The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 24, 1892
Page 5
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AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS, I, iliiWAUKEB 4 ST. PAUL. i.— East—Pass.— ..6:02 a in Ko. 2 10:24 am ,.4:37pmNo. 4........ 9:30pin Freight— 7:16 a in No. 8 ll:55pm "11445 a in No. 14 2:30pm a.-tlnm Nn. 10 12:16am THE) T1H>ER DES MOlNESt ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 1892, CHICAGO A NORTHWESTERN* , South— ..-• 8:18 a to Pass .... .... 2:33 pm .... 3:31pmMlxea 0:07pm S*7.iiT '. ,. 10:00 a to Freight.... 10:00 a m F 3if« attlrea at Chicago at 7am s arrives at DM Motnes at 8:15 p in, Lv. Des M. 2 -.30 a m THE CITY, There are two buildings in the city of Reynolds. Olof Pearson and Lillian V. Johnson are licensed to wed. Langdon & Hudson announce a special shoe sale this week. "Mr. Call will make a tile floor in the main entrance to the opera hall. The oat crop is generally reported light by those who have threshed. The surgical operation on R, J. Hunt last week was very successful and he ^111 soon be about again. The average time for a killing frost is Oct. 10. That will mean sound corn in Kossuth with some time to spare. Armstrong has six buildings and a city well. Three banks are organized ana ready to go in. One is already doing business. Letters are advertised for Frank Whitney, D. J. Dinnen, Connie O'Neil, Cora Nelson, Rev. I. B. Kilborne, James Vipond. M. O'Rourke is not allowing Algona to monopolize the improvements, and has just had his fine nome repainted. Jud. Stebbins did the job. The Ferguson-Hoxie block is being delayed because joists cannot be got for the second floor. The brick layers are at Austin finishing a job up there. The best oat yield we have seen reported is that of John and Joseph Newman. They threshed Monday from 40 acres and got 56 bushels to the acre. Geo. Platt has been doing a pretty good job of carpenter work on Wm. Bossingham's house in the west part of town. He had the building contract. Geo. E. Clarke is authority for the statement that iron will begin to be laid on the new railroad about Sept. 1, and that trains will run in November. 'Squire Thompson presided over a civil action Monday in which a question of wages was involved. Attorneys Quarton and Sullivan elucidated the law. The frame of Frank Nicoulin's new residence is up, the new Catholic church is about enclosed, and the foundation of the Baptist church is about done. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L. Galbraith returned this morning from their eastern trip. They have spent a most enjoyable summer and come home greatly refreshed by it. Jim Reed, brother of the county superintendent, has bought a place at Hardwick, Minn., and will build a grain warehouse and become a grain buyer there. He moves soon. A. Hough has bought the Queal coal sheds at the Northwestern depot and built an office near by. He also talks of putting in a grain warehouse. He will buy there this fall. The Kossuth delegation to Davenport lined up and secured a photograph which they have labeled the "kinder garten" delegation. It was made_up of young men almost without exception. There will be a novel and unique entertainment given by the young ladies and gentlemen of Algona, at the Congregational church, Thursday evening, Sept. 1. Full pi-ogramme next week. Mrs. Lull, representing the Juvenile temple, and Miss Reeve the I. O. G. T,, attended the state meeting at Charles City last week. A big gathering of temperance workers was present. The fall term of the normal school opens a week from Monday with every prospect of a big attendance. Will. Chaflee is back from his visit home and Prof. Chaffee returns today or tomorrow. E, Ltuige says that the roof of the Catholic church is the heaviest framework ever put up in the county. He and A. Wolf are the mechanics, and that means that everything is where it should be. Miss Emma Gilbert, who took a business course in Des Moines, is doing short hand and typewriting in W. B. Quarton's office. Mr. Quarton's brother has gone home and will continue his studies this fall. Frank Benjamin came last evening «*. a two week's visit and vacation. He, Grant Ramsay, Chas. Walker, and August the old 'bus driver are the Algoni- ansnow in the Minneapolis electric railway service. , Nine good templars from the Algona lodge visited the Bancroft brethren Saturday evening, returning Sunday about 3 o'clock in the morning. They f eport a very pleasant reception at the Northern metropolis. The ladies of the Congregational «nurch society will serve supper and «e cream at the residence of Mrs. A. j ahlten tomorrow. Supper