The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 3, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 3, 1892
Page 7
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" ME UPPER DBS MQtNES, ALGQ1SA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 3,1892. SED THEM O HIS BLOTT-GOT* n/ir/or— "Well, my fine little fellow, «n have got quite well again. I was r* the pills 1 left for you would cure How did you take them, In water I nsed them In my blow*°The little fellow put the nasty, great, nto<r. old-fashioned pills to a good use. all his internal economy nced- , . dose of Dr; Pierce* Pleasant prflets. They are tiny, sugar-coated 'inmules, easy to take, and are gently Ertlent, or actively cathartic, according $ size of dose. As a laxative, only on« Snv Pellet is required. Tho "Pellets" cure Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Constipation, Iiidl- iestlon, Bilious Attacks, and all de- fangcments of the Liver, Stomach and i Tho 8 " Pellets" are purely vegetable, '.nd operate without disturbance to the ivstem, diet, or occupation. Dr Pierco'8 Pellets are the cheapest by druggists, because they are d to give satisfaction in everv their prico (23 cents, a vial) fc Can you a«k more? CLfeVER DOCS. In hunting for evidence of a dogfight Sunday the officers learned that one Herbert Sprague, a stevedore, had been bitten by a canine; Investigation shows that Sprague went to bed Saturday night with a bull pup. Sprague snore'd and this disturbed the •log. so he scratched his owner's face to wake him. Sprague retaliated by cuffing the canine, whereupon the bull fastened his teeth in the man's nose and then shook him, sadly lacerating the member. Spragne liually broke the hold, disabled the dog with a chair and then got a neighbor to shoot htm. The nose will recover but, looks bad.— Lcwiston Journal. Bruce was a farmer's dog—a large bulldog well along in years and kept for the good he had done rather than for what was expected of him in the future. But the following incident, related by 'a son of Bruce's owner, shows that he was not past usefulness: One morning in the early winter the farmer's good wife awoke to hear the wind howling terribly and to see the snow flying all about the house. It was but the work of a moment to run to the window, and we think all good housewives will sympathize with the poor woman when we say of all the clothes she had left on the line the day before not an article was in sight. We will not attempt to picture lier consternation but we will say the old farmer himself was soon out in the snow. While icalously engaged in this snow- seai-chiiig a whine from Bruce drew his attention. As this was something unusual he hastened to where the dog was lying in the snow and there found the missing clothes. As they had been blown from the line—it was so high that do could not reach them—the dog hud collected them, not missing a single piece, and using them as a bed had prevented further flight.— Exchange. learn the cause of such unusnal.move- t ments. •• Our talk, for We did talk, did not disturb them, from which we inferred that they could not henr us; our slightest movement did, from- which we inferred they could see us. Carefully crawling a little nearer we discovered the center of the moving circle was a large •water snake, coiled, quiet and watchful. Ornithologists have told us in unreliable school books that snakes can and often do charm birds, and some have, in their more elaborate works, tried to substantiate that theory. I never believed it, and I certainly never heard of snnkea charming fish—but what were these shad doingP Were they charmedP If they were afraid of his snakeship, says the American Angler, why didn't they run away, as they did when we stirred? Why, when our disturbance ceased, did they persistently return and take up their ceaseless round in so dangerous a neighborhood? These are conundrums Can you? that I can't answer. "Why Are You Sick?" Oh, " I know precisely how you feel; it is that tier* vous, irritable feeling; your back troubles you, and when you try to read a little, your bead aches. Isn't that so? I bother the doctor! Get a The Ideal Wife. bottle of Vegetable Compound, and take it faithfully, as I have done. I've been through this thing myself, but am never troubled 'sow. Do as I tell you, my friend." \ Prudent women who best understand their ailments find in the Compound a remedy for ill their distressing ills. It removes at once those pains, aches, and weaknesses, brightens the spirits, restores digestion, and invigorates the lystem. All Drapglili iell It, or lent fc» mill, in form of' I'llli or Loiengei, on receipt of SI .