The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 16, 1978 · Page 20
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 20

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1978
Page 20
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PAGE TWENTY Decatur, Illinois, Saturday, December 16, 1978 Decatur Daily Review. Local Police plan lineup and release drawing of murder suspect . Decatur police and the FBI were preparing to conduct a lineup today in their investigation of Thursday morning's robbery and murder at Citizens National Bank. A 23-year-old man arrested early Friday . morning remains in custody today and is believed to be the subject of the lineup. It is uncertain what type of formal charges, if any, will be filed against the man. Authorities today made a public appeal for information and released an artist's drawing of a suspect seen in the area of the Trailways Bus Terminal at 214 W, Main St. about 8 a.m. Thursday. . He was carrying two cases described as a dark, handled case about 18 by 12 by 6 inches and a second smaller, dark case. The suspect is a black male, between 23 and 30 years old, with dark complexion, about 6 feet, thin, and short-haired. He was wearing a dark, mid- f: Hi Mr - - - - I -. -.- Authorities released this sketch Policeman By John Harpster A police officer testified Friday in Macon County Circuit Court that a 16-year-old Decatur youth, who will be prosecuted as an adult on murder charges, admitted fatally stabbing a Decatur man Nov. 28. Detective Robert Pittenger said Stanley Carl Davis, 16, of 3940 E. Cerro Gordo St. admitted that he plunged a knife several times into Robert J. Bland, 54, of 314 S. 22nd St. ' The testimony came at a hearing on a request by the State's Attorney's Office to prosecute Davis as an adult. Because he is under 17, Davis cannot be charged with a criminal offense without court permission. Judge Jerry Patton gave that permission at the end of the two-hour hearing, saying he reached his decision because the crime was brutal and aggressive and had elements of premeditation. 'Based on the total evidence I believe Victim's son feels 'relief ' with Nobles ruling By Judy Tatham Months of personal frustration resulted in a "sense of relief" for the son of murder victim Clyde Davis as he beard a life imprisonment sentence imposed on the man convicted of the murder. William Davis does not express himself in a vindictive manner. He talks -Nobles not eligible for parole Page 3 quietly of the feelings he has had since his father died in a city jail cell April 4. "While I was sitting in the courtroom L11maj1 asa Knit fA kii 1 posed. I was just sitting there waiting for it. It was just a relief to hear the judge say it," the 28-year-old man said. Report length coat and dark trousers. He may have been wearing a cap. Persons with information should immediately contact the local FBI office at 428-0832 or the Decatur Police Department at 424-2739. A vehicle bearing Minnesota license plates and believed to have been involved in the robbery was recovered by police in connection with the Friday morning arrest. Police obtained a search warrant and searched the car, but results of that investigation have not been revealed. Authorities still decline to reveal the amount of money taken in the robbery which resulted in the fatal shooting of bank guard Donald L. Bivens Sr., 51. His funeral service will be 10:30 a.m. Monday in Brintlinger's Pershing Funeral Home. Visitation will be after 5 p.m. Sunday. The family suggests memorials to the West Side Church of the Nazarene building fund. of one robbery-murder suspect. testifies youth admitted slaying it is in the best interests of the minor (Davis) and the security of the public that the case should be transferred to the adult docket," the judge said. An earlier story incorrectly stated that Davis will be 17 Dec. 25. He is in fact just past his 16th birthday and will not be 17 until next Oct. 12. Pittenger told Patton Friday that he interviewed Davis after the youth and his parents came to police headquarters, in response to an earlier police visit to their home, on the night of Nov. 30. During the interview, Pittenger said, Davis told him that he and Thomas Whitaker, 17, of 3853 E. Hickory St., had gone on the night of Nov. 28 to the Midway Tavern, 3550 E. William St., to get some matches. There they met Bland, who was previously known to at least one of the youths, and left the tavern with him in his car, going to North Lake Shore Drive near the DAV Club. In the past Davis has declined to comment about the circumstances of his father's death, saying he did not want to jeopardize the prosecution of Donald E. Nobles. Davis contacted State's Attorney Patrick M. Walsh and asked to testify at Friday's sentencing hearing. He described his father's frail physical condition and provided personal photographs of his father which were entered as evidence. "I had gotten to the point where I just had to talk about it. I feel like in a way I was speaking on his behalf. "He isn't here to do it, so I did it for him," Davis explains. For many years his father had not verbally communicated with his family or the workers in shelter care homes and state facilities where he lived. There was an exception, however, Davis recalls. "He once let me know he. was sorry he couldn't do anything for fe. 1h . isVnf I 'ft Staff photo by Ron Ernst The face of a young shopper shows how she feels about displayed dolls. Chaperone Bob Grote looks on. Kids get treats in Jaycee spree By Al Stamborski Johnny may want a pair of skates, and Suzy a dolly, as the familiar Christmas song goes, but Ada wants a dress and purse, and Bobby wants gloves and some crayons. Ada and Bobby were two of 41 needy area children who went this morning on a Christmas shopping spree organized by the Decatur Jaycees. The Jaycees provided the children with $5 for each member of his or her family for Christmas presents. In. addition, each child received $5 to buy himself or herself a present. The children and their