The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1892
Page 7
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THE TIPPER PES MOINES, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. JPLY 2?, 1892. *toMJiiiiii^iMiV 1-1 —— !;-,.,,';.i..--; „,._._ .•„,.,.• _ 7_ .. - .^ • ... ~ —, -• — -- * --<-. - _ .>.-„.-: .,.,....•. --...„.-...-_ * -~- -,-.----1-j.Ai. . j;... ,^j.-aj^j.ra:. --• • <? - • -' •- ••' ~--J~.--—u-.i^a.ai_^_aimamtijmi»«iiiii««MmM^,»^^^ajjiiaaaMaaa Tow Great Grandmother Did. fibs hetcbeled the flax and carded the Jni and wove th« linen, and spun tb« tew. Ind mad» th» clothes for her husband and ten childran; She made butter and cheese, Jhe dipped tallow candles, to light the house at ntenti and she cooked all tba food for her household by an open -fire placo and a brick cvan. Yes; and when she was forty years oi I™ she was already an old lady whose best daw were over. Her shoulders were bent and her joints enlarged by hard work, and she wore spectacles and a cap. Her 'great granddaughter, with all the modern conveniences for Comfort, refinement and luxury, may be as charming and attractive at f orw-five as at twenty. Especially ia this true « "he preserves her health by th« use of Dr. Plerce!s Favorite Prescription, which wards off all female ailmehta and irregularities. cures them if they already exist, beeps the life current healthful and vigorous, andenablea the woman of middle age to retain the freshness of girlhood upon brow and cheek, the light of youth in her eyes, and Ita elasticity in her stop. Go to your drug store, pay a dollar, get a ttle and try it— fry a second, a third If nec- bottle an Before the third one's been taken ry. eore e r ones een ae 'll know that there's a remedy to help yon. n you'll keep on and a curo'fl come. you'll But if you shouldn't feel the help, should bo disappointed in the results — you'll find • guarantee printed on the bottle-wrapper that'll get your money back for you. Can you ask more f _ r: Know • ! '" all Women The most thoroughly successful remedy science has ever produced for the cure of all forms of Female Complaints is Lyii« E. Pinkhanfi Vegtiablt Compound. It has stood the test of many years, and to-day is more widely and successfully used than any other wmedy. It will entirely cure Ovarian joubles, Inflammation and Ulceration, Failing and Displacements, also Spinal Weakness, and is particularly adapted to tha Change of Life. ' It will 'dissolve and expel tumors from the uterus in an early stage of development, and check the tendency to cancerous humors. Lydia E. Pinkham's Liver Pit's cure constipation, biliousness, etc. All Druggists sell it, or.lent \1 mull, in for'" ° f "III or liiengcl, on receipt of 81 .OO. Liter Pllli, ittic. Corre- nondence freely aniwered. Aodreai In confidence. UXJJL E. riNKHAM MID. Co., • LYNN, MASS. Nature should be assisted to throw off Impurities of the blood. Nothing does It so well, so promptly, or so safely as Swift's Specific. ' LIFE HAD NO CHARMS. For three years I was troubled with malarial poison, which caused ray appetite to fail, «nd I was greatly reduced in flesh, and life lost all its charms. I tried mercurial and potash remedies, but to no effect. Icould get ho relief. I then decided to try||3&«ig«g| A few bottles of this wonderful PKflBiffiT/fl medicine made a. complete and permanent cure, and I now enjoy better health than ever. J. A. RICE, Ottawa, Kan. Our book on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free. . SWIFT SPEOITIO Co., Atlanta, Oa. "MOTHERS FRIEND " To Young Mothers Hakes Child Birth Easy. Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Endowed by the Lading Phyrid*ns. BRADFIKLD REGULATOR CO. ATLANTA, GA. 80LO BY ALL DRUQQI8T8. THE CONFEDERATE TREASURY. tlncoln's Broth«!r-in-I,aw Tells Ho* th« l,ast firtO.OOO Was Divided. Br. C. K. C. Tocld of Barnwell, S. C., a distinguished surgeon of the Confederate army and & brother-in-law of Abraham Lincoln, as well as a connection by marriage with the Breckenridge i'amily of ^Kentucky, during his younger days was often thrown with Abraham Lincoln, who married his sister. Tiwis, by family ties and association, he is closely connected with Brockinridgei and Lincoln, who were both Presidential candidates in 1860. )Dr. Todd \yas in charge of the Confederate hospital at Charleston under