The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 24, 1892
Page 2
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> -t " « * I * ", ^ . * - -" = v [ / r < v - ••- £ - 2_ * - ^ THE OTPER DES MOINES* ALOONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24.. 1892. V Wtttf UUKWA, IOWA. The blossom of the wild grape has bcu adopted as 1he state flower of Oregon. Six millions of dollars are invested m the manufacture of dynamite in the Unitel States. in the brink of England at least sixty folio volumes of ledgers are filled daily writing In keeping the accounts. During Ihe last year there graduated from the medical colleges of the United States about 5,000 young doctors. The Sampson well at Wnco, Texas. te the largest one in the United S fates. It throws up 1,500,000 gallons of puns hot water daily. These are said to be the times of cie flization and peace, and yet it is figured that during the last thirty-three year* fully 2,500,000 men have lofit their lives In war. The little island of Jamaica annually cells to the United Statcsbanamis ex Ceding hi value the entire apple, peach and cherry crop of this country. The aborigiuees of the Andaman Islands, a curious and oven uulquo people, are said to be fast disappearing. All of them on two of the islands are dead, nnd only a few are left on a, third. Only a small number of children are born and they die in infancy. In a recently invented watch for tho blind, a small peg Is set in the midlc of each figure. "\Yheu the hour hand reaches a given hour the peg for that hours drop. The owner when he wants to know the time finds which p»g is flown and then counts back to XII. Michigan is one of the most enthusiastic of the states in tho nreparation Of its word's fan*, exhibit. The state's appropriation is $100,000, but it is authoritatively announced lhat the total gum contributed toward making an exhibit by Ihe slate, counties, cities and private Individuals will reach fully $500,000. It Is proposed to construct an air line high speod electric railroad between Antwerp ana* Brussels that will combin all the Improvements that have ever lieenbrought to the knowledge of the traveling public. The distance between the two cities is 27 miles and the run te to be made In twenty minutes. Every week that the dreaded scourge erf cholera is kept hi the distance Is valuable time gained. It is a disease which belongs more especially to the: Lot months. Nothing but Herculean of- forts upon the part of the health authorities in every part of the United States and rigid enforcement of the Jaw npon all importations of every kind from the affected districts will save tho country from the ravages of the disease the coming year. More than 18,000,000 men stand ready for battle hi Europe. Since the Franco-Prussian war Germany lias spent $2,200,000.000 on her army und navy. A Pennsylvania inventor has devised a pair of eyeglasses with a mirror mounted so as to reflect objects in the rear of tho wearer. CONDENSED NEWS. Several jockeys were injured to a race at Gloucester. An Immense meeting of Irish-Ameti cans was held in Chicago. Four thousand deaths from cholera are reported daily hi Hussia. An international congress of firemen opened at Havre, France, Monday. A Tacoma man murders a young woman whom he called his daughter and commits suicide. Several persons lose their lives at a celebration in Italy, fire rockets being the deadly agents. Judge Ivlotz, radical member of the reichstag, died in Berlin recently, aged TO years. The Ancient Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine held an imperial council hi Omaha. F. E. Cliipman, wanted in St. Paul on the charge of einbezzehneut, was arrested in Illinois. An express agent secures evidence that the Soutags committed the Kasota robbery. J. F. Kimbley has been nominated for congressman by the republicans of the Second Kentucky district. All tho persons binding twine product lit the Slillwater penitentiary ha been sold to Minnesota fanners. Four thousand of the cab drivers of Paris went on a strike Tuesday. Xo disorders have been reported. The date for holding the republican national league convention at Buffalo is changed from Sept. 1 to Sept. 15. Tennessee miners made an attack on the convicts' stockade at Oliver Springs Tuesday and were repulsed. John C. Warwick, who defeated Maj. McKinley hi the Sixteenth Ohio congressional district in 1S90, dies in Washington. The police of Rome seized