The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 15, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1891
Page 8
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'>'--:•'«'"«. {t •>' ",' , • -ji THE UPPEH DE8 MOINE& ALOOfrA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 1891. THE NEWS OF THE COUNTY WESLEY. WESLEY, July 14.—Mrs. M. E. Lloyd will give a temperance lecture at Wesley, Thursday evening the 16th, let everybody come out and hear what she has to say on this question. Mr. Henley of Britt was in our town, Monday and Tuesday of this week. Guy Butts returned from Chicago Sunday morning. H. McCutchen is improving the looks of his store by giving ft another coat of paint. C. Hugi of Clear Lake, formerly of Wesley, is here soiling nn attachment for a wind mill, It seems a very simple arrangement, but works very nicely, It can be used for shelling corn or grinding feed. Every farmer that has a wind mill to pump water for his stock will find it a great advantage to have something of the kind that ho can grind feed and shell corn as Well as to pump water. Miss Powers of Mason City htm been the guest of Mrs. Heal for the past few days. The Kossuth county Sunday school convention will moot at Wesley Saturday evening, July 2/5 and 20. The pro- gramme will bo out soon. Wo forgot to mention in our last week's nrnvs the instituting of the Knights of Pythins lodge at Wesley. It is reported they have started oiio in good Hhnpo to begin with. Bon lld|)lciiirt has been dolvn to Fort Atkinson for the past weolc attending to that station while the regular agent took a layoff. Ho returned homo Saturday. F. M. Butts, who has boon tending the bank while his son. Guy, was in Chicago, took the train Monday for Plymouth. Ho expects to return in u few days. Chas. Corey and his family drove over to Britt, Saturday. Mrs. L. Wothorbeo of Rudd is hero visiting her daughter, Mrs. Z. Tryon. Mr. Pratt of Portland sold a lino bunch of cattle to E. F. Bacon Monday. Wo did not learn how much he received for them. The Catholics have commenced work on their school building hero. Parties from Mason City are doing the stone work. The main building is 82x00 with a wing 32x82, all to bo two stories high It will cost about ifiG,000. It is rumored that there is going to bo a wedding in Wesley as soon as haying is over. Wo can't see why they should wait till after haying unless it is the temperature of the weather. Lust Saturday night was installation for our odd fellows. Mr. E. F. Bacon was deputized to install the oillcors elect. Mrs. Richard Lloyd, who has boon judged insane was taken to Independence a few days ago. Ed. Lloyd, a brother to Richard, accompanied hoi- down. Ho brings back news that the physician has hopes of speedy recovery. We will be glad to hear of Mrs. Lloyd being restored to her right mind again so as to bo at homo with her family, as her case is a very sad one indeed. The Misses McPhorsoti have the foundation laid for their now store and it will bo but a short time until • the building will bo up. Jaeob Johnson has the contract of building it. Harvest will soon bo on hand and by the way the binding twine is going out we should think that the fanners are preparing for a twino famine. Small grain is looking line and if wo do not get a storm to beat it down bo- fore it is gathered. Corn is a little backward and somo Holds are a little weedy, while other Holds are lookiiiR' lino and bid fair for another good crop this year. ' This showery weather wo are having is very unpleasant for making clover hay. Quito a good many of our farmers are at work at it now. Mr. Trundral of Spencer, one of the firm of Bonder Bros. & Co., was hero today looking after the hay business. Ihoy intend to handle baled hay in connection with thoir grain business another year. Markets: Wheat, 70@7Go;" outs, 27c- «d'Tn. ? C; "".'u' 85(! ' timoU >y. Me; hogs, HpTtJ-Uj liny, ijvj, W. J. Hagor of Sexton was in our town today. loyites. We hftve n sawbuck to wager that otfr boys take the money. A company of Bancrofters are camping on Silver Lake in Minnesota. They went up last Friday and expect to stay a week. The party consists of Mrs. C. H. Johnson. Lillie Redwing, Mrs. J. G. Graham, Hilda Stinson, A. J. Ahdrin J. B. Stroeter, W. B. Tallman, and