The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 8, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1891
Page 8
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THE UPPEM ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, <TOLY 8, ml FOUND IN THE MAIL SACK, Wesley Was the Scene of a Ronsing, Old-time Celebration—Everyone Had a Good Time. Some Celebrated Too Long, but They Know More Than They t)id— Other County News. WESLEY, .Tuly 7.—Tho grand old Fourth hns como and gone. Tho day was all that anyone could iislc, and by 10 o'clock our streets wore full of loairw from the country, und by .12 there was a crowd of people that would have been a credit to a town three times the size of Wouloy. Everything passed off witli the best of order, und everybody seemed to enjoy himself. At 11 the speaking took place at the grovo, Rev. Tryon delivering the oration, when all adjourned for dinner. At 1 o'clock the Iioi'He races took place at E. K Waito's track. Charley Burtis took first money in the trotting race. Ed. Casnor took the money on climbing the greased polo; Eddie Kunx. first money in the wheelbarrow race; TJ. S. Fox first in the foot race; and John Woodcock won the luirdlo I'ttce. The Wesley boys won the ball game over the Portland nine, 27toJ. Tho lire works took place in the evening. Tho programme was carried out in full, and everyone Boomed well pleasc-d with the manner in which the oxoreiHjH were conducted. F. M. Butts is hero looking after Borne of his business matters. Ills son Guy wont to Chicago Monday evening, but expects to bo gone only a few days. There was a very heavy nhowor here Monday afternoon. It is thought by Somo that over throe inches of water loll during the storm. Grain of all kinds is looking well. Some of our farmers havo fears that a good deal of the small grain will lodge, 4is the growth of straw is very heavy. , The hay crop in this part of the county will ho the best this season it has been for many years. Improvements are still going on in Wesley. Clins. Stugg uYict H. Pi'leoaro •building on their lots in Call's addition, and Frank Bacon intends building soon on his lots in the sumo locality. Johnnie Peterson and his nistor of Minneapolis spent the Fourth with their many friends hero. Arabella McPhorson and her sister have begun their now store building on their lot recently purchased from Mr. Atkinson. The building will bo 22x;)(i, with 20-foot posts. They intend to carry a full line of millinery goods, and will bo j;oady for the fall trade. A couple of our citizens continued to celebrate the Fourth till about midnight, when they got rather boisterous and tried to make each other look rod, white, and blue. Finally Constable Ash was called und ho arrested thorn. They wore brought before 'Squire Robinson Monday morning, plead guilty to the charge of disturbing the peace and were lined live dollar's mid costs. No doubt the went away wiser if not better men. . O. I-I. Oloson audj|his sister of Ionia spent the Fourth with their brother, C. E. of this place. O. H. is one of the firm of Lawson & Oloson Bros. Ho took the train hero Tuesday morning for Minneapolis, where ho will attend the mooting of tho Christian Endeavor society Mrs. Dr. MeCormick of Burt came over to celebrate at Wesley. Our business men say they havo no cause to complain for want of trade; in fact trade of all kinds has never boon eo good as this year. Last .Friday Haw over forty teams hitched on our streets at one time—actual count. Chas. Thompson of Corwith was in town one day last week. Charley has boen out in the wild and wooly west for some time. lie says Iowa is good enough for him, and has concluded to remain hero. Joe Studer and wife spent tho Fourth at Aokloy. Dr. Colo of Britt was in town Saturday to see how well Wesley could col- obrate. Markets: Wheat, OOc; oats, 27c; flax, 85e; hogs, $-1.10; hay, $5. LU VERNE. LuviouNii:, July 6.