The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 17, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1891
Page 6
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THIS UPPER DES MOINES, ALGQNA, JtOWA WEDNESDAY. JUNE 17J 1891, IflJi LAlLfUl U3ONA, IOWA. THIS year's bathing milts nre BO scant that some eastern papers arc disposed to advocate the use of nono at all. IT four a bachelor. rather hard that a girl after a years' college course becomes only She deserves a better fate. IT is announced that a company of New Yorkers intend to make a search for the buried treasurers of Cnpt. Kidd this summer. This loads some cynical paper to declare that the Grant monument committee at last has been henrd from; may its Bearch be successful I IKEI-AND'B population, Uintikp to English ruin, has decreased nearly one- half in tho past forty years. It is now , 4,700,102. In the same time Scotland has added over 75 per cent., nnd is now but little behind Ireland in numbers. England und Wales have about doubled in tho half century, having not far from 80,000,000 at present. AN expedition maintained by the Chicago Herald has gone to the West Indies o discover tho exact spot where Columbus first landed, and where his foot first pressed the soil of the now world. A monument will bo built at that point. The place 1ms long been definitely located, but the Herald expedition will not be valueless' insofar as some of the breezy des- cri ptions of the newspaper writer of today •will bo employed in refreshing the memory of the public as to tho features of the historic spot. IT will bo a comfort to know, if weaver do, that the American metropolis is not exposed to utter destruction in the event of war being made upon us by some itireign power. It is therefore proportionately pleasing to learn that the practical fortification of the harbor of Now York was begun last week. If the twelve- inch gun Hint has just been sent from tho Watervliet factory to Sandy Hook shall stand tho tests to which it IB to bo riub- jected, no hostile vepcel can approach within (Ivo miles of New York without encountering its fire. The range of tho gun, tho largest yet constructed in this country, is considerably greater; but at that distance it is confidently expected it could sink any war vessel now afloat. This expectation is soon to bo put to tho proof, for the trial of tho gun -will bo made h; a few weeks. The guns of smaller caliber, made at Watervliet, have more thun met expectations and have been praised by the officers of foreign iirmies as tho most powerful, accurate and efficient ordnance the world has scon up to tho present time. Thcro have, it is true, been various'fortifi- cations for tho protection of Now York, notably those at the Narrows, but their guns have quite generally been deemed of insufficient power to keep hostile vessels from running through into tho upper Imr bor by night and thus from the shadow of tho statue of liberty pouring into tho helpless city tho deadliest, firo to which a place was ever subjected. GENERAL NOTES. TITK late P. T. Harnum left an estst valued at $4,279,532. THE Peary expedition, bound for Green land, sailed Saturday. THE clearings of the Chicago banks the past week give a total of 896,074,582. IT is rumored that the Omaha stockyards have been sold to an English sjndi cate for $6,000,000. BISHOP KNIOHT, of Milwaukee, died Monday from the effects of an attack of th< grip. WM. AIINOM), of the dry goods firm o Arnold, Constable £ Co., died suddenly at New York on Monday. PoSTAtASTBH-GKNKnAl, WANAMAKEU is now said to have lost $200,000 in tho Keystone bank collapse. WITHIN the last six weel« over 2,000 •Jews have emigrated from Russia, principally to America. STHTKINQ ore handlers at Ashtabula, Ohio, prevent those who wish to do so from resuming work. IlAr-HAN agents are reported to have purchased a lot of ammunition in New York for Mippolyto. IlAnvAiii) GoUjitoffi will receive over $70,000 as the result of the settlement of a protracted law suit over tho will of John Hancock. . JOHN AIHJOTT of Montreal has boon decided upon to succeed Sir, John MacDonald as premier until the return of Sir. Clias. Topper. Jvnnn PHILUIM of the United Stales circuit court, has decided that accident insurance companies are not liable when a policy holder dies of sunstroke. TIIK house joint resolution favoring the election of United States senators by a direct vote of the people was adopted Tuesday by tho Illinois somite. A iiucKivMu has been appointed in Chicago for tho Northwestern Rubber company. Liabilities $100,000; assets con- A FREIGHT train jumped the track near Marquette, Mich., and the engineer was killed. JOHN QUICK, a farmer residing near Jackson, Mich., brokn his neck by a fall from a tree. THOMAS HUFFMAN, while at work in a stoneware factory at Akron, Ohio, fell into a grinding machine and was crushed to death. THE Colorado river has risen on account of heavy rains and much damage to property has resulted. TUB Findla/, Ohio, Hint glass -works were burned Sunday. The loss is $70,000 and 200 m'en are thrown out of work. THE Red nver is out of its banks in Texas. Several people have been drowned, and.there has been a large destruction of property, PIKE in the Findlay, 0., glass-works caused a loss of $85,000 and threw 150 men out of employment. THE steamer Australia, arriving a San Francisco from Honolulu, reports a dis^ astrous fire at the government warehouse in the latter city. WAi/nsn LINDUEY, who lived near lerre Haute, Ind., was'kicked to death Wednesday by a horse with which he was ilowing. MANY people lost their lives by a. water pout near San Luis Paz, Mexico and hun- rods are homeless and in a destitute con- htion. ^ FiiiE destroyed the cotton-mill of A. Campbell & Co., atMonnyunk, a suberb of •'111 I n l Inl t^li i n TR^nt-l** n~,1 — ' rttt POSTMASTER GENERAL WANAMAKER has been asked to appear before the com mittee investigating Bardsley's affairs. JOSEPH R. RRED, of Iowa, was on Wednesday appointed Chief Justice of the Court of Private Land Claims by Prestden Harrison. MH. LACT, the comptroller of thi United States currency, will not appear before the committee of the Philadelphia common council to testify in regard to the Keystone bank failure, but has made siderably less. A Nicw Yoiuc firm is said to bo slaughtering worn-out street car horses and ex- potting the cnrcasess to Franco where they are disposed of as prime beef. Tins Chilian government has applied for hiladelphia, Wednesday morning. The OHS is $250,000. 9MANY lives have been lost and hun- reds of thousands of dollars' worth of ronerty destroyed by floods along the led river in Texas and the Indian Ter- itory. AT Macomb, III., Mrs. Martha Wayland, aged eighty, was devoured by hog>). several men were compelled to beat the ,,,? gs , awtt >' from tno corpse with clubs. Ine brutes fought tho men like wild cats. THE child of George Rohman of Fort Wayne, Ind., during the absence of his mother swallowed a bottle of carbolic acid. Death resulted after agony for three hours. suffering intense THIS UNITKU STATES SISNATIfl. The election of Senator Call in Florida makes tho senate of the fifty-second cou gross complete with the exception of the member from Mo -land to succeed Senator Wilson, duwascd. A democrat will of J w-jui-si- ;-•!. if). Maryland vacancy. Thus, in the absence of any further visitations by death, tho exact composition and completion of tho next senate may bo known. Tho now senate will stand: Ropubllcanu ^ PuiuocratH jjo Indcpcnilonla o This gives the republicans a majority over all of eight and a plurality of ton. Following is a list of the members of the now senate, together with their politics and the date of tho expiration of terms: Alabama— IBllfi John T. Morunn, I) 1SII7 JamoH I.. I'ugli, I) Arkansas— 18(15 James 11. Dorry, D 18(17 Jnim-H K. J onus, I) California— 1803 C M. t'Vnton, H 18(17 l.olaml Stmforil, U Colorado— 18!ir> H.l. O. Wolcull, 1J 1SU7 Henry M. Tullur, U one acre of space on which to "erect a building for that government at the world's fair. IT has just been learned that ex-City .treasurer Bards ley, of Philadelphia, who is charged with embezzling $1,000,000 of city and state funds, never took the oath of ollice. THE Canadian privy council has passed an order making the quarantine againft sheep and swine imported from Europe fifteen days, tho same as the united States quarantine against these animals. THE monument erected to the memory Miij. Gen. John F. Hartranit by the National Guard of Pennsylvania was unveiled (it Morriston, June 5th. ALL the Chicago justices of peace nominated Wednesday by Gov. Fifer were continued Thursday by the senate, with the exception of Charles G. Dixon, who was rejected on the recommendation of the Chicago senators. IOWA'S crop bulletin, issued Saturday, shows that there has been a general nun- tall throughout the state, and the prospects of an abundant harvest continue good. E. D. TIIAYMH, the aged president of the Brandon national bank of Brandon, vt., after transacting some business in Omaha, left that place for Chicago on I'rulay, and on the way lost a