The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 15, 1891 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1891
Page 2
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THIS PPPER DBS MOINES. ALGONA, JOWA WEDNESDAY. JTTT.Y 16, 1891. tOW A. THE LATEST NEWS. It in flttinur that bank wrcckorn flhnnld ohangofrom chcckn to stripe*. A fitmtJAY crunndo in on nt Rncfiie and Micro i» now Rome chance for bn-nd town to bo purified, KMPEIIOH WIJ.MAM Rhould not permit ihitfc festive old uncle of hie to draw him ltif.,1 n quint ffniiinjofb warfih KMPKIIOII WiMiiAM in fast earning the iwhifi of tho groat Gorman travolnr, for ho never ncomn no much at Jiomii IM when ho in junketing abroad. IT in proponed in Portugal to noil nearly All tho cotonioH of that country in order In extinguish lhi> 'iiitiomil debt. Should it bo dono thorn would not bo much loft of Portugal. Tint Hnlginn miUinriMoN havo peculiar noliniiH of what froidi moat HignilloH when thoy conflHcato 500 IJOXOH of Amnricnn haniM, mtdor thn law prohibiting tho importation ofJrOHlMjinali. 8ier,iMN<i young I'oliHh irirlH for $5 each to hn.vo becotim quilii a thriving in Gotham. Thn CIIHOH brought to light are of the most blocking character, arid tmow that Micro are persons IIH low in Iho moral tuiiilo in ISow York an can bo found in th» Hlavo (Hind dmix of Dutto. NKVADA IUIH 11 population of 46,1(11, a docrooflu oflO,50r> In ton yoai'H. Yet, it liao two HonutorH and a congroHHinan, though ttndor tho net of 1701 l7J.t,001 people coimtituto tho biuuHof congrofmon- ul roproBoutation. A I'Ai'KH of tho far wsnt Hymmilliizon with lOlalno Goodalo'H grandchildren who "ruo thoir looks und wish oho had married a whito man." That papor should not iinticipiilo HO much. Hut the woHtorn Npirlt provcrbally brail™ through all bondH. Lady Gordon Ciimming'H now homo at Altyro, in the Scottish highlands, it) a moHli charming placn. Tho IIOIIHO IH a largo, rambling, old-faRliionod building, surrounded by Hpaoioiis gardeim and do- lightful grounds, which tdopo down to lh« Deviiron, Tho famous Altyro woods extend along Iho rivor for milon, affording tho bust hunting and [lulling in t,ho country. _ ' " DuKPAiiO now clainiH to drink more boor than Milwaukee. Tho general total wan BOVOII ghiHHOH por day, Sundays included, for ovory man, woman- and child. Thai, looks hnrd to boat, but wo still havirl'uitli I but Milwaukee can do it. GENERAL NOTBS. TriK Iowa mine™ have voted to bold out for tho eight hour day. PnKBiDENT PAI/MICK of the world's fair IB reported to bo very ill at Detroit. " Mits. ftMKAiircTH THOMPSON, tho noted philanthropist of Stamford, Conn., has been declared insane. GriAflsirorricna stepped a Hock Island train in Colorado. They covered tho track for a distance of five miles. AsoTiinn hiilf million of good dollars WIIH engaged at thn Now York Hiib- trciimiry Monday for shipment to Europe. ' Mils, JANI? DAVIB died of starvation at KmiflfiH Oit,y. Sho had $2,000 in a local bank. Tun Persian government has accepted Iho invitation to lako part, in tho world's fair nt Chicago. A Mtsiciu.y musician ,it San JbHo, Gal,, who in reporl/id to bo worth hundreds of tlioiiHUiidH of dollars, died of starvation, clasping lii« violin. Tine Standard Oil company i» rapidly gathering in all its competitors in Europe and tvill BOOH control tho oil output of tins world. KMFMC MAiiciUK7,io & Co., wholesale boot, and slioo dealers of Now Orleans and Boston have failed. Tine Tolograjih company erected a lino of poles in Now Orleans against tho wishes of tho city council, and that bndy imincdi- al,cly ordorod Iho mayor to remove thorn. 'i'u 10 prohibition law of South Dakota IIIIH boon pronounced void on a technicality. A DioTKorr printer has gone insane through his offortH to discover a cipher in SliukoMpoiiro'M works. Tino Htoiunsbi|) Utopia • which sank in Gibraltar Bay in March last with 000 Italian uint^ruhtH, was rained Wednesday. Tnit iminagoinont of tho Oregon Pacific road has, it is charged, ismind over $11,000,000 moro bonds than is warranted by tin) mortgage. TJIIO (IrHt cortillcaln of admission over granted to a womiin by Yale collogo has jiiHt boon received by MisH Irono W. Coit, daughter of ox-CongroHHinan Coit, of Norwich, Conn. , Tum dirooton of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railway announce that tho groat llu'bt of