The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 31, 1892
Page 3
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THE TIPPER DBS MOINJRS,ALGOftA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31,1892, -- -..-.. . 71 ~ ...... ............ :,-. * _.._• . .-..:...-...•--. •-- ._ -i-,-.--,. .--.._ ..-^..-........ .-^—^-^J^-1—.a^ JtJ>J u^jaja fcJ . M ^^_ _4«W|1 etoppfttt fr 66 by tor. rer: No Fits after first * Marvellous cures. Treatise and d bottle free to .Fit. cases. Send to . MlArch St., Phlla., Pa. . 1 "TdW twice as much, f adder, for fifteen' «nW." ' , _ Mn<^6 to lii»»*k Tjllcd Now. . fe8 Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, lu-ml or Cleaned, Plush Garment* 1 at Otto Pietch's Dye Works, 246 W. ' Milwaukee. Send for circular. i mention nlwnvn begins, with a V It Vys ends with ft S' 1 "--* 1 scarcity of them, A GUi.ioriNO CONSUMPTION may be avoid A iivtlie timely use of HALE'S HONEY '' PIKE'S TOOTH ACIIK mi"" 10 - J UIIOPS Cure lu out Hii, "Our accident insurance company, will imy y° 11 *'°° r ° r " '"'°' 5cn ]C S - " "An 1 pfwat thin, would yez be payln' fur " JOE'S WIFE. Dr. Fotxl was driving home lu thu twilight after worldlier hard all tlay, I doctor mlndoci this discomfort very lit- il<\ He w::s in love with his profession, ardent imd young; Besides, the despised clinn or had given him new- conr- .tired and anxious as to iho result of an ' age to light pain and death. Important surgical operation performed ' that morning. The mud spattered up from the streets as he lolleii along and the ckilliDL' Xovemfoev ditele gave to the familiar trees a forlorn, almost ghastly ;,spect. His heart vanned as he pictured to himself a wife watching for him. with a welcome smile, from. He entered the one room (if the low house, to which he had been directed with a fare quite free from impatience. A woman opened the door for him—ti lean, miserable creature, with pale eyes void of expression. Her thin hair Imn.e yatiireof An Ontti. the family .rcirig to. tho country this year? Little Jonny—I s,iiess not. Dad for got to ask hi,s country cousins to visit us last winter. The simple articles of household furniture that cur forefathers considered sufficient and almost luxurious would now be looked upon as old junk ami converted into kindling wood or placed REV II. P. CARSON, Beillmid, Diik., *„. "Two bottles of Hull's ''-hi >-.-!, dire Snnptete'y cured my little girl." Sold by Druggists, 75c. _ _ "I should cull the photographer afilond of liis race." "For what reason?" "He always tries to make people look pleasant who do business with him. 1 ' MOTHERS, mid especially nursing mothers, ) need the strength' ening support and help that comes with Dr. Pierco'B Favorite Prescription. It lessens the pains and bur- dons of childbearing, insure* healthy, vigorous off spring, and nrotnotes an abundant secretion of nourishment on the pnrt of the mother. It is an invigorating tonic made especially for women, rerfectly harmless in OUT condition of ths female system, as it regulates and promotes all tho natural functions and never conflicts W Tlio " Proscription " builds up, strengthens, and cures. In all tho chronic weaknesses and disorders that afflict women, it is guaranteed to benofit or cure, or tho money ia refunded. For every caso of Catarrh which they cannot cure, tho proprietors o£ Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy agree to pay $500 in cash. You're cured by its mild, soothing, cleansing, and healing properties, or you're paid. their cosy parlor, dinner ready, and, a long restful evening before them. But, as he drew near home, no cheerful light streamed from the window. All seemed as dark and deserted as the dripping street. He threw the reins to the boy whose duty was to hold the horse on his professional rounds, and, Hung open the frontdoor \vltli aii irritated, injured feeling. No tender smile; no sympathetic voice; no firelight; no dinner, apparently. "Elinor!" lie called. No answer. "Kliuor!" This time a voice spoke out of the darkness—a tired voice: "Do be more quiet, John; the baby is just going to sleep." "Confound it! Why isn't there a light here? And why isn't the baby asleep before this lime of night?" "He lias been fretful all day with his teeth, and 1 have not had a chance to change JD.V dress.' 