The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 24, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1891
Page 4
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"Hie Upper Des Moines. BY INGHAM & WARREN. THE TJPPlRjMS MOINES! ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 1891, — ----- 7~;^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*i^^^**MMaiaMaBaBiMMBMiiiMiMaiMiiiMia^jg^ 1>rm* of The Upper T)M 3Iof»«>.«.• Onecopy, one j-cnr 13.50 One copy, aix months 75 One copy, tii.-efi months 40 Sent V> any arldress nt above rates. Remit by draft, money order, express order, orpostal note atotii'risk. Hates of advertising gent on application. For State Senator. « t fi2A R TOWNSHIP Clay County, Iowa, June ?i ""''-To Hie Editor: Please announce pat at the reritiest of many friends In the Forty-Seventh district J am a candidate for the offlceof state senator, subject to the decision of the republican primaries. W. CALKINS. doesn't play very often. Secretary Foster is a " famous" whist player, though not playing any now for lack of time. Secretary Tracy does a little driving, and smokes say one cigar a day. Secretary Proctor is fond of whist, pool, and horses, especially horses. Secretary Noble goes to the thea tre once a month or so. Secretary Rusk's favorite amusement (as described by himself) is " in a general way listening to a good story from somebody." punishment of evil doing coines quickly Mr. Hudson was most enthusiastic in hi OUll EXI'OHT Ml!AT THAIXK. Secretary Rusk was in Chicago last week attending to putting his new meat Inspection system into operation, and while there talked of our export meat trade. His plans and the results he .hopes to accomplish will 1x3 of interest to all cattle and hog districts, and especially to northern Iowa. He says that the inspection of meat for export is now under full headway, and every quarter that goes abroad bears a tag certifying that it has been inspected and that the animal from which it was taken wus healthy and in proper condition for human food. Many of the difficulties he has met in getting our meat'ndmittcd are being disposed 0 of in consequence of this inspection. Pleu- ro-pneumonia has been stamped out under Secretary Rusk's administration, and tho present English law that all American cattle must be killed within two days of landing ho hopes to soon have withdrawn. Another big saving he has made to the cattle shipper is in preventing Texas fever, which has been destroying thousands of cattle, «nd which has increased insurance. He has already saved $5 a head in insurance to shippers. At present, however, he says his chief interest is in getting our pork admitted to Germany and Franco. He proposes to make a microscopic examination of pork for trichina?, and thus meet the most serious objection to our meats. The Tribune, in reporting his conversation, says: secretary Rusk said when naked for trmln i fori " lltio " ]ln regard to tho foreign ^"^'" p ,? r . k P.V«'" cts that thta trade fell The Des Moines Saturday Review comes out with a fine portrait of K. P. Clarkson, the present owner of the State Register. One would never Judge from it that he had such streaks of bourbonism as occasionally crop out in the paper. For a leading republican paper to be denouncing the civil service law at this time is not much better than for the Tennessee mountaineers to be voting for Jackson. The Register should try to catch up with the crowd. Elaine's health is now satisfactory to his friends. The Philadelphia Times for the democrats says: " The news comes REV. BLAOZ AT SIOUX OITY. • I Mr. Hudson was most enthusiastic in hi An Eloquent Sermon by iilm at the address, and his earnestness was Stampe* Coii^Rfe Commencement —A Fall n P° n every feature." Report. I The Iowa City Republican praises the The Sioux City Journal gives the fol- address highly and says: Inwino- rnnort nt Rotr •Rinot,<» nn r...«i "Throughout his address Mr. Hudson lowing report of Rev. Black s annual held np M8his erfect idea , one whlch alone sermon Sunday evening last: The an-1 can lead to entire success, the Christ." nual sermon connected with the commencement exercises was delivered by Rev. W. A. Black, A. M., presiding elder of Algona district, in Grace M. E. church, Morning Side. His theme was " The Elements of a True Character.' The text was Hebrews xi., 24, "By faith Moses, when lie came to years, refused to become the son of Pharaoh r s daughter, but chose rather to suffer the afflictions of the children of God for a season." Antiquity is attracting much WEATHEB AND OBOPS. .*"• AI.