that corporation against tbo Brcithorliood of Locomotive 1'higinners ijiO.OOO.OOO. published regarding |tbe relations of the Bid-iriiircks to Emperor William I. TIIK Ktc:irner Danube returned to Victoria, 13. C., with 18,000 sealskins gathered from r.ho Victoria fleet, which is in the IJehrinv S.?a. Sho reports that all the ves- selB wjII Continue sealing despito'the order in council. YOUK YET A FIEND. FIRBS AND OASUALTIBS. GALVKSTON is flooded with the waters of the gulf ao tho result, of n terrific storm. J. NKHTur.i* a Chicago man, was struck by a skyrocket at Akron, Ohio, on the Fourth and killed. LIEUT. Bftrcal' was shot and severely wounded by an unknown man, in Chicago. FI/ED WALTS!, a far/n hand, was run over by a swilch engine at Bloominglon Tuesday morning and will probably die. Two mitmnrs wnro burned to death in tho shaft of tbo Homo Stroke mine at White Oaks, N. M. A. coMijstoN on the Monon line near L'ifayctte, Ind., resulted in the death of one man and the severe injury of several ol.herH. Mas. JENNIE C. CHOOKEII, a professional balloonist, fell thirty foot wliilo making a descent in a parachute in Boston, receiving injuries wliich will result fatally. Fiitio in Philadelphia Monday night dcstroyod E. II. PricsLly's five-story carpet mill. LOHH 9100,000; insuranco 840,000. Fnrbrusb A Co., who had machinery stored in tho building, will bo $30,000. THE Now York seventy-first regiment armory building was burned Saturday morning. LOHS, $200,000, insurance $100,000. Six Northwostorn railway employe a have boon arrested fcr thoir neglect causing the accident at thn Rockwell slroct crossing, Saturday, in Chicago. A OAH containing 20,000 ponuds of tea broko loose while being run on to a freight boat at San Francisco and tho tea was emptied into tho bay, FIRE in tho hat and cloak house of A. K. Kurkbnrdt& Co., at Cincinnati Wednesday night, caused a loss of $1.250,000 to that and tho surrounding bull-'.ings. _TJIIO vicinity of Summit, Miss., was visited by two cyclones. Thoy were about HOJ-SC [Stealing:, Mnrder and Arson are Cliafg-ed Against a Ydting Wife. Within Three Months She Married a Farmer, Burned His House and Iloasted His Son. While the Fire Was Raffing Gazed Calmly Upon the. Desperate Work. Ihero is a girl in jail at Newburg, N. Y., who, if all the charges against her nre truo. is tho incarnation of viciousuess and depravity. She is under arrest for horse stealing, but will be charged with arson and murder. Within three months she is said to have married burned down his OUH It IB given out that tho forthcoming annual report of tho Milwaukee road will dhow an inonmno of about $1,000,000 in not (turnings. Thit. IN a pretty good showing ouns'uUiring tho fact that for mmto months past grain and stock vhipniontM havo fallen off. Tho piissongor di-part- moiit increase is $275,000, and tho year's is tho bent miico 1882. A prcdigi- i« anticipated tho coming full, not only by tho St. Paul, but all Iho roads that tap tho limitless <>x(<mt of ripen- englloldtiin tho northwest. Tho grain hauling promlsoM tooxccod in amount that . of any singlo NIWNOII for many years pant. Tho period of depression wliich tho truim- port at ion coritoratioiiK havn cxpcrionod in tho roiiont past, ROOIIIH to bo npproahing an •ml. No ONK oxpoot/jd (ho unexpected would happen in tho caso of tho oxpi-dition sent out, by an enterprising Chicago pnpm- to aR'orlain Iho exact npot where Onlumbus flrut placed hit) foot \vhen distmibajkiug in tho new world which In had discovered. Tint newspaper uion who eomposed tho expedition approached tint gioup of small \Vost In dian islandu by the same coum> as ihat, tnkon by tho great navigator, and with his journals in thoir hands there was no occasion for doubt on their purl I hat \Vat- ling island was tir.