«>«>. Llrer I'llli, 5!fto. Corm- •wndeno frnely antwered. Jddnii in nuiOdenct, GDU K. IJINKIIAM MED. Co, LVMN, AlABS. !-.",.,.i;.,.ivir.i.n, Hamilton Co., O., Juno, 1889. Ouu hoillo of i'iiator Kooiilg'a Norve Ton'o /urcd nio entirely, after physicians hud tried unsuccessfully for 8 months to relieve me ol nervous dobillty. W. HUENNEFELD. OBT, lieuo County, Kan., Oct., 1800. A boy eight years old Buffered severely troni nervousness and twitchinga. After nulng PAS- TOB KoKNia's NEIIVB TONIO for a time, be was entirely restored. Another case IB that of a young lady who uftor using 1} bottles of Pastor •Kooalg'B Tonlo a positive cure was effected from epUeptlo fits. HEV. JOHN LOEVEN1CH. HOVBH, SODTH DAKOTA, Oct. 27,1890. • My health was entirely ruined by epilepsy and 1 could do no work. I nsed Pastor Koenig's Nerve Tonic. The effect was such that I daily grow better and stronger; since four months I have tlnuu heavy lub'or. and have had np moro fits. JOHN MOLI'i'OR. •_A Talaable TRoOK en Nervous Diseases sent free to any address, and poor patients can a BO obtain tbis medicine free of ol FREE' This remedy has been prepared by the Reverond Pastor Koenlg. of Fort Wayne, Ind, since 1B76. ana Know prepared underhts direction by the KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, 111. Sold by Drnfffflsto at SI per Bottle. 6for®n T,iiree Size, S1.75. 6 Bottles for BO. •Tutt'sTiny Pi!ls< ^stimulate the torpid liver, strengthen { w tho digestive organs, regulate tlio t lmtvols, ami are uueqiwled nsanantl- . biliouu medicine. Dose small. Prl"".' 8,">c. Office, 39 & 41 1'urls Place, N. l • PATEWTS HO Vnae Book FrM, W.T.FITZOEBiLU Wt«Blli«IlM, P .0. Pi • 3yrul JOHN VkMUOKBIS, J WaHlilHRfoil* J*.f. Successfullv~Prosecutes CU ute Pr&oipal Examiner D.S. Penalo lon Bureau. BARLOWS INDIGO BLUE. The Family WaeU liluo, for sale by Grocora. _________ _ ____ 3PIJ./I3S. HIE ONLY SURE CCBB. Price 81.00 by m»H- HEMOBDIA. CO.. llOj^uUo^ Bt.. M«w York fy the blood uro nafo and effeewal i* , tie b«8t medicine Imowu for blllouB- * /new, conatlpatlon, ajspepsla, foul* brcai)i,hc»<i»olio,monlardepre8B}ou,4 '^^KMff^' palul'ul digestion, bad comnlexlon.c » ^BEBKy and all dluoaaou causeil by faUur* of • t ^W thu u t omM h liver or bowel* to P«'-J t'orm theb; proper functions, foreons given to OTer-i • eating are benefited by taking ono after each meal, j FOR SUMMER COMPLAINTS PERRY DAVIS- PAIN-KILLER BEST MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. The feats performed by animals in finding their way homo over territory that they could not by any possibility have traversed are sometimes almost incredible. About three months ago a friend of mine received as a present a valuable pointer dog. The man who raised the dog lives in southwest Missouri, about two hundred miles from this city, and the dog came by train in the baggage car and was brought to his house near the center of the city in a covered express wagon. The animal was then chained up in the cellar till it was supposed lie had become accustomed to his surroundings. The dog never seemed satislied, moped about the house for two or three weeks and then disappeared. It was supposed that he had been stolen, and after search had been made and a reward offered without result, the hutst for the dog was given up as hopeless. About a month after tho dog was missed my friend received a letter from tho man who gave him the dog, saying that Cuto had come back home, dirty, half starved, worn out and with every indication of having made a long and severe journey. Of course he was allowed to remain. A dog Unit could lind his way home from a distance of miles was worth keeping, but how the thing could be done is marvelous. It almost seems as if dogs and some other animals have a special sense of locality and direction. Otherwise how could this animal have found his way out of a great city and back home over 200 miles of ground which he had never traveled on foot?