The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 17, 1891 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1891
Page 2
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THB UPPER DBS KOIKES* AJLCIOKA^ tOWA» WEDli^i>Alr, ^IJNE It, BSTJCE insrz-a. s<j prrokranS iban I tbs tacfefc? cf Sie srsse. rasta s -Eat iks: to lir%*k fb» _£ raw UK* saKtSer, T« £or rf* K« iftric 7i«<y-e « ix»«sr iirr i '/:rf«!r »>sr»".*!S to* tl.sue ai ic s bresrEh aa-t, aictno uas -r.-j o lae door is s. eaose: sa liC^r. cff ZSe srst I -STH^TM tb« tS3 jedilsr kk rag?*3 pafese. f sssualL S ta% rc^ <isr, i^e^s-, I fefit -is'.^, Ics- IEJ feibsr <asa* izio : le fir=a«Et Hebs Vj>A Is/via by f*;. C5w«, THE PEDDLER .'--.!Uiaa % iia tie }it*J,% ca'•..';; - idia i:. i.L-_-.ivUi^2t. 1-j vcr laad, fc-V^S-t 4t% j.' if trj* kl":ifi-/..i\y iiad .i/vwy m/jiT tA Man fi tyl <iov,-,'j \'IA Bf.n I «• * th-icv/rivay aiid Hrt«3- -''"^ ed to ibfc rjrc.%*ojri;H with tL* liveliest t/^y said, that T*."- lirfettrtr-- .rlsaes of fe rM frMasd ?-f rsae, rsrjestly bad ofsea fa^srf tdaa ssr3 feia |ierf ;: ':"''~. Ti^^^rred IBFS, tisst be wg«. 3 tr»"-* Tb-ar C*e*« Tfc»t tfce tt >t Tim*—A MHIitJiraJrrr LrrSilCE in '-trw •=•*. ? > ^I^'IJIT The tigirt t!:--:x*-3 xsfa to tbe JE& ia-issa inrjiar a asErrsi 'rf swsd Scrar for M-aseif sad a IjsiTsi -of trbssp far ti» -*rMt* TTHFTf -who Trgj-feS far insa." caa ^-ara ta be lax- Taej srs tat -w^rsltMasi ladisais ia ite TJ-Eitea Stats. It is «stfeaat-^a st the tnSsa cSce tiat sad -srbat ssit to be as good as cash—i. e.. sala"?-lt isad sad tise gTremTatarfs promise to pay. Ss ETK-i is tbt ic-tersst oa the FEES held "by tht Caited States to QMET credit iiat the Besrretary^ tie iat^rior -win act ^y ost sE csf it at <se &a=, ana s grad-aal ta-.rr-saesrt is aiding to £ht nsiil- ioos alre&Sy credited to the trio? as the books -of tibe gargrameat. The Osa?e« caiae to their -srealtii the saie of uhrrir lands ia Kansas they -=reTe soT^d to a reserratitBi iz -srhs.t i§ ii-..-~ EDQ-TTD as OHahonta territory. Ctoe ladias absodoaed his tribe sad efuBZ to t ri" K.?;iisas land, and it is Kdd tbit toiiy. thr-jTizh the apffrer^a-tic'a ra the rsJ-ne c v f that land, he is -»raria a cnTJioa collars. He is perhaps the richest Indian iii the trcrld. Nothing is farj-srn of him a: the Indian oS?= 'berause, his tribe, he has ceased to be a r of SjJicitT3 '2e to the sreatiemea in charge tie that ts:f;rtagriii-art of tbe- - 'iT --77- cTi-tii- A speech s-cs HE? a rc^Hr *js^" r >«nE iaier is i-.-t a e-:»->3 coe, Asatn, to be ni a i-jeeth la-asi be eolir^ae-i ec-Sotes ce htaaor. Paqple OSES ^*5kj f-i^ s-j'iid HiSli acii on. bat 3 platf CTia sjeabs' nrart ain-ase and please rather than teach,— Gentleman's Mag- .% ^tajirt Tcrn»c Ftllotr. "There are pretty smart jeoj-le ing Dc-tfadays." remarke-3 driver c-f a Fourth areiiue car a fe-a- days £gr«. •"an-i -sre carmen DO~ ar-d then meet seine c-f them, A yc^nug fel!o— -^ith cs5s on his sb.C'es boarded icy car at T'vrezity- third street- He carriea a jrrp. and I put -. hJTn <3c'trn ss a matter-of-fact t<nsiDess Tn»ui. He -sras ia a htirry. scd says fc* 'Lay' yc-tir -srhip on those horses: Tin gvii:g to Hartford, and —ant to ret :.:• the Grand OentraJ station in fire mia- nt«s.' He ST>->ke ia sn?h r Mid it <wr /a/7/M-; trwn tfrf* V; i trtilbf fjjfjjp fcfcVr.rVsd art jubilant zit'l t.'iat th« jw- It j* kept, at | " 1 v/rU of ' v.