served from 6 P. m. until all are fed. A cordial invitation is extended to all. Supper 15 ce &ts, ice cream 10. The new brick layer on the State "auk is an enthusiastic salvation army ttan and with Nicoulin's photographei °as been assisting in a series of meet- Ses in the Free Methodist church. £* reports a big organization at Sioux c »y, where he lives. Our Kossuth owners of horses on the jJeg Moines race track were interestec last week in knowing what was to be «°gewith them. "Algona Boy" anc Byron Sherman" are both there, and in n« M ,«"- l !: ud , ieno ! > H ® told manyin- eresling stories of life among the ne- groes at home. He is a bright young man and a good talker. B Prof. Carter, elocutionist, insurance man and mechanic, was in town last week and says that he and Prof. Warman of Chicago have made arrangements to travel three years. He goes is advance man and Warman gives the ntertainments. They will visit all he big cities of the United States and "urope. The Northwestern runs special state J«e failure of the association promised w ejiut them out of the track. The electric car on which Chas wuev was conductor in Minneapoli i«J over and killed a man and woman ay evening. They got off from 'a?d turning the wrong way 4twptty io front of h}e car, and peen, IB the dark one which was unavoid- onn country , two years in this school, and bearing unpronounceable name, lectured Sunday evening at the Methodist church —^. ,. uu vv . „ * v»uo OJJfc^ltlii. OUUiUO trains next week, beginning Monay and stopping Thursday. They eave Algona at 4:35 in the morning nd return at 11:67 in the evening, fare or the round trip $3.70. Everybody an afford to attend one day, and this rrangement gives a long day at Des loines. The Northwestern road is taking out lot of gravel from the Irvington pit. L steam digger and crew are out from •hicago and about 150 cars a day are eing hauled. The trains are taken to Sagle Grove and Ihen west to ballast .ho line. Irvington presents an animated appearance while the work is oing on. The executive committee of the re- ublican club held a meeting yesterdav morning and arranged for an opening ampaign meeting to be held the night * the coming county convention, Sept. . A speaker will be invited to be resent, the other clubs of the county vill also be invited to atlend, and the pening gun will be fired in proper hape. We learn that Lewis H. Frye has ound time in the course of his medical Indies lo altend to pleasanter dulies, nd as a resull he and Miss Alma )hronholm were married al Emmels- jurg last Thursday. Miss Cronholm was a teacher in Algona last year and s a most estimable young lady. Every- ody will extend good wishes to the evv couple. Durdall & Co.'s opening of the new lothing store was poslponed lill nexl ialurday on accounl of Ihe non-arrival f goods from Boston. They have put n a biff clean stock of goods and will pen one of the finest clothing stores in northern Iowa. All our readers should ome in Saturday and visit this enler- rising firm and see how much they ave improved the appearance of the tore. The county attorney's office seems to ie the center of attraction this year. We hear that J. W. Sullivan, C. C. i'hompson of Bancroft, and Chas. Cohenour are all being talked of by he democrats. Charlie says he has lonor enough in being elected lieu- enant, but his friends know that he vould be a number one county attorney, ind Ihe Fourth ward is in it for all here is going. The famous Kidd case is coming over 0 Kossuth from Spencer for trial next -nonth, but the Erwin who defends Odd is not the big St. Paul criminal awyer, but a young man from Storm -jake. This case is one in which Kidd s charged with attempting to bribe Sheriff Madden to put up a jury. £idd is having a romantic enough lareer to be a relative of the famous laptain of pirate fame. The democratic congressional convention is held at Humboldt today. J. '. Ryan is sure to be nominated if he vill accept, but thus far he_ has steadi- y refused. As we are anxious to have 1 Kossulh counly candidate we hope hat Ihe pressure there may overcome ho native modesty of our man and that ie will be persuaded to take the field. So long as we must have a democratic landidate let it be Ryan. An eastern machinery man was in Algona last week arranging to make an ixhibit at the county fair. The fair comes Sept. 2], 22, 23, less than a nonth from now, and it is time public ittention was directed lo it. Mr. jewis is already taking steps to secure a horse judge from abroad. The premium lists should be-out, but for some unexplained reason are not yet out of the printer's hands. They are being done ,t Wesley, Work on the opera house progresses .nd the laying of the first fioqr has fa dven all a prelly good idea of Ihe im- Jorlance of the new improvement. Mr. 3all has decided to heat with steam, and will put the pipes in the bank building as well. The committee en gaged in contracting for scenery, cur- ains, etc., are at work, and it is likely ,hat contracts will soon be let. The irobable date of opening is now set at iboutDec. 