Saturday's edition of the newspaper Observatore Romano on account of an article offensive to the state. The Canadian government has issued an order prohibiting the importation into Canada of rags from France on account of the cholera. William Belthers' large curtain pole factor}' at Travel's City, Mich., employing over 100 hands has been burned. The loss Is unknown. The fifty Chinamen arrested at Nbs. 311, 310 and 321 Clark street Chicago, for gambling were fiueel $5 each by Justice Lyon. Jolmnio, the 17 months old child of H. Perdue, a baker of Lincoln, 111., was fotuid dead hi the horse trough, where it had fallen while playing. Tho Pope has decided to lodge at the Vatican all pilgrims who go to Rome to attend the episcopal jubilee. They will bo lodged and fed at his expense. At Tucson, Arizona, Lee Rock, a Chinaman shot and lulled a Mexican who had objected to attentions bein; paid his sister by the celestial. Archbishop Galimberti, tho papal nuncio at Vienna, who is to be made cardinal iu September, is more of a diplomat and politician than a priest. M. Mayer, an accoutnnt occupying an important post, in France, has been arrested for dealing iu forged stamps which wore used em army material. Tho United States grand jury has found true bills against Potter, French and Dana, directors of tho Maverick bank, and they will have to stand trial. The prevalence of cholera in Tehran has induced the Shah of Persia te> remove his residence to a camp- at El twenty-four miles from the cap- Frew, of Paxton, ffl., has brought suit against that city" to secure $2,500 damages for injuries received by falling tlmnigh a defective sidewalk. Chris Althouse, formerly a waiter at a Rockaway Beach hotel, is said to have received a check for ?10,000 for saving Miss Phoebe Callan x>f Philadelphia from drowning recently. Rev. Richard Peering of Danville, Ky., aged 80 years, and the oldest Me- thodest preacher in the state, died suddenly at Chattanooga Monday where he had gone on a visit. It is estimated that over 100 freight cars were destroyed by incendiary fires at Buffalo. The aster of the Switchmen's union declares that the strikers are not responsible for the fires. It Is claimed by the promoters of the new Labrador railroad scheme that they can shorten the trip to Europe to three days. The Northern Pacific is said to be interested hi the enterprise. At a meeting of delegates of democratic associations hi Rome, resolutions were passed urging the abolition of Catholicism as the religeon of tho state and the rescinding of papal guarantees. A patient at the insane hospital in Elgin named Charles Deiiuve, from Freeport, snatched a razor from an attendant's Vestpocket Tuesday, and cut his own throat so that he lived but on hour. Sallie Taylor, colored, was burned to death in Richmond, Va. She stepped on a match igniting it, and tho blaze caught her clothing, and in a few moments she was enveloped hi a llaine of fire. Twenty adults, ton children and numerous animals were recently bitten by a mad wolf at Lodz, Poland. All are now raving mad and beyond recovery. Their bowlings are described as terrible hi the extreme. It is officially announced that the backbone of the revolution in Honduras is broken. President Loiva has offered amnesty to the rank and file of the insurgents, but the leaders will be shot if captured. Governor Brown of Kentucky has vetoed (the only important measure passed by the legislature^ revenue bill, which it took nine months to frame. Tho work of the session is thus practically valueless. Squire Massie Beasley, of Aberdeen, Ohio, has made the town famous as the American Gretna Green For many 'year she has been marrying all comers until now his record is between five and six thousand couples. On the Elgin board of trade Monday butter sold at 24@241-4 cents, a total of 10,200 pounds being disposed of. The higher price was, hi the opinion of many, forced, but a firmer market and an advance next week are looked for. A Yankee Invention. The Drop-a-ttickle-in-the-Slot Machine Utilized for Post* al Purposes. It Distributes Stamps to the Public and Does Away with Government Agents. Will Save Loss of Time and Inconvenience Attedant on the Old Method. The intended resignation of Col. S. A. "tt'hitefield, first assistant postmaster general, has already been announced, but it was not developed till now that two or three well known postal officials contemplate leaving the se- vice of the government with him to enter that of the Boston company which is about to begin a new method to distribute postage stamps to. tho public. It is ft iiickle-in-thc-slot arrangement, says the St. Louis Globe Democrat's AVushingtou correspondent, but it differs from all others used for- thjs purpose in that it give full value for the money deposited. Col. "\Vhitfleld has expressed the belief that this scheme will revolutionize the sale of postage stamps, and some go so far as to say that it will do away with all government stamp agents. They receive but ?24 a yi.