Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on May 23, 1976 · Page 4
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 23, 1976
Page 4
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DECATUR SUNDAY HERALD AND REVIEW Decatur, Illinois, Sunday, May 23, 1976 Millikin Survey Finds Most Favor Downtown Campus By Don Brilley A downtown campus for the new Richland - Community College was favored by a majority of Decatur adults questioned in April by students in two political science classes at Millikin University. . They conducted the public opinion survey of 549 Decatur citizens. Dr. Robert C. Mclntire and James E. . Bottorf, political science professors at Millikin, analyzed the results. The Results of All answers are in percentages.) Q. Most people identify with one. political party or another. To which political party do you most closely identify? A. Democrat 4 2, Republican 29. Independent 24. Others 6. Q. Did you vote in the March 16 Illinois Primary election? - A. Yes 22.5. No 57.5. Q- Do yJEtintend to vote in the 1976 General Election in November? A. Yes 88. No 12. Q. Where should Richland Community College be located? A. Downtown 52, Suburban 48. Q. Is the Decatur City Council justified in raising city water rates? A. Yes 54. No 46. Q. Should Decatur's massage parlors be allowed to continue operation? A. Yes 49. No 51. Q. Which candidate do you prefer for the Illinois Senate? A. Over all McCarthy, 39.5 Rupp, 27. No preference, 33.5. Crossover voters - McCarthy 255, Rupp 18. Independent voters McCarthy 3.5, Rupp, 31.5. Q. Who itbuld you like to see as the next governor of Illinois? A. Over-all Thompson, 46, Howlett, 20, No preference, 34. Those with a preference Thompson, 69, Howlety, 31. Crossover voters Thompson, Crossword Puzzle for Today By B.H. Kmse ACROSS 50 52 53 54 55 58 61 63 64 68 71 72 76 78 81 82 83 84 85 87 90 91 92 Rural sound Foretell, in Scotland Room in a harem Scratch 1 6 12 Inquisitor out (got a break) Prepare for conflict 15 Sister of Meg and Jo 19 Job 20 Maid of AstoTSt 21 Part of India 22 Berne's river 23 Tug at the (inspire sympathy) 25 Motion responses 26 Kettle, for example 27 Moray 28 Pine product 29 Lariats 31 To be, in Toulon 32 Exciting 34 Enter with a bang 36 Nessen Flight attendant 116 Sicilian wine 117 Mysterious 118 Asta's owners Reason for a 119 trip to Reno? Pierce 120 Avenue, in Berlin 121 Children's card game Calumets 1 Ignominy 2 Sports org. 3 Chinese: Prefix Take off 4 Hackneyed 5 Broom of twigs 6 Forbids 7 Back 8 Helpers time 9 (never) Wharf support 10 Insured letter: 11 Abbr. 12 Service initials 13 Moving 14 Bridge losers Makes a lawn 15 Pep ' 16 Office worker 17 Gold, in Cordoba 18 93 37 Religious image 95 38 Aviators 39 41 44 "45 Malayan mini-deer Make secure Discovered Fixes hair again Services Fathers 96 98 100 104 106 107 108 48 49 7" 4" 6" T" uT 1 1 Vi 13 11 mmi :o ; iS- . 19 !0 Tl 2 - ; 23 -6 27 Ls is) ""-jo ' 7T ", ; """"" 32 JJ 34 3b J3b , .0 k- Lis " i V """" 41 1 4 7 43 I""""" j 44 I J 3 4o 4? Limf'iinnff ' ' 1 z rn: nnFTjL r it 53 54 j j 33 66 b7 I : lJI 1 ' 64 ' C3 66 67 ItltfltVIMHflNNIaillHIMIIH mmmmm hh bbbbbbbw M bbbmbibbbbii bbbmbbm hbshbsbhi MBMEttpmHmMM whbh mmmmi hbbhbhbhh mmtmmmK!SSK9tKIM ,e 69 70 71 I"; " 1 72 73 7.', j -'b . 