The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1892 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 31, 1892
Page 6
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THE UPPER DES S AlGONA, -t-WA« IOWA. Archbishop Feohiin, of Chicago, Is credited wiib boiug the richest prelate to the United Stains. Geneta! Greeley, tbe head of the United States signal service. Inughs at tbo idea of signaling Ilio inlini)itnuts o* liars. Mrs. Hannah Harmon, of Broelon, Mass., was bora the day preceding Washington's retirement from ofllce, and bus thus lived under tbc administration of every president of tbe United States. CONDENSE) NEWS* A St. Paul woman was robbed of $500 at Whit Beat lake. A retired American tinny officer committed suicide in London. A Manknto man stabbed during a quarrel died of his injurtcs. " Telegraphers en the Delaware, L:icU- awaniia & Wostm may strike. The encampment of Knights of Pythias was held in Kansas City. The government of IJruguay will negotiate a loan of £5,00.000 in Paris. Four fanners in Kansas successfully held up a train, but were afterward captured. The switchmen in Buffalo are losing their strike. Trains on the roads are running freely. Fayette Marsh, the well known Still- The Breuiiau torpedo was sold to En- ' gluiid for $550,000, after its inventor aml had refused! an offer of $850,000 from water lawj-c-r, is examined for insanity llussia. The difference was made up by the vender being created a Champion of the Bath. Sir Join Whittnker Kilts, Knt., and Who was lord mayor of London ten ago, is about to visit the United Stales, and as he has given a solemn assurance that he will not write up tins country lie may count upon a hearty welcome. Tho khedive of Egypt is only a young man, but he is shrewd. He has decorated the wife of the proprietor of EKAhram, the most influential journal In Egynt. with the oide r of (he Chef- akat. lie has inudo hj/uself solid with that paper. M. I/arson, a wealthy banker of Copenhagen, has the misfortune to be very like tbe czar of Tiussia in appearance, and tho fear that s^nie of the nihilists might mis lake him for that potentate and blow him up so preyed upon his mind that he. lias gone Insane. Sunday the body of the famous Cardiff Giant which, lias been buried under a lively stable in Independence. Iowa, for twenty years, was exhumed by Bruco I/. Baldwin and P! C. Cimi- mings, circus managers, and will be exhibited by them. This was Barnnm and Older's giant fraud of 1871. Grand Master Sargent, of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, who arrived in Buffalo Monday, intimated that labor organizations were being defied by General Doyle and the railroad companies, and that the interests of all union railroad men being mutual a general strike was the logical sequence. Canadian papers denounce President, 3 cents per bushel. It is expected the I miners, who number 1,000, will strike. I A Pennsylvania express ran into four heavy timbers that bad been placed across the track by unknown persons two miles below Reading. The locomotive jumped the rails but, no serious damage was done. Farmers report that cattle Iu the northeastern part of Montgomery county, 111., are dying of a disease resembling the bloody murrain.. The afflicted animals usually die two or three days after being attacked. :\liss Nancy Grimpey, a school teacher, of .toilet* 111., was seriously injured Monday' morning by the explosion of a gasoline stove. Her clothes caught lire and she was so severely burned that It Is feared she can not recover. Near Terrc Haute, 111., Mrs. Han. aged 73 was thrown from the buggy by the shying of the horses. She was. caught by n wheel and dragged some distance. Her back aud an arm were Climbing Mt. Blanc. Ascent of this Monarch of the Mountains is Fraught With Great Danger. 1*1 A Fearful Journey in the Alps —A Glacier Breaks Loose, Killing 200 People. The Beautiful Valley of Gha-'bVeidt .into fresh lamentations mounix, a Celebrated Place in the Alps. > AUGUST 31 r 189?, ™ ..... .-..„.. ..