1 A wailing cry from the nursery sem: the voice hurrying thither, and the doctor, with some inaudible words, pro cecded to light the gas and take oft his wet overcoat. The house was cold, the parlor had evidently been arranged by Hibernian hands, an odor of something burning stole in from the kitchen. A pleasant reception for a man after a long day's work. He ran up-stairs with no gentle foot step. His wife sat by the nursery lire her face wore a weary expression, and she had on the same blue gown whicl: she had donned for breakfast. Tin baby at length slept in her arms. She over her neck, her calico dress fell limp- . U1 sonu , t i,, s t y c-ocklofK These furnish- ly from her sharp shoulders. »Sh'" Both the method and results Byrup of Figs ia taken; it is pleasant ind refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Svrup of Figs is the only remedy or ita kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in Ita action and truly beneficial in its liffects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, ill many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syiup of Figs is for sale in 50o pnd $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any lubstitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL, . UUtSVlUe, KY. NEW YORK. H.Y, " How Old - I Look, and not yet Thirty." Many women fade early, simply because they do not take proper care of themselves. Whirled along in the excitements of a fast-living age, „ they overlook those minor ailments that, if not checked in time, will rob them of health and beauty. At the first symptom of vital weakness, use Lydia E. Pinkhaui's Vegetable Compound. The roses will return to your cheeks, sallow Io_oks depart, spirits brighten, your step become firm, and back and headache will be known no more. Your appetite will gain, and the food nourish you. AH Druggist] «cll It, or i H mill, fii farm .if I'ilh .. —iiigM on receipt ol'IS 1.««. c Pills, a.->c, Coi-ro- rj-.aenc* frculy aiuwcrcu. .adreoi in ttiiiihloiW, iTOU H. I'lNllllAM MEII, Co., liYNN, MAKIJ. MEN TO TRAVEL. to $100 a month and exyeujej vy fi-i t i vr.tTO v^Majlaou, Wll INDIGO BLUE The Family Wash Blue, for sale l>y Groceri. _____ THE OJVX.Y SVKE cuiiE.' PIl-iES. 1.00 by m»u Su . WaeliliiKton, !»• CuMessfullv Prosecutes Claims. t>- Hrlh ilpal MxftminerU.S. Pension Bureau. . 15ad.|mUcatlugcluluia, att.v uluce. POLISH IN THE WORLD E DECEIVED tes, Emuue Emuuels, and Paint* wbioli , lujure the Iron, mud burn 8 S^ Stovo Polish i» Jlrll- " held up a warning linger as her bus band came blundering in; but alreadj baby's light slumber had been clis turbed, and the process of singing am soothing had to be repeated lor the fit teeuth time. It seemed for the young mother as i her patience could hold out no longei It was provoking to have the little on startled from his uneasy dreams again She knew Bridget would spoil the dinner. She had been trying all day to get down-stairs to make the house pleasant with a magic touch here and there. She longed to get into a fresh gown and brush her hair, but there had been no time for her to do one of these things. Nurse was away with a sick sister, and babies always demanded more from their mothers than from any one else. They arc tyrannical and know and seize every opportunity to prove their power over the anxious, half-ignorant young mothers, who are happy, after all, to be their slaves. When at. last the dinner-bell rang, Mrs. Ford laid the baby in his crib, sound asleep this time, warm and lovely in his niter repose. She gave a hurried dab at her wavy hair, caught up a fresh handkerchief and ran down to join her husband, who sat at the table with a decidedly cross look on his face. He barely tasted tho soup, then pushed it away in disgust. "Burned V" asked his wife, "Of course. Can't you smell it all over the house? Why don't you look after Bridget a little?" "Why, .Tohn, T have hardly been down-stairs today." "Whore's Hannah?" "She went to her sister's last night." "Oh, yes; I forgot. What's this? Cold corned beef! Really, Elinor, have yon nothing else to offer?" ' "Would you like an omelet?' "No." "What