The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 15, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOINES. ALGONA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY, ,TULY Ifi. 1891. WHY GIRI^S MATSRT. C'LAUA ACOttSTA . — ill, mister, since you're asked me, It'* possible That t T wSg d ramH n °*l.,t they x, 6 ed to be some fifty The gfrU r i 8 s a^ter rich men thht'll make 'em dolls an' t-kattt. . ... an' pets, the yonne men neck for heiresses to pay their juAmKtfn^ rinVltft. courtin' so far as I'm gambllf debts, An' In these times ot rush an drive, right on the square Hain't carried on at no great rate aware. When I was young I married John;, we didn't Ixcept n cow, a dozen hens an' a hoss that father tf* till we plowed come land for taters. beane an' Bnt ire-was happy as two clams, now shure as you An' If 6 I was'a goln' to Mart and sorter jnstbe- Mj life all over I would do tixacily so affln. Why don't girls marry '! Wall, some folks do pre- Thatthl8 d hlgher y eddication has led woman all TheyhainTno call for husbands, they can aim th.n R s, but now 1 don't That "ortMtTilne should take the place of love an' HadrnSlmvomyoldgray John toollnglotlll I die. Why don't elrls marry? Lots of 'em Is waitln' for That'll give 'em diamonds, carriages, nn' let 'em They want toTiTv'e thoii- linger soft, an' as for You mlglltaV'SSff'expect that .or. o' business An' aW'^oWn'-gracious honey I they'd ily An' have 0 hysteric tantrums bad, if you should speak of it I An' chldren? bless your soul, dear man I the ntirs , cry girl that's hired , y« all the ina the children has! It rallly makes mi IX # *$ V' f K j' J*d"hear the mothers! of to-doy; they're like the poor old hen , . That only had one chicken- why, mister, 1 liai Stout boys an' f. Iris in twenty years, an'I ham no ways dead I . , , .n' never had no nursery girl to drive mo out o my head I Why don't girls marry? Some of 'em must lead a Bccause'tlio Hib'le plainly says man shan't have An' fur somu reason, I confess I do not under There's nigh about a third more girls than feller An' BO it seems, 'unless the world in som There'll be some girl's right straight along thal'l never have a chancel —Massachusetts Ploughman. THE TWO Within the vin&clad window sat two charming girls in the severely simple attire that fashion prescribes for travelmtr. Without,;; a tall -well-knit masculine figure lies at full length in the grass, face invisible, being covered with the owner s hut. To him there saunters up another gentleman, dark.^Ktylisb, wide-awake. "Hello, Carlton! Wake up! Got something to tell you." And he unkindly draws away the sheltering hat^disclosing a handsome, angry face. "Confound you! What makes you pester C_li_ 11.: . .rm •*,-.-. -rtTAafViaT* 1' * cfl.VR tllG ton and tbe brunette, Miss Winifred, were thrown much together, and their confidential talks increased in number and in- tfre-t. On the last day of C«rlton s- VIHI. he took a farewell stroll with his "chnrm- ln fhU stopped on a little rustic bridge thfi.wn over a hollow. Thet were tellintr each other their first impressions. "So you thought my cousin looked as if ihehad been born in the purple; find pray, rhat did you think of me?" "You'll be angry. "Oh, no I won t," "Well, then, 1 said to myself: What a dear little gypsy.' " .. Of course ^iis* Winifred was not a bit iirrv. She had said she would not bo. .jtJic slrucls her huml vicion->ly njfiiinst he rough wood-work. 'Take care; you will hurt jourself. Ami now may I ask your first opinion of "I thought—that ia, 1 said to myself— There is ii man that I shall enjoy making, a fool of,' " she nnswerecl spitefully. 0! She hail tun a gn.v.t sulintor into her uaiul. ii was v.