^^^^^^^^^^^^^^g^^jjjj^Ujju^jUjjjUju nor we left the tavern in the morning .piece of copper, the welding O f - at'half-past E5 in order .to reach the .shows -considerable mechanical r'estin" place on the summit 'of the jiuity.. . - - . ,. mountain at an early hour. Some of the relics n re. sug { During our toll upward and onward Indian customs.. For Instance, toward our goal the weather had been bone roiubs which arc taken ... , 1K exceptionally clear, but suddenly a sumrtive evidence that the Alaska cold gust from, the eastward enveloped origtnes do not entirely neglect «-** even-tiling in a thick, chilling fog that toilet, and bona flesh scrapers m for a time made our ambition fall with the bath, which, likewise are authoritd creator rapidity than the mercury.- for the supposition.that some nttenJ 1 But we plodded on with heavy hearts is given to cleanliness. An .bid ,^3 •ind overcoats and finally we reached wheel shows that they l, ave jJ V e litle woden shanty near the top. known homespuns and is probably &\ There AVO met a few equally dtsconsol- factory from which are turned cutftjl •ible fellows'who bad come for tbe famous Chilcat blankets valued atovJI siime purpose, moping around in an *100, olily found among the red ni jj| aihiios wiiv. We were just about to rncr. Ihe bone drinking pipes, S( , V( J| ,.,!•.-• - • ' ' '.-.•'•- . . . . . tt.jf l\f\f\no 111 if T t"i j\r»l* I>i ft it.-, .. . ""• ! at our ."•«.« ' )fmoi? all(I necklaces worn by ^ e party, tf ««, ^hlcb which area part of agirf ried out «l«>wry on her arrival at maturit M maturity, E J '('ilnii n«,i . . I Harrison's retaliatory proclamation, and silfgest reprisals. Scales of butter on the Elgin board of j Strauss was lying at the bottom of au trade Monday were 13,080 pounds at elevator shaft putting in electric wires, Chicago Herald: St. Gerveis-les- Bains, a small biit very popular water- broken, and she died in a few moments. ' illa . place, with sulphur springs, situal- •*• C 1 J- • , . . I > disappointment when one of the turning toward the window, cried out , in a voice trembling with oxciteuion!. represented in the collection, nnd soc , the "laborito," a small, flat, As we crowded around him we also fl"'f won, by married _ wornou i n a J ™ ' ' were tempted to outbursts of wonder ing admiration, but our tongues were them upon their niarrln.i. ( '" Stom * silent. At the Studobakcr wagon works in ' cd iu' the wooded ravine of the Bon «^"'»^ [ South Bend, Ind., Monday, Georgo ' Xaut stream, in Switzerland, was th«? J^o . . Uli.n,ic?u tt-ot; lx-I,ify nf 4"lio 1-irkftmn nf nil ' r.ilinl* flnv the SCC11C Ot a tOl'l'lUlL 1 l»H> 25 cents a pound. .Tames E. Penningtou will sail in his airship from Chicago for New York within three weeks. Mrs. Rose Qulnu, of Philadelphia, took oxalic acid hi mistake for roch- elle salts with fatal results. Vengause Sasso, the Italian who shot j Avlieu the elevator run down, crushing him and causing Injuries from which he died in tcu minutes. Johnson Huntiugton, millionaire, who The scone was of too glorious nero 9 , also secu ou . c of *h««e relic, 1o be oxpro^ed bv wor.K i'<'Ics Avhlch are occ.aslonally u.ol ^ superb revela- whlch lu ' e °<' casio » !ul y uict with a* Moiit. which convince that human nature Is Ml nt at from beams of the rising ruler of the sky, ^^ » ta aistinctively an : and swept down its of such and killed Luigl Barri on Sunday, was 11» Qf ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^^ in the ravine. Some 200 people were but has probably been as dear to many mouths lying sent a swum statement declaring the use The negotiations between the sultan's rtnicials and the leader of the Anghera tribesmen looking to the submission o? the latter have been broken off by order of the sultan. The sultan has directed that a grand attack be made upon tho Angheras, and to stimulate his troops he lias offered ?4 for every prisoner they capture, wounded or umvoundrd, and $S for every head they bring into then, 1 rtimp. Mrs. 'I.-. C. Paschal, who is a reporter -on a Chicago paper, feigned insanity so .-admirably that judges and doctors wore • deluded into sending her to nn asylum •as a raving maniac.. This was just •what she wanted, and it enabled her to • get into ihe mystoriop of insane treatment, write it up and expose the nefarious doings of the officials. Of course •they will now plead that sho was mad as a March hare and only imagined the -things sho writes up. The British East Indian govcmmonr has informed the currency association that it is unable to comply with the request of the association that tho government appoint a commission to inquire into the advisability of establishing a gold standard in India, and that in view of the alarming condition of affairs and fix.