The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 10, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1891
Page 5
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THE TJPPEK DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10, 1891. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CmCAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAtJL. :<& "West—Pass.- No. 1 6:02 a m No. 3 4:37pm Freight— Bast—Pass.— No. '2 10:20 a m No. 4 9:30pm Freight- No. 9.... .... 7:15 am No, 8 11:55 pra No. 13.. ll:45amNo. 14 2:30pm No, 5< 8:17pmNo. 10 12:15 am CHICAGO & NOBTHWESTERN. North— I South— Elmore pass..4:05p in Elmorepass 12:20 pm St. Paul frt.. .0:55 a m|DesMolnes ft 7:35 p;',n THE CITY. ' ,. '„ /.:& $* fe k| £ if |l '$» ''i ft > ! 1,3 New paint is noted on M. 13 Chapin's house, and on D. Hine's. \ " Dr. Sayers wag called to Pocahontas county yesterday on state business. There will be an ice cream social at the Frink school house Friday night. A unimproved quarter of land in Hebron brought $15 an acre yesterday. A farmer in the north end _of the county'has corn five inches high already. Presiding Elder Black will preach •Sunday evening at the Methodist •churcfi. A farmer from eastern Iowa bought the Hartwell farm Monduy. Ho will locate in the fall. The democratic county convention comes next Wednesday. The republicans meet Friday. Will Price is home from Illinois, where ho found his sister very low and ,ot expected to live. Algona has had a pretty respectable looking "body of people, in town today. It is old settler's day. T. H. Conner is finishing up his Spen- r building, and he and Cowan go to Rolfo to begin there. Geo. M. Annis stepped off a fence in such a manner as to turn his ankle and is walking on a crutch. Bradley & Nicoulin's wagon men are at work at Estherville and are selling lots of buggies and wagons. Market prices are unchanged. Wheat stands ut 90c; hogs, $4; oats, 35c; corn, 45c; flax, 90@95c; barley, 50c. Springfield is a good name for the new township west of Hebron. It is part of the land of flowing wells. The darkey circus Saturday only has four cars and a ; sleeper. They can't carry a very heavy 50 cent show. Bert Barr has received his official documents from the war department. He goes to West Point next June. "Doc." Burroughs, who has been working tor Conner & Cowan on the Emmetsburg bank, is back in town. Taxes for a new railroad are already being voted over in Winnebago county, the new road to run through to Estherville. A yearling colt out the half sister of W. F. 'Carter's new standard bred mare, [ypatia, sold last week for $400 at the ^-Minnesota sale. Farmers were here from all parts of the county yesterday. They all say •this is one of the best seasons so far the county has ever had. Both Prof. Dixson and Col. Spencer have lately had letters from S. C. Spear in which he says he and Mrs. Spear will soon be in Algona. Algona grange will hold a lawn social at Mr. Zalten's, June 19. Supper served at 4:30 p. in., ice cream, and strawberries in the evening. This office has been making order books, check books, and doing other printing for several of the new co-operative creameries the past week. Grant Ramsey is a street car conductor in Minneapolis. This makes three Algona has sent, Frank Benjamin and Adolf Friday being the others. Sumner Stebbins is tending to the sidewalks with vigor and also to the streets. Good gravel has gone into the roads, and good boards into the walks. Mr. Marshall, of the steam plow company, was down Saturday. He has had the patentee of the plow out looking it over. The plow has hundreds of visitors. The children's day exercises at the Congregational church next Sunday will be held in the morning. Songs and recitations will make an interesting programme. The ladies of the M. E. church will give a lawn social at the residence of Dr. Morse, on Tuesday evening, June ,,16, Ice cream and cake will be served. Everybody is cordially invited. The Methodist parsonage plans proved too expensive for the money at hand, and they have been modified a little. The contract