-a« a very bsr% 1 '--g row *>£ * f '/na at one and j v/aji v.-as a lar v/ith a CToeiiix harjjrJEg Th* hall v/aa fuJl of pwpk. >ver%- xi via fc-.Ti-.rar-iIy. "y~t ]~it r c.ol.',t « to Hi gTdit. Efe ssdd 'ht in ca^j-tvCi. in tb«r old -mill, ai;.d Lad jjo-;jig v,-h h h*™- yandle of r Aii.t-ia p<rt~jvlv-b's Lam. Jift^r midziizlit b* L.ii'1 niv5e his wav to the bo-u.-* oct of to be crt'Jiy beaten a y^ar before. As a prr/of Lft ni--::;tio£!%l a small pot of tar Li'-3 !>-.-n found at Ivacofka and iTigLt the day prei-iotis. A t^lii,-^ f.-f relief tpr*std among th-r • acdi<Sir>> v.-L«j it bbcaiaft evident'that •ngror/in^vritb , th<- poor v/OL-iaa ~as not to stiStr nn- on «tch hid*, a . JDATly, and every one M^ictd glad to v.-?i«rre aat thfe ' find that tiift first rat-radons against the a/1 o-n the vrhit*- ' peddler w«-«s con/xt." A new' sentence j':, rotind clock, • was drawn ap. and as he .Tbood vraitL-ig •••': it. ; to h'^r it r'rad Uncle Ftdia dropped hi-. in s;}ia:jje at K^iiJir even' eve fixed of Indian ?i_i.air= at tee national capital The land b-Ic.-aging to the other Indians - ' Sra 7 tilat J a*£*d him w:;o be boTight by the government and >en to settlement, j THE ETDLlLSS A2fD THE GOVEEXME5T- ! In buying this property the govern-1 it did no: make any actual payment for it. It announced to the Osages that taey had been credited with the amount : of toe p-archase money and that they j "1 receive interest on that amount- . There was no dejx>sit made to secure this indebtedness of the government. the fcrt vic-e president of tai? road. eH ; man.' says he. 'and 1 tract yen to obey my order.' Witcc-nt farther eeremoi;~ I got my bor~« into a lively trot, and people on the avenue must have thotigbt tiiat the car had an electric motor as well us ths hors*^.. "In the space of a few mfume? I was at the station, and I hoped rav passenger would pat a quarter in my hand for mv obedienve. Well. sir. test vonag man nothing to represent it in the jumped from the platform, and after be treasury department except the record ^^ ^ ° e t 3711 ^ around. :n-. it- an offen- of the fact that it has been assamed bv . ^ Te s='—^re -rith hi.- ha::'l. and said,. tee government This has been the prac- > '^^ jaan- y"- 1 ^ can now drive to the tice of the government—its exclusive &-~^ 1 i^aj .greatly annoytr<l at the trick, practice—for rnanv vears. ^ an ^ would have punished him for hisim- A long time ago the treasury depart-"' fiction but for his outdistancing me. I ment used to purchase southern state think he was an actor who was late for bonds with the purchase price of Indian , ^ train.—Xew York Times. On the : d«*'.r/ ;;a* /y/waiB "V> istey,*' THwi'je. bTJ«. ^» ud fck, taE:^ my^ou, ; ^^S^^r]^^'^ 5 and ^ D ^ him ^ "^ " d ^^ -V»'*Vrru/v/o '%}&&#:, tiirojjvfj Tpp/bk-a h* wuld «* a peasants of Ivanofka, wii«-f- the fire ha/1 taken , He v.