- danger of a crisis, the government declare what steps it proposes to lako to allay the panic existing in tho country. It has been stated that since tho sunflower has been cultivated on certain swamps of tho Potomac malarial fever has decreased. At the mouth of the Bheldt in Holland it is stated that similar results have been observed. Tho sunflowers emit largo volumes of water In the form of vapor, and its aromatic, odor, as well as the oxygen it exhales, may have something to do with tho sanitary influence in question. Three years ago John SikorsUI arrived at, Winona, Minn., from the old country, and obtained work. Shortly afterward he sent i?50 bank homo to pay tho fare to Winona of his sweetheart, who promised to marry him upon arriving there. Shortly after her arrival the girl became engaged to and married a man named Meyer, and Sikorski sued to recover his $50. Tho court found in his favor Monday, as- pessing costs and interest upon the defendant. Tho whole amount is $70. The plague of field mice has become so great In Scotland that a commission of the department of agriculture is now investigating tho cause of the evil with a view of devising a remedy. They have found that most farmers attribute the increase of mice to the killing of weasels and birds if prey by hunters. The fame conclusions have boon reached by intelligent farmers in many parts of this country. Tho states of Pennsylvania and Colorado offered a bounty for the beads of hawks and other birds of prey, and as a conse- cjiKiiKifi most of thi'iu wore killed off. Hot.n fi'-ld niicp, gophers and ground Inw-.'iswl KO fast that tho w;ni<»-/1 ;t bounty paid persons Mho W/JlM tern* hawks and other arrested Monday by tlie police. The British steamer Home was wrecked near Algoa Bay and Jill on board are thought to have been drowned. Edward K.Bermaduez, late chief justice of the Louisum supreme court, died at New Orleans on Monday, aged GO. The Wagoner block, on the East Seventh street in St. I'aul, . was •destroyed by fire, causing a loss of about $100,000. Peter Nachtsheim, of St. Paul, who was lost in Chicago in May, 1S91, was found in the Cook comity insane asylum Monday. Thomas and Edward Norman, of Morgan town, and Mattoma Deaver, of Martinville, Ind., were arrested by United States detectives on a charge of coun- terestlng. The Inman steamer City of Xew York has crossed to Quoenstowu in 5 days and 20 hours, the fastest eastern trip, on record. Ernest Vanatta, tbe 14-year-old son of George W. Vanatta, of Lima, Ohio, was drowned Sunday afternoon while swimming. The late Showman Barnum's Car- dirt giant, which was buried many years ago at Independence, Iowa, has l)eeii exhumed. Captain Hiram Wilber, the first marshal of Portland, Oregon, died at his home in Momence, HI., Monday, at the age of 75 years. Sam Moy says the Chinamen hi Chicago will not take out certificates of residence until the law rccruring them to do so is tested. The visible supply of wheat in the United States and Canada Increased 3.775,000 bushels, against 17,859,000 bushels last year. European countries are suffering from a torrid wave, and tho emperor of Austria has countermanded the order for military maneuvers. The ameer of Afghansltan has invoked the aid of the government of India to prevent the Russians from occupying the Pamir counry. A pension of £2,000 yearly has been conferred on Lord George Hamilton, who was first lord of admirality in Lord Salisbury's cabinet. Owing to threats of a strike the master tailors of England have ordered a lockout of journeymen.. Tlie number of men affected is 55,000. Thomas Bronnan, of Twenty-eighth place, Chicago, drank carbolic acid, mistaking it for whiskey, and died before-a doctor could roach him. The Argentine Republic, Uruguay, Paraguay mid the United States of Columbia have conceded to France thci most favored nation treatment. William A. Guthrie, tho people's party nominee for associate justice, in North 'Carolina, has declined to make the race, alleging personal reasons. A mooting of newspaper men A\ r as hold. Sunday at Madrid to arrange