The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 17, 1892
Page 7
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It'..-, uotrsT IT. 1892. DRSMQTN^S. rnr: • Sweet clover is pretty generally in- Jinw it ifrin Rcrrtftit i, lf uic ntttzen» of tr °ducecl throughout the. west and ncl'orc tho receipt of the resolutions li-oni the county coininlttee, the more piilriotic, or tho more effervescent of tho. dti/.ons of the city of New York celflirniert tho event. In a spontaneous and spirited way quite iu keeping with the character they have always exhibited In moint nts of oxcitemouf. Tho following graphic account of ther doings is reproduced from The Scots Magazine, for August, 1770: "Mew York, July JL1, 177<J.-The fourth instant was rendered remarkable by the most important event that , uf«s «ver happcutd in the American col- gotii the method and results when onies, an event which doubtless will bo fiwlp °f Fig3 ' 8 taken; it is pleasant celebrated through a long succession of •nd fefreshitig to the taste, and acts future: nges by annlvei-sai-j- commomor- sently yet promptly on the Kidneys, ations, and hi; considered as a grand era liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys- !u tllu history of the American states. tan effectually, dispels colds, head- On Ulls auspicious day tho reprosonta- SL and Men and cures habitual } lv ° o( «!« Tim-teon United Cuioni™, V> avo > "'.. o -* IM__ »_ ,1. _ by <:ho providence of God, unanimously , agi'eod to and voted a proclahiation de! daring tho said colonies free and in. dependent states, which was UlDCD I***** * V * *»»•»— »—•• VH UMUI VUUfl eopgtlpation. Syrup of figs is the 'only remedy otita kind 6Ver produce^ pleasing to the taste «id ac- • 'peptable to the stomach, prompt In I Itj notion and truly beneficial in Its ifiecU, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, Uc many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the moot popular remedy known. Byrup of Figs is for sale in 50c tnd $1 bottles by all leading drug- .gists. Any reliable druggist wht may not have it on band will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try It. Do not accept any robstitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANOISOO, CAL, KY. NEW YORK. N.f. like tho children of Israel in Egypt, the more it is persecuted the more it multiplies and grows. It thrives in this sandy soil. A lady pointed to some in her garden, saying: "I raise that for my chickens." 1 have noticed fowls feeding upon it, as it starts earlier than other clovers. >'ot long; since 1 mot a man who said: "I've boon keeping boos for moro than forty yours, but I never could get them to increase moro than four or live colonies until 1 got tho patent hives which have movable frames." Now lot: us look into the matter aud see if wo can divine tho reason. There is no way by Which wo can sec into the interior of a box hive. We have to depend in a groat measure upon guess i \vork. A colony may tlmiw ol'f swarm after swarm it is literally ruined, 1 and there is no way of preventing It. 1 If it was in a movable frame hive the 1 combs could be lifted out aud tho 1 queen cells cut oil' and the second I swarm returned, when there would bo in-o i |AVO '''**' strou ' ! ' colonies able to take claimed at tho state house In riuladel- j wro of themselves ami yield re- last, and received im ' ns1 " "f 1 ' owncr ' u llou of f ! JUl ' ° l live- hives in uso, paying no rent, and phla on Monday with joyful acclamations. Oopies were also distributed to all tho colonies. On : rhu tuntmt8 bllvol - v ublu to llvc ' ln most "A Woman Best Understands a Woman's Ills." Thousands of women have been benefited by Mrs. Pinkham's advice, and cured by her remedies after all other treatment had failed. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegctablt Compound has been more successful in curing Female Complaints than any remedy the world jhas ever known, including Leu- corrhea, the various Womb and Uterus Troubles, Backache, and is invaluable to the Change of Life. For Kidney Complaints tlie compound is unequalled. , All lell It or «cnl by null, in- lorin uf Pilli or Loxengefl, on rtcolnlof Sl.OO. Liter Pllli, SSftc. Corrt- (pondenci freely answered. 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THEMAHQUETTE, Vuartnr.sawed Ujrefcmore. THC UKISIOE. THE CoNSERVATpfir. 4uuUr.|>wed 0«lt, intlqat. Hlch Ornde, nne flnlin. ill th» tboTt lolil undor our own (UirutMi 100,000 of oat uutrumenn ID nu. Your tool dealer will order (or you. 0>n- Mpoh»vt nuut burned on iatldo. Beud for illustrftted oaUloKUf. •tl'ON A HBALY. 63 Monroe 8tr«et, OhlcaK* FROM THE "PACIFIC JOURNAL." "A great Invention Iws been mado or Dr. Tntt. Tliat eminent chemist hws prodooea Tiitt's Hair Dye which Imitates nature to perfection! it acta Initantanootigly and Is iierfently harmless. Price, »1. OlP.ce, 30 & 41 Park Place, N. Y. Tnr-sdiiy lust (July Ut.h) it: was rcsul at tin; liond of oncli brijintlo of tho uonti- inuitiil army posted ill; mid nuav Nuw York, aud ovorywhi'iv rut'L'lvoil with loud ItiiKisus siiul thu uttermost diMiion- stratlmis of joy. Tho same evening the ptiuestvltin slnliK! of Goorso Third, whioh toi-.v iirido and folly roared in the year 1770, was by the sons of freedom laid prostrate in the dirt, the just i desert of an ungrateful tyrant. The lead wherewith this monument was made is to bo run into bullets, to assimilate with tho brain of our Infatuated enemies, who, to Rain a pepper- eorn, have lost an empire. Quos Ueus vult perdere, prlus dementat." On the day after this amiable little ebullition of the people of New York, there was rejoicing iu tho debtors' prison In Xe\v York dry. The prison was in an upper lloor of the city hall, then standing on what is now tho corner of Wall and Nassau streets, or the site of the present: treasury building. The rejoicing was due to the fact that on Unit day. "in pursuance of the dec- urntioii of independence, a general jail delivery, with respect to debtors, took place here."—(Moll's Journal for July 11, 177<i). On Thursday, July ISth, a more for- nul celebration took place hi the city jf New York, which is described as follows iu a contemporaneous report of it: "New York, Thursday, July ''25, 1770. On Thursday last, (July 18th), pursuant to a resolve of the representatives of the colony of New York, sitting iu cou- ji-ess, the proclamation issued at Philadelphia the 4th .lust., by the continental congress, declaring the Thirteen Jutted colonies to be free and indepoud- mt states, was read and published at the city hall, when a number of the true friends of the rights and liberties of America attended and siguHied their approbation by loud acclamations. After which, the British arms, from over the seat of justice in the court house, was taken down, exposed, torn to pieces, and burnt. Another British arms, wrought in stone, in front, of tho pediment without, was thrown to tin. ground aud broken to pieces, and tin picture of King George 111., wliich had been placed ihe council chamber, was thrown out, broken, torn to pieces, and burnt, all of which the people testified their approbation by repeated huzxas. The same day, we hear, tho British arms from till the clmrche.s m the city were ordered to be removed and destroyed." It is doubtful if this, is an exact statement of the facts, so far, at least as relates to the king's arms 111 Trinity church, A moro correct statement, probably, is the one which was made by the Kov. Dr. Inglis. the rector of Trinity church, in a letter written by ' him to the Ilev. Dr. Hind dated October '31 .1770. on the state of the Anglo! American church. Says Dr. Inglis: line' equestrian statue ot the king pulled down "and totally (instances