The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 24, 1892
Page 7
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** THE tJPPER DEB MOINJES, ALGOKA, IQWA^ WEDNESDAY. AtJGtJST 24,1892. t0fjgBHt^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^Ej^^g[&U^^^[^BiBiDRtRBEiBBBlHB A FOOT-HOLD jot Consumption is what you art offering, it your blood is impure. Consumption is simply Lung Scrofula. A scrofu- llous condition, with a slight couch or cold, is all that it need; to develop it. But just as ft depends itpon the Mood for its origin, so it depends upon the blood for its cure. The surest remedy for Scrofula in every form, the most effective blooa-dea user, flesh-builder, and strength- restorer that's known to medical science, is Doctor Piercra's Golden Medical Discovery. For Consumption in all its earlier stages, aud for Weak i V Lungs, A stnma, Severe Coughs, «fl Bronchial, Throat, nnd Lung nitce- tba* is tt> e on ly remedy so unfailing 'it can be guaranteed. If it doesn't [tor cure, you have your money back. Bo matter how long you've had Cntnrrh, I ^owsevere, Dr. Sage's Remedy will cffw.1 • twrmanent cure. $500 reward ia offeroti Srthfl proprietors of this medicine, for an gcursbfe ease of Catarrh. ^ ;"CHILD BIRTH • - • '•'•••" MADE EASY! " MOTHERS' FRIEND " is a scientific- »IIyprepared Liniment, every ingredient of recognized value and In constant use by the medical profession. These ingredients are com- blnedin a manner hitherto unknown "MOTHERS' ' FRIEND" • WILL DO all that is claimed for H AND MORE. It'Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Diminishes Danger to Life of Mother and Child. Book to " MOTHERS " mailed FREE, containing valuable information and voluntary testimonials. tatbyexproion receipt of price fl.SOpcrbottla BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., Atlanta. G«. BOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. . taw alwol Mid b power •••r«ai«d, bone», ucrTttt, mtu* do, reo«7« MW (MOO. M. HUTEB PATCHEDTEN MONTHS, A troublesome skin, disease caused me to scratch for ten months, and has been fi?pj|jj|p$8] cured by a few clays' use of !aaoiiS&.Sa M. H. WOLFF, Upper Marlboro, Md- SH 11JEXO. I was cured several years ago of white swelling In my leg by using symptoms of ro and have had no turn of the dis- tase. Many prominent physicians attended me tod all failed, hut S. S. S. did tho work. PAUL \f, KIBKPATEIOK, Johnson City, Tenn, Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free. ' SWIFT SPECIFIC Co., Atlanta, Ga. Treating Ailing Women by Letter Most cases of Female diseases can be treated as well by us through tne mails as by personal con- Citation. In writing for »dvice, give age and "ympvoms of your com- Pjamt, state length of lime you have been suffering, and what means I you have tried to obtain |<elief. Mrs. Pinkham fully and. [carefully answers all let- I lersof inquiry, and charges I nothing for her advice.- I All correspondence is I heated strictly confiden- l«al. 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With these conditions it was scarcely strange that Halcyon Hartford swayed delightfully between the real world and draunlne that June afternoon, with the fleecy gold of her hair all guiltless of pin or comb, and tho bell sleeves falling away enchantiiigly from her round white arms, while one trim slippered foot hung from the edge of the hammock. "Halcyon! Halcyon! Where are vou now?" It was one of those exasperating voices which, once having been sweet, had now a vibrant jar to its tones, painfully akin to shrillness. Halcyon frowned a little, and raised herself on one elbow. "Oh, aunt Hal, don't scream so! I was just in such a dream of delights." "Well, you should have answered then!" Aimt, Hnl came out of the wide shady hall with an effusive swing of her dni- ]tory and seated herself in a bamboo chair close to tho hamock. She was comically like her ueicc— at least as much as a woman of thirty- eight could be like a maid of eighteen. 