The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 1, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1891
Page 5
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THE tlPPEft DEH MOtNES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, 1891, ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. Jh CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE ft ST. PAUL. West—Pass.— So. 1 6:62 am No. 3. 4:37pm Freight— Kast—Pass.— No.2 10:20a m No.4 0:30pm ' Freight- No. 9 ........ 7:15 a mNo. 8 ........ ll:55pm No. 13 No. 5 .. 8:17pm 14 2:30pm No. 10 12:15 am CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North^- South— Elinore pass..4:05pm Elmorepassl2:20pm St. Paul fit.. .0:55 a m DesMolnesft 7:35 p m THE CITY. . Jas. Orr is painting Mrs. Mclntyre's house. A passenger coach will run east from Spencer to Algona Saturday night. Miss Alice Mann has been elected assistant principal in 'the Ames schools. The Catholic ladies will help celebrate at O'Rourk's with a lunch counter. The LuVerne News says B. F. Reed is being named for county superintendent. H. A. Latta is said to be at Seattle clerking lor a steamship line at $160 'a month. A new carpenter shop belonging to Gilbert McMurray has gone up on east State street. Dr. Sayers is wanted over at Sibley to look at glandered horses -and goes this weelt. The Algona Knights of Pythias go to Wesley this evening to institute the new lodge there. C?John Winkel was down yesterday on J his way to Spencer. "Kossuth" is y^ over there in training. •A large audience listened to Miss Garton, the Burmah missionary, at the Baptist church last evening. Rev. Davidson gave a prohibition address Sunday evening in honor of the observance <of amendment day. Sioux City visitors report that Prof. Gilchrist will build a homethis summer. The college presents him a location. Col. Spencer sold one of his blooded Jersey cows last week to F. 'G. Yeoman of Eagle Grove for a good round figure. Marriage licenses have been issued to Henry Franke and Harmke Sleper, Homer W. Cleary and Etta L. Smith. Bert Edmonds is still at Des Moines. It is reported that he has a good offer to work for a bicycle house there which he may ace ept. C. C. Chubb and Edwin Blackford spent Thursday last in investigating losses in the mutual insurance company and adjusting. The foundation is in for the Methodist parsonage, and McMurray & Seast- ram have the contract for putting up the building. Drs. Morse & Pride have a serious operation to perform today at Whittemore, removing a cancer of the breast from Mrs. Cotton. Owing to the washout in the west the Milwaukee has had all the travel east from Sioux City. It is the only line not injured by the storm. The regular W. C. T. U. meeting will be held in the reading room on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. A full attendance is desired. B. F. Reed lost a valuable horse by lightning in S. H. Pettibone's pasture last Wednesday. It was found with its head between the fence wires. Jas. Taylor continues, as democratic committeman for tho Tenth district. He .intends to have the democracy properly represented this fall. B. W. Haggard will speak with J. W. Sullivan at the O'Rourke celebration. E. Tellier and Prof, Bars'lou give the orations at the Grover meeting. Nothing has yet been heard about the well machine from Aurora or when it will atrive. The men are working at the stand pipe and will soon finish it. The services at the Congregational church Sunday morning and' evening will be of a patriotic nature, in honor of the Fourth which comes one day previous. F. S. Stough, Algona's exclusive boot and shoe dealer, has a word this week. His store draws trade from the whole country, and his goods have 'their reputation established. Saturday's papers report increases in postoffice salaries, and among 'tliem a raise of $100 in the Algona office. This gives Postmaster Starr $1,700 a year and $200 for rent. Those who are buying machinery will do well to consult what W. W. Jones says this week. He is a rustler for trade'and has the best goods to sell at the lowest prices. S. S. Sessions while at Des Moines completed his arrangements with the New England company 'for furnishing cheap money on real estate. His advertisement appears elsewhere. Sheriff Stephens is home from a mail route letting trip through northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, 'and North Dakota. M. L. Clarke is also back from a like trip in Missouri and Kansas. Rome Woodworth and Jas. Ho'fius drove down from Bancroft Monday 'and spent a night in town. 