The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 17, 1892
Page 5
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THE UPPER DES MOINES; ALGONl, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 1892. «. — *^- FM 6:02 a m No. 2 .......10:24 a m :::" :"-* :37pmN &,I-^V"- 9:3 °» m A ST. PAUL. East-Pass.— Freight^- i'is a in No. 8 ll:55ptn ••'• ii ; 45atnNo. 14 2:30pm 3 BilTDmNo. 10 12:15am CHICAGO A NORTHWESTERN North- Sollth . 8:18 a m ,. 3:31 pm .10:00 am Pass 2:33pm Mixed 6:07pm Freight.... 10:00 am es at Chicago at 7 n, m; arrives at :15pm. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m THE CITY, local i. g 0 g s are still above $5 "In the inafket. Chas. Anderson and Ide Pierson are licensed to wed. The W. H. M. S. will meet at the M.E. church Thursday p. Jfl. at 4 o'clock 0t)erator Coats at the Milwaukee de- tot is happy over twin daughters since fast Thursday. Company F holds an election Saturday evening to fill the vacancy in the captain's office. F M Taylor has a tomato in his garden' that is 14i inches in circumference. Can anybody beat it? .Rev. Dorward writes that he will be In Algona and preach next Sunday at the'Congregational. church. Eugene Tellier has tickets for the veterans who will attend the state fail- on soldiers' days, Aug. 30-31. Thos Hanna has bought four lots in Hurt and 20 acres adjoining the town and is talking of building a house this fall. E N. Weaver has been adding porches and new paint to his fine home lately. He has one of the pleasantest places in Algona. Work on the A. D. Clarke building was delayed by the failure of the iron pillars to arrive or it would have been finished this week. At the meeting of the state bicycle association at Sioux City last week Thos. F. Cooke was elected representative to the national meeting. Letters are advertised for A. J. Min- naffh, J. A. Gibson, Miss Marion Decker E. V. Coffin, Mrs. Katie Weayer, Thomas Turner, F. W. Porter. N. C. Taylor informs us that Chas. Neilis' boy was kicked in the head by a colt last week and nearly killed. For sometime it was thought that he was dead. The name of H. A. Bancroft, a former Kossuth county teacher, appears in the programme of graduating exercises at the Decorah institute to be held Aug. 26. The business patrons of this paper will be waited on during the week, the present issue closing another financial quarter. The collector will be brief and to the point. It is rumored that Creed & Parish will put a hardware store in one room of the A. D. Clarke building, and that Bertha Carey will open a general store in the other. Chas. E. Jones went to Sexton yesterday to take charge of Bender Bros.' new elevator there. He will buy for them and will be a good man. They were lucky in getting him. Six brick-layers are at work on the Ferguson-Hoxie block and the walls are going up rapidly. The iron posts and plates for this building are being cast at the Algona foundry. J. E. Paul has accepted a job for John Paul at Spencer and was moving his family and effects to that place yesterday. He will be a good man for the company and has a good place. Another military commission has been received in Algona, and G. H. Lampson is appointed on the staff of State Commander Steadman. This is an honor worthily conferred. The state crop report says oats are of very light weight and are yielding from 12 to 30 bushels per acre. Wheat and barley are making a better showing, although hardly up to the average. The regular meeting of the W. C. T. U. will be held in the reading room Friday at 3 o'clock p. m. All members are earnestly requested to attend, as there is important business to attend to. ' Dr. Davies of Emmetsburg was over yesterday to help Dr. Morse operate on B. J, Hunt for fistula of the bladder. Mr. Hunt has been sick for many weeks, but hopes are felt for his return to health. The following brief item in the Emmetsburg Reporter contains news that will interest a large number in Kossuth: "Born, to Mr. and Mrs. T. U Grose, Aug. 9, a son." May good luck attend this tardy youngster. Eev. Sherman Lumbar and Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Lumbar are home for a short summer visit. Rev. Lumbar preached Sunday evening at the Congregational church and it is thought will occupy the pulpit Sunday morning. County Superintendent Donlon was over from Emmetsburg last Friday, and missing his train home attended the lawn party and enjoyed a social evening in Algona. Prof. Donlon is a popular official over west and a genial man to visit with, Rev. Rome Walker was confirmed Sunday as pastor in. the Baptist denomination. Miss Nellie Walker went from Algona to attend the ceremony. Rome is located at Bloomington, has a good Position, and ia progressing rapidly in his chosen calling. The call for the republican county convention this week brings the political contest into near view. Chairman