-t touched by him. The original account of the topography of the land, an written out by Columbus in his journal, noi'ds scarcely an amendment, it IB nw\d, to lit, tbo conditions of today. Tbo voyage, however, must, have been pleasant enough for the, correspondents, and no one ought, to envy either them or tha paper thoy represent tho glory they obtain in discovering that which was already nearly as well known as the site of old Korl Poujjliw in Chicago. MAUYKI.OUSS SinuuCUY. Another of those interesting surgical operations which the surgeons nowadays any attempting with boldness mid frequency was undergone by Mrs. .1. H. Weber at the university of Pennsylvania hospital last week, among the operato being Or. 0. II. Agnew. Three uu'hes of the sciatic nerve taken from a living dog's hip was transplanted into Mrs. NYober's! upper arm to connect the disjointed ends of u ne.rve which had been eut mit iu an operation for th<\ removal of u tumor. Tho dog's nerve was incased in a sheath of disoaloitied chiekon boue. The sheath will be ubsorbed, and meanwhile it is \opod thut the two ends of the human ervo will send out lilaments oper (bis IvrUtgv and tiually join together again. openvtiou is expt'eted the use Tins sloaniBliip Sorvia of t,hu Cumird line, which loll; Now York July 4 with Prince Goorgo of Greece, and over 1,000 pitHHongors, nas been obliged to roturn for ropairn. ONYX is in danger of losing its special value. lJonid('H Iho groat deposits discovered in Alisnouri, extensive dopoiits have boon found in Smyth county, Virginia. TIIIOKW are miloH of territory in Wyoming and Colorado covered with young gniHHhopporH. They are yot too young to fly, but will noon take to the wing, and great devastation of crops is feared. A Uuiisvi 1,1,10 judgo has decided that $2,700 cojloote.d for tho suffers of Jowott Lodge, Knights and Ladies of Honor, by I ho cyclone of last year, must bo paid to Iho members for whom collected. Tho chief olllcer of the order declined to pay tho money on tho ground that it was not needed, iy eight miles apart. Many houses were destroyed and a number of'peoplo killed. Tine Blue Mountain hotel at La Grande, Oregon, was burned Saturday night. United Stales Senator Dolph and other guests had an narrow oscapo from death. KAIII, M. Ross, a carpenter, was instantly killed by lightning Wednesday morning whilo In bed with his wife and child, of whom were injured' in the neither least. FOREIGN. Tiuc Dutch cabinet has rouignod. KXOKHSIVIO heat in thc|south of Russia is causing numerous deaths. Tine now Russian tariff has boon promulgated, and will go into iilYeet July 18. CAI-TAIN PIIAW, chief of the London firo brigade, has resigned. Til ic Russian government has consented to »ako part in tho world's fair at Chi c.ago, PHKSIOKNT OAHNOT visited the abodes of P.msion worknu-n and was welcomed on all siiles. l!,icv, OIIAIU.ICS Si-UHiucoN, Hie eiuinent Baplixt, ili\-iiie, is lying at the point ol death at his homo in London. MANY missions are boiiuj burned bv the Cliincsu and oocupanUs forced to llee for their lives. TJIK How of lava from Mt. Vesuvius has inereiised. Tlui lava has now reached th rear of tho observalory. Tnu trial of Itftyono of the rioters .vhoso acts of of violence, made May da last a day of terror in Italy began in Rome I'ndny, 'J'hero aro ,'itX) witnesses to be examined. Tun emperor of Germany visited tho faiiunis English school at'Kton, Monday, lie WHS received with great enthusiasm. KMI;KUOII \YU.UAM in an interview'said tho triple alliance has been renewed for six years. FoiiH-KU-Tusof the tin-pinto works in bouth Wales closed their doors Saturday tor one month, throwing L\ r >,000 hands out ot employment for tho time. A VMUitToiYimvd Wednesday between government and insurgent forces in Chili: tho latter obtained a brilliant triumph. TDK 1 he success ot the to allow the patient wieo UKUV her arm. SIKUH bounties will not jjo uvgiujv for takers iu Vermont as siH-n.eJ ut first probable. Applications for I'.wuso* to ^\ro,lua> wivpw «ujj«u- under the bounnty aot are uow pauru\K »> uiwn the ivveiuw oltiwrs jktAkUwlymte, This mow luxx tku luxxmis with 1 UK staging:of the sbatt at a eollim-y at .liolhcrluuu, \orkshiro, Kng., collapsed, kilting four workmen and seriously injuring four others. ' ' IN a collision between a passenger train and a freight train near Warsaw, Hussia, \> cduosdiiy, six persons were killed and n number won) wounded. THK prineo and princess of \V,,l<>s g a garden party at Marlborongh hous,- honor of tho emperor and empress CSermany and Inter tho royal party teiulod u concert at Albert hiill, A COLLISION on Monday off Dover between the Puuholmo and'the l.inlo.-h iv- adtcdinthe drowning of seventeen ivr- suns and the foundering of the Dunhohue. THK Hraeilitin cabinet has been reorsiau ir.od with l.iuvua as minister ot'"the treasury. 