'They make 'all the claims for the metropolis of the north that can be made for any tdwn. The fish had to suffer'in Okoboji last week, Steve Pettibone and Mart Pierce driving to the lake for 'that purpose. We haven't heard their fish story, 'but it is safe to say'that it will be a good one. The Epworth league gave a fine entertainment at the Methodist church last evening. Among 'the attractions were declamations by several of the silver medal winners at our late contests. A shooting match has. been arranged for Saturday morning 'about 8 o'clock en the Algona grounds. There will 'be 200 live birds and plenty, of clay pigeons. This is the only celebration Algona will indulge in. We regret to learn that Bro. Ellis of Bancroft was tipped over and strung along the road by his trotting horse. This only shows that editors are not successful sporting men, and should eschew fast horses. The late rains have made the roads of the county pleasant and successful impediments to travel. Our roads seem to be devised as a means of preventing communication. Where they are worked the most a sign board to warn passers by would be a god send. The world may be improving in civilization in some directions, but the ancient Egyptians would have made a mummy out of the modern road boss as soon as they could get their hands on him. The Congregattonalists give an ice cream social at August Zahlton's tomorrow evening if it does not rain. Conveyances will be at the Rutherford house between 8 and 4 o'clock to take all who desire to go. Director Sessions says that the scheme to lig^ht the state fair grounds with electricity has carried, and that the lights will be in. Every sort of entertainment will be provided at night as well as by day. W. H. Ingham. Prof. Dixson, J. W. Robinson and Harvey Ingham made up !i fishing party at the lakes last week. We could tell a truthful story about killing fish with the butt end of the pole, but it would probably not be believed. How real estate is picking up is shown by the assessment put on the land for the proposed road through the Blackford hill. The committee, C. C. Chubb, E. P. Keith, and J. R. Dutton, estimated the damage at $535 for some less than an -acre. Algona plays Wesley ball tomorrow at Wesley. Burt plays Bancroft Sat- day at the celebration. The county has some slashing good bull nines. A picked nine out of all of them ought to challenge Spencer or Spirit Lake or Mason City or Emmetsburg. The Algona ball nine met their Bull Run over in Cresco, Saturday afternoon, the Cresco boys shutting them out with a score of 19 to eight. Cresco is a pretty lively township all around, and base ball is no exception. O. A. Potter umpired, and gave satisfaction to all. Geo. E. Marble is about to build a fine store at Burt. Thos. Henderson moved the old building yesterday and work will soon begin. His new store will be a big one and will rank with any in the county, and no one deserves a big store more than he does. Burt is booming. Experts in Canada thistles agree that a bunch of those dangerous weeds are growing at the northwest corner of the Methodist church. It would be a serious public calamity to get these thistles scattered in the county and prompt measures should be taken to stamp them out. Many friends of Rev. and Mrs. Pratt will be pleased to learn of the advent of a daughter in their family circle. The little one arrived last week Tuesday. Mrs. Pratt has been very sick and a council of physicians was held, but no reports have been received indicating serious difficulty. The board had an exciting session Monday afternoon over the road in Lotts Creek. Supervisor Holtz had had it located and Geo. E. Boyle and a number of others came over to have it knocked out. They succeeded after a heated debate which kept the auditor's office lively for a while. Abbie Carrington will visit Algona again with her opera company, and play "The Rose of Castile" in about two weeks. The exact date is not set, but it will be July 12, 13, or 14. All music lovers will be pleased at this announcement which secures one of the finest entertainments which is given in Iowa. Those who think of attending the Spencer races Saturday will be interested in knowing that -a one and one-third fare will be given, 'that the 10 o'clock freight will carry passengers, with a passenger coach if needed. It is re- ported'that Winkel's "Kossuth" will run, and in any event Spencer promises good entertainment. Last week we published an able article on sheep raising in Kossuth written by Dougal Wallace, whose success is known to all. This week we give a late address by J. B. Jones on the hog. His right to speak with authority on hog raising no one will dispute, and his remarks are of a character to prove valuable to all farmers. In the Wednesday night storm B. H. Anderson lost a cow by lightning, L. C. : Carroll tour miles north of town had a steer killed, and Mark Simpkins' barn was struck and two horses and two cows were Wiled while the barn escaped damage. At Whittemore the Catholic church was struck, and at Bancroft several'Cases of damage are reported. The visit of Washington Hand, whose presence in Algona we noted, has been ielebra'ted in Humboldt by his 'old neighbors. Gatherings of old settlers were held at Geo. McConley's, C. 'C. Idyle's, and other places, and old memories revived. Hand was one of the eai'liest in the Des Moines valley, and tie and Cusey left 22 years ago , for Kansas. A sad state of affairs is reported at Seriton. A complaint is entered with' the'i'ailway company on the beer question. 