for a grand reception of foreign press representatives attending the Columbus fetes. At Borne, Switzerland, -Monday, tho international peace congress opened, with over SOO delegates present, including Belva Lockwood, of the United States. Judgo A P. McCormlck, tin: United States circuit, judge at Dallas, Texas, on Monday decided tho Texas railroad commission casc-s adversely to the commission. A most disastrous lire has swept through tho town oC Sonotra, a short distance from Cassol, Germany. One hundred and forty buildings were do- stroyed, Labouchore's radical followers have decided to make a formal protest against his exclusion from the British cabinet on account of tho queen's antipathy to him. A Pitlsburg paper prints tin anonymous communication which charges that tho Borden murders were committed by tramps. The police art- looking for the writer. Tho French wheat crop is estimated at 102,000,000 hectoliters, and the high weight, eighty kilos per hectoliter, will bring the production nearly up to the decennial average. Tho river coal operators at a meeting hold iu Pitlsburg Monday, decided to roauco the wages of their miners to John Stidtz, a constable, attempted to arrest three of the Leutz boys Sunday afternoon at Bedford. Ind. They resisted the officer and he shot three of them. Two of them have died. The constable had warrants issued for eight others who participated in fight. Charles "Vincent and Thomas Welsl convicts, attempted to escapo from the state prison at Sing Sing, N. Y.,Monday from "the bodies, while in others the'more neutral tints. 4 , 'are ornamented, with the irms and legs had been cut off by \ Such an instantaneous tn.nsfonna ion Rrowth Qf |hc p holl flgh fm(ml masses of Ice that had passed from dismal darkness to^"^"S^pleu- Q U( . e ii Charlotte's Island ami uaMvorti LliiG lllllSHUO vL **-V H»i.H* «»•»••• J - - •».,(. v. v. x-.J. •*_........-.-^ -. over them Some bodies were found'dor was enough to befuddle the ex- 30 slaves each. , tint had been crushed out of all sem- pressions of most .anybody, and tho. >ni orc f s a i nrgo aisplay of 1 . ,,-. .. • innot iiipniiirrniis remarks could be over- ..,,,, ,„,,,„ ,,„,.,.,,,i mwi n^r... Wince to humanity. nnce to iiumaimj-. . most "icongrous remarks could be over- . m(1 cul , 8| cnryod and copl)01 , ^ This beautiful spot has been turned heard from the handful of spectators. S])oons made from whalebones, goat " into i large cliarucl-housc and a place! These remarks seemed to be random ]lomS) ,, tc ( 1)sh hoo] . Si 1))pos Qf - 11 of mourning. If one is enjoying good ejaculations, addressed to nobody in description o f Indian handiwork ul health and has a robust-constitution j particular. What is It? Fire! Won-; cnrvcc i with various animal fig^ l ' there can be no gi-eater pleasure'than derful! Now for breakfast! Shut up! knives and swords and war clubsfialore, LC ., , ,,' ,,i!.,™ ..«,™,.T +1,0 vjiios iitiil -worn intorminslcd after the first hiin- nllf i tim nsuni illsnlnv of homi wnrir that of rambling among the vales and mountains in Switzerland, but white ivorning, and as a result a desperate | thoroughly enjoy the magnificent ;ight ensued bc-twteu them and a nuin- , enciT aml bracing air you neverthc- ber of the keepers, during vhich A r iu- j ^ bccomo conscious at times of an " cent was shot and killed, and Welsh i .^"-overshadowing fear of some unseen was seriously wounded. I danger. It is the fascination of tills Fire in George R. Emerson's pickle ' daB g el - that leads to acts of rashness and presen-e factory, in Somerville, I wu i c h under any other circumstances Mass., completely destroyed the build- ! woll id seem absolutely stupid. ing and machinery. Loss ?45,000; The valley of chainoumx, near whero partially insure-d. An adjoining two- tWg dreadflu calamity happened, Is story wooden dwelling was also com- I of . tllo most celebrated spots «n - . pletely destroyed. The fire, it is be- ' M . Hero ig tho h ell( iquarters - ' • - - - lieved, of incendiary origin. were intermingled ute of amazement had passed. It was a grand, never to 1)0 forgotten, sight, to watch this picture de- Not to value honest praise, not to or, but in this instance, genial regions; and a locomotive. Two engines and five ith no vcl . y 'serious difficulty or dan- _!