-a'j Eewtencfed to the mine3 of Siberia, but his time was lir/jjte'l to ten veais Ky >4 &»i>*r,vr*tiHK V\y Wi>**4. i'w wjiitr, tfi liw W&jjwjiiziut Tote i/s I/", •*',>- auy lands and hold them in trust for the Indians. A great many of these southern Etate bonds are now in the treasury vaults, held in trust to secure indebtedness to the Indian tribes. But on the majority of them no interest has been paid by the states for a long timp; in ^ Glim,**. B.rkw»m. rt , Thron ? fl taat , lOT " ^ thr f- = r. n , d . ve «" ^"^S between the Fifth f nd Flfteemh c«ntari« the greatest J? 3 ^ ^ ere books ' "? costl 7 were they thatU 3 Dert to lm P<»siWe for Jy •V* thJ* %fi i'l lMt:>, tlJL'f-l if.: th /wjt/jjity of >/. /i'tfi-r 'S'li'i <:>r<:utitf<;ri:i)ti*t 'f<h>->:\ travj* at the rat/: of /' /Hltltfy;, Hh'jlil \tirw; ItlllirH >i"/.:l fcp(-/yjy «tjsp/'i;i.j!j j kwov/M to fa)J or c/>J»J, but it •/.•; dnj/jkard, ^i<•.|•n fou/jd OH- a'l. Other Mji;jj thus through s very <.-a«y tx^ i jxyldl'tr bad type, v/5th a round, flat face, . and a dull, Btubbornerprfts- •v^.Tned to pay no heed to v/hat th« clerk was Baying in his fileepy ' vacation, voice, and look^l at neithftr the judges I One morning while we were at break- nor the audfcne<j, butk' ; pt far WM fixed fast in the garden we saw the priest of npon the great clock, v/' Th« tim« jcirvfc^I by. andrfs yean; later I returned t/j my home for the summer •• -"• « *'JiJi£ l-i-iil^, ill l_^-i fact, the bonds in effect have been re- an - V bat tfle ncbest to Procure such ex• pensive treasures, the more's the pity, ' since but inches of information, so to speak, remain to tell the story of ther worth and the tale of wonderful gar niture. both binding and ornamentation revealing the peculiarly rich and varied handicraft then in vogue. Much of the transcribing of the period was done by residents of houses: boards of hard wood, over leather was stretched, inclosed these precious treasures, and further protection by metallic corner pieces and mass- in pndiated. The government, however, under its contract with the Indians, is held liab^a for the interest which these bonds should \ have drawn. This interest it has a>- '• Bumtd. So the purchase of the state bonds was a losing investment for the government. Its unhappy experience in ' this direction has taught it the wisdom of securing its debts to the Indian, like ite other obligations, with a promise to pay. i expecting an arrival. The f/sKtu/iony against her w;;-> overwhelming. She wa« of a turbulent, in- he. l think has happened?"' '.•d. know," replied my father. "The j jurv ' the reservation in Oklahoma. The ex- 7 Ji* JX'/wyf/jy vf Mr. <>y^, 1,/ji; i, tiroslf'Ji d, /if.'i/Ja/i'J, t/y that».-, M vi^v/of <rf- M.I-^.-t. ft)/!" M;J/V/I, i//J >W t/*'; i rtt: 'OiM.- tit 1 !»<;«:•« to /;;aki; i/ivi^tlgatJu/iA with "<?rinilrth% tin; i/i*l nyi<t/://j IfW.lltjll, 11 nit iinvi": ii v;>lu- t/;l; )*.*J };Jl:','t. HI? «|/<r;tj<rt !/<?/•//<« '// t/C; wo; j< of tin: W,>inm\n*tirf,nn ties iiin//ioghar/i W« ((/<<•. :</id b\,t\b-H tliiil, l)i th'-»<! U/'«; l.y/l/)(l-//iyj J/i;f i;«| i»»;l irinii-in-M v/jl.J( )IO;M: l/a(;ljo(j, a (; |iy.,. I"/!'; Th'rrij wa« hardly <;v.-r a row iu a tav- « bpjl F<:dJa w;i« proved t<j !><s at. thi; >n<jiit of it; tfji; poli';<:, aff;r due inviM- >!>•/, Dial the tronhl'j orig- l/jKt/:'! v/,ith th<; );ii<;;jt htrarjg<;r v/Jio wa# V/«:r<:, l/> P,ay t.)j<) )i;W,t, I'.Ui-.picJOIJh, It) c/itw,i\in;tt<:<: 'if th(;:-,!) facts th<; jx;ddl(;r I v/.-r; of'U:;i <:h;»: ':d ;iijd hooU-.d at Hi the'fi-, ;i/id wh'.-n tli»; cJwldrcn pelted j tlilll V/ifh lil/y|li;)j )|<: WOIll'1 whip Up hi« • awl iiiuku ttlf i;i> iti<-<:lt]y that every :/.','// that hi) had a bad ixiiMiiwiwi. act number mentioned in the last annual to Hup^rt her chYldn.