then? 1 " "A beefsteak, if there is one." Mrs. Ford rose and went to the kitchen. The girl, of course, had just filled up the range with fresh coal, so there was nothing to be done but make the best of (he cold meat, potatoes and maccaroni, followed by a desert of apple pudding and cheese. Dr. Ford found fault with the potatoes and said lie was tired of maccaroni, the bread was dry, and tho butter not perfect. As to the pudding. ".My mother always had mince pies at this season," said he. This was tho last straw, and his wife, unusually sensitive to straws tonight, could bear no more. "It is a pity you ever left your mother." "I think so, too," he responded, pushing his (-hair back. His wife hesitated a moment whether to nin around tho table and burst into tears upon her husband's shoulder or to rush up-stairs and have a good cry by baby's side. She decided upon the latter course-, and, with quivering lip, left tho room and shut: herself up in tho nursery, where the (ire was dying upon the hearth and tho baby breathing softly, in strange contrast to her overwrought condition. "Well, it is provoking. Women always must cry and fly into a passion about trifles." But her husband, even as he thought these words, began to feel repentant. He'remembered the teething baby and the long day at homo alone, moment he would have J wife up-stairs and apologized for the pain he had given her. Bui the doorbell rang and a summons to visit a sick man at a distance sent him at. once out So tho wot night. And nil domes io grievances were forgotten before he driven 200 yards, patient lived in a squalid part of J:,,, in- the river. Tho darkness stared at ihe doctor as he entwed,--and he could see there, were tears in her childlike eyes. "Joe's sick,"she said, slowly gazing Into his fact?. "What's the matter?'' "He—he's aoiu'ter' die, maybe," sho altered piteously. "No, I hope not." ' "Joe's sick." she repeated lu a whls- )er, shaking her head. 'Who's come?' 1 asked a voice from he bed in a corner of Ihe room. "Nolle, girl, who are ye talkin' with?' "Jt Is Dr. Ford, whom you sent for," aid the physician approaching the bed. One candle lighted dimly the untidy, comfortless place, showing ,a stove and man with tumbled hair and rough jeard lying among the pillows of his jed. "Oh.tlie doctor," said he, with fever- sli eyes staring from under shaggy jro\vs. How long have you been ill," asked Dr. Ford, sitting down on n rickety chair. "It's .a week since 1 gave up, but I've been feeling bad for a long time." Tho doctor placed his little thermometer under the patient's tongue and waited silently. Moo's sick." moaned the girl, peering out of the shadows. The sufferer seemed to bo irritated bj the repel ition of these words and mndi an impatient, gesture, but. :is ho did so glanced pitifully at the slouching figure. "What you most need is good nursing," said the doctor after examining the patient. The man's face darkened. The woman hovered aimlessly over the ' mto a vnr i e tj. stove. "She's my wife," said the sick man, hoarsely. "I know she ain't quite like other folks. But she's peaceable and good, not bold and noisy like other women 1 pitied her first off; Iheu. I got kind o' fond of her. And she" The girl had crept to the bedside and stood there with her vacant, troubled face, fumbling with the pillows. "Joe," she said, much as a mother might apeak her baby's name. "She can't do nothing more for me nor for herself," whispered the man, as ings of the early dajvi descended I'IOM father to son, and were as carefully watched over as the most expensive bric-a-brac in these times. Instead of silver or plated ware waiters, as now, they had mahogany tea- boards and round tables, which being turned on an axle underneath the center, stood when unused upright like an extended fan or paltnleuf hi the comer. In another comer of the room was a closet with a glas door in whlcti the family china and the family plate were displayed, to be used oidy on state occasions. A c onspicuous article .was always an enormous china ptiuch bowl, In which was brewed a refreslnng and at times a headache producing beverage. The teacups and saucers rather diminutive in size, and only the best families were able