The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1892 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 10, 1892
Page 9
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*?!;}/ WfEtt i)£S MOttfES, ALGDNA* IOWA, WEBNESBAY, AUGUST 10,1892. whan Charlemagne and his " Knights of * Round Table " were making war on the . to Africa; it frequently happened jjhte on either ride would fight in e&mbab for.tho honor of their re- arrSes. The Saracens had been. re arre. . many yearg, the scourge— the dreaded ftders- 0 * Europe, and all waged war m this common enemy. In these days tho vrorst ecourga that m .ens UB, Is that dread Invader, Con- "consumptlon fastens Its hold upon Its vlc- *i«« while they aro unconscious of its np- SSScb, Dr. Plerce'a Golden Medical Dis- fnverybas cured thousands of cases of this most fatal of maladies. But it must bo taken boCoro the disease is too far advanced In order to bo effective. If taken in time, and riven a fair trial, it will cure, or monoy ndd for it will bo refunded. HFor Weak Lungs, Spitting of Blood, Short/ness °' Breath, Bronchitis. Asthma, sovcro Coughs, and kindred affections, it is an uno- 'Vor all diseases that arise from a torpid Uver and impure blood, nothing can take tho nice of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov- ert, Nothing will, after you have seen what Itdoes. It prevents and cures by removing ths cause. It invigorates tho liver, purifies ths blood, sharpens tho appetite improves dkwtlon, and builds up both strength and teli when reduced below the standard of hwJth. ' Bold by druggists, everywher*. ' N ULCERS. sNi\ CANCERS. IbN^ SCROFULA, \V^ SALT RHEUM, V RHEUMATISM, BLOOD POISON. these And over; kindred disease'arising from impure Mood successfully treated by that never-failing and best of all tonics and medicines, Books on Blood and Skin Dlaeasesfree. Printed testimonials application. Address >ks on Blood ana man A isesfree. • ""^^vV nted testimonials Bent on >> v3\»w cation. Address ^V%^*^ Jwift Specific Co., W*" ATLANTA. OA. \ Advice to Ailing Women Free. Countless letters are received by us from ailing women in all pnrts of the world, seeding advice. AH are answered in a prompt and careful manner, giving each the benefit of the great library of reference compiled during a woman's life's work among suffering women. These are tlie largest records con- timing Female Complaints in the world. Thousands of women have been benefilec! by Mrs. Pinkham's advice after all othei treatment had failed. Don't throw away this chance. Write us about your case. It will cost you nothing, and may save .your life. Your letter will be received "and answered by one pf your sey. Correspondence strictly private, We never publish even a letter of testimonial without the person's unqualified consent. All Druggl)!! soil It, or sent by mnll, In form r,f Pills or loiciisia, on rccuirit uf SI ,OO. l.ivcr 1'llls, CnrrojpriiHlenco fri-p-lv nnawrrerl. A'ldms in confidence. I.VIIIA E. I'IN'ICllAM MEI). CO., I.VNN, MASS. (FATINTID.) The itrongut and f*rut Lr* made, Dmlllcs other Lj», it k«li| a 8n» powder and packM IB t cu with remoTtbl* lid. th* comtamto ara always ready .or as*. Will nuke the bett perfumed HarlSou In 20 mlnntei without kHUnf. U Is th* beat f«r cleaning wuti pipe*, disinfecting einks, eloMU, wuhlng bottlei, palnte, trees, eU, PENNA. SILT EF6. Gen. AffU., Phil*-, Pa, IYOH & HEALY, •• 53 Monroe St., Chicago Will H>ll Free their newly cnl.rgod Catalogue at Bund Instruraontb, Uni loras and Equipments, 400 fine Illustrations, describing every article ifc~«. required by Bands or Drum Corps, ^= ConUins Instructions for Amateur Bands, Exercises and Drum Major's Tactics, By 'Uws and a Selected last of Baud Music. i"A« Oidttt Xtdlttn* in tht WorU tt pr o»«Wr DB. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE-WATER lUssrtiols is a ear«_ully prepared physician's ur» Mrlptloa, and has been in constant nse tor n»»rly I untary. Thers are tew diseases te which niankicd u» lubjsot mor* dlstr<j»sln«; than tan eyes, «n« »™«, psrhaps, for which more remedies hare bssi W«d»itbout saccens, For alleiUrnal Uflammatiou «th« iyw u i, au intsllible reme-T. It ths dirnc- «oju «r. followed it will now .atL We »artl«nlarl> uritt ths attention of uhrslclans U it* "»» r _' t --.S^ »!• bj .11 druggHirts. JOHN L. THOMPBOH, BOHfl * 00.; T_ot, SrY. Establish* 17W. FAIR OFFER tO HIS WIFE. Th« Busy Merchant trilling to F.njoy »,. r Soclrl.v, t "Father," said the hoy us he cam,into the "I called on a delicate mission." "Sit down," said the old man, soino- ahead with his writing. ° "It is a delicate mission,- father, and I trust yon will give it the consideration it demands." "This is my busy day, my boy," said the old man, bowing his head deeper in the mess on the desk, "but I'm always interested in my family." ."Thank you, father; it is indeed a pleasure to me. I was about to say, sir, that my business here to-day, was of a delicate character." "Is it,'indeed, ehP" said the father, dipping his pen in the ink and scratching away for dear life, "James, I'm glad to listen to you al'vays." "As yoiiaresuch a busy man, father, I shall take as little of your time as possible. The fact is. father, the business of important upon which I called is—is very important indeed. I want " "Go alH.v.i!, niy 1=0:1." "To " "It is tin; way of the world, Ju:nos." '"Yes, sir; to take you homo to-night, sir, and introduce you to your familv, father." ' "What's that?" snorted the old man, looking up suddenly. "Business is so pressing these days; mother sits down for days and days together and looks at your photograph; she wonders how you look now; it is not a flattering picture; it was taken long before the war, but it is the bost she has; would you mind, sir, stepping into a r gallery on the way to lunch and giving nor a now sitting?" The'old man was touched. A glow came in to .his pallid face. In , that instance he seemed to renew his youth. "James, one of the clerks is sick today. Hun up and ask mother if she would not like to come down and work with mo hero tins afternoon, getting out monthly statements to 14,000 customers!"— N. Y. Recorder. c* J \w bivmirii'i'aVliu'Fio.'menittldi^inV, id, -" nuliifi!! digL-riUnu, fond coinplt'XJOij.* iimUiU cllsensciiqmi.-ort bj failure »t tor Ti" , " the Btomuch, llre'r or bowels to -' f «irn\ tl|(.|r p ro j, or functlor" " '""•• '" " benefited by till Persona iflvon to over-" -iciil.l l^tUfuru benefited by talcing-one after each uiciil.l I IM?,?! ; """"Bio, 15c. At Jjruwrl-ts, or sent by innil. I **»•• OIIEM-CAI, CO., JO iTpruoo St., Now YuA J FAT FOLKS REDUOE® Mrs. AUoe ai«pM, urvuuu, "My weight wiw 823 pounda, i .rjSlbs." For clrou!:im uildri herself on her Jcnowlecfge of hfstory, and it was .with a look of'mortification that she turned to rne and .said': "I can't remember my history as well is I used to,-jny dear.' I don't quite remember 4his battle.* It was between Gen. Sujlivan and Qen. Kilrain, the :gentleim\tf says. Winch was the Northern force^was it Sum van?" The Writer hacT.iorgotten "history again. -'.Jshe couldn't remomberj • MADE A-SALE THE SAME. Dragooning Won't Dot *jr6ttftd tt«n««eri Health, Strrfegth And Not with the HTW. Vlol-nt choWgognei, Ilk* . Hope." calomel and bin* pill, »dmlal(t«red to "heroic" I* r*Vtttt Sunday Timet, Laffavettt, M. or excessive doees. as they often are, will not per- The Timet i* » newspaper if it ia aiiy** manentiy restore th* activity of the Rte.t hepatic j thing, And neter hesitates to uay a word orpin, and are productive of much mischief to the ! in faror of .any enterpf HO that is a bene- eyalom generally. Institnte B healthful reform, lf| fit to Bufferi-itf humanity, although it may inactivity of th« liver extnu, with Hostetter'- | benefit »nd bring dollars to tho inst.tu- stornach Bitters, which itisare* • regniM di* | Jiqn in the way of an advertisement, and POLISH IN THE WORLD. I namels, and Paints