__. .-i ._ f T „.-..,. OB?A AAA . ' - ~ . 1-1 .___i. coache s were damaged. Loss, $50,000. ger u ow ever, nobody should ever at- The origin of ihe fire is unknown. j te mpt to ascend in foggy or stormy John Howard, aged 47, and his wife weather, A party of eleven persons Lulu, aged 40, who, on a wager of perished in a storm during the ascent .f5,000, are walking from Seattle to Chi- m ig-Q, and a young English lady and cago, passed through Lyons, Iowa, on | a guide were precipitated into a civlce Monday. They ore due at Chicago | near the Grand Mulets the same year Sept. 15, but expect to reach there Aug. m consequence of having neglected the ' velop, as the clouds swept past and re- enjoy tho appreciation ot! one's fellows, vealed the huge glaciers, the jagged to be indifferent to their good as to granite peaks and rough, Chamouni.r thoir ill opinion, is less likely to be a crags shooting up in all directions, and mark of lofty superiority than of to. far, far beneath the sunlit beautiful tense satisfaction, vale of Chamounlx like a soft, skim- Kindly people, friendly people, mat mering emerald. But alas for the brief- est people like to be praised. They ilud ness of unalloyed' bliss! as we were a compliment agreeable which is lost in contemplation of this picture ' cere and not excessive, and iu one raj there came a roar of an approaching or otlier are pretty sun; to niaiiifesl storm warning us to return to the low- their pleasure in it. Often, however, they do so agatasl Youth's Companion, poor pretense ol they suppose to be or politeness. tho I Sometimes they go further, and toj sistently declaim praise which they can' not but know is fairly merited. Again memory of Mont Blanc. lhl! J r l ° foolishly, Of try to Indian Curiosities. One of the most interesting of the now , tho " 1!ltt cr aside with au airy gesture features of the coming exposition will i ilucl a hul ° h that docs ^ riu « true ' be the Alaskan Indian exhibit, which i Girls especially, who are most likely was unpacked and placed on tho walls to receive compliments, are least likely yesterday. to receive them well. Often a pretty 20. They have a wheelbarrow 'with important precaution of them which, with its load, weighs 100 ' themselves together by attaching a rope. Tho exhibit: consists of about 1,000 j « il-1 will destroy a delightful impression pieces and is valued at several thousand I l) - v lu ' l> • sill i r embarassmciit at a few pounds. ! Americans are particularly anxious to dollars When taken in conjunction ! distinguish themselves by a very fool-. with the American Indian collection, romance f.-o.n ,„. Jtecora.. \ ish kind of bravery m refusing to take «__^P*D n , 8ltl011 . <;™?™? r a . k ' eatly A recent examination, of the old order a guide, and there have been many 30oks of Ilonrico county educes an in- nail-breath escapes from death in ' on- Ktaiice of love so faithful that an ac-' sequence. The principal excursions count of it apears worthy of presouta-' f r0 m Ghaniouuix is generally that to tiou in the lUchmond Dispatch: ! Mer-de Gla.ce-. It is. not at all difflcult, At May court, 16S5, Mrs. -- (all ' and jf you , ixuve fine weather it gives names are purposely suppressed), | y OU H0 me of tho most sublime exr,eri- brovight before the- '-worshipful justices ' eucos O f mountain scenery you can roect of Henrico county,"' hur hideiitured ser- U v itii in oil the regions of th» ^Sips. vant-girl, named M:iry, and charged I y ou cross . th. e meadows iu the vale of that she had become- a mother, thereby j chamounix, step over the new-born, occasioning Mrs. - considerable cost, ' f U1 -ions Arve, and cUmb the mountain. as well as her servant's loss of time. Benjamin, who was a. young man, and precipices to, height of 2,000 feet, by a rough, craggy path, sometimes, winding son of a farmer of moderate means, among a wood of firs, and sometimes wondering, over green, grasses. At stated in court that he would be responsible for all expenses incurred for Mbntanvert you find yourself on the ex- ihe nurture and care of the infant. But tremity of a plateau so situated that while Benjamin stood by and watched on one side you may look down int> tho clerk make this entry, and doubt-1 tue dead sefl) anfl 011 tlle atlleri by ;l less caught a glance full of