dying the following winter. | The moth is a terrible fellow to tho box hive man. When a colony loses queen those gentry come in and liud n. house well provisioned aud furnished. AVlien the owner sees there are no bees coming and going to sting him, ho bravely turns up the hive and exclaims: "The plaguoy moths have destroyed this colony!" All this time iliev were as innocent as the man iu Hie moon, it is true that they destroyed the contents of the hive, eating the comb and bee-bread, but if there had been plenty of bees there would not have been room enough for them, for bees do not believe there Is a lious,; large enough for two families—a family of bees and one of moths. If a colony iu a, movable frame hive loses its queen, the fact can be readily ascertained and another given to them. If ii colony needs food it can be supplied. 11' very weak it ran be strengthened with mature food, or if diseased, can. >e taken care of before the contagion spreads.—Exchange. WA.K ;>jro./eoc't'o. anil Slioiilil It Occur, JSiif/laml, Spiiin J>'ranca May lake a Hand in It. It was one of Bismarck's "prophecies that Knrope would one day mid a second- eastern question in Morocco. Tin failure of th* mission of Sir Charles lOuan-Smilh has brought the fullillmeut of that prediction within the field of practical politics. 1'lie purpose of Sir Charles' mission to Fez was to obtain from the sultan a treaty throwing open his dominions to European trade. In putting forward this request F'.nglaud was supported by jwas signs committee esteemed have the hurch, SUMMER COMPLAINTS PERRY DAVIS- PAIN-KILLER BESTMEDICINE IN THE WORLD. SARLOWS INDIGO BLUE, me Family Wash Blue, for sale by Grocers. pMORDIA r 3 ^*: MB 0 NI-T SURE CURE. Prlco »1.00 by mail. •!«!g<>j»MA..CO.. HO Fulton St.. »«* York.. demolished after independency was declared. \11 the king's arms, even those on the of taverns, were destroyed. Ihe sent me a message, which 1 a favor and indulgence, to king's arms taken down in Itliu church, or else the mob would do 1 it aud might deface and injure tlie church. I immediately complied. --- (O'Callaghiin's Doc. Hist. N. Y., vol. iii., p. 1058). „ , Mr I.ossing remarks on the alleged order for tlio king's arms in the "hurchos "toberemoved and destroyed, lhat "those in Trinity church taken- down and carried to •Brunswick (British America) b.\ ^,^n™^^^»£ , Protestant: Episcopal church in St. ,,ohn?-Charles D. Deshler, in Harpers Magaaiue for July. Now HOY. Jlcv-KeeptHV- Last year throughout tin but very , lit lie and the west there was to be derived from bees, v,o VoVious years there wore but small yields. In consequence of 1Mb ! bee-keepers hud ! gau to think siou and the "blues," and be- that bee-keeping was a a snare—too uncertain B.C. cutes Cla ms. olpalllxainlner u7e. Ponsion Bureau. war, ISaiyiidlcntlugcluluio, qtty aliice. iin ther occuiiuuu"< Manu- have to meet disappoint- , audPftintewwcm J..J tho Iron. »n4 burs uu Store Poluh ia Brll- •nd the con- gUu package H WUJAL SALE Of 3OOP TONS. all the European powers maintaining representatives at Tangier, with the exception of France. For a time it was believed that the mission would prove succesful, but ultimately the sultan refused to sign the' treaty, and some members of the envoy's suite wore subjected to gross indignities for which reparation will be demanded. Jt is reported, moreover, that, what tho Moorish potentate refused to grant ar the Instance of England to Europe in general he has determined to concede to France in particular. Against such ji discrimination England as well as Spain will undoubtedly protest, and | thus it may happen that Mr. Gladstone, lefore he is able to deal with the home •ule question, will have an internalion- il quarrel on his hands. The trouble irewiug in this quarter from interna- ional rivalries is aggravated by tlie sultan's inability to control