— St. Louis Ulobe-Democrat. There was a tremendous rumpus and excitement in a prominent drug store on Chestnut street,, near 12th, yesterday afU'.rnoon. A fair maid strolling down tho street with a large mastiff stopped in the store for soda. The place was crowded, and among the crowd wore two other ladies with two other dogs. The other dogs wore considerably smaller than the mastiff, but by a liirlilnin" calculation they decided that by comllininjr forces they might take » fall out of him. Instantly acting, the rumpus lioiraii. In one-fifth the space of time it takes to write it the air was filled with snarls, yelps, barks, growls, dog hair, female shrieks, children's howls and screams, soda water, muffs, small packages and male profanity. Women and children clambered upon the counters or fled into the street; the clerks and soda- water boys grabbed the fighting dogs and the big mastiff was dragged out upon the pavement, where a crowd had already gathered. Seoiii" 4 his mistress on the outskirts of the crowd, the mastiff gave a bound toward her and hurled an old gentleman and a small girl flat on their baeks. The crowd scattered as if it had been an egg thrown against a barn door, the big dog barked loudly and the old gentleman grew red in the face in his efforts to do verbal justice to his feelings. Tho excitement lasted until a reserve policeman came up and naked what tho matter was and was told nine different stones, all of which were wrong. . , Inside tho damage was computed at six broken tumblers, five or six dresses ruined by soda-water stains and a huge bowl of fresh oggs rondored val- uoftss by being sat in by a fat baby, which was placed there by its mother durin^ the first outbreak of the excitement. 0 One of the small cogs had about a half pound of meat bitton out of him by the big ow.-1'Mladelptoa Hccord. HYPNOTIZED BY A SNAKE- KeptUe'u Perhaps the best qualification for an ideal wife, according to London Answers, is that she should bo woman ly, kind, sympathetic, and, above »1) things, tolerant of faults in others, and although possessed of what is called "soul" she should not underrate the necessity of domestication, for the two can well go together. Then, if she be of a refined, sensitive nature, with good intellectual capacity, she should^ when moulded to _ her husband's nature, prove to be an ideal wife. Too much stress cannot be laid upon the fact that a man should look for a woman with somewhat similar tastes to those possessed by himself. Many a noble woman has been rendered miserable all her clays hy marriage with a man of entirely opposite tastes and inclinations. Take an instance. A young man, good hearted, manly and altogether a good sort of fellow, whose reputation as an athlete is proverbial, but whose intellectual capacity is not of very_ first class, marries a woman of a highly sensitive and artistic nature, and the consequences are disastrous. Though both respect each other, she feels it deeply because he does not evince a deep interest in her work,and he on his part feels tho same want of unison. Such couples cannot be happy together. Therefore it is in my opinion absolutely necessary that, to be idyllic, a woman should to a great degree har- monizo in her taste with her husband; otherwise, be she good woman as she may, her husband will not see his ideal. SHOT IN tHK Atigaat Rockp], Accldently Kills Himself : W 1th A Revolver. RACINE, Wis., July 28.