-n, having re-' ha^'died of his injuries'" , , ,„„ , t ,. , «x«itly lout her husband, a worthteai "You do not know the most terrible ' J.' 4<>6:tbn * thls ' «' course, vanes from f. : )lov/ who had died of drink. After ! part of the matter," raid the priert. "I I T t0 tlme> The m f mbve .f of th ' s b.-i,ig diwharged by the lady of j was sent for by the dving man, and he i *" <[' u™™ 1 W °!? en ! nd chlldren ' are dition Ivanofka Khe bad been hoard to tue told me his dreadful'^cret. 'Father' : ?°- nt Bh ^ rer8 . m the lnterest mone y- As thrfatt/rning language while stopping at j said he, -I committed a great sin six the null to l,uy BOWIO fitraw, and had ap- | years jigo—I set fire to Ivanofl'a ' j)i;ar«:d in our village the next day tbred j 'What!' I cried; «<jd muddy and afft-cting to }je ignorant of the fin: in tho night. ' I0tlse ^ o ' < l s ani l ecclesiastical di°Tiitaries, and copies for churches and monasteries J^l^V^A^^^.^^P^ "8 htMd !r^rtV\re^IndTar^rmfe47er U ts ^d side casings of ivory on which appropriate subjects were carved in silver, of quaint fretwork pattern, and otherwise distinctively honored by the ad- of gold plaques, stud'ded with gems and jewels. Both sets and single volumes were carefully incased in boxes no less expensive than were the brilliant bindings.—Harper's Bazar. to it was the peddler, Fedia'— But he interrupted me, suying: 'I set fire to the hou.-:e torevpi-w' Akonlina declared that who ha/1 slept myself on tho owner, who had cau-e'd in a barn U-longj'ng to a cousin of hers ; me to be taken as a Koldicr. Uncle Fe- na7w:d Anton I'etrovitch. Unfortunate- j dia passed a night in the mill after s,-ll- ly HUB j)f:rw/n had lat/:ly left tho country ; ing mo a pot of tar. I thought that he- it is paid to the tribe it is divided equally among them. It is drawn by the head of each family for himself, his wife and his children. . HOW THE MONEY IS SPENT. j The Indian with a large family draws j a goodly sum each month. Even the' Send Hint to a Museum. sss £,±:±± SttuST s ;i=r« srss = =„, 3£ dil)' -I'l-.tiivi '/vbj':h «dd'rrai/|i: v/i-jj/ld l/f tli'; ';/)/ tit I'i'n pO/t I//U-, l/«-4!/< I)H\ /Vllin VIUIB' .lull I III') il'nl'1 a )i;U<:r l/y l/i-;- ljiii-,1 'lio li/td /^O/IP- //ui. I.'/ |jra. ii) lilf'ly (.'/ Ill; wilh tli'; <://|-pn/'aU</r, IfonJ, t// wbii:h hie. ri; T^ I i'l v t"«,l l lT ;W ,ri" ill "7? TTf'" for i u '! a «'<»" l ' J w ^ k '"« ^w.o at Odessa, ' Bu^^tcil" me "tl^ and"ou^e >«|J<,, fu,! *"/ '"'«'*t '»•"/ l« life-. i;«/;J« J-'.-'diu. . i v/h.:,,co Iw WUB B.ippoBe.1 to huvo em- i the trial ho oiimo to me and said with an uarked »H a nailor in a foreign Hhip. In- ' eaniest air: • - .. - _ * _ . ! to be a terrible jjiece i entitled is large—for an Indian, been the policy for It has of » ii i/i < ii JJj ij vi'!;;-,n V,'U> i l> Illllj/l! )'i-l iiriiin «5||l, jyidl.ij (if Km V/o/]i| III till" Wljlll) l/f till! III! tlKI'lili'i!, 11. v/an M-ci"iillv i 11 -, ilio 'iirnmiti i|f;ttj li-lh^ 1 offlri;, (lltn nv.lJiivii il. willi i-.ri'ii|n||i;ii)) irj tin) i-,niili'i. 'I'ln: li-u,.,' WUH ,| u i,., 1(1, IHKl. London Til, IiiI.H, lltrltnl Mm Cmtvil |,, |', j( |, Oriinunit. 