others whose names wo did hot learn. Miss Jennie Pettibone was visiting her friend, Mrs. Charlie Morehouse, last week. Little Morse Anderson was bitten by a dog last Saturday, and now the dogs want to keep Shy, for the professor has blood in his eye and n shotgun handy. Burt's ball club got their revenge from our boys last Saturday by walking on them to the tune of 11 to 8. Get a brace on you boys and keep off the slide. O. T. Brigham, the new host of Plice- nlx house, is making vast improvements in the appearance of that hostelry, both inside and out, and the Phoenix is now a first-class hotel. H, M. Swartwoodof Winnobago City, Minn., has boon visiting his friend, Bon May how, the past week. " Vera Lodge," K. of P., had work in the second last Friday night, and in fact have work in some rank every Friday night. Gus. Schmidt left for Now Ulm, Minn., last Friday, on a two weeks lay off. When he returns the band will give somo more open air concerts. T. A. Konyon returned last Wednesday from Poraoroy, Iowa, where he spontthe Fourth. Ho drove a fine looking horse back with hltnandsome of the boys are wondering how fast he can go. What is the matter with having a matinee somo afternoon and lot none but Bancroft horses enter? J. W. Case has accepted a position as export for J. G. Graham, and will stay hero for the season. Fred Calkins was down from Ledyard to spend the Sabbath with his many friends. J Somo of the country boys out in Seneca wont to Fairmont last week and while there stole a billiard ball,and the outcome of it was they settled with the sheriff of Martin county. And don't forget it; keep your eye continually upon this space, and remember that JONES HE PAYS THE FREIGHT I McOormick Harvesting Machine Co., 1831 J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co., - 1842 A. A. Cooper, wagons, - 1840 P, P. Mast & Co., cultivators, etc., - 1843 James Selby & Co,, planters, etc., - 1850 D. S. Morgan & Co., mowers, Hearst, Dunn & Co., planters, John Deere, plows, etc., Moline Wagon Co., wagons, etc., 1334 - 1860 1854 - 1865 •- cronsTES., Of the New Wigwam at Algona, Iowa, is agent for the above well-known and reliable in stitutions. Compare this list with anything you have seen, and then decide where to your farm implements for the season of 1891. (itmranteed Cure for Ijn Grippe. Wo uuthorisie our advertised druggist to sell Dr. King's Now Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds upon this condition: If you are afflicted with la grippo and will use this remedy according to directions, giving it a fair trial, und experience no benefit you.may return the bottle and have vour money refunded. We make this offer because oi the wonderful success of Dr. King's Now Discovery during the last season's opl- domio. Have heard of no case where it failed. Try it. Trial bottles free at LA bhoote.' Largo size, COc and $1. 4 Good I.i<>(>kH. Good looks aro more than skin deep, depending upon a healthy condition of al the vital organs. If tho liver be inactive you have u bilious look, if your stomach bo dis ordered you have a dyspeptic look, and if your kidneys bo affected you have a pinched look. Secure good health and you will £!"?, .Si°l ?.°L f8 - Electric Bitters is the TOPICS OF THE TIME. Propm-lng for Hot Wcntlier. The f allowing telegram from Whitewright Texas, indicates that the people in that vicinity do not intend to bo caught napping: WHITKWHIOHT, Texas, June 2, 1801.—To Chamberlain & Co., Des Moines, la.: Ship us at once one gross Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera, and Diarrhraa Remedy, 25 cent size, and two dozen 50 cent size. We aro entirely out and have had nearly forty calls f °i; It this week. O. Y. KATIIIIUN & Co. ,1 , 'Jj 113 * such » medicine as overyfam- ily should be provided with during the hot pieasant to Dr. Hathaway. D< " DE ' M ' D As The D< Jn l"f D £ E Y' M ' D " Assistant. (Regular Graduates. Begisterecl.) Leading Specialist of the West. Private. Blood, Bklu and Nervous Dlsoaeea. und his do the was in LU VEHNE, E, July 14.