-;ir ;md are required to keep a large sum of money Invested in stamps. It is estimated that a person soiling but SO cents worth of stamps a day by this method will make a profit of §105 a year, and the loss of time and anoyance attendant upon the method of selling stamps OMT the counter will not figure hi the calculation, either. The device is a Yankee invention, controlled by New Englanders. Col. Carroll D. Wright, commissioner of labor, is president of the company and ex-Gov. Oliver Ames is the principal backer. The business of the company consists simply hi the sale of postage stamps by moans of a coin-operated machine, which will be located in every plac where stamps are usually sold. Tile coin-operated machine or delivery box is a case 20 inches high, 0 3-4 wide and 5 5-S deep from front to back, and is usually made of highly polished quartered oak; or it can be made of mahogany, cherry or other ornamental woods to match store fittings. Its mountings are of nickel. The box is exceedingly simple in construction, and with ordinaiy care will not require any repairs for years. It is in tended to rest counter or shelf, occupying a --. «•».•. i »»fc»^u .ui_...i.u ii >,i~.i*. ».». u ->j u**.^^* j.v*. j.v, 1'iiiio L\JI. ,) v:ii i n< -i L ir» iii t v iu_it vi H-/ i V- r»i Officer Hyiics, at midnight Monday, | upon a counter or shelf, occupying r : Springfield Ohio, shot an unknown space Sxll inches, easily accessible tc at burglar, who was trying, with two companions, to escape froma store. He to the public, is under tho observation of the asent or custodian, and may be will die and one of his companions was fastened to the counter or shelf if de- arrested. They cannot be identified. David Muray, wife and daughter and a child named Forbes AVere all drowned in the Palmer river at Warren, R. I., monday, by tho upsetting of a boat. One of the party stood up in the boat, which was overloaded, and upset it. In Vienna Johaun Singer, a clerk who lad been out of work for some time tilled tho woman with whom ho had >eeii living, their three children and himself. Ho started a charcoal fire in he room where they slept and all per- shed. While i taking her evening smoke, Four thousand two hundred and seven ships, only twenty-six of which carried the American Hag, passed through the Sue» canal in 1891. The city of NOAV Orleans has settled tho Myra Clark G allies case by the payment of $923,788 to tho administrator of the famous litigant's es-tato. The c/ar of Ilussia is the largest individual land owner in the world. The area of Ills possessions is far greater than that of the entire republic of Franco. Alcohol is said to bo used with groat, success hi stopping the ravages of cancer. It is Injected daily into the diseased tissue, cocaine being applied to deudc-rt the pain. A" St. Petersburg inventor has on ox- liibition a clock with a phonograph attachment, the dial of which is a human face, from whose; mouth comos tho announcement of tlu! hours, as woll as any directions that may bo left with it. The smallest vessel that lias ever sailed from England to Africa has just arrived at Sierra Leone, having boon thirty-five days on the way. This vos- gi.-l, Tho Queen, intended for trading furposos on some of tho small African rivers In British territory, is only ihirty- flve foot long. In 18(18 tho oxportations of Japan amounted to $15,500,000 and tho Importations to $10,090,000. In 1880 they Amounted to $70,000,000 and $00,100,000. There aro at present 2,038 corporations, having a capital of $08,000,000, and 1,0(51 banks, having a capital Of 599,500,000. Ben Butler Is said to bo sadly bent Vlth ago. His face has the picture ol health, but his massivo frame has ai unmistakable burden. His hands 'move unsteadily, while his eyes appeal swollen and almost hideie-u by the i\iu\ fiilds of flesh on ins cheeks. But his |u-a4 In clear as a bell, and at seventy Hi«r« In no shrewder lawyer 01 sfeiu Iu Now England. 