Gen. Hardee, and was with the party of the fugitive Confederate Cabinet when it disbanded. He describes the division o the last money of the Confederate treasury, a matter much discussed in the newspapers a few years ago. "A great deal has been said about it," said he, "but, so far as I know, no description of it is on record. I was there in the room when the money was paid put, and saw the whole proceeding. , Indeed, I am partly responsible for the division of it at the time. I had been with the soldiers coming down, and i heard the Kentucky and Virginia troops saying they were going to have some of the money or have blood. I told Breckinridge, who was the Secretary of War, what I had heard, and said that there might be rioting and bloodshed. "'There may be rioting,' he said,'but no bloodshed.' I then suggested to him the propriety of a division of the money among the soldiers, and he replied: 'We will see about it.' In the party were the Confederate Cabinet aud the officers of the four, brigades of troops which wore with us when we crossed the Savannah river. Wo had the last money of the Confederate treasury—$7U,000 in gold and silver, besides some gold belonging to tha Bank of Richmond. The money was in charge of Col. Morgan, a brother of the famous John Morgan. We crossed the Savannah river on pontoons and went on the road toward Washington, Ga. When wo had gone two miles from, the river we stopped at a log cabin on the south side of the road, and there the $70,000 was paid out. Mr. Davis had gone on about four miles ahead of us with his stall. "In the cabin were John C. Breckenridge, Secretary of War, Judah P. Benjamin, who looked as scared as the devil and appeared to be panic stricken, Gen. Bragg, the commander of the four brigades, and Colonel Morgan, who had. charge of the money. "The division was made by a caucus of the men. Those present were Vaughn's, DcBrell's, Basil Duke's and Humphrey Marshall's brigades. Marshall was then under arrest, and his brigade was in charge of Col. W. C. P. Bnsokinridge. The census of the sol- iliuis was the reverse of Porter's. Some of the brigades returned fictitious names in order to get more money. The division was $26.25 for each man, oJlicors aud common soldiers faring alike. Some of them, by stuffiing the census, got as much as $36 a head. Divide $70,000 by 26 1-4 and you will see how many (2,666 men) were re-turned by the census of four brigades. In the paying out wo finally camo to a keg of silver ingots—pieces 3 by 4 inches square. • They opened a box of gold belonging to the Bank of llich- mond. It was about 18 inches long and 10 or 12 inches wide, and contained purses of gold. They made a rough estimate of the value of that gold and of the keg of silver and exchanged thorn. In that way I got some gold. Then they carried the Bank of llichmond money to the bank at Washington, Ga., aud deposited it. They took none of it, except a little box, for which they substituted the ken- of silver ingots. While the money was being divided out, Col' Morgan paid a man live dollars an hour to guard it. When we got through Morgan took the remaining money and drove it away ia the dark. Thence it landed in the bank at Washington, Ga. I know only by hearsay, but lam satisfied that the information was correct, that the Bank of Richmond sent for its money, and on its way the men o-uarding it were attacked by marauders. The guard was temporarily dispersed, and the marauders got some of the money before they were driven off." A RAM AT WORK. It Provod a DostruoHvn Engine ot \Var- ItouUiiB tt Kcglinoiit. corpulent, and speing mm rolling on the ground caused the boys to roar.: Just as the colonel was about to rise the ram struck him" again, this time from the rear. This was too much. The colonel retired to his tent and the parade was ended. The next I was charged with malicious .assault, convicted, and sentenced to wear the barrel jacket for ten days. But I was released to participate in the battle two days lator, where I was slightly worwid cd in the shoulder, which prevented the continuation of my.pumshment. It is needless to say that- this put a stop to all practical joking in the regiment. HOW CHINESE CATCH SHRIMP. The Mongollnnn Trend on Them to Break the Hard Shells. "There are some very curious fisheries carried on by the Chinese on the Pacific