-Our moat market is running' in full blast now. J. Goal has purchased a now Kansas City hay press, A son of C. Diulor, who has boon on' to college for the past eight years, is hero visiting with his father and brother for a few days, An uncle of'K. V. Scott, from the east, is hero visiting' for a time. The carpenters have commenced In Ail! force on Dr. Lacy'a now residence. Win. Person returned to LuVerno last week, and his son Frank came with him to help for a while. Prank Daniels of Corwith was in town lost week, between trains, on his way to Algona. J Rev. J. A. tflnnoll is in town. J, A. Welch and wife, who have boon visiting- at Albert Lea for the past four weeks with a daughter there, returned homo last week. T, rF ? nk H1U of Kouwick is in town Wednesday, Mr. Bowley is back to town again. Wo aro to have another lumber yard HO n if the land can bo had for the yard by a gentleman from St. Paul. Jake Hhorolt of Livormoro crew of men aro hero and will work on Dr Lucy's residence. Wm. CroHHwait of Bancroft town Friday on business. Harvey Brink sprained his foot bv running last week, and is quite lame A Chinese student passed through town Friday from Indianapolis on his way to Algona. Corn is about all laid by for tills year. Lorpy Barton wont to Chicago on the 8th with three cars of line oaltfo. BANCROFT. BANOBFOFT, July 13.-C. J. Anderson lias been coullned to his bed with a foyer the past week, but under the skillful treatment of Dr. It. A. Busbv is now convalescing. •* Miss Edith Jordan, returned homo last Thursday from Evanston, 111 where she has boon visiting since the close of school at Mt. Vornon. Work on the bank is progressing finely and in a very few days it will bo on- closed. Wo understand that Mrs. C H. Johnson's millinery store will occupy the back room on the ground iloor when it is completed. Our baseball club go to Wesley tomorrow to try conclusion with the wes- i —. ™i, -«"'"" •u'"=ui<i-ju timers is tne great a terativo and tonic, acts directly on those vital .organs. Cures pimples, blotches boils and pivoa a good complexion. Is sold by L. A. Shoots; 50c bottles. 4 Biioklcin'H Arnica Salvo. Tho best salve in tho world for bruises cuts, sores ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores! totter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively euros piles or no pay is required. It is guaranteed to give poriect satisfaction or money refunded Price 25c a box; sold by Dr. Sheetz. LAST OF THE HOMESTEAD HUMBUG. Tho Trinl of tlio Slmrlcs Who Took the .Suulcort). The outcome of the grout rush to Des Moines u woolc ago to get lands in Kossuth and other counties was the arrest of two men who assisted tho deluded seekers in ranking out applications. The story us u Dos Moines News reporter is as follows: ,? The arrest of James Baker and Val Hoggett yesterday afternoon on the charge of conspiracy was evidently a surprise to tho two men. They are charged with conspiring to defraud land settlors out of money, in all about ROOD, by fraudulently making out applications for entry of railroad lands. -Lho complainants number about 40, but only a dozen or so were instrumental m bringing about the arrest. The information is sworn out before Justice DodsonbvJ. S. Watldns and A. M Baker of Amos and Hans Koch of O Bricn county, who claimed that Baker & Hoggett secured from each of them $25 for writing out an application that wasn't worth a cent. A score of others were served likewise and one man is said to have paid $50 for an application for. lands that ho found were already occupied. Thos. Berry of C. ran villu paid $25 for an application and he declared that ho had been swindled. R. P. Jones of Primghai- was in tho city yesterday but did not try to secure lands, as ho hud been informed that no tracts could be secured and ho endoiivoi-od to keep other settlors awav from the oilluo of Baker &Hoggott, tolling them that they not agents o" the state land office, but a couple o sharpers. Mr. Jones says ho tele graphed homo to his friends as soon as ho fauncl there was no land to be had and kept many from coming to Dos Mmncs. Ho says Mr. Call of Sioux City, attorney for about 80 settlors, had ooked into the mutter of railroad landb and told his clients tho correct situa tion that there wore but 800 acres out side of pill-ion county that could bo had and the railroad company had first choice. Tho lands of tho Sioux City & St. Paul road are in contest in the United States supreme court and thou«h the state