The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1892 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 10, 1892
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1866, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 1892, VOL. XXVII-NO* 20. About Sept ist © We will receive our samples of New Styles Fall and Winter Carpetings, until which time we offer our entire line of samples, consisting of about 250 patterns, (no two alike), as follows: INGRAINS. Cottons, 15 to 20 cents. Unions, 20 to 30 cents. Ex. Supers, 30 to 40 cents. Ex. Supers—all wool—35 to 45 cents Ideals, 60 cents. Three-plys, 40 to 65 cents. BRUSSELS. Tapestrys, 55 to 75 cents. Bodys, 90 cents to $1.25. Velvets, 95 cents to $1.25. These samples are from ^ yd. to one yard in size, and can be used in a variety of different ways. Those who call early will have the best assortments to choose from, as we shall not duplicate patterns. The Grange Store. Galbraiths To Do You Good This Hot Weather By reducing the prices on all their summer goods, so that everybody can get something cool to wear for a very little money. We are also giving extra Bargains in Mens and Boys Clothing. Come in and learn the prices. . L. &ALBRAITH & CO. MEAL" Gasoline Stove. Sherwin-Williams paint, White lead, and oil. Fence wire, Builder's Hardware, Steel Roofing, Pumps, etc., etc. My prices will meet all honest competition. Work fully guaranteed. H. J. WINKIE. DEALERS IN REAL ESTATE, [ Do you want to sell your farm* If so, list it wWi us at once, we oan And m a buyer. Money loaned on Heal Estate on long time and at low rate of interest. Agents for Dubuque Fire and Marine Insurance company. 'Offica nilp.r ftnlhvnitli'e st.nrp.. over Gfalbraith's store. FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten years' time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial payments before due. Office over Chrischilles' store, Algona. S. B, SESSIONS, . Z, GROVE. JOHN GROVE. Uvery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. For You. I make for the present the following very low prices on FLOUR. Try a sack. If it don't please it will cost you nothing: Pat. W. W. flour, per sack,'$ Graham flour, per sack, - .50 oorn meal, per sack, - - .25 Rye flour, per sack, -• - .75 Buckwheat, per sack, - .75 Bran, per loo pounds, - .70 Shorts, per 100 pounds, - .80 Feed, per loo pounds, - .90 Wheaten Gluten, per sack, .75 All warranted. Liberal discount on round lots. J. J. WILSON. COMING WEEK FOR AND Now is the time to can them, as prices will probably be the lowest this week and berries At Their Best. Also all kinds of California fruit will be found at the cash store of Langdon & Hudson. loths and Trimmings. J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A full stock of cloths and trimmings always kept on hand, and furnished at as low rates as can be bought elsewhere. All work done promptly. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION. Some and see us before placing your order. It will be to your advantage. sow. Abstracts. Other abstracters have pooled. We're not in it. We have been in the business for 22 years and don't have to sell, but are here to stay. Our work is GUARANTEED and will be done at living prices. ' Jones & Smith. Abstract Office. The undersigned having purchased the ab- tract books of 0. M, Doxsee, A. D. Clarke & Co., and W. H. Nyouin, are prepared to do neat and reliable work in that line at living >rices. We have but one policy— that of fair dealing and courtesy toward all. With this, upplemented by promptness, strict attention -o Business, and none but first-class work, we .rust we shall merit and receive the patronage ormerly bestowed upon our worthy predecessors. Office at the old stand of C. M. Doxsee, where we will be pleased to meet and make the acquaintance of our patrons and all others who may favor us by calling. Very respect- ully, ABSTRAOTERS. Do You Want a Well ? We do all kinds of well work, such as Drilling, Boring, Gleaning and In fact all work In the well line. Water or no pay. Also put In pumps, set up wind mills, and do repairing. FRASER BROS. DR. I<, A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines, Pull assortment always on hand of drugs, med- cine?, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. Incorporated under the laws of the state of Iowa. None but home capital invested. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL 850,000 Plenty of money to loan on real estate and other good security. Foreign and domestic •jxchange bought and sold, and a general bank- ng business transacted. SPEOIAL ATTENTION TO COLLECTIONS. Insurance written. Steamship Tic/cell to and from Europe. Directors—R. M. Richmond, I. J, Bruer, N. 3. Sheridan, A. B. Richmond, B. F. Smith, S. Mayne, C. K. Mallory. BANKING INSTITUTIONS. ^-"'•'•''''•^-'•^•'^''^^^-^-'•"-'S^^vx^^,*-^^^ „ Kossuth County Bank CAPITAL ............................... $50,000 Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collec tlons made promptly, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. WM. H. INGHAM .................... President J. B. JONES .................... Vice President LKWIS H. SMITH ...................... Casnlei Directors— Wm. H. Ingham, John O. Smith J. B. Jones, T. Chrischilles, Lewis H. Smith. J W. Wndsworth, Barnet Devine. The First National Bank .A.:njQ-o:fcT.A., CAPITAL 850,000 Special attention given to collections. AMBHOSE A. CALIj President D. H. IIUTCH1NS Vice President WM. K. FEIIGUSQN Cnslilcr Directors—D. H. Hutohins, S. A. Ferguson. Philip Dorweiler, W. F. Carter, Ambrose A. Call, C. B. Hutchins, Wm. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security. A. D. CLARKE President C. C. CHUBB Vice President CHAS. C. St. CLA1R Cashier Algona State Bank, CAPITAL 850,000 Money to loan at reasonable rates. Special attention given to collections. Exchange bought and sold on all points in this country and Europe, and a general bank- .ng business transacted. Directors—A. D. Clarke, C. C. Chubb, Myron Schenck, Geo. L. Galbralth, Thos. F. Cooke, W. C. Tyrrell, Chas. C. St. Clair. R. SI..RICHMOND President 1. J.BRUER Vice President A. B. RICHMOND Cashier Farmers' and Traders' Savings Bank State Bank of Bancroft 1 . XO'W.A.. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL ............ 8100,000 Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Transacts a general banking business. Money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, collections a specialty. Real estate loans procured and insurance furnished. Totes purchased. Large list of wild lands and mproved farms for sale and rent. S. T. MESERVEY .................... President R. N. BRUER .................. Vice President !HAS. R. MOREHOUSE ............... Cashier, Directors— G. S. Ringland, S. T. Meservey. R. N. Bruer, J. B. Johnson, C. Korslund. LOTTIS Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, Picture Frames, looking glasses, ohromos, and all kinds of ready-made coffins. Hearse for public use. Headquarters for the best SEWING MACHINES AND ORGANS. THE TROTTING STALLION, Byron Sherman NO. 5877. XSOSCOXWS, 3:2S. Sired by Saturn No. 3005. Dam Kitty Clyde iy Pascas 8500, he by Almont 33. Byron Sherman has trotted miles from 2 :37 o 1:23y t \ half miles from 1 ;13 to 1:10. This horse weighs 1340 pounds, is of nice olor, very handsome and of good size, and is a trotter as well as trotting bred. Traces dl- ectly from both sire and dam to H amble tou- an and Imp. Messenger. SERVICE FEE, $25 THE SEASON. Will stand at Algona, Iowa. J. A., PETER, and FRANK WINKEL, Ow ners. F. M. BRONSON, Watches and Jewelry, CLOCKS, SILVERWARE, ••plated ware, and all kinds of goods in ins line. Repairing promptly done. At Prank Bros ' Ht.npn Silver h *vi •vv£*****,*Mj^ J/AVtUI'V*. At Frank Bros.' store. THE ALGONA SUPPLY HOUSE Will furnish you anything In the line of CREAMERYn SUPPLIES, Prices guaranteed. Send your orders when In need ot anything, and they will be at- " tended to promptly, THE WEEK'S IOWA NEWS Allerton went lame at Davenport He was in a race with Lebasco. Th first heat was dead between them. In the second Allerton pushed severa lengths ahead at the start and kept his lead to the finish, but Lebasco came in with his nose on Allerton's flank. The official time was 2:13i, which makes the fastest heat trotted in any race on any track in the United States by any stallion this year. In the third heat misfortune befell Allerton. He was well ahead at the turn home, and Lebasco was trying hard to catch him. Entering the stretch Allerton stuck himself or