wMch ' ln J ure tu * iron i ac(i burn SuH^OT* Polish is Bril- mi Of 3.0CQ TOMS. He Dropped His Gun. M Was I over in a fuss?" said the veteran cowboy. "Woll, little ono, once in a while. When a man raisos his gun on me I'm going to do whatever he wants just as quick as I can. I've heard men in towns say they wasn't afraid of a gun. Well, I an; and so would they be if they had rH- deu from Texas to Montana as often as I have. But there was a time lately when a man pulled a gun on me and I didn't like to dp what he wanted. You iee, I didn't drink liquor, and I'd reuse $500 sooner than corral a spoon- ul of it. I was in a bar-room and a man came in and asked me to drink. 3e was a stranger or he'd 'a' known jetter than to ask me, and he was teaming drunk too. 1 thanked, him, xrnl told him I didn't care to-drink. I vas unarmed, but he was 'fixed,' and 10 whips out his gun—a45-caliber six- hooter—and he says: 'Pour out a ;lass of rum and chuck it in yourself jr I'll make windows in your skull, lo had me, and 1 want to tell you that man doesn't feel lirst-rato" looking \long a gun barrel when he knows the veapon's cocked and .the man is drunk xnd has only got to press hard enough ,o move two ounces when the thing'll '0 oil. A man doesn't get absent- ninded under the circumstances; he tends to what business is asked of lim. I replied that certainly I would drink, and thai'I didn't know he was so pressing. I grabbed the bottle, joured out the poison, and was just aisiug the glass with a 'here's looking it you, pard,' when a friend of mine came in the door. He saw the lay of the land and walked up and stuck the muzzle of his six-shooter right in ;he drunken man's ear, and ho pays, 'Drop it!' Up to that time it had been _ tableau and not a word spoken, but when my friend said 'Drop it!' the fel- ,er let his gun fall as,you would have done with u mouthful' of scalding cof- !ee.— Ilur per* s Weekly. FAMOUS BATTLEFIELD OF THE SOUTH, The Story of a Biittlo That Was Not Down in the History. In traveling through the South one of the chief modes of entertaining the Northern visitor who for the lirst time views the Southern landscape is to point out the various battle grounds, At Cnattanooga they will show the spot where the gallant Gen. Hooker crawled stealthily ou hands and knees, followed by his whole regiment, through bush and over rocks, up the steep incline of Lookout Mountain, in thu dead of night, where they elimbed a steep rock by a ladder, single lile, and dawn I'minil thorn in lino almost within t'ue enemy's camp. There they fought aiul won the famous Battle oi tlio°Clouds. Arid again at Vicksbur u they will show you how Gen. Grant built a dam across tho river to change its current. They will show you holes in the sand banks where tho terrified people hid themselves after the city was taken. All this is intensely interesting to those old enough to remember the events of the war, but to the younger traveler it savors too much of a lesson in history hi which you can remember very bad orades "on account of mixing dates, Generals and parties, aud it grows wearisome. A party consisting of several sportive young men, a fair young girl, and an u"-ed and patriotic maiden lady had enjoyed or endured tho foregoing descriptions, each from his own point of view. The boat had passed Vicksburg and was Hearing New Orleans wheu the following incident took place, lie gentlemen wera crowded to one side of the deck, discussing in au animated way whore "the battle was fought." ™\vas n on that hill just back of the frame cottage," one of the gentlemen wassaying. "It was a desperate tight and well Ind bravely fought ou both sides," another was saying. The patriotic old Indy, »er ao-low had crowded into their midst, aStrer to hear anything about the war. TBut the 'bi°- fellow 1 was •too* much for Kilrain, and Sullivan ia tho champion yet." • look of QY "W °M She A Disagreement With a Man Who Had ft Gun Gave Him His Opportunity. The most active hnd persistent man in the mountain regions of East Kentucky and Tennessee is the sewing machine agent, and he is to be found everywhere. One day I rode up to a house before which a taachine wagon was standing and yelled "Hello." A woman came to the door. "Good afternoon," I saidt "Is this Thornton Jackson's house?" "No," she snapped, "it's rhine." "But he lives "here, ddesn't heP" I suggested. f" "Yes." -• "Are you his wife?" "He's my husband,',! she replied. 