^ iiutvo UUUJU3 that Blaine is gaining strength daily at Bar Harbor. In fact it may be he's daily getting stronger all over the country." | Susan B. Anthony's friends lately broke into her house in her absence and re furnished it throughout. That is a surprise party calculated to gladden anyone. . There is a big will contest in the courts at Bioomflold, this state, in which Robt. G. Ingcrsoll Is an attorney. It involves the estate of A. J. Duvis. the yast concourse of constantly ex ments of Egyt. atten people who are constantly exploring the ancient monuments of Egypt. No more fri has been troden by the feet of r o more fruitful land — ..j the feet of man for educational advantage of the widest character. A Misleading Report from Kossnth County—Iowa Crops for the Week and Month. In summing up the conditions in the state for June the state report for Kossuth county is as follows: Rainfall in this section for the past three months very light, and ground .became very dry. The late rains improved the outlook very materially for all crops. Cut worms have been damaging to corn. In view of the fact that a few fields have been made late by lack of rain, and a few fields of corn hurt by cut •worms, this report ie not wholly incorrect. But the impression it gives is **.* * * OIL HAS " RI2. The Tank Line war has ended, and oils sell at old prices; but --., per sack... $j 45 Patent, per sack 1*40 , Straight, per sack. 1.20 Ibs IDS A«. A Sugar for ' -$1-00 or 22 Ibs Light Brown SuJaV for! '. '. This was the land of Moses' birth and I not correct, for taking the county over life. A typo of true character can be there has never been a season when found in Moses. His character and everything was in better condition than greatness of soul are not surpassed by I it is now. any character except that of Christ and perhaps that of Paul. Let us discuss tho rewards of Moses which ho actually received. We notice A democratic boom is being started for Jsnac P. Gray of Indiana, and Chief Justice Fuller has a boom, but Cleveland will be the democratic nominee. Ex-senator Joseph E. McDonald of Indiana died Sundoy night. Ho was ono of the ablest democrats in tho western states. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Wither McHenry of Dos Moines orates at Webster City on tho Fourth. Hon. J. P. Dolliver will deliver the Fourth of July orution at Lake City tins year. Miss Edith Prouty of Humboldt is a full Hedged lawyer. She graduated at Iowa City lust week, and will practice in hot- father's office. i - regulations of vnhim European governments. This, if valued at 10 cents u pound, would show a & MHW thi dc » m ° u » t »'l? toWO.OOO.OOOuyeur. inrrS thi8 , tvr1u ^° wus nc ' ll>) y "'I recovered, largely he thinks, on account of our puck ™nn U( , nfe ' wit M''° bost Er "r'i«h Bait and exporting an article which Jhids its way to the continent, and there soils for tho high: from " y 20 mcat of ° 111 ' Pikers at mid 8ul1 !t 'or ' Ho thinks this is un,' ul ho is novv ondoavor- open tho markets of tho world to our meat, so that it can bo sold anywhere on its merits, and thus bring Uio proflu to our own people instead of louving then in the pocket* of tho English middle men" "WHAT KDISON 1MIOM.ISK8. The kinotograph is the name of the now muchino with which Edison promises to entertain tho public. It gives to tho eyo what tho phonograph does to tho car, and between the two tho opera, tho prize light, and tho preacher can bo both soon and hoard anywhere for "a nioklo in tho slot." Tho plan of tho kinotograph is simple enough. Photographs are taken of whatever is to bo preserved at tho rate of forty-eight a second. Those moved rapidly before tho oyo give a composite picture of tho scono, ouch Ilguro moving as in life. Tho only diillculty in perfecting this machine is in getting accurate photographs at so rapid u rate.' But Edison lias a kinotograph made, and his visitors have already soon a man bow, take off his hat, and net so naturally, all •through a little hole in a pine box, that tho possibility is no longer doubted. Edison himself says: .. " Whou tho machine Is porfooted, which it will bo long hoforo it can bo exhibited at the world's fair, ouch littlo musclo of tho singer's faco will bo soon to work, his facial expression with its ovory change will bo exactly reproduced, and tho stride and positions will bo natural, and will vary as do tlioso ol tho porson himself. That is only ono part of what tho machine will do. To the sporting fraternity 1 can say that bo- Toro long It will bo possible to apply this system to prize lights and boxing exhibitions. Tho whole scono, with tho comments of spectators, tho talk of tho seconds, * P., 1101 ?, 0 of lh " blows, and so on, will bo faithfully transferred." If 'Sullivan moots Slavin and the .kinotograph and phonograph are both ready, all coming generations will have to do to see Boston's renowned John L. will bo to turn ono muchino looso on a screen and open tho other to tho oar, and see the varied and elevating scenes