'Hie appointment of l.i-cena, who was minister of agriculture-, is received with universal satisfaction, en > '^ HK ' >anu> " candidate for parliament in f Uirlow, hvluul, was defeated Tuesday In a vote of ;|,7,V> 10 1,,VW. The Muvessfiil candidate is a supporter of tho AUOurthv wingot the Irish party. IT is believed iu Berlin that Count von Minister, German minister at l\ms, will bo challenged to tiyhtva duel % Count Heibm IJisuuuvk uwl«ks the tvjnuer repudiate the alle«o4 iilervwws Wmtlv T \ Finic Tuesday nightdestroyed the Empire Print Works ut Now York. The loss IB $200,000. Tho Banner tobacco warehouse at CUrksvillo, Tenn, with 1,500 hogsheads of tobacco, was also destroyed. Loss $185,000. A FKKICIIIT on tho Omaha lino ciimo in collision with a work train near Mondota, Minn. Thirty cars wore d«- Rtroyod by tiro. Several of the trainmen jumped into tho Mississippi river to es- capo death. It was reported that three triimps were burned to death. Tho loss to tho Omaha company is $50,000. FRKIUHT train No. 103, from the city of Madison, Ind., on tho Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis railway, was wrecked at Hock Creole at 8 o'clock lluirs- day morning. A trestle collapsed and the the engine and thirteen cars are now in tha creek bottom. John Boon, the fireman, was instantly killed. CRIME. SiucuiKii 1 WAWIKUJ, of Arkansas City, in short §'25,000 in his accounts. ]>\ UNDEHIIILL, president of tho Four City Life Association of Roches- tor, N. Y,, in unilw arrest for forgery. A MKMIMHS dispatch says the verdict of the jury in the trial of 11. Clay King for Postou, is murder in tho lirst liegroo. JOHN Uo\vu attempted to kill his wife at Aurora, 111., Tuesday morning, and then killed himself. Mrs. Dowd is not os- ptv.ted to livo. TIIK police Thursday morning arrest-.'d two men andiv woman who have been rob- iiing residences in the north division of Chicago. WAH is rajring between the Clino and IVtikius clans in Logan county, Wnst Vir- giiiin. Three men huvo been'killed in tho past week. WILLIAM SMITH, :i veteran of tho late war lias been arrested at Atlantic Highlands', N. J., c.hurgod with strangling his an old farmer, . house, mill and barn, roaBtod his .weak-mincd,son to death in one ot her fires, and wound up by running away with a Newburg livery team and surrey, and trading them for other horse*) and a wagon in the Shwangunk mountains. The girl was arrested in Newburg on a charge of granc 1 larceny on complaint of Von VVhitbeck, a Broadway liveryman, and she then gave tho iiatuo of Jennie Williamson. Tha complainant charges that the girl had stolon a fine team of horses and an old buckboard wagon. In her cell at the police station she had acted wildly at times, and tore up her wnito apron and hosiery in what seemed to be a frenzy of insanity. Early one morning, however, a white haired and bearded farmer, sixty- Qvc years of age, appeared at the police station. And ho asked to see tho teuiale horse thief, and :is soon as ho saw her exclaimed, "Yes, that's her; that's my wile.' The old man then told liis story Ho said his name was Paul .Halliday, and that ho lived on his farm, near Burling- Ham, Sullivan county, twenty-five miles west ot Newburg. He said that three months ago he visited tho intelligence olh.ce of Mrs. J. B. Smith, in this citv, and while there hired as a domestic and took homo with him a young girl named I 11*7."7. tn Hl«(-» lir»» *.rl-. n n .. ! _i _ I. .. 11 Lizzie Brown, . who said Ireland six weeks before. she came from The old man a iricJre serious charge against her-—that of raarder. He was advised, however, to take those proceedings nearer where those crime* werc_alleged to have been committed. The girl's name was now on the courb callendar es Mrs. Paul Halliday. rfer case was finally adjourned for a few days, and she was then remanded to) jail. Then she acted wildly. Dr. 