'The complaint is not thatit ships in beer, but that it does not. The beer starts all right but before it arrives : it evaporates, is draWn out, escapes, and is dissipated, A sad party receives the the empty kegs and is now kicking at headquarters. A. D. Clarke and J. R. Jones are showing a spirit of public enterprise which is worthy of emulation. They are 'putting in, at their own expense, $100 of stone wall for the Methodist parsonage, and doing filling on the lot which will cost over f 100 more. S. I. Pluiniey put in his team and man to do two days' hauling free, and others ought to do'as much or more. BUrt worsted Algona 'all along ; the line.'yesterday. The ball nine beat 'our boys 13 to 11 in a close game, and 'then a Burt boy called " Shorty," and whose other'name we failed to learn, outran Fred. 'Foster for a purse of $20. Fred challenged-him to run in two weeks but nothing came of it. This was excitement' enough for our boys and they got out of Burt poorer and wiser. The crop bulletin for 'the week says that in the larger portion of the state crop prospects are good, Corn is generally doing well, attaining very nearly an average condition. Wheat harvest has'begun in a few localities. Oats are too heavy in all the -southern and central districts, and some damage by lodging and rust ia reported. The hay crop will be larger than previous reports indicated. The city council, ^Saturday evening, adopted 1 an ordinance against exhibit- steam engines on the streets. It also ordered the marshal to have all streets opened near the Catholic cemetery, that have been fenced in by adjoining owners. Fencing up streets and alleys is a species of lawlessness that leads to trouble if not promptly dealt with, and the council acted wisely in stopping it. The circular is out for the teacher's institute to begin July 20. Prof. J. Breckenridge will conduct the meeting, and his ability is well known to county teachers. The instructors are Profs. Dixson and .McCollum, Miss Anna Goodrell, who taught physical culture a year ago, Miss Anna Richmond, and Mrs. Agnes J. McMallen. This corps speaks for itself and promises the best possible instruction. Some of the delegates to tho republican state convention went Monday tind the remainder Went yesterday. The convention meets in Cedar Rapids today. The Kossuth delegation was uninstructed, but seemed to favor Wheeler for governor, and McLaln for judge. On prohibition the sentimentfceemcd to be in favor of the past position of the party which has been to abide by tho will of the majority. Tho programme for the celebration at Hurlburt's grove, northwest of Algona, is as follows: Opening exercises at 10 o'clock, music "The Flag of Tho Free," reading of the Declaration of Independence, music, orations and toasts by prominent men, music. In tho afternoon there will be horse races, sack races, foot races, games, etc. Fireworks in the evening^ Let everyone come and enjoy a glorious Fourth. Wednesday night's rain took out tho King bridge on the Irvington road, and the Stacy bridge near T. D. Stacy's, and washed out tho grade in Fenton near the Simpkin's place. In town it cut the road which loads to Call's park making it impassible, and also took out the culvert on Elm street near W. E. Naudain's. This last is a serious damage as it washed out a heavy embankment and undermined the stone culvert. daughter graduated last week. Miss Gertrude is home for vacation and will finish her school work in Wellesley college, where she goes next fall. Rev. F. M. Smith returned Monday from attending the inter-state educational meeting at Sioux Falls. Ho has i-esigned as pastor of the Baptist church and will leave Algona, Sept. 1. Ho has no definite location in view, and the church has no ono selected to succeed him. A family group gathered at the Henderson home last week and secured a photograph before the visitors departed. There were 20 in all. Mrs. Stough and her sister in Minneapolis go home tomorrow, while Mrs. Johnson goos^ to Ireton to visit Mrs. Plumb before going home. Algona's pioneer railway conductor, Mr. Cndwell, visited at D. S. Ford's last week-, and shook hands with his old friends. He came in on tho first train and for many years punched tickets for all comers and goers. This was his first visit in five years. Algona has changed since ho first visited it, and so has the Milwaukee road, since passengers had to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning to get to McGregor at night. F. S. STOUGH has tho best leather lly- net in tho market. JAS. A. ORR, painter; will do painting, paper hanging, kalsomining, otc., in the latest and best stylos, and guarantee satisfaction. See him and got prices before letting your work. Mrs. Mary Warner is tho happy possessor qf a back pension of §2,067, and eight dollars a month hereafter. She is an old woman, who " has been living in a cabin in the woods north of D. Rice's in Plum