-ry painful. Jack worlwtl forgivinglv to get it out. Just in ha _ ceeded. Misa_ Winifred turned ahir.mnirU white and inu'rninred: Don't bo frightened—How foolish am—1 feel like— ' ... And but for his itrni she would liavi fallen. .,, . , , Carlton was too bewildered to Uo nything but hold her tight and cover the wounded hand with kissea. Strange to ay, this peculiar method of reviving a young lady succeeded. She opened hui eyes and the color returned to her face. "Mr. Cwrltonr'—pulling her hand away Oh, if you wanted to make a fool o me," he said, bitterly; "you have en tirely succeeded. 1 love you!" He expected her to draw herself coklli from his einbracH, but Mhe did not. She Deemed quite contented where she was, Some Stieir*!««»on* «» to ««* th * v orlk In th«> Hou»p1>ol«> Ma? b« 9lmptlfl*rt. Is jour wife cross, the fire ou l . dtpnt-r ale and the room in di«or,ler? All. we know what is the matter—Urn girl ha< left nnd again that dread sorvrtnt-pirl prob- em has fotc^.d itself upon the consider** :ion of your family. What is to be done with this ever-ro- rrmftproblem? The housekeeper, who is also wife ami mother, must not starve her intellectual nature, thereby unfitting herself to be <i companion to her husband and a true mother to her children. She must take lime for reading and study, she must attend to her social duties, and if she has a gift for music, literature or art or a turn for business who would wish to keep her from following her natural bent? Yet her faiucly must eat and drink, the house must be swept and tfarnishod and a thousand and one little things at- tenrled to. Thus the servant girl becomes indUpensablo. . . 13nt, the servant (,'irl idso has caught HIP spirit of the times, and she-, too, desire^ time ami opportunity to improve her mind and atiuiid to hor social duties. She, too, has hopes nnd ambitions out in the big, stirnrg world. The long hours, the constant attention to little things, thn loneliness of the kitchmi while, tho "tollis are. in thn parlor or out, on the front-door stnp having their "ootl times has touched her consciousness, and more and more the intelligent servant is leaving service and bo- coming tho clerk in tho store, the cashier - - • •• mid the type-writer rank of tin in the course of two or three years he , foxind himspU not mbarraosed for ready I cash, as he had frf-uently been before: nol , obliged to scurry about here and t-hoiv to j raise money, wliich was an abhorrent oo- cup.ition to' him, but a capitalist, n««oci:itc J of rsipitalists, a man rstremcd in financtnl , cucles not only as a wizard with wonders , nt his bock, but a man with a. bank tic- ! count, capable of undertaking great «•, nancial opniations. Hn lonrnrd, too, to j curb his exuberant and enthusiastic nature, and he puts on :i mask of seventy and coldness difficult in till times for him to maintain, but which he found absolutely essontial for his protect ion. With m* intimates ho was a boy again and he Mis th.'in fi-«]iicntly thai whonhogi'ts through feeling liUc a liov and wanting t . net, with the simplicity and heartiness and frankness of ii boy'he wants to go. Kdison's wi-iilth is altuos 1 , impossible to e.-timate. • Hi." very largo, and he is accumulating now rapidly, the snowball has got to a prodigious si7,o, and it is constantly rolling. As he is only 44 years of age. the chances an' before he reaches oil ago hi- will b'H'inne one of the enormously wealthy men of the country. "\viiv," asked ft governess of bet link' vliiirco,' "(Jo we pray «<>d to give ns our daiij broad? Why don't we ft»k tor four il:i\>, or ttvc days or ft \vOL-ky" "Uernu^ wi- want it freMi," replied the InjfvtiliMi- rliiUI. Tin- iroud health of "every woman dtpvml- jnvatly upon herself; delays through lal.-> modesty arc dangerous, Lydia K. I'ltiklmm'.