4 ,' tal. General Lew Wallace is said to have joen the first man to conduct a court- hip by telegraph. This Avas in 1S52, aid tho messages were to his future vife. Allen Milton Browning, of Hunthig- loii, W. Va., lias been married six imos, lias boon tho father of sixty- seven children and is now only 00 years old. Lquis Bograu, ex-president of Hoii- luras, is in San Francisco em his way to Europe. He denies that he is an ex- le, and says ho is traveling to benefit lis health. It is said that the sultan of Johoro, who is to visit this country, observes the tenets of mohammcdanlsin so strictly that his only beverage is piue- ipplo Juice. It is claimed that the appointment of Senators Allison ami Jones and Representative McCreary as members of tho international monetary conference was illegal.. A lino model of tho battleship Oregon has boon prepared at the Washington navy yard. This model will bo sent to the coining exposition in Port- laud, Oregon. Charlomango Koehler an actor of some note, left Cincinnati, Ohie), recently, to enter the Dominican Order of Black Friars at Louisville, Ky. He is 32 years old. Sam Baldwin, tho aeronaut, and Harry Me-Me.-in, editor of the; Quliu-y (111.) Whig, made a balloon asccntion at Quincy Sunday and have not been heard from since. Dr. Peter Price, superintendent e>t tho state lunacy asylum at Tuse-aloosa Ala., ami one of the most dlstlnguisher medical authorities in the south, elie-e' of Blight's disease. A British ship, the Thracian, broke away from tow boats during roiiftl weather off tho Isle- of 'Man and cap sized. Her crow, e-oiisisting of seven toon men, was elrowueel. At Mirow, Germany, a shoomake-i named Traubo murdered another shot' maker named Kiagor and also slow the Batter's wife and three children. Jeal ousjjt led to the crime. Frew, sister of 0. H sired. The box contains two magazines, one- for 1-ceut and the other for 2-cent stamps, covered with glass apertures, through which a person desiring stamps can at once see before depositing his coin, whether there is a cartouch in tin- box. The back of the box presents only tho paneled door and th« back of the cash drawer, which is principally glass, so that tho bottom of the drawer is inclined from back to front, every coin which drops upon it is brought eli- rectly against the glass, and the custodian can seo at a glance just what coin is dropped in, as a bell calls Ms at ten- Marguerite Gllon, GO years old, was' t i ou to each deposit. burned to death at her homo in New The two marines contain eaclr fifty York. Sparks which fell from her pipe cartouches (100 being the full supply gutted her clothing, and thoro being no u'lp at hand the old woman was roasted alive. The Rov. (Father Humphreys and iftoou others accused of riot at Tipperary during the recent elections fall- 3d to appear the magistrates yesterday u answer to the summonses served ipon them and warrants were issued for their arrest. John AV. Forbes, a contractor who las boon making $10,000 a year on Bear river, AVyo., since 1878, was sand- jaggod and robbed of $200 while in Bvanstou, AVyo., recently. The affair has made him crazy, and ho will be placed in an asylum. Six moil were killed and fifteen others seriously injured by an accident to a construction train iioar Coshoctou, Ohio. Tho train was carried on to a side-track by an open switch while going at high speed and ran into some smpty cars. Ton cars were wrecked. Rov. Graham Taylor, D. D., pastor of tho Fourth Congregational church, Now York, and professor of practical theology in Hartford Theological seminary, has resigned to accept tho call of tho Chicago Theological seminary to the chair of "Christian Sciology and Bible Study." Froo entry has been denied a flag and staff imported by 'the steamer Britanuica and said to bo intended for tho Aquila Abblnssi of Chicago, a duly incorporated charitable . institution, This action by the collector of customs at New York has boon ratified by the treasury department. Colonel Malcolm, who has boon defeated in Argyloshiro, was tho biggest man of the last parliament, where blj mon were more numerous than in an average assembly of 070. Six foot was au average height, and thoro wen 1 half a dozou who towered up to six foot four Inches, but Colonel Malcom was tho biggc-st Trojan of them all. In the Bisnuirk museum at Shoonliau- sen, according to Gorman papers, Is a photograph of the