of tho prize ring while listening to its variegated add vigorous English. What would not tho world give for a faithful picture of Noro Mddling while Rome burned, and for the faithful reproduction of tho tune he played? The possibilities of tho kinotograph are unlimited. Goldfiold Chronicle: Fred Waterhouse, tho good nuturod cigar man from Algona, was in town lust week, selline- our dealers a fresh supply of his excellent cigars. Come again soon, Fred. A Livormore correspondent in the Humboldt Independent writes- A goodly number of our young people attended tho commencement exercises of the high school at Algona last week and report an interesting time. Emmetsburg Reporter: Frank Nicoulin of Algona 1ms been on our streets at different times during the week Mrs. Hibbard bus boon visiting at Algona, with her brother Milton Start- On her return she wus accompanied by ono of her nephews. The Spencer Reporter says: As it is now known that tho Dickinson county delegation are in favor of Frank W Calkins for senator, and us Clay county has no other candidate, Frank's chance for tho nomination scorns fine, and that of course means an election. Charles City Intelligencer: Tho Mason City school board were so well satisfied with Miss Sykos as a teacher of vocal music, that they have elected her to another year. Charles City made a mistake when tho district meeting voted to drop music from tho school course. The Reporter says: "They have discovered a milk well in Kousuth county, but tho editor of THE UPPER DES MOINES insists on mixing whisky with tho product; hence its report of it cannot bo trusted." This story is absurd on its faco. Wo never mix whisky with milk, besides Emmetsburg is the" nearest place where whisky can be had. Jeweller Shaffner of Fort Dodge has on oxibition a watch over 100 years old The case, movement and all are exactly as put up in the factory. The watch is silver, three times us largo as an ordinary silver watch of tho nineteenth century. Tho dial is fashioned and numbered exactly as the modern watch Mr. Schaftnor wus an Algona jeweler many years. Sheldon Mail: Goo. E. Clarke, attorney for the Milwaukee road, was in bholdon on Monday to confer with Mayor Bowloy regarding tho proposed opening and extension of Fourth avenue across the Milwaukee company's tracks, whore tho company wishes to rebuild tho freight depot that was recently destroyed by fire. The company insists that tho depot will have to bo rebuilt on the old site, and seeks to nave tho street crossing made on Fifth avenue instead of Fourth. who loves to do right, scorns "to be mean, is unselfish and magnanimous. No matter what his station in life is he is and ever will bo blessed. Another reward WUH tho divine favor. Moses was in favor with God; no man in his day was so honored by God, and no man hud such close communion with him. Again lie was blessed with visions from God and admitted to the holy of holies, where he received the law from the hand of God. Notice some of the characteristics of faith as manifested in the life of Moses: Reverence—This characteristic is not necessary to thread tho labyrinths of learning. It is though for the opening of the doors of our spiritual nature and the admission of God. Righteousness—Moses wrought righteousness and all the category of blessings that God could bestow us a mark of favor was bestowed upon him. Young men of the university, said wn°,, P1 i ellCl ? e i' in Closin £' tho P lfln of worldly wisdom, of conscientious right doing Is before you. Any other plan will insure condemnation. The history of the world shows this. Everything not based upon conscientious right doinsr always fails. Ever remember that the pure in heart shall only see God The treasures of earth will be dropped like a worthless flower at the crossing- of the river of death. Nothing will be lasting, nothing will be worth having except a character formed by true christ- um faith and conscientious right doing. THEY MERBILY SIN(J. The Kan BUM Alliance Ifaa a Sons Book-Some of Their Khymea. M. L. Clarke is in Missouri and sends us a copy of a paper there which gives an account of Kansas politics. It will not be long winded speeches, nor brass bands, nor torchlight processions, the paper says, that will make the people's party a factor in the campaign of 1892. The Kansas farmers have adopted a far more effective manner of carryin«r on a campaign. The now plan is nothing more or less than an alliance hymnal for use in tho sub-ullinnces. It is a collection of the songs which have been found effective in organizing alliances. M. L. Clarke marks a few of the poetical selections. One runs: "Rouse ye people today; do not longer loo longbow we have loitered, iimlti ° l "'wave' Mpiln ' gl " d D »»nor "0 longer will °' 01 ' "lave 1 "? ° f th ° fl ' ee bUt tho llOMe of tho Another is: The Week's Keport. DES MOINES, June 19.