'J', A, Mi'll.iT piii'cliMiiod h.OOO Kwnnt «niliK«'»'mil |iliii'i.p| Hi,.m ,„, (.loiii'.onl'ii wlinif, funk uf Oi'i'iui itliDoi,, lor linn diit- trlhiiUnii, 'I'lm nnly iicnviiio win* Unit tin) nal,<tr iilii/iilij ijnarUir Ihn I'rniL and lilw.o Dm pi'iil In ii li.'unil of uhujhol Bliiii'lini/ iiciir. Abnnl 'I.OUO ill thu Oruii|{i;ii W'X'D i^llli'li by HID itiirroil isriiwd, iui'1 Mr. Mnlii.r i^ol n (l to I/O lli>v,-<:-;<.r, I wdii hium-riily fond of tho </M fi;!lov/. Jji» MUHIIH In havi-j bi;i:a a pf»rt of («y childhood, and will always ii;c""> in my iiiaiimry in tlio pla/:o of honor, which \n t-.a<:ri-il to tho korj/iest oy«. AH f.\r Ija'.'k ;IH 1 can rciii«:i/ilj<;r, i<; v/aii u;-.«oi:i;it,i:d with tho cvo of gri;at fciii-.i, iliiyn, and 1 r.nn hlijl recall tho twj- tution Ui;it wan i:n'iil.<-p| by tlio Koiiml of liii> lil.lli; bi-.IJ at tbi) j;uli;way. Ilo would conn: into tlio warm vcHlihulo, in hin 1'oznldn j/i'lii'W', bringing an air of cold mid liiiow v/ith him, nnd hi-ri; ho would open liln gn-al baakid with It/* Iwocom- ...„ i, nnd oh, v/lial. worn Tho wlioli; lioiiKuhold would ;ii-.i.i:mbln uu ho dinplayi'd hiii warirn. Tin; ,,i;j'v;tnl. mai'ln, with gliiiloning c\< •;•, SMIII|I| hus- lln imch ol,hi:r in tln-ir i-ii'.;''rii(-i.:i in HIM- liiori) I'lnm-ly anil l,o liandlp. ilu. rililnuiH. riiidnrnd li.indl.-iriTlii,•!'.;. lilwityu xvaih'd willi iin;i;i- i/jii-niii},' i,l' I Iii. Inwi-Hl cant! till) pluyl lii,r;M were l<ep|., HO Illi;.IP-, Uncle |''i:ilii. 1 my dciipairin.'.; i-.;laiiee and credit for a pnrl.i't knil'u mt nndei the new law, p. in- ! air- ««—*.* t .*v u^,, *»»-», ^.3 me Liuonrts tur i )g his j « "ft cro is going to be a terrible piece Ind ' ans ' to P av to the Osage tribe onl; loaght of LuBineEs; they are going to condemn I S^l . m , " 1One y, to whlcl !/* ls ent j tl( as the Akonlina to Siberia. Perhaps she is in- j P* f.^^Vnnn "nnally was for a falso nocent. I would not listen, but threat- ' ODS il ™ $2u °' 000 - T ^ vo J' ea . rs a S° l the trustee for the : only a is entitled. a ped in from Montana a car of horses, or broncos, as they are better known. In this lot was one that he could not sell, owing to the fact that he had none to mate him. He is a sorrel, stands fully 19 hands, or 6 ft. 4 in., from floor to withers; his legs are 3 ft. 0 in. before (Jltt. will bi) Illdjijiiid l.o l'',ll|;li llwd for inudiriiial piu'|iimi-n,• Tlmo'i-Union, <;.).,! ly Illlllillngii In Hi,MI,, The I'nllowiiiK will givd an Wtwil Jioxlnn in fipnndlng upon wmio of IU) lM-lncl|iul liulldiiiKfi; '|'hi> now court IKHWO will cimL pnrliiunt fni'm i|il,0(JO,00() t<J I(J),0()II,(I()(I; (,||(, (.(utn |ly(| Ml , OsllillHioH, |IJ,(J(W,WJO; Uio public library, iJW.fillO.OOOi tltii M> ndli'iitii building, ,)„ Htato nlrout, IB.OOO.OOU or ijiil.OUO.OOOi Uio Anu»* bulld- IiiK. ttl tho font of (Jourl Htnmt, Hi700,00(; ( and tlio Houni building niiwij'ii and ttthuii*. |;iOI),WO.-™lloHlon tlio kopt looking from the clock to tho door, and it was evident that only one fact wa« clear to her dull understanding— Anton IVlrovitch was* tho one person who could huvu her, and she clung tcno- cioiihly to tho idea that Anton Potro- ,000 .' cent, of the amount due the Indians, and the other 25 amount with which the tribe is credited What will ba qniry proved fruitions respecting his j whereabout, but that fact was thought ' to b<j of but little contwjiif.'iico, woman'HhtaUjnient was evidently °",'m . , . . ( '" f -<l him KO fiercely that he went away 1 ho punihlnnent, for incendiarism is fdghtenod. Ahl what a good man he biuuwhmcnt to .Sibi.