will be let now as soon as possible, and work be begun, Old friends of Miss Josie Comstock will be interested in learning that she ' won a gold me_dal this spring in her musical examination. She will be in Algona to visit some time this month, Al. Johnston, the old time tuba player in the Algona baud, has been foreman of the machine shops of a tin mining company in the Black Hills for over a year at a salary of $150 a month. The normal school board holds a meeting this week to reach a final decision on the future of the school. Prof. McCollum has made a proposition, and this week will decide what will be done. Lew. Hudson went up to Blue Earth last Saturday to take some photographs for Ringling's qircus. He went on with the show to Owatonna, but will be home this week. Our photographers are in demand. The programme for the high school commencement promises an enjoyable entertainment Friday evening. The exercises will be held at the Congregational church and the usually large attendance is insured. Geo. C. Call showed his artistic taste last week in trimming up the beautiful hard maples in front of the old home. Uesides this title to popular regard, he is also having a new sidewalk laid on tjje east side of the block. No new cases of diphtheria are reported at Irvington, but another Swan- Ion child died last week, and Saturday a, child died at Mr. Spicer's. It is hoped that no further spread of the disease will be discovered. John G. Smith went to Chicago Sun- day night to be present at a big shooting tournament. While there he will visit Aurora and make definite arrangements about the city well, with the firm the council have been corresponding with. The ever glorious Fourth is to be celebrated at the O'Rourke grove this year in becoming style. Those who know the grove and genial hospitality of the people will know what to expect. A full programme will be given in due time. If anyone wants to please F. S. Stough he can do it by inspecting the new harness on the Rutherford 'bus team. It is the most expensive harness ever turned out by the shop, and it invites comparison with any thing anywhere. The work of remodelling the old horse barn on the Lund i'arm, and mak-. ing a home of it for the tenant is about completed. It makes a convenient and commodious house and will be occupied as soon as Mr. Lund gets ready to change. John Edwards' advertisement this week calls attention to his fine livery outfit and also to two high bred stallions, both lively stoppers, that he now owns. One is showing good time on the race track and both are bred from fast stock. The county fair premium lists have been issued, and some of them brought to the secretary's office. The Bancroft Register did the job, and it is a good one. The advertising list is good, and the premium list the best yet offered in the county. The Wadsworth horse farm considers itself in luck this spring. Out of eight high high bred colts six are mares. Three of the colts are standard bred and they are all mare colts. A finer lot of colts cannot bo found, and every one was born strong and healthy. We have received a copy of the University Graphic, the college paper of the Sioux City school, containing a sketch of Prof. Gilchrist and also an article by him on the metric system— from all of which we gather that he is doing well and in good health. Glen Brunson is playing in the band with the Oliver circus, now traveling in southern Minnesota. Ho was down last week to attend his brother's wedding, but went back Friday. He says he likes band work better than -fixing up probate records in the clerk's office. The Scandinavians of the county will have their annual -picnic next week Saturday, June 20, at the Byson grove on the Black Cat. Music, dancing platform, and everything the Scandinavians want to have for a good picnic will be there, and a pleasant time is insured. The circus advertising in these columns comes a week from Saturday. The darkey circus this week we know nothing about. On general principles we recommend the circus which advertises, besides which next week's circus costs