The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 15, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1891
Page 5
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PROfESSIONAL DIRECTORY. THE UPPBE M8 ALGONA* IOWA, WEDNESDAY, J 11 tiT 1 GEO. B. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona. la. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossnth County bank, Alpona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kossuth Co. bank. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Clirischilles' store. L. K. OARF1ELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office. State St., one door east of Cordlngley. Residence, McGregor. 1 St.. enst of thu public school building. H. C. MeCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice. MORSE & PRIDE, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. iffloe east of Rutherford house, Algona, Iowa G. T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Next door to J. G. Smith's store, Algonn, la. J. E. HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Wesley, Iowa. Day and night calls attended to wltli promtness. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE * St. West—Pass.— No. 1 6:02 a TO No. 3 4:37 pm Freight- No. 9-S tn No. 13....';*5a IflNo. 14 2:30prrt No. 5 8:17ptnNo. 10 12:15 am East—Pass.- No. 2 10:29 ft m No.4 Freljrtit— :;?0 p m No. 8.. 11:55 pro CH1CABO A NORTHWKSTKUN. North— I Sonth— Elraore pjvssp«4:0n p m Elmorepsss 12:20 p in St. Paul frt...O:3S a m DesMoincsft 7:35 p m THE CITY. T. J. FELLING, PHYSICIAN AND M. D., SURGEON. Consultation in English and German. Office and residence ovoi' H. Goetsch's store, Whittemore, Iowa. DR. GEO. J. HOLTFOERSTER, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. West Bend, Iowa. Special attention to diseases of the skin. Fits, epilepsy, etc., cured. BANKING INSTITUTIONS. Kossuth County Bank, CAPITAL 850,000 Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made nromptly, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or .',5*Y—frem the old countries sold at lowest rates. ,'/ WM. H. INGHAM President """3\ .1. B. JONES '. Vice President. 4/ LEWIS H. SMITH Cashier Directors—Wm. H. Ingham, John G. Smith, J B Jones, T. Chrlschilles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth.-Barnet Devlne. The First National Bank CAPITAL .............................. $50,000 Special attention given to collections. AMBROSE A. CALL ................. President D. Hi HUTCHINS .............. Vice President J. C. BLACKFORD ..................... Cashier Directors— Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutchlns, J C Blackford, Philip Dorwetler, Wm. K. Ferguson, A. D. Clarke, C. B. Hutchins. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security. FARMERS' AND TRADERS' BANK, TO \A/< -A~ K. M. Richmond ..................... S res 15 en ! B. B. Richmond ................. Vice President A. B. Richmond ......................... Cashier Transacts a general banking business. Collections a specialty. Money transferred to all parts of the United States and Europe at low rates. Tickets to and from tile old country for sale Taxes T>aid for residents and non-residents. Abstract of title furnished on the same day applied for. •Si,. a^E. SKCCSMO3OTD. DEALER IN EEAL ESTATE. Lwvn. and Insurance Ag't and Notiiry Public. 60 000 acres of prairie lamia and improved farms for sale or rent. Village property for sale or rent. Now is the time to secure you a home before three prospective railroads are built, which will advance the price of laud beyond the reach of the average home-seeker. COMMEECIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa, B. M. Richmond, proprietor. First-class house. Satisfaction guaranteed. Special attention to the traveling, public. Frank Jones is working in Winkle's hardware store. Geo. Van Poll and May M. Lyon are licensed to wed. Miss Anna Richmond is to teach In Bancroft next year. K P. Keith of Plum Creek is very sick with an nbeess in his abdomen. The well machine from Aurora has not arrived but is expected at once. The work of calking tho standplpo is done, and the contractors are giving it 11 now coat of paint. Mrs. Warner, tho lucky winner of a S3,000 pension, has gone to Milwaukee to visit n. daughter there. It is not