'mum i ' " ' in 1 1 '.i .mi 7,, 77 , 78 79 80 131 ' i 1 33 """j 34 ' 'j"-b Hb " """" ort 39 wmmmmmmm ,.f. T"" " 1 - , i u: : J i J 97 ' J s 99 100 101 102 103 104 10b I T7)6 ' 107 rmm. 106 To9 TTo """" TTi n2 ii3 i 14 ' ilb 116 " i 1"7 77s 775 77i survey has become an annual project at Millikin. Another local issue, what Decatur Public School District 61 should do to comply with state desegregation guidelines, brought no solution from a majority - of the respondents. The most frequently cited solution was to simply do nothing, which 15 per cent suggested, On state elections, persons expressing a preference favored Republican ' J i m Survey Released 52, Howlett 15. Independent voters Thompson, , 74, Howlett, 26. Q. Who would you like to see as the next President? A. Republicans Ford 70, Reagan, 30. Democrats Carter, 44, Humphrey, 21, Wallace, 14, Udall, 13, Others, 9. Q. What is your general opinion about detente does it meet the needs of America with respect to national security and safety? A. Yes 46. No 54. Q. Do you feel safer or more secure from international conflict as a result of detente? A. Yes 38, No 62. Q. Would you favor a government - financed national health program? A. Yes 63. No 37. Q. Do you think America is pursuing a good program for conserving energy and scarce energy resources? A. Yes 52. No 48. Q. What do you think school boards should do to solve financial problems? A. No solution 57. Reduce spending 10. Rid overpaid teachers 10. Tax increase 5. More government money 4. Other solutions 14. Q. What should Decatur do to comply with state desegregation guidelines? A. No solution 54. Do nothing 15. Oppose busing 15. Others 26. Q. Many people are critical of the welfare system. How Edited by Margaret Farrar 109 Israeli dance 24 110 Call's partner 30 111 Star in Lyra: 33 Phrase 34 114 Vingt 35 115 Mr. Carney Group of actors 38 Trap Water surface. 40 old style North African 41 ruler 42 Truman Cabinet 43 member 44 Farmer, at times 45 DOWN 46 Hurt 47 Downright 49 Eucalyptus- 50 eating animal Go wrong Goes over again 51 Grants access 54 Actress Lenore Raise (create a scene) Kith's companion Infuses Wanted Marbles Kingly Choreographer Leonid Ordered Hearing aid Cape Cod community 55 56 57 59 60 62 65 66 Virile characters Solution on Page 56 Thompson for governor over Democratic opponent Michael J. Howlett by more than a two to one margin. A Democratic voter defection to Thompson is evidenced by the fact that 52 per cent of the Democrats surveyed said they would vote for the former U.S attorney from Chicago over the secretary of state. The presidential preference of the Democrats was former Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter with 44 per cent. Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, D-Minn., who would you change present welfare policies? A. Stronger investigation of recipients 30. Require public service work 7. Eliminate programs entirely 3 No solution 47. Others 13. Q. What are the most impor tant foreign policy concerns for America? A. Mideast 10. Interna tional peace 9. Foreign oil supplies 6. No opinion 50 Others 19. Q. What are the most impor tant problems to be solved by government officials? A. Unemployment and inflation 29. Government corruption 13. Environmental pro blems 8 No opinion 42 Others 8. . Q. Do you recall whether President Franklin Roosevelt was a Democrat or Republican? A. Democrat 7 0 Republican 30. Q. How many members are there on the U.S. Supreme Court? A. Nine 31. Other numbers 69. Q. How many years does a U.S. Senator serve one term? A. Six 28. Other numbers 72. Q. Who is governor of Illinois right now? A. Walker 31. Others 69. Q. Is your U.S. represen tative up for election this year? A. Yes 44. No 56. Instigate .67 Timetable abbr. Bit 68 Columbines USN plane 69 mechanic 70 Roman market 73 places 74 After the 75 thing: Lat. 77 To's complement Popular opera' 79 Badge, of a sort 80 Tree 84 Cheerleader's 85 word 86 Mod party Meeting: Abbr. 88 Disfigure 89 Year in Leif Ericson's time: 90 Rom. 91 Length x width "To die: to 93 ; no 94 more . ." Of intense 95 interest 96 Claw. old style 97 Persuaded 99 Surf duck 100 Asian salt 101 tree 102 Summer, on the Seine 103 California wine 105 valley 107 Ottoman 112 standard 113 Gold Rush center of yore Himself, to Caesar Chow Stuffy official Cathedral part Stravinsky Stops up French plural pronoun