—F. I. Chapman won tho first money in tho foot race at Corwith on the Fourth. Henry Klindt was quite sick Saturday night. The hay men will commence at tho hay this week in full force, A good crop is looked for this your. Win. Person will begin a now barn this week for Mike Biggins. A little stabbing affray out north at a dance on tho evening of tho Fourth. No particulars yet, W. A. Patterson lost another one of his horses on tho Fourth, thought to bo from over heating. Mrs. J, Q, Ilanna is hero visiting at Goo, W. Raima's at present, There was a dance at .Take Moirs hist week Avilh a fair attendance. Jas, Hood and wife took tho train Thursday evening to spend the Fourth at LuVorno, Minn., with his wife's folks, who reside thoro. Win. Person wont to his home at Dysart to bo gone till after tho Fourth. Our littlo burg was almost deserted Saturday. Most of the residents going to other towns. S. C. Phitt and family spent the Fourth at tholr folks 110111- Algona. It is reported that John Devino is coming back from Kansas on account of the light crops wiused by hot winds drying them up. flurtis & Robertson shipped three carloads of hogs to Chicago last week. Editor Higbeo of tho Ronwick Times was hand-shaking on our streets. Most of tho dogs in town are muzzled. Goo. Ilanna and I, P. Harrison wont to Cedar Rapids to attend tho state convention. Now moat market again. C. Patterson of this place will open a shop in tho front room of his father's building, one door south of tho nowEggerth building. An Hloctrlcal Woman at Hluiore. The Elmore correspondent to the Blue Earth Post tells of tho wonderful feats of tho magnetic Anna Abbott: By accident tho people of Elmoro discovered that they wore entertaining angels unawares, last Sunday. Little Anna Abbott, tho "Georgia Magnet," husband and child, were tho guests, and by a little coaxing they got her to give a few of her experiments. A committee was ohoson from the audience and each member took hold of a chair and tried to hold it still in mid air. She laid her hand on tho wood and moved and tossed tho holders ahout, without any effort on her part. She Btood erect on one heel, holding a billiard cue in one hand and four strong men could not push her from her balance. Five heavy men sat on a chair and George Duatin had his hand on the back of it. She put her hand on his, touching throe fingers to the chair, and without any pressure on Dustin's hand she raised the five men from the floor. Her husband said that anyone' who could lift her from tho floor could have her. Andy Smith and Sam Moore tried awful hard to do so, but failed. She holds a cue in her open hands and five men wore' unable to push it across her hands, Andy Smith, our heavy man, was seated on tho end of a billiard cue and seven men held one end down on tho floor. By placing tho tips of nor lingers against the cue she lifted tho cue, men and all from tho floor and sot them down several feet away. Galloon's boy laid his his hands in hers, after which'no two men could lift him from the floor. Mrs. Abbott is very pretty, and a fine conversationalist, Her temperature during these experiments was from 90 to 94, while her pulso was over 336 to the minute. All those tests wore made openly and fairly. She Is simply charge'd with electricity—In fact was born that way— and is a puzzle to all scientists. FEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Fred. Branson spent tho Fourth at Esthervillo. J. W. Robinson and Howard wont to tho lakes Monday. Mr. and Mrs, Fred. Fuller visited Emmotsburg friends Saturday. Mr. and Mrs, Barrett of Sheldon havo boon visiting at J. E. Stacy's for some days. Miss Garr of Chatflold. Minn., is visiting at J. L. Edmonds' and will remain two months. Miss Jennie Bailey goes to Chicago soon as a delegate from tho Baptist young peoples' society. Frank Fields camo up from Storm Lake to celebrate. Ho reports tho jewelry business excellent. J. C. Frank starts tomorrow to St. Paul with his brother to lay in the winter stock of fur goods. Mrs. J. B. Jones and daughter wont to Milwaukee Monday evening , to bo gone during tho summer. E. C. Tutllo starts for Oklahoma today to take a position as business manager of a newspaper thoro. Mrs. Westover and two daughters lire visiting at L. M. B. Smith's. Mrs. W. is Mrs. Smith's sister. Mrs. R. B. Warren is homo from her Wisconsin visit. Mrs. J'. H. Warren still remains with her friends. Chas. Rist camo up from Omaha for ilio Fourth, and for a visit with his relatives and friends in Algona. Miss Hattio Acers is over from Em- motsburg, visiting at C. D. Creed's and mooting her many old friends. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Doxsee drove jvor to Rolfe to visit Mr. Doxsoe's parents and celebrate on Saturday. Julius Bohn, tho railway magnate of Minneapolis, was down last week visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Bohn of Plum Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Quackonbush, old-time 'rionds of Mr. and Mrs. M. Z. Grovo, from near Charles City,' visited them a day last week. Choovor Hudson camo up from Marion to spend tho Fourth. His brother remained at Marion, and Bert Langdon wont to Chicago. Mr, and Mrs. Train of Dows visited at H. A. Clock's last week, returning homo Monday. Mrs. Train and Mrs. "Uock are sisters. Samuel Rood of Irvington is enjoying a visit from his brother, Henry Rood of Grundy county. Ho will remain a week or more. ,Mrs. Dunne, who has been visiting at John Galbraith's, returned from Wisconsin last week with Miss Spears and both are Algona visitors now. Rev. H. B. Butler starts tomorrow for i visit to his old home in Now Hampshire, whore ho has not boon for 80 years. Ho will be gone for a couple of months. Wo neglected to note tho return of Miss Nottio Durant among tho collegians last week. She has finished her year at Grinnoll, and spends the vacation at homo. Dr. Russoll was up yesterday, looking as natural as in the old days when lie was bossing the old brick hotel. He is just homo from Mississippi, where he stays mostly nowadays, Mrs. R, F. Hodrick is at Stillwater it present for her health, and contemplates going to Duluth and then to Mackinao, She is troubled with asthma. Her daughter Amy wont with lior, returning last week. Mr. and Mrs. Dixson, father and mother of Mrs. Rov. Black, havo ro- Lurnod from their visit in Utah. Mr. Dixson says that tho anti-poligamy law is being enforced, and that generally tho Mormons are accepting it, though a fow fool that they are being made martyrs of. Mil lard Dickonson, a station agent at Onaga, Kansas, and Mrs. John Dixson .)f Lmurn, Allamakoo county, visited tho old home place and old friends in Algona Monday. They are the children of C. M. Dickonson who settled in enrly days out near the Hudson and Pine farms this side of Sexton. .John Fields is in from his mail-route totting. While tho early comers told pretty good stories, tho later arrivals .ire having a big advantage. They team tho biggest report made and then manage to go it one better. Tho experiences of tho boys who have boon out lotting contracts are getting wonderful to listen to. Suddi'u Deaths. Heart disease la by tar the moat frequent cause )( suilcleu ileiith, which In three out of four oases la unexpected. The symptoms Hre not generally understood. These are: A habit of lying ou the rlglit side, short breath, imln or distress in side, buck, or shoulder, Irregular pulse, aathinu, weak and hungry spells, wind in ttomaoh, swelling of ankles or dropsy, oppression, dry cough und smothering. Dr. Mllea'Illustrated book on heart disease, free at F. W. plngley'g, who sells and guarantees Dr. Miles' unequuled New Heart Cure, and his Restorative Nervine, which cures nervousness, headache, sleeplessness, effects o£ drluklug, etc. It contains no opiates. 8 * i-l-rroiJ V"-.--^ ^-ILI;—^ --•^^- ..^f.\_ ..I- And don't forget it; keep your eye continually upon this space, and remember that JONES HE PAYS THE FREIGHT! McOormiok Harvesting Machine Co., J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co,, A. A. Cooper, wagons, - - - P. P. Mast & Co., cultivators, etc., James Selby & Co., planters, etc., 1831 1842 1840 1843 1850 D, S. Morgan & Co., mowers, Hearst, Dunn & Co., planters, John Deere, plows, etc., Moline Wagon Co., wagons, etc., 1834 - 1860 1854 - 1865 Of the New Wigwam at Algona, Iowa, is agent for the above well-known and reliable institutions. Compare this list with anything you have seen, and then decide where to buy your farm implements for the season of 1891. .top,," TOPIOS OP THE TIME. Preparing for Hot Weather. Tho following telegram from Whitewright Texas, indicates that the people In that vicinity do not intend to bo caught napping: WiiiTiswitioiiT, Texas, June 2,1891.—To Chamberlain & Co., Dos Moities, In.: Ship us at once one gross Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy, 85 cent size, and two dozen 50 cent size. "We are entirely out and have had nearly forty calls for it this week. O. Y. KATIIIIUN & Co. This is just such a medicine as every family should bo provided with during the hot weather. It nooer fails and is pleasant to take. Sold by F. W. Dingloy. The Mainstay in Hl.s Family. Aug. Hornung, a well-known manufacturer of boots and shoes at 820 Nolan street, San Antonio, Texas, will not soon forget his experience with un attack of cramps, which ho relates us follows: "I was taken with a violent cramp iu tho stomach, which I believe would have caused iny death had it not been for the prompt uso of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, und Diarrhoea Remedy. Tho first dpso did me so much good, that I followed it up in 20 minutes with tlio second dose, and before the doctor could get to whore I was I did not need him. This remedy shall always be one of the mainstays in my family. Sold by F. W. Dingley, druggist. Speaks from Kxpericnce. CAUDO MILLS, Texas, June 5, 1891.