small hand satchel conta ning $40,000 in notes and mortgages. JOHN TURNEH, aged 78, was killed by the ears at Republic, Ohio, on the Balti- report to the government, giving all the information in his possession. RUMORS have been in circulation for several days that census superintendent Porter was about to resign and locate on Puget Sound, where he is interested in building up a city, and where he recently went on private business. In answer to an inquiry on the subject, Mr. Porter says: "I have no idea of going out of this office until I have completed the work before me." THE Indian trader at the Pine Ridge agency is in trouble. Charges have been filed against him with the Indian commissioner, and it is probable that if they are sustained upon investigation the license of Finley will be revoked. He has been at Pine Ridge for many years and no question has been raised as to his method of dealing with the Indians or with other people. MR. ALBERT H. SCOTT, chief of the salary and allowance division in the office of the first assistant postmaster general has completed the adjustment of the salaries ot the first-class postmasters to take effect Jaly 1,1891. The total number of first- class offices is 128, an increase of fourteen during the year. The aggregate of the salaries of the first-class postmasters is $450,600, an in crease of $41,500. The increase of the gross receipts at the first class orhces tor the year ended March 31, 1891, 5><3,94o,247. .REDUCE YOU It JJEXOMHSTATOU. Two Ways of Equalizing Attainments imrt Desires. Harper's Magazine. AIGRO'SINGENUITY. George Lewis, a ftegro Convict Kansas. Cleverly Raises a Bank Draft. The Prison Authorities are Deceived by Him. and He Actually Draws Money. He Had War Blanks Printed Forges a Letter for His ' Pardon. The smartest all round forger in this country is a uegio soldier in the Ninth "coloied) United states cavalry, at Lansing, Ean. His name is George Lewis, and he IBS recently proved bis cleverness by a scheme which is unparalleled in the Lis- ;ory of crime. The most experienced de- iective never met a piece of roguery like ,, .— . , • ~» "I VF«. uui_f JL^HIUA- As Ohio railway, and Jacob Hoot, 19, met with a similar fate throe miles further east at the same hour the two men being killed by different sections more aged of the same train. GEOIIGE OLIVEHSON, a resident of , Min n-. net with a horrible death Wednesday, sickle and the grindstone, being run by steam, burst, „ U10UO 01 which hit him in the head, killing him instantly. Ho was sharpening a - 1 - 1 —- which was a piece of OBIME. A BOSTON schoolboy set fire to the schoplhouse to see the scholars and engines iiustlo. C. A. BENSON has been convicted of the worth er Mettmann at Leaven- 0 EDITOB J. Ptnrose of the Butte. Mont,, Mining Journal, was shot by an unknown assassin. AT Brooklyn, N. Y., Benjamin Matthews, aged 24, was shot and instantly In I Ctrl l,\f P TJ rr\ i ,., ._ , . , . .J killed by R. H. Trade, edly insane. Trask is undoubt- R. M..CLAHK, postmaster at Old Jefferson, was assassinated by unknown persons Sunday night. , i r« S ' r S- LBY was hanged by a mob at Wickliffe. Ky., Sunday night for a murder committed five years ago. CitARijEs SEIDELT,, was Grand Rapids, Mich., of FOREIGN. L'l! L. SIlOllp. H 18'Jl ,los. H. linwlnv, H 1HU7 Orvillo 11. 1'iall, li Delaware-18113 (iooryo Urny, 1) 18(15 Anlliony lliyiliiiu, Florida- 13'J.J .Samuel I'atH-o, l) 18U7 William Call, 1) IB'Jii A. 11. l.'oliiuiU, I) 18U7 John It. Uordon, I) Idulii) -• 18!« Oor 18117 Kn-d llllnols- 18iir> Slinlby 51. Culloin, 1 IWITJolin il. I'almiM-, 1) Indiana - 181B David Tnrpiu, I) 18UV I). W. Vourhwn, I) Iowa-- 18y,"i Jaiui's K. Wilson, I 181I7 Wm. 11. Allison, K Kanmis-- Ibll.") 1'ri'Blou li. I'lnmli, U 18117 Win. A. I'l-llVr, V \ Konliiokv- - lli'.lS Jdlni C. Carlicli', 1SHT J. C.H.liliuiubni-n 18!ir> H.'i.\ Ullison, I) 18117 .!•;„. 1). Whil,., 1) jMuino — 18!«10ii K i-nulliili', li 18!l.'i William 1'. l-'i-yo, H Montana— IK'.W \V. K SamliTS, H 18(15 Thos. C. I'OWCM-H, H 18113 A. I', lionimn, U 18'.i7 A Di.'inucnit , li 18IIM Jlonry 1,. 11 18!i:> IJiuiiiiu K lloai-, it Wichifiaii'-- 1H'.)!J ]•'. H. Sloclibridgt'.lt )8llf) Jamus McJIillan/U Aiiinui.-otii — IH'JSC. 1C. Davis, It I8«j Vv r . i). War 18(1)1 A. S. I'adilouU, It 18(1,1 c. V. iMamlin-Bon, H Noviula— 1S(I!1 Win. M. Stuwnrt, It 18(17 John P. JOIIOH, K NHW lliininsliii'ii— I8I1.