fully decided that W. W. Wheeler will join tho Hamilton Bros, in opening a big lumber yard. Miss Lutio Wallace was re-elected to tench in tho Bancroft schools next year. She has been very successful there. E. B. Butler is now engaged In W. C. Dnnson's olllce, and will inako an efficient and popular man for that firm. About a dozon people go to Bancroft this week to attend tho quarterly moot- Ing of tho Northern Iowa Baptist association. Lon Sessions Is back from his job of putting in tomb stones near Chicago. Ho had a number of orders, and found plenty of work. Harry Dodge Is on tho road now with a fence making machine which ho is having good luck in selling. He has a good machine. L. C. Lindsay was In Dos Moines hist week with his son whoso eyesight IB seriously affected. An operation will have to'bo performed. A. L. Hint's pneumatic tiro bioyelo has arrived and now they aro all tho rage. They seem to bo a little swifter than any of tho other kinds. Tho Women's Foreign Missionary society will take charge of tho Methodist services Sunday evening, and give an entertaining programme. aTho regular meeting of the W. C. T. U. will be hold at tho reading room on Friday afternoon at 8 o'clock. A pro- gramme will be presented. All are invited. Tho latest news this morning .from Allen is that he is getting better. Dr. Morse says one rib is cut about half way off, but ho fears no serious consequences. The contract for cutting the Blackford bill has been let to Robt. Stephenson and J. W. Sampson. They will begin work as soon as the plans can be agreed upon. Fred. Rodgers while working in a hay press at Rod. Jain's in Portland f ot both feet caught and badly pinched, ortunately no bones were broken, but his feet are very sore. D. A. Haggard's visit came to an end Monday as a telegram called him home on business. Mrs. Haggard and the girls are at Redwing, Minn., and will spend the summer. Peter Walker brought some currant bushes loaded with fruit to this office last week. Peter may not jibe with his township on school law exactly, but Peter knows good currants when he sees them. Mary E. Lloyd, who conducts the juvenile department of good templar work in the state organized a society here Monday with Mrs. Frank Lull in charge. She spoke on temperance Sunday evening. Judge Carr came over last week and closed up some legal matters. Among other things he settled the pleadings in the Ding-ley & Moffatt stallion case which comes up again at the October term. Company F starts for Webster City next Monday for the annual encamp- had the Bancroft pltehcr, and affaln fell down. Out- nine has x vet a game to win this season. Chas. Lindquist, the Norwegian who litrs east of the Catholic cemetery, was sent to the asylum for the Insane last week. Ho had a row with John Jfouy and pave him a sound drubbing. There seems to be a sentiment, that it Femjr had been sent the craay man would hare been captured. D. B. Avey gave the first of his Illustrated lectures Monday evening, having ft large number of fine views of American scenery given with a sterttoptieon. As this WBAtho lirst appearance there wore some hitches, but with practice he will have an pnlertnlnhig exhibition and make n success of the work. Chas. Hist is In Alg-oua rcpresonUng- tho Omaha Beet Syrup Vinegar eom- pnnv. and Is selling a lino article. He left'a bottle at this office which has boon mistaken for everything but vino- gar by our visitors^ though most of Alt WANTED FIRST PUCK, That's Mow It Ixwkwl ftt the A Fin? l.-'lcW ami Westfalt and MeltA Led in Ihc tvro f ret* ting Races—Iowa fioy «t ihe in the Running Race. State Bank of Bancroft AUTHORIZED CAPITAL 8100,000 Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Transacts a general bunking business. Money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bmnrht and sold, collections a specialty. Real estate loans procured and Insurance furnished. Notes purchased. Large list of wild lands and improved farms for sale and rent. S T JIESERVEY President jft. N. BR.UEK, Vice President CHAS. R. STOREHOUSE Cashier Dlreotors-G. S. Rluglund, S. T.. Moservoy, B; N. Bruor, J. B. Johnson, G. Korslund. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. purposes only. Bootes Sta.t5.oa3.aey. ment. The boys are burnishing their buttons, and polishing 1 their guns, and getting ready. The shooting corps will go Friday. Thos. F. Cooke took his kodak up to the north end of the county last week and came back with some good photographs of Capt. Jeanson's place, the big cattle herds, etc. These amateur photograph outfits are sources of great amusement. The cigar factory of Louis Ei'cken- rodt has been bought by Brunson &Co., and Louis will hereafter work for them. Their management is rapidly putting them to the front as cigar makers, and Louis is a number one man in the factory. Earl Stephens went to Woolstock last week and brought back Ghaa. F. Hint?., who had mortgaged a team to Fred. Dormoy, apparently without a title to the horses. When he came up he was able to get the horses for Mr. Dormoy and was released. Herman Rantzow, who now lies in durance vile, is a professed anarchist. It is said he was given notice to leave the last town he was in before coming here, and his own story la that an uncle kicked' him out of his house. He is a disturber of the peace. Next. Monday morning', July 20, Algona will wake up to llnd herself in possession of the school teachers. Our city is always glad to welcome them. Recitations begin promptly at 8 o'cldek on the first morning. Miss Carey seems determined to •• waste no time on useless preliminaries. There will be a meeting of the Northern Iowa Normal school association on Tuesday evening, July 22, at 8 p. m., at ,the county, treasurers office. Three trustees are to be elected, as the terms of H. C. McCoy, Geo. C. Call, and H. S. Langdou expire. A full attendance ;iB requested. The Algouu ball nine met Creaco Saturday hero at home, and not one of them can iiemembei 1 the score. Yester; day, with'tlie help of some old'players, they, met Bui't on'tUo fuiu ground-Butt gur uy uur \i&n.uir», unvu^n ...v..^ v., them have slopped before they drank it. Charlie snys ho can beat anything In the vinegar line. Miss .Tonnle Bailey reports that the Baptist young peoples convention, which she intended lust week In Chicago, was u success In every way. Although tho convention was tho llrst of its land, and wns called for tho purpose of organisation, there were about t'UHH) enthusiastic delegates present from various stales and territories to form a national organisation, Dr. Prldo had no sooner got Allen sowed up and bandaged than ho was called to Mr. Slfert's homo to llx tho eye of their little boy, Sunday. In playing with some other boys ho was hit'with a block which had a rusty nail in it, and tho nail out tho uyelld and into tho ball. No pornuuiont Injury to tho sight IB feared, but cuts by rusty nails aro always dangerous. MJss Grace Adams, a graduate of Cornell college, .181)1, and a teacher of several years experience, has boon chosen as first assistant of tho Northern Iowa Normal school for tho coming year. Tho principal is much pleased at securing her sorvieoB as sho was considered tho ablest lady of her class and has made a lino reputation in tho profession of teaching. Goo. C. Call is superintending tlio construction of a handsome vault in tlio cemetery in honor of his father and mother.' It will bo 10x1(1 feet out of a combination of marble, jaspar, and pipostono which has boon brought from Sioux Falls at groat expense. When done it will bo ono of tho handsomest vaults in tho state. Judgo and Mrs. Call as our first family in" Algona do- servo a lasting memorial, and such is being erected by their children In their honor, T.hoi'0 must bo lots of celebrating going on hereabouts. Saturday evening as Chiis Heise and soino friends wore sitting in his shop a pint bottle camo crashing through ono of his front windows. It had been thrown from across the street, and shattered both window and bottle. Tho broken glass was thrown over the room and small pieces fell on tho men in tho room. No ono could be seen on account of tho darkness, but probably it was some drunken joker who indulged in tho pleasantry. Those of our readers who saw the notice of Abbio Carringtori's coming have probably wondered why she has not come. The facts seem to bo that her old agent has been fired and was dead beating his way with his old friends. He made his contract with Mr. Nicoulin in duo form and then borrowed $10 and that is the