The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 1, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1891
Page 8
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\ THg UPgEK JDES MOlKgSl ALGpKA, IOWA, JtJLY 1, 1891, IT WAS A SHEEP BUBBLE, Manner In Which Many People Went "Wool Mad "Some Seventy-five Years The " Merino" Craze and What Came of It—A Barbecue with $15,000 Worth of Mutton. Burnham in hta "History of the Hen Fever" gives tho following account of the "flhoop bubble:" This sheep bubble originated in tho year 18l5 or 1810, immediately after tho treaty of Ghent, and nt a period when thousands of the American people were actually "wool-mad" in reference to the huge profits that were then apparent, prOspoctivoly, in manufacturing enterprises. In tho summer of tho last named year, as nearly as can be fixed upon, a gentleman in Boston first imported some half-dozen sheep from one of the southern provinces of Spain, whoso fleeces were of the finest texture, as it was said; and such, undoubtedly, was the fact, though tho sheep wore so thoroughly and completely iipbodclod in tar, and every other offensive article, upon their nrrival in America, that it would hnvo very difficult to have proved this statement. But tho very offensive appearance of tho sheep seemed to imbue them with it mysterious value that rendered them doubly attractive. It was contended that tho introduction of those shoop Into tho United States would enable our manufactures, then in their infancy, to produce broadcloths, and other woolen fabrics, of a texture that would compote with England and Europe. Even Mr. Clay was consulted in roforonco to the shoop; and ho at once decided that they wore exactly the animals that were wanted; and some of them subsequently found their wny to Ashland, f The first Merino shoop Hold, if I. recollect right, for ijFfiO a head. They cost just $1 each in Andalusia! The speculation was too profitable to stop hero; and before a long period had •elapsed, a Hina.ll (loot sailed on a shoop speculation to tho Mediterranean. By the end of tho year 1810 there probably , wore 1,000 Merino sheep in tho Union, and they had advanced in price to §1,:200 a head. Before the winter of that .year had passed away, thoy Hold for$J,- SOOn, Jiuad; and a lusty and good looking buck would command $2,000 at sight. Of coimio, tho natural Yankee spirit of enterprise, and tho lovo which New Englandors boro to the "almighty dollar," were equal to such an omorfen- this, and hundreds of Merino sheep soon accumulated in tho oawtern ,8 Lilt 08. But, in tho course of tho year 1817, the speculation, in consequence of tho surplus importation, began to decline; yet it steadily advanced throughout the western country, while Kentucky, in conpoquonco of the inihionoo of Mi ney find liver trouble." John Leslie, fttrm- nnd stoelthinh of ftninO place, says '. " Find Electric Bitters to be the befct kidney and liver nicdiclne; it made me feel like n new man." J. W. Gardner, hardware dealer, same town, say*: " Electric Bitter* is Just the thing for a man who IB all fun down and don't Care Whether he lives or dies." He found new strength, good appetite, and felt just like he had a new lease of life. Only 60c a bottle at L. A. Sheets. 1 2 Clay's opinion, wns cspueially bonofltod. In tho fall of 1817, what was thon doomed a very flno Moi-ino buok and owe wero sold to a, goritlonmn in tho western country for tho sum of $8,000; and oven that was doomed u voi-y small price for tho animsls. Thoy wore purchased by a Mr. Long, a house builder and contractor, who fancied ho had by tho transaction secured an immense fortune. Now, Mr. Lony had ncquirod tho sheep fever precisely as thousands of others, in later days, have taken tho lion fevor. And, in this caso, the victim was really rabid with the Merino mania. Itivproof of this, the following authentic anecdote will be amply sullloiont and •convincing, There resldod at this time in Lexington, Ky., and but a short distance from Mr, Clay's villa of Ashland, a wealthy g'enllonian named Samuel Trotter, who was, in fact, tho money king- of Kentucky, and who, to a very great extent at that time, controlled tho branch of tho Bunk of the United States. Ho liad two sheep—a buok and . an owe— and Mr. Long was very anxious to possess thorn. Mr. Long repeatedly bantered and importuned