-1 W. K. Chandler, It 18d7 I. ll.liiilllngor, U New Jersey— »!1 Itul'iis lilnd"ult, 1) 18(15 J. It.Mcriio'rson, 1) New York— 1811!) li'ranU Ilisi-oek. J{ 18(17 David It. Hill, I) Norlli Cnroliiia— I8H.1 Mali W. liansom.D 18H7 7,. U. Vance, J) Norlli Dakota-W!l Lyiiian H. Casey, It •'t'.iVll.C.llanMiruiigh |{ Ohio-- 1H!';1 John SluM'inan, H ISIir Calvin S. llrictf, .1) IWi.1 .losuph N. l)ol|)h, It IS»7 Johnll. Mildiull.lJ reiinsylvania— l^!l;l Malilifw ti. yuay, It "if'f ' PAHIK police had a lively scrimage with soci i lists Monday in an attempt to break up a parade on the latter. r THE jury in the baccarat scandle case on lupsday returned a verdict against Sir William Gordon Gumming. Tins condition of tho poor at Madras is critical. Owing to lack of rain, prices of grain are advancing. After a long i\ml exciting debate, the lortugueaocluimliti of deputies has rati lied the convention between ling!and an I'orlngal. A I,ATE dispatch says that Cummiiu lias resigned from nil clubs of which h wiw a member. A iiuJtuicANE iii Eastern Galicia up rooted a forest, unroofed and razed build ings and killed several people. IT is said that tho Pope will write ar incyelienl favoring the union of the eastern and western churches. TIIK Most Rev. John Egan, Roman Utliolu-. Bishop of Wnterford, died Wi'dnusdnyof inllueir/.a, after eight hour's wives and sentenced to three years. convicted at having three State's prkon foi , To most earnest people life is hard and tast, and growing continually harder and taster, and to many it is becoming more and more a burning question how they shall meet, like men and women, the demands ot each day without failing under the condemnation of that law. It would be comparatively easy for the society followers if they had any desire so to do, to settle their problem by following Carlyle's plan, and reducing their denominators, tie makes it very clear to all those who have passed beyond the stage of childhood and consequently do comprehend the nature or a fraction—an impossible thing for a cliild to dp, because it lies in the region of relativity—that our wishes and desires stand to our abilities, either pecuniary or mental, in the same relation us the denominator of a fraction to its numerator, and that the value of the fraction of each ' one ot us expresses in terms easily written clown the total amount of our solid hanni- ness or contentment. In this view it follows that there are always two possible ways or. increasing the amount of the lat- tar—and this is no doubt the main object toward which are directed most of the efforts of most men—namely, to increase our numerator by increasing our possessions, or to diminish our denominator bv decreasing the total amount of our desires. Ilie first of these ways is the one generallv perceived by the majority of people, and the one to which they bend all their efforts mi r t r i o /-\£4-/- w 4-1- ~ l *ii ... ,hat which has come to light of Lewis' invention and the ingenious Mr. Gaboriau lever concocted n complicated French de- ective story like this. Lewis is n military convict in the Kanas state penitentiary at Lansing, an<? yet rom his prison cell and under the eyes of lis jailers, he managed with complete sue- ess a double achievement. First, he orged and transmitted a draft for 820,000 n a New York bank so cleverly that it was eceived without question. Second he orged and had sent to the jail from Vaslnngtoii a letter from the secretary of war announcing his (the convict's) pardon and ordering his immediate release. This document, too, was so well executed that its authenticitj was not disputed. The merest accident revealed the truth. Either one of these achievements is remarkable when you remember that it was the work of a prisoner away off in Kansas, and as for both together, they make the case, as I have said, unique in the annals of torgery. George Lewis is an enlisted soldier in Troop 1, ninth United States cavalry H' is a very dark negro, but has a bright, in, , - telligent face, with an innocent expression which is mighty cleceivin', for he now turns out to be the shrewdest rascal of his race. He is a fine Athletic spe3imen of manhood, six feet one inch in height broad shouldered, slender waisted, with an erect, military carriage, lithe as a cat and altogether what used to be called oown south "a dandy niggab." Lewis was born in Virginia and is 33 years old He had a much better education than most men of his color, wrote a fine business hand, and when he enlisted in Washing- so slever with the were asked by the Richmond bank wa& whether the draft ot the First National/^ Leavenworth|would be honored for $20^fc which they answered in the affirmatin No bank officer who has ever seen this"' in $20,000 