'Jhere was the same yellow luxurience of hair; but harsher, dryer and suggestive of dye; the same, pink and white complexion, artificially heightened; similar features cruelly sharpened by the inexorable hand of time, and teeth just one degree too white and regular to be real. The white dress she wore was painfully trying, aud she was compelled to use gold-rimmed eye-glasses as she held up a letter to the Aiew of her ueice. "What has happenedV" drowsily demanded the hitter, lifting a pair of blue eyes, fringed with dark lashes. "Tho strangest thing!" "Another offer of marriage?" hazarded Halcyon, settling on the unlikelicst tiling which could, in her opinion, happen. "How did yon jjuossV" with a littk 1 exultant chuckle. "Exactly. The dear foolish lad—and he so much younger than I! Why, he couldn't have been twenty-one when he went to Bombay, an dl was at least thirty then—" "Thirty-five, Aunt Hal," said Halcyon, the merciless. "Was it as much as that? Well, he seemed desperately in love then though I never took any notice of the child. But I suppose hi that country of blackamoors one can't help thinking about all the women one has ever known at home; and ho has written me two or three letters—" "Has he?" Halcyon sat straight up in the hammock now. Her blue eyes glowed. The .heat had brought a flush to her cheek which all Aunt Hal's caramlne could not rival. , 'But I never told you," said the elder beauty, "because I remembered that there was a sort of boy and girl affair between ycx and Charlie Blesson, when you were at boarding school and I thought you would be nettled. And here's the proposal at last, dear,— with his photograph enclosed." "Let me see it." AVhat a brave good face it was-slightly older and sterner than she had looked upon when the Avancanian sailed'away three years ago, !mt yet so strong and manly! She laughed hysterically. Aunt Hal nibbled coquettishly at the edge of the envelope; the new false teeth gleamed in a smile. "I—think—I—shall!" "And you fourteen years older than he is?" People don't think about such things as they \ised to do," reasoned Miss Hartford ,the elder. "Eros is immor tal, you know." Halcyon sank back into the hammock and reopened her book. "You must, do as you please, of course," said she. "After that quotation about Eros, I have not a suggestion to offer." "Jealous, poor darling," thought Aunt Hal with a thrill of pity. And she said: "AVell, of course one can't help those things happening to one, and your time will come soon dear, never fear." "It's a good thing," she added to herself, "she does not, know anything about dear old Judge Flostroy. There's a difference in age, if you please, and the old pet is so infatuated about me! An old man's darling or a young man's slave—which?" AVhile Halcyon thought, on her side: "That silly goose! He has done it now! He has been making love to Aunt Hal, thinking he was courting me Oh, I thought, he knew her name was the same as mine. Didn't, she stand god-motto to me at St. Ohrys-L ollue's and give me a. coral and bells and an embroidered christening robe.' And now ho has actually proposed to her! AVell, if he is the man I take him' to bo he'll stand by his colors, cost him what it may. A man who would walk upto the cannon's month at, Hoy- Idonna surely won't shrink, o\en from Aunt Hal. And I'd rather know ho was a true hero than have a poltroon for my husband!" And'Halcyon turned her face toward the pillow and cried great sparkling tears like dew drops. * » * * * * . * "So you're back again, lieutenant? Bog pardon, I'd ortcr snid colonel, I <£> suppose," said «- old cab d,Ivor at the station, whom Charlie luul remembered over since I*™ 6 ;;} fhlld "AVoll, I declare, I shonldu t hardly have knowed you! An' come ii'nnio to bo married, eh!" II B es on bit his UPS, tot ^ «"* o-iivlc-Blv, for Jo««« Hopper wu, i nrivileged individual, like the court know, Hopper?" I ammo. Miss Hartford sues gcttiu' ready to be murlea tM» long time," said Jonas, hoisting the! fresh vegetables. The green salid In colonel's luggage on the back of the ' nil y shape, from the long curling let- wagon. "And dressmakers and nillli- t uc " 0 i ea f to the crisp .little watercress, ners they will talk, you know, though i s a constant beautifier, and more than I'm told !Miss Hal' took great pains to j this, regularity eaten, it quiets your hide it." i nerves and gives you a pleasant sleep. "Did she?" (Aside: "Th-j darling."