court decided the settlors had a right to them, nothing can be done about it until tho supremo court gives a decision. Regarding the case against Baker and lloggott Mr. Jones says that they represented that they were the solo agents of the government to locate lands for settlement and that they had been over the country and knew just where every piece of land lay which could be secured. Baker had blank applications on hand and agreed to fill them out with the proper number and guarantee that the land applied for was not taken up, and further agreed to refund the money if the applicant did not find tho matter as he represented. Some of the men paid $25 and others as high as $50 in cash for those applications. Mr. Jones says the settlors und applicants have no complaint against the state land office in Dos Monies or against D. M. Fox, the registrar. Thoy want to see the two men punished who swindled them. The Mainstay in His Family. Aug. Hornung, a well-known manufacturer of boots nnd shoes at 820 Nolan street, San Antonio, Texas, will not soon forget his experience with an attack of cramps which ho relates as follows: " I was taken with a violent cramp in the stomach, which 1 believe would have caused my death had it not been for the prompt use of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrho3a Uome- ?i?\ The first dose did mo so much good that I followed it up in iiO minutes with the' second dose, and before tho doctor could get to whore I was I did not need him. This remedy shall always bo one of the mainstays in my family. Sold by F. W. Din<-ley, druggist. Speaks from Experience. CADDO MILLS, Texas, Juno 5, 1S01.—To the public: From my own personal knowledge I can recommend Chamberlain's Colic Cholera, and Diarrhoea Komepy for cramps in the stomach, also for diarrhoea and flux It is the best medicine I have ever seen used, and is the best selling. A. K Sherrill." Sold by F. W. Dingloy. THE C., M. & St. P. Railway company will sell tickets to the musical festival, United Scandinavian Singers of America, to bo hold at Minneapolis on July 10 to 21, at! one fare for the round trip.—14t3 . : j 'vi CoiiHiiuiptlon Cured. An old physician; retired from practice having had placed in his hands by an East India 1 mla«ir»Tlnv\r M*n ff\mtitiln ~f „ ..I i _ "«« J.uvlfl« * MEW who by their own acts of Imprudence or folly suffer from Nervous Debility, Ex- tho fountains of life, affecting the mind, body and manhood, should consult tlio celebrated Dr. Bathaway at once. Remember nervous dig- g ut dreams) or - Illty and losa of eases (with or wltn- do- of nerve power, treated scientifically, by new methods, with great success. I It makes no differ- 'enco what you bars taken or who has --- Tailed to cure you. X.OST MANHOOD nnrl all weakness of tUO sexual organs absolutely cured. Successor to J, J, Wilson, Office and Yard on Dodge street, south of /State, ALGONA, - ALEX. WHITE, Agent. ot tbe Bkln ' Biooti - STTPHItlS. The moat rapid. «nfo nnd effective remedy. A complete euro Buuranteed. "" 0>/ " v<l remedy for the spe.edy and permanent rare of consumption, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma, and all throat and«lung affections, also a posi! MY METHODS. 1. Free consultation at the office or by man A im^ r ?^ lmi ' B ? B nn <J ens? terms of payment, cases treatment «»" bo given In a majority of fend for Symptom Blunt No. 1 for Men. Send for Symptom Blank No. ii for Women I fnr R v t,| anl{ N0i 3 /<)r g c0 , m S{' geB|M , fc Handles tJie lest of all descriptions of Address or call on Cor. ....« .... tiuiunu minium;• uiiBuuons, also a TJOS!- tlye and radical cure for nervous debility and all nervous complaints, after having tested its wonderful curative powers in thousands of cases, has felt it his duty to make it kn "wn to his suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive and a desire to relieve human suffering I will send free of charge, to all who desire it, this recipe, in Gorman, French, or English, with ful.directionsif or preparing and using.' Sent by mail by addressing with - 1 - *.