but 25 cents, and in circuses the cheapest is always the best. Reporter Grier has sent over transcripts of the evidence in the divorce case of Schichtl vs Schichtl, and also in the case of Kuhn vs Breen—the suit for possession of a child tried in March.' The bill for writing out the evidence in the Schichtl case is $120. Both cases are to be tried in the supreme court. Justice Thompson listened two days to' the evidence in the case in which W. H. Harrison was charged with rape, and after hearing the summing up dismissed the defendant. As the young man is son of one of the early settlers of the county and of a pioneer landlord, this finding will be gratifying to many acquaintances. The state fair is advertising this year in most fantastic fashion. Note books, rules, posters, match safes, and contraptions without number can be found in S. S. Session's office for free distribution. If there is anything you want and don't see ask for it. All these things announce that the fair begins, Aug. 28. The school board Saturday evening completed the choosing of teachers for next year by electing Miss Kronholm. The new teacher is a sister of Mrs. Frank Benjamin, and generally recognized as one of the best and most successful teachers in the county. This addition gives an unexceptional corps for the coming year. W. M. Goodrich was a pleasant caller yesterday. He belongs to the land of booming prices and flowing wells, and his latest venture is a pasture well, where the water threw the well augur out when the vein was struck. He didn't suggest any plan whereby an attachment of one of these veins to the town well could be secured. The LuVui-ne News is again in the ring and S. C. Platt again has a firm grip on the goose quill. Bro. Platt comes back refreshed and invigorated by his temporary vacation, and he will make the welkin resound when county politics again comes up. If he sees a head and don't hit it, the promise of his early career will be belied. There is a chance for some big racing sport. John Winkel believes his running horse can raise a colt to trot with the colts of trotting horses in the county at two years. Wo learn that he can get anything up to $5,000 if he will visit Algona on this proposition. There is a big race in the air if both sides believe what they talk. Samuel Mayne bought a fine standard bred two-year old filly at the Rosemount sale in Minnesota last week, J. W. Wadsworth was there but did not buy, The stock was all sold high, Mr. Mayne's colt being struck off at $205. This adds another to the fine .breeding stock of the county, and some fine trotters are insured in the near future. As a result of the big express robbery at Carroll Austin Creed gets a good position. He was booked with the company for a situation at Omaha, but this robbery in which an assistant was involved, made a vacancy at Carroll, and he was called there. He went last Friday. He will make a good man and Carroll is a gainer in getting him. C. L. Lund added the eighty acres west of his farm to that fine tract of land, Monday, buying it of Geo. M. Annis at a little over $30 an acre. This puts his farm buildings in the center of the farm, and adds a fine pasture or bay lot. This and the Watson quarter bought last fall put the Lund farm among the largest as well as best stock farms in Iowa. The hired girls at J. J. Wilson's a.nd J. R. Jones' went riding Saturday evening after a rather skittish horse belonging to Mr. Wilson. The horse went a little fast for them and the girl that was driving jumped out and threw the reins. The other girl was thrown, and the horse fell., and a bad accident seemed likely. But no bones wore broken and no serious damage done. When the wigwam doubled its business in April over last year Mr. Jones thought that could not last. But the records for May show the same result. In May of 1891 he has sold twice what lie did in May 1890. The wigwam this 'spring ha? sold all over northern Kos- •suth, and also in Emmet, Palo Alto, Humboklt, and Hancock counties. "Jones he pays the freight" is what brings the trade. Yesterday the