* 'But if you flood it with vinegar and "And a fine woman she Is, colonel, 1 ' ! powder It with sugar you have simply officiously added Jonas, as he pushed made yourself a dish that will have no In the last Iron-clamped trunk. "A very | effect upon you whatever, unless It fine woman, cousideriu' her age. I ; should be by the force of the vinegar wonder she ain't married long ago." Col. 'Blesson opened Ms sleepy black eyes wide. to break tho enamel of your teeth. The right way for you to eat this most beautifying of dishes is to have "Oh been "Why, man, -who in the world are j upon it a good dressing, that is, one yoxi talking fibout?" j formed of pepper, salt, a small portion "Why Miss Hal Hartford, of course." of vinegar and a large portion of sweet. "Miss Halcyon, or Miss llaUalua?" There ain't no Miss Ilaliaua," said olive oil; if you do not care for tins then eat your salad as did the hermits Jonas. "There of the same name; but. . of old, dipping a leaf in some salt and we calls the aunt Miss Hal and the , having with it a piece of bread and niece Miss Halcyon. My daughter . butter. All fresh vegetables, especially she's lady's maid there, and I'd ortcr asparagus, tend to improve the skin. I know if anyone docs." I do not say give up all sweets, but. I do And which of them Js it that is going ' say eat them in their proper place; that to be married ^'breathlessly inquired Is, after you have had your dinner and Blesson. i when you will not require a groat quan- "AVhy, the old one in course! Beg tity. Pastry, if eaten at all.must bo pardon!" hurriedly added Jonas. "I so light tliat it is above reproach; then mean Miss Hal.. Tolly she tells me that It will not have an apparent effect on thcr's twenty-four different gowns or- the skin, but it will tend to fatten you. dered, let alone the jackets and pav sols and ten-buton kid gloves fit to make your hair stand on end." "And Miss Halcyon, the young lady," cried the colonel—"she is engaged too?" UK: Jtiiiistfnl Youth. There is an old saying that we should not count our chickens before they are hatched which is a very good old say- Not any one knows on. That's all, , ing indeed, and one that has been said in many different ways. One of the most amusing ways of putting it was that of the Greek Antistbcucs, who had been very much wearied by the boast colonel? Got your telescope bag? Then we'd better be movin'," Colonel Blessou pondered sedousl;- all the way up to Hartford Cedars, oblivious of'Jonas' incessant stream of , Ing of an old acquaintance of Ms of talk. Could it bo possible? No that was utterly {nonsense! And yet—" He strained his eyes as he approach- how rich, he would be when a cargo of salt lish arrived from the Tontxis. The youth kept telling Autlsthcucs of the od the house. Surely golden-haired presents he would give him aud other Halcyon would be there smiling to atcntious he would shower upon him meet him. But no, in her place stood a middle- aged channer, rouged and powdered, with, hair gleaming meretriciously and teeth just a size too large for a thin- lipped mouth. when the Greek seized an empty meal bag and led the braggart to a dealer in flour. "Fill this to the brim," he said to tho dealer. I'ho dealer did so, and Antlsthenes, In one hand she held Ids love breath- , turning on his heel, started to leave the ing letter, in the other his photograph. And during that second his heart sunk like lead. He did not know, ah, how much more ditticult Avould it have been to bear shop without paying for the flour "Here," cried the dealer, "my