Suspend British brew Make wool Wild sheep Icelandic literary work Political winners Newsman's equipment Affronts Sicilian high spot Attractive Type of verb: Abbr. Heavy jacket Member of the wedding Blackened Accustom Mine excavation "No way, " Syrian sect member More tender Rational Potato: SI. Rob " Me 52376 has said he would only accept a draft nomination, trailed Carter with 21 per cent and George Wallace was third with 14 per cent. Republicans favored President Gerald R. Ford in his drive for their party's nomination by a wide margin. Forty-two per cent of the respondents called themselves Democrats, 29 per ; cent Republicans and 24 per' cent independents. Six per cent said they felt closest to "other parties." ; These Decatur figures differ slightly from the- national averages, which show 43, 24 and .33 per cent alignments among Democrats, Republicans and independents, respectively. Local massage parlors met with public disfavor, with 51 per cent saying they felt such establishments should be closed. But this was a significant change from the 61 to 39 per cent split in favor of closing the parlors expressed in a similar survey taken by Millikin students last fall. Bottorf said men between the ages of 18 and 45 were the group most in favor of continued operation, while women age 45 and older - were the strongest opponents. Quizzed on whether they had voted in the March 16 primary, the percentage of persons answering yes was larger than the actual voter turnout (35 per cent). , Mclntire and , , Bottorf attribute this variance . to the tendency of people to give Ex-Decatur Man State Official in Colorado By Carolyn Gause When Rudy Livingston lived in Decatur almost 2f years ago, the employment situation for black men and women was mere than a challenge. "When I left there, they did not have a black janitor at Illinois Power," he . said, describing the racial barriers at the time. Livingston left Decatur in 1958, a year after he graduated from Millikin University with a bachelor's degree in business administration. After making Denver, Colo., his permanent home for the last 18 years, Livingston came back to Decatur last summer. And to him, "It has changed." "I met several people in jobs that they would not have had or could not have had in 1958," he said recently in a telephone interview from Denver. Since leaving Decatur, Livingston has made major gains in the Colorado Personnel Department. On April 1, he became director of the department, the first hlack cabinet-level director in the state's history. Livingston, who says he accepted the appointment "because of the challenge primarily .admits that he has a patronage job. "I serve at the pleasure of the governor with confirmation by the Senate," the 47-year-old -says. Livingston's $36,000 appointment was made by Democratic Gov. Richard Lamm. Since leaving Decatur, Livingston has changed his, political affiliation from Republican to Independent. "I started at the bottom and I've gone to the top," says the holder of a master's degree in public administration. "I knew I could be the top." It is because of his experiences in Decatur that Livingston appreciates the chances for mobility Colorado's merit system offers. - "One reason I ra attracted to the merit system is what I saw happen in Decatur," he told a reporter at the Denver Post. Even though Livingston mostly cited incidents that in volved other blacks, he told the Denver reporter of having been personally involved in an incident that a . local black newspaper . had called discrimination. Livingston had applied for the position of Decatur director of personnel. A white man received the job and Livingston was never notified that the position had been filled. Decatur's city manager at the time, W. Robert Semple, said he didn't think Livingston would want the