—To tho public: From my own personal knowledge I can recommend Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remepy for cramps in the stomach, also for diarrhoea and flux. It is tho best medicine I have ever seen used, and is tho best selling. A. K. Sherrill." Sold by F. W. Dingloy. THE 0., M. & St. P. Railway company will sell tickets to the musical festival, United Scandinavian Singers of America, to be held at Minneapolis on July 16 to 21, at one fare for the round trip.—14t3 Startling Facts. The American people are rapidly becoming a race of nervous wrecks' and the following suggests the best remedy: Alphonzo Hemplllng of Butler, Pa., swears that when his son was speechless from St. Vltus dance Dr. Miles' great Restorative Nervine, cured him. Mrs. J. R. Miller of Valparaiso, and J. D. Taylor of Loganaport, ind,, each gained twenty pounds from taking It. Mrs. H. A. Gardner of Vistula, Ind.. was cured of 40 to 50 convulsions a day, and much headache, dizziness, tmckaahe, and nervous prostration by one bottle. Trial bottles, and line book of marvelous cures, free at F. W. Dlngley's, who recommends and guarantees this uneiimilcd remedy. 8 * Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills Act on a new principle—regulating the liver, stomach, and bowels through the nerves. A new dls covery, Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure biliousness- bad taste,' torpid liver, piles, constipation, TJn- enualed for men, women, and children. Smallest, mildest, surest! Fifty doses 25 cents. Samples free at F, W, Dlngley's drug store. Iowa State Normal School CEDAR FALLS, IOWA. A Technical School for Teachers, Established, supported, and supervised by the State of Iowa. Sixteen Specialists in the Faculty. Moro than ouo hundred candidates for graduation tho coming school year. Students are graduated any tlmo during tho year when tho course la commutod. State certificates granted by law to graduates of tho school. Write for catalogue to HOMER H. SEERLEY, Pi-ost. ORDINANCE NO. 9, AN ORDINANCE regulating the running of engines upon the streets. He It ordained by tho city council of the city of Algona, Iowa: Sec. 1. That no portion shall be allowed to propel by steam, through the streets in the city of Algonu, any threshing outllt, hay-press ing outfit, or engine; provided, however, that nothing in this ordinance contained shall prevent or Interfere with railroad companies running or using locomotive engines ou their roads within the city limits. Sec. !i. Any person violating any of tho pro visions of this ordinance shall be doomed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be lined not less than five nor more than llfty dollars, iu the discretion of the mayor. L. A. SHEBTZ, Mayor. S. S. SESSIONS, City Clerk. The Doming PUMPS For EVERY DUTY. aluoWEUUSUPPLIES, Ask Your Dealer for Tbem. Henion & Hubbell, Cenl Western Agtv CHICAGO, ILL; ' Dr. Hathaway. D. H. HAD LEY, M. D., Assistant. (Regular Graduated. Registered.) Tlio Leading Specialist of the Woflt. Private, Blood, 6klu and Nervous Diseases. YOUNG MEW vrnouytholrownactg of Imprudence or folly Buffer from Nervous Debility, Exhausting drains upon tho fountains of life. nffectlug the mind, body and manhood, Bliould consult tho celebrated Dr. Hntli- away at once. Ra- jncmber nervous diseases (with or wltU- out dreams) or do- Lillty and loss of nerve power, treated scientifically, by new methods, wltU great success. , It makes DO differ- en co what you havo taken or who baa failed to cure you. J..O8T MANHOOD and all woaknesa of tlia Bexual organs absolutely cured. FEMALE DISEASES cured at home without Instruments; a wonderful remedy. CATAItKUI nnd Diseases of tho Skin, Blood, Beurt, Llvei' and Kidneys. SYPHILIS. Tho most rapid, rnf o and effective remedy. A complete eur SKIN DISEASES <jf all klnda cured •whora Others have failed. TTNNATtTRAI, DISCHARGES promptly cured In a few days. Quick, sure and safe. X&la Includes Gleet and Uonorrhccn. • MY METHODS. 1. Tree consultation at the ofllce orbymntl. 2. Thorough examination and careful diagnosis. 8, That each patient truntod gets tho advantage of (pedal study und experience, and a specialty Is made of hlK or her disease. 