-rm, but before sen- i WUH _i, 0 pitied the woman and her little twice wiwpawiod an umber of witnesses ] children and Kiicriiiced himself to save „ . . - ^ _„._„ _„ „. oc ,cu^ ou wore to bo ..-xa.nn.w . tllom . O1 lni . sorab](J wretch tll;lt T am , ; 25 per^ cent goes toward swelling the feet from t f p of nose to ti ' of tail> ^^ Akonlina ],a.d lilili, or no attention to ; llow can X hone to obtilin p . mlon ,. He al "°u n t with which the *-' ^-^ - *....»' 10 .^animation of tho witn^es, but died a fow minutes after his confession." ° n tho treasury books. Without losing a moment we took the priest to the governor of the province, and the hitter on hearing the declaration wrote to tho authorities in Siberia. Months of fruitless correspondence ensued. vilch would enter by that door and say . -tin, feet in height can't see over his back, even when standing on tiptoe. In length he is fully thirteen feet, or seventeen standing will his head as ordinarily checked up a sis foot man by standing on tiptoe can just touch the base of the ear. "Hamlin's Elephant" is the cognomen he is known by.—St, Louis Globe- Democrat. fumished them they, could 1 iot make | Uoi'it nnd AM for inn, I lieiH'i, for | In, of all, when.! an.l if 1 hu<| oftitii KIWI mo or a brightly colored picluro from Sou/.dill. 1/atei 1 , it waiiiilwaynho who brought mo booldi, gunpowder and llnli bull. At tii|{lilof Much iirooftt of our amioablo relation:! my falhor would frown /itcrnly and niaho u nii;n to our old major domo, who would Immiidialoly IUMUIUO <i bulldog air of WfttiihfulnoKH, and when all the pur- thawiii woru imulu Undo Fodlw, without a momeiitV ill-lay, would pack up hia Booilti and go out, clowuly watchod tw ho jMtKnod through tho court yard, and no lino over holpoil him to lift lib* heavy pm-lc into tho curl. 1 more than onco thouglitiof taking tho old man's part, but iny uoiinigo fuilod mo, and I know, moro- ovor, (hut, it would bo useloos to strive ttgulnut Ihogouoral projudioo. Tho laut tiiuo. Uuolo Fediu cuiuo to our IHHIBO was on a stormy Sunday ovoulug. An ho wus going uwuy ln> the nectary words beforo i was too ; Buro UB to which convict ouv magistrate late. 1'ooplo had told her that nor cousin ' referred. At last tho governor general was niiiorUiil to Imvo porwhwl by ship-; of Siberia closed the correspondence, refusing to investigate further. "Do you suppose it possible," ho wrote, of Quail and Barnyard Fowl. wreck in tho distant noa, but that could not bo. (jod was too just to let her suffer for tho want of a few words. Mea- HagcH liad been sent lo Odessa, mid she 'for mo to trace a man named Fedia throughout tho Russian possessions in clung dc.puruloly to tho hope that Anton A siaV Do von th nk t ert^onlv on^ S ove "» uen t looks after the educati would bo found. But as tho clock's ^iond^ oi" that uiSe™ DnriS the ^ OsaeeB ' and ' a special fund * hand* moved round and tho time went nas^tw,^ by tho hopo began to weaken. Tho president of tho court put more questions* to the accused for tho last time. "I am innocent," was her reply, repeated again and again. "1 know nothing about tho lire; I was not near the pluco at all. When Anton Potrovitch coiuou ho will toll you. I know nothing ubout it—I urn innocent." Tho judges retired for u few minutes. When they returned tho president rose, holding