Creek and is the mother of Harrison Warner. Her case was worked through without an attorney, and ahead of many that have been on file a long time, all through the aid of friends in tho county, and she into possession of a sum which properly handled will provide for her the remainder of her life. The French maxim that "everything comes to the man • who waits" would prove true in the case of S. G. Maine, if in addition it were added "the man who advertises." Mr. Maine after some waiting and plenty of advertising walks off with a charming wife in the person of Mrs. Alice Kennison. We congratulate Mr. Maine on his good luck, as .all newspapers must do, for the value of advertising is again exemplified. Mr. Maine is well situated in Plum Creek township, and can now spend the remainder of his days in peace and comfort. 'Squire Thompson performed the marriage ceremony yesterday. Mrs. Thos. McArthur of Uuion township died suddenly last Thursday, the cause being an attack of grip from which she suffered about three weeks. The funeral was held Saturday at tho home, Rev. Bowen officiating, and the remains were followed to the Algona cemetery by a large concourse of friends. Mrs. McArthur was born in Fifeshire, Scotland, coming to this counti-y in 1854. She was 01 years of age, had been married 36 years, and leaves two boys and four girls to mourn her loss. She was a member of the Presbyterian church, a faithful wife and loving mother, and a woman respected by all who knew her. Her death is not only a severe loss to her family, but one that will be felt by a wide circle of old friends and acquaintances, who will extend sympathy to the bereaved. FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten years' time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial payments before due. Office over Chrischilles' store, Algona. S. S, SESSIONS. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Ed Bircher has a brother visiting him. Miss Cornle Ingham returned from Iowa City Monday. Mrs. Pinckney and daughter of Chicago are visiting Miss Lenette Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hedrick come up from Des Moines tomorrow to spend the Fourth. Charlie Benham went back to Minne-- apolis, Monday, after a pleasant vacation visit. Mrs. J. H. Jones went to Milford last Wednesday to visit her sister, who lives there. Mr. and Mrs. Robt, Cordingly were down from 'Chain Lakes last Thursday for a visit-at home. Geo. M. Annis came up from Des Moines last week on-a trip to the western part of the state. » T. G. McDermontt Is home 'from Iowa City and'will spend-a.year before completing his law course, Mr. and Mrs. Hatdy Buel returned last Friday from their wedding trip and spent Sunday at home in Algona. Mayor Cliggett of Mason City was an Algona Visitor last week, and dropped into this office'for a pleasant chat. Chas. Walker is homefrom Independence for a short visit. He likes his work at the asylum and goes back to it the 18th. Jas. McLaren gladdened his old friends by turning up in town Monday evening. This is his first visit since leaving Algona. Mr, and Mrs. D. A?Haggard and two daughters go soon to St. Paul, and thence to Illinois and Kentucky for a visit, which may last till fall. A. Bush returned from Montana last week and now Ortie has gone out to take a job of bookkeeping at $50 a month. He will go to Wicks. Mrs. P. L. Slagle went to Mt. Vernon t'o attend the graduating exercises in which her eon, Frank, took part, and. then went to Oskaloosa for a visit. Frank is at home for the vacation. Oliver Benschoter was down from his Minnesota home last week to visit his children, and look over pioneer scenes. As Algona's first blacksmith he ranks among the simon pure early settlers. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Clarke have returned' from St, Mary's where their LADIES' patent leather tipped shoes, all widths at Slough's. EVIDENTLY A HUMBUG. The IJoi>ortcd Opening; of J,nmlB for Ilomostciul Hiitry In Town Very Suspicious. The air for some weeks has been full of rumors of free lands somewhere in Iowa, location and amount not specified, which could bo taken for homestead, July 0, nt Des Moinos. Those rumors have been brought to the following definite statement in tho State Register of Saturday, which locates a lot in Kossuth and says: " From fifty to seventy-five letters a day are being received at tho United States land office in Des Moines, inquiring about the government lands in northwestern Iowa that are to bo opened up for settlement on July 0, as advertised. The lands are all in the ten to twenty-mile limit from the lines of railway which they border, in tho counties of Lyon, O'Brien, Osccola, Dickinson, and Kossuth. Tho lands in the ton-mile limit are not affected by this order, so that settlers thereon need have no fears. The government land office at Washington has informed tho Des Moines office that lists of tho lands cannot be furnished because tho clerical force is not sufficient for this enormous task. Those who wish