- Vegv.talilc Compound will cure nine en*r> >>ul Of ten. _ "Did you hear the news, Katie T" asUcu mm HI lie ifirl of another. "No," was the reply. "Well, my uncle lleorire and hi* wife are ifv.littf to Delaware on their honeycomb." "August Flower A JMoiiMiift Sense •>f health and .Uronjrth renowed and of CIIIM mid comfort follows the us* of Syrup oi l, as it acts In harmony with nature to '•liertually cleanse tho system when cosllvi: or bilious. l''or snlo In t>0e and 11.00 liotlles by all lending tlnitfulRta. Lltllo 3-year old Arthur was pulling the t-nl's tail, when a gentleman vlslllnir then' jiiid: "You uiustirl do Uin ; sho will bile." i'o this tit replied: "Uai ion't bite at IhU the says a fellow 111 thU warm weather! victim, sitting up disconsolately. "Did I spoil your nap? Have a cigar instead. I wanted to tell you of the arrival—Winifred Dunbar, the great heiress with her cousin and companion. _ 'Ihere is a chance for you to get a rich wife, my boy!" "Don't want one. Hang this cigar; it •won't draw! A poor man like myselt ean't afford to marry a rich wife." _ "I should say that he couldn t ufrord to marry anything else," laughed the other, "and Wirnie Dunbar is a beauty as well as an heiress. Yo'j don't often meet such a prize!" "Yo.u had better make up to her youi- self," said Carlton, dryly. "Perhaps I shall, and leave you the •ousin, who is also a beauty in another ityle. Hanged if I'll tell you which is which, though! And you'll never find il out from the manner of our hosts toward them. There are no worshipers of the golden calf in this house." "Humph," said Carlton, and smoked few minutes in silence, then he broke out: . "The i: an that marries a woman for her money is the meanest creature thai crawls upon tbe earth! You have money enough of your own, Rustell, for jour motives to be above suspicion, but as for—by Jove! 1 would not marry a rich womei if I loved her ever so well! I've^no fancy for the name of fortune hunter.' '•Bravo, Don Quixote!" laughed hi friend. Now suppose we go ancUake i iwim. You need some cooling oil." They strolled away unconsious of fan eyes watching them. Then said one young lady to the other "If that fellow does not marry a ricl woman my name is not Winifred Dun A few days later Mrs. Marshall^and her guests were grouped together on the lawn the Indies with some dainty needlework iS&Mr. Russell reading aloud to them; Jack ^F'Carlton in his favorite pps'tun, flat on.hi '•h'flfk in the erass working at a certain only n, rosy glow overspread her face, and she whispered: '• Aro jou uure—very sure? "1 wihh I was as sure of my eternal salvation!" "Oh, Jack! No, you irustn t, you mustn't? Do you love me well enough not to care whether I am rich or poor? "Ten thousand times, yes!" "And—and you want me for your wile, anyhow?" "Of. course 1 do." "Then take me! You may kiss me now, Jack," and he did. "Of course it makes no difference to you." said the young lady presently, but ou have offered yourself to the rich MISB )unbar. You needn't start so. You can t jrow me over now, sir." For a moment that was just wlmtJaclc nought of doing, but the quick tears in b companion's eyes brought him to his enses. , Voices below. Mr. Russell passed hrough the ravine in company with tho ther Miss Dunbar. He was holding the oung lady's hand, and her stately com- )0sure seemed for once somewhat ruffled. No more of this, Mr. Russell" slu ex- .laiinedinan agitated voice. "It is but ight that I should tell you it was my ,ousin's whim to confuse GUI identity. You doubtless think you are addressing ,Iiss Dunbar, the heiress—" "Not at all," interupted Russell. 1 nave known the truth all along. It is only Carton who is deceived, and if that s all the defense you can make—" The pair passed out of sight. "It's too funny!" declared the little gypsy, leaning on her lover's shoulder a'ugh. "That will be a match, too! And it was. On last Christmas .Lvethe two Miss Dunbars passed out of existence, but Mrs. John Carlton and Mrs. Francis Russell have become the belles of the sea son.