4. moderate charges and easy terms of payment. A home treatment cun lie given la a majority of cases. Bund for Symptom TUank Wo. 1 for Men. Send for Symptom Blank No. S for Women. Send for Symptom Bliiulc No. 3 for Skin Diseases. All correspondence nnawored promptly. Business strictly conildenrliil. Medicine sent free from observation. liefer to banks Iu Sioux City. Addramorcallon J. N. HATHAWAY, M. D. f Cor. 1th uml tfebi-uiUu 8U. , Sioux City, la. DOU YOU WANT THE Legal Blanks? Most surely you do if you have need for any at all. Then remember that you can lliid them at the Upper Des Moines Office. WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best in use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Grass Leases, Notes, etc,, For sale In any quantity desired. Blanks not Iu stock will bo made to order at short notice and correct prices. T^IDD'S GERM EllAIUOATOR" POSI- -LV tlvely cures all diseases—because it kills all germs, bacteria, parasites, microbes, and animalcuUo In the system, which the prom! iiont physicians in convention agreed was the cause of all disease. The air, water, vegetables aud fruit are full of these little worms, causing catarrh, consumption, diabetes, and Bright's disease, cancers, tumors, and all so- called incurable diseases. (Never known to fall to cure consumption, catarrh, kidney troubles and syphilis.) Retailed in $2, $3, and Jo sizes, sent anywhere on receipt of price. This is the only genuine article; all others are dangerous counterfeits. Dr. Sheets issues guarantees to cure all ailments for Kldd's Germ Eradlcator for the manufacturers. r\ REAT FRENCH REMEDY.—Dr. Le Due's V_T periodical pills from Paris, France, act only upon the generative organs in females, and positively cure suppression of the menses (from whatever cause) and all periodical troubles peculiar to women. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruation, 01 money refunded. Should not be used during pregnancy. The large proportion of the ills to which ladles are subject is the direct result of a disordered and Irregular menstruation. Ask any druggist for them. American Pill Co., Spencer.Ia. L. A. Sheetz, supply agent, Alco- ua, la. H. Bosworth & Son, Milwaukee; Robt Stevenson & Co., Chicago, wholesale agents. Snug little fortuneahaTebeenmadeat rork for ui, by Anna I'age, Auetln, «*ai, and Jno. tlonn, Toledo, Ohio. ee cut. Olhen are doing M well. Why >ot you? Some earn over tSOO.OO * nionlli. You can do the work and live ;at home, wherever you are. Even be- Klnuera are eaall/earning from (S to VIV a day. AH agea. We ahow you bow and etarl you. Can work ID ipare time or all the time.' Big moo.y for work' Wi!H!S!!rs •»"!• ^«"- Successor to J.J. Wilson. Office and Yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, - IOWA. ALEX. WHITE, Agent. Handles the best of all descriptions of Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of anything from a piclcet fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove that this is not merety idle talJc. little kifterp, soiled fyeir Dii didn't oldfrieitd. Sotruct. lifllekitlens,w^ed%irnjittens Villas SOAP of a^ber ^ p Quick!/ >&nisl]ed e&clj "Were as briefly &r[d soft as -]ev/ i SANTA GLAUS SOAP-MADE ONLY BY N.K.FAIRBANK&CO. CHICAGO. LOUIS LESSING, Agent. MONEY can be earned at our NEW line of work, rapidly and honorably, by thole of elthtr aez, young or old, and In their own lycelltiea,wht!rever they live. Any _-„-.- .-. - - one cao do the work, Eaaj to learn. We (urnlih everything. We atari you. No rlik. You can devote your apare niomeuu. or all your time to the work. Thli la an entirely new lead,and bringe wonderful eucceii to every worker. Birtnnera are earning from MS to »50 per week and upwarde, anil raore after a little experience. We can furnlih you the employment and teach YOU rliH. do apace to explain here. Full toormatloa rHEE. U'glTiS «fc CO., Aldl'STi, lUUilt. HI A A A ft V all I II II JVV ^111 1 IB Oil II II U ~T W. TT ^* w A TEA.II I I undertake to briefly '"""''"''yWrly Intelligent pcnou of either ""*, who cun rend and write, aud who. ffer Inatrucllon.wlll work rnduVtriouilr how to earn Three Thouaand Pollara a umh.,, number,wno each dlatrlct or county. I "h tmploymeot a larr* r ear each. li'eKJEW J3E. Addreu at one*, uguitn, A[»laf, JEWEL ASOLENE STOVES ARE THE BEST* Made in 45 Styles, •BICES FROM $4.OO TO $33.00. SOLD EVERYWHERE. INQTJIKE OF TOtTB DEAZEB. MADE BT GEORGE Nl. CLARK & CO. Chicago, »eooo.oo . j-t.r 11 bdng omde by John B. \ QoodtYln,Troy,N.Y.,M work for ui. Under, you tuny not nigke m ruu«lt, but we c«p t«ch you quickly how to tun from »S to »lw • day >t the Hurt, end more M you go on. Doth HIM, all ige». In uy P«" of Arnerlci, you can commence «t home, glr- •lug all your lime,or ipare momtuti only to Ktlie work. All te new: Great par eVBKfpr H!2.S™J?' r i.jy.VW.l?!!;.S??!*!IP everything. EASILY. * w., '*ff, *#V l*du.«. * h B*fekl&i6,

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