money! my money!" "All," said Autistheues, "I have none but, or—tills young gentleman" point- had he known-that "Halcyon Hart- ! ing to the boastful youth, "will pay for ford's eyes were surreptitiously watch"Dear Charles,' said the elderly damsel, "you are here at last." it when his cargo of fish comes iu.' : The haste of the dealer to empty the flour back into the bin and liurl He set his teeth and drew one long the .empty bag at tho retreating Atitis- breath and allowed her to slip a car- j, taught the young man the les- ressiiig hand through his arm aud lead sou the wit desired Win to learn. Into the house, muttering some hoarse acknowledgement of her coquettish smiles. "I've brought tills upon myself," he thought, "and I must endure it.- The lady is not to blame—no, she is not to blame." "He is a hero," Halcyon Uiought— "lie is a hero." Cruel, Cruel To its victims is that Inexorable foe to humar, peace, that destroyer of rest and frequent termination of human life—rheumatism. Llko many another physical lilt, it is easily remedied at the outset with Hosteller's Stomach BHtere, which expels the rheumatic virus from tho blooc through the kidneys. There exists the amplest evidence to prove that lu cases that have reeietei And then She burst into a passion I other treatment the Bitters has produced thor of tears and ran up stairs to her own' room. "But now I've got you fairly here/' lisped Aunt Hal, more determinedly youthful than ever, "I'm really afraid, dearest Charlie, that there's a great disappointment hi store for you." "Eh?" The young man sat down in rather a listless manner. Aunt Hal held on to his hand, still all teeth and smiles. "And I may as well tell you at oncef said she "that I am already engaged j ough and permanent results. But to temperize with this malady is folly. Attack It at «>nce will the Bitters and It may ha nipped In the bud. When mnture it Is the most obstinate of com plaints. Kidney trouble, dyspepsia, neuralgia, incipient gout, constipation, malaria and livet complaintDeat a hasty retreat when the Bitters Is summoned to the rescue. A wlneglasefal three Umes a d»j. Cancers. An anti-cancer league has been or gaiiixcd in Paris, its purpose being .to seek means to relieve humanity of ouf its most dreadful scourges. Financial to Judge Flostroy, of the Superior j aid is asked from the public, and patli court. Of course, had I known of your : ologists, clinicians, liistologists, micro biologists, veterinary practitioners aiu even geographical explorers are expecr. ed to co-operate in the work of invest! gatiou. 1'lie plan of the association, in eludes the holding of periodical con .-guesses to discuss progress made, the publication of a journal and the offer ing of prizes for discoverers bearing on the .subject. attachment in time, there's no saying t» "Oh, pray don't let me interfere with any of the existing arrangements,'" Blessou jumping up eagerly. "Perhaps under the circumstances you.will lot me have the photograph back." Just then there came aring at the door below as the "maid announced: "Judge Flustroy, Miss if you please." Below the slow and ponderous steps of the approaching visitor could reach the room, Aunt Hal had thrust the photograph into Blesson's hand. "A-hem-m-m!" sonoriously coughed the luminaiy of tho superior court. Aunt Hal tripped smilingly forward. "Glad to see you, judge," she cooed, "this is my old playmate, Col. Blesson just arrived from India, I dare say colonel you'll lind Halcyon somewhere about the house." "Disposed of in short order," muttered Col. Blesson. '"Great heavens! whar have I done to deserve such luck?" Two hours -afterward the young lovers sat on the veranda watching the evening star rise over the hills, while the judge's basso prcfundo voice stil rolled in the sitting room like distant thunder. xffl "But wasn't it a narow escape," gasped the young colonel, holding the girl's slim hands in liis, "AVould you really have married her? colonel," Halcyon asked. "As a