job because the position he was in paid more money. "socially desirable" answers to inquiries concerning voting. The same held true with anticipated voting in November. Eighty-eight per cent said they would vote, but past records indicate that only about two-thirds of Decatur's registered voters cast a ballot. If the election for state senator from, the 51st District had been held in April, incumbent Democratic Sen. Robert W. McCarthy , would have defeated Decatur Mayor James H. Rupp, a Republican, by a margin of 39.5 to 33.5 per cent. Republicans indicated a preference for McCarthy one-fourth of the time, while 18 per cent of the Democrats favored Rupp. The respondents said they felt detente with the Soviet Union "does not meet the needs of America" in terms of national security and safety. The Millikin students also attempted to gauge the degree of political information possessed by Decatur voters or the lack thereof with five more questions. , . - Forty - eight per cent had-no correct answers, while 37 per cent had two or three correct and only 15 per cent ranked high with. four or five correct responses. For example, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, was identified as a Republican by 30 per cent of the respondents. And 31 per cent of the persons questioned did not know that Dan Walker is governor of Illinois. Rudy Livingston "I would like to have been able to make that decision," Livingston said during the recent telephone interview. "It certainly wasn't good personnel practice," he said, admitting that he couldn't say the incident was "a prime facie case of discrimination." Regardless of what happened in the past, Livingston says Decatur will . always be "home." For now, however, Livingston, his wife Dorothy, and their four children have found a home in Denver. College Student Charged With Guard's Death Aurora, 111. (AP) An Aurora College student has been charged with murder in the bludgeoning death of a part-time woman security guard. Vernon Briner, 20, of Aurora was charged Friday. The body of Anne Elizabeth Walsh, 25, daughter of Dr. Clyde Hewitt, a professor of history at Aurora College, was found earlier Friday in a campus building. Police said Mrs. Walsh appeared to have been beaten to death and suffered multiple internal and external wounds. They said results of an autopsy were inconclusive as to the type of weapon used in the slaying. YOUNG DRINKERS Only half the 15-year-olds in Czechoslovakia drink no alcohol. By the time they are 18, only 17 per cent do not drink, according to a Czech newspaper. COMMUNIST PARTY In Chicago in 1919 the Communist Party was organized by the left wing of the Socialist Party, which split on the question of support of the Russian Revolution. A I 4' Steve Albright Steve Albright To Become . Eagle Scout Steve Albright, 14, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Albright of Oreana, will be awarded the rank of Eagle Scout in Wednesday ceremonies at the Argenta Oreana Middle School. He is a member of Troop 131, sponsored by the. Argenta-Oreana Fir. Department. He is a freshman at Argenta-Oreana High School, a member of French Club and the band and an honor-roll student. As a Decatur Herald newspaper carrier for the past ZVz years, he has twice been named "Outstanding Newspaper Carrier."