coast," said an officer, of the United States fish commission to a Baltimore American man in W asn i n g~ ton recently. "Ono of the most remarkable is the catching of: shrimp, which is an important industry in San Francisco bay and adjaeeti't waters. These little crustaceans upon being captured are taken ashore and boiled in big iron vats, after a rude fashion, holes being scooped out of the side of a steep bank for fireplaces, which are built up with stones. After the shrimp have remained in boiling'water for ten minutes they are spread out to dry_upon bare ground. One such shrimp yard at Hunter's Point is about fifteen acres in extent. The Chinese use brooms, shaped somewhat' like hoes, for spreading the shrimp and to turn them at the required intervals. "After being thoroughly dried by exposure to the sun for about five days the shrimps are crushed by being trodden upon by Chinamen in wooden shoes. This process loosens the meat from the shells, which latter are removed by shaking in a basket or by passing -.them through a crude fanning- mill. -Both meat and shells are then packed! in sacks for exportation to China, where the meats are sold for food and the shells disposed of as a fertilizer, for tea plants, rice and so forth. All classes of people in China eat the meats, although regarding them as inferior to the native shrimp, which are comparatively scarce and proportionately clearer. Both meats and shells are fed to. fowls, with remarkable egg- producing results. "Another interesting fishery prosecuted by the Chinese on the Pacific coast is for abalones. These boautiful univalve mollusks are found along the rocky shores 'jat low tide, clinging to the rocks above the.water line. Each shell is slightly lifted, so that the fisherman can thrust a stick under it and pry it off; but, if alarmed, the animal shuts down its valve, so that it can only be removed by breaking it to pieces. The meals are taken from the shells and boiled on shore, in vats made of sheet iron. Shells and meats are then packed in sacks and forwarded to S»u Francisco, whence most of the meats are exported to China, and the shells shipped to France, the latter being highly valued for their beautiful mother-of-pearl." Stealthy. {••••»«•••••••••«>»••••••••••••••»• 1 J?'PANS, TABULES reKUlato the stomach, Uvor ana uqwels, purify the Wood, ore Bute aud cltecCual -, the b«Bt medicine kuowr> for bilious- uess, conutlpaliuu, dyspepsia, foulo breath, hcttducbe.moiilal depression,* • fora their prope: __________ « eating are bonontccl by takli PrlM «3 i _ «3 i sample, 16o. At Drug UIPANB OHKM10AL CO., KILL HER1 fe. tt» nlok ot tli«« fame* »utol»«r'» ^>T *»Hcr. Certain d.ath to File* Mo mor» buMing wound your ears, or dltiug >t jroar no»», or oollid- {fg with your eyoi. U» treely. fiwVA'.^fflf«•?£ .oour peao* CO., St. Alt>»»», Vt relief, und is uu INFALLIBLE < U11E tor 1'iLhS. It was while we were in camp just before the battle of Peach Tree Creelr- I was then sergeant in Company D,, Oue I-iivndreil and Thirty-seventh Now York Volunteers. There was a very suit-conceited captain in one of the neighboring conipaiiios, who dressed us "audily as possible, putting on all colors that his rank would allow. His worst enemy was a man belonging to my own company, who seemed to have mi ability for anything except to foru-'a so the boys were content to lot lumTlo it all. If ouybody wnntocl a turkey or chicken, all he had to do was to ask George Washington Latay- te Gardner to procure him one. About this time I had been thinking ,vhat an excellent joke it would be to take a little conceit out of that cap- t-xin I asked George Washington Lafayette Gardner if ho knew where there was any fresh mutton. My ox- .ectatiouB were fully reali/.e, when.ou the following day, ho bimight me the aro-est aud most vicious ram that I ovo" saw. I had planned that during dross parade that day I would bribe tio(,r«S Washington Lafayette Gardner to lot tho ram loose, when I judged, he would naturally attack the captain on woount of the amount of red color ™" Pastes, Enamels, and ROntS which the hands, injure thp Jion. sm4 burn otto entirely too well, foi who u the ram was loosened he, Sue o nstinct, dashed at the argest nateh of rod, but my heart nearly fail- Id when I saw that there was one man gaudy than the captain, and that more An eastern traveler , who has had many aud varied encounters with wild animals in the heart of Africa, and has walked through many jungles, saya that he concurs in the opinion commonly held by the natives of the countries he has visited that the leopard is more dangerous than either the lion or tiger. "Its noiseless approach may be imagined, he says, from an incident wlTieh occurred" to him in Abyssinia. <I was;watching a pool by midnight, in a deep bend of the river Koyan, during the dry season, he says. Hours passed, but nothing 'larger than an antelope", ; appeared. Wo were sitting beneath a large tree, completely denuded of leaves, and the moon shone brightly, throwing iiito sharp outline every bough. Suddenly my wife pulled my sleeve and directed my attention to a large animal crouched upon the branches directly above us. I might have taken a splendid shot, but I at iirst imagined it to be a dog- faced baboon that had been asleep in the tree. I stood erect to obtain a clearer view, and at once the creature sprung to the ground within a few feet of us and bounded into the jungle. i' v - was a leopard, which had probably reached the tree by means of some 'neighboring branch, and so noisely that we had not discovered its presence. The animal had evidently winded us and was determined to reconnoiter our position. Arizona's Great Irrigation Canal, Yuma's great canal is the most gigantic irrigation enterprise as yet Taken in haurt in Arizona. To tunnel through a hill or mountain side so as to take the water of the Colorado without damming the stream, which is the present plan and that recommended by the English irrigation engineers, then to bring the water down on both sides of the river, with an aqueduct across the Gila.'so as to irrigate the 2,000,000 acres of rich land lying adjacent to Yuma, in Arizona, California, Sonora, and Lower California; in fact, to build this canal ninety miles in length, 100 feet in width at tho bottom, and twelve foot deep is not the work of an hour nor the task of a child, and yet this is but the outline of this great work, all of which is going to be done, and that, too, iu the near future, A Merman. One of tho old stories is that in the year 1619 two councilors of Christian IV. of Denmark, while sailing between Norway and Sweden, discovered a merman swimming about with a bunch, . of, 'grass on his head, ^liey threw. out a hook and line baited with a slice of .bacon, which the merinan seized. JMug caught, ho threatened vengeance 'so loudly that hie thrown back into the sea. AST OIXU DREAM. Mrs Strebel Dreamed Tlmt Her Daughter Stole Her Watch Mrs. Mnry Streliel, wife of S. L. Strebel a florist of No, 332 Bedford nvenun, Williamsburg, N. Y., was robbed Eome days ogo of a gold watch. She has in similar cases often consulted a fortune teller, and concluded to do so in this instance. She Went to a woman in Humboldfc street, who informed her of her watch as follows:— "Mrs. Streble, your watch is in a pawn shop. It wag pawned by a woman, but don't be frightened. It will be returned to you all right." Mrs. Strebel was awakened next morning with a sudden start by a strange dream. It was io fhe ffrVct that her daughter Emma took the walch and pawned it to buy medicine for her dying baby. Emma, who is living in Roebling street was sent for. She did not respond that day. Mrs. Strebel told her dream to detective sergeant Corcoran, of the Bedford avenue station, and he is now working on the case. The daughter is a handsome, robust looking younjf woman in her twentieth year. Her biiby was born some months ago. Shortly after she had a misunderstanding with her mother, and Emma, who, it is claimed, has always been a wayward girl, was forbidden the house. Emma, however, came to her mother's house on Monday a week ago, when the baby died. She wished assistance in providing for its funeral. Mrs. Strebel told her she would pay for one coach and would send some flowers, That did not suit the young mother, who wished to make as elaborate a display a possible and she hired a white hearse and two coaches. Mrs. Strebel would not attend the funeral, but sent her two boys, Henry and Edward. The boys told their mother they had been instructed not to tell her of the hearse and coaches. It was not until, the day following the funeral that Mrs. Strebel missed her watch. I asked her whether