puffing of the passenger engine as the Northwestern train pulled in at the depot scared the 'bus team, and it started for town. _A half dozen'passengers were sitting in tho 'bus, and their scrambling to get out presented :nn animated picture. Dr. Sayers was among them, and his kit of instruments was carried down town, but ho got the conductor to wait till they could be brought back. A sad death occurred at Irvington Saturday, Mrs. Ronoy, wife of one of tho young men who bought tho Carlon farm, died after two months' illness. The remains were taken Monday to Marshall county, J. 11. Laird going with tho family to assist. Tho two brothers and their mother and the mother of the dead woman also went. Two children are left, one two years and one two months of age. Dr. Sheet-/, now gets his soda water gas in liquid form, shipped out from Chicago in a small iron cask. Enough gas to run all summer is compressed into a comparatively small case. When liberated it expands into its usual normal condition. The wonderful pressure needed to liquify the gas produces cold, and there is frost on tho irons every morning, enough sometimes to stop the escape pipes. O. W. McMumiy was down from Forest City over Sunday. Ho has his hotel there nearly done and the foundation in for the school house. Last week he was busy putting in two stores at the new town of Thompson, which has just been located between Forest City and northern Kossuth. It is named after tlj'e Thompson Bros, who are Forest City boomers and who are pushing for a new railroad across the county. Many of our readers will remember a In-other editor named Gould, who guided the destinies of the old Patriot at one time. He has-been in Minneapolis since leaving Algona, working at the printing trade, and has done well. He and V. H. Stough have organized a publishing company which they will have control of hereafter. Mrs. Gould, well known in Algona as Alice Chapin, is visiting friends and relatives in town. A good looking body of men were gathered in S. S. Sessions' office Mon•clay to consult over a pending law suit. They were tho trustees of Irvington township and were up to find out whether they can compel the Northwestern road to pay its poll tax instead of having it worked out by a worthless lot of hands. The railway has had an injunction served on the town, and the trustees have Mr. Sessions engaged to see what can be done. A son of J. B. Hutchinson of Burt about 17 years old was before the insane commissioners last week, but tho examination showed vagrancy rather than insanity. Mr. Hutchinson gave the boy his time some months ago, since when he has been leading a shiftless life sleeping in barns and serving no usefull purpose in tho community whatever. He was sent home with his father and promised to stay at home and attend to his work. Mrs. M. H. Carter of Algona presented to the Algona reading room, on her 78th birthday, the following full bound volumes: Hildreth's History of the United States, six volumes; Daubigny's History of the Reformation, -.five volumes; Milman's Gibbon's Rome, six volumes; Chemistry of Common Life, two volumes; Life of the Empress Josephine, Life of Napoleon, Life of Capt. John Brown, Life of Martin Luther, My Bondage and My Freedom, Douglas. When the board meets Juno 29, it will have a full and final discussion of the Blackford hill. For years the people have talked about what ought to be done to make a good road, and the town finally made a move in tho matter. We learn that petitions and remon- strances against cutting through the hill will be presented, and the board will hear all the claims to bo presented. Everyone who has a grievance against this road should .speak now and forever after hold his peace. Those who want the road cut through should come to the front, and those who believe in something else also, and let us hear an end of this hill for all time. Agent Vesper gives us a card showing the time tho famous Jay Gould train on the Northwestern made between Council BluiTs and Chicago. The time including stops was nine hours and 45 minutes, or 4!H