to boast the- possession of china teapots and coffee, pots wilh silver nozzles. Delft ware took the place of our earthen wao and numerous pewter platters and porringers, polished like a mirror, wore ranged along the old-fashioned dreser. With the poorest class of people it was an ordinary thing to cat from wooden trenchers. In the parlor a few small pictures, painted on glass, with black moulding for frames and seamy bite of gold leaf hi the corners, were hung on tho whitewashed walls. The looking glasses were placed In glass frames figured with flowers or in scalloped mahogany or dutch-wood painted white or black, with here and there | some touches of gold. The ample chest of drawers, always placed either in the pnrloi 1 and sitting room, sometime* reaching to the ceiling, is too familial to require description. The lloor wa devoid of carpets—silver sand, drawn of fanciful figures will: the sweeping brush forming their onl.<, covering. Much skill and pridi was displayed in the devices and ar rangcment of the sand. Gas and lamp> were unknown luxuries. Dipped can dies in brass or copper candlestick: were usually good enough for connuot use and those who occasionally uso> mold caudles made (hem at home ii little tin frames, casting tour to si: caudles each. A glass lantern will square • sides, furnished light in th homes of the wealthy. The home settle was a common sitting room appeu- Chambers Journal: The most remarkable instance of aesthetic-ism among birds Is that exhibited by the Australian bower birds, who build long galleries In which to play, adorning them with shells, feathers, leaves, bones or any colored or glittering object which comes in ther way. Captain Stokes do- scribed one of these bower birds as a shell alternately from each side of tho bower and carrying it through in Ita beak. I I,'.unboltz describes several of these playhouses of the bowor birds. He t<ays they are always to be found "in small brushwood, never in the open Held, and in their immediate vicinity the bird collects a mass of different kinds of objects, especially snailshells, which are in laid in Iwo heaps, one at each entrance, the one being always much larger than the ether. There are •oquontly hundreds of shells, about )(i In one heap and thirty in the other, here Is usually a handful of green erries partly inside and partly outsido :ie bower. erman 99 Mr. Albert Hartley of Hudson, N. C., was taken with Pneumonia, His brother had just died from it When he found his doctor could not rally him he took one bottle of Ger> man Syrup and came out sound and well. Mr. S. B. Gardiner, Clerk with Druggist J. E. Barr, Aurora, Texas, prevented a bad attack of pneumonia by taking German Syrup in time. . He was in the business and knew the danger. He used the great remedy—Boschee's German Syrup—for lung diseases. Live llsli have been safely sent in the nails from India to the British mu- onm. he clasped one of the fluttering hands I tUgfi (md W(IS a prooi: oi: more comfort 111 llis> than display. It had, as well as tho "Poor thing!" murmured iho doctor. "f can earn good wages when I'm ' well," went on the invalid, "and 1 did i the cooking and kept the house tidy I then. Now everything's going wrong. ' She spoils all tho victuals, but she' don't mean to." I At this moment something on the' stove boiled over with n lour! hiss and ' display settee, a very high ,back of plain boardsand the whole was of white pine usually impaiiitcd and kept a.s white as snow by untiring scrubbing. Generally this article was reserved for the use of the head of the family although occasionally when he or oilier of the old fclks were not enjoy- their own ease in their capacious depth filled the. room with the odor of scorch-1 tloptlis tlie m . od youngsters would bo ing milk The girl started then moved ' lad to em bv;ico'1 lie opportunity of toward the ruined mess. I ... __,_•,. ±,. _,.. n..,i,« „„„„ ;i- Tt,,ti, +i,,« purab}«, con 6AU Of 3.OOO TONS. In another followed his tho town by the river ilmwr In tills pour uelghbor- raiu move sonUiug, "ml the Tlio river swopt sullenly swollen litk>, rt-jlecllug the toward Ihe mined moss. "Oh, clear me!" said the sick man, under his brealh. "Don't burn