Doxsee calls the meeting for Sept. lo, which is about the right time, late enough to avoid hot weather and early ! enough for a full canvass. Caucus calls vyiU now be in order, The announcement of S. S. Sessions this week as a candidate for county attorney opens the local political contest convention this fall and matters prominen is no one who would receive more cordial ^upport from this paper if he is nominated, and his many friends in the county will make a lively contest for him. Monday was moving day for F. S. Dingley, who will occupy Mrs. E. L Cooke's house the coming year. Mrs. Cooke goes to New York City early in September with her daughter Bertha, who will attend school at the Pratt institute. This leaves her home in good hands, and the rooms over Goeders' store are vacant. The institute closed Friday after two weeks of very effective work. It seems to be the general verdict of the teachers that they have never attended a more instructive and beneficial session. The examinations were held Monday and yesterday, and until the results are known we presume a look of anxiety will shadow the brows of ourfair school- mams. We learn on good authority that J. J. Ryan is tolerably certain to be the democratic candidate for congress if he will take it. We are for him till he is nominated. He will be a pleasant candidate to oppose, and will bear the defeat that he will get with good grace. But seriously Bro. Ryan is as good a man as the democrats have in the district to put up for the place. Bert Edmonds came in from Sioux City, Friday, bringing four very handsome gold medals" with diamond settings, which were exhibited in Bowyers window. He rode a bicycle in the races made by the firm he is treasurer of, and broke the records, as the full report republished from the Journal elsewhere shows. Bert is recognized as one of the fastest amateurs there is. 9 Our readers' attention will be attracted to Durdall & Co.'s opening announcement. Their new stock is arriving and Mr. Durdall is here arranging for Saturday's display. He will make his home in Algona and move his family here as soon as he can got settled. He is an active and enterprising young man and will be welcomed to Algona in this year of our boom. Everybody keep an eye on the new store. formers were all strictly first class, mostly well-known Chicago musicians. The Spirit Lake people are planning to make their resort one that Iowa will hot be ashamed of, and in a few years will have as good talent for their summer meetings as can be met anywhere. Their concerts this year will give them excellent advertising. LAYING A COllNJEft STONE, This Ceremony Was Performed for the Catholics Last Thursday by Dean Carolon, Mr. Haley of Minneapolis, who is to superintend the building of the new opera house, arrived Monday and is pushing the work. One of the most important parts is getting in the foundation and the supports of the lower floor. As it is all built on a slant and on a circle it requires great skill to get the timbers properly placed. Mr. Haley is an old architect and is thoroughly experienced in this kind of work. Senator Funk hits the nail when he says Col. Cooke will be the best looking man on the governor's staff. His item in the Beacon is: We observe that Capt. Thos. F. Cooke of Algona has been appointed general inspector of small arms practice for the state, with the rank of colonel. He will look well to the duties of the position and upon state occasions he will be pronounced the finest looking man on the governor's stall. We salute you, Colonel. One of the pleasantest social events of the season was an outdoor dancing party given on the lawn at Lewis H. Smith's home Friday evening, H. E. Rist and B. W. Haggard being chiefly instrumental in making the arrangements. The lawn was lighted with Chinese lanterns and the music and dancers united in making a very beautiful scene. A large company was present, and enjoyed themselves as only young people do on such occasions. The delegates to the democratic state convention started for Davenport yesterday. The were mostly young men, among them Ike Finnell, Chas. Cohenour, J. W. Sullivan, and J. G. Graham. They took the Burlington at Goldfield, and changed again at West Liberty. We hope to be able to chronicle their safe return and notflnd them straggling along as they did after the Chicago convention. Bro. Hinchon profited by his experience then and will not visit Humboldt again this season for "delinquent subscribers." Kossuth's polling booths will be shipped Oct. 1. They were bought of Carter & Hussey, and are of steel. There are 29 main booths, costing §7.50 each, one for each polling place. Then there are 35 annexes, costing ?6.50, and 29 steel ballot boxes, rails, etc., costing $5 each. They will be set up over the county as soon as they arrive and then each man can retire to the privacy of one of