gentleman there was no escape for mo under the circumstances." "But would you really have mailed hei 1 ?" "Yes, I would," with stem set teeth and knitted brows "Then I'll mary you, Col. Blesson," whispered Halcyon, "because you are a genuine hero, and because" with an arch glance, "I really think you need a wife to take charge of you." '•After the episode of today, " said Col. Blesoii, "I really tliink I do." J'-ooil That Will Itenutlfu- It cannot be doubted that what one eats will make or mar the skin, says a writer in the Ladies, Home Journal. The famous French Bi-illat-Savarin, says writer on food, 'rich food makes beautiful .women." But this was badly translated; he meant by it, not rich as indicating'greasy, or oily, or heavy food, but ho meant good food, that which is properly cooked and which is fresh. The pale, pasty complexion of many of our women is attributed without any extra thought, to too much Pfistry, too many sweets, overdone meats and an insufticient quantity 'of FITS.—All Fits stopped free by Dr. Kline 1 , Great Nerve Restorer. No Fits after firs day's use. Mnrvullous cures. Treatise anc $2.00 trial bottle free to Fit casoa. Seud to Dr. ICliue, 881 Arch St., Phila., Ba. A twenty-ton sloop, carrying three mei and a dog, sailed from Liverpool on May and arrived safely at Sierra Leono 01 Juue 23. Hade to Look T^lke New. ])i-eBB(!B,-Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves. ok'., Dyed or Cleaned, I'lusli Garments Steamed, at Otto Plena's Dye Works, 210 W Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. Though the next total solar eclipse does not lake place until April 15, 1893, aslron omcrs.lire already astir in making plans t'oi observing it. If afflicted with Sore Eyes use Dr. Isaai Thompson's EyoWater. Druggists sell it,25e Alliazen, an Arabian, born in the yea 1000 A. D., llrst taught the present theory o vision, and explained why wo see but one picture of an object with our two eyes. Hays It Never Failed to Benefit or Card Fountain County Democrat, Ind. Of the many patients who have visited the Indiana Mineral Springs since the; were discovered, not one Las gone awa; without either being- cured or greatl; benefited. Of the diseases that are sure to be cured by the proper use of the water and mud baths, first of all rheumatism in every form. Hundreds of cases of skii diseases of all kinds have been cured anc those benefited are only too glad to testify to the marvelous properties of the water. No better water exists in the Unitec States and many have made it a last report to be cured of these afflictions anc have boen wholly successful when they have failed in every other place anc means. A beautiful illustrated book that tells all about these wonderful springs will be sent by mail, free to all, who wiU address H. L. Kramer, Gen. Mgr., Box 8, Indiana Mineral Springs, lud. The smallest tree that grows in Greai Britain is the dwarf willow, only abouj two inches high at maturity, which may be seen on the summit of Ben Lorv n^ One of the greatest novelties in weav ing machinery recently invented as that designed by an Englishman, ii which the pile in plush fabrics is gain ed in an expeditious manner during weaving. The picks or wefts are actually cut before being driven in. o brot"! Mj muband HUB Quit Tobacco Spitting fits tlf* Atfray" Writes Mrs. J. B. Waldruth, 170 Mark St., Winona, Minn. She says " 'Notobac B a grand, good remedy. Two botes not only cured my husband, but his brother as well, and 1 Bold two boxes to our neighbors, Mr. Jos. Taylor and Mr. Keolook and cured them both. I have orders for sev- iral boxes. Please send me your terms agents. I enclose you letter from my other. Mr. Rouse." Here it is: WINONA, Minn., April 10, 1892. "After chewing and smoking tobacco Or more than thirty years, I was prevailed upon to try a box of NOTOBA.C. To my surprise I was entirely cured of the filthy labit. Money would not induce nie to commence its use. You can use this in way you see