1 laughed, and her face softened somewhat. "Can I see himP" I proceeded. "Not right now. You can Might and wait if you want to. You ought to nave been here before the other one come." Which other oneP" I inquired in surprise. "The other agent." " agent," I said, emphatically. "Oh, ain't you? You kinder looked It.. You ought to see the fun, anyhow." "What is itP" "Sewin' machine agent wanted to sell Thornt a machine," she said in an odd, jerky sort of a way. "Thornt didn't want it! They had words, and the agent called Thornt a liar, and Thornt got down his gun." "What for?" I inquired, as she stopped a moment in doubt. "What any man 'round hero gets his gun down for when another man calls him a .liar. Didn't think he got it down to trade for a machine, did you?" .;• I said I'had not so thought. "Well, he didn't," she asserted, with a vigor that impelled any and all doubt. "Did he got the agent?" "No, tho agent got out. Got him spang through the calf of the laig." "Did tho ''agent skip and leave his Wiijron out there?" I asked. "Nary tinie," she said with a smile. "What became of him?" I asked, this time really concerned for the safety of the traveller from civilization. "lie's in tliar talkin' sewin 1 machine to Thovnt harder'n mule kin kick, an' I reckon I'll have a machine before he £itr. Thornt's laig tied up an 1 fixed comfortable." About-twenty minutes afterward the :nr,i i nt came out and aske-. me to help him carry the machine in the wagon into the house.— Detroit Free Press. An Unhappy Woman. "Mary Queen of Scots, was a' most unhappy woman, wasn't she?" inquired a thin man of a friend on a \J r oodward avenue car the other day. "Indeed she Iwas," responded the other earnestly. "Queen Elizabeth was also a wretched creature, wasn't she?" "Very wretched, I should say, if history is to believed." "Then there was Catharine " : • "What aro you driving at, anyway?" "I was just about to remark," continued the Uiin man, "'that the name' of the nnhappiost woman in this world does not appear in history. Now, I've got a sister-in-law named Martha Tabbs, and just at present she is the most wretclwd woman on the face of the earth." "What's the matter with her — chills?"' "No " "Lumbago?" broke in the other. "No; but you see, last week her husband bought hor a $2'J bonnet "And I suppose the bonnet made her more unhappy than Mary Queen of Scots was when she discovered that her neighbor had one that cost $30?" "That was not it at all. She was happy as bobolink in a Juno meadow until she tripped and fell going up the front steps and fractured her 'skull. She is now lying in bed unable to wear the hat, and oy the time she can wear it it will probably be out of fashion. I tell you it is sad to watch her looking tearfully Rt that bonnet, which she has had adjusted to a bedpost. Talk about the unhappy woine; of history. Why, she is more unhappy than any ten of them put together."