the inu- Inous coasi tribes that threaten to ar- aek Tangier. Should his. threat be car- led out marines and sailors would at mcv be landed from the English, •Spanish and French war ships in the larbor, and a collision would not im- irobably tako place between the several foreign contingents in the streets )f the town. The respective claims of Spain, France and England upon 'Morocco rest upon very different foundations. \Vlien the Visigothic kings ruled at Toledo a considerable secion of north- ;>rn Morocco was induded in their dominions. Even after tho Visigoths had succumbed to Arab aud Berber invaders n reflex wave of influence more than once swept across the strait aud the caliphate of Cordova maintained for a time a foothold on the African shore. Indeed, a large part of the city of Fez was known, and we believe is known to this day, as the An- dalusian quarter. To these traditions of historical connection must bo added Hie conviction still rooted in tho breasts of Spaniards, that the ago-long war against the infidel can only be concluded by the conquest of the Moors' native land. In Spain, too, better than In any other European country, are tlie extraordinary mineral aud agricultural capabilities of Morocco appreciated. The Spaniards know, as (lie Itomans knew before them what stores of tho precious and useful metals lie buried in the depths of the Atlas a lid the coast range, and they Ohio, O. A. It. rx>*mtiHi*n, Sept. 80, 1899. The Motion Route to Cincinnati, In con- ncclion with the Chesapeake and Ohio Route to Washington, Is the official route of the Department of State of Illinois. Special trains will leave Dearborn Station Saturday night and Sunday morning, Sept. 17 and 18, Irrlvinir at Washington the following day. I'lio ruiite passes all the famous battlc-flelds »I Virginia via Uordonsvillc. On the return Hrkets will be honored from Richmond, Dtias'iiitf Lyiiehburjf and Appomtiltox. Only f3 Washington to Richmond via the Poto- ranc l>ivur and Old Point Comfort. Special slop over privileges will be granted, enabling all to visit the battle-fields without, extra cost. For circulars, maps, and further Information cull or write F. J. REED, 0. P. A., 233 Soutli Clark street, Chicago, I1L Moiiseir—This water, inadame, of which the Americans so much speak—did you ever ttiste It? Madame—(reflecting a moment)—Well, outside, yes. Mad That 1* H*r« Valuable Than Gold CMeagt Tritu*4. "There is no gold in the bills around our place, but there is mud, and tbat mud ii more valuable than gold," eayB Mr, H. L. Kramer, who registered yesterday at I jo Auditorium from the Indiana Mineral Springs, Warren Co., Ind. "This mud is ai :re valuable than gold for it will cure neuinatism, no matter how JOUR a time the v'ctim has b^en a sufferer. Well, no, we' don't give the mud to the patients to cat, ii is simply made up into poultices and nlaced upon the joints of where the pain ia moot severe. It is only within the last foar years that this disposition o£ the .Tonderful Magnetic Mineral Mud has "ren taken advantage of and it has al- ?ady been carried away from there in Inrge lots, and people coma from far and M.rr who are afflicted with rheumatism to U-e at our palatial hotel where they can drink the Magnetic Mineral Waters and bathe in tho water and mud. Howards of '•vo hun-lred people are there to-day, many 'f them recovering so rapidly as to mi'ko it u wonder to themselves and tho./ ^ ienda, and we look forward to the ti m- vhcn people will be journeying to tho It<i ! ana Mineral Sprinifs from every Stat ana Territory in, the Union to be cured of: rheumatic and kidnev diseases after ai tu-'"ral aid and medicines failed." "This mud iq found immediately at the nase of the hills, whinh ore also below the Springs near the centre of the horseshoe shaped bluffs IE the blade of a pocket knife is left for an hour or two