Jaycees chap-erones met at First Presbyterian Church, where the Rev. Ronald Allin spoke and led the children in singing "Happy Birthday to Jesus." Afterward, they converged on the Venture store for shopping. Donovan gains slight Democrat B.T. "Tim" Donovan gained Vk votes this morning in a discovery recount of 22 Macon County precincts. Discovery recounts into the results of the 51st District Illinois House of Representatives race Nov. 7 began in four counties this week. Republicans hope to establish that Rep. Allen Bennett of Decatur defeated Donovan. Official results have shown Donovan won by 71 votes. Because the condition of ballots had changed since the election, a computer in the City of Decatur data processing department had to be adjusted. This slowed this morning's recount. Since the discovery recount began in three other counties Donovan's margin has decreased to 55te votes, prior to today's results. In a discovery recount Friday in Cumberland County, a net loss of 6M There, Pittenger said, Bland told Davis that he wanted Davis to have sex with him. This made Davis mad, Pittenger said, and he struck Bland with his fist, then slashed and stabbed him several times with a knife as Whitaker wrapped a chain around his neck. The two youths then divided $60 they took from Bland, Pittenger said, threw the knife away and left the scene. Whitaker has already been charged with murder and armed robbery and is awaiting a preliminary hearing. Testifying briefly Friday were Davis' parents, Lawrence and Mary Lou Davis, who said they felt their son would be best served by having his case continued in juvenile court. Both said their son had never been an unusual disciplinary problem, but Patton said he felt that had been rebutted by the evidence. Asstistant State's Attorney Thomas me." Davis, is still reluctant to comment on his feelings regarding the death penalty and a Circuit Court jury's decision not to order its imposition after Nobles'. murder conviction. Davis said he has talked by telephone with the family of Rosalyn Nesbitt, the young woman authorities have identified as Nobles' girlfriend. She was fatally shot by Nobles during the early morning hours of April 4. Davis says he still bears ill feelings toward city authorities, believing his father should not have been incarcerated in a cell with Nobles. The elder Davis had been arrested by police in a stolen vehicle. His son maintains his father's physical and mental condition prevented him from driving motor vehicles. Davis intends to pursue civil proceedings against city authorities in connection with his father's death, he says. Seven-year-old Ada said she was hunting for "a dress for Mommy and two baby dolls for my little sisters, and a purse with makeup for my other sister." Seven-year-old Bobby wasted no time in filling up his cart. Only a few minutes after the shopping began, he already had chosen a pair of gloves for his mother, crayons for his sister, a pink teddy bear with green eyes for his brother, and some miniature racing cars for himself. He also picked out a pair of toy cowboy guns. But they're not just for himself, the freckle-faced boy assured. "I'll share these with my brother," he promised. Ten-year-old Jackie had no trouble chosing gifts for her brothers and sisters, but was having some difficulty with a present for her mother. votes was registered for Donovan. Shelby County is expected to conduct its recount early next week. Bennett said Friday morning his apparent loss turned out to be a "blessing in disguise." He said he now has more time to spend with his family and on his law practice. However, he said Friday night if a full recount is held and he is declared the winner, he will take his seat in the House. He said he believes he owes that to those who voted for him. He also noted that the Republicans are only one person shy of a majority in the House. However, Bennett said the chances are slim that he will return to the House. The House committee that is in charge of such recounts is now controlled by Democrats, he said, adding that they could stall a full recount for Gendry told Patton he believes Davis should be prosecuted as an adult because of the premeditation, aggressiveness and brutality of the crime. Earlier testimony was that Bland had been killed by a stab wound which went completely through his heart, inflicted, in the opinion of the autopsy pathologist, by a knife with a blade at least 5 inches long. Defense attorney Asher O. Geisler said he could find no evidence of premeditation in the testimony but instead saw indications that Davis acted in self-defense. "Here we have a 16-year-old boy and a man who was a homosexual," Geisler said. "A 16-year-old boy propositioned by an older man. "It is in the best interest of society and this youth to proceed as a juvenile. That is a more equitable and fair dis-. position both to the youth and to the public." "It's kind of ironic that I once thought I wanted to go into law enforcement," he says. He had taken college courses in criminal justice. After the Friday sentencing hearing, Nobles' distraught mother left the courtroom and stood crying with her face turned toward the corner of a hallway. Eventually, she and Davis encountered one another and began to talk. The meeting was cordial and the weeping pair consoled one another. Later, Davis said he believes Nobles' present situation should not be blamed on his mother's influence. It was with sadness the two family members went their different ways. Despite their divergent backgrounds, reddened eyes proved they shared a common experience. With the sentencing Friday, the Circuit Court criminal proceedings involving the April 4 deaths are ending. 