—August Rockel; aped 21 years, acciuently shot bimselt dead to-day. In company with several companions he procured a keg of beer, which they took in a boat and went up the lake about two mile?, where tbe> landed. Rockel had a revolver and pro- pbsecl to shoot into the lake, while the others watched to see where the ball struck thfe water. It is supposed that the cartridge failed to explode and Rockel turned the revolver to see what was wrorig with it, as when it went off he fell to the ground, the bullet bavins? entered his left eye and, penetrating the brain, caused in- st.ant death. The body was taken to his home. Wheu tlie Dinner Bell King! People ought to feel hungry, and when they fee! hungry they ought to have good digestion!. But, alas I they don't-frequentlj. That plsgne alike of the Just and of the unjust; of th» abitemiou» and the glutton; of youth, middle age and llfe't confine—the protean Imp, dyspepsia—exacts dire penalties or appetite's appeasement 1> th« shape oC heartburn, wind on and uncomfortable dlstea- lion of the stomach, and general disturbance In the gastric region. Dy«pepila Is v»ry gmerally accompanied by biliousness, irregularity of Hie bowels, Insomnia and nervousness, for each and all of which, as well as their canse, Hoetettar's Stomach Bluer8 Is the nation's chosen remedy. Malarial, rheumatic and kidney troubles, lack of strength and flesh, and failure of appetite and the power to rest tranquilly, are also overcome by the Bitten. The Indian Congress. The great Indian congress juat held at Forest City, S. D., ought to result in much good to the tribes represented. The Indians evinced considerable interest in th< mooting many of them having traveled long distances a foot in order to nt^n Vnrious subjects bearing on the conditi <n and welfare of the red men were inde discussion, such as: The past and present of the tribes, the advantage of bfiing represented at the world's fair, the education of children, best method ot farming, preparation for citizenship, self-government, etc. There is reason to hope that the enlightenment resulting from sucl^ discussions £will do much toward civilizing the Indian and helping him to take care of himself The interest taken at this con ventiou in the world's fair is a gratifying feature. The Indian exhibit «fc the exposition will be especially attractive to foreign visitors, and it cau only be given the prominence U deserves throatrh the cooperation of the Indians themselves. "Don't Tobacco Spit trottr tlf* AirAjr" Is the stattiing, truthful title of alilMe h"ok just received, telling ail ab. Mt A'o/oZme, the wonderful, harmless economical, guaranteed cure for the tobacco habit in every form. Tobacco users w ho wan t to quit and can't, by mentioning tbis paper, can Ret .the book mailpd ffpe. Address THE STERLING REMEDY CO., Box 244, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. Little D'ck—Mamm*, may I to OTer to Johnnie Black's to play? Mamma—Why do yon spend ul your time at Johnnie Black's? Little Dick —His m&mmft hain't any new carpets. Made to Look Uk« New, DreBeeB, Gent't Clothing, Feather*, Glows, etc.. Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garment* Steamed, at Otto Fleleh'i Dje Works, 348 W. Water St., Milw»ukee._Send for circular. In Corfu sheet* of p»pef pass lor money, one sheet buys one quart of ric«, »r twenty sheet* apiece of hemp cloth. An American Achievement. Chlcugo 1-i asynutiym for tmte-priso, en- fleuvur and success, but must puoule ussucl- aio bor fume wlih success lu the uimorlal and stiiplo lines ruthor tbuu tho urtlstlci hcuce it will surprise mauy to learn tha» In the manufacture and aalo of musical Instrument,* Chicago possesses the largest house not only In America liut ID the eu- tlro world. Lyou & lleuly, whoso factories are located noar Union 1'urk, produce annually more musical instruments than liny otber factory In existence. The yearly output uow exceeds 1UU.UUU Instruments of all kinds, and the largo buildIUKS which » few years ago amply sulllced for their pur- PO903 are now taxed to tho utmost to accommodate their worklnt; iirmy of thre* hundred aklllo.l mecliuulcs. Iho business done by thorn hi bnua-band supplies alone IB enormous, acid covers the etitlro United States, from liangor to Tla Juan a, and from Whatcom to De Funlak Bprlng& Their success has been won by years of •urnost work, combined with careful attention t,o tho ueedsof the musical public, and as a result the American-made Kultur, banjo, mandolin, or any other Instrument Is preferred ly tho best judges to tho Unost work of foreign manufacture. It is a real pleasure to an American journalist to record such an achievement, DBCUUBO, while wo aro justly proud