she thought her daughter had taken the watch and Mrs. Streoel replied that she accused _ no oue. "Emma has pawned other things," she said, "and I have asked her to come and see me. If she pawned the watch to buy medicine for her child, I do not care and will willingly redeem it. The watch was a present to me and I valued it very much. No, I never asked Emma direct because I have not seen her. Her daughter could not be found yesterday. Detective Corcoran has not succeeded in finding the watch as yet. Opening; the Canal. The most acceptable proposition thm can t>t made to persons troubled with chronic eonitlpa- tlon, IB to open that important canal—the bowels. That proposition can be carried ont by the parties Interested If they resort to HoBtetter'i Btomach Bitten, the moot eflectlre, most Denial alterative eiUnt. It if the mistake oi many otherwise sensible people, that they resort to drastic, or, in other words, Tiolent purgatives. Without exag- giratlon, this is highly Injurious, since snch medicaments weaken the bowels beddes conrnlnlng both them and the stomach with pain. Relief sought from the Bitters comes freely enough, but they never produce pain, ezceeslve action, or snb- sequent weakness, of the bowels. Liver and kidney trouble, malaria, dyspepsia, lack of stamina and a tendency to rheumatism, are remedied by tiifi pleawut substitute for drenching cathartic*. ___ A YOUNG Harvard graduate, only on year out of college, is now Mr. Cleveland's private secretary. Since Pitt's time it has been no crime to bo young. The Only Oue Kver Printed—Can Ton Find the Wordf There IB a 3-Inch display advertisement In tills paper this week which has no two words alllto except one word, n<1 '- *— ••' "White Beatei-."—Dr. Prank Powell, the eminent physician, has moved into McMillan's atone building, 4th and Main streets, La Orosse, Wia. His old offices are now used hy other doctors of the same name. lofcATlus DONNBLLT has been nominal ed for governor by the people's party convention at Sb. Paul, Minn. The party m Mioneeota has broken with the farmers' alliance. Mncle to took Like New. Creeses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Glor««, etc., Dyed or denned, Plush Garments Steamed, at Otto Welch's Dye Works, 246 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. There are 46,000 oil wells In the United States, and their dally output Is 180,000 barrels. Ot every hundred baby girls that are born In China about thirty are put to death. The Trno T.uxullve I'rlnoiplp Of the plants usud In taaiiufncluilng the pleasant remedy, Syrup i>f Figs, has a permanently beneficial effect on the liuman system, while the cheap vufjelaljlo extracts ftnd mineral solutions, usually sold as niedl- ciiies. aro pcrmuncully injurious. Being well-informed, you will use tho true remedy only. Manufactured by tho California Fig Syrup Co. There are fifty-three telephone companies in the United States, all belonging virtually to the Bell monopoly. They have 241 exchanges, 476,356 telelcphones aud 8,403 em- ployes. FOUTIFT FBKBLB LUNGS AGAINST WINTKH BLASTS with HALB'S HONEY off UOHBUOUNU AND TAR. PIKE'S TOOTUACHB DBOPS Cure In ono Minute. "August Flower" I used August Flower for fcoss of vitality and general debility* Aft** taking two bottles 1 gained 60 Ibsl. I have sold more of your August Flower since I have been in business than any other medicine I ever kept Mr. Peter Zinville says he was made a new man by the use of August Flower, recommended by me. I have hundreds tell me that August Flower has done them more good than any other medicine they ever took. GBORGOJ W. DY», Sai<3is, Mason Co., Ky. £ The oldest English crown Is the ancient Imperial diadom made for Charles II. to replace the one worn by Edward, thb confos- gor, which was broken up aud sold during the civil war. IP you wUh to do the easiest »ud quickest week's washing you ever did, try Dobbin*' Electric Soap next washday. Follow the directions. Ask your grocer for it. Boeu ou the market 24 years. Take no other. Joe Webb, the 17-year old giant drum major of the Citizens' baud, ot Memphis, when dressed in full uniform, is nula to measure eight feet and BCVOU and one-half inches to the top of his plume. FITS.