emperor of Gor- maiiy.givoii 'when he was simply Prince William to the groat chancellor. On the photograph is the dedication: "As a sign of his genuine gratitude and hearty reverence." Underneath this lino are tho words/'Gave! Adsuui," for each box) and every part of the magazine can be detached and examined and replaced hi five minutes with only the aid of a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Each piece of tho box is described and numbered so that in caso of accident (the only moans 'by which renewals are required) any of thoui can be ordered and sent by mail or express to any part of the country. It. is believed impossible to beat or rob the box by any of tho devices employe! for that purpose upon other coin operated mechanisms, except, of course, with bogus coins or disks tho uso ol which is now punished by law. Four conts' worth of stamps are placed in a cartouch, together Avith a coupon, good fur 1 cent; so that when a person drops a nickel in tho machine ho gots 4 cents in stamps and acoupoi: for one cent. Other machines have broken cartouch, which has now served is purpose, being thrown away. The abel is of paper, just long enough to •ncircle the cartouch and is firmly gmed to it. It serves to seal the cartouch, overs its joint, gives directions for opening it and show quickly by its colors. It is registered at t?ie patent oflice. The coupon or demand draft, which .s the cornerstone of the whole business and the element of profit in the ale of the heretofore profitless postage stamp, is a thin rectangular' lithographed paper about three and one-half _nchos wide by four inches long, having exactly the superficial area of sixteen 2-cont postage stamps, so that when folded four times it is of the exact size d shape of a single., stamp, except in thickness. Its general color is green, of shade not unlike that of the national bank note, and the reading matter upon it is in two colors, black and red (the serial numbers alone appearing in the later color). It is printed upon both sides. Tho commodities advertised up•n it are of wide variety, the intent being to include popular articles commonly sold by druggists, grocers, news- dealers and tobacconists, in the relative ratio and order of 4,3, 2 and 2 so that u the thirty-two there aro throe multiples (approximately) of these numbers n each class, affording a choice of equal advantage to the stamp seller and the :oupon holder. This method of advertising has been pronounced by those advertisers who have looked into it a remarkable invention of its class, for they can toll, with matomatical exactness, just what business is the result of just that advertising. Besides furnishing the stamp purchaser tho value of the odd cent in the nickel, which he drops into the slot, the scheme evidently brings custom to the druggist or other tradesmen, for he receives it at its face for merchandise. Scientific JVo/e.v. Scientists assure us that upwards of 5,000,000 minute glands arc constantly at work in our stomachs, secreting gastric juices. During the recent influenza epidemics In Germany the proportion of ozone in 1hc air was found,to be scai-cely ten per cent, of the normal amount. earth-worms but ants aro tho soil-tillers of Southern Africa. Ant-hills exist by millions, each covered by soil su fertile! that a common saying is that :ui ox can be pastured on an ant-hill. AA"ln!ii Portland cement is mixed with vater and used in an atmosphere below the freezing point It will set, but rap- It has recently • been mixing of a small idly dlsintograts. found that the amount of caustic soda. will overcome this difficulty. Tho coal fielels of the world are saiel to have the following areas: China and lapan, 200,000 square miles; United States, 11)4,000; Iiulia, 35,000; Russia, 27.000; Groat Britain, 0,000; Germany, 3-i.iOO; France, 1,800; other European countries, 1,5000. The application erf erne to throe caats of coal tar has, been recommended for ivndorlng mas-miry water proof, the addition of » little rubber dissolved in iving the coating increased durability. AYhc'ii tho color is objectionable the fioriily tared surface may be dusted with plaster of Paris. In observations on "smihiting," Dr. StoAe-ns, an English occuiist, has taken over ^,000 photographs of persons af- focted. Tho investigations demonstrated that certain well-defined types of facial expression aro both associated with and dependent upon certain relative tensions