— Cincinnati Post. in the inuivt-mnrket girl of tho ollico. Besides lessening ---- vanf s this increases tho ranks ot lliopn mat. are to be fed and waited upon. People .mint cut. If idl tho spi-vatitR arc to be educated nnd eduontion is to product- a corresponding distaste for hoiuowprk who is going to prepare the food for the coming genoration? A utnifi. Th« THE SNAKT5 GAVE CHASK. Uked Its Head for a Club and Knocked « Boy Down. A little son of David Owens, living ii the neighborhood of the "Dark Corner, three or fcur miles from Anniston, Ala had an experience recently, the impres- lon of which will last to the end of hif . , ^ who is . less than bushes some three his father's home •back in the grass working problem which had been troubling hirr for some days— which waa Winfred Dun bar? That tall, stjlish blonde in pal blue, with proud lilies on her bosom, p rhia graceful, dark-eyed fairy in plain white lawn? "The fair-haired one for money! one looks more like a fashionable beauty, aa Frank Russell says the heiress was. Not that charming: little gipsy. Providence never would bestow a fortune on a girl with such a bewitching face. It would be two much partiality. But she doesn't look much like a poor relation, either, I'd give a good deal to hear one of those young ladies call the other by her Christian name. Said the fair Miss Dunbar: "Winnie, have you a needleful of violet •ilk?" , r . _ , Said the dark Miss Dunbar: "No, Winnie; but I can get you some from up&tairs." Jack fairly gasped. Later he learned that both tne cousins bore the same name, Winifred. Then he began to notice that the dark Miss Winifred dressed more simply than her conain and that the was always ready to offer small services which the other accepted calmly. And one day the youne lady expressed it as her opinion that riches must be a great burden, although to be sure Cousin Winifred had such a mind tor finances! But for her part she hoped no one would leave her a fortune. This was said in a confidential way, with her great eyes looking- earnestly into his. "Ana what eyes the little th'ng lias, thought Carltou. "They look a fellow's heart right out. of his body." After that Carlton considered his nrst problem very happily solved. Another had taken its place. How much money was necessary for the luxury of marriage? Frank RuKtell was courting the blonde Mies Winifred, without Perhaps hia The little fellow, vearsold, was in the hundred yards from picking blackberries. . A clump of bushes covered with tin fruit attracted his attf ntion, and he pushei towaid it. Before reaching his point however, his progress was challenged by blacksnake fully six feet long and veri large in circumference. The boy turned to run and the s'nak followed. It overtook him and atructe hin on the back of the head, knocking him over. As he rose to his feet it struc him biting him in the face. The boy continued his flight, but the snake kept u the pursuit, striking and biting him a rapidly as he overtook him. The screams of the child finally attract ed the attention of his father, who was working near the house. He rushed to the little fellow's assistance, and was horrified to find his son bleeding and fought by the snake. As he rushed toward the serpent it left the boy and attacked the father giving him a desperate battle before it was dispatched. There were a half a dozen the child 'i face and shoulder. ng . Surely no ono would think in this country of ilmmving any clime of . from tho privileges of education which thn state guarantees to thorn, nor can wo blumo any woman who has a special talent Cor music, art or business from domnngjo spend her time to improving her tnonl- intend of remaining in n lon-isonie kitchen 0 cook and wash dishes that others may ave time for tho same occupations. One way of helping to solve this proMom 1 found in an approximate return to mm- licify in living. The dream of hdward Bellamy of n day to come when cpllogo fudents and of art shall each take lieir turn at cooking and sowing seems ardly practical, but the possibility that nmilies may learn to live HO simply that ach member may largely wait on himsi-ll having practical illustration in Chicago very day. One lady tells us that not long sincf, she as the guest at an elegant home where ho lady of tho house treated her friends o oranges and gave them o newspaper in- tead of a plate nnd napkin from which to iat the fruit. "We have no servant now, she «aid with a laugh, "to wash onr plates and lapkins for us, so we are living picnic ushion for awhile." It is needless to add that the ornnges were enjoyed just ae thoroughly and th.