Mr. Trotter to obtain this pair of sheep from him, but without success; but one day tho latter aaid to,tho former, "If you'will build mo such a house on a certain lot of land, as I shall describe, you shall have thoMorinos." "Draw your plans for the buildings," replied Long, instantly, "and let mo see them; I will thon decide." Tho plans wore soon after submitted to him, and Long eagerly accepted tho proposal, and forthwith engaged in tho enterprise. Ho built for Trotter a four story brick house, about fifty feet by seventy, on the middle of an aero of land; ho finished it in tho most approved modern stylo, and on- closed it with a costly fence; and finally handed it over to trotter for tho two Merino sheep. Tho establishment must have cost, at tho very least, $16,000. But alas! A long while before this beautiful and costly estate was fully completed, the price of Merinos declined gradually; and six months had not passed away before thoy would not command $20 each, oven in Kentucky. Mr, Long was subsequently a wiser but « poorer man. Ho hold on to this pair till their price reached the par value only of any other shoop; and thon ho absolutely killed this buck and owo, made a princely barbecue, called all his friends to tho feast, aud whilst the "goblet wont its giddy rounds," like tho ruined Venetian, he thanked God that at that moment ho was not worth a, ducat. This is absolute sober fact. Mr. Long was completely and Irretrievably ruined in his pecuniary affairs; and very soon after this "sumptuous dinner," he took sick, and actually died of a broken heart. nncklen'ft Arnica Sn!v«. Tho best salvo In tho world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, totter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns and all Skin eruptions, nnd positively cures piles or no pay in required. It is guaranteed to (five perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price Slits n box; Sold by Dr. Sheets. FEOM THE COUNTY TOWNS. LU VERNE. LuVERNB, June 28.—Joe Morrow, an old resident of Lu Verne, took the train this evening for Junction City. Knn., where he will be engaged with John Dovine's threshing machine for some time. Nelson Swaggart is very low at present with heart trouble. Mrs. H. Klindt returned from Wisconsin Saturday, whore she has been for tho past two weeks. C. Dinlor & Son moved Into their now quarters Monday, and Mr. 15. A. Lovoll is moving in whore Mr. Dinler moved out, and will convert it into a boarding house for tho present. Dr. Lacy's span of grays sport n fine new harness, which sets them off in great shape. Rev. J. A. Finnoll was homo last week, but hns returned to Janosvlllc, where ho is holding meetings. Tho storm on Wednesday evening :it Bancroft was very severe. Several buildings wore struck by lightning, nnd a couple of people, one n lady, wore struck, and tho shook tore her her shoes off her foot but she was not injured except a shock. Tho ico cream and strawberry festival that was arranged last Thursday evening for tho benefit of tho library was woll attedod, tho not proceeds bo- ing about $14. Ilov. Eiglimy was in Algona lust week. Frank Stoddard of Bon wick was in town last week. Frank Hill nnd Geo. Lock wood of Renwick wore in town last week. O. B. Kline is contemplating a visit to Port Byron, 111., in tho near future. Tho Revere house changed hands last Monday and is being littod up for a gen- oral store by C. Din ley & Son. BUFFALO FORK. BUFFALO FORK, June 29.—Everyone in the community is jubilant over the fact that more than enough money was raised at the dedication to pay for the church as it stands and some think wo might have a boll. Wo would extend our most hearty thanks to all tho kind friends who helped us build tho church. El win Davison is still in a critical condition but his friends have some hope of his recovery. Goo. Stone has a sister visiting him who is quite sick. Dr. Morse is is attending her. Tho mito society and strawberry and ico cream social at Mr. Stone's, last And don't forget it; keep your eye continually upon this space, and remember that * JONES HE PAYS THE FREIGHT I McGormick Harvesting Machine Co,, 1831 J. I. Case Threshing Machine Go,, - 1842 A. A. Cooper, wagons, - 1840 P. P. Mast & Go,, cultivators, etc., - 1843 James Selby & Co., planters, etc,, - 1850 D, S. Morgan & Go,, mowers, - - 1834 Hearst, Dunn & Go., planters, - - 1860 John Deere, plows, etc., - 1854 Moline Wagon Co., wagons, etc., - -. 