draft has ever had his suspicion* aroused, so well is it executed. _ By this time Lewis was nearly ready for his grand break for liberty. He went to Richmond and drew $250 against the $20,- OOOdruft. Cashier Hill paid it without question. This was for incidental ei- penses. Bryant was sent to Washington and from there mailed a letter—written, of course, by the dextrous pen of L^wis. It apparently came from one Hillard Car- trr, a. friend of Lewis, and announced the good news thnt the secretarj of war had and been interceded with and had consented to pardon Lewis.»0f course the chaplain and warden read this letter, This was in March. A few dajs after came a second letter from the same friend saying.that the pardon would be sent in a few days. Then, on the 7th, came a telegram from Carter announcing thht the pardon had been sent that day. Sure enough, in due course of uinil, on the 10th came a formidable document from the secretary of war, addressed to the •warden, Mr. Chase. It was signed by William Keever, for the secretary, and the letter formally announced that George Lewis, of troop I, ninth United States cavalry, had been pardoned, and instructing him to report in Washington. Attached to the letter was a request from the secretary that the warden would turn over the letter to the discharged prisoner as a means of identification to be used by Lewis in making his claim for back pay. It was this clause which led to Jthe exposure of the entire plot. Warden Chase never doubted the authenticity of the pardon, but he did not want to give up th ' official document of the war departtnenJ as it was for the release of the prisoner. He therefore wrote to Washington, asking the pe-rnission of the war department to retain the official letter. To the warden's amazement he received an answer denying that any pardon had been sent to Lewis. Had it not been for this chance Lewis would have escaped from prison, made his way to Richmond, collected the §20,000 waiting for him at the Grand Fountain bank and skipped the country without let or hindrance. The shrewd, forger's failure led to the discovery of the raised draft in his way. And when the Mercantile national bank of .New iork, in its accounts current for the month of April, transmitted to the first national bank of Leavenworth, whose correspondent it is, the fact that a $20,000 draft against bad been certified through a Richmond bank, it led to hurries at once. ton he was found to be eas- dc 1,. land :l X. \V. AUlrich, 'i Nuiliiui V. Dixdu nulli I'arclnia i M. ( . lluilor. I) i .Iciliii I,. M. li-bv. iiiuh Dakota— i V. K. I'iMiittrow, IS1I.-1 J. U. K.vlr, liul 'ri'nnt'H^ot 1 ( IS!)- 1 , William II. Hnv'j IKli,"i lfli;ini (!. Harris, 1; rJamos /. Ueoi-"e, IBS/5 K (;. Wulthal), D MlKKOurl— It-USK. Jl. Coeki-ull, I) 18«7 Uoo. U. Vent, 1) .'|!W .lolin II. Krajraii, I) Vermont - Wi.t (!. I' 1 . Kiimnmlf, K Wi 1 J. R .Mori-ill, i, \ li-jjima— Si':! Joliii W. Daniel, D Sll.i John S. llurliniir, l) Wutlilnt'Unv — IKiyjoliu II. .Allen, K 18(17 W. l-'. Squire, it Wosl Virginia— 1K'.BO. ,1. l-'miUuuT, ]) lM)."i John K Konna, 1) Wisconsin-- 1B1I8 I'lilVlus Siivvvor li IH'JV William I.'. Vila.- U Wyoming — 1611)11'. K. Warren, H 1(31)0 Jos-fuli M, C'ureyll 1 iiK Baptist conference in Tadmordon, Ijimwistor county, has sent a tuemor- 1 l i Iw , P rivate secretary of tho prince of Wall's praying that the prince will no longer countenance gambling. Two soldiers in a, squad being drilled by hmperor William, at Teinpluhof, Gor- mamy, Tuesday morning, were struck by lightning ami killed. A I.AHUIS flow of lava is issuing from a new crater of Mount Vusvhis, audit is bolievnc that this phenomenon is directly connectod with Sunday's earthquake in Ijombanly. A BKIII.IN dispatch says that if popular discontent, were allowed to manifest itself on ireo linos against tho government's iioiusion to maintain corn duties (j.Tinany would bo ablaze with reiuoii- JOUN BKADSLEY, the defaultiiif urer of Philadelphia, on Tuesday piB..d,'d guilty to the seventeen indictment against him. Sentence was delayed two weeks. JAMES HUGHES, secretary of assembly jWl, Knights of Labor, convicted at Rochester. N. Y., last Saturday of exor- tion, was on Tuesday sentenced to one year in state prison. AT Walla Wall, Wash., several of the troopers concerned in the lynching of A J. Huiiton April 25 were indicted by the grand jury on Wednesday. ANNIE ALLEN, alias Jones, is locked up il c oil llr . mor y in Chicago, for the murder or uolla Rogers at a picnic of the world's tan colored club at Willow Springs Tuesday. AT Sacramento, Cal., John Reery shot i l :irliu N Italy was shaken by a fovcrc [uaUu Sund'iy. Three persons won- kill.'d at Urconigo and seventeen badly injured at Badiacavera, while several houses wnro wrecked at Verona. B.U.MACKUA'S warships are bombarding 10 cities o(' Pisagua und Iquiquo, held by irgcnts. The latter s vessel is ki>pt the foreign shipping for fear of in.sur I —..