fit. P. P. ROUSK." Notolac acts directly upon the tobacco diseased nerves restoring tlwini to a nor- nal condition and exterminating the Doisonous Nicotine from the system. It 8 guaranteed when used according to ituple directions to cure any case, so you run no financial or physical risk when you take NOTOBAC. Send for our book called "DON'T TOBACCO SPIT YOUR LIFE AWAY." Address thaSterling Remedy Co., Box 244, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. An English butcher, fishing in the Grand Surrey Canal, caught with his hook and line a handbag containing thirty- nine gold rings and gold nnd silver coins worth more than 8100. W. II. GRIFFIN. Jackson, Michigan, writes: "Suffered with Catarrh lor llttouii utirs, Hnll's Catarrh Cure cured mo." Sold y Druggists, 75e. Liu) Wall, of Astoria, L. I., Is tlio only Cliiiminan In America who runs a gnrdun truck farm. TUB principal causes of sick hoiulnclic, biliousness and cold chills are found in the lonmcli and liver. Cured by liccclmtn's i'ills. 1!, costs S3 for n lliree-minutc attempt to carry on a correspondence over the Loiulon- Piirls telephone lino. The Skill aud Knowledge Essential to tho production of the most perfect and popular laxative remedy known, have enabled the California Fig Syrup Co. to achieve a great success in the reputation of its remedy, Syrup of Figs, as It is conceded to bo tho universal laxative. For sale by all druggists. A San Francisco money lender lias secured judgment for $013 interest on a $135 note, although the justice wlio gave It denounced the proceedings as outrageous. GOOD ABVIOK.—Usn H ALB'S HONEY or IIonEHouND AND TAB for a cough or cold. PIKE'S TOOTHACHE Dnors Cure in one minute. i. '» w**.r+^ ^v lower" My wife suffered with indigestiofl aud dyspepsia for years. Life became a burden to her. Physician* failed to give relief. After teaditig one of your books, I purchased • bottle of August Flower. It worked like a charm. My wife received im* mediate relief after taking the first dose. She was completely cured— now weighs 165 pounds, and can eat anything she desires without any deleterious results as was formerly the case. C. H. Dear, Prop'rWash* ington House, Washington, Va. ® Railroad enterprise supplied a water melon wllli each ticket on the occasion of a recent celebration in Southern Texas. The Only One Ever Printed—Can Ton Fin tlio Word? There is a 8 inch display advertisement ia this paper this week wmch hus 110 two words alike except one word. Tlio same is true of each new one appearing each week from Tlio Dr. Hartor Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for it, send them the uumu of the word, and they will rotimi you BOOK, BEAUTIFUL i.iTuoaitArns or SAMI-I-US imnn. The condor soars higher than any other bird, spending nine-tenths of its lime floating in rarilled atmosphere at a distance of three miles above the sea level. "1 hud whnt tho doctors callod the ivoi'Ht CR«K of Nerofula they «ver BIIW. It was on my arms, fuoe aud neck and was simply nwf ul! Flvo yonrs ago I began to tllko Hooil'8 HAriinpui-llliiand found tuo Bores gradually began to heal. I took ten bottles tie.*. W. Turner. ona waa por f e ctly cured. For tlio ptiet four years I have lind good lu'iilth a:i<l uo Hores." GEO. W. TUIINED, farmer, Oulway, N. Y. Hood's IMIlB oure liver ills, constipation, biliousness, jaundice, sick headache, indigestion. I EW1S' 98 PER CERT in k Powder** aud Pcrraaaen (M.TXHTID.) Th» ttrongttt and jwrat Ly\ nude, Qnllk* othw Ly*. Kbalnj a fin* powder and packed IB t eu with removable lid. the eomtcmM tire alwajri ready for nee. Will make the bat perfumed HwdftoM lu SO oOnutei without MUnf. M Ii the belt for eletnlaf plpei. dielnfecting rinks, elOMto, afhlnj bottles, paints, trees, et», PENNA. SALT BFO. Cfe, G«a. 