of tho muscles of tho eyes. To say that Jupiter and A'enus recently came hi conjunction is a figure of speech, by which is meant that A r enus, in running her orbit, swings into the line of sight from the earth to Jupiter. Jupiter is really 1,400 times as largo as A'onus, and their distance apart is more; than 400,000,000 miles. A novelty in the lino of building material comes from Germany, where a linn has perfected a means by which Nfiwdnst is mixed with an acid and the whole is then pressed into the required shapes. The process makes the material nou- combustible. It is lighter, thaii iron or steel and stronger than wood, being also very cheap. Whether a woman Is poor or rich it. behooves her to acquire methodical business habits, keeping her little accounts accurately and knowing to a cent just what sho doos with her money, whether she has ten cents or ton boon patented and operated for tho sale dollars to expend on her own littJ.' of postage stamps but the purchaser is; personal wants. An allowance is tun required to pay 5 cents for 4 couts. u rat step toward this end, if at 11-0 By this new Yankee system tho imv-1 same time it is iuipresse-d upon her that chaser pays only for what ho gots, tho 0 - very sum spent should be sot down a small cylindrical box, 1 3-S hie-hes Ion, l^ c ^d X f ° llsh llt *° t UOlMll " H by 5-8 of an inch iu diameter, with ° llllL(1 " Jrom our 1)0ckols ' slightly rounded ends, niaelo of wood or paper, and _ opening exactly at its center transversely. Ono half has a thin inner With- setting down each Item It is n to one that you will conclude you must have lost some money when womanhood with a clear k where her money goes and has to show for it. Oldest Watch In the Anaconda Standard: Seth i, abaugh, a prospector and m| Uer ° nE ; .Bntte, has in his possession prohnhi one of the most valuable relics hi *v country. It is a timepiece hi the gi-f 8 of a watch, and bearing the name L, date of "Joseph' Davis, London, 1221'.' The genuineness of the article Is i!' questioned, and its great value lie, i the fact that the earliest record of pocket timepiece is 1494-, and of a SwI" makoniakc. The Davis watch has bew an heirloom of the Swan faniilv f ? nearly two hundred years, it finni? came Into the possession of j?f & J, Swan, oue of the family, who lives fa Nevada. He did not appreciate th value of the watch and gave it to hi children to play with, and when .'Mr Longabaugh first saw it, about u years ago, the hands had been broken off and one of the three cases within which the works wore Inclosed ^ as lost He recognized Its value auel secured it from Swan. The watch was examined by Tucker, tho San Francisco Jeweler and, after making researches,, h 0 p ro ! nounced it genuine. More rcccnth- Plight & Fab-field, of Butte, made a search in the misty past, but the earliest date they could find in the existence of watches was iu 1300. The watch in question doubtless represented the labor of many years, as it was made entirely by hand, and'the tool marks throughout all its parts are plainly visible, and tho watch was pi'oh- iJjly tho only oue made by Mr. Dnvi s of London. The machinery consists of n largo steel balance wheel, Avliicu with a pendulum like a lover, and in place of tho modem hair spring is a long steel chain which Aviuels and unwinds upon pulleys. Another' large wheel, the purpose of which is not apparent, looks like a belt wheel on a tlueshiiig machine. Tho works art- protected and he-Id together by a fine or-, nauiental network of. brass carved out by hand and riveted together with brass rivets, which show plain hammer marks. On the back of tho works is a polished stool face similar to the second dial en a modern watch, but the figures rumfiiig from ono to six. Tho e>bjcct of it has never boon figured out by any of tho Jewelers who have examined it. The face of the watch is of polished steel, ami the. hours are marked by raised Roman numerate, Around the eelge of the faces aro figures from 5 to GO, to represent either seconds or minutes.. In the center of the dial is the British ceiat of arms hi raised brass, consisting of the crown, lion and imicorn. Tho whole works are euiclosed in a silver hemisphere, tho silver being hammered and sharpened by hand, the indentures of tho hammer showing distinctly. On the outside of the silver e-aso is another of haiiini(.