'Han- niore, the jai' physician, examined into the mental condition of tin woman in the afternoon and then expressed the opinion that she was insane. She was to be examined by other physicians later, however, when the woman hired the rig of MJ. Whiteback she stated that she Wanted to go a few miles in the country to peddle laces. Then she was well dressed. When arrested she had in her possession a quantity of choice niillinFry. ." Mrs. Smith, proprietress of the intelligence office where.Haltiday firiit engaged Lizzie Brown, says the latter told her that she was living unhappily with her husband, and that he was trying to get her money away from her. Mrs. Halliday has no money on deposit in the Newburg savings, bank, as she has claim-id. It is believed that tho girl has been in this country much longer than she had admitted. Farmer Halliday is a simple rustic. He frankly admitted to mo the truth of the adag ( e that there was "no fool liko an old one, and said that he had certainly been one in marrying Lizzie Brown, and that he would never wed another woman as he had her. simply because she was a good cook and laundress.—Ex. ATTAXJJrui 0~H V ~Gi UI jS. A Flock of Them Kiss tinil Hugn Unshfnl YHleSlucont. The young girls of Now Haven who are employed in tue corset shops, a dispatch from that city says, are noted for two things, their beauty and their self assurance. Some of the girls are unusually piquant in their manner, and all as a rule, gifted with a sufficiency of talk, which they are not slow to use whenever they get a good chance. One of the principle shops in the city is located on Court street. The girls aro released from their employment about 6 o clock in tho afteruoon. Tho students in this city are genial set of young men as a rule, and are divided in two classes- athletes and non-athletes. The athletes who are in trainiog for the annual'boat race at New London, take a practice spin in the harbor every afternoon, after which they Jake a run from the clubhouse on BIG BUILDING A Gigantic Business Block in Cincinnati Saccnmbs to the , Flames. The Loss to the Owner Will Probably Beach $600,000 $700,000. or Lower Adjacent Structures Much Injured by Walls Falling on Them. ' •' Ea,t Chapel street to the quarters on Elm 11 1 11 r • » >--"w wiw uiuii iiclclGd that Lixzio WIIB a good worker, but that after she hud been with him a few days ho concluded that it would be cheaper to uinrry the woman than to continue paying herjj forty dollars a month for her services. Ho hud therefore proposed to her, was accepted and they were married next day by a Methodist minister at Mid- illotowQ. Farmer Hnlliday said that things went along rather smoothly for a week or so, and then he discovered that Ins wife had a violent temper. About that mmo ho also made another discovery it was that Lizzie's bad a double crowr,. When he spoko to her about it she said: •'Yes, that's so, and so did Napoleon Bonaparte have a double crown to his head. Ho romiuded her that Napoleon hail luet his Waterloo, and that she would probably meet; hers if she didn't cease her violent;ebullitions of temper and give him soiiie peace. On May 2d tho old man drove to Middletown on business, leaving Lizzie at home with his son John. The latter was thirty-seven years old and half-wilted. Vylum ho returned home in the evening, Halhday found his little house a mass of smoking ruins. It had been burned down during tho day. Lizzie coolly informed her husband tbut his son John had been burned to a crisp in the ruins, and this was tpund to be the case. Ho had gone into the house, so she said, to save her from the lire, and had been unable to escope while she had succeeded in getting out. I ho old man with tours in his eyes told me that ho hud to bulievo his wife 'had set fire to the house in his absence after she had hrsk locked John Halliday up in a room street. Their usual course is up Ohupel street to the Woester square, run to Court street, and takes them off through "which they This is a short way, the principal streets. They are obliged to pass the corset ahop iii their run up street, and the girls in the shop hwe learned to expect them, so that when the students appear they are greeted with a chorus of remarks not always comp imentary. The students, as a rule, have always timed themselves so as to pass the shop a few moments before tuo girls are released and thus avoid the rush. One night recently the students were a trifle late coming up the street, and were about a block away when the girls were released. Through the streets the students came on a run, and some of the girls made room for them to pass. One of the students was a little backward from the rest of the group, and as he was adorned with a goodly crop of hair of the tint that the aims tlu) woman died of heart wife, lit; c disease. Hn.i.v Aiu.iNOTON, >iolicoman of Sacramento, Gal., was