to enter a claim for the land must first look up tho title for themselves. Tho actual settlors on the lands will be given tho preference at the time of filing claims, but unless the settler is here to look after his rights, tho application of another person cannot be refused. Men are hauling lumber on some of tho lands now and putting up little shanties to hold the claims; but these will not bo regarded as actual settlors and will have no preference. Tho jam at the Des Moines office will be immense on July 6. Several men have announced that they will be on hand a day or two before." This report was shown to Geo. E. Clarke, who says he has sent it to Mr. Haugen of the Milwaukee road, and he replies that he knows nothing of any such lands, has heard of no vacation of the Milwaukee grant, and feels certain that no lands are subject to entry exist. Mr. Clarke says he doubts if there is a piece in the county subject to entry, and considers the whole scheme Ono gotten up to get fees from deluded land hunters. In this connection Geo. C. Call received a letter from some land man in the state offering to give him lists of homestead lands at a cost of five dollars for one county or $10 for three. The opinion of those best posted here is that the whole thing is a humbug, and that those who are taken in will lose what money and time they expend. A Tjater Report. E, B. Sopor of Emraetsburg was in town yesterday and he says ho has a letter from an attorney whose services he has often had in the land office, advising him that there is nothing in this talk of big lists of public lands. He says there are not more than 2,000 acres unoccupied subject to entry, /and these are scattered over the northwest, chiefly in O'Brien county. He further wrote Mr. Sopor that the opening at Des Moines on the 6th would dissapoint tho visitors, and that people will save time and money by staying at home. In connection with this whole matter is to be noted the visit of a member of the last legislature, named Shipley, who was in Algona Monday evening with a pretended list of lands in this county. It included a large number of sections over the county, and was copied by some of our land men. It is evidently of no importance whatever and gives added assurance that a big humbug of some kind is being worked. COUNTY BOARD MEETING. The Itlnrltford 1T1I1 Uoml Mnttrr Disposed ofj nnd No Clinnue Will Ho SI tide—The Uoutliie Kocorcl. The much-debuted Blaekford hill road was settled by tho board ycstcrduy after much discussion and n visit to tho grounds. Mr. O'Kourko was not present, but tho other members viewed tho sitiintlon, and finally decided thnt u ohearor Improvement could bo mndo by i-utUnK down the old road than by making the one on tho section line, as proposed. They were Influenced in thlR by Surveyor Hntchins, whose estimates were presented as to the cost of work. The resolution adopted by tho board contemplates a cut of flvo feet on the old hill, drain tile to lot oft tho water, and a heavy coat of gravel. This will mnko a substantial improvement and a passable road, and is much needed. Other Hoard I'roret-dlMKs. On motion J. Holtv. was made a committee to expend $175 on grndo on south line of 8— 1)0, !)0. G. II. Potcra was appointed a coin- mlttoo to build two »2-foot bridges over Four-mile crook, on south lino of HO—HO, UO, and on cast lino of 81—0(1, !SH. G. II. Peters was appointed committee to build a fid-foot overflow bridge on 20—1)7, 28, and build grade over river bottom on said highway. Petition of Win. Uadlg for county road on 0—00,80; road not granted, but road was located on section line. Peters was appointed committee to view grade on lino between 84 and 85—00, 20, and reports In favor of ditching and grading same, and ho was appointed to do same. The county auditor was authorized to buy plank and nulls to replank county bridge on 84—0(1, 27. D. A. Buoll was appointed committee to ditch and grade southeast quarter of 0—05, 20, as petitioned for by S. A. Thompson. D. A. Buoll id allowed to. expend what is necessary on north lino of 4—00, 20. Tho tax of Mrs. A. E, Wheolock on lots 8 and 4, block 75, abated for 1800. Tax of Mrs. Sarah Hartshorn on north half of southeast quarter of 0—07, 27, for 1800 was abated, and auditor authorized to redeem said land from sale of 1880. Iload petitioned for by George Asholford and others, on oast lino of Kossuth county, running thence west on lino between 18 and 14 to southwest corner of 18. Road petitioned for by Jacob Enghart and others, commencing at southeast corner of 18—07, 27, tbonco west on section lino to west line of Buffalo township, was granted. G. H. Peters was inudo a committee to build two bridges, ono on Blue Earth river in 100—28, as asked by C. II. Stallo. D. A. Buell was made committee to build McClarnoy creek bridge on north lino of 2—05, 20. Tho committee to settle with tho county treasurer and auditor made their report. A deed was granted to M, S. Cunningham to the southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of 