--*'?'"' TM1C1 IMIIIUK TUT A XT^r: nnn The Greatest Strike. Among the great strikes that of Dr. Miles In dis- coveringUs New Heart Cure has proved Itself to be one of the most Important. The demand for It SM,«?H°H eIlsto i"s" l1 "e- ^rendy the treatmea of heart disease Is being revolutionized, and many unexpected cures elleeted. Hsoon relieves short breath, fluttering, puins in side, arm, shoulder weiiK and hungry spells, oppression, swelling of jinnies, smothering and heart dropsy. Dr. Miles' •in.».? nn i i S" "IV 1 Nervous diseases free. The hW «r le 'A, Ne r Uen , rt c ^. re |B sow ana guaranteed KL*,i.,2L D ? le l' Ill80 . nls Restorative Servlne for Will He (Jireu Away. Our enterprising druggist, F. w Dlntrlev who SrtKF 'M" 10 , 8 ' 01 * °f «&UB8, perfumXV'toltot articles, brushes, sponges, etc., 18 ulvliiB awuv a Hf "umber of trial bottles of Dr. Mes' cele" cure ,™ t ri, t ,°;" tlV6 ,, Ne , rvlne - Ue Buurnntees It to cure headache, dizziness, nervous Drostratlon sleeplessness the 111 eitecfs of spirits, tobacco' 0 ,°« fl e. etc. Druggists suy It Is the greatest seller they ever knew, and Is universally satisfactory He also guarantees Dr. Miles' New near Cure In «t n» s nf,! lei i vou , s1or orgl !! ll ° , heim disease, pa pltatlon, pain In side, smother ng, etc. Fine book on Nervous and Heart diseases free. 4 * Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills Act on a new principle-regulating the liver, stomach, and bowels through the nerves A new di« . Miles' Pill " DOU YOU WANT THE Best Intel Blanks? Most surely you do if you have need for anv at all. Then remember that yon can and them at the Upper Des Moines Office. WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best in use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Grass Leases, Notes, etc, Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of anything from a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your Ulls, and we will prove that this is not merely idle talk. y desired. Blanks no sllort K I Iowa State Normal School CEDAR FALLS, IOWA. A Technical School for Teachers, Established, supported, aud supervised by the State of Iowa. Sixteen Specialists in the Faculty. IND'S GEUM EKAIHOATOU" POSI .,11 * lvel y,°ures all dlseases-beeause it kill all germs bacteria, parasites, microbes, anc SS,,t Ui * oul , tu , lu t' 113 system, which the prom nnnL 1 ^ 8 ?^" s lu convention agreed was toe cause of all disease. The air, water, veeeta ^S? 1 ' 1 '''* 1 *' 1 , 1 ' 6 ' 1111 of these little worms ?&£ ft catarrh, consumption, diabetes, and n e ',T ? disease . cancers, tumors, and all "o called incurable diseases. (Never known to fail to cure consumption, catarrh, kidney troubles and I syphilis./ Retailed In fe, «3, au£ Sl£fcf 8 V, 8en t anywhere on receipt of price This is the only genuine article; all others are dangerous counterfeits. Dr. Sheetz issues ,* 6 ? u alllnen te for for the manufacturers nH« uiru candidates for grad- Kradmit«dan 1 vtV ssc , ll0( , >1 J '? ar ' Students ari £LS2 U i" au ytl»»» during the year when the course is completed. State certificates atw ° f the 8chool> HOMER H. SEERLEY, Prest. Q.UEAT FBENOH KEMEDY.-Dr. Le Duo's OT periodical pills from Paris, France apt ouiy upon the generative organs In females 9«S Positively cure suppressfon of the iSeuses trm, m i Wha t6yer cause} and all periodical troubles peculiar to women. A safe, reliable mm, en v y i wftr ^ tea a to exclte nienStfuation, w money refunded. Should not be used durinc -e pvoportiSnof theillsto ect islhe direct result oi .eular menstruation. Ask for them. American Pill Co L. A. Sheetz, swpy agent Algd: ? wo ^ & Sou ' M"wauW Roll ., Chicago, wholesale agents. The Doming Co,'s PUMPS For EVERY OUTY'BISO WILl.8ypp|.iS8, '• r Them. Cuus-sc ^r /^M^nn-ss^^* rave. EVtrlT WOMAN THAT HAS ANY SENSE AND MANY THERE BE WE HOPE, AUSEFDcAKE LOUIS LESSING. Agent. I JIA & I I* If cnn , J,« enrned "' our NEW "0« of work, IUD I • llf L W '?,', dly °" d >">"°"t>ly, t>r thoio of HI U If CI £^jS"!s < % 4 $?' •a^^S"^w^"^^OTs^ MU IUUID mier A mi(o f spcricnce. We CAD furnlih von tha am loymtmtand t**ch » n .. fruww «_ f " t *_ J Br . q .*v SI 1 *" hero. Full • b Ji»!SW!!.''!'»t«wS.»f i a3 JEWEL ASOLENE THE BEST. Made in 4$ Styles. 'BICES FROM 34.00 TQ 633.00, SOUP EVERYWHERE. OF TOTO MADE BT GEORGE M. CLARK * Chicago, • d.y v the ,t, tt , lia mow M you «o . Jfotb >«>e>, *ll ige». In.BypMtof ™

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