them and mark the names on the blanket tickets given him and vote unseen by anybody. The reception given by the alumni of the normal school last Wednesday evening was a great success. The teachers came in numbers and the citizens were present to note the fine improvements that have been made in the normal building. The new desks, new paper, new paint, and all around newness in general seemed to make a new building of it, and certain it is that few new buildings are any finer. Refreshments were served, and the band entertained the people with music. The Congregational church was crowded Thursday evening for Eugene Schaffter's lecture on German university life, and the comment is general that no more instructive DSMOOBATS IN OOHVENTION. J. J. Jlyan to be Pushed for Congress —Delegates Chosen. The democratic county convention met Wednesday to select delegates to the state and congressional conventions and a good representation of the county was present. Nothing occurred of note except it be the evident desire to dispose of the old wheel horses of the party. THE UPPER DES MOINES of- ferred a compromise between the new and old blood in Bro. Hinchon, who seemed to belong to both sides, but such half-way measures were cast aside, and our friend from Webster, J. J. Ryan, got all the honors. He is off as chairman of the state delegation, and represents Mr. Taylor on the state central committee at the Davenport meeting. It is understood also that he will be pushed for the congressional nomination in this district. Bro. Ryan is a smooth politician and we are not sure but he is entitled to the honors now more than our contemporary, especially since the latter has been publishing articles making sport of the old timers. We are bound to say that it is bad politics and rank ingratitude to ridicule the services of the men who for years kept the democracy active up hero by writing out pen and ink tickets. The delegates chosen were, for the state convention: J. J. Ryan, chairman; I. M. Finnell, C. A. Cohenour, J. W. Sullivan, Perry McDonald, Philip Dorweiler, B. Meyers, Geo. Carter, H. Klint, W. P. Giddings, Sam. Zeikert, MickScholte, J. G. Graham, P. J. Byrne, Nate Studer, J. Hubor. For the congressional convention: J. J. Wilson, chairman; Jas. Taylor, H. C. McCoy, Max Herbst, Harvey Graham, Ed. Seymour, C. L. Lund, W. A. Patterson, Will Dimler, J. W. Hinchon, F. A. Kenyon, G. W. Skinner, H. H. McChane, Joe Hofius, Peter Marti, Jas. Stewart. Largest House of Worship in the County—Notable Catholic Divines Who Were Present. Special Sale of PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. attends the Des C. D. Pettibone Moines races. Mrs. W. H. Ingham returned from the east Monday. Miss Laura Tennant was out at Hartley last week on a visit. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Pangburn were down from Elrnore Monday. J. B. Jones and S. S. Sessions both came up from Des Moines to spend Sunday. B. W. Haggard started yesterday for Pair Point, Minn., for a visit with his uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Bristol of Bradgate drove over Saturday for a Sunday visit with relatives. Mrs. Lantry of Minneapolis came yesterday for a short visit with the family of T. H. Lantry. Pearl Pugh left last evening for Chicago. He is going on the road for a wholesale jewelry house. Thos. P. Cooke went Monday evening to Des Moines on a business trip, and also to attend the good roads meeting. S. C. Spear's business cards have been received in Algona. He is located in Portland, Me., and is dealing in real estate and other securities. Mayor Sheetz went to Des Moines Monday afternoon for the good roads convention. He is taking an active interest in the discussions of this question. Miss Nettie Durant came up from Des Moines Monday after a four weeks' visit with her aunt, Mrs. L. P. Robinson. She teaches in the town schools next year. J. W. Wadsworth, W. H, Nycum and Peter Winkel are in Des Moines for the races and on business. Mr. Wadsworth goes next week for the fair to stay through till that is done. C. Jouvenat and family of Chicago are spending acouple of weeks at the Tennant house. Mr. Jouvenat bought a farm near Algona last year and will devote his time to that, while his family enjoy our advantages as a summer resort. Rooms for Kent. I have four good large roomsover my store which I will rent cheap. Anyone wishing office or living rooms will please enquire, JNO. GOEDKRS JR. Bishop Honnessy did not attend the ceremony of laying the corner stone of St. Cecilia's church, as it is to be called, last Thursday, but will defer his visit until the dedication. Dean Carolon of Mason City officiated in his place, and before a large audience put the stone in place. It is a piece of Indiana marble, cut in Algona and contained an hermetically sealed box of papers and documents of the times, among them a copy