-., »w*ii* AWI^Ul V D11UU and probably rataly wounded his cousin, Mamie ]<rates, aged sixteen years, and then shot and lulled himself, lie wanted to marry the girl, and she refused him. DUIUNO a quarrel at Knoxville, Tenn between John and Jim Richards and Dav I' iirmer, the latter was struck behind the ear with a largo cinder and instantly kill Two indictments for forgery have beei returned against Emory H. Merriam, i well known Ashoville, N. C. lawyer. Drinl brought bun to his present condition. He is a brother of the chief justice ot the state supreme court. A STONE was thrown by some person un- tnown into a window of a sleeper on the west-bound overland flyer near Sholton, . and a little child of , of Chicago was fatally inured. AT Williamsburg, Ky., Sidney Lewis, on ot Judge Lewis of Harlan county, has ;pen sentenced to the penitentiary for ito tor the murder of his father iii Fob- nary last. JAS. MiTcmai, went to tho homo of ilartin lowiueiul at Mount \ 7 crnon, Ind ml attempted to kill him by shooting Mion Ihii laUcr imt his rille and shot him, il'.n.K him iiM.ri'lv. Townsend is, suf- It'ring from Miicla-li's shot. AN old man named Philip Peyran sleeping in tlm house of John Olson at bacremento, wad inurdereil i,nd the house setou fire. Olson, who is w.-ll-to-do, was in San Francisco, and it is .u-lieved that tl'iMiiurorer was after hi.s money. •• CiiAS. UKNSON was convicted of mur- s but it is often the impossible way, while the other path lies always open to most people, with absolutely sure result. Since that result—that alteration in the value of the fraction—is what we are many of us after it may be surprising that the always ayailab e and sure rnethoi is not more generally selected. But, as has been said to many of us there is no liberty or choice left open. Forced by the demand of the working world to which we belong we nave already reduced our denominator to a surprisingly low figure. We find a postivo pleasure, as we walk in the city, i .seeing shops loaded with innumerable things that we do not want, and would not have even it we could. Even in the m, tter of books the number which we care to own grow smaller day by day instead of larger. We have learned the great lesson that it is easier to climb at once to the high hills and drink from the springs which run there, than to accept the diluted stuff which is delivered to us in conduits often not of the cleanest. This lesson, once icquired, frees on3 from many perplexities, and confers a not inconsiderable amount of liberty, besides giving us a feeling of. buoyant health, which the dwellers in the lowlands, who depend upon aqueducts, and are subject to all the inconveniences resulting from negligent or that he was detailed as clerk in the omce of the auditor general of the war department, and learned things about the office which he has recently made strange use of. And when he left Washington Lewis wad promoted for good service as a soldier to be first corporal and then successively sergeant and sergeant mayor of the Twenty-fourth (colored) United States infantry. He was a corpo-al in the Ninth cavalry in 1889, with a good record, when ne forged a commissioner's order, was tried by military court, convicted for forgery and theft and sentenced to five years' imprisonment iri the Kansas penitentiary at Lansing. He reached the prison June 11, 1889. Ine negro prisoner was so quiet, obedient and "genteel that he won the indulgence of the warden, Geo. H. Chase, and particularly of the prison chaplain, W. B Poinsett, with whom he earned a reputation for great piety. Poinsett made him his servantjand clerk, and as Lewis had become what is known as a "trusty" a prisoner who had good behaviour is allowed certain privileges he was permitted to handle the prison mail, all of which went through the captain's office. Subsequent discoveries made it evident that it was at this time Lewis began the preperation for his great scheme. There was another negro in the prison under a , , it was soon found that draft No. 347,989, issued by the Leavenworth bank, was for W., and not for S20.COO. The original flratt was sent for and the fraud discovered. The Pinkerton