- lostfiss was just as engaging as if thi 'ruit had been served on china plutes with ;he daintiest of napkins. Another family in the city, who arc engaged in literary work and have nbout ,hem a refined and cultured circle of Wends, have packed away their china and ;able linen, closed up their kitchen and cook their food on a littlo gas fitovo in the dining-room. They eat on an oilcloth- covered table and USB paper napkins to save washing. The husband and wife cook their meals and wash their dishes together and wait on each other. Both testify that .they are enjoying life even bettor than when waited upon by two servants. . Once a week a woman comes in and 'cleans up" tho house, the washing goes to the laundry and a near neighbor bakes their bread and cakes for them. So they have home-made food to eat and their own little table, so much pleasanter than tho boarding house table, yet they dispense altogether with a servant in the house. The cost is greatly reduced by this stylo of living, while the comforts are not materially lessened. But this, after all, is only a temporary way of getting along with the difficulty. The trouble to get good servant?,, the care of looking after them and the waste which they produce are causing housekeepers to look more and more for some sort of cooperation as the only way to reach the simplicity in living whioh will give a true solution of the difficulty. «nl Clrl-U In :» Tunnel. lie had a car to himself, and id out! sta- lion up in Hi-.! Allegheny mountains had, left, his car for a minute or two to run K>r- I ward to the engine, which was Inking water. The water tank was directly west ol the great tunnel, and when the tender was filled and Uio train started the clerk sprang to his car. The entrance to tliu car WIIH on the side and u military handle was grasped, whereby the clerk pulled him- coif Up t0 lh ° (1 ° 0r> , , , II To his hcrror he found th« door had been jarred shut and could not bo opened from the outside, and the second he discovered thU fact the train shut into tho tunnel. With the desperation born ol a terrible death staring him in the face the clerk hammered and kicked at the door and shrieked aloud for help, but Ine noise of tho train drownoit his cries, and with both hands grasping the handb, his, toot on tho iron step and his' body glued to the side of the car, for fear of being dashed oil by tho jagged sides, he wan carried through the tunnel. As the tunnel is a mile long and the atmosphere therein is almost sliding this luckless mail clerk's experience can bo better imagined than described. When the i • 1.1 !._!.„ .1... I!. ..It! ii.viiiii Mill l\\\ ffl MltJIf i*ur i uuijj;iin;v* tium M-.-"V<. i.-....... '-- /»A train whot into ilaj light again the engineer bonolit nor euro, F.olitlillRlHiil IRnB. HtTRM's, lifiils's ('liillilnu 1 , Konther*. UIUTU.I, i-lr., I J) nl in- Ui-nm-il. 1'liisli (Ittrmonls ^ii'iinu'ii nl, Oiii> I'U'lrli'x Dye Works, !UU W. \\nlur St., Ahlttiiul.ri 1 . Send for Olrcu- Inr. "You iloii't nutini ID ciiy Hint you umlor •.turn! ir, nrli, Tuiimi.'i ?" "Oil! yon, I do Whi'ti mil nml t'n H)HiaU Kruni-li ul li-ft, Iknov I'm In Inivu u iiDwdi'f." A I- I'l'iiini In I i~n'f I'nfo for Coiinumnllon. UIIVCK wlioru oliivi- ri'im'illea full, lific. A North ot Eiml-ttul riM-rymnn linn lh« fol lowing iiiiilto: "Nil I'lown, MO cross." I-'I'I'N. —All l''llH«ln|,|,,Ml fl-iiiiliy UU.KI.IMR'HdllRir Nmm ItKKYuliKH. Nil I'llKiiflM-Hi-Hi iliiy'n IIM. Mnr- tiilloni cure*. Trtml!