of THE UPPER DES MOINES. Father Schmmel of Bancroft delivered the address. The Catholics present from abroad were the Very Rev. Dean Me- Graw of Charles City, Very Rev. Dean Carolon of Mason City, Fathers McMahon of Garner, Garland of Eagle Grove, McNermy of Livermore, Anler of St. Jo., Ertman of Prairie, Schemmel of Bancroft. Hughes of Blue Earth City, Smith of Emmetsburg, Kelley of Estherville, Carroll of Ruthven, McCauley of Emmetsburg, Fitspatrick of the Washington, D. C., Catholic college, and Mr. Hughes of the Montreal Grand seminary. Father Smith of Emmetsburg, an old-time pastor of the Algona charge, celebrated high mass before the stone laying began, and then the audience whiohi filled the old church repaired to the southeast corner of the now building, where the ceremony was performed. The stone contains for the edification of future generations the names of the pope, bishop and resident pastor, the president of the United States, governor of Iowa, mn.yor of Algona, all coins of 1892, copies of THE UPPER DES MOINES and Courier and several standard Catholic papers, names of the priests attending, and names of all the former priests officiating at Algona. The laying_ of this stone is an _ important event with our local Catholic society. It was many years ago that Father Linehan of Fort Dodge built the old church which, with additions, has served until now. The society was weak and, until Father McCaffrey, could not maintain a resident priest. It is now strong in numbers and is building a church that is a credit to Algona. The dedication will come in the early winter, nearing the completion of the largest church building in this county. HOSIER Y, Commencing Saturday, Aug. 20, '92. StglpDomestic and Imported. THE GRANGE STORE. Bradley & Nicoulin Are agents for the Huber Separator ^! fe- A nd Engine. This will be on exhibition on the vacant lot back of our shops EVERY SATURDAY. We are agents for The Standard Mower. : An Opportunity Will bo affoi-ded your eastern friends to visit you by the series of excursions arranged by the Chicago £ Northwestern railway, for which tickets will be sold at half rates (one fare for the round trip). If you will forward to W. A. Thrall, general passenger and ticket agent Chicago & Northwestern railway, Ohicago, 111., the names and addresses of your eastern friends to whom the information would prove interesting, a circular giving the full details of these excursions will be promptly mailed.—20eowt3 Races at DCS Moines. On account of the races at Des Moines the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will, from Aug. 14 to 20 inclusive, sell excursion tickets to Des Moines and return at one fare for the round trip, tickets good for return passage until Aug. 21 inclusive. For tickets and'full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.—It Democratic State Convention. On account of the democratic state convention the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will sell on Aug. 16 to 18, inclusive, from all stations in Iowa, round-trip tickets to Davenport and return at one regular first-class fare. Tickets good to return on or before Aug. 20, 1892. For tickets and full information apply to agents C. & N. W. Railway company.—19t2 JUST a few more of those men's light coats left, only 25c, at Geo. L. Galbraith & Co.'s. That this mower is not equaled is admitted by everyone. We are also agents for ,.,, © The Empire Binder, which has less pieces than any other binder manufactured. Remember that our steam thresher will be exhibited every Saturday. Don't fail to see it. Galbraiths To Do You Good This Hot Weather nor entertaining lecture has been given in Algona in late years. He gave a modest and detailed account of those things every- bodv was interested in, and in a manner to hold the closest attention. The only complaint was that his talk was too brief. Mr. Schaffter is a young man whose literary attainments are a credit to Eagle Grove and to northern Iowa. Last Wednesday morning while play- in!? in the barn at home Rosco Call, sefond son of Ambrose A. Call, ell from near the roof through two stories and struck partially on t^e stone basement wall breaking one arm a little above The wrist and cutting his head severely. Puttin? out his arm undoubtedly saved his We, as but little more force was needed to have crushed his skull. He was taken to the house at once and Dr. Morse called, For more than a day he was in a sort of stupor, and some diffi- Cltv was experienced in keep ng him Recommends It Cheerfully. I have no hesitancy in recommending Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diar- rhoea Remedy to the public, as I do to my friends and patrons, I used it myself after other well-known remedies had failed, and it cured me in a few minutes. I recommend it candidly and cheerfully upon its merits, pot from a financial standpoint, because I have others in stock on which I make a larger profit, but because Chamberlain's is the best remedy I know of for bowel complaints, There is no doubt about it; it does the work.