love and ! few stepS) lllto tho i ov ely green vali gratitude from the dark eyes of the Indian girl, who was so ignorant and knew so little save to love and trust him entirely, he felt that it was impossible to part with her, and at once stepped our. in front of the bench of magistrates and made tho request which was the excuse of tho order next following, \M., that us .,irs. — and Benjamin had made an agreement that ho should serve her as a slave for one year, and should pay her 000 pounds of tobacco, and that Mrs. —r— and Benjamin had made an agreement that he should servo her as a slave for one year, raid should pay her (100 pounds of tobacco, and that Mrs. agreed that at the end of tho time Mary, her Indian girl, should be free, and also that Mrs. had agreed that tho said Benjamin and Mary might marry at any time they choose, they, iho justices of the county court, confirmed these agreements, and ordered that if they wore carried out tho said Indian Mary, at the expiration of a year, should be free from all future service. of Chamounix. Far beneath, .a, smiling, verdeut valley, watered by tho Arve, with hamlets, fields and gardens, the abode of life, happiness and flowers j-far abovo, savage and inaccessible crags of ice ami granite, and a cataract of frozen, billows, stretching away beyond sight—the throne of desolation and winter. From tho bosom of tho tumbling se,i of ice enormous granite needles shoot into the sky, objects of singular sub hmlty, one of them rising to the height of 13,000 foot, 7,000 above the point where you are standing. This is more than double tho height of Mount Washington. This amazing rock looks like 1 the spire of a colossal cathedral wit'i! natural words of admiration fur youth and fro&lmcss. As she flushes and laughs, looks tip and then down, anil turns her head consciously aside,, one feels that there curios, in the country. The exhibit eiii- •• c:m be but llltl ° admirable about to braces many things that throw light on the Indian character, and when properly understood makes a good illustration of their primitive manner of except her beauty,, if that is so .important to her that a mere reference toil iu her presence moves her so easily. 'Or ii clever girl,, wlio thinks it due to living. It was collected among the ! lun ' reputation for cleverness to displa various coast and island tribes and em- compliments, will repel where sue to braces representative curios from tuo J ust attracted by airs of poorly-acted Stick, Chilcat, White Bear, Wolf and "irtdaiii. other nations. ' There is no real dilllculty iu ncceplto! Probably the most interesting featmv !l compliment. It is neither vulu n« of tho exhibit is; the- output of a Chilciit undignified, but rather gracious and \» coming, to tako pleasure in givtoS Indian medicine man. His wardrobe is about as elaborate as that of a Saratoga belle. He has a number of headdresses and all are made with the greatest Indian skill. One is a mountain pleasure. Therefore, if a girl has given pleasure, cither by her appearance or by her actions, and if some one teflJ her of it there is always soraetlilnj goat's horn; another felt with pan-ot's i houost ' simple and suitable that beak trimming;; a third is made of mountain sheep skin and wolf tail. All are grotesque designs that only the untutored Invention of a red man could produce, Tho medicine man's baton is carved with a frog's imago and a representation ot how squaws accused of witchcraft are tied by their hair. His girdle is a handsome buckskin affair, ornamented with door claws. Among the other accessories of his medicine work are a beaver bag. which is sup- POSIM! to work some mysterious charm, a drum head, Avith a pictin-p on tho inside that is anything but a work of art; a liwklnce of ivory, that: is worn only can sny in reply: "I um glad that you were pleased, "I am glad you think I did well," « "I am glad you approve my work." There is no need cither to disclaim or to assent to Iho praise uttered, tlicttj fore there is no reason why one fliO*l bo embarassed in its acceptance. every one admire honestly, but let o».j also honestly receive admiration that is, courteously and honestly expressed. It is lovely to be loved, dollgbtftuttl be admired, agroeablo to bo pi'(iis»| ThiU is what every girl