8—07, 27. Clerk of tho district court reported fees for second quarter of 1801 at $158.15. Bill of J. A. Hamilton for 250 feet of piling not allowed. D. A. Buoll was made u committee to fix tho Blackford road. The jail matter was settled and tho Aetna company was paid $2,150.50. Petition of J. S. Gallagher and others for bridge and grade between 1 and 2, Wesley township, granted, G. H. Peters, committee. Petition of C. F. Banwart and others for grade between 28 and 20, laid over. Consent highway asked by Z, S. Barrett and others beginning at northeast corner of of northwest quarter of 85—06, 27, and running thence south on half section line about 200 rods, was granted, andM. Taylor allowed $20 damages. J. Holtz was mado committee to look after and plank bridges on south lino of 8—05, 80. D. A. Buell appointed to repair bridges on river near Algona. Tho auditor's school fund loans were approved. Petition of A. H. Bixby for grade on south lino of 80—00, 80, was laid over. A transfer of $800 was made from domestic animal fund to county fund, and $1,000 from temporary school fund to county fund. County attorney was Instructed to have school fund loan on east half of northeast quarter and northeast •quarter of southeast quarter of 17—05, 20, paid. Cloths and Trimmings. J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A full stock of cloths inul tvlmmlnps always kopt on ham', ami furnished at. HH low rates !\s run bo bought elsewhere. All work done promptly. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION. Como and sec MM lirfnre pinning ymir order. It will lie In yuiir advantage. T. SO1T. F. L. PARISH'S Hardware and Tin Shop. Special attention given to all kinds of repair! MB, Including Guns, Pumps, and Gasoline Stoves, Clotlioe otc. Am also prepared to put. In furnaces and do pmmbliiK and gas-pipe lilting; AND IRON AND TIN ROOFING. Prompt attention will be given to all work In my line. Shop smith of court house. F. x.. H. A. SESSIONS, DEALER IN MONUMENTS AND HEADSTONES, Granite or Mnrblo, ALGONA, IOWA. Satisfaction guaranteed In all cases. JOHN EDWARDS, Feed, and Sale Stable, South of Tennant House, My rigs are all Ilrst class, and I will do what Is right toliecuro a sham of tho trade. Also owner of the stallions— BLACKWOOD AND BILLY LEE. niackwood by Hlackwood Jr. ; dam Mag by Henry Clay (H), time ','. -Ah to road wagon. Hilly Leu by Gen. Leo, by Green's Bashaw 50 ; dam Belle Wll.son, a racing mare. SEEDS, SEEDS! BASEBALL shoos, Stough's. 75 cents at F. S. To RENT—House, five rooms. Stacy. J. E. HORSE covers and nets at Stough's. Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, ' Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J. J. WILSON'S. LOTJIS Dealer In all kinds of Half Rates to Milwaukee. For tho Northwestern Saengerfest, which will be held at Milwaukee, Wis., July 8 to 12, the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will sell excursion tickets to Milwaukee and return at half rates—one fare for the round trip. For rates, dates of sale, limits of tickets, etc.. apply to agents C. & N, W. Ry.-12t3 Low Hates via C. <te N. ~Vf, Hy. On July 3, and 4, tho Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will sell round trip tickets between all stations on its lines at very low rates; tickets good for return passage until and including July 6. For tickets and further information apply to agents C. & N. W. Ry.-12t3 A False Report. It is being reported that M. Richardson has bougnt out Bradley & Nicoulin's machine business. This is false. Bradley & Nicoulin are still selling Standard mowers and Esterly binders. and defy competition. They are selling the best standard twine, half and haJlf, for ten cents a pound. The New Meat Market BENNETT & ANDERSON, Proprietors of the new market on Thorlngton street, keep everything in fresh and salt muat. Fresh Huh every Friday. Come and see us. Auctioneering Done. undersigned will cry . Kossuth and adjoining counties. Have tweutj The years' experience. public sales as. Have ' Terms reasonable. Furniture, Picture Frames, Looking glasses, chromoH, and all kinds ot ready-made coHlns. Hearse for public use. Headquarters for the boat SEWINC MACHINES AND ORGANS, t3?~Appllcations for my services may be left at the law office of 8. S. Sessions, Algona, la. QEO. E. BOYLE, Whlttemore, Iowa. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE, Lands bought and Hold on commission. Particular attention given to core aud sale of real estate in Koasuth and adjoining counties. Agt. Free tor Qermftn Ins. Co., ,Ill. F. M. BRONSON, Watches and Jewelry, CLOCKS, SILVERWARE, Silver-plated ware, and all kinds of goods In his line, Repairing promptly done. At Frank Bros. 1 store. DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? ID. AUCTIONEER, Will cry city and farm property, make collect tions, etc. All business of a private nature strictly confidential. Oflice with F. M. Taylor, over Howard's. , M ONEY TO ON

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