of our groat stock yards, our colossal elevators and our Immense shipping interests, It Is •something more to know that our people have not neglec:eil Iho more elevated lleKIs, but stand as prominently forward In them as In the others. Tho largest and most varied stock of musical InstrumonlHciirrlod by any firm In the world can bo scon at Lyon & lienly's warorooms, 61! Monroe •H'oot, Chicago, catalogues of which can bo lad free upon application. "German yrup" Just a bad cold, and a hacking cougb. We all suffer that way Sonie- times. How to get rid of them Is the study. Listen—'' I am a Rfflch- man and Stock Raiser, My life il rough and exposed. I tteet all weathers itt the Colorado mountain* I sometimes take colds. Often tkwj are severe* I have used German Syrup five years for these. A few doses will cure them at any stage, The last one I had was stopped itt 24 hours. It Is infallible." Jama* A. Lee, Jefferson, Col. ® taklnK «>• nn»* <«>••• y'sfHf Cull* botten, 10 eeubt Mid *!#>. I WEEKLY GOlIBIEiUOURH m her Mr. IT IS SUBLIME. Stcilmun Says the Book of Job IB a Poem. The sublimcst poem of antiquity is impersonal, yet written in the Hebrew tongue, says Edmund C. Stodman in tlie Century. 'The book of Job, the lifu- drama of the Man of Ua, towers with no peak near it; its authorship lost, but its fable associated in mind with the post-Noachian age, the time when God discoursed with men, and the stars hung low in the empyrean. It is both epic and dramatic,' yet embodies the whole wisdom of the patriarchal race. Who composed it? Who carved tho Sphinx, or set the angles of the pyramids? The shadow of his name Was taken, lest he should fall by pride, like Eblis. The narrative prelude to Job has the direct epic simplicity—a Cyclopean porch to the temple, but within are heaven, the angels, the plumed Lord of evil, before tlie throne of a judicial God. Tho parsonages of the dialogue beyond are firmly distinguished: Eliphaz, Bilclad, Zophar, Elihu—to whom the inspiration of the Almio-hty gave understanding—and the smitten protagonist himself, majestic in ashes and desolation. Each outvies the other in grandeur of language, imagination, worship. Can there be a neight above these lofty utterances? Yes; only in this poem has God answered out of the whirlwind, his voice made audible, as if an added range of heju-ing for a space enabled us to comprehend the reverberations of a superhuman tone. I speak not now of the motive, the inspiration of the symphonic masterpiece; it is still a mortal creation, though maintaining an impersonality so absolute its to coulirm our sense of mystery and awe. ^___ The Plantation Negro. Utlle Fishes Succumb to the Strange I'urtcimition. BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD. 9Q HOT BE DECEIVED vrith Pastes, Enamels, and Ptfnte wW<* 'tjta «je hands, injure th« iron, and burn ' s Pril- Odorless, DuraUo,' and the con '^ ****** The water was perfectly clear and not above two foot .loop, the day calm and bright; and tho proceod<ngs below the surface re easil observed, in were Bill There are among even the younger negroes of the South many characters as amusing as Uncle Chugger. The writer remembers ordering at dinner at a hotel in Memphis, turkey with cranberry sauce. The waiter brought the turkey but served stewed tomatoes instead of cranberry sauce, explaining that as the cranberry sauce was all out he had brought stewed tomatoes as the nearest to it. This same waiter appeared at a colored wedding wearing eyeo-lasses, not because he required them, but because he thought it the "swell thing" to do. He had as a scarf pin a largo glass diamond, a veritable Kohinoo". S. few days later the waiter at an adjoining table appeared with s\ similar pin. When the iirst waiter was twitted about it ho replied: '"Pears to mo ho am infringing on my preroga- ments!" The Southern negroes appear to be increasing in thrift, and tho moro in- tollitfent and industrious among them owulittle cabins, mostly "shanghai"— i. e. one story and no extension—on the outskirts of the towns. Tho front is adorned with semi-tropioal-lookiii{» - oastorbean plants, and With tho cmbhi there usually go a patch of corn and ono of cotton. The cabins are, as a rule painted white, and, if not substantial, are at least thrifty-looking and present a great contrast to the abandoned slave quarters. There is no dortbt who'll "pick de cotton" that o-rows about the new cabins. Thoro fs also no doubt in some people's minds that the thrifty negroes have already raised themselves to a higher level than fctie "poor whites."