your-' self, Nellie," he called, as if to a child. ' '•It's scorched, Joe-," she said, the ' "Nevor mind, my girl, throw it away. AYe can .eel: plenty more. Yon see, ' doctor," he said in a hoarse voice, "1' can'!: speak rough to her. She's my' wife." I The doctor sat with bent head, speechless. I "I'll send yon a nurse, my man," he' said, aCter a pause. "What you need is ' good cure. I will come again tonior-' row." And with n. low bow to man and ' wife, now dinging together, hand In ' hand, the doctor said good-night, and went on his way. "Thank yon, sir," called out. the sick man, mt'eh moved. The girl only stared and wiped tho last tear from her 1,-rshes. T\vo Hours later a capable, kind-hearted woiT.nn was installed as nnrse In the little'homo by the river, Sho brought wlrh her food in abundance, nnd comforts of nil kinds Dr. Ford drove slowly homeward. Though it was late a .bright light shone from tlii) parlor window as ho stopped. The glow of a wood lire illuminatod thu room as he entered. 'But no on came to meet him. His wife sat in her rocker fast asleep. The lamp throw a radiance over her bronze-brown hair arid one delicate cheek as sho slept with her head against tho crimson back of tho chair. Her face wore a sweet, childlike expression, with a touch of pathos about' tho lips, and her hands lay, closely clasped in the lap of her gown of soft dove color.- ! Near the lire stood a white-draped table holding a tempting little repast, | carefully arranged. From a slender, glass in the midst hung one red rose. The doctor knew she had cut, it for him from her favorite plant. On a pretty plate reposed the flakiest and most de-1 lectable of mince pios. | Dr. Ford stooped and kissed his wife's fair cheek revert-inly. She stirred,tnen opened her large eyes slowly. I "Oh, you. have como. I am sorrj T i was not awnke to meet you. But heir's ti mince pie. I sent oVer to your mother for one." ' j "Hang the pie!" crk-d John Ford. ' "IClinor, I am a brute!" "Oil, no, dear—only a man, instead of an anihangel, as f oiuvi believed yon to bo. But never mind. How uo you 1'ke my dress?" "It is divine and you avo'jiu ansel, Elinor. But, dearest, c-ome and sil: by me. I have just been to see a gen lie- man. I want to tell you all about it " stretching their limbs upon it. Both the settee and the settle were placed bo- fore the ample fireplaces in winter and the father or old unclebeing iu- staled in either, with his? back thus guarded from wind and cold, was wont to deliver wise utterances or recount wonderful stories of the Held and forest, m The cooking utensils were of the best material to be had, but to our eyes their shapes appear decidedly uncouth. Stoves were not then used to any great extent. The pots and kettles lilled with savory messes were hung on iron cranes and swung inward over the glowing coals in the fireplace. Though these household appliances now appear homely and primitive one cannot forget the comfort derived from their use by our sturdy forefathers. Milken Marvolouo Cures Every Chicago Slade, Chicago. A trifie orer a hundred miles south of Chicago there is u beautiful little valley of the shape of a horse shoo. In the pummer times there are no greoner hills than those looking down upon tho land, the shape of which all the world over is a symbol of good luck and a certain protection against the assaults of tho evil one. Whether the horse shoo hills have magnetised the crystal waters at your feet or whether deep down into the heart of the continent dume nature has set up opposition to the schools of medicine, no one can say, but it is certain that at Indiana Mineral Springs marvelous cures are being made every duy. Mr. H. L. Kramer, the energetic pro motor, developer and manager of thic "uiipnificent property, upon which he has lately expended upwards of $150,OQO in its improvement and development, thinks it is a little of both. Now and then you •bear a patient declare that the manager alone is a good remedy for discuses. A man of firsc-class business capacity. He has every detail of tho business about the hotel and grounds at his end and there is a hearty, though quiet fellowship about the man that makes him the friend of every guest. It is a tradition about the place that the people po away from the oprings one summer cured' and then come bank toe next summer to spend their vacation and visit the manager. This health and pleasure resort has been rightfully named the Indiana Mineral Springs and is located in Warren County. Ind,, and the Blade takes pleasure in a«- > vising any of us four hundred thousand r.