- His Scoutmaster is Charles Runyen. Grudge May Have Caused Lane Death Chicago (AP) The killers of Theresa Ann Lane may have waited in ambush for hours before kidnaping her and her boyfriend and may have planned the crime because of a grudge over an auto accident, police said Saturday. . Chicago police returned to Wisconsin Saturday for the second time in three days to try to uncover leads into the abduction Thursday night of Miss Lane, 18, and John Maulden, 22, from a parking garage of a Racine apartment building where they lived. Miss Lane was strangled and beaten on the head. Her body was found in the muddy bottom of a ditch early Thursday morning near the Edens Expressway on Chicago's Northwest Side. Maulden was shot in the face and apparently left for dead in a field near Kencsha. The two abductors, in Maulden's car, drove off with Miss Lane. Police believe the two assailants spent some time in the garage before the young couple drove in. They said some lightbulbs had been loosened and cigarette butts were found on the floor. Chicago investigators are trying to determine if there is a link between the auto accident Maulden was involved in six months ago with two black men and the crime. Joseph DiLeonardi, Chicago homicide commander, said Maulden, a factory worker who has been unemployed since the auto accident, was to be questioned further Saturday in St. Catherine's Hospital in Kenosha, where he is recovering from surgery. GROVER CLEVELAND Grover Cleveland is ranked, according to a ruling by the State Department, as both the 22nd and 24th president of the United States. He is the onlv ' chief executive to have served two nonconsecutive terms. First elected in 1884, he was defeated for reelection in 1888 by Benjamin Harrison, although ne iea in tne popular vote. He ran against Harrison again in 1892 and won. DECATUR SUNDAY HERALD AND REVIEW Decatur Herald and Review, Inc. 361-M5 North Main Street , Decatur, Illinois, 62525 Second-class postage paid at Decatur, III. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches Subscription Rates: Payable In advance to carrier. Herald or Review and Sunday 44.50 per month; without Sunday - $3.20 per month. By mail, payable In advance to office, 7 issues per week: 12 months $49.50; 6 months, $28.00; 3 months $15.00 Carrier rates apply on mall to area with carrier seivlce. Foreign rate on r Ouest. A . ..T.TSft uV5S. ..... I mm 265 MU Students to Get Degrees Today in Park A total of 265 students were expected to receive degrees during Millikin University's 73rd annual commencement exercises 2 p.m. today in Fair-view Park. Students graduating with honors include: ' Summo Cum Laud David Warren Badger, Alan Douglas Colby Jr., Jeanne Anna Douglas, Ann Lynette Hortweg, David Harding Hlght, Suzanne Marie Lambert, Diane Marie Mattera Mucha, Cathy Renoe Opperman, Paul D. Potter Jr., Claudia Maria Vogt Magna Cum Laude Barbara Bell, Susan Lynn Berning, Annette Binkley, Robert A. Cavanaugh, Joy Elaine Claudon, Richard Leo Frey, David E. Galassl, Lisa Ann Heneghan, Jeffrey P. Hintz, Linda Glessner Kau, Carol Lockman, Daniel Thomas McMaster, John Rado Mllosevlch, Gory Lee Moore, Terry-Ann M. Saurmann, Donald J. Sheller, David J. Strlcklln, Patricia Ann Wllllson Cum Laude Debra Sue Adams, Maryell Ayers, James P. Cherry, Klmberly Ann Epperson, David J. Hagan, James E. Harres, Thomas J. Husar. Deborah Lee Jennings, Brian K. Johnson, Donald G. Jones, Daniel E. Kacsir, John Robert Llenhop, Diane Henderson McCullough, Joe Ray Morris Jr., Mary Beth Lycan Morris, Teresa Ann Woodord Oakes, Kathryn Korbet Orr,' Gall F. Plassmon, Frank Stone, Cheryl Ann Temples, Brian Doud Wotkins, Gordon Dean Weatherbee A list of graduates includes: ARTS AND SCIENCES Bachelor of Arts Debra Sue Adams, Moweaqua; Pamela I. Andriono, Palatine; David Warren Badger, Dixon; Walte G. Barr, Decatur; Mark David Borthelemy, Decatur; Denise L. Benlamln, Mount Prospect; Robert Stephen Black, South Bend, Ind.; Karen J. Bohms, Rock Falls; Denise Ann Bourlsaw, Blue Mound; Rose Mary Bradford, . Decatur; George Francis Brichacek III, Downers Grove; Hlllery Eugene Brock, Nlantic; Daniel Juan Brown, Belle Glade, Fla.; Amy Anne Bucher, Lockport Joseph P. Cannon, Decatur; Robert A. Cavanaugh, Danville; Victor I. Christman, Glendale Heights; James S. Clark, Oreana; Alan