fools, and no j^irl need bo ashamed frankly acknowledge. She need bo,- oil occasions of the greatest importance- °»'y if she imagines it coin; a rattle that Avoukl delight a paleface which after all is a trifle, into '-"—' charms of ivory and an eagle's thing sufficiently important to cU with which the medicine man c(il ' t lier > ar rewards honest •"»«•«» other pinnacles around it. No snow can' B™™ntcc-s to drive the evil spirits out Cling to tho summits of these laccod ™ ° V/orst buck on tuo I'osorvation. Cling to tho summits of these jagged spires; tho lightning does U'ot splinter' them; at their base those eternal drifting ranges of snow are formed that southern mascot, the left the of th.omoon, is all that is with insincerity and pretense. Mini YV'iiH Made to Muuru, I'erlmps, and perhaps not. However Hint may be, 'no lias no OXCUBO for his misery, if it is produced ay nervousness, BO long us he neglects to ruin- force his enfeebled nerves through the medium of improved digestion, lie can secure this by the regular use of Hosteller's Stomach liUters, a tirattifiil tonic aud truuciulllzer. It should nevet he forgotten that the brain—which Is the headquarters of the nervous syetem—aud the ttomach brnr the closest relations one to the other, and that debility under the waistband produce a correlative disturbance In the organ ot thought. U've. however, a quietus to nervousness unt 1 headnclips by a reform begun at the fountain licud by the Bitters. Take it, also, lor malarial, bilious aud kldnsy trouble, rheumatism nnd the infirmities ot OKO. Taken before meals it lav relish to the food. Iii the executive mansion at Raleigh, is a. card table presented to Governor Barrlugton by King George II, about the year 1-755. Out of Jfln Stultt, .. Ho was cantankerous that monWJ;| and Avas taking it out on Us P 1 '' n it \i\jij \.t\j >( A4. IIJ.LU i *j.u a-J. u-fjvjJ-i. OVil illUJ. rtr.ici -. 1 i i " " ~ *"* W1HL1.. * tll|l| feed the perpetual, immeasurablo >±. a ? d 1 ' 00i(1 ° os col »P^to. This ex- "Everything is in confusion Oil » ; * ' rillllrfli<*!ii '/^f»n r«i t t\n 4>1. A ^.. j ^ j .. . -i «».* . ™ , ,>i .. I responded me* 1 ! don't want ^1 Jiiji Kliirt^'J \JJL nn\j >v i\L\j 1U1I1H..H IliUl 1 T 1 J » -..»•-v *u i — .,.,.- .... sweep down into tho frozen sea and ^ ^L J°Sl! h ° ^l!, 00 ' 1011 . ° f ™* ^™^~ contains the outfit of a med- iho collection of stone ware contains touch the ice with one hand and pluck' a violet with the other. Tho ascent of Z" " ,' 1UUII '" 8 , U1MI rosiics, sledges, turbcd, but I don't want Mont Blanc is somewhat expensive.' ± ; ,V ! ™ l1 chl . u ' ms of vavi()US "«- Postage stamps loft here." Blanc is somewhat expensive. A traveler requires one gulda and a porter, whoso combined services como' to about ICO francs, besides there aro' mix .._.., _ don't want my paPf, tin-bed, but I don't want this etc: so tlurTthe ascenVcan seklom'be' ES-^JLTr" 11 ° f *° lmxo ' ^ _j, _ ji ;:'..!,, . uuiiv, ilftJU,i5 ,11111 BUJIIlr ail(1 \vlir.u if- io C'nn , b r expenses for provisions, wine.s, proDorh nvoi ,w f If"' ? o under 250 francs for each person °g tolnm? n 1°^ ° ' other made Having soon tho sublime Wonders of great the Mer do Glace we proceeded down brethren" the valley of Ghamouulx and arrived factured at Argontlere, a miserable little hamlet This coini at the foot of the glacier of the samo men and -i There is a stone mortar j. "Where shall I put them?" «« of a tobacco, quired demurely, as she. toe* ,, 'Don't ask so many questions! Put them aiiywliere ov ml ' sl<lus - Iu lt they j up "' ml WllH1 " is in ht as do IV ° a kliul of my 8lBht " they find a a "Very well, sir," she cooed their palo faco as a dove; and giving manu- ' fore aud oft with her pretty Heldseick.; she stuck the sheet on his ' men, wo- and Avalked out to chase ft name. Wo slept at a very dirty inn in a very dirty room and rolled up In bo s.ietTare" clingy blankets after a very meager witclies the supper with hard, -black bread for the erg/a pocket main ingredient. Fearing that the for tho grave iuto i ni i used il1 g curios to It is predicted that time Northern Thibet ' ctaw . w orn by m ui - a second California, bo •* Wauket ' er than tlie tot to nUCl 8woi ' a lyiug lfl ^ *** a ot the desert

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