shot and killed Wednesday by a discarded mistress. Tho woman then blew -her own brains out. OKKIOKH JAMKS LOO.NKY, of the prison force, w is shot anil killed at Chattanooga, Tenn., Wednesday evening by Z;iek Munsey, ox deputy sheriff and ex-constable. From tho testimony of eye witnesses Muu- sey killed Loonoy in self-defense. NKAU Carliso, Kv., Monday, Riley Mnchino shot and killed George Weiss- brotlt. Weissbrodt hud acted as peacemaker iu the quarrel and Machine objected to his interfering. Ciuui.Ks 11. .HVUTON, secretary of the liurton it Oorry cider and vinegar manufacturing company of Albany, N. Y., has confessed to being a defaulter to the amount to $30,000, and it is feared that the amount may reach ^lO.OOO. ^ THK four New York murderers, Slocum, Smiler, Wood and Jugiro— were executed by electricity ut Sing Sing Tuesday morning. The physicians present think death was instantaneous. i Memphis, commit u 1 , bv takirg morphine, i tor hvu >!.»\s v i- Ws'inan. wlio u investigation Kate O'Rourke, of .-nicide at St. Louis She had been on a uiih her sister and ro held to await the from which ho had been unable to escape In support, of this belief he said tho door of tins room mid tho woodwork that surrounded it were not so badly burned but, that ho found that the do'or was still locked. The key lie found in tho possession of his wit'e. HP, however, ued to live wit'i her. On May 26 the old man's barn and mi!! were destroyed by firo. Limenftorwitrd admitted to him that sho had started the Hrf-, as the barn was »n old one and she wanted to see a now one erected iu its place. She daium;! to have $2,000 on deposit in tho Newburg savings bank, and wanted her< husband to come to Uie city with her aur get it to use in putting up anew bam iinci house. He had delnved coming, but later tho couple drove to Newburg and remained there over night at Mr. J. B. Smith's residence. He claimed that during the night his loving wife had stolen $51 from his pocket. He drove home the next morning before he missed the ' money, his wife remaining here ta finish up her business. Halliday claimed that he ascertained that Lizzie had been at Walker Valley, two miles from his home, and there bad traded a good horse with Jim Scott and another one and a surrey with a man named \> yatt, receiving much more common horses, money ana an old backboard wagoii iu exchange. Wyatt, he said, was a member of the Wyatt, family, two or three of whose members had been sent to Sing Sing prison several years ago. They be- looged to the gang of Shuvvangunk mountain robbers. He telephoned these facts to Newburg and his statement led to the arrest of his wife who had given the name of Jennie Williamson. There was> a stratiu-e young man with the woman shoit- ly before she was arrested by policemen pools rave about, the girls immediately started a volly of remarks. He became Incensed, and made a remark not very complimentary to the girls 1 his was what they wanted, and before the astonished student knew what they were about, over thirty of them had formed a group around him and were each calling the choicest expletives that they could command. In vain hu tried to break through the ranks, but the girls would not have it. He called on his companions for help, but they were too far ahead to hear him with the noise made by the girls, and continued on their way. One of the girls suggested that they kiss him; and before he new what was up he was being held tightly in the arms of a stalwart Amazon, and as many as could conveniently at once step up' and kiss In vain he struggled and fought, and, as a last rosort. he pcreeuied for help His companions hisard him and turned to his rescue, and after considerably difficultly they succeeded in effecting his escape. CINCINNATI, July 8.