Douglas Colby Jr., Decatur; Michele C Connelly, Moweaqua; Stephen C Cooper, Quincy; James Wesley Coulter Jr., Harvard; Christopher J. Craig, Carbondole; Ruth E. Craig, Maroa; Janne Flora Cusac, Decatur; Martin J. Davis, Decatur; Pamela Ann Deck, Indianapolis, Ind.; Sue Ellen DeWalt, Napervilie; Charles Raymond Dickey, Algonquin; Jeanne Anna Douglas, St. Louis, Mo.; Richard Allen Ecklund, Oak Lawn; Janesta Melitta Ellison, Poplor Bluff, Mo.; Rosalie Elizabeth Fears, Decatur; Debra Fields, Chicago; Gary J. Frazelle, Peoria; Melanie R. Gaden, Wheaton; Alan C. Girard, Decatur; F. Jeffery Glan, Decatur; Karen Lynn Goltermann, Glen Eilyn; John Gonzalez III, San Antonio, Tex.; Kevin C. Graham, Decatur; June L. Graves, Decatur; Karl F. Graves, Chicago; Daniel L. Gray, Decatur; Beverly Linda Guiler, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands; David J. Hagan, Niantic; Ronald Gene Hargitt, Amboy; James E. Harres, Columbia; James D. Harris, St. Louis, Mo.; Barbara Joan House, Decatur; David Woodland House, Decatur; Thomos A. Herrlges, Palatine; David Harding Hight, East Peoria; Patricia L. Hise, Decatur; Thomas J. Husar, Oak Forest; Gregory J. Jochino, Nokomls; Karen L. Jameson, Decatur; Victoria Cecelia Jarzynski, Chicago; Maryanne Jenner, Decotur; Deborah Lee Jennings, Danville; Brian K. Johnson, Godfrey; Suzanne Marie Lambert, New Boston Deborah J. Lauer, Springfield; Carol Ann Lockmon, Jacksonville; Phillip Kralg Logsdon, Effingham; ROger Allen Lowe, Decatur; Harvey S. Martin, Pekln; Michael Edward Mayhall, Decatur; Barry Lee McCammon, Marshall; Debra Lee McNulty, Decatur; Donna Sue Metternich, Carthage; Michael Thomas Meyerkord, St. Louis, Mo.; Paul Robert Muhr, Chicago; Ann Elizabeth Mullins, Downers Grove; Donell Kay Nurnbemer, Decatur; Teresa Ann Woodard Oakes, Maroa; Kathleen O'Donnell, Western Springs; Ann Ciarinda Olson, Hinsdale; Cathy Renae Opperman, East Alton; Kathryn Korbet Orr, Wood River; Kent Eugene Phillips, Decatur; Gail G. Plassman, Centralio; Paul D. Potter Jr., Decatur; James Robert Poyner, Chicago; Steven Dwight Puchalskl, Ook Park; Leo W. Ouigg Jr., Decatur; Maureen R. Quilhot, Markham; Jill Lori Radwine, Decatur; David William Reynolds, Decatur; Robert D. Robertson, Cicero; Sheryl Ellen Rosenberger, Ford Mead, Md.; Paul R. Rosteck Jr., Decatur; Terry-Ann M. Saurmann, Chicago; June A. Scott, MEET GUS THIS WEEKEND AT GUS'S LEISURE LAKE GUESS GUS'S WEIGHT -WIN FREE ROD & REEL , Closest Guess Wins - No Purchase Necessary - Need Not Be Present To Win GRAND OPENING Bring The Family! Decatur's 1st Pay Lake with Picnic Tables Refreshment Stand Bait & Tackle Modem Restrooms Cleaning & Dressing of Catch Available Lake Stocked Daily Hybrid Catfish Bred for Delicious Eating No Fishing License Required Open 6 am - 9 pm 7 Days A Week (Night Fishing Available) H- r- (Limit 5 Catfish No Limit J D Large Mouth Bass b Bluegill) 3 Per Person (Non-Fishers Free!) Bluegill Pond For Kids (Adulfaupervision Required) FRESH DRESSED CATFISH AVAILABLE cjP ..''"'8 Manchester, Go.; Donald D. Seoton Jr., Decatur; Donald J. Sheller, Decoturj Rebecca Sibthrop, Decatur; Cynthia J. Spongier, Riverside; Suzanne J. Stevens, Wheaton; Lisa Christianne Stewart, Decatur; 5 David J. Stricklln, Carmi; Mary1 Constance Strlne, Decatur; Brenda J. Strong, Decatur; Cynthia Ann Summers, Indianapolis, Ind.; David F. Sweeny, Midlothian; Cheryl Ann Temples, Kansas; Pamela Ann Thomas, Mahomet; Susan June Triner; Brenda Dale Tucker, Clinton; Albert Eorl Vlnyard, ' White Hall; Claudia Marie Vogt, West Chicago; Kim Bradley Woire, Decatur; Brian Doud Watklns, Decatur; Gordon Dean Weatherbee, Decatur; Diana Rochelle Whalen, Virden; Diane Henderson McCullough, Decatur; Mary Beth Lycan Morris, Marshall; Robert W. Ohlsen, Decatur; Dorothy Marie Meyer Osthus, Clinton; Dennis James