detective was therefore communicated with and through Robert com can - ove n A' 1S ' a . urda y l. A. Holmes, o o "~o •-»j-j'j*tu v*i J.H" patent contractors and engineers, never know. With regard to society, too, the number of houses into which we do not desire to enter is infinitely lartrar than military sentence. His name was Samuel ifryant. He had half a dozen aliases, and ne was just completing a five year term trom bhawnee county for robbery His time was out on the 4th of March last. Before his departure Bryant .became Lewis s accomplice to get him out of jail and into possession of a pot of mon«y bone of the most ingenious schemes on record. Lewis forged the name of a Captain Hilles to a note addressed to Dodwortii & Co., printers, at Leavenworth, ordering twenty-five sheets of official paper with the Oonvenlent to Havo About. The American Machinist says that vase- line is one of the best things for preventing bright iron from rusting. If matting, counterpanes, or bedspreads nave oil spots on them, wet with alcohol, rub with hard soap; and then rinse witl clear cold water. Boiling in strong soap suds will remove cnar trom lamp burners. Gum arabic will give a good gloss to black ink without making it sticky. When boots and shoes have become hardened by water and it is desirable to render them pliable wash them with kerosene. ''Burnishine" in the name of a new metal polish favorably spoken of by Hardware. It can be used upon brass, copper zinc, steel, bronze and other metal. The polish is applied with a woolen cloth after which a tew lively rubs are given, and a final rubbing off is givsn with a dry clot . .Burnishine," it is represented, will not injure gold or silver, and will not become , hard or gummy like paste polish. .10 make ink for rubber stamps use a mixture of glycerine and alcohol, and color with aniline, dilute with water to m=ike it work satisfactorily. (i, f on, -7— -.-/"finitely larger than mat or.those to which we aspire Audit confers almost a feeling of royalty to see so many people around us who do not hesitate at any sacrifice or any effort to obtain an introduction into certain circles pt society to which no entreaties of our best-meaning friends would be able to Jragustora single evening. We have had so much to do all our lives that we have learned the value of time, and we are blessedly thankful for it, for nobody who has not lived a life of constant labor can possibly know the exquisite delight of a whole half-hour in which one has at least the right to do what she pleases. Th titty years of Europe hold more consciou throbbing life than a cycle of Cathay, and even it we had the liberiy of choosing we would take the fifty years. OUBITIES. "Here's your bill,"said the milk deal er to the dissatisfied customer. "Well urn about is only fair play; suppose we chalk up a while." letter head of the Washington printed War Department at across the top. His IN rqily to a Jewish petition Lord Salisbury promise i to consult the Turkish Am- •assailor to ascertain whether British in- llinmcu would induco tho sultnu to consent Juws settling in Palestine. FIRES AND CASUALTIES. TIIK machine shops of tho Oloveland huraware company burned; loss 8100,000. lUKiKNK BiONNUTT, of Harrison, Ohioi as 11,,-tanlly hllea lu tt rililroa ,, uwidea { near iMizubethtown. der 111 the first degree W^luusday. His victim was Mrs. Johanna Mottuuui. whose body, after he shot her, ho cut into small pieces and attempted to conceal in a secluded spot on the Port Leaveuworth reservation. .". I Ijayo such an indulgent husband,' said little Mrs. Doll. "Yes, so George says, responded Mrs. Spiteful. "Ho sometimes indulges a little too much, iloesnthe?" WASHINd-TOIsf. EX-SKNATOK I'IKIICK will, it is reported, bo tendered the position of minister 4 ~ China. to ASSISTANT SKciua'AUY NKXTLETON has appointed B. W. Perkins, of Kansas; 0. li. lliounis. of Wisconsin, and Supervising Architect I'obrooko a commission to visit Mankiito, Minn., and select a site for a public building to be elected there. Li'lie— Oh Minnie, I have such a dear unique headrest. I have stuffed a Billow full of Cholly's love letters. Minnie— What a soft pillow it must make. . Mrs. Wedgewood— I know I'?n cross at times, John, but if I had my life to live over again 1 would marry you just the same. Wedgswood— I have iny doubts about it, my dear.— Epoch. There are millions of crickets iu the Clover Creek section of Idado. They are stud to cover a sketch of country ten miles long and three miles wide. Ihe largest orange tree in Louisiana is in lerreboime Parish. It is 15 feet in circumference and 50 feet high. The yield this year is expected to reach 10,000 oranges. - w - r ---- -— — H\s*.