in the soil, when it is wet, when it is withdrawn it ii «o lull or natural magnetism that it will p'ck up a large darning needle." A beautiful illustrated book that telli all about these wonderful springs will bi sent by mail free to all who will addres H. L. Kramer, Box 3, Gen. MRF., Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. QThe auction of the Borgheae art treas nres at Rome on April 14 realized only '1,300,000 francs, a mere fraction of th real value of the articles gold. Mado to JLook Tjlke New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Glovu.s, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steiimeci, at Olto Pieteh's Dye Works, 246 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Scud for circular. Pigeons as letter-carriers, tradition tells us, were employed at the time when Jo?lnia invaded Palestine, as mediums of communication between the headquarters and eiuniiu in lands far off on the other side of tlie Jordan. ___ ttutiier Be Without Brca<1. XI BISHOP'S BESIDENCH, Jittquette, Mich., I The Ber. J. Kosablol, of above, ploco, wrJ t»» : have Buffered a great deal, and whenever I ow feel a nervotn attack coming I take a done f PBS tor Koenig'i Nerve Tonlo and feel re- teved. I think a groat deal of it, and would ather be without bread than without the Tonic. Tired ot Living. POUND, Wis., 1690. Two years ago laet February I commenced taving epileptic attacks, and oonld not feet it ulnnto without having my limbs jerk. 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This is proba- bly true by ordinary or common methods, but, N«iT TJIUE when tho effort Is associated with the kind of enterprise that appears In this prosiwctun. Five hundred thousand new subscribers will moun to us more than 8500,000 of advertising revenues during the next live years. We can afford to pay for them at leant hall' their value to u». Wo are willing to do . even more than this, If necessary, and to that ond luivu oriKlnatod Ibo * ralri'gt and most Ingenious plim of dlstrlbutlliK OiiKh Premium* "f'i Howards ol! Merit auionir now two-1 sorlbers tlmt tho world tins CUT ' known. Tlio plan or method Is Iu . conlllct with no law niralnxt loiter- lea or schemes of elmncoi It In- I Volvos nothing tlmt Is ill«'B«1 «r liu- I morali' It pluccH n premium on brutiiH) It Id, In Bliolt, tho very • eBsonca at what In commendable, hcmoi-t, liberal und attractive. CORRECT ANSWERS to ANY ONE of the following Ten Word-Riddles the Ar.ierican* Publishing Company will pay the following \ jrtoany ONE word, et answer to any TWO For .trurroctam... ,. . - . i Fur .4 cjrri'ot answer to any TWO words, 1 For.i correct aiwwerto any THHEE words, Kor.i correct auuwer to any FOUR words, ForacorrootiuiBwerto uny FIVE words, #75.00 *100.00 For a correct answer to any SIX words, #160.00 Fora correct anawer to any SEVEN words, #l?ft.OO j For a correct answer to aiiy EIGHT words, +!JOO.(IO ' Foracorrectanswei'toanyNIHE words, #S2fi.OO For acorrect answer toull of the TEN words, # As SPECIAL GRAND REWARDS we will Pay in Cash:' ' For the FIRST correct answer to ALtj of the entire Ten words, $5,0001 | For the SECOND correct answer to ALL of the entire Ten words, 83,000^ For the THIRD correct answer to ALL of the entire Ten words, $2,000. Here are the Ten Word-Riddles-Can You Solve Any of Them ?J -ea-ty -r-ss -i-lit -ar-i--n -ict--e A NAMK MADK FAMILIAR BY GREAT ADVEUTIS-1 ]NO TO BVMIIY MA_N L WOMAN AND CHILD WHO HAB.