>>« nml t'J.lHI lllnl liollln fre« to Kit UIM. Bend lo IT. Kllno, Ulll AruliBl., 1'lilln., 1'A llotr much nomicr II gotn loo tlnrk to snw wood than It doi" 1 I" n'nv In'vn ti'Miil". For that Horrid Stomach eating. of your money, . bites about and as many Mrs. Carharfc any attempt at example was a disguise. Perhaps hia exampe was a V«y 'abruptly. little bit infectious. At all events Carl- * more spota where the snake had struck him with his head. Fortunately the snake was not of the poisonous family, and beyond a slight swelling from the wounds and a severe shock the boy is none the worse.— Atlanta Constitution. Extremely Frank. "Now, Robby, if jou don't want to go to Bessie Smith's party you must write a note atd tell her so and be sure you get it polite. You will find some models in this book of etiquette," to her little son. Robby struggled with the problem for an hour, and then presented for his mother's inspection the following truthful but unconventional effusion. "Mr. Robert Camart declines with pieab- ure Miss Bessie Smith's kind invitation for the 14th, and thanka her extremely for having given him the rpportunity to ao so."—Hsrper's Bazar. "In some snakes," said the professor, "we find rudimentary limbs, which would indicate that at one time the serpent waa possessed of feet." "Oh, there is no doubt of that," responded. Mrs. Flyppe. "The scripture shows that the serpent made his earliest appearance as a walking delegate."—Indianapolis Journal. "I wish to read -A po^m to you that I iu»t, dashed of," observed a female caher as she helped herself to a chair. '•Proceed!" replied the editor, resignedly. "A song I will indite— "I'd rather indict the songster, interrupted the editor, and the reading ceased KJMSON AFTEH DO I, I, A IIS. Why tlio.Gwat/iiventorSDesIreB to Accumulate a Fortune. "I saw Edison one day," remarked an acquaintance, "on the eve of perhaps his most important—certainly his most remunerative—discovery, riding in the cars :o visit a great foundry in Connecticut. He wore a long linen duster of antique design, a straw hat which was partly frayed at the edges, and he sat squeezed by the generous bulk of Prof. George A. Barker of the Universiiy of Pennsylvania, into a corner of one the amen seats of the railroad car. He was then not only the most Famous man on that train, but one of the most famous Americans the world over; and he had all the simplicity of greatness. And on the following day, when he stood in front of a great dynamo,the wind carrying his linen duster at an angle of nearly 45 degrees from his legs, and a convenient morsel of his favorite fine-cut revealing itself by frequent expectorations, he was really it. the presence of immensity and solving one of the riddles of the ages. For it was there that he got his first hint of the divisibility of the electric-lighting current, and it was at that moment that the Edison electric light was created in his brain. Even then Edison had no money sense. He had not learned, as he afterward did learn, that next to his own intellect the most powerful influence which he could have in the solution of the problems he undertook to solve was the possession of wealth. He was generous to a fault, not only with the money which he earned but with his ideas. It was not until he became associated with certain capitalists who regarded his intellect, with awe, and his lack of money sense with something like amazement tinged with contempt, that Edison learned the lesson of the value of money. When he got his lesson he had it thoroughly. Abandoned all the countless notions which floated to his brain unless he saw in them a money value; he measured his contemplated invention not by the satisfactions which they would give him or the fame which he would attain but their value as business commodities. He employed, just as a bank would; competent talent to handle hi* Accounts and. cash ; and looked back, as is tho custom, to see if Inn train waH following nil right, and discovered tho clerk in his hnrrowintz position. Quickly stopping his engine, tliu engineer ran back und with the assistance 1 of the conductor helped the almost dementeu than to the ground, where lie utterly collapsed, tliu strain upon