«i!eis who are seeking quiet, rest and recreation or improvement in their health to visit this most popular resort of this country. A beautiful, illustrated book that tells all about this wonderful spring 1 , will bis sent by mail free to all who address H. L. Kramer, Gen. Mgr., box 8, Indiana M.ueml Springs, Ind. In 1774 Maskolyne, the ascronomer royal ff England, first calculated the weight of ihe earth. The weight, as estimated in an encyclopedia is 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons. "Don't TobHooo Spit Vourlilfe Away" Is U.e startling, truthful title of a little ii rlc ju'-tt rrcaived, tnlliug all about \'nt<'lxiK, tJie wonderful, hannlesa, econom '•nl, guaranteed cure for the tobacco haliii a e per ii farm. Tobacco users who want to (uit- diid cau't, by mentioning this paper, . a n tet the book mailed free. Address !'HE STERLING REMEDY CO., Box ><U, Tmliaija Mineral Springs, Ind, It DUMB Cold«,Coushs,8oro Throat,Crour,Infln«- la.WhoopIng Cough, Bronohttlsand Asthma. A certain cure for Consumption in Drat stages, and a lura relief in advanced stages. Use at once, TOD Trill see the excellent effect after taking th« first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere. larfC totUes 60 cents and $1.00. » . - Doii't Suffer. Don't suffer with rheumatism. Don't •uffor with pneumonia or pleurisy. All these maladies come from one souroa. When tho kidneys are Inactive and fall (to separate the urio acid from the blood, It remains in and poisons tho whole lift current. If it manifesto itself in th« joints it becomes pleurisy, and if it attacks tho lungs it becomes pneumonia pr pleurisy. If It attacks tho brain It •becomes apoplexy; if the heart, heart disease. It may produce any malady, such as blindness, paralysis, or tb.4 like. All those maladies have one corn- anon origin, and that is kidney trouble, Tho seeds of most of those are laid lit tho summer. It Is then that people fall to take simple precautions. They got wet and expose themselves unnocea* sar'.ly, and tho result is they take cold. It settles upon their kidneys and pro- ducod any .or all of tho maladies men* tloned above. "When you fool that you are a sufferer in this respect get a bottU of REID'S GEBMAN COUGH ANB KIDNEY CUKE and lake it freely. Do not bo afraid of it. It will not injure you. It Is Ime possible to take an overdose. It contain* no clelo(or:ous substance whatever.' It can bo given to children without any danger. Atk your druggist for it, and do not lot him give you anything else la place of it. Small bottles 2:c, largo COo, SI-LVAN REMEDY Co., Pcoria, 111. b A slnglo dost! produces beneficial re-( suits, KlvIugaluinrfuliiuHH of mliid nnd .buoyancy ol'fooily to which you wero I bcifovo a Hti-nilKur. They enjoy n poj>- nlnrlty nnjini-ulliiled. I'l-Iou, B5etg. seemed hood, the wind keener. by, n, black Girls —Some' Tlilnaii TJiv.i/ SJiinild Lctiril ami Carefully Observe. She should "learn to scat herself •without touching the clmii' and also to rise from a chair and also to rise from a chair without using Her hands, says the New York World. She should loam to handle a goblet by its stem and not by its bowl. She should, learn to make a pretty bow. i She should learn—as sho learned her alphabet—that a gentleman should always be presented to a lady, never u lady to a. gentleman. She should, learn that it is bad form to congratulate a bride at a wedding One congratulates the bridegroom and wishes the bride happiness. She should learn that it is the worst of bad 'taste to appear thoughtful or absent minded in company. She should learn at table to let her soup from her; to use her fork only in the lish course; to lay knife and foi-Jc aside when sho passes her-plate; to cut out of tho fridc of her spoon and to fold j hc-r napkin neatly if she is in a private I house. She should leavn when she goes driving, to sit upon a man's right unless ho Is handling the ribbons. And lastly she should learn that In violating matters of etiquette It Is jus the sam>.