^,. J. 'fn- bune, . \ Mak«J MarrelouB Cares Kv«ry Day. Chicoge Blato, CMtago. A trifle orer a hundred miles south of iChicaRO there is a beautiful little valley of the shape of a horse shoe. In the •summer times there are no greener hills than those looking down upon the land, 'the shape of which all the world over is a symbol of good luck and a certain protection against the assaults of the evil one. Whether the horso shoe hills have magnetised the crystal waters at your feet or whether deep down into the heart of the continent dame nature has set up 'opposition to the schools of medicine, no one can say, but it is certain that at Indiana .Mineral Springs marvelous cures are being made every day. Mr. H. L. Kramer, the energetic pro motor, developer and manager of this magnificent property, upon finch he has lately expended upwards of $150,000 in its improvement and development, thinks it is a little of both. Now and then you hear a patient declare that the managt alone is a good remedy for diseases. man of first-class business capacity. He has every detail of the business about the hotel and ground? at his end and there u a hearty, though quiet fellowship aboul the man that mtikes him the friend oi every guest. It is a tradition about the place that the pi-.ople go away from the Springs one summer cured and then come back tbe next Bummer to spend their vacation and visit the manager. This health and pleasure resort has bee; rightfully named the Indiana Minera Springs and is located in Warren County Ind., and the Bladt takea pleasure in ad vising, any of ita four hundred thousam readers who are seeking quiet, rest anj recreation or improvement in their health to visit this most popular ressrt of thi "A* beautiful, illustrated book that tell all about this wonderful spring, will b sent-by mail free to all who address H L. Kramer, Gen. Mgr., box 3, Indian Mineral Springs, Ind. Sister—I don't think that girl you'r engaged to is very pretty. t—-J 1 Brother—She it beautiful when ibe •miles. , Bister—Yes, but she won't inule much when she marries you. Tlie Only One Kver Printed—Gnu You Find (.lie WordT Tliere is a 3 inch display advertisement in tills paper this weulc which 1ms no two vrorda alike except one word. The sumo is truest encli new one appearing each week from Tho Dr. Hartor Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for it, send them tlie name of the word, and they will return you BOOK, BEAUTIFUL MTnOQHAHIS or 8AMPI.HS FHBB. A Mother's Gratitude Too s«'i>»t for (onKm' to li'll, In duo Hood's BBrsnpnrllln. My dmiuli- ter Ollva thruo yuni-n ugo had drt'nUfiil imiiiH. beginning In ono kneo Had eitending to almost overy joint In her body, CUUHUI! by CoilHt Ilul I oil.i Hcrol'ulii. Tho imins grew lens nnd tho swellings subsided after using onu hottloof IIOOI»'M»AIiS»AI'AllII.I.A. Thou mprovement won r»pld, until it oiroctod a puriticd cure." MRS. J. A OAIIL, BByjiolilsville, 1'u. Ilsuon. riur -nu ^ii.....,.,.. -.•• , Democratic paper in tho Uniioil i: SH •1ST! Schemes havo boon s«py r " s «'l b ,y JWtttJJ'e&^KKLV ^ NAL ? SUwfu1,VofflUmato, honest plan to tribute absolutely 1'roo t " o ' OLIVH OAKL. In November, 1892. TU«« Prize of $IO,OuO OF *100 BACH. Every. tain questions election to occur JIaod'M Plllii lire the best nCtor-diunor Vills, assist digestion, cure hcmdacho. One Grand France's last torpedo boat, No. 149, ran tor two hours at an average speed of 34V tnota and a maximum speed of over 26 knots with 843 revolutions. E. A. ROOD, Toledo, Ohio, enys: "Hall's Culnrrli Cure cnrrd my wife! of valarrh fifteen yours ago and she 1ms lind no return of it. H's a sure cure." Sold by Druggists, Both the method and results •when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant Bud refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Fige