—All Fits stopped true liy Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. No FlU after llrst, day's use. Marvellous cures. Treatise and SS.OO trial bottle free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch St., Phlla., Pa. A Connecticut scientist calculates that there are 43,500,000 mosquito larvae to an acre of swamp land. E. B. WALTHALL & CO., druggists, Horse Cave, Ky., say: "Hall's Catarrh Cure cures every oue that takes it." Sold by Druggists, 75c. ^^ Russia has recently celebrated the 900th .nniversary of the foundation of the first '.hristlan bishopric in Volhyuia, under the «ign of St. Vladimir. Ir drowsy after a good nlght'i sleep there •s indigestion and stomach disorder wnicli Beccham's Pills will cure. : It is stated that 40.000^000 of Queen Victoria's subjects in India never know wn»t It Is to get enough to eat THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHY AND NEW AND fAV COMPLEXION IS BETTER. Ky doctor says It act* Rontlv on the Btoinncli, llvef S adkldnoya. uncl IB a pleasant laxative.- This drlnK mndo from herbs, aud Is prepared (or use as eaull/ OB ten. It Is called The same is true of each now one appearing each week from The Dr. Barter Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for It, send them the name of the word, and they will return you BOOK, BEAUTIFUL I.lTIIOaitAl'IIS Or SAMPLES VHlili. LAKE'S MEDIGIHK b BOc. and (1.00 per pnckngfc '« family Medicine niovcf '. la order to bo healthy, tU All dnigRlBtg sell It at BOc. and (1.00 Buy ono to-tiny. Lane's" •• - -• tlic bowels each day U ucccasary. If afflicted with Sore Eyes use Dr. Isaac hompson's Eye "Water. DrugRisls sell USoe. Eyesight S^rdin and of Moberly, Mo., went 10-pent 4og. Tbe |»r W WW te mte Wine clarificrs in France use more than 80,0000,000 eggs a year. Life is shorter in the valleys and lowlands than among the hills and mountains. "My Husband Has Quit Tobacco Spitting HlB r.lfo Away" Writes Mrs. J. B. Wuldruth, 170 Mark St., Winona, Minn. Slio nays " 'Notobac' is a grand, good remedy. Two boxes not only cured my husband, but his brother us well, and 1 sold two boxes to our neigh bora, Mr. Joa. Taylor and Mr. Keolock and cured them both. 1 have orders for eev eral boxes. Please send me your terms to agents. I enclose you letter from my brother, Mr. Rouse." Here it IB: WIHONA, Minn., April 10, 1892. "After chewing and smoking tobacco for more than thirty years, I was prevailed upon to try a box of NOTOBAC. To my surprise I was entirely cured of the filthy habit. Money would nob induce me to commence its use. You can use this in way you see fit. P. P. EOOSB." Notobac acts directly upon tbe tobacco diseased nerves restoring them to a.nor- mal condition and exterminating the poisonous Nicotine from the system. It is guaranteed when used according to simple directions to cure any case, so" you run no financial or physical risk when you tike NOTOBAO. Send for our book called "DON'T TOBACCO SPIT YOUR LIFE AWAY." Address thoSterling Remedy Co., Box 2d4, Indiana Mineral SjjrmgH, lad. Waves exert a force of one ton per square inch when they are only 20 feat high. At Cassis, France, granite blocks of 15 cubic metres baye been moved by wave force, any* It Kever Fulled to Benefit or Gore. Fountain County Democrat, Ind. Of tbe many patients who have visited the Indiana Mineral Springs since they were discovered, not one has gone away without either being cured or greatly benefited. Of the diseases that are sure M> be cured by the proper use of the water and mud baths, first or all rheumatism in every form. Hundreds of cases of skin diseases of all kinds have been cured and those benefited are only too glad to testify 'u> the marvelous pf,fforties of the water. No better water exists in the United States and many haye made it a last retort to be cured of theee afflictions and have been wholly successful when they have failed in every other placo and means. A beautiful illustrated book that tells all about these wonderful springs will be tent by mail, free to all, who will addrein H. L. Kramer, Gen. Mgr., Box 8, Indiana Mineral Spring*, Ind. CHIOAOO people are ill disposed to accept a $5,000,000 appropriation from congress for the world'* fair coupled with the provisions that the exposition be closed on Sunday and that no liquor be sold OR grpunds, The restrictions are the windy city, b«& OLIPKOUD BLAOIIMAN. "My boy had soorlet fever when 4 years old, leaving him very wonk and 'with blood i> o 1 