-rc-d brass, and the evidence is plain that at one time there was still a third case on the outside of these two. The watch was wound up with some kind of a key, the keyhole being protected by a rude trap or sliding door. The watch has a stem nearly two Inches long, auel a ring on tho end large enough to hitch a horse to. The stem is of solid silver and in tho middle is nearly 1 half worn away, which alone is a slight indication of its extreme ago. The watch Is said to have bee-n in running order up to 20 years ago. It weighs about four ounces, and in shape looks like a base ball cut in halves. Mr. Longabaugh has at different times been offered several small fe>rtiine>s for his relic, but ho says it is not for sale. He will have it oil exhibition at the world's fair. llko a sleeve,, as the two halve* fit to- ' othor. projection, over which .the other slides . ££" ™^w . '"^ ^ 'T^"' •oiu vu'iit when you only bought such and entirely around around this inner h^mhV7 I^'^'lf ™*\^< l>«-Bld«s projection where it joins the thicker, "*:! ^'' hf ! blt tunt Wil1 I)l! of « re!lt part, and, as a drop of glue united the two e.'iids of tho cartouch when packed, the twisting motion necessary to open It (as described by the label which seals and encircles it) breaks oil' and destroys this lip or projection, that no further either cartouch cartouch, snugly rolled, but with their e-nds projecting from the half in which (hoy rest When It is opened (so that use e-an bo mad or or label. Inside the . •• —-»'*-vyj,f)j.v^l.ll/ value if ever fortune smiles and a groat estate comes to your hands, and still greater it' economy is .a necessity an-1 the dollar has to be forced Into doing duty for two. ynle-ss the accounts are kept accu- i-itely, the cash made to balance e-vorv evening, you had better not attempt iniy nook keeping at all, for slipshod !!",i locls !U '° worso tlmn "'"Hi and only contuse! everything rather I'I-OI/I-I'NX in J'tiotufiriijiliy. A map of the heavens is being prepa- ed at a cost of £1,^)0,000 (which the leading nations have agreed to raise), as an example of what telescope photography can do. Instantaneous photography seems to have attained perfection, for, according to the London News, it is now possible to lis the imago of a cannon-ball flying through tho air. Even microbes aro now being photographed. A young French chemist, M. Henri Coin-tonne, is credited" with a now discovery, for whicli ire have boon looking to Mr. Edison. Sound being transmissible by telephone, M. Courtonuo argued by a. rigorous analogy, that light might be transmitted too. As tho telephone consists of a transmitter, a wire and a receiver, so there was no reason to believe that, these threo organs might be adapted for transmitting light vibrations, and for this purpose tho transmitter iwd receiver should be prepared chemically for receiving and giving out ligW instead of sound vibrations. This was elono by substituting sousitixeel photographic plates for the ordinary tele- phono plate. One of tho plates was placed inl'ront of an aperture through ; Avhich an image was cast, and this Id-; age has boon forwarded by wire ana has boon seen at tho other end, W first apparatus was very imperfect, and M. Courtonuo, having heard that Mi- Edison M'as on the track of a simi^ discovery, resolved to publish Uls experiments, a description of wlilcli ue, however, sent iu a sealed letter to tiw academy hi 1889. This letter is ow; to be opened at the sender's request. Tho Figaro says that tho coiisenueiicw of the telephotography can not be overestimated. To-morrow, it says, }'»« will seo in Paris the imago of H i n(lu smoking In St. Petersburg. (hoy rest When it is opened (so that; maters it',,,, H, , lol> tlltm Uol P they can be easily removed), aro two S \ t t " ! " y h "«>' is worlh doing at 2-rait postage stamps and four l-coiit:'nothing so "rod ,'?, M ' cll; ''} ll(l tucro ls postage stamps, and tho demand dm ft as tho (or coupon) is 1 ' UtlU '° . "good for ono cent" in for the K, , i,! , ? 6kmg cmi ° full y s of cither of the thirty- tho onlv /,- -.u. wnlon41scho ° 1 d «J's An epidemic of suicides has out In Berlin and its suburbs. M last six days twenty-two persons u killed themselves for more or lcsS ] val reasons. A boy of 14 luuir' because his girl of 13 had Ju" An apprentice of W years c suicide because in a fair fight tho collar-bone of a fellow ttppW-- , Two married men juul two m ' m ' ie V e yj man drowned themselves becaus? were not happy. • V JI

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