1865 Of the New Wigwam at Algona, Iowa, is agent for the above well-known and reliable in- . stitutions. Compare this list with anything you have seen, and then decide where to buyJP your farm implements for the season of 1891. Thursday, was a, sucoeas, both iinancial- and socially. Tho next inito society will moot with Mrs. Giles next weolc Thursday. A cordial invitation to all. During tho storm last Wednesday, T. A. Buttorfleld's house was struck by lightning. The bolt entered the chimney, entirely demolishing it, sending the brick in ovory direction, both out of doors and in tho house, and tearing up tho plunk and shelves in a cupboard on which tho chimney rested. It then passed along tho joist above tho partition to tho south side of tho house whoro it tore out quite a strip of partition, sending lime and lath all over the lower rooms, thonco through tho outer wall tearing olT tho door casing, somo siding, and splitting up tho screen door. A box of lacos, velvet, and winter headgear and etc., which was in the cupboard, took fire but was discovered before it spread to tho woodwork-. The family received no injury except a bad scare. A Fatal Mistake. Physicians make no more fatal mistake than when thoy Inform patients that nervous heart troubles come from the stomach and are of little consequence. Dr. Franklin Miles, the noted Indiana specialist, lias proved the contrary In his new book on " Heart Disease," which maybe had fren at F. W. Dlngley'B who guarantees and recommends Dr. Miles' unequuled New Heart Cure, which has the largest sale of any heart remedy iti the world. H cures nervous and organic heart disease, short breath, fluttering, pain or tenderness In tho side, urm or shoulder, Irregular pulse - Hlsltestoratlve /••' TOPICS OF THE TIME, Preparing for Hot Weather. Tho following telegram from Whitowright Texas, indicates that tho people in that vicinity do not intend to be caught napping: WIIITKWKIOIIT, Texas, Juno 2,1891.—To Chamberlain & Co., Dos Molnes, la.; Ship us at once one gross Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy, 25 cent size, and two dozen 50 cent size. We are entirely out and havo had nearly forty calls for it this week. O. Y. RATHIIUN & Co. 'Ihls is just such a medicine us every family should be provided with during the hot weather. It iieoor fails and is pleasant to take. Sold by F. W. Pingley. Tlio JIaiiiHtay in His Family, Aug. Hornung, a well-known manufacturer of boots and shoes at 820 Nolan street, San Antonio, Texas, will not soon forgot his experience with an attack of cramps, which he relates as follows: "I was taken with a violent cramp in the stomach, which I believe would have caused my death had it not been for tho prompt use of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, aud Diarrhoaa Remedy. The first dose did me so much good that I followed it up in 20 minutes with th6 second dose, and before the doctor could get to where I was I did not need him. This remedy shall always bo one of the mainstays in my family, ley, drug-gist. Sold by F. W. Ding- SpcalcH from Experience. CABDO MILLS, Texas, June 5, 1801.—T tho public: From my own personal know edge I can recommend Chamber-Iain's Colic Cholera, and Diarrhoea Reinopy for cramp in the stomach, also for diarrhoea and flus It is tho best medicine I have ever see used, and is the best selling. A. K Shei rill." Sold by F. W. Dingloy. MICAOO. ft UKIOH SOUARtfllM ™' M Successor to J,J, Wilson, Office and Yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGr-ONA, - IOWA. ALEX. WHITE, Agent. p. Hathaway, fainting, smothering, dropsy, otc.' Nervine cures headache, fits, etc. a * Haw t« Succeed, Tills Is tlie great problem or life whloh few snt- afactorlly solve. Some fall because of poor Health, others want of luck, but the majority from deiloleiit grit—want of nerve, They are nervous (•resolute, changeable, easily get the blues and take Hplrlts down to keep the spirits up," thus wasting nirney, time, opportunity ami nerve force There Is nothing like the Kestorative Nervine, discovered by the great specialist, Dr. Miles, to cure all nervous diseases, as headache, the blues, nervous prostration, sleeplessness, neuralgia, St. Vltus dance, Ills, and hysteria. Trial bottles ' " itiiiivut inn, ftllll *1/DIUI|(1, All book of testimonials free lit K. Htore. .. and flue W. Dlngley'a drug Fou the northwestern saengerfest t ho held at Milwaukee, excursion ticket will be sold hy the C., M. & St. P. Ry, July 7 and 8, at fare one way for th round trip.