miles an hour. Tho actual running time was an hour less or over 54 miles an hour. This is remarkable enough, but how does that add to the luxury of tho Algona " express?" We can stand it to have Jay Gould take it a little slower, and put a little of the speed and elegance out on the fringes. Let tho Northwestern issue a fine folder giving the accommodations between Eagle Grove and the jumping off place, and we will make a column notice of it. Vague rumors of a fracas last week were afloat, and it looked as though our crowded justice courts would have another trial, but tho storm seems to have gone over. The facts as they leaked out were that some of the beer lovers of the city had bought a keg of beer and for convenience stored it in a house near the depot. After getting conveniently full they left the house. But one who had paid the major part of the original cost went back after awhile to take a little more, and the house owner refused to let him in. This irritated him, especially as it appeared that the house owner had put nothing into the beer and was trying to •et away with the best part of it. So .e insisted on getting in, with the result that he had a shot gun put in his face, and he says a cap was snapped at him. He wanted the house owner arrested, but nothing has come of it. FERSOKAL ttOYEMENIS. Wm. Cleary is attending the Advent camp-meeting nt Des Moines. Miss Annabel Light came over from Ruthven Monday to visit her Algona friends. Geo. E. Boyle was in town yesterday with a brother from Nevada, who is visiting him. J. R. Blossom visited over Sunday and Monday. Ho pays business is lively in Spencer. John Grove came homo yesterday from a six weeks' trip in Dakota and Minnesota, looking up mail routes. Miss Mnmie Lantry is planning to accompany her sister to Denver next Tuesday, and to visit a short time in that city. / John Fill csime up from Perry, Monday, for a day's visit at home. Ho is going to Mucon, Ga., where ho will have a train. Rov, Whitfiold went to Aldon ycstcr- clnv to attend district conference being hold there. Ho leads tho discussion on how to enliven tho church stewards. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Benjamin returned to their Minneapolis homo yesterday. Their littlo girl will stay at Grandpa Benjamin's however till September. Miss Ada Smith returned fnom her school leaching at Still water, Minn., and Miss Jessie from her college work at tho Minneapolis university, last Saturday evening. Gnus. Palmer is homo from Houston, Texas, whore ho is tit work, and will spend tho summer. The weather is already warm there, and ho is not fully acclimated yet. Misses Kollogg and Mitchell, who have been visiting at J. F. Lucy's, both returned to their homos last week. They made many friends in Algoua during their stay. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Qnarton and tho two boys started for Atchison, Kan., today, where Mrs. Quarton will visit old friends. Mr. Quarton goes to Kansas City on legal business. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Clarke go to tho commencement exercises at St. Mary's soon to attend tho graduation of their daughter Gertie. She has finished a four years' course in three years and is to deliver tho poem in tho final programme. H. F. Watson has gone to Ohio, whore his daughter lives. It is reported that his son Ed. is lying on his death bod, the cause being diabetes, and no hopes are felt for his recovery. Tho symptoms of tho disease had shown themselves before he left Algona. Mrs. Will Hutchinson is visiting at Mrs. Thos, Lantry's while her husband is in Denver arranging for their now home there. Ho has entire charge of the western business of tho firm lie has boon with these years and will quit tho road. Frank E. Calkins of Ruthven, whoso announcement as a candidate for state senator was published last week, was an Algona visitor last Friday, meeting many of our citizens. Ho impressed all as being a genial and intelligent man who would very ably represent tho district. What politics may bring forth is uncertain but should Mr. Calkins bo nominated ho would without doubt prove an acceptable candidate. FEOM THE COUNTY TILL, A List of the Bills Paid at UioKecoiit Hoard Mooting. The following bills were allowed on tho county fund: Geo S Angus, assessing Burt $ 5000 J L munt, to bal assessing Fonton 12 00 R E Uavison, assessino Bancroft Inc.. 10 00 Samo malting out road tax list 300 J 13 Uobinson, assessing Irvington 00 00 John Klein, samo Seneca .'1H 00 Ole O Mehl, samo Hebron 24 00 A B Johnson, same Crescs Uu 00 E E Thomas, balance same Wesley 10 00 N Anderson, same Swou 00 00 C B Hofius, samo Portland 4 5 00 G G Studor, same Pralrlo 4!) 