his nerves bnmg too great. For six months ho wan under a .physi- cian'H care, and afior he became a well mar. again, said: "I thought that tunnel was* ten miles long, and my head, I imagined was hollow, with the dense BIHOKO rushing in my mouth and nostrils and coming out at my oars like steumpipes. Whenever I think of that ride niy brain reels and I feel .myself crouching, as I did, upon the outside of the car during that horrible experience." Apropos of our national holidiay Harriet Prescot Spoffonl will contribute t,o the next number of Harper's Bazar a charming patriotic story bearing tho suggestive title "Stars and Stripes." The Bazar will also contain many other features especially appropriate to the vacation season, among them will be an article on the ladies' lawn- tennis tournament held last week at WissahicRon, Philadelphia, for tho championship of America. The attractiveness of this article will ba much enhanced by a superb full-page illustration drawn by Alice Barber Stephens. "BKFOUB you marry have where to tarry.' And when you have sutured a house luij some SAl'OLIO to keep it clean. Everyliod;. pruiiios it. CooU, aghast: "Ueli, mum, I've sphlll n inyeiip of milk over Hie front of me l>u.sln ilriss, iui' thinking I'm ui'Lier spilii)' it in loiruly." Sympathetic Mistress: "O, Mary, how eouldyoul Was it all we hadi"^ A. M. 1'KiKST, Druggist. Sholbyville, Jnd., says: "Hall's Catarrh Cure gives tin- UusL of satisfaction. Can got plenty of tusii munhils, as it cures every one who takes it," Druggists sell i',, 75c. Mr. F.: "There's Mrs. liluepoint—sonu- like her, but she laeks repose, ] think." Mrs. DeB. (who got her money late in life): "I should think they'd let her slue], as late as slie had a mind lo." A physleiaTrecentlysaid, "probably Lydhi E. 1'inkham has done more for woman kind than all the doctors combined, a wo man understands those matters better limn we do." A prompt return if you get neither Kisky tornis for the doctor, but Bafo and stirp for tho patient. Everything to gain, nothing to lose. There's just one niinli- eino of its clitss that's sold on these conditions—just one that could ho— Dr. Piorco's Golden Medical Discovery. It's a peculiar way to Roll it,—but it's a peculiar medicine. It's tho ffitarantccd remedy for HI Blood, Skin and Scalp Diseases, from a common blotch or eruption to the worst Scrofula. It oleansoH, purifies and enriches tho blood, niul cures Salt-rheum, Tetter, Eczema, Erysipelas, and all manner of blood- taints, from whatever cause. ft costs you nothing if it doesn't help yon. Tho only question is, whethei you want to bo helped. "Golden 'Medical Discovery" is tho cheapest blood - purifier sold through druggists, because yoi. only pay for l/io good you get. Can you ask more? Tho "Discovery" acts equally well all tho year round. Made bj the World's Dispensary Medica Association, at 003 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. _ Mr. Lorenzo F. Sleeper is well known to the citizens of Apple- Ion, Me., and neighborhood. M> says: " Kight years ago I was taken. "sick, and suffered ns tvo one but a " dyspeptic can. 1 then began tak- " iiig August Flower. At that lime " I was a great snfTcrer. Kvery- " thing I ate distressed ine so that I "had to throw it up. Then in tv. " few moments that horrid distress " would come on and I would have " to cat and suffer "again. I took a "little of your mcd- " icinc, and felt much "better, and after " takingn little more " August Flower my "Dyspepsia disap- ' pcarcd, nnd since that time I ' have never had the first sign ofit. 'lean cat anything without the ' least fear of distress. I wish nil ' that are nflliclcd with that terrible ' disease or the troubles caused by 'it would try August Flower, ns I 1 am satisfied there is uo medicine 'equal to it." • DONALD KENNEDY Of Roxbury, Mass,, says Kennedy's Medical Discovery cures Horrid Old Sores, Deep Seated Ulcers of 4Q years.