1. A very handsome gold medal has been displayed in Miss Dodd's show case to go as a premium to the mem- ser of Company F making the best score at rifle practice between now and ;he encampment next month. The jompany bought it at a cost of f25 and rives it to encourage good marksmanship. Walsh, Witham, Barr, and others are named among probable winners, jut any of the boys may lake Ihe prize. The shooting will occur every day from ,his on. An old hay press was left near the highway by the Milwaukee track lust week and scared several teams, bul no accidenls occurred lill Saturday, when Mrs. Oleson drove by in her covered carriage. The horse started and ran under the railroad sign by the track in such a way as to tear the lop from the carriage and otherwise damage the vehicle, while Mrs. Oleson was thrown out and is suffering from a very badly snvnined ankle. Dr. Morse attended h^r and she will escape with slight injuries from what might have been a serious accident. The first ball ^me of the season and lf\ yW° fame comes off Algona will be pleased «furnish the grounds. In this game ihe Cresco battery was absent and Oharlie Palmer and Guy Taylor took iheir places. From an average of 14 years the state veather bureau makes a guess for the month of September as to temperature, lulling the average at 64 degrees. They say the warmest September was that of 1891, with an average of 68 degrees; the coldest September was that )f 1883, with an average of 59 degrees; .he highest temperature during any September was 93 degrees on the 6th and 7th in 1886; the lowest temperature during any September was 31 degrees on the 27th, 1889; average date on which first "killing" frost occurred in autumn,) October 10; earliest on record, September 12. An assault and battery case was tried >efore 'Squire Taylor, Friday, in which one of the patrons of the Lotts Creek creamery had the butter maker arrested. E. H. Clarke represented the >rosecution and W. B. Quarton the de- ense, and after all the evidence was n the defendant was allowed to go. The difficulty arose out of a distribution of the skimmed milk, the patron taking nore than his share, according to the >utter maker. When spoken to some ligh words followed and it was charged .hat the butter maker shook the patron up. The evidence, however, didn't seem to bear this out. For September the state weather )ureau averages the rainfall at 3.43 nches; the greatest monthly rain fall was 79.3 inches in 1886; the least monthly rain fall was .15 inches in 1882; ihe greatest amount of rain fall recorded in any 24 consecutive hours was 2.92 inches on September 25, 1880. The iverage number of cloudless days will be 12; average number of partly cloudy days 11; average number of cloudy days sight. The prevailing winds for September are from the south; the highest velocity of wind during any September was southwest, 44 miles on 29th, 1878. By watching we can tell whether our state bureau can beat Hicks on a guess. Company F held an election Saturday evening to fill the vacancy made sy Thos. F. Cooke's promotion. H. J. Edens was unanimously elected captain, "!. T. Chubb first lieutenant to fill the vacancy caused by Edens 1 election, and "ias. Cohenour second lieutenant to 111 the vacancy caused by Chubb's elec- ;ion. The boys all went in with enthusiasm and after "riding the pole" and setting up the cigars were duly accepted as the new officers. They will make a strong team and keep Company F well to the front. The company in view of Col. Cooke's promotion adopted resolutions thanking him for past services ind tendering him an honorary membership in the company. Sensational reports were sent out last week about trouble in the home of Arthur Ward in Wesley township. From E. H. Clarke, who acted as county attorney in Mr. Joslyn's absence, we learn the facts. Two Joslyns', brothers of Mrs. Ward, came to the township this spring and hired out, one to Mr. Ward. A family dispute arose and they threatened to take Mrs. Ward to Wesley. Mr. Ward to prevent locked himself and wife in the house. They broke in and assaulted him but used no weapons and made no threats. They were arrested and fined $5 each and costs for the assault, but were let off on the