stepped awry, probably the former, and came in dead lame with his right hind leg in a condition to probably shelve him for the balance of the season. The tendons in the log were so badly bruised that after the horse was cooled and in his quarters he did not want to carry any weight on it. Williams, ordinarily a very calm and reserved man, was beside himself. The accident means a loss of $100,000 to him this season. Allerton has been badly hurt before in much the same way, and Williams brought him through, but experienced liorsemen have no expectation of seeing him on the turf again this sen- son. ^^^^^ Sanborn is to have big races Sept. 19-21. _> The title to a trade dohllar is a mat- ;er of litigation in the Plymouth coun- ;y courts. At the last ball game last week C8ttrell was given a trade dollar n .n change and as it was of peculiar jonstruction he was led to exanine it closely, and in touching a little spring .n the side the top of the dollar came up in the shape of a lid and revealed a portrait of a lady on the inside. C. W. ~i. Trottnow has been carrying a trade dollar of peculiar shape as a pocket- jiecefor some months and by mistake mssed it at the same ball game. He did not know of the mechanical arrangement in the dollar, however, and Cot- ;rell thinks it improbable that it 'be- ongs to him and will not give it up. tfr. Trottnow has commenced suit to recover the dollar. It is a peculiar >iece and the mechanical contrivance so neatly arranged that without a close npection the lid would not be discovered. Muscatine now has two pearl button actories, and the News-Tribune, the lemocratic paper of that city, says that one of them " is employing some 20 people," and it is informed that the new hop "will have a capacity for 300 hands?" Dennison is building a $14,485 normal college. The Electrical Engineer says the first carriage propelled by electricity milt in the west is the invention of Wm. Morrison of Des Moines, Iowa. It s intended for operation on ordinary uityand country roads, and will carry 2 people comfortably, although the inventor says that it could easily be arranged for double that number. The >ower is furnished by 24 storage battery sells placed beneath the seats. A picture of the old capitol building n 1841 at Iowa City has been donated he Aldrich collection on the hill by D rof. Parvin. The structure represent)d is a low, long two-story wooden affair, ?he lower floor is now used for a har- less shop. But the upper story is un- hanged. A fao simile of the autographic map of the Conception (or Miss- ssippi) river, drawn by Father Mar- uette at the time of his voyage, is an nteresting feature now exhibited in he collection. It includes that por- ion of the Mississippi from the Red "iver down to the Missouri (the Pekib- anba.) The map is a curiosity and a arity. A map showing the lands of he emigrant Indians, following their uccessive migrations, is also interest- ng. It is the gift of Senator G. W. ones. ^^^^^ Dairy Commissioner Tupper is mak- ng a tour of the state investigating he Duality of the milk supply. Under he new law the milk must have at least hree per cent, of butter substance or he sale by milkmen as the genuine article is prohibited. The state agricultural college cream- iry a Ames turns out 600 pounds of but- er every day, which is sold in New York at fancy prices. President Wilkins and Secretary Stuckey have secured a tent 120 feet ong by 80 feet wide, and in company with Secretary Sohaffer secured a plendid location on the state fair grounds on the east hill, above the Tenth Iowa cottage, where a huge ,amp fire of old soldiers will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 30-31, he daye set apart for soldiers. The owa Union ex-Prisoners of War asso- iation, feeling that there ought; to be a generally organized plan fora camp fire, have the matte? in charge, and Tuesday will be given up to the annual reunion of that association. The evening will be devoted to a general camp fire, and Wednesday and Wednesday night the exercises will consist of a solid programme of exercises, such as will bo of peculiar interest to old soldiers. Col. J. J. Steadman, depart* ment commander; Rev. Jesse Cole, de* partment chaplain; Rev. Frank Evans, and Major H. G. Curtis of Atlantic will