< as In other misdemeanors The same rule holds. "Ignorance o the law is no excuse." John Darby, of Salmon Falls, Mass, has double teeth nil around and ; stomach which doesn't rebel when h chews and swallows glass, stone and other indigestible^. flaring liuuts (.n the UrtOge. But the A planter In Apalachlcola, Florida, has grown an Immense cabbage; a | single stalk with low well developed ' country place, and make it ovw into heads. j ' gtudy an.d Ji,bra,ry. Poo's cottage at Fordham, where h wrote The Haven and Annabel Leo, aiu where his child-wife died, has beei bought by a Roman Catholic publishei who will soon move the building to hi Professor Douglas has succeeded in aaaui'acturinp; miniature cyclones and tor- adjes by means of electricity, thus proy- ug the electrical character of the "prairis eirorB." SccnvT and scorbutic affections, pimplus nd blotches on the skin lire caused by im- mr'e blood which Beedmm's Pills cure. Mrs. B.: "Have you any near relatives, Nora: "Only an aunt, mum; nnd she isn't dial you-might call near, for it's In New Orleaus she lives, mum." Tlu; Only One Kyer. Pi-Jiilert—Ci»n Youlfln the Woi'd? There la n 8 Inch display iidvurllsoinoiit in hifi pnpcrUiU week wliU'h Inis no Iwo words iliko excepl. one word. Tlio sumo is InitMif each new one appearing each week from '1 hu l)r Ilarler Medicine Co. This house places 'Crescent" on everything they iniiko iinil publish. Look for it, uuml llioin Iho mime jf the word, and they will return you HOOK, i.i'fuooiui'ua or ITUEE. «or aun ms sictnt * HOK HEA >HMT« » AM Hki mi«4c»« Bey«M4bUidd«r. C«M«W billon* Beirroas dl»> "See here, waiter, this pie hasn't any apples in it. 11 . - ,, . Waiter: "I know it, ?au; It »m made of evaporated apples', tan, 1 * . when. All pputp* gw<U ^ Send S-«nt fUmp . Teu jet a put book wiOn»mir\ R. HA8TPB aiEOICIBE CO.. 8t p>«U. •*. •R Indigestion Cured "I luivo for ypftiM l.'W troubled wllh Mil 1 my slumiicli inul iudiKt.'*- tlou. WJii-n 1 took lloo,! 1 , Siirsnimi-Ulu UK- rflVsl W»H Mll-liribllll'. glivo mo grout ruliof, imd. 1 now out without Unit tor- rlbla ili»tro»s. 1 ul»o l-ost .,„ ,„ , wull nt iiifc'ht and urn lu \y«,. vvado. ?ooa eunerul UuuUli| fol . oil of-which I thunk' IKtOU'ct SA2«..SA1'A- 1CII.I.A." Wu. WADE, lioot uud Bhoo dealer, 17 MerrimucK Street, Lowjll, Musu. AMD •mlUn (nn IS.MI vpwwdn. THr MAHQIUTTI. Su«ner-i«iT«4 tjuman, THl LAKEfclDI. , intlqo. Uuidollnit THE AmoN. Uahogujr, in« ulik, THE CONSriBVAYf BT. H.l«h Urulo, Out tnlifc. , . All th> »h>Tl Mid under oar nra |uirutoej l«0,Mt of fl« (ntrum«DU U IM. Your locd italic wUI order drf jro«. 0«> •riju hiv» HUM tuned OB Inilde. lend for Ulu^Ud ooUlof m*. tTON * HKALY. 03 JUowp* Strowt. Obt6»|ff 1'lllB euro liver ilia, coiietipatlon, bll- louaueaB, jaundice, and nick headoko. WE PAY All you have guessed life insurance may be wrong, If you -\visli to know the nnn _ truth, send for "How. and POST- Why," issued by the PKNH • or MU'l'UAL LIFE, 921-3-5 Chest- Abt, nu * ^reet, Philadelphia, »» &•»» o e «>«t>«<i>«> ' j RIPANS T A BULKS ri.«ulftt«, the iit.oiii.-i:-lj, livi-r utm bowclH, i)url- fv lllr Ijliiiiil. :n-n IMI'U mid utl'iiotual lliv liust iiii-ilirliio kiiowuforbilloUK- oi, i'i>u..ii|i:iiluu, dytbjic|>sia, foul -ttUi, tiouihK'lie.rnenUu clcprowdon, [Juluflii tliyudliOU, llad COIllnleif.lUtl. will wl illw'iws luiusud by fuiluro of tl»o utoiuin-U, liver or bowels to per- th(;ir prapor I'unctioiw. Pernoua given to ovw- iratLuu; aro l>ouutlto(l by taking ouo uftur <-Avb iue*u. i Vrlce. IM ; wirauU), 15a. At DrugsMe, or mint by uual. • BIl^iMB CHEMICAL CO., 10 &rucc St., Now York,, TtLVAO VVbeiit resiou. I CAAu For folder (gtveu(nn9 RiidP. 0.) All crops splendltl. eneral Informatlgu , Graham, I'eit. PUP, trom »t to It uer«»t.oiii» l»r« T*I> ietyofusetiUwtlclMO - 400 FAT FOLKS REDUCED »<xl peopl* I who b»r» wo»* langi or Aith- Pl*o'»0i»r« for 1 Co»w»n>Uo». It lift* fared (bouMtad*. ft tm» not lolar- I ud one. It U not bad to t»ie. I tt U th* tH**t ooush frrop. Sold srernibsre. »5*.

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