last that has been heard of him. As Mr. Nicoulin had made contracts with him twice bo- fore he of course could have no suspicion. It is a good joke on him, however. Ambrose A. Call and Mrs. L. B. Read were elected honorary members of the Upper Des Moines Editorial association, at the meeting last week, in honor.of their work in pioneer times. Chas. Aldrich, S. H. Taft, Judge S. M. Weaver, E. S. Ormsby, and Rev. Sanderson are the other honorary members, all at one time connected with newspaper work. Messrs. Aldrich and Call began nearly together in northern Iowa, and Rev. Taft and Mrs. Read were nearly contemporaries. Clifton Scott, M. D., of the Highland Park Normal school at Des Moines, will deliver the first lecture of the institute course on Thursday evening, July 23, at the Congregational church. Prof. Scott's subject is one in which everybody is interested. Physiology and anatomy with the effects produced by alcohol and narcotics will be illustrated with a steriopticon and calcium light. Prof. Scott is an entertaining- speaker and thoroughly understands his subject. The lecture is free and ..we shall be pleased to see a full house. The next meeting of the. editorial association will be at Algona in December, and there will be a big 1 attendance from all this part of the state. Tho meetings have already done a great work in making the editors acquainted with various towns, and have been so successful as entertainments that everyone makes it a point to attend. Algona will not want to fall behind in hospitality, and in due season will be visited by the editors. J. W. Hinchon is on the programme committee and a fine pro- gramme will- be prepared. The prospects for the races yesterday morning were mil bright, owing to lowering weather, but the entries wore by far the most extensive ever made for races in the county. The association bore has joined the American Trotting association and adopted Us Ion. and everything was conducted according to them. The full lu»l of entries was as follows! For tho 2:C)0 trotting race ten horses were entered! ICnrlio, Olws. Surprtit, Otlnioro Clt,y. Fnuika, UoldBttutt»'& Western, tingle Uvovo. .. « , ,, Mutt. CiU'|H>ittm-, il, A. WmuleH.v, luive- loi'k Hi-Urn Mnrn, T. W. llnvllitir, Miles. I'omimv 1.1., .1. M. Uumltt, Jangle drove. itouilUfifW, H- 1'iu-Uhi, Cherokee. WoBtrall, C. H. Moxrord.] Bargains at the Cash Store 1 The Tank Line war has ended, and oils sell at old prices; hut Flour and Host intent, per snck ttnU latent, per sock per sock .... t.40 1.20 20 Iba fine (I'mnnlnted Snjrnr for 21 lb<< < 'offpc A Hngnv for 2'2 11>? Lip-hl Hnnvn Suprnr fin- . .fl.OO 1.00 \M s on other gootts remain the same as before. Remember, we are agents for Rock Salt for Stock. l and sec its. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON, St. WttOVfc. .lotis* 13. . kee. Holliniil, Bewiill, Dimuigo Belle, Nt-lir. Jituller, (1. C. Tlumma. Athlete., W. H. Clm-lt, Olcnr IjitUo. For the 2:M8 (rotting race six horses wore entered: Mettn. W, L. Miller. ChernUeo. luhswilil, F. D. Yaw, Clmrokco. ,llm I'luiyur, U C. Oroon, Hartley. LtumlihiB, A. it. HrlnKB, Hittierliii 1 , Ncur. Puorla Chief, T. W. DitrlliUr, Miles. Sully Chief, .1, t). (JhrlBtouhor, .Uitvehti-k, For tho throoyoar-old trotting raco live horses wore, entered! Brlo-a-Bviio, W. A. Waterman, Nowell. Count, .1, \V. O'Brloii, MiivotuiMc. .1. A Wondorly, .1. A. WundoHy, Hiwelnek. 18vu T., •lolm Pitttormm, Alumni. Diiraiitro Belle, C. .US. Holland, SoWnru, Nob. For tho half-milo running raco eight horsos woro entered: Startle, Al. illlcnmn, LuMiu-s. Ct'luhct, F. A. Llvoraioro, Kltitrsloy. Captain, A. .1. llaysuii, Hnveloi'ki Iowa Hoy, C. H. Holiday, Strawberry Point. •llmiiltn, Shaw Bros., Hhoflleltl. Wlialoljono, H. Einorlult, \Vlntorsot. KoBBiith, John Winkol, Bancroft. Duko of Artlino, Will Nun-is, Jltlmboldt. In tho froo-for-all trot live horses wore entered! SprtiBUO Bright, C. B. Holland, Sowiml, Nobr. Untidy. J. Davis, (Jhorolte-n. Luslio Boy, .1. B. Taylor, Hiiiiiboldl. Delinont, .lolm Hull, CrosUm. Gold Dust Prince, W, U. Clack, Clour Ijiiko. In the mile running race five horses woro entered: Golden Aaron, A. A. Tennyson, Larchwood. .fuiinitii, Shaw Bros., Sheffield. Tho Moor, M. L. Marhliiuii. Bos Moines. KosRiilh, John A. Winkol, Bancroft. Duko of Ardlno, Will. Morris, Huiiiboklt. Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. \VoPl of Ttiovltipittm Utilise. M. ?.. UttOVfi. 1 -> "*' C t rim now ninlu 1 lonns on Imufnvril lands, from <mn to Hint tin siM'oml Htn rnwpi- to vpiltiKO Ills i i\l iilH-o on . |ii(.v!n(itliiMvliiil(> loiin or « 11 y pint • Iticvt'orln CVIMI Jtoo nt liny iliilt 1 \vlicii Ind'vi'sl fulls ili'i'. This Is Ittwn nitiiley, vit^iMii 1 i'int|mi\s tnlti-ii. Tills \ilnn nr innltlncii Innn will iMinMi' HIM, lior- ut-luiifii' ill. itn.V Ilillc nuil suvc I ho liili-i-ost on (he iiiiioiint |ialil. Mollpy loi'ft'o,!. Illlo. Unll on or mhlvoss It. IIOXIM, Algoiin, town. GO TO A. M. & G. M. Johnson KOH- Walter A, Wood apron Binder, Four-foot-3, five- foot, and Tlie sky was oloudy but, the fiir dry in tho afternoon, and a good crowd gathered for the 2:50 trot, 2:38 trot, and half-mile running race. II. W. Burross, who started at Spencor, was also starter here, and barring too long waits between heats got the horses off in good shape. In the first race Westr fall won first, Elastic second, and Du- rftngo Belle third. The score: Westf all ................................. 1 1 1 Klastic .................................... H 'i a Diirango Helle ..... . ..................... 3 f> 4 Matt Carpenter .......................... « •' ••> I'omple K ................................ 4 4 5 Time— 2:4814, 2:49'/ 2 , 2:47. In the 2:38 class Metta won first, Peoria second, and Jim Thayer third: Metta ..................................... 1 1 1 Peorla ................................... 4 a :l Jim Thayer ..... . ........................ 2 4 3 Mlewilrt .................................. 3 3 4 Time— 2:40, 2:34|/ 2 , 2:3n'/i. The half-mile run was very close and exciting, Iowa Boy winning first, Crickett second, and Startle third: Iowa Hoy ................................... 1 l Orlckntt ........ ....... ..................... 3 2 Startle ....................................... 3 3 .fuanita ...... ................................ 4 4 Duko o1 Arrtino .................... ......... 4 5 Time— 51^, 0114. The weather today is beautiful, and the three big races' come this afternoon. There are good entries in the free-for-all trot, mile running, and three-year-old trot. These will be the best races ever seen in Algona. The town is full of h6rsemen and strangers, and a big attendance is insured. The intensely American style of the machines makes others look clumsy a ncl foreign. Walter A. Wood Twine, Wagons, Carriages, Wind Mills, Pumps and Tanks put up on short notice. WEAR aOOD OLOTHE8, Fill ifc Son Have Their N'ov? floods In — The latest Patterns and tlio Cheapest Prices. A fine line of new spring and summer suitings have been received at Fill & Son's tailoring' establishment, and they invite their friends to look them over. Goods were never cheaper, and this firm can put out the best suits at low prices. They guarantee their work, and buy their goods only at the best houses. Visit them when in town and see. how cheap you can get good clothes. For Sale. McCormiok (5-foot mower, used two years; 12-foot hay rake with pole; one Acme hay stacker and bull rake; all complete; will be sold on six months' time; can be seen at the old farm; will be at home Mondays and Saturdays. 15t2 J. B. JONES. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. B. F. Crose of Bancroft was a Chicago visitor last week. Lon Kennedy went to Minneapolis last week on a visit. Miss Nettie Herrick is expected in Algona for a visit soon. Riifus Walston is up for a visit and stays to take in the races. Miss Dora Weber goes to Deansville, Wis., today to visit and stay some time. Mrs. Geo. D. Osborno of Dakota City visited her relatives in Algona, last week. Misses Flossie Straw and Winnie Watson of Wells, Minn., are visiting at Geo. E. Clarke's. Mrs. Westovor and daughters, who have been visiting at Capt. Smith's, went west Monday. J. B. Jones went to Des Moines Monday to attend a meeting of the millers' association of tho state. Clara Zahlten is homo from a visit to Sutherland. She was with Chas. Slagle's family through tho cyclone. Rev. A. S. Black of Forest City preached at Bancroft Sunday, and visited his brother, Presiding Elder Black, in Algona Monday. Miss Guthrie, a graduate of tho Minneapolis university, its visiting at L. M. "R' M-mi'hh'w w1i;h lirtv MAhriril HiatOS, and JAS. A. OUR, painter; will dp> paint' ing, papen hanging-, kalBouuningy etc.