-18-2 FOB the Fourth of July, excursio tickets will bo sold at fare and a thin for the round trip, selling July 8 and 4 Going coupons good only on day of sale return coupons good until July 6.-18t THE C., M. & St.- P. Railway oompa ny will sell tickets to tho musical fes tival, United Scandinavian Singers o America, to be held at Minneapolis on July 10 to 21, at one fare for the round trip.—Ut3 DOU YOU WANT Your FIUIUB, If you are in need of a good fonco machine call on McDormott & Dalton, Algona, Iowa. It will work up any material you have on tho farm. Tho wire will cost you 7 cents a rod, and machine $10. Cheapest fonco in the market. Ht8 McDioHMOTT & DALTON. mien' Nerve and Uvor Pills »«h "JnVi 16 ™ P'taoWe-reguliitlng the liver, stomach, and bowels through the nerves. A new dls llla speedily <wre biliousness, er, piles, constipation. Unequaled for men, women, and children. Small 1m Grippe Again. During tho epidemic of la grippe Just sou- son Dr. King's Now Disc-over/' for con- juinptlou, coughs, and colds proved to bo the best remedy. Hoportu from the many Who used it confirm this statement Thov were not only quickly relieved but the dis ease left no bad uftor results. Wo ask you to try this remedy aud wo guarantee that you will be sutislied with results, or the purchase price will be refunded. It has no jxfual in la grippe or any throat, chest, or lung trouble. Trial bottles freo\ at L. A bueetz.' Large bottles, 50o and $1, 3 Happy HooMlers. r ^ m< S lmmou8 . postmaster at Idaville, Jnd., writes: "Electric Bitters has done more for me than all other medicines combined for that bad feeling arising from kid- oovery. Dr. Miles' riffs H P 8euIlVcureWll6usness° hurt taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Un- oqimlod for men, women, and children. Smallest, mildest, surest! Fifty doses 25 cents. Samples free at F. W. Dlngley's drug store. English Spavin Liniment Kemoves all hard, soft, or calloused lumps or blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs splints, mveenoy, ring bone, stifles, sprains, all swollen throats, etc. Save »50 by use of one bottle; warranted. Tho most wonderful blent, sh cure ever known. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. Itch cured iu 30 minutes by Wolford's Saul tary Lotion. Sold by Dr. Shoetz. Consumption Cured, An old physician, retired from practice, hav mi? had placed in his hands by an East India missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy for the speedy aud permanent cure of ^""sumption, bronchitis,' catarrh, asthma and all throat and lung affections, also a post- live and radical cure for nervous debility and w,,n l ?\Tf° v ! B co »iPl»i«»ts. after having tested its wonderful curative powers in thousands of £» whft ? fe » \\ M" <W to make it known to his suttoring follows. Actuated by this motive »" a »'desire to relieve human coffering, I will send free of charge, to all who desire U, this JSP&?! 'u Qermau. French, or English, with ' ' Sent t Legal Blanls? Most surely you do if you have need for any a all. Then remember that yon can Hud them at the Upper Des Moines Office. WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best in use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Grass Leases, Notes, etc, For sale in any quantity desired. Blanks not in stock will be made to order at short notice and correct prices. fortuneahaT6b«enmtd0M work for ui, by Jim. P««e, Autiln, '.MBI, mill Juo. llonn, Toledo, Ohio. let cut. Olimt tredolnguwtll. Why >ot you? Somtctrn over|aOO.OO • mouth, You cnuUo the work ind llvt it horat, whtrcYtr you «ro. Kvtn bt- lauer. «ro eailly tirnlnt from »t 10 lU»d«y. All»ci. Wcihow youhow >nd llirt you. 0>n work In uitre tlmt or ill Hit tlmi. lllg luouty for work- ".»illur« unknown •monrth«m. ,$3000 TwipihtlrowniMt I ,•*• J'f^AI* J ' undtrttkt to hritBy letob uny fairly liitelligcut p» I10B J|IjJH} tt», who c.ii rttd anil writt, «uil who itft.r luiiruotlon.nlll work l' how to Mrs T«r«t (Ilegular Graduates. Keglstered.) The Leading Specialist of the Woat. Private, Blood, Skin and Nervous Diseases. " YOUNG