—A little after ten o'clock to-night a fire .started •in the sub basement . of an immense building at Fourth and Elm streets, owned by William Hooper, banker, and occupied by A. B. Burkhardt & Co. manufacturers of and dealers in furs. The building had seventy-five feet frontage on Fourth street and extended 160 feet back. The front is seven _ stories high and at the rear has a height of eight and a ^alf stories. It _also extends two stories under ground; is nea-ly new and cost $200,000 to put up, and the interior adornment cost $90,000 more. Mr. Burkhart told an associated press agent tonight that he could only give a rough estimate of the value of stock in the building. It was to the best of biaf belief between $600,000 and $700,000/11^. In addition to his own im- > menso stock he stores great quantities of valuable furs for citizens every summer and these are all in the burning,building. Nothing is known of the insurance on the building or contents but both men are known to be good insurers. After the start of the fire the entire fire department of the city was called. Dense volumes of smoke at first filled the streets then with a sudden burst the flames came through the roof. The walls soon began to crumble and the building and contents became an irretrievable loss. The t fire department devoted its whole attention to prevent tho fire from spreading to valuable adjacent property which was greatly endangered. The Fourth street frontage of the building was occupied by Griershoper & Co., dealers in and manufacturers of clothing. Their stock was valued at $400,000, of which amount 3125,000 was saved. The loss is said to be covered by insurance. _ The Elm street wall fell at about midnight and half an hour later the Fourth street wall fell on the roof of thf Pope Manufacturing company's three story brick building east of it. The fine stock of pointings, engravings, frames and mouldings was completely ruined and the walls of the building were crushed out into the street. The wall .in falling knocked in the west wall of .the Steinway Piano building nexi to the Pope building. By a great effort the fire was kept from communicating to the crushed buildings and at 1:30 was thought to be under control. WISCONSIN STATE NEWS. A alTUEW D OL.U AIAX'S WAYS. In c>u the state Both were ; lumsn.xY uitonio.M! 0 orgo Jones and NyiUuuu .Nowt.ui, two \\v-l known farmers of K-st Tennessee, shot u duel line over a pieoo of property. killed, being shot to death. MAX Cori-Kuv'iKi.o has Wen arresu\l at Uevolaiul, Ohio, oh;:rgod with setting firo to !u> wire's; dress while sho was asleep. Ire woman dio>l in\riv; ; t agony. A MAS whoso n.une is said to bo David Karr, and whose residomv is given at S4 \\ rat Washington strxv f, Chicago, A-;IS badly eut in the chM during alight on west h.uuiolph street Tuesday nigat. AT Aurora., John R. Dowd chopped his wifo in the head with the hatchet. He tht_n stuck a kuifo into iiU own ho.vrt, ilyin^ within a fow minutes. Mrs. Dowd is still alive, but with small hopes of recovery, Dowd was drunk. Powers and McCrackeu, but" he was not c.iptured. When Reorder McOroskery called the case of the girl she stood in front of the bar. She appeared to be twenty-five years old, and was commonly clad. Her long, white hair hung over her face, and there was a wild look in her eyes. She had some pieces of her white apron in her bauds and occasionally tore them still fiutr and with the pieces ovefull wiped imaginary dust from the bar iu front of her. When the girl's eyes rested upon Mr- Halliday she gave him u withering look. She would not answer any questions put to her by the recorder and would occasionally shriek out. "Take, her away tha old" block 1 never liked her!" Then Mr. Halliday stepped forward and addressed his wife". She tailed to notice him at all. The old Interest Orontcd by nn AdvcrtLsomeut New Yjrk. New York Herald. There are two stories about an advertisement which appeared in n Sunday paper setting forth that "B. P. Hutchinson, 54 New street," wanted to buy "bookstore, furnishing goods, cafe, restaurant, or any other business cheap for cash." The office at 54 New street is that -sf Anthony Brown & Co., grain brokers, doing busi- nesss where ''Old Hutch," the one time Chicago plunger, has been making his headquarters,, A member of the firm said that the "ad" was evideutaly intended as a joke. Mr. Hutchinsou had not inserted it, but some funny man had. L-iter. however, Mr Hutchinson lurc&elf was seen. "Yes, sir," he said, "1 put that advertisement in and I'm now here waitin" for miswen. I haven't had any yet and maybe I won't get any. Nobody wants to The O.shkosh chief of police has inaugurated a big war on canines, such as Oshkosh has never known before. Wednesday seventeen dogs wera killed. There was a strange wedding at Stevens Point recently, strange because of the advanced age of both parties, who were Airs. Maria Sewright, aged 