00 Peter Munson, same Harrison :i, r > 00 Chas A Winter, same liamsuy 75 00 Myron Schonck, same Union !I8 00 .1 L Cotton, samo Whittunioro 5400 H Dorweillor, same Garlleld 110 00 Geo B Miller, same LuVorno 40 00 G H Lamson, same Algona city 12000 13 F Quick, same LuVerne Inc 28 00 D A Wallace, trustee Irvlngtou 000 W M Welch, school blanks « 00 Perkins Bros, reporter paper 500 A A Brunson, case State vs Phoenix.... 38 DO H C Hollenbeek, clerk Wesley 7 00 E II Clarke, atty foe State vs Phoenix. 10 00 Carter & Ilussey, olTlco supplies 41 HO J H Merrilleld, clerk Samsay 1H 00 A A Bruuson, fees State vs Van Vost.. 14 00 P Dorwelller, clerk OarJlold 700 T H Lantry, postage from J an 1 5 .'10 Bailey Bros, oil for court house 00 M Stephens, board of McKay 2 40 Summoning jurors 11 40 Upper Des Moines printing. !10 50 D Grier, court reporter 4H 00 M Bonstettur, trustee Garllold a 00 S Benjamin, bailft May term 4 00 II P Hatch, clerk Whlttemoro claimed $12 allowed 1000 B F Smith, trustee Kamsay 500 S W Stanton, trustee Lotts Crook 4 00 Algona Republican, printing II) 0!) II Ward, trustee Buffalo ;j 00 W L Joslyu, county atty 1st cjr salary. 150 00 J W Hlnchon, printing 54 H.'l S Cottrel, painting signs 1100 G B Ludwig, clerk Pralrlo 7 00 It E Davlsoii, clurk Bancroft 000 Win Klelt, trustee Ramsay 2 00 A A Brunson, postage etc 3 00 Same, chair for judge 7 00 Durant Bros, goods for court house. .. 11 45 A Ogran, trustee Ramsay 2 00 B F Smith, trustee Kamsay 4 00 V S Ellis, stationary 1 75 S Benjamin, baliff May term 12 00 Bertha Carey, salary 10040 W A Chipman, clerk Portland 10 00 L J Newell, clerk Fenton 7 00 A R Bush, trustee Irvlugton 400 J W Bates, clerk Irvington old 11 00 H W McGetehie, assessor Plum Creek. 45 00 J 0 Davidson, trustee Portland..,. 300 Wm Johnson, clerk Cresco 800 C R Lewis, trustee Irvington KOO W A Patterson, constable fees 315 Iowa Deal'and Dumb institute 1080 Silas Koupe, clerk Lotts Creek 1200 C Leibsamen, clerk Buffalo o 00 Callanan & Savory, damages road .'i54. 102 00 Western Town Lot Co same 15 00 S F Frit/, same 3000 A G Johnson, same 20 00 Carl J Peterson, sumo 3000 M Beckstrom, same 20 00 Andrus Bratland, same 10 00 Albert Bratland, same 1000 Wm Whltford, same 15 00 Chas Farrow, same 25 00 Wm Farrow, same 1500 J C Cook, same 40 00 R E Davison, appraiser on road a 00 0 A Searle, same. :j 00 J J Budlond, samo "A 00 D J Newell, damages on road No 350.. 140 00 Pamollu A Buoll, same 20 00 D A Wallace, appralsor on roads 0 00 T D Stacy same 000 W C Hart, same o 00 Conrad Herman, damages road No H57 00 00 Christian Dau, same 0000 I'OOll FUND. Story Co, care of Carmody family 1800 J J Wilson, feed for poor farm 25 21 Jas Taylor, goods for poor farm 12 80 L C Chandler, board for prisoners 18 10 JRLalrd, coffin 18 00 1 Fry, corn for poor farm 75 00 J G Smith, goods for poor farm 25 78 Bailey Bros, goods for poor 1 60 Chas McCormlck, dr poor first bf year. 35 00 L A Shceto, medicine for poor (arm.,, 600 G M Howard, h»rd» \tot paor farm. f> »5 L Milieu, hay for { %p)...,.,,..7T. 1^60 OIL HAS " RIZ." • * M • • The Tank Line war has ended, and oils sell at old prices; but Best Patent, per suck SI.45 Half Patent, per suck 1.40 Straight, per sack l.iiO 20 Ibs Fine Gramilntcd Sugar for. .SI.00 21 Ibs ColTeo A Sugar for 1.0(1 22 Ibs Light .Brown Sugar for 1.00 Prices on other goods remain the same as before. Remember, we arc agents for Rock Salt for Stock, and sec us. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON. I Have Removed to The room one door cast of the postoffice, and am prepared to serve Ice Cream by the dish or in bulk. FRUIT TABLETS To"ba,cco_ Buy your peanuts fresh from roaster. W. A. LADENDORFF. E Balloy, coal for poor farm M Stephens, horBO for poor farm Aenuott & Anderson, moat poor farm.. Uoo E Marble, goods for poor 1J1U1K1H VUNI). Wm Urummond, lumbar for bridges... John Paul Lumber Co samo A Johnson, repairing brldgoH Thos Hondorson, building Marty brldgo Samo, Haggarty bridge Samo, Durr bridge Samo, repairing Blackford bridge O Winkle, hauling piling M O'Rourko, committee work TJ D Lovoll, samo G H Potors, same D A Buell, samo T Henderson, building prutrio brldgo :i:i-:>4 J Holtz, committee work JNHAN18 IfUNI). Mrs C Fowler, assistant to Independence M Stephens, convoying patient to samo A A Brunson, com insanity 0 1H 1:10 oo f> 57 742 81)07 0715 M 05 711 00 27 00 •13 00 21. 50 II 50 15 (M 000 "0 72 1080 52 00 (J 10 (100 48 01 II) MO BEWARE of small shows which do not advertise. Dick's big one-ring 26c circus is tho only largo show that will visit Algona this season. Saturday, July 20. DRESSMAKING, four blocks west of M. E. church. Mrs. Win. Cleary.-Ilt2 JAS. A. ORR, pointer; will do painting, paper hanging, kalsomining, etc., in the latest and best stylos, and guarantee satisfaction. Sco him and got prices before letting your work. To RENT—House, Jlvo rooms. J. E. Stacy. REMEMBER wo keep what tho trade calls for in boots and shoos, trunks and valises, harness, saddles, whips, etc. F. S. Stough. JOHN EDWARDS, Feed, and Sale Stable, South of Tennant House, My rigs uro all first class, and I will do what Is right to secure a sharo of the trade. Also owner of tho stallions— BLACKWOOD AND BILLY LEE. Blacltwood by Blackwood jr.; dam Mag by Henry Clay (8), time S;45 to road wagon. Billy Loo by Gon. Loo, by Green's Bashaw 50; dam Bello Wilson, a racing maro. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, mod- clues, and mire liquors for medicinal purposes only. tQoolca Stationary . DOU YOU WANT THE t Legal Blanks? Most surely you do if you have need for any at all. Then remember that you can llnd them at tho Upper Des Moines Office. WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best in use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Grass Leases, NoteSi etc., For sale in any quantity desired. Blanks not In stock will be made to order at short notice and correct prices. Cloths and Trimmings. J. K. FILL & BON, Merchant Tailors A full stor.k of clnUiH and li-lmnilngH nlwava kept on hand, rud nmilmieil at as low rales as cnu bo bought elsewhere, All work dono promptly. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION. Come ami woe us before placing your order. It; will bo to your advantage. . 2c. SOIT. SEEDS, SEEDS! Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J. J. WILSON'S. H. A. SESSIONS, DEALER IN MONUMENTS AND HEADSTONES, Granite OP Marble, ALGONA, - - IOWA. Satisfaction guaranteod In all cases. F. L. PARISH'S Hardware and Tin Shop, Special attention given to all kinds of repairing, including Guns, Pumps, and Gasoline Stoves, Clotliea , otc. Am also propnrod to put In furnaces und do plumbing und gas-pipe tlttlng; AND IRON AND TIN ROOFING. Prompt attention will be given to all work in my line. Shop south of court house. T.EGAL BLANKS— +4 Buy them'at tae Upper peg Moines office and get toe moat approved forms. Dealer In all kinds of Furniture, Picture Frames, Looking glasses, chromos, and all kinds of ready-made cofllus. Hearso for public uso. Headquarters for tho best SEWING MACHINES ANP ORGANS. Auctioneering Done. The undersigned will cry public sales Kossuth and adjoining counties. Have tweut j years' experience. Terms reasonable. |3BfAppllcaHons for my services may be left at the law orace of S. S. Sessions, Algonu, In, GEO. B. BOYLE, WMttemore, IVfONEY TO LOAN— -"J- ON RAILROAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow money on railroad lands will do \yell to call at toe Kossuth CowtyBftn^;- tc^ng their contracts?

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