— Vvtruit free Prens. An Incorrigible Psirrot. An old maiden lady who strongly objected to "followers" had as a companion a gray parrot with a wonderful faculty for picking up sentences. One day the old lady had cause to severely reprimand one of her maids for a breech of the "follower" ordinance. This so irritated the girl that, as a wind-up to the recital of her wrongs in tho hearing of hor fellow servants and Polly, who happened to be with them, she exclaimed passionately: "I wish the old lady was dead." The parrot lost no time in showing oil its newly-acquired knowledge when next taken into the drawing-room, to the alarm of its elderly mistress, who superstitiously thought it was a warning from another world. She at once consulted tho vicar,' who kindly volunteered to allow his own parrot, which could almost preach a short sermon, sin tr psalms, etc., to be kept for a short tinu) with tho impious one, in order to correct its language. To this end they wore kopt together in a small room for a "few days, when the lady paid thorn a visit in company with her spiritual adviser. To their intense horror, immediately the door was opened, the lady's parrot saluted them with the ominous phrase: ''I wish the old lady was dead!" The vicar's bird ro-pouiliiisr. with all the solemnity of an old punsii clerk: "The I^ord hear our pru) «»%"— b'wMwevli charge of the eecretive function of the liver, and promotes due action o_ the bowel* without grip- Ing or weikenlng them. The discomfort and ten-1 derness In the right tide, nausea, tar npon the tongue, yellowness of the skin and eyeballs, sonr- nees ot tbe breath and tick headache, which characterizes chronic biliousness, disappear, and digestion—always Interlnred with by biliousness- resumes Its former activity. The Bitters annihilates malarlnl complaint*, rhenmatlem, kidney -.rouble, and It a promoter of healthful repoie. SICKPEAUL.S. It seems almost incredible "that pearls_oi any other inanimate objects should get ill, but though very strange it is nevertheless true. They can die without having any signs of what we call life, says Harper's Young Peopleand the more perfect the pearl the more likely it is to be attacked by mortal illness. ^ T hen seriously out of health that beautiful glistening white hue, for whicbf no more deccriptivn name than ','poarl white" has ever been lound, gives pluoo to a dull grayish tingf, and all beauty as an ornament has vanished. There IN no lunter, and a piece of oyster shell would be almost as decorative.] W hen this condition becomes ixtreme the gems are nctually dead, and the owners of valuable neck-laced ,urn almost as gray as the peirls at such discovery. But the experienced jeweler, to whom ,bey rush in despair with their treasures, ;akes it very calmly and designs to ask questions like a medical adviser. _ He wishes particularly to know how long it is nnce the pearls have been worn, and it is almost sure tn be the case that the poor, dainty and almost human things have :>een shut up in a casket, and double-locked nto a strong box for inony months. Strange as it sounds, they require air and sunlight to keep them in good condition, and when shut up in close quarters, with scarcely a ciiance to bieath, lose their beauty as fast as possible and fairly pine away. Another thing that pearls require is moisture; and this is scarcely to be wondered at when we remembei the very moist nature of their birth place. Besides, although they look so smooth and hard, they are really porous like a sponge, and therefore need a certain amount of dampness to preserve their beauty. A sun bath does ibeui a world of good, except in very hot this reason that the Timtt expresses its believe in the great curative properties of the water* and Magnetic Mineral Mud Baths an only gifen in this country at the .Indiana Mineral Springs. Incidentally 'we might mention that the management can be relied upon to take advantage of any opportunity to augment the fame of the resort by the most artistic and striking methods of advertising. Not long ago they secured as the Medical Adviser of the Springs the no leis n jted personage than the celebrated Dr. H. S. Tanner, the world's well known hero of forty days' fast. Dr. Tanner, who has from time to time in the past been a valuable contributor to this paper, in discussing the merits of the waters of Indiana Mineral Springs a short time ngo asserted that in point of medicinal efficacy and certainty of result in the treatment oi diseases for which it has attained a K'reat reputation that it