Powers, Wapella; Sidney Talbert Smith, Decatur; John Ellis Williams, Lincoln; Patricia Ann Wllllson, Tay lorvllle; Lynn Lee Yontz, Kansos City, Mo.; Debra Ann Zeason, Lake Villa. Bachelor of Music Susan Lynn Berning, Crystal Lake; Annette Binkley, Ridge Farm; Kenneth Robert Canny, Decatur; Joy Elaine Claudon, Lexington; Barbara Jean Ehl-Ing, Streator; Steven Lee Evans. Macon; Ann Marie Franzese, Palatine; Andrew H. Haber, - Llndenhurst; Ann Lynnett Hartweg, Corthoge; Debra H. Hernstrom, Moline; Diane E. Jenkins, Decatur; Gary L. Jensen, Country Club Hills; Janis Kay Johnson, Rockford; Dwight G. Jordan, Blue Mound; Teresa L. Larimer, Salem; Patricia K. Little, Stronghurst; Kathl L. McCluggage, Decatur; Stephen Eugene Schepper, Washburn; Steven Randall Thorne, Skokie; Gregg Ai Voorhees, Sarasota, Fla.; Joseph Blaine Wolfe, Hammond. BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Bachelor of Science Mark A. Albrecht, Staunton; Gary L. Aldrich, Arlington Heights; Jeffrey Steven Arnold, Elgin; Maryell Ayers, Decotur; Adam Bachmann IV, Decatur; Douglas E. Bardlng, Decatur; Paul W. Beanbtossom, Springfield; Barbara Bell, Bement; Jared Paul Blrchfleld, Des Plaines; Stephen P. Boltz, Decatur; Douglas A. Broederdorf, Algonquin; Karen Hue Cater, Decatur; Richard K. Cavanaugh, Danville; Dwain A. Chapman, Irvington; James P. Cherry, Girard; Mark Henry Cieplik, Chicago; Janet Kay Combs, Decatur; Diane Dammeier, Norrldge; Lynn Allan Dexhelmer, Toylorville; Gerald E. Douglass Jr., Dewltt; Thomos Edward Drake, Morris; William Ward Durrett, Indialantic, Fla.; Klmberly Ann Epperson, Bartonvllle; Gregory L. Evans, Decatur; David J. Ferre, Decatur; Richard Eugene Ferre, Decatur; Jeffrey L. Fessler, Godfrey; David Hillis Freed, Southbury; Robert M. Freeman, Decatur; Richard Leo Frey, Decatur; David E. Galassi, Decatur; Terry Alan Garling, Forest Park; Michael Louis Gazzola, Glendale Heights; Nickolos Daniel Golich Jr., Aurora; Ananias Granger Jr., Chicago; Robert William Harvey, Flanders; Jan Marie Hedstrom, Joliet; Lisa Ann Heneghan, Decatur; David Gene Henry, Oakland; John Herbert Hesch, Poland; Jeffrey P. Hintz, Oak Brook; Raymond E. Hoppen-rctti Jr., Decotur; Chris S. locovelll, Norridge; Donald E. Jack, Decatur; Bradley M. Jackson, Decatur; Louis Benlamln Patterson James, Sharon, Pa.; Theodore C. Jeude, Kankakee; Donald G. Jones, Salem; Daniel E. Kacsir, Decatur; William J. Kowalczyk, Evanston; Leonard David Kruizenga, Chicago; Eric Weber Kruzan, Decatur; John Robert Llenhop, St. Louis, Mo.; Thomas Weeden Lynn, Decatur; David L. Marshall, Decatur; Robert W. McEldowney, Decatur; Daniel Thomas McMaster, Jamestown, N. Y.; Steven F. McNulty, Decatur; Terry Lynn Metzger, Decatur; John Rado Mllosevlch, Decatur; Gary Lee Moore, Chatham; Joe Ray Morris Jr., Oakland; Diane Marie Mattera Mucha, Holland; Robert Clarence Mulverhltl Jr., Decatur; Robert Curtis Murphy Jr. Quincy; Mark Keven Noyes, Hlllsboro; Daniel J. O'Connell, Chicago; Charles R. Osborn, Decatur; Scott I. Parmele, Rensselaer, Ind.; Jeffrey P. Patrisso, Carllnville; Thomos Scott Peterson, River Grove; Gregory J. Peterson, Rockford; Richard Carl Poltz, Antioch; Charles Zeb Poland, Decatur; Michael Kent Reedy, Lovlngton; Jane Louise Reif, Geneva; Todd Ray Rice, Oreana; Philip R. Rudd, Mount Vernon; Nancy Sawrey, Indianapolis, Ind.; Stephen P. Schott, Brentwood, Mo.; Sarah Ann Smith, Decatur; Steven E. Smith, Decatur; Frank Stone, Bement; Bruce James Tyler, Santa Barbara, Calif.; Jerom Tyus, Decatur; Robert Glenn Walton III, Decatur; Charles C. Willey, Hammond; Allen Henderson Williams, Cerro Gordo; Anita Marie Wolfer, Chicago. Gus-Bluc Chtmsi Cat DIRECTIONS: Highway 36 East to Dalton City Blacktop (County Hwy 57) to 2nd road, turn West, 3rd drive on left. Phone 864-2114

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