H o n e «1 with CHnlcnr. Ills eyes became inflamed, hii suffering! wore intense, and for 1 weeki h« could not even opon hl» eye«. I bo- 1 gun giving him IT SAVES THE CHILDBBH. It is a boon for any mother to have a remedy in the house thafc if a perfect safeguard against croup. This is the tsrong point in regard to REID'S GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNBT CURE. It will cure the worst case of croup. The mother need not fear to give it, for it contains no poison nor anything in the least degree deleterious. Even if a little one should obtain access to the bot- tlo and take the whole of it, there need be no anxiety for no ill cons** quences will follow. This ia a great thing in itself. When the paroxysm comes on, the little suffererer ca« be given the remedy again and again twithout thought of future trouble. iTliere is no poison in it, and when 1 the croup is broken the littte thing c:tn go to sleep ia perfect security. This can not be said of any oth,er, cough remedy on the market. Get it of any dealer. "' , SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. whlcli soon cured him, Big-lit, it not his life." ., Borton, Haau. I know It nav «1 Iili AHUII F. BLJLOKMIN, 2888 Hood 1 * Pills an tba best iftwr-dtniur PA1U, oolit AlcwUem, rar* h«»dMh« ud bllloomeu. _ ..j cijciaris SEDAiisviLM, HivmUtou Co., O., Juue, 1869. Quo bottle of Pastor' Koonig'u Nerve Tozilo cured mo entirely, after physicians had tried uiiauocegsfully for 8 months to relieve me oi nervous debility. W. HUENNEFELD. OaT, Reno County, Kan., Oct., 1SOO. A boy eight yeara old aufforea teveiely from uervonsneas and twltobinga, After nalng PAS- TOB KoKma'B NBBVB TONIC for a time, ho wal outirely restored. Another is that of a £ )ung latlywuo after uoiug Sbottteo of Pastor oenig's Touia a positive cure was effected from epileptic fits. BEV. JOHN LOEVENIOH. HOVBN, SOUTH DAKOTA, Dot. 27,1890. My healthTfaa entirely ruined by epilepsy and I could do no work. I used Pastor Koeuig's Norv« Tonic. The effect was such that I daily grew butter and stronger j ilnce four mouths I have i(or.o heavy labor, and haye had no more fits. JOHN MOUU'OB. i—A Valuable Booti an Wei-vona DisousoB sent free to any address, and poor patleota can also obtain tills uieOiclne froo of charge. This remedy lias been prepared by the Eeverenfl 'Pastor KoeniR. of Fort Wayne, Ind., since 187(1, and Is now prepared under his direction bytho . ICOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. Bold by Druggists at SI per Bottle. 0 for SK, taree Size, 91.75. 0 Bottles for »0. RELIEVES all Btomach Pistreiw. REMOVES Hauoea, Seiwe of COKflESTlON, PAIN. REVIVES FAIUKO ENERGY. RESTORES Normal Circulation, CO0 WAJUM to To? TIPS. M. HAtTM MCTICIHE CO., 81. Lotil*. 9*9, Patents! Pensions'. Bead for Invantor'« Guide or How to Obtain a Patent, iend for Digest ot I'eHHloii and iloiiiity LutvK. ti>li;U O'l'umai, Wanhlli|{tojl, J>. C. : FREE TAKE The first close often astonishes the Invalid, Riving elasticity of mind, huoy- ) iincy of body, good digestion, regular < bowels and solid Uesh. Price, Siact.s. FOR SUMMER COMPLAINTS PERRY DAVIS' PAIN-KILLER BEST MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. of bad eutlnK;«ares pick lienduche; »r«iiCoin!>lexTon;fiir«?Coniftipatio»« $40,000,000 i,. y,,, ri,«Bl4 »*•«•«« t by ail(J lBteUig.nt»dTt«* W. »VI>I.«V * C0, BARLOWS INDIGO BLUE. I'lio Family Wnuh Blue, for sale by Grocere. E&VIORDIA THE ONK.1T SCIIE CTBH. Price $1.00 br m»li, UEMO1UMA. CD.. 110 Fulton St.. Krff York. The made, (VATZHTBD.) itroKgttt a»i f Bnllkd otkM Lft. H I .._ ,iowd»r and paekM £ with remoT«bl* lid. Uif emtatt* are alway« ready f*r BM. Will make tbe otit perfumed Bar4l< ia SO mlnat«i without MHnf. In the bait for clfa&lim plpei, dltlnfectlng etnk», d . waehlDt bottlei, p«mte, trees, «t«, PENNA. SALT HF». i Hen. Art*., l"hil»., Fa. EflDQUflKTERS for LOW PRICES iveiyaTOixliourgooUcueliouatomon romliSto V5 uerecaLoua iargo vtuv iuty ot uaeful articles oesiden 400 Kinds of SCALES which VQ m^QfAoture,9end 'forClrrului uxd Pricu, I^« /ollowing are nmon? thaAr* Ontin».riinOi,8»!ei, Sewing UwM»M.C»lTHl(M,iru«M.!U > BICYCLES EM TO AGJCNTS. WHITE If OK OATAItOQIUB AND CONDITIONS. JLA-KGKST ASSOW* HUNT. tOWKST JOBBING PRICES. T. P. GANSE CYCLE CO., FAT FOLKS REDUCED

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