charge of breaking into the house on condition that they leave town. They skipped on the first train. Notice to Breeders. The report that my jack has been taken away is not true. He can be found at the Wadsworth barn, as usual. He is a black Spanish, imported, weighs 1,200 pounds, and is the best jack ever brought here. 22t2 GEO. HUNTER. Harvest Excursion Tickets. On Tuesday, Aug. 30, and Sept. 27, 1892, special bai-vest excursion tickels will be sold at one lowesu fli-sb class fare for the round trip, a,s follows: To Wadena, M.'nn., and polnls west thereof to points in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Tennessee, Mississippi, etc. Recommends It Cheerfully. I have no hesitancy in recommending Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diar- rhoea Remedy to the public, as I do to my friends and patrons. I used it myself after other well-known remedies had failed, and it cured me Jn a few minutes. I recommend it candidly and cheerfully upon Its merits, not from a financial standpoint, because I have others in stock on which I make a larger profit, but because Chamberlain's is the best remedy I know of .'or bowel complaints. There is no doubt about 1.0; it does the worl;.—James Forgy, druggist McVeytown, Pa. Sold by all druggists. JUST received a new Ime of line of ladies' fine patent leather Upped walking shoes. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. lt'8 Wliat Saved Her Life. Mr, J. E. Thoroughsooc 1 , writing from Georgetown, Del,, says: "Two teaspoon fuls of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy saved (he life of Mrs Jane Thomas of this place." He slates al so thai; several other very bad cases of bow e 1 complaint there have been cured by this remedy. Sold by all drusgists. FOR real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, make inquivy at 1he Kos suth Couni.y bank. Rooms for Rent. I have four good large roomsover my store, which I will rent cheap. Anyone wishing office or living rooms wil" please enquire. JNO, GOEDERS JR. Ifor Sale. The Wernet farm, 160 acres well im proved, three miles southwest of Algo na. I. WERNET, 2216 Algona. Half Rates to Portland. On account of the annual session o the Sovereign Grand lodge, I. O. O. F. the Chicago & Northwestern will, from Sept. 10 to 14, inclusive, sell excursion tickets to Portland and return at hal rates—one fare for the round trip- tickets good for return passage within 60 days from date of sale. For ticket and further information apply to agen 0. &. N. W. Ry.-22t3 WE are handling the finest tea in tty city. Try it, you will have no other Langdon & Hudson. JUST a few more of thpse men's ligh coats left, pn,ly £60, at. Geo. L. Gal PEBSOKAL MOiTEMENTS. Dr. Sayers is home from his trip to Denver and Salt Lake. Mrs. Dr. Criley and son of Dysart are visiting at Dr. Morse's. Geo. E. Clarke is at Estherville at- ending court this week. Rev. Davidson returned Friday from lis Chicago vacation visit. Bankers Stephens and Weimer were .own from Ledyard Monday. Misses Gertrude and Lulu Clarke went to Wells, Minn., yesterday for a wo-weeks' visit. J. J. Wilson and J. J. Ryan went to lumboldt yesterday for the congress- onal convention. Mrs. Frank Benjamin came from Min- eapoils a week a ago for a visit with Algona friends and relatives. Miss Mattie Robinson came down rom Minneapolis last week for a visit with her mauy Algona friends. ' • P. J. Siberling of Waterloo was in \.lgona several days last week on busi- ess. He owns property in this coun- y- Robert Chrischilles arrived from linneapolis Monday evening. He has )een in Denver and Chicago since leav- ng Llano. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Lund went to Chicago Friday, and Mrs. Lund will make an extended visit with her rola- ives there. Mrs. Dr. Pride was visited last week jy two sisters, one from Duluth and one rom Hampton. The latter was accom- ianied by her husband. Miss Daisy Hack came up from Hum- ioldt Friday and spent the day at T, H. jantry's. She is a daughter of our old ime resident, O. J. Hack. V. H. Stough spentlast week in Algona, returning Monday morning. Vic hinks Nelson will be elected governor n Minnesota, but that Donnelly will iut some figure. Judge Gary and wife of Chicago came jut last week for a visit with E. V. Swelling. Judge Gary is the man who presided at the anarchist trial and one if the leading Chicago lawyers. Miss Cora Hibbard expects to take a 'acation from posloffice duties and r isit friends in Maxwell this week. Miss Mamie Lantry will renew her acquaintance wilh the office and assist vhile she is gone. Dr. Shore came up from Des Moines Saturday for a day's visit and