* standing, Inward Tumors, and every disease of the skin, except Thunder Humor, and Cancer that has taken root, sold by every the U. S. and Price $i.5o. Druggist Canada. in *8-AOENT8 WANTED-g* BICYCLE KtUblUliinMit In (lie World. 50 STYLES, WITH SOLID, CUSHION cm PNEUMATIC Tints, hi frumci/Vr tfanfi. Ktin free, rot ARcntt TfinuH, &o>. Hflinl 10 cl». In Mumi**. Ml,Iff A 834 n. Hih H(. I'Mlft. P». THIS IS THE ONLY SCALE 5TON. | 6O. TTOTJ no apiiulico, IndlRcHtloii, KlittulniK^n, Slok- ]I«ndoiili«, "nil run dovvu" or login); Monti, you will find Tutt's Pills Justwliatyou neml. They tono up tliow««li Btomnclt and build up tlieflaggingonurgieH. L° RELIABLE , ACCURATE, DURABLE:. BEANIBDX-BRASS-BEANHRON-I.EVERS; ADDRESS S.JUNES: •**rnn TCDI/IO 'HE PAYS THEFREIGHT'TOR-TERMS. B!NGHAIV1TON, N.Y. I EWIS' OVELY WOMAN """"irm r,,,,,,,i *»•*•"• »IWlllHlwi «yi'», piMirlypkln ..'U'A " f " w " rt| i living l» nil who ii AMMKTTB FltKNIJIi AKSNNK! porfcrt • IIKC Kit. __-., , . WAI''KK.S, •^*1.IIO ncr (MIX ity iriiiil fuiinplif puHuiKo Hit- MWdleton Drue Co., 71 Eaot Cortlandt Struct, How 7o'r!c. llbUojtfiS FuKM&T/" !LbT th ' ptw ft" THROAT AND j LUNG DISEASES ANTI8KPTI6 (xi'.'.'lwfBVil'E BTTOlHOA'QO*. of mnrviilpul "~ NATIOI* Good as Gold So enthusiastic are thouaunda of people over the benefita derived from Hood'a SnrBiipurilla, that they can hordly find word» to ezprem their oonfldonoe In end gratitude forthle medicine. "Worth ItHwolglil in gold" 1« a fayorite expresulon of theno warm frienda. If you are In need of a good modlolne to purify your blood, build up yonr strength, cure dynpop»la, or create an appetite, try Hood'* 8arsap.irlllu K. B. Be sura to get only Hood's Sarsaparilia Sold by all drugglaU. »1| »U for <S. Prepared only by 0. 1. HOOD t CO., Lowell, Mann. IOO Doses One Dollar -VASELINE- POIt \ ONK-DOI.I<AK HIM. «.nt u by mat «» will dollrer, fr»« of til eh»r»M, to nnjr p«r»ou In -,h. CJi>lt*il StuUt, all of tho follow!.* trtlelti, o»r» fnlly packnd : One two ouno« hottl* of Tor* VnHillno, • • Jt of ()n» two-onnod bottle of Va»lin< Pomade, . It" On* jurof Viw«llne Oold (!r«»m, J»' On* Cult* of V(inline 0«raphor Jo*, • - - • 10 " On< (J«k» of Vn«nlin« Soap, «n«o»nl«d, - * n On*<Ja!(0of VnawHnaSoHp, BrquUU*,! y ioant**!^ ' On* two-ou»o» boWU 0* WhiU Vei»lln», - • M " Or /or voiutgt iMmpi any KnyM arKcfc «l< IA« >irv« a«7»«d. On 'lo acc««nl »« ptrruadtd to wxtptjTi*'' uour drugglit any rwieUnt vr preparatltn Hurt from unltst labelled »M tttr »«m«, »»ea»« »•• «r«< e«r<<j<nfv r«cd»« an tniuttto* uUrJt luu HUH tr K< Utf. O*., »« State St., M. T. 15-28. drtainly rtcette tmlue. WIS. ['UK. UNION rOWDHEED AMD rEEFUMBD. (I'ATKNTEB.) The strongest and purest Lye made. Will make the test pefr fumed Hard Soap in 20 minutet 'without boiling. Ii; is tJie l>OHfc for softening wate^, cleansing waste pipes, disinfect ing sinks, closets, washing bcft> ties, paints, trees, etc. PENNA, SALT M'F'G Gon. AgU., Phils., Pa. LIFE Ago, stability, sound m^th- ods; cash valuo.-i, incontestable policies; the best extension cost. Address 921-3-!) Chestnut St.,' Dr. Bnydnr'n Kidney with Jr. ti.'W. FTSMTnEJiVMuvicker'nTliaufre, C)hiaago?j8t ~~— ile by all Drurjnists. Price $1.00. I'luikturo imik, SoMliy nil . ,in y mil., Hi'iiillnn H . 1'irlkl A hrailtlfnl 1'kuirt 1 Ho ,» u< Tl," an, I »|>|mU<IU|£. k itml (.'upl* -i-nt frt; lilHKK CO.. I "WOMAN, H K« lUSKAHKS A»D Til F.I It TKKATJIKXT." A vnluttble illuv trnted book of seventy-two pii|,'oa ««»l f ">°. OQ "<»lp* of 10 cent,, to cover coat ot ""{"J'fojfou,.., p,., GUIS in WiiBhington, U. 0. are the oldest, mottt effloie n t SOLICITORS The Soap that Cleans Most porih refuse exll is Lenox. use solid cd% of scouring used for^cleeuimg purposes, I asked a maid if she would wed, And in my home her brightness shed; She faintly smiled and murmured low, Beet Coagb Medicine. Recommended by Physicians Cure* where all else toil*, pleasant and agreeable to tti« taate. Children take it without objection. By druggets

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