\jlin UHC l*UIJ. lllrt knowledge ot the stationery used by the department enabled him to copy tho style ot type used, bo that the printers were enabled to imitate it successfully. Meantime, as early as February 11 Lewis had obtained possession of a draft ^/Sl, drawn by th 3 First National bank, ot New York. U- is the custom of prisoners to pay for tho newspaper subscriptions, little extras, &c., and the money always goes through the chaplain, who procures from the Leavenworth bank the drafts, always for small sums, for convenience in^the mails. Lewis's position in the Oaptain s office gave him an opportunity to steal one of the drafts. He ' somehow obtained the proper acid, eracrd the name pt .he payee and the amount, 81, wrote in 2" own name and raised the amount to ipiU.UUO. Under date of February 11, and dating from Harkness, Kan., he wrote to the Grand fountain Savings bank, of Richmond, Va,, enclosing a draft for §20,000 and explaining that ho was a ranchman who had just sold his ranch in Washing- D° n s , t , ato to an En f? lis h nobleman, Lord Kandlett, and that he wished the money held for him at the Richmond bank until ho should draw against it. The Grand i ountain . bank is run by negroes, the cashier being Robert T. Hill, and Lewis explained that he was a- Virginia negro who had made money in the west. Ho cautioned Mr. Hill to be sure and have the check certified. . Accompanying this letter was an in»en- lous and pleasing letter, dated Tratofgar square, Charing Cross, London, January JO, purporting to come from one John H The Secret of Von aloltke's Success. Forum. The basis of Von Moltke's success was preparation and precision. For years the quiet man had bent every energy to detail. He had devoted no time to show work; he cared not for the outward parade of efficiency, lie had mad? sum that what the army was on paper it was iu effect; that every man and officer was ready, and knew nis place and duty; that; mobilization should mean actual assembly. Every uncertain element was eliminated. So far as jay within human power, the war has been reduced to a mathematical calcula- A Palpable .Swindle. Texas Sittings. Mr. Thrifty.—"Doctor, I don't think much of that cough medicine of yours " « i 9?7 r , em> ~ 1 ' 1 nm vorv s °rry to hea. that. What is the reason?" 1'hrifty—"Why, there is so much daad waste. Curem—"Yes; J hadn't taken more than quarter of the bottle when I was all over my cough and there is the other three- quarters just thrown away.' 1 Etcape of Prisoner*. . The report that prisoners have been and are constantly escaping from that m R ligu ft nt gaoler ver complaint, is f ully corrobouu.d by hHe"-' "berated captive.. Ilostetter's Stomach Bitter, aro they .say, the mean, by which they get dd ot therfotters. Fw altogether avoid the bondage of this ailment, and few «re unacquainted with 8 fJ 18 ', VZ: P " lu throu S 1 ' the "Shi side and •boulder Made, furred tonjue, yellowness of tU eyeballs and akin, sour bruath, sick headache dyspepsia and constipation. Hosteller's Stomach them? P f 'n * PrOI " Pt 1>Url ° d 4 ° tUe86 ' brin fi" ''"""^s««Es;sSa! ewito a sovereign remedy for » ' J malaria, heart- bcott, the agent of Lord Randlett, fipeak- n ' *-™ , Lwdship's draft on the Bank ot England, and announcing his (Scott's) ntended voyage to America on His Lord- hip sjacht, and going into great detail ibout the ranch which His Lordshio had ust purchased for $20,000 from Lewis. Bryant, of course, attended to the prou- writing of these letters for Lewis inero was a good deal of correspondence A-l*& j ha * the New York Wk did credit the draft, as it was natural they should do, tor the question which they Two Pelaluma, Cal., boys found a nest ot young ioxes in tho limb of a tree. There were four of tho little creatures, and each boy took two home, where each happened li "i " •-•'•"•\s '-(njit 4UIIJ jJUJmu. to have a cat with a litter of kittens. They killed the kittens, and each pussy has adopted and is raising two foxes. The candle : power which is used as (he (rt illuminating efficiency means •" 'iperm-candlo seven-eighths r-irnnfioa ~~- dlaraoter . burning at the rate of 128 grama per hour. Tho application of the microscope to machine-shop practice, for the purpose of proving whether surface are true is pro- fn°r U "«H - b? experts '^ the best'method ior 0 attaining accurncy thus far suggest-

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