—James Forgy, druggist, McVeytown, Pa. Sold by all druggists. HOUSE to rent, cheap. Enquire of Jno. Goeders Jr. helps to pe the . - "- ' neta the most ex Town tots In Armstrong. Lots are still selling well in the new town of Armstrong, in the eastern part of Emmet county, Iowa, on the new line of the B., C. R. & N. railway, and several buildings are in course of construction. We are informed that the opening sale of lots in the new town of Reynolds, east of Armstrong, in Kossuth county, will be on Saturday, July 30.—18t4 JUST received a new line of line of ladies' fine patent leather tipped walking shoes, Geo. L.' Galbraith & Co. NEW invoice of campaign caps for the boys and girls at Geo. L. Galbraith & Co.'s. WE have just restocked our 5,10 and 25o counteve, in basement; no end to the bargains, Geo, L. Galbraith & Co, CoRN—26 cents delivered on my farm. C. L. Lund.-61tf ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY,SS- Dlstriot court, September, 1802, Term—N. C. Kuhn vs. Michael Riebhoff and Mrs. Mich aol Hiehhoft his wife, 0. W. Townley and Minnie A, Townley his wife, Peter Hahn and Martha Hahn his wife. To Michael Riebhoff and Mrs. Michael Rlebhoff his wife, C. W. Townley and Minnie A. Townley his wife, Peter Hahn and Martha Hahn his wife, de- fondants. You are hereby notified that there is now on file a petition of the plaintiff in the above entitled action In the office of the clerk of said court, asking said court to correct an error In the description of a certain piece of land described in two certain deeds, one from Peter Halm and wife to Michael Riebhoff and C. W. Townley, dated Nov. 10,1871; the other from Michael Riebhoff and C. W. Townley and wife to this plaintiff dated March S3, 1802, Intending to convey the wi4 of wW of sw)i of seJi of section 24, township 06, range 20, west of 5th P. M., Iowa, but by mistake It was made to read the wV4 of w'/s of se!4 of seU same section, township, and range. And unless you appear thereto anddefendon or before noon of the second day of the next September term of said district court, to be begun and holden at the court house In Algona, In said county, on the 27th day of September, 1892, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered thereon. P. M. TAYLOR, 21U Plaintiff's Attorney. By reducing the prices on all their summer goods, so that everybody can get something cool to wear for a very little money. We are also giving extra Bargains in Mens and Boys Clothing. Come in and learn the prices. . L GALBMITH & CO. "QUICK MEAL" Gasoline Stove. Sherwin-Williams paint, White lead, and oil. Fence wire, || Builder's Hardware, Steel Roofing, Pumps, etc., etc. My prices will meet all honest competition, Work fully guaranteed. H. J. WINKIE, Joslyn., CTuli-us ZFletlx, DEALERS IN REAL ESTATE, ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.-In District Court, September, 1802, Term 1 —W. H. Reed against George W. Sherman and Mrs. George W. Sherman, wife of George W. Sherman. To said George W. ShermanandMrs.George W. Sherman, wife of George W. Sherman, defendants: You are hereby notified that on or before the-lSth day of September, 1802, a petition of the plaintiff iu the above-entitled action will be flled in the office of the clerk of said court, claiming that he is the absolute owner in fee simple of the south half of the northwest quarter of Section Twenty-eight, in TownshipJSiuety^flve, in Range Twenty-eight west 5th P. M. in Kossuth county, Iowa, and asking for a decree that you or those claiming title through you be forever barred and es- topped from claiming any adverse interest In said premises by virtue OI W« government patent for the game having issued to said George W, Sherman; also asking that a master In chancery be appointed to convey the legal title ot said premises to. plaintiff, and that the WWe to the same be forever quieted w MM- And unless you appear thereto a«d defend on or before uoon of the first day of the next; September term or said district court, to be begun and holden at the court house in Algona In said county, on the 37th day ol September, 893, default will be entered against you »»« Do you want to sell your farml If so, list it with us at once, we can And you a buyer. Money loaned on Real Estate on long time and at low rate of interest. Agents for Dubuque Fire and Marine Insurance company. Office over ffalbralth's store, FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten years' time at the lowest ppssible rate, with privilege of partial payments before due. Office over Chrischilles' store, Algona, a B, SESSIONS,; few men to hay. men preferred. S, H. MoNutt.-18tf

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