speak, while Col. Dave Henderson of Dubuque is expected to be present, with a large number of other noted campfire orators, to assist in keeping up the enthusiasm among the boys. There will also bo various other exercises and attractions. The tent will seat 1,000 persons. Goo. W. Argo of Sioux City will go to Homestead to help in the defense of the workmen accused of murder. Ho lias just returned from St. Paul, where lie was in consultation with attorney W. W. Irwin considering tho urgent appeals of the labor organizations of tho west to go to Homestead. Ho finally determined to accept tho offers made. Their expenses are paid by tho orders, tho lawyers donating their services. Tho "great time" at Spirit Lake this summer is this week and closes on tho 14th, which is the musical festival under direction of Prof. C. E. Leslie, in which there will boa chorus of 300 voices. Among tho attractions are the Schumann lady quartette, Master Harry Diamond, tho great boy violin- '.st, Miss Lenore K. Murray, elocutionist, Miss Cochran, the Boston soprano soloist, Miss Laura McManis of Indianapolis, the professional whistler, and other attractions are being secured. Grand concerts will be given on tomor- •ow, Friday, and Saturday evenings. Musically inclined people of this sec;ion should take this in, the greatest musical event of tho year. Bishop Perry, of the diocese of Iowa, when he returns from an outing which he is now taking, will appear in the costliest and most beautiful Episcopal •obes ever seen in Iowa. They will be the gift of the women of the diocese and will be first worn on the occasion of iho sixteenth anniversary of the bishop's consecration, Sept. 10. Mrs. James Wilson, wife of " Tama Jim" Wilson, committed .suicide last Wednesday by drowning herself in Squaw creek, at the college farm. ;She eft home at o'clock a. m. for a valk and the body was found in the jreek about a mile from the main build- ng between 3 and 4 p. m. Her health was assigned as the cause. There is no doubt but what it was suicide, she was ound in but .three feet of water. Another report is: Mrs. Jas, Wilson, wife Prof. Wilson, committed suicide Wednesday by drowning. She left lome in the morning saying that she ivas going to settle some store bills in Ames. In the afternoon her bonnet and shawl were found on the bridge across Squaw creek, north of the col- v ege and taken to Mr. Wilson's office, ivhere they were Immediately recog- lized. Mr. Wilson and his son preced- id to the creek and brought her home, no writing of any kind has been found, ind continued ill health, is thought to lave been the cause. The Mail and Times of Des Moines is finding considerable fault because the tate fair management has employed heOskaloosa and Emmetsburg bands, and thinks they "might as well employ ho Salvation army at once." Fifty brawney teamsters, Thursday, ransformed the excavation for the \>rt Dodge Grocery company's build- ng on Market street into a fort and leldit successfully all day. Two at- ,empts to get other gangs to work on .he cellar failed and at last reports the men were still in possession against he wishes of the property holders and n spite of all efforts to dispossess them, ?he contractor claimed to be unable to >ay the men without an advance on the >ay for the job, and the owners refused ;o pay anything until the work is com- ileted as provided in the contract. The strikers will not work themselves and refused to permit,, others to do so until they get their pay. United States District Attorney O'Connell, one of the owners of the property, led a party of workmen in an attempt to eject the men, A personal encounter with one of the strikers followed, and Mayor lyatt and his marshal had to be called on to preserve the peace. Friday an njunction Against the strikers was is- med by Judge Weaver at Eldora, and ihe men evacuated. O'Connell and Meservey are owners of'the lots, and will now settle with the men. The ir- •esponsibility of the contractor caused he trouble. Willie Hartwig, aged 13, while rid- ng the lead horse of a five horse team attached to a binder at Corwith, Friday, was thrown to the ground and $ ickle guard entered his side, infliot- ng a painful but not dangerous wound. H,#s4f;

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