Xo man Is too humble t&walk in.its ranks, We have no fanatics, no kickers no cranks. )ur merchants all deal in a business like way. And give you full : value for money you pay. like the VVe have " ien that are ?'."og high places in state, And men just as solid as Bradstreet can rare. In production of orators we claim to be star. We challenge the world with men. of our bar, fn theology's teaching we've noted divines. And people by thousands who work in our -Amines. :-.•.-. Each man is a. stateaman the day ot his birth, We have land plaster plenty to cover the earth. We protect all our. people from winter's flerce cold, Hy mines that are richer than silver or gold. Our hillsides are bursting with gypsum and coal. We've railroad connections with North and South pole, No chance for dispute on pur natural gas, Our sand is abundant to make our own glass. Keiigion within us has sown deep its seed Our church bells ire ringing for every cree'd, We have men that are witty,' and men that are wise. Ana doctors so skillful that nobody dies. Musicians and poets and painters so great And schools that are second to none in' the was r read by A. M. Adams on WOMEN IS JOURNALISM «& jfcTsrensf r z Z££°!tfs*£f£*jjy£i not surprising that in Journal j™ an y a ? woman has had a finger t Manufacturer* flocking to us in a band. Our pocketbooks swjlliug from fat of the land. The farmer so wealthy, not robbed by a trust Our banks are so solid they never can bust * Our laborers are busy, not walking thestreets We're 'ousting the loafers, the tramps, and dead beats. Our people so holy, so virtuous and pious Will go to the heavens as God took Ellas.' With us in time you wont have to-walk, Locate iu this city for money will talk.'

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