( JI>U 1\J FJ V Till 1 iUrt M. »» v/,ll« BVJSK VISITED A C1UCUS. A CIIAUM1NO QUALITY WHEN POSBESSKD BY I WOMISN. THAT ATTKACW THIS ADM1UAT1ON AND ' OFTEN WINS TUB LO VK Ol' MEN. WAS KOT CONSIIiERKD DESIRABLE AT THE MINNEAPOLIS NATIONAL 11EI J UI!LIOAN CONVHN- ; T1ON IIV A MAJOUIT1' OF THE DELEGATES. SERVED TO DEFEAT JAMES O. ELAINE FOR THE I rilESlDENOY IN 1881, THAT WHICH YOU CAN SEOUHE TO TUB AMOUNT i OF «fi,«OO 1FYOU WlNTIlEFIltST 1'RIZB 1IKKEIN.I OFFERED. ' THAT WHICH WOMEN KNOW HOW TO WEAR TO J ISE1TEU ADVANTAGE THAN MOST MEN, SOMETHING WHICH JOHN L. SULLIVAN, COIJlilOTT. , JACJKSON, SLAVIN AND OTHER U1Q 1'UGILIBTB EXCEL IN. OCCUPIES TIIE MOST UESl'ONHIBLB AND FORE-I MOST POSITION CONNECTED WITH THE GOVEHN-1 MENT AND I'UOTKOTION OV THE PEOPLE AGAINST \ FOREIGN OR HOSTILE NATIONS. THAT WHICH PLEASKS OR SATISFIES THE EYE, | AND WHICH, IP ARTISTICALLY EXECUTED, ATM TRACTS THE ATTENTION AN1) EXCITES THE AD-' MIRATION OP LOVE11S OF TIIE BEAUTIFUL. Qu-e-Vic—- 1'HOHABLY CONSIDERED OF GIIEATEK CON&E-1 DDENOE AND MOKE BOUGHT AFTEU BY THK IDW5, " BXOLU81VE AND TITLED ENGLISH NOBILITY THAN BY THE AVERAGE BUSY, IIUSTL1NQ AMEU10AN. ' Explanation eaoinUdUlo will be f . found complete. EXA-. _ - ..„...--_-„ - thla cuae the omitted letteru are o and «, uud wheu properly Uisertucl tho co: partially spelled words indicati's tlie absence of a certain i r letters are supplied the original word selected to foini- .E i H— r— e, something every farmer should noesess. Iu . ...... iniplet . leted word is HOBSE. In cash the VERY DAY any answer is found to be correct. „ Each answer will be numbered as received, to bo examined in ihe order of Its number,! •ana when found correct a New York Certified Bank Chuck for the full amount ol wlm "reward buch correct answer secures will be sent tbe VEilY 1JA Y the award IB imwle. lialeverl L •»•?»•" B, v »l HI li 1 It If you only solve one J If Ki M »JMl 11 la ** word you will receive ' SvJO Iu Cuah; you are not confined to any par , Uonlar word—auy ono of ttie entire ten will ,. Also remember that you do no t have to be first, or lust with your answer. EVE11Y i correct answer for even a uluglo word | wins a splendid caab reward. Tlic Only « oiMlitioii. I The object of this extraordinary offer IB, of course. f to secure Subscribers at once and la large uum- „ bera. Wo therefore require that 50 cents for u 'year's subscription to some one of our papers \ ahull be remitted with every answer. We publish I four great payers: The American Fireside. Ymericuu Homestead, The Aineri. loUBeli old Journal, <md ThoAuierl- . Joltuifo Home. Name your choice of any lone of the tour—they are all tbe same price, 5Uo. la year. If you send answers to more than one word you must Bend a separate name and 60o. for * every word you answer. Tl«:<, if you send \ answers to two words, send an extra name ho- I Hides your Awn and to, and so on-one name and rWo. {or a year'^ subsorlptton for "TUO AH kcnuHo k onn Opl I one of th iveforcorreot answers cft» be dl- (amop^ tjie Ijst, or y^j) can keep It ni, J,V,KBttTi,Trmi f al], just us you arrange between yourseU! and 4 those whose names you semi. Iu every U"BO| we will imy thu lull amount vt (no fe»i ward for correct unHwei's to (he Don't send answers without subscriptions— theyl will receive no attention and cannot posa'' a reward even If correct. As , a means to tcaardl . against even an appear-" once of Irregularity or collusion, a copy ot thel original teu words selected to make up tho> above Word-Riddles Is deposited with Mr. O. P.I SMITH, Superintendent of the Jersey City Police.! Department, uii dor Heul,to be opened December J 31,1892, in the presence of \vltnebseH, after this con-1 test closes. The complete list will bo printed in t full In the January Issues of our four papers, 'cJ that all who have not received rewards for correct^ ansivws will know wherein they failed. Tills method of protection Is due tr" U concerned, aud absolutely prevents uye.ythinK that isl not "holly houuHC uud luir to every sub-l DESIGNAT8 THB \VOBD8 YOU , „ _, . TUEIH NUHUER9, and Ue wise wad Bead your J ajiswor at oucis • Address ull It'ttei'u and mako all remlttancce^ payable to tlio Treasurer of the American Putt i (?o.,«sfoUo\yBi ^ N,t

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