-, in tho latest and' beat styles, and' antee satisfaction. eSoe him. 1 an< pi'ices before letting youv vroi'k. B. Smith's with her school will stay several weeks. Mrs. Prof. Coornbos, wife of ow former school principal, visited at £h\ Garfield's Monday. Sho is toaohing in the public schools of Gedm 1 E'alls. Mi', and Mrs. W. F. Cayteiv MW arid 1 Mm A. B. Ciai'ke, Miss Mm 1 d*' ,and Di>. Pai'kes madia a 1 ^aVtiy W lakes SatftU'day evening 1 .- Jordan of Bancroft returned from Chicago last Thursday. They were delegates to the big Baptist convention. Geo. E, Clarke was in Hancock county Monday to arrange for a big di tab crossing the Milwaukee track. From there he went to Illinois OTI legal matters. J. W. Hiriehon and daughter, Jos. W. Hays, V. S. Ellis, Harvey Ingham and Mi'sses Annie and Comics Ingham attended the editorial meeting at Fort Dodge. W. P. Jones took advantage o_f tho excursion rates to Toronto to' visit his relatives in Canada., and also to see New York, Washington, etc. Ho will bo gone a month. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Brunson wont to DBS Moines last Thursday. Mrs. Brimson makes a two weeks' visit with relatives in the south part of the state, but Will, returned to Algona. Ex-Editor Barnard of Sponcor was in town Monday, ostensibly on a real estate deal, but probably looking over senatorial matters. Clay county is very earnestly urging- Dr. McAllister. Mr. E. W. Langdon of Albany, Oro- f on, is visiting relatives in thin city, [is wife and little girl have returned from their extended visit in Illinois and Indiana, and will spend two or three weeks here. T,08t. Between Algona and two miles north of Hurt, a lady's short, black jacket. Finder will bo liberally rewarded by returning it to H. J. Winkle, Algona. A GOOD draft triiim, wagon and harness for sale cheap—part cash—by M. B. Dalton. Are Yon AJivo To tho importance of kcfjping up with the times? If so, subscribe for that newsiest and best of metropolitan weeklies, Tho Sioux City Journal. In ordoi to give this paper tho widest possible circulation tho publishers have mack tho following unpreeedcntedly low prices, from this date, for tho cam paign: Single copies to Nov. Jfi, 180! 25 cents; clubs of five or more to Nov 16, 1891, 20 cents each. Sample copies free. Address Perkins Bros. Co., Sioiu City, Iowa. REMEMHKB tho best goods and th cheapest are at Stough's, and got them of thin condition of Kossuth County Bank, OF AUlONA, fOWA, nrio ''.'O, l SOJ, miuKi to tjio auditor of state as rfifjnlrofl by law. ARMBTS. jOan.s arid r'llsr:oniitH Good... .• $'j 53,8-18.27 'nst flno 7,(i;;0.-lO ndgmnnt. 8fj. fl2M,8'l8.37 J;inh OTI hand and 'Jno from banks SIH follows: Jltl/onH Nat, Hank l>s Molnos * .11,015.2ft Motropfrtlmn Nat. ..Flunk Chicago 8,17fi.u:i Union Nat. Bank Chicago «,?»71.5:j First Nat. Bank MlnncapollH j.:),S:Jfl.8i Nat. KxRhanuo Bank Mllwanlroo } 7,MO.:):1 irst Nat. Bank Duljucjuo l,!')00.-l'i fiyWn Bunking Co. Now Vork !<Vi07.58 'Jvordrafts Joal iWato O/M.'I.-IH Personal property.. 2, -100.'JO Total assets l'8,OM.01 2,050.07 11,712.77 »!J30,80S.40 Capital stock.... i'.Y." $ 50,000.00 Dejionltcs 107,475.08 Undivided pi-olltH... 13,417.88 Total liaDllitlcM... *!J!>0,Hl)2,40 Uuhllltln.sof dtivct- or* $ 2,050.00 Sworn to and subscribed by WM. H. INGHAM, Prorklont, LR\vrS H. SMITH, Cashier, J. Vf. VVAOSVVOHTH, '1'ellor, Directors Sworn to and .subscribed boforo me this lOtll day of July, J801. [r,. H. | H. E. RIST, Notary Public. F. M. BRONSON, Watches and Jewelry, CLOCKS, SILVERWARE, SjJvor-plfitcd wiiro, and all kinds of goods in his Il7io. Repairing promptly dona. At Frank Bros.' store. DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? ID. AUCTIONEER, Will cry city ami farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature strictly confidential. Office with F. M. Taylor, over Howard's. ' patent leather tipped shoos, all widths at Stough's. BASE^Atfc, SjjpeB. 75 StOW$h"8, _ M , , FDBNISHED— AT SEVEN PER CENT. INTERE.ST-. At Kossuth County Bank. Apply at once.

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