4 Ralf Henkel, the chaperone, said the only thing the mother wanted was to make sure her children got something. Jackie obviously was having a good time, her bright eyes scanning the racks and racks of toys. "When my mother told me (I was chosen for the shopping trip), I just couldn't wait," she said. After all the presents were bought, the children and Jaycees returned to the church to wrap the gifts. Santa Claus also was waiting there to visit them. Venture donated money toward the shopping spree. McDonald's Restaurant, Perfect Potato Chips and Tolly's Supermarkets contributed toward a lunch. Chris Olsen was chairman of the annual event for the Jaycees. in recount one or two years. It is possible, however, that the Re-X publicans could go to federal court to force the committee to accelerate this process; he said. Even if the discovery recount were to show that Donovan lost the election, he would not lose his seat in the House. Only a full recount could result in that change. The discovery recount is not official. The Republicans sought it only to determine if a full recount of the votes in all the precincts of the 51st District would be warranted. In a discovery recount, only a quarter of the precincts' votes can be checked. That sly looking cat with today's column is Kit Kat, a 4-year-old female who keeps bringing strangers-home. Kit Kat is owned by Rose Binkley of rural Warrensburg (if one can "own" a cat) and since Kit Kat has been residing with her, the feline has brought friends home to stay three times. The first time was in April, when she appeared with a silver-colored female kitten she had found abandoned. Then about a month ago, a male kitten now called "Rocky" was added by Kit Kat to her family, and recently she returned with a big yellow torn cat now known as The Bum. While Kit Kat has completely accepted friends into her life, Mrs. Binkley hasn't. Kit Kat stays in the house, but the others share the barn. When Kit Kat wants to visit her family, or add to it, she jingles bells attached to the front door to show she wants out. Often she and the other three dine together in the house, and this gave The Bum an idea. Now he calls on neighbors for handouts to supplement his meals at bis foster home. Smelly cat ,' And while we're on the subject of cats, there is one in Decatur that had an odor about him recently. His mistress was sitting before her makeup mirror, behind which the cat likes to nap, when she smell ed something burning. She traced it to the nearby ashtray, in which both a cigarette and the cat's tail were smoking. Long wait A few days after Elam's drive-in on West Eldorado Street closed for the winter, 20-year-old Cheri drove in, pushed the button and waited patiently for 10 minutes for service. Then she noticed the 'closed' sign. Eat them? A fledgling cook had just chopped the tops of the green onions into her salad when she held up the bulb and asked, f . - Stray Scraps RGG adjourns board meeting A meeting of the Richland Community College board of trustees that was recessed Thursday was adjourned this morning. No business was conducted. It was thought that proposed sites for a new campus would be further discussed today. However, Carl Brink, board chairman, said Thursday that if talks Friday between the college's attorney and a At a glance representative of Brettwood Village Shopping Center weren't successful, there would be no trustees' meeting today. One of the sites proposed for the new campus would be in the shopping center area. Walter T. Morey, one of the partners in the firm that owns the center, said the college could use part of the Goldblatt's Furniture Store there, along with adjoining land. The regular monthly meeting of the trustees-will be 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the college's main building at 100 N. Water St. Woman seriously injured Sandra L. Gates, 29, of Mount Auburn is listed in stable condition in the intensive care unit of St. John's Hospital in Springfield after sustaining injuries in a one-car accident about 2 a.m. today on the Mount Auburn blacktop about one mile west of Wyckles Road. Her vehicle left the roadway, but because of the victim's condition Macon County sheriff's deputies have been unable to complete their investigation. Former Dante's building sold The building which housed Dante's Restaurant changed hands in an auction Friday for $32,500. John Ballog bought the building at 745 E. Cerro Gordo St. which was built as a hotel in the early years of this century and later housed Dante's and the Times Square tavern. It has been described as a Decatur landmark. Ballog, owner of Associated Calculators, indicated he would use the once-popular restaurant as a warehouse. Teen-ager arrested A 17-year-old Decatur youth was jailed Friday afternoon after he allegedly tried to extort money from an 81-year-old woman whose purse had been stolen earlier, allegedly by him. Helen Mulcahey, 81, of 1645 N. Edward St. reported to police that her purse was snatched from her at Edward and Division streets late Friday morning. Later, she told officers, someone called offering to return the purse if she would leave a quantity of money in a sack at a designated location. Police deposited the sack, then arrested the youth as he was picking it up. Truck strikes woman The condition of Dorothy I. Sumpter, 62, of 424 Carol Manor remained serious at Decatur Memorial Hospital this morning. She was struck by a pickup truck driven by Harold E. Thornell, 22, of 1148 E. Henderson Ave. at Eldorado and Water streets at 11:42 a.m. Friday. Police charged Thornell with failure to yield the right of way to a pedestrian. "Has anybody ever found a way to these?" Someone suggested they might be ten. Dedicated No one questions Tim Bryant's dedication to his trade. Bryant, a barber at King's Knight Styling Shop at 550 N. Van Dyke St., is styling hair these days with one arm in a cast. He broke his wrist in a recent accident. The shop's owner says customers have no complaints. Of course, that cast makes a pretty good club. Join the Stray Scraps fun. Just send your humorous, poignant, odd or weird items to Stray Scraps editor, Decatur Daily Review, Box 311, Decatur, 111. 62526. Please sign them and give a telephone number. No names will be used if requested. Kit Kat V h : . " 'fey ' A

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