74, and Georee Whitney, aged 75. A daughter of Gottlieb Buth, of Kir- chayne, near Cedarburg, was accidentally shot by her father's hired man, who was cleaning a gun, supposing it to be unloaded. Superior is to have a §45,000 Episcopal church. Clinton will have a §10,000 school building. Mary Mundt, 14 years old, was killed by the elevator at Ferneke's confectioner} store, Milwaukee, Thursday. She was sitting on the railine, and 'fall between the elevator and the shaft, as it was ascending. Miss Emma A. Roarers, daughter of Mr. Isaac P. Rogers, of Milwaukee, waa married Thursday to Edwin A. Dickinson, of Chicago. XORTIIWESTKUX DOCTORS. Medical Association Meets at Murshfleld Next Week. MARSHPIELD, Wis , July 9.—The nest quarterly meeting of the Northwestern Wisconsin Medical association will beheld in the A. 0. U. W. hall. Tuesday, July 14, the session beginning at 11 o'clock a. m. sellout. I guess making money." "Do you intend thoy all appear to be settling down in New York and making it your home?" "I don't know, Tin sure. If you can tell mo what I'm going to do I'd like to know it. I may go to Boston or to Albany or to Long Branch. I can't say that I am favorably impressed with this city. There are too many loafers here." WASHINGTON. SUICIDE AT MOXTICELI.O. A Well-to-Do Farmer Shoots Himself Through the Head. MONTICELLO, Wis., July 9.—Rudolph Karled, a well-to-do farmer, residing four miles west of this village, committed suicide yesterday morning by shooting himself through the head with a shot gun. The deed was caused by the grip, with which he suffered early this spring. He was a Swiss by birth, and had resided upon his 304-acre farm for twenty-five years. His age is 40. He has for years heanly engaged in the dairy and been IT is reported in Washington that a white man will succeed Fred Douglass as minister to Hayti. THK superintendent of immigration at New York reports that 405,664 immigrants arrived there during the fiscal year as compared with 338,691 the previous year. THE president Las granted a pardon to Thomas Butler, of Arkansas, sentenced to one year's imprisonment for breaking into a government distillery. CAPTAIK COFFIN, navy secretary of the lighthouse board, has gone to the Pacific coast on a tour of inspection, which will extend as far north as Alaska. Dimmer ATTOKXKY MILCHRIST and Captain Marshall report that they have secured for the government twelve miles of the right of way for the Hennepin Canal. SEC. NOBLE has appointed J. C. Wood- •t 1 * "* --<-i--~ ' -— »"v ut»*.i> U~UU clieese business, and leaves an estate valued at $25.000. A Fragile Structure. A nystem which chronic indigestion hu depleted and rendered nervous and feeble, li indeed « very frigile slrnctore, & tenement t&st toppiaig into irretrievable decay. Excesseive Irritabilliy of temper, abnormal and causelea anxiety, hypo- crondria, hysteria and «leeple3ine*»-these ar« some of the manifoitatlons of nervousness. Th« grand invigoraling nervine, Hostet£«r'» Stomach Bl'.iers, Wanquilize* by strengthening the nerve* accomplishing the doable result through to« medium of renewed digestion and assimilation. No tonic In existence eihihiu such thorouKhneaa, produce*.uch.swdily^ppreci&ble.eflecis as the man next remarked to the recorder that ruff, of Wyoming. Charles H. Merillat of the girl was shaming insanity; that she j Washington, D. C., J. Brigharn. of Ohio was perfectly sane, and that she hoped by as a commission to negotate with the her present actions to obtain immunity Wind river or Shoshore Indians in Wyo- tor her cranes. He. then wanted to secure, ming for the cession to the United States a warrant against the prisoner on the of a portion of their reservation. The ai> chiu-ge of arson, for buruiuK his house and, pointmejots are made under the general another prowrly, and also WM ol iw^ing ] feority granted- ««MWW a« FIRE IX A MIXE. Two Men Suffocated by Gas in New Mexico. WHITE OAKS, \. M., July 7.—Fire raged m the shaft of the Home Stake mine from Wednesday to Friday morning. Two miners, Timothy and George Dnike were suffocated by gas despite the efforts of citizens them. to extinguish* Four citiaeus the fire and save were prostrate^ , ««*>«v-u,a n^tv tfiuavjq while attempting to descend the shaft tore tfee flames were extinguished.

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