—The average rainfall in the state was excessive. It is safe to say the drouth is quite effectively broken, and it is an agreeable break of the monotony of complaint to hear of too much moisture. The general effect on crops, in the state at large, will be very beneficial, if it is succeeded by favorable weather for cultivating corn and the ripening of grain. Hut the heavy storms wrought considerable damage in many localities by washing out corn and flooding crops on bottom lands. In many sections in the southern districts small grain crops show a tendency to lodge, and it is probable there will be considerable loss from that cause. Clear weather and sunshine, however, may largely remedy that trouble. On the whole the crop outlook is good. Crop Statistics for Iowa. The monthly bulletin contains the following interesting statistics concerning Iowa crops: Of spring wheat 304 correspondents report an increase in the acreage, and 320 a decrease, showing an average decrease of 1 per cent. Its condition, as reported by 744 correspondents, is 94| per cent., against 93J last year. The total acreage 2,071,908 —a decrease of 20,928 acres. Of corn there has been an increase of Sf per cent, in the area planted of this great staple, as reported by 920 observers. This adds-748,984 to the number of acres planted, as compared with last year, making a total acreage of 9,308,811. From every county we have reports of the depredations of the cut and wire worms, but the full extent of damage cannot at this time be estimated More than the usual amount of replanting has been necessitated by the destructive work of these pests. Of spring barley 272 observers note an increase and 150 a decrease, giving an increase of 2i per cent, in its acreage. Condition of crop by 487 observers, 92* per cent. Total present acreage, 150,101. Of oats there is an estimated increase Prices on other goods remain the same as before ^tSd7ee a us agentS '" R ° Ck Salt "ck. TOWNSEND & LAETGDON. I Have Removed to The room one door east of the postoffice, and am to serve Ice Cream by the dish or in bulk. prepared FRUIT TABLETS a,n.d. ToToaoco. Buy your peanuts fresh from roaster. W. A. LADENDORFF. It will pay you to Buy your Boots and Shoes at V where you will find The Variety, the Quality, "My country, 'tis of theo Once laud of liberty Of thee I sing. Land of the millionaire 1; armers with pockets bare Caused by the cursed snare— The money king." Another represents the young ladies us singing a song, the sentiment of winch wo cannot approve: " ' bankel " s sir." For we can do without a man If ho can't rollow the plow si Another song is: ''Oil, Kansas fool! poor Kansas fool! The bunUer makes of you a tool; I look across the fertile plain, 1MB crops-mado so by gentle rain; A i twe } ve 0<! "t corn gives me alarm, And makes mo want to sell my faviu!" One more selection is: — *« "" VJUUJ.1.11UHJCU. J.LIUJ. Uctat) of d* per cent, in the area of this staple crop, (529 observers noting an increase * , Si. a decl>eas e- Its condition is rated 92 S per cent. Compared with the acreage of 1890 there is an increase of 96,555, making the total number of acres 2,895,270. It was badly injured by drought in the northern half of the state, and there is an excessive growth of straw in tho southern districts. _ Of flax there appears to have been an increase of 4* per cent, in the area of this crop, 293 reporting an increase and lot) a decrease. The average condition is 9.1 per cent., and the present total number of acres is estimated at 295,689. HOW WE GROW. Figures from tho Northwestern Kailway JtecordB-Famllles Who Hayo Como to Kossuth for Sottlo- inoiit the 1'ast Year. The State Register gives the figures for cars of settlers' goods brought to Iowa by the Northwestern road from May, 1890, to May, 1891. For the stations near by the table is as follows, the first row of figures giving the total number of cars, the second the number of cars from Iowa, the third the number from other states, and the fourth the total number of families brought in for settlement. And the Prices Reasonable. Home-made harness a specialty. . s. THE GRANGE STORE. SPECIAL SALE OF in Swiss, Viennese, white and colored Hamburgs, Flouncings, All-overs, etc. Laces, Gloves, Mitts, Ribbons, Umbrellas. 