MEW whobythelrownacta or Imprudence or folly suiter from Nervous Debility, Ex- Initiating drains upon the fountains of life, affecting tue mind, body and mnnliood, Dliould consult tho celebrated Dr. Hathaway at once. Remember nervous diseases (with or without dreams) or debility and loss of nerve power, treated scientifically, by new methods, with great success. i It makes no differ- lenco what you uuva taken or who lias ——— failed to cure you. X.08T MANHOOD ond all weakness of the sexual organs absolutely cured. FEMALE DISEASES cured at Iiome without Instruments; a wonderful remedy. w«uum. CATARRH nnd Diseases of tho Skin, Blood, Heart, Liver nnd Kidneys. of au tlnda ourod whora DISCHARGES promptly . MY METHODS. 1. Free consultation at the ofllce or by man 2. Thorough examination and carefiifdlagnoBli. & That each patient treated gets the ndvantaio of special study imd experience, and a specialty Is mada of his or her disease. 4. Moderate charges and easy terms of payment. A home treatment can bo given In a majority of 'i'jf" 4 *"' " J ".H"""* x»iu»ii\ ATU, 3 for Skin Diseases All correspondence answered promptly. fiu"luoM •trlctly confidential. Medicine stint fr«u Xroufobsoi" vatlon. Refer to bunts In Sioux City. Address or call 011 Cor. 1th uud JVebrw.ltu St... Sioux City* la. ASQLEN Handles the lest of all descriptions of Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of anything from a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove that this is not merely idle tallc. II. Z. GROVE. CrlKO'VIE IBIESOS. JOHN GROVE. Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. West of Thorlngton House. M. 2. GROVE, Manager. AND SO DOES Just the same, ARE THE BEST. Hade in 45 Styles. 'RICES FROM S4.OO TO S33.OO SOLD EVERYWHERE. INQUIRE OF YOUR DEALEB. MADE BY CEORCE M. CLARK & CO., Chicago. The Doming Co,'s PUMPS For EVERY DUTY, also WELL, SUPPLIES. A«k Tour Dealer far Them. Henion & Hubbell, Genl Western Agls. CHICAGO, III.. • •mi l"lf c<n b »««ni«di!ourH«Wlln»ofwork, • • I I III I If rtpldlj- «ud liouortWr, by »no« of nf| 11 m f • <1 "" r '"• 7<"">f °r old, tnd IB Ihilr IflUIlL- I "" >1 °" 1 !t>»,n!ienTwtht7liT<.AD/ '••**••*• • out ctu do lot work. KMJT to letrn. Wt furnl.h tTtrjrthlnr. Wt »tirt jrou. No riik. Tou CM d»YoU our tun momtnii, or til rout llmt to tht work. Tbli U u» ollfily ntw l»d,tnd erlugl wondtrfut tvcctu to trtry worktr. Blfiuntrt *rt ttmlui from «It to *iO p« w«k tnd upntrdi, »J mort «ft« * llttlt tiptrltict. Wt c»n ftirnlih you tin im- lojrmtut tad tuch jrou THtX. No tpuctto «ipltl» htrt. Full —•-- NUII. ^TBVIBAOV., AVWWT/ , $0000.00 • JTMIT ii bile* Kindt by John B. •V <!opdnln,'i'ri>>,N.Y.,Bl itglk fur ui. Ht*dtr, * nut nt»ko at ntucu, but Ht c«v quickly bow to wrn ftdlnfilo »< tht «i«n, tnd niort M TO« f o ou. 1Mb 11-101, til tyti. In tuy put of ratrlct, you »u cownjtuot tt bomt, |lr* ,..i( til your llmt.or •l>»r» luointutt only to •tht norV All Ii utw: Ontt pty WKKfor MADE ONLY BY N.K.FAIRBANK&.CO. CHICAGO. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS —In the district court. To all whom it may concern: Take notice that there has been filed in the omce of the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county :>u the 10th day of June, 1801, an instrument .n writing bearing date tne Sd day of December, 1880, and purporting to be the last will and testament of Elizabeth Chaffee late of said county, deceased, was produced and publicly read, and that the second day of the next term of said court, to be holdeu on the 13th day of October, 1801, at the court house in Algona aforesaid, has been fixed for proving said will: and at Z o'clock p. in. of the day above men- loned, all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear in said court, and show cause, it any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last will and testament of said deceased. Algona, Iowa, June 10,1801. ,„., A. A. BBUNSON, 1! "3 Clerk of District Court. M ONEY FURNISHED— AT SEVEN PER CENT. At Kossuth County Ba,nk. Apply ftt once. T\" I . D D'S ffEUM EBADIOATOB" POSI- , cancers, tumors, and al no. , incurable disease's! (Never known to —... FRENCH REMEDY —Dr Ln periodical pills from-paris, France^t remedy, warranted to excite m fi S«rS,at.?il ab J? openceraa^ L. A. Saeetz, supply »«ent. A.-,, >t.

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