ifl the only remedy of ita kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to tho stomach, prompt in Its action and truly beneficial In ita teffecta, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, it* many excellent qualities commend it to ail and have made it the mart popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for Bale in 50o and $1 bottles by all leading drug- gista. Any reliable druggist wht may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANOISOO, CAL, LOUISVILLE, KY. NEW YORK, It.Y. Will pnrlfT BLOOD SIDNK dlwrUer, appalUa, re«tore hnUtk u Tlr»rof youth, DrapepdJ IniHgeitlon. thafUreiffM Ingabiolntmrcrtd' ' Hind h lightened, I _____ poner inor»»i«4, bonea, uerr**, DM* clc», r«j«lT«n«wr»re«. 'I I It IV A I LIU to fcHMIfcW m ,»f, ,pe,dy onr«. t«r»i roi« bloom ou ohe«A*, be»nUfle« Complexion. Held •rarrwher*. An genuln* good; boat "OraneDb' 1 Iteml M a Mini «Ump for «3-p»f« pamphlet. M. fUHTE* MtfMCINI 0«.. I Tun liiiiiinii system neutls continuous mid iveful attention to rid ilsolf of Its impiirl- tius. JJecflmm's pills net liku mnglc. THE MOST VIOLENT KXIM.OSIONS of Coughing aro BU)|ipod by HAI.IS'S HONEY "OF IIOHUIIOUNI) AND TAIL PJKU'S TOOTHACHE) Diioi-s Cure, in DUO Minnie. Many cofiee planters in Mexico umUe a proill of SKO per cent, on the amount of money invested. IP you wish to do the easiest nnd quickest week's washing you etier did, try Dobbins Electric Soap next washday. Follow tin) directions. Ask your grocer for it. on the market 34 years. Tuke no oilier. It is calculated (lint 1,000 tlirifly coffee trees will yield u fair uveraivc <'f 3,200 pounds of coITee per unnum. AMD Oultora from (8.50 upwurda THE MAHQUETTE. HE LAKfSIOE. t(ualt«i -iaw,.d 0«k, Alltlqui. All till ibovi lold miller ui abtninients iu usn. Your loi:i THE AHION. Muhoguuy, fin* flnuk. TH CoNSf SVATOBT ^h Urn'l*, Aue lluiih. J.YO. r owi' puarfcntec; 100,000 uf oar ,1 dealer will orcUr for you. ilto- buruoJ oil icsiilo. S&iul for illiifttrftitxl cutitl'-^m. & HiCALY. Aft Aluai'oo Str^r-U t-hivujci* - iety oi uaofuj orclules oettidcri 400 Kinds Of SCALES wblcb Vf» nianufaoturs.flond IforCirculamaodPrluci, T«i« following are among the Am- tiole«we «eHi Dlcjtl«,H»lc>M. cwotw eow oo, , toms rapidly ( tUlrdu ot all cured many tliousund From iirbt ao«o s.vmp- FITS.—All Fits stopped free by Dr. Great J\ r env Itcxtvrei: No Fits after first day's use. Marvellous cures. Tre»tlue and $2:00 trial botllu free to Fit cases. Bend to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch St., Piilla., P». The tortoise Is the Jon/fest lived ot »I1 an. imals. Many have attained the age pf 850 years, w^bile one is Unovm to k»Y« r«ftQ»«4 Hie age of ^Q year». - uoa -. - (lUupptar, uid ill tcu ilayn lit lnust two tyuiiitoiue tire removed. HOOK ot of inlru«!ulou» cuieo reot FKl'ay Ten Days Treatment Furnished Free by Mail, Hot Weather Maxims. Wo are now in midsummer, and these Intensely hot days are liable to be followed by cool niglaK- It Is now that people are In the greatest dan- ! ger. They sit In draughts, tliey drink large quantities of ice water, and tliey suddenly check the perspiration. The waste matter is thus thrown p* the kidneys and stomach. The r*. suit is an attack of cholera moron* or pneumonia. When you are affected in this way get a bottle of REID'S GKKMAN COTJGH AND KIDNEY OTJBH and take it. It contains no poison, and you can take it freely. If you will take It in small but frequent doses you will .be astonished \u flod how soon you will be relieved. l?fl other remedy on the market equals It in any way. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, nL All you have guessed about life insurance may bo wrong, i DRV if you wish to know the truth, send for "How and Wliv," issued by the PENH MUTUAL LIFE, 921-3-5 Cliest- nut Street, AGE. Wep»y|50 month »ml expuuee*. WKLLlNtilUN, MmlUmi, Wll. FAT FOLKS REDUCED O«u»umi>tlve* »nd people I who h»T« weak Inpcsor Antb-1 ma, siiouW <J»w Plso'e Owe for Coo»onip« o u. It bus «are«l thuuvwutli. it hue not injured one. It is not bad to tafce. H U the best cough syrup. Sold everywhere. CONSUMPTION. isSiW ./<* '.

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