1 000 -- REMNANTS - 1000 of lace and embroidery for one-half their value. vn Elmore correspondent of tho Blue luirth Post notes that a farmer re- While wo are marching through Kansas.' They must have lively politics down in Kansas. Renwick LuVorne.... Irvington.... Algoua Hurt Bancroft , Elmore, Minn 11 4 8 4 .11 5 3 None. 3 None. 7 None. law 0. he Milwaukee road would duplicate these figures, which are some evidence of what the year has been in this sec« on - The total for these few statious Tho republicans in Ohio nominutec MoKinley for governor by acclamation Gov. Forakor ami Senator Shoruian made speeches, uml MuJ. McKinloy also. The ooiitost will bo hot, but tho chances arc foi success, for McKinloy is an able man, a lino orator, aud boars an unspotted reputation. There are fow liner men in public life, and while his ideas of tho tariff havo not so- cured popular approval, ho has so wisely adopted Blaino's amendments thereto as to avoid any damaging criticism. Reciprocity SB a complete change of his original plan, but ho commended it in his speech of aiv ceptanee. Gossip credits President Harrison with being a groat walkor. Secretary Blaiuo's favorite game is long whist, but he Mrs. C. S. Blunchurd is visiting with friends in Independence, Iowa, this wook G. W. Pungburn and wife I A, I,. Hudson's Address. The Vidotto, in reporting the commencement at Iowa City, says: " On the stage were Gov, Boies, the ro i f,-™ nn x- ^ gents, faculty, and lecturers. After the * 10 V. ? he totl invocation by Kev. Pratt and music by the ls 13G families, university band, President Sehaeffer an ~ nouncod that tho address to tho class would Ye Story of Ye Doireo i^pu-^savvsas* L A T ican G r r: Once s :ye '70, and is now practicing in Sioux City. It olden ty" 16 «• Merchantt sayd is not our intention to give even a review of Eddytor, " I doan't, thvnl™ nrti this splendid address, much n« w« .v^i-i .. ' l tnynKe acli "15 10 None. 35 15 as 30 h t but throe square meals a clay a radical change in some at'- t° a discussion — --- ••••"—»"....,t>i Mr. Zahn, who bought out Theo. Ohrisehillos a few years ago and sold out again on account of his health, will bo Interested in tho following item from the Emmetsbursr Democrat: Goo. Zahn, formerly pro- upou the lawyer's He laid down as ..„ -11 _, 4 . V mj 8l!t'CGSS.ful IttWVPF honesty, because he is trusted with the property, the honor, and often the life o? his follows; broad culture, because cases involving every phase of human scholarship and industry, and commanding liberal knowledge of the affairs of all classes; are continually being tin-own into his hands»«n-1 — v* 7 "«*•*& WHIVMVII uitu jus Hands' hv P ur «?°. because, often having tho unpopu- by lar side of tho case, ho will be assailed by \\rn I r.lin rmr»Qo ,i,,/l 4-V,,^ ..i __. » -M»*vv4 UA prlotor of the store now ooonni^fl ^a^^^-fe|SEH5SlSI^ luiropo next Friday. They will moot the unfortunate, aud tho poor foi^couHsei Mrs. Spios and party in New York and uud dll 'ectlon. Tho address from beghminjr all sail together on the steamer North- , Wtts suoh n ouo as to inspire the land, of tho Rod Star lino THIIA 94 I y° ull S lawyer with a profound loye for his They expect to arrive at Antwoip 8« f ^^g\^-? Imtt V^ to .^P« 0 "" ^s^FZ£S&\ S! our beloved country they will be greet- °»° of the noblest of human sciences if not ing their relatives and friends in their tho "pblest, and should not be disgraced bv muve land. May they have a safe \&23^™*^?.<y*™™ly, &£ to escape deteoUon very too an „— advortisin pay es." " Let me show yov,"sayd yeEddytoi I will pvtt 1 lyne in my papyr and no charge yov a pennie." "All right,'' replied ye Merchantt 'and we will see." ^ So ye Eddytor pvtte ys line in hi 268 ofd T si D ~~ A A ° S8e ' J ° hn J ° nes Now yt hapened that 400 Peple eaohe brovghtea Dogge on ye next daye iter, so that Mister Jones, whych was ye Merchantt's nayme, was ovor- runne with Dogges. "Synce there are so many Dogges," -1 he, ' I thynke I myght make some etclTDogge 1 .^ 111 ^ y ° V a pennie f ° 1 ' Ye people took ye pennie for hys ooggo becavse there were so many IJogges, and Mr. Jones skynned ye 400 pogges and made boots and gloves 400 hides and thys m A BIG FOBTVNE, Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and nersnnnl ntfonfiV>« r>~: J ^ciieiui ana fl ° U1 — '^•^•^PM i «YI *, *v »"»" *"j oiiuugu to uBt'upo detection I «•*»«« *»**«, v^jo ju-u^ u The Storm Lake Fire company won ^lMW»« iHfSu? U thereafter Se'dTyTb^ advertiz- irst money at tho state meeting, in the take advantage if his position. He lias as in § in ye Eddy tor's papyr I (> re !it ail opportunity to dn ovii w,,* «,„ I ' rj I rewards of honesty a •mining contest. to do evil. ButTthe I honsty are sure to come, ana ' BUY shoes of F. S. Stough. JOHN GROVE. Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. West of Thorington House. Farm Loans. ana no second mortage or coupons taken row er to reduce his mortgage at i urul«hed at'once on perfect title. mprove<1 lan<Ja - save th«^ / ""?** a Ioan wlu enabl <> ^e bor' * 6 lnterest on **» amount paid. Money Drugs and Medicines. purposes only.. •••••i^a^—.^^_^_ T ° V»»*MTJ J,\J n C*« Auctioneering Done. GEO. B. POVLB, WMttemow, lOWft,

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