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Eossbiol, of above place, writes : I have Buffered a groat deal, aud whenever I now fool a nervous attack coming I tako a doao of Pastor KoenJg'a Norvo Tonlo and feel relieved. I tuliik a groat deal of it, and would rather be without broad than without tho Tonics Tired of I,iTiug. POUMD, WlB., 1600. Two yoarn ago last February I commenced having epileptic attacks, and could not rest a minute without having my limbs jerk. I was almost tired of living, when I hoard of Pastor Koenlg'a Nerve Toclo, and thank the Lord I got well after nolBg only one bottle ; and I will never target In my pmyera what thin medicine did for tuo. MISS MAY WJfil'IOK. Ff^ff—A Valuable BoOft en Korvons 17 DM L Disease* Bent f roo to any address, f Km f *°d poor pationta can alee obtain I 1 1 Li Li tliis meiUclno free of clinrto. This remedy has boen prepared by the Eovorond Pastor KoenlB. of Port Wayne, Ind, since 1870, and IB now prepared nndor his direction by the KOENIG MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by DrnsTBtatB at 81 per Bottle. OforSB. e, »1.75. 6 Bottles for 80. Dou't Suffer. Don't Buffer with rheumatism. Don't suffer with pneumonia or pleurisy. All these maladies ooino from one source, Whoa the kidneys are Inactive and fall to separate the urlo acid from the blood, It remains in and poisons the whole IK* current. If It manifest* itself in th* Joints it becomes pleurisy, and if it attacks the lungs It becomes pneumonia or pleurisy. If It attacks the brain It becomes apoplexy; if the heart, heart disease. It may produce any malady, such as .blindness, paralysis, or thd like. All those maladies have one com' mon origin, and that is kidney trouble, Tho seeds of most of these are laid ii tho summer. It Is then that peopl* fall to take simple precautions. TheJ get wet and expose themselves unnecessarily, and the result Is they take cold. It settles upon their kidneys and pro« daces any or all of tho maladies men* tionod above. When you feel that you are a sufferer in this respect get a bottl* of REID'S GERMAN Ooaen AND KIDNE* ( CUKE tind take it freely. Do not bo afraid' of it. It will not injure you. It is Ira-' possible to take an overdose. It contains no deleterious substance whatever. Ifc can ba given to children wltho it any- danger. Ask your druggist for it, and do not lot him give you anything else la place of jt. Small bottles 'Jic, largo /Do. SYLVAN HEMXDI' Co.. Fiodii, /ll. • WEEKLY COURIER-JOWL la the Largest, Wewnlost, Best Taper published. Has the greatest circulation of an) Democratic paper in the Unltod.States. ; Schemes hare been suppressed by State and National legislation. But this lias nothing to do with the WEEKLY COUEIBIt-JOUB. NAL'S lawful, legitimate, honest plan to dio- tribute absolutely free $14,400 in Gold Coin To subscribers vrho may answer accurately or come nearest to answering accurately oerj tain questions regarding the Presidential election to occur In November, 1882. Then will be One Grand Prize of $IO,OOO AND 44 PRIZES OF $100 BACH. Every subscriber at II a year gots the greatest Democratic paper published for 52 weeks, *nd In addition has 45 chanoes ut thesa grand gold coin prizes. In addition ^to thl) greatest offer ever made, the WtliiCLX COUlUlSa-JOURNAIi GIVES AWAY ABSO LCFTBLY FHKE, every day, premiums rang* Ing in value from $35 to *50. A free prosenj every day In the week to tho raiser of the larg est club The HELIAIHTJTiT and HKSPO& Every promise it makes is always fulfilled. A sample copy of tho paper, containing fuft details of those marvelous oilers, will be sen/ free anywhere. Bend your name on a posti< COMPANY, ^ ^ BYON & HEALY, Ba 63 Monroe St, Chlcaero. Will Ball I'r.e thslr ntwljr euUrso Catalogue ot Hand Instruments, Uui forma and Equipments, 400 Fine II- liutrattoiu, describing every article required by Banda or Drum Corps, ^ss: Conttl&f Initructlou tor inuteur Bunds Exenuei md Drum iitior'i Tactic*. By •Lux and a, BoHoUd Lui rf B»ad llu»U. i:. ,41011. All crops splendTi trijivii k'Kuuoruliuforuiatlirt H«li*m.XMt» Hso'i Remedy fw Catarrh I* the Bent, Easiest to Use, and Cheapest. C/VTVXRRR jf * **„

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