returned Monday*with Mrs. Shore. The doctor s just home from Colorado. He likes Pueblo but generally speaking was not much impressed with the great west. State University. By its announcement in this paper it will be seen that the State University of Iowa resumes its work on the 20th day of September. It is the leading school in the state—the crowning &\ory of our educational system. The chairs of its several departments are filled with professors and teachers selected or their superior fitness for their work. No effort will be spared to promote the welfare of the student, and we take special pleasure in recommending it without reserve to the attention and Datronage of all who are interested in ;he acquirement of a collegiate or professional education. Full information as to expense and school facilities will DO promptly furnished on application. An Opportunity Will be afforded your eastern friends to visit you by the series of excursions arranged by the Chicago & Northwestern railway, for which tickets will be sold at half rates (one fare for the round ;i.'ip). If you will forward to W. A. Thrall, general passenger and ticket agent Chicago & Northwestern railway, Ohieago, 111., the names and addresses of your eastern friends to whom the information would prove-interesting 1 , a circular giving the full deiails ol these . excursions will be promptly mai'ed.—20eowl3 ALL kinds of fruit, peaches, grapes, apples, and pears al Langdon & Hudson's. Jineklcii's Arnica Snlve. The be .t salve in Ihe world for bruises, cuts, >.o '6s. tiliw., s.-'t viieum, .'eve;. 1 sores. teutei', cj'.l Tpins, i limped ham's. COVDS anc alls', oe up.'oos, and no Mve'v cures 'piles ornoni •• °s .••er ' PO. . u f . £aa:anteed to glvepe -cusr.'s'acu'oti o'-tn meyrefunded Price 2.!o a uu..; bolci by Da. Siieeiiz, MACHINE o'l at Lansdon & Hudson's State University of Iowa. The Several Departments Will See/it the Year 1892-93 071 Sept. 20. Abstracts. Each department is thoroughly equipped fo efficient work, and no pains will be spared to afford students the best possible opportunity to pursue their chosen lines of study. Fo particular information as to the respective do partments address as follows: Collegiate—Charles A. Schaeffor, president Iowa Cliy, Law—Emlin McClain, chancellor, Iowa City Medical—A, O. Peters, M. D., secretary o faculty, Iowa City. Homoeopathic Medical—Dean of faculty, lo wa City. Dental—A. O. Hunt, D. D. S., dean of faculty Iowa City. Pharmaceutical—E. L. Boenier, Ph. G., dean of faculty, Iowa City. Expenses in all departments are reasonable Cost of board in private families, $3 to $5 pe week; in clubs, 81.50 to $2.50 per week. For catalogues*?? for general information address CH^'^ES A. SCHAEKTER, 33m3 " President. Other abstracters have poolec We're not in it. We have been in the business for 22 years an don't have to sell, but are her to stay. Our work is GUAR ANTEED and will be done.a living prices. Jones & Smith, YQU OAtf BUY .Sewing Machine that ret J, ' t •< l i&L*L£ im Special Sale of HOSIER Y, ommencing Saturday^ Aug. 20, '92. ic and Imported. THE GRANGE STORE. Bradley & Nicoulin Are agents for the -jlv *• luber Separator ^K^ And Engine. This will be on exhibition on the vacant lot back of our shops EVERY SATURDAY. We are agents for The Standard Mower. That this mower is not equaled is admitted by everyone. We are also agents for © The Empire Binder, which has less pieces than any other binder manufactured. Remember that our steam thresher will be exhibited every Saturday. Don't fail to see it. Galbraiths are To Do You Good Hot Weather By reducing the prices on all their summer goods, so that everybody can get something cool to wear for a very little money. We are also giving extra Bargains in Mens and Boys Clothing. Come in and learn the prices. "QUICK MEAL" Gasoline Stove. Sherwin-Williams paint, White lead, and oil. Fence wire, Builder's Hardware, Steel Roofing, Pumps, etc., etc. My prices will meet all honest competition. Work fully guaranteed. H. J. WINKIE. . Ij. , J'u.ll'u.s IFletlx, DEALERS IN REAL ESTATE, Do you want to sell your farm? If so, list it with its at once, we can find you a buyer. Money loaned on Real JSsbiie on long U'.ne and at low rate of interest. Agents for Dubuque Fife and Marine Insurance company. Ojjlce over Cfatbraith's store. FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to niake farm loans on five to ten years' time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial pay^ Qfi]ce over Chrischilles' store, Algona, Q C! Cil^CfCiTrTIVTCi fS, fS, te.hjOteJ.UlNb, i?ia ^L&s&Z 1 ^. »,4&«4fe'A

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