has surprised bin most sanguine expectations. This statement coming as it does from BO noted a physician na Dr. Tanner is heartily and honestly indorsed by the Timet, as the writer of this had met and talked witb many enthusiastic people who found renewed . strength, health and hope in ihe life giving waters of these celebrated Springs. A beautiful illustrated book, telling all about the wonderful Indiana Mineral Springs, will be mailed free, if you will fend your address to Mr. H. L. Kramer. liox 3, general manager, Indiana Mineral' Springs, Ind. Tlie Only One Kver Printed—Onn Ton Find tlie Word? There la n 8 Inch display advertisement In tills paper till? wcdc which lias no two words nliku except one word. The BIIIIIB Is Inio of j cacli new 0110 npjic.urlnj'oixcli week from Tho Dr. Harlcr Medicine. (Io. This house places a "CrcRcuni." on civcryUihijur llicy make andi publish. Look for II., send Uium tlio haino of llio word, and they will rcUirn you nooic, JIKAUTIFII], I.ITIIOGHAI'IIS Or SAMI'Uf.9 FIU'.K. ' Four different peaks In the mountains of Idaho arc from 13 to 23 feet lower by actual measurement than they were fifteen years ago. Qeologlsts do not attempt to explain. Miulo to J,ook I.Ike New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Phiali Garments Steamed, nt Otto 1'letch's Dye Works,SM W.I weather; and, unless thay are worn every Water St., Milwaukee. Send fur circular. day an airing in an open window.'where the sun can shine on them, is quite indispensable. " It is difficult to realize that anything so beautiful as a pearl began in a small grain of sand swallowed by a very discontented oyster, that, becoming more and more uncomfortable Erom the irritation produced by the intruder, begins to coat it with the glutinous matter on the inside of its shell. This prevents the oyster from feeling the grit particale, and he goes on coating it, laypr upon iayer, until after some years a beautiful ocean gem has been formed. Lives are risked and sometimes lost in seeking these gems under tho sea; and if pearls were as perfthable as they are sometimes dcc-ribed to be,&uch toil and danger would eeem to be utterly wasted. But even when they have been apparently dead for years sunlight and moisture are sure to revive them. "Mj Husband Hai Quit Tobacco Spitting Hli Xlf« Away" Writes Mrs. J. B. Waldruth, 170 Mark St., Winona, Minn. She says "_'2Vo<o&ac' is a grand, good remedy. Two boxes not only cured my husband, but his brother OB well, and 1 sold two boxes to our neighbors, Mr. Jos. Taylor and Mr. Keolock aud cured them both. I have orders for several boxes. Please send me your terms to agents. I enclose you .letter from my brother, Mr. Rouse." Herfl it is: WINONA, Minn., April 10,1892. "After chewing and smotcine tobacco for more than thirty years. I waa prevailed upon to try a box of NOTOBA.C. To my surprise I waa entirely cured ot the filthy habit. Money would not induce me to commence its use. You can use this in way you see fit. P. P. ROUSB." Notobae acts directly upon the tobacco diseased nerves restoring them to a .normal condition and exterminating the poisonous Nicotine from the system. It is guaranteed when used according to bimple directions to cure any case, so you run no financial or physical risk when you take NOTOBAC. Send for our book called "DON'T TOBACCO SPIT YOUR LIFE AWAY." Address th<j3:erlij)g R;inedy Co., Box 2-14, Indiana Minerul Springs, lad. Waves exert a force of on. ton per square inch when they are oaly 20 £a.t> high. At Cassis, France, granite blocks of 15 cubic metres ba?e been moved by wave force. TUB evils of malarial'disorders, fever, weakness, lassitude, debility and prostration are avoided by using Beechain's Pills. In the United States there are aboxit fifteen million cows—one for every four persons. The Skill and KDowledfje " , Essential to the production of the most per-' feet and popular laxative remedy known, Slave enabled the California Fig Syrup Co. to