u papor in his bauds. Thou Akonliiui knew that till was over. A shudder passed through her frame, She stretched out her hands nnd convulsively patted tho heads of her children; then, falling upon her knees, she raised her clasped hands toward the crucifix on tho wall and wildly exclaimed: past year two Fedias died in tho hospital at Tomsk and three at Tobolsk, not to i mention several in other places." When tho failure of the search be- cuiue known Akonlina brought o, basket of fresh eggs to the priest, and asked him to celebrate divine service for the soul of poor Uncle Fedia. Tho widow, went to the church at the appointed hour, nnd as we knelt there I seemed to see the old man in his ragged pelisse shrinking beforo the angry faces in the court room. Many persons who had frowned at him that day were in the church, nnd they now shed tears as terest on it is a question with which the government has not yet troubled itself. Occasionally some of the interest money which is due to the Osages is ex- pf the interior, within his discretion, interesting of the gallinaceous family. The Indian office has on hand now plans as all rooster and hen birds are called, for a $30,000 building to ho used as a The young are very much like the grouse doruii tory and school in connection with, sbicks, except in size, and indeed the the education of the Osage • children, j Jtdnlt quail is only about as large as the The council of the tribe requested the average 3-weeks-old chick of the barn- secretnry to make this expenditure. The yard. Their seeming trustfulness in education of man and their inclination at times to se t mingle with their big cousins near farmhouses, make them universal favorites. The government supplies them with agricultural implements and a great many other things which the Indians —Pittsburg Dispatch. Dime Safes and Street Car Fares. ... w ^ Brother Torn— For heaven's sake, Lil, selves. They do buy a great' many Tux- ' ' en(i me a dime. uries. Very few of them save any of ! Sister Lil— I was just going to ask you thoughf of him dying jo a .hospital at Tomsk or Tobolsk—heaven alone knows where.—Translated from the Russiaa for Short Stories by Isabel Smithson. the m ° ney which is I 5aid to them t Thetwd «»t«» » greater • part of it within an hour , for two dimes. Where's your money? Brother Torn—In that infernal patent " it won't open until I've put in, after the,payment has been distributed. ' anotlle i' ten cent piece. U! - i -- ' J1 n —- 'The Osage tradership is regarded as the most valuable in the United States. Other traders have more Indians to deal with, but not so much money,—Washington Cor. New York Sun. Me»c»ulay «1 Mep listened to .'iKCWk^y with respect, weighed his arguments, reflected on what ho had said, were often convinced, ing been formerly owned bv D H Bice Boinetiuies converted, but nowhere did of the Hull Yacht club. She was' built crowds of eager listeners and ardent ad-' in Essex, and rigged first aa a schooner. Sister Lil—Same here. Mine won't deliver for less than two dimes. Both get out nnd walk.— Pifcisburg Bulletin.. ., The largest yawl on the Atlantic coasl is said to be the Whitecap, eighty-three feet over all, owned by Dr. J. T. Both- rock, of Philadelphia. The Whitecap i« well known in Massachusetts bay, hav-

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