achieve a great success in tlie reputation o£ Its remedy, Syrup of Figs, as It Is conceded to be the universal laxative. For sale by ull druggists. The Italian, invented the term "Influenza" In the seventeenth century, and attributed the disease to the influence of certain planets. CONDUCTOR E? D. LOOMIS, Detroit, Mich., says: "The effect of Hall's Catarrh Ciii-o is wonderful." Write him about It. Sold by Druggists, 75e. Cottonseed meal yields sugar that U fifteen times sweeter than caue sugar, i Women of every rank go bareheaded In •Mexico aud the fashions never change. THB DBADLT GRIP oy PNBUMONU B>»y be warded off with HALB'S HONBT os- HORB- UOUND AND TAB. PIKE'S TOOTHAOQB DROPS Cure In one Minute. Portsmouth, N. II., bears the proud dls tlnetlon as the place wliere the lirst newspaper was established In this country. This was in 1756. FITS.—All Fits stopped free uy Dr. Elint* Great Nei-ve Restorer. No Fits after first day's use. Marvellous cures. Treatise and $2.00 trial bottle free to Fit cases. Solid to Dr. Kline, 031 Arch St., Phila., Fa. Dramatists In France get 13 per cent, of the gross receipts of each play, and ara al. lowed tickets to the value of 100 francs for every performance of such playi as tliey have written. King Or Mertlcllif- Is wh»t I wnstdir Hood's SarMf*- rtlln. For a year* I wu •onfintd U my b«4 with wlllt' iiwelling* and •orofala sorr*. To my groat Joy, when I bagim \Vili. A. 1 J -Iir. wltll JlOOIVM SAll- I* \ PAllILI,,.. the sores soon decremod. I kept Inking it for • jsar, when I was so well that I went to work, and ulnoe then' have not loat one day o» ucconnt of elokueaa. I am always well and havn • good appetite." WM. A. LCHB, No. B Ballroad St., KendnllTtlle, Ind. ; . , Hood's Jl'lIlB are the beat after-dinn-r Fill-, Hflist digestion, cnre headache and biliousness. Flower I had been troubled five monthi with Dyspepsia. I had a fulloesi after eating, aiid a heavy load in -h* pit of my stomach. Sometimes » deathly sickness would overtake me. I was working for Tlioni_U_ Me Henry .Druggist, Allegheny City. Pa., in whose employ I hn£ been for seven years. I used August Flower for two weeks. I was relieved ot'nll trouble. I can now eat things I dared not touch before. I have gained twetaty pounds since inv recovery. J. D. Cox,Allegheny, Pa. ($ THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT ANB NEW AND Nif COMPLEXION IS BETTER, My doctor nayn It ncta gently on tho stomach, liver •ml kliliieyB. nml Isn pleasant laxative. This drink is made from herbs, and Is prepared (or ueo as cosily us tea. It la called LAME'S MEDIGIMK All ilminilxtR noil It nt . r i(V Mnd f I per psrltnp*. T ymi rxnnot nt tt, teiul vmir nildn'M Cnr H free sntnplu, I,HIH*'B Family Mi'illflhui Motet tlii) ImuulH t'lirh iluy. In onliT t" tit- hi'nltliy. (till I. II,'CM> uuy. Aililiw. ORATdll P. WOOnWAUD, l.lhor, N. Y. Wo offer you a remedy which if used as directed, insures 'safety to life of both mother and child. "MOTHERS FRIEND" Roba confinement of its PART, HOBBOB and Itisit, ns many teatify. ined only two balden »r Mother* Fi'liMiil. Nhuwitarnill.vnnd quickly reller«4 —la noir doing upluudltlly." J. S. MOBTON, ITurlow, N. 0. Sent by express, charges prepaid, on n* eeiptof price, $1.50 per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Book 1, Mother* mailed fre*. HKIDJTJBLD KKOUHTOB C«*. AtUuu* Q&, LIVER t»o IOT aura IOB RICEEK. •raw* tvt SICK HEAD» AOIIB. ts-iMitwl «cwtk>-, mutt. ,. TtUJ MIMM, HMT* »«••«», 41*- JLol Hk4 m«ftc OIKIO. u4bUul<lur. 0«»oiicr billon* nrrronn dl»- ord*nu bubllih M*. Dill.. -.CIIOK. complexion Vcan_Jn_L by Ib. doM li >toel7 edtulrd lo raM C-M, u «Mpm MI •rrer b« too much. Each Till eonUlni «, e«rrl«I In T«^ pocket. Ilk* l«*d jwncll. Business man's frul • conrtulenc*. Taken ttiler Uau nignr. Bold n<ay•here. All (tnulu* go»0i betr"Cr«ice_l." Send t-c»ne ttatnp . Too get Si fxtf* book vtth «u»!»-. PR. HARTCUI MEDICINE CO.. St. Lout*. M*X _i, ITATUBAX, liKMEDY FOli Epileptic Fits, Falling Sickness, Hysterics, St. Titos Dance, Nerronsness, Hypochondria, Molancliolia, In- ebrlty, Sleeplessness, Dlz- zlnoss, Bralu and Spinal WeaknesSi This medicine has direct action npon the nerve centers, allaying all irritabilities, and increasing the flow and power of nerve fluid. It is perfectly harmless and leaves no unpleasant effects. i—A Valuable EOOTC en Nervous Diseases ueiit free to any address, and poor patients can also obtain tliitt ineillcino 1'roo of charge. FREE This remedy bus been prepared by the Bororand Pastor KooniK, pf, Port Wayue, Ind., oinoe 1878. uud IB now prepared uuderkis direction by tlio KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by Druggists at 81 per Bottle. 6for(J5, T.ars-o Sizo. 81,75. 6 Bottles for S9. $40,000,000 Einurt bjr th* B.ll Telephone P«t*n( IB 1811, In-ontloB m»r b« Tal-ublo. You should protoot U b) patent Addmi for toll and Intelligent »drl*o, tin of oharg*, TV. IV. DUDLKY * CO., Solicitors *( FttoaU, PooiAc Bld'«, (2. F St., H. W,, AVu»UiHBt»», _K O, Mention tM» p»jur. ^Ff^ fl* t E2 rerdaj.tUuiiw • K^l • •?£§ | cTH ttslllngMyutiitag • ^^ *$-" I Ik* 1 i-ntnr »~d iil«V- log Jowelrjr, watches, ublewuro, eto, Pi-tos fla«st of jewalr/ good a« aeir, oa all kfpdt «t* KSU1 wltk (Old,silver or Dlokcl. No experience. No f ajiltal. BTsrr kt*M M* f>*d» MiUli pUUif. H.O.Ptuio IT Oo.,0ol-mtiu,a FOR SUMMER COMPLAIN! S PERRY DAVIS' PAIN-KILLER BEST MEDICINE IN THE WOR LD. It is for tlio euro of <l.rnpopsla and Its attundanlH, Biok-lieailuuhe, coiutlpu- ^ tion and plica, that 'liavo become so fainnua. They act® B«ntly, without (?rlp!n{r or naiiHCtt. People in Japan are called by the family name first, the individual, or wliat we should call the Christian name next, and then tlio houor,iilc—thus: "Smith Peter Mr." pur- pub- Ouu loaders will roincmbor the ticulars ot some ruinavkablo euros llslied so ia o \vealca ago. in tltuao Tliche articles uUmctua wlUuspieaU at- teutlou, for the rousou thut niodicu} eclonce had hUUortu heid luul/ the UU* eases in question wtivo lucyruble. In this Issue will be fouuc} ^be uurilcul^vs o cuae, Patents! Pensions! Bond for Inyautor'BGuide or How toObtnlu a PatauU Keud for Digeet of IViinloii iiud Uoinity I,a»v», l, \ViiMliiiiKlou. J». C. WANTED AGENTS,— I'orour grout Campaign books. iUogrupuiua of ull I'reuiduuts. The oulj foliLlcul Encyclopedia. Three volumes iu ouo, Ouly tt'^ 9>0. M(if;iiii)cuut proupectus 35 utu. Democratic or liopab- licuu. CJittw. lj. ^V«butei' <Jt Cu., Mt iv Yurli. INDIGESTION. If you are troubled with indigestion, dyspepsia or a feeliiig of a leaden weight in the pit of your stomach with depressed spirits, con-, stipation, or a general sense of; weariness and unrest you may depend upon it you are in the grasp of that arch- enemy, indigestion.' You need not suffer. If you will get a box of the LA.XATITB Gun' Dnops and take from three to six every niglit before going to bed and one or two after each meal you will soon be entirely relieved. These GUM Ditops are not a drastic purge. They operate gently, mildly and easily, and even when they do not operate at all they will correct the stomach and restore it to its normal tone and cure the worst case of indigestion. These Gum Drops coma in two sizes. The ten cent boxes contain twelve and the 25 cent boxes- contain from thirty-six to forty. They are the cheapest laxative in the world. Get them of your druggists.' SYLVAN REMEDT Co,, Peoria, 111. •.V: n.y'.- BARLOW'S INDIGO BLUE, Tlio Family Wash Blue, for -ulo by Grocers. yilK ON1YSVBKCUBK. Price $1.00 by mull. ' CO.. jtQ fultoa St.,_^»W I will send. 60:>lcil, I'l CO, tl'O IM'OSlU'ip- tion that iiiiKto u tuun ol' •»>.•, »»« CK it lo Cur» »ui}' siill'cror from Vurlcu- o, J